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Job Board
Financial Modeling Trainer & Content Developer

Position: Financial Modeling Trainer & Content Developer Location: Boston, New York, Atlanta, Dallas, San...

Off Topic
What is the meaning behind your username?

I'll start. Mine is more or less James Franco, but backwards. Woah, genius. I know. It took me a while to...

bonus discussion
Equity Research
Equity/Credit Research Bonus Discussion

There's currently a bonus forum going around on the banking forum, would be great if we could get something...

target school
Investment Banking
The Myth of the "Target School"

**Disclaimer: Semi-target Alumni** Now that training is finishing up at my bank (GS/MS), I wanted to share with WSO how radically different the analyst class make up is compared to the pre-conceived notion of it being filled with mostly target schools.

Job Search Advice
WSO Internships & Employment Opportunities

Join the Wall Street Oasis Team! Open opportunities for students: Blogging Internship Open opportunities for...

WSO DC Meet Up: Sat Jan 19th, 1pm, Vapianos

Join the WSO DC group for drinks and socializing. Going forward these DC meet ups will be held the third...

wall street prep
Investment Banking
Financial & Valuation Modeling Boot-Camp

Financial modeling is a skill that any investment banking analyst will have to master. Although the majority...

Real Estate
Underwriting job sucks like mine or is my company just worse?

Im an underwriter for a GSE shop like Arbor, Hunt, Walker Dunlap, Greystone etc. Is it just my firm or are...

Real Estate
Careers During Economic Downturn

Assuming a recession is coming in the next decade or so, which careers in real estate are the most vulnerable...

find WSO
Off Topic
How did you find WSO?

Just curious as to how other people came across this site and if and how it changed you. Personally I saw an...

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