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Introducing Achievable Series 7 - an easy to use course delivered via your phone and computer. It looks simple, but behind the scenes is an advanced learning algorithm that tracks you as you study and optimizes to improve your score. Trusted by top banks, Achievable Series 7 is everything you need to pass the exam.
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Want to ace the Series 7 Exam? Then you need technology at your back...

The Series 7 is no fun - everyone knows that. But that doesn’t mean it has to be hard.

Wealth management is the kind of entrepreneurial career that can take you places - private banking, family office, asset management, relationship management or promotions within the firm. You can even build a book of business and go independent.

But first - you have to pass your FINRA SIE Exam and Series 7 Top-Off Exam. And the secret? Most of what’s on the Series 7 is not things you need in your day-to-day job. It’s trivia, things like “what is the contribution limit to a Roth IRA?” or the details of The Securities Act of 1933. Fun...

All other Series 7 materials are textbooks or online equivalents, meant to give you the body of information in an organized way. But these are awful for memorization - and most of this test is memorization. No wonder the national pass rate is around 70%.

There is a better way - software built around the way you learn and remember information

The old ways of learning are not effective - so we threw all that out and started from scratch. Achievable Series 7 leverages the technology advancements of the last 10 years as well as what scientists have learned about how our memory works. That approach is what makes Achievable Series 7 the best prep on the planet.

  • When others are only halfway through their 100 hours of studying, you’ll be wrapping up with a better score and only 50 hours of studying under your belt.
  • While others will be lugging a book around or studying for hours at home, you’ll study on your commute on your phone or on your lunch break at your computer.
  • Instead of cramming everything in a chapter or book, you’ll only review the right material at the right time.
  • And when others are stressing over the test, you’ll know exactly where you stand.

But first, a word of warning...

FACT: The Series 7 might be 'dumb'
... but it's NOT easy..

30% of people fail the Series 7 every time. That means roughly 1 out of every three people. If you look to your left and look to your right, one of the three of you is likely to fail this test.

Making matters worse: at most wealth management firms, passing the Series 7 is called a “Condition of Employment”. Aka if you fail to acquire it within 90 days, you’re auto-fired. Seriously.

Scary right? Well, you usually get two chances, but that still means that almost 1 out of 5 people get fired from the wealth management job they worked so hard to get - just because the couldn’t pass a test!

Why is this “dumb” test so hard to pass?

Because “it’s not an IQ test, it’s a work test”. You have to put in the work to memorize the regulatory trivia, as well as demonstrate mastery of wealth management application concepts like options or suitability.

The Bottom Line is This:

you need a prep tool that is built for the realities of the Series 7...
And that means going to the One Program that can adapt to your strengths and weaknesses to help you nail it.


The Achievable Series 7 Course

The best way to prepare for the Series 7. Period.

Achievable Series 7 exam prep course

Here’s What You’ll Get:

  • Complete Content

    Ditch the textbook. Achievable Series 7 is the only thing you need to study for and pass the FINRA Series 7. Our content is written by an award-winning ex-Fidelity instructor.

  • Flexible Studying

    Bite-sized content means you can study any time, from a quick break at work to a quiet moment on your commute. The full learning experience is built for mobile and your computer.

  • Personalized Learning

    Achievable's algorithm tracks you as you study and review, and uses all that data to adapt to your strengths and weaknesses, creating an individual review schedule for optimal results.

  • Unlimited Practice Exams

    Achievable's practice exams accurately represent the difficulty and weighting of the actual Series 7 exam. Best of all, the questions are dynamically generated and change for each new practice exam.

Case Study With a major Fortune 500 wealth management firm

Like many large financial firms, Achievable's client had a problem - they had three thousand Series 7 students go through their program per year, and they could not get their pass rate to improve. They provided the highest quality in-house, in-person training, and leveraged aptitude tests in recruiting to try and predict which hires would pass. But they were still stuck. And don't forget - each person they hire and have to let go costs them $50,000 in recruiting, training, and opportunity costs - ouch."

