When do you abandon ship? Batten down the hatches, or set sail?

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I was EXTREMELY naive during undergrad. I picked a BO functions because I didn't read past the HR bullshit. After a few years of rocking, I am a mid-back office "analyst" at a large firm in (private area 41). I graduated very recently. I do not like my job, nor does anyone in my office (duh, is BO)...on the one hand, the work is banal, excruciatingly boring, and grating. On the other hand, I took a 3 hour biking expedition during "break" and when I returned I discovered all but 1 of my coworkers getting high (This is why you DON"T settle for BO...and yes, later someone stole OranguTNDM's bike because sketchy building).

I want to flip my metaphorical and literal table and change not my job but my CAREER. I don't see th epoint in going to FO. If I do, I might wind up being a beta-analyst while guys with actual experience outdo me....If a BO monkey can even GET INTO the analyst function!

I am considering changing arenas entirely--STEM, boys! STEM all the way (mabye)! Either chemistry, biology, and/or CS.

When does a mid-20's fool take the plunge, leave his easy-af -but-dull career, and become a sciences guy? I would be happy to return as a life-sciences/devices analyst when I get out of my second schooling---at which point I'd be extremely able to defend my stock picks and point out opportunities. Maybe consulting...but I'd be a mix of "useless ops experience" with an "X" amount of CS/Medical/STEM experience....is this trading a rotten apple for a sour amoeba?

My concern is 1. People in CS/Chem E need AGES of education to be worth anything...why would I leave a joke -arse job with decent pay and benefits if I wound up working for the same $ in 4 years?

Switching is a leap of faith; I wound up in OPS by sheer ineptitude (don't take job descriptions for face value--they are shafting you) Why wouldn't Orangutndm make a similar mistake
The children working in life sciences now have been studying since they were 12. Would I even stand a cuckluck chance?

Didn't know where to put this, and actually this is addressed to ALL forums, as I had interned at a hedge fund, ER, and Consulting firm while in college...and now I am a back office baboon....when do you cut shit and find a new career altogether?


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Mar 9, 2019