So when Achievable Series 7 came in, they were excited by the potential for adaptive learning to help bridge the gap. They added Achievable Series 7 as an additional study aid to what the students were already doing in class, and asked the students to use it for just 15 minutes per day on the subjects they found most difficult. Because it was just a small add-on, they didn't expect much...

Instead, the results blew them away:

In a 250-person study of Series 7 students with this major F500 firm, students using the Achievable Series 7 prep program scored an average 15% higher than their peers.

The craziest part? The course was only being used as an addition. The program is much more effective when used as the primary learning material - aka what you learn the whole test from. That's what you'll be doing as a part of Achievable's Series 7 program.

Don’t let a failed test cost you $80,000... Get the course that will prepare you better than anything else.

The Achievable Series 7 course is way ahead of anything else in the market today. Other courses claim to be the best, but the truth is that most are decades-old businesses still using old-school methods like textbooks or in-person training. Worst of all, their web and mobile products, if they have them, are just quiz banks or a poor attempt to put the textbook online.

Hardly cutting edge..

The truth is that these companies don’t really need you to pass the test. They want you to - because it improves their statistics and word-of-mouth - but once they’ve sold you the book, their money has been made. In fact, they can’t do much more even if they wanted to - their book or online program is static, and can’t change to help you.

Modern technology gives education companies the ability to do a lot of things that would be prohibitively expensive using old methods. With it, we can give students what they really need to succeed:

  • You Need Personalized Material

    Everyone is different. And everyone learns differently. Some things come easier than others for you than for me. Yet most teaching has been done with no personalization at all - you get the same book or same class as everyone else. This isn’t because the teacher or material you bought isn’t trying to help you - they simply couldn’t do so economically in a 1:1 way. Until now, where technology makes that easy.

  • You Need Detailed Analytics

    When you’re studying a chapter, say Options, you might know that you’re doing poorly on it but you may not be able to pinpoint why. Teachers or colleagues can do this, but only if they spend a lot of time with you to understand what's going wrong. And naturally, textbooks can’t help at all. Technology gives us the ability to track every single thing you’re studying and how well you're learning and remembering the material. Can you imagine tracking that by hand for over 2,100 things? Crazy, right? But our program makes this easy - and automatic.

  • You Need to Have The Right Study Schedule

    Did you know that for memory retention, when you study is as important if not more important than what you study? It may seem counterintuitive, but memory is mostly about training your brain and less about smarts. That’s why when you study is so important. But tracking the optimal study time across the same 2,100 items would be impossible, especially because you’d need to know the science behind memory to make the right estimates. This is what our program does - again, easily and automatically. Nice!

It’s the 2020s, you’d think we would’ve had this by now, right? Well, as we said, incumbents don't really have a compelling reason to improve their technology. They make plenty of money doing selling textbooks and classes like they always have. So then the scrappy startup called Achievable finally came along and built it. Started by two guys Justin and Tyler, their program has been so successful that they’ve already expanded to a FINRA SIE course, GRE course, and more. We’re partnering with them to bring this cutting edge product to the WSO community.

Who built this?
Here's their story...

Justin Pincar

Hi there. My name is Justin Pincar, and I built the Achievable platform. Not that long ago, I worked for a company that built similar software for large textbook publishers, and I saw the power that adaptive learning and spaced repetition had to offer.

Spaced repetition has been a bit of a hot trend in the world of education technology. Long used by language learners and trivia champions (think "Jeopardy!"), it’s recently attracted attention of professional researchers . A 2003 study by Karpicke and Roediger showed that students using spaced repetition methods to learn material scored 45% higher than those who spent the same amount of time using a traditional approach. After using it myself to quickly learn and retain thousands of Japanese vocabulary words myself for a new job, I saw the power of spaced repetition firsthand.

My previous company applied this methodology into its tech, and the results were incredible - students were learning faster and remembering the material longer. But large, national publishers could not build a great adaptive learning product that stuck with students - despite spending millions of dollars on these projects.

We knew that we had an opportunity to build a company that combined the untapped power of spaced rehearsal technology with an excellent mobile product and expert content. We set out to build Achievable to do just that.

Brandon Rith

Hi, I’m Brandon Rith, founder of FINRA tutoring company Basic Wisdom and Achievable’s FINRA Expert Partner. I spent 15 years in finance, 10 of them in the Licensing program at Fidelity Investments. As an instructor and facilitator at Fidelity, I’ve helped over 2,000 learners successfully pass FINRA/NASAA exams. All of my programs posted pass rates that exceeded company goals and my students consistently ranked me as a top-tier Facilitator, including a 100% top-box (7/7) rating from 300+ learners from 2016-2018.

My philosophy is simple: complicated financial concepts can be easily understood when broken down into small, clear, and fun pieces. I’ve felt that finance has held itself high and mighty for too long, and that the courses you’re taught in finance reflect that. My goal is to make these concepts approachable and understandable, and I went back to that goal constantly as I wrote the Achievable Series 7 course.

Student success has always been an important driver of my passion and motivation for this job. I know I’m having a big impact on someone’s life when I help them pass one of these career-advancing tests. I’ve had great success as a tutor already, but I knew that I could only do so much as a single person. That’s why I partnered with Achievable to digitize my knowledge and make it possible to help thousands of students pass their SIE, Series 7, and other FINRA exams.


here’s what you’re going to get:

The App The best way to prepare for the Series 7

Achievable Series 7 exam prep course

Hands down the best product on the market, our app is everything you’d expect from a 21st century learning experience. It’s built for mobile - iPhone, Android, tablet, PC - and for studying on the go, whether it’s 5 minutes at a time or 50.

But more importantly, our course leverages technology to help you succeed. Learning science called spaced repetition (deep dive here) is the method behind the madness - tracking every piece of content as you study and scheduling it for the optimal time to improve your memory and knowledge.

The Book 2,100 Learning Items with Review Questions

Achievable Series 7 exam prep course

You’ll get our original, expert-written learning content for the Series 7. Achievable's FINRA course are written by Brandon Rith, founder of Basic Wisdom and a former Fidelity Investments instructor. Brandon's passion for the material was evident during his career at Fidelity, where he received eight Fidelity Excellence In Action awards for Licensing Facilitation and had a perfect 100% facilitation rating from 2016-2018. He's helped over 3,000 students pass their licensing exams. And he poured all of his expertise into writing the Achievable course. Safe to say, it's good.

Practice Exams Unlimited, Accurate Practice Exams

Achievable Series 7 exam prep course

Achievable's practice exams are as close to the actual Series 7 as they could make them. This means that the difficulty of questions, the frequency of different question types on the exam, and even the way the questions are written are all carefully calibrated to mimic the real exam. Plus - Achievable is the only Series 7 prep course that has dynamic questions. These questions are written as templates with different numbers and math each time, and it automatically generates answers, distractors, and examples – creating an infinite quiz bank.

Why this is important: when you’re taking a practice test, you’ll sometimes remember the rough idea of the answers more than the actual concept. This is why normal quiz banks are only about half as effective the second time through. By changing the numbers and answers in our questions each time, you will get the full learning effectiveness every time.

Don’t take our word for it

Here are just a few of the candidates who have taken this course...

“Achievable Series 7 actually made the Series 7 material palatable and even fun to learn. With the learning science behind the study system, it was almost scary how well I could recall formulas and regulations. The interface and flashcard-style kept it easy and fun to get more studying done any chance I had free time, especially watching the test-readiness climb. The mobility of it was huge to utilize every minute of time I had to learn and review, whether I was on a train, waiting in line, or on a break at work. It made the Goliath of the Series 7 surmountable one chapter at a time.”

Joseph Frantz

Client Services Associate, Mirador Capital Partners

“I have been very impressed so far after reading through the materials and videos. The content is easy to follow and it really does make me feel like this could be "achievable."”


JP Morgan Chase & Co.

“Achievable is the best resource I've found for Series 7 Preparation. More so than with [competitor], or [competitor] I find the material "sticks" with Achievable's system of introducing new material, followed by review quizzes to master previous readings. It's incredibly easy to use, anywhere you are (at home on a desktop, laptop, or away with your mobile device) and actually interesting to read. Every other Series 7guide I've tried reads like stereo instructions..”


Independent Advisor

“Although I have securities experience, I never had to take the Series 7 before now. Achievable Series 7 was an effective way to study for the exam - through its question / answer format, it quickly began to focus on the areas where I needed the most help. Twenty-five hours with Achievable Series 7 was enough to get me a passing score.”

Rick Bollar

Partner, Capital CFO Partners LLC

Need more convincing? See more Reviews.

How Much is Your Future Career Worth?

Series 7 Prep Program Cost

Corporate In-Person Training Course

In-person training, hosted at your company. You'll probably only choose this option if you're at a large firm.


Open Classroom In-Person Training Course

In-person training, often with people from many companies. 8 hours a day for a couple weeks.


Live Online Class

Online classes taken independently from your computer. Typically the same material as the in-person classes.


Online Self Study Training Course

The textbook, brought online. It's the same content as their books and you manage everything yourself.


WSO PRICE - For the most advanced program on the planet


Consider this an investment in your success

Think about what it took to get here.. Getting this job wasn’t easy. Not to mention school, business classes, finance classes, reading the Wall Street Journal. You did it because you knew it would take you somewhere - the money is good, the career opportunities are even better.

You could be making $100,000...

in your first year alone

and you'll definitely be making it by year two. That’s just what the statistics show.

Now, do you really want to throw all that work away because you failed a test? Of course not.

We could easily charge thousands of dollars and your ROI would still be huge…

At a fraction of that price, the ROI is even better... a few hundred in exchange for thousands of dollars down the line. When you do the math, it’s a no brainer.

Truth is, every time someone fails this test, it costs the firm that hired you $50,000. Yes, you cost $50,000 - they have to hire recruiters, marketing people, attend career fairs, and then they have to train you. It adds up. And worst of all, they don’t have your ambitious self making sales for months while they go hire and train someone else.

We could charge a lot more for this. Even Kaplan’s online self-study course is $599, and we could easily charge more than that - our program is much better and we have the stats to back it up. But we want to help you, the Chimp without burning a hole in your wallet. The rookie wealth manager. Because that’s what this site is all about.

Instead, we’re not going to charge you $575. Or even $425 like some of our competitors...or even $299. We’re offering this comprehensive course to you for $149 - a special promotion only available through Wall Street Oasis.

But we’re not going to charge you thousands...


Or even $500+ like our competitors



Get Unlimited Access to the Achievable Series 7 for 87% off



Oh and you can try it for free first, no credit card required.

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We are so confident that this program is right for you, that we’ll guarantee your success. If, for any reason, you don’t think the Achievable Series 7 course is right for you, just send us an email, and we’ll refund every penny. No questions asked. If you take the test and fail, we’ll refund your money - and let you keep the product. If we didn’t do our job, you deserve to get your money back while still having the product to prepare for your second attempt. In short, you get a great return on your investment, or you get your money back. It’s that simple.

Your Choice is Simple.

If you’re reading this, you're here for a reason: you have to pass the Series 7 exam to keep your job. And you’re looking for a better way to prepare than the textbooks that your colleagues say are both boring and hard.

One third of people fail each time, and you only get two shots at it. If you don’t pass, your chances of getting another chance through another job at another bank are slim - they’ll know that you failed the first two times, and almost everyone who fails twice never, ever passes.

The hard truth is that wealth management firms have thousands of people like you to choose from. You got this far because they believe you have a chance to be great - but if you blow it, it’s just on to the next one. No hard feelings.

So what’ll it be?

Will you clear the hurdle and kick off a killer Wall Street career?

Or fail and have to go find some other sales job with half the pay and a tenth of the ceiling?

All you have to do is pass this test. Click here to get started.

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