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Job Board
Analyst / Associate for $3 Billion Long Only Fund

A Suburban Philadelphia based, long only portfolio manager is seeking a highly quantitative analyst or...

Investment Banking
Do banking and PE make you a better business owner?

Hello, I will be joining a BB bank (GS/MS/JP) in London as an IBD analyst. I always had in mind moving to a...

Investment Banking
The Path to Least Resistance: Why IB May Not Be What You Really Want

As I am spending some time on my vacation and feel bored to death (please don't judge), I wanted to share...

Off Topic
Vespa & LONDON: share your thoughts!

Hey monkeys! I am seriously thinking of buying a Vespa to get to work or around London. After having cycled...

Get paid
Investing, Markets & Macroeconomics
Get paid

MARKETS Trade: The U.S. will lift steel and aluminum tariffs on Canada and Mexico this weekend. USMCA (aka...

Investment Banking
Jefferies: Are these rumors true?

Heard from a peer on the street, wondering if anyone could verify? The policy on comp is the one that has me...

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Investing, Markets & Macroeconomics
No employees, no problem

MARKETS U.S. markets: We're heading into the weekend with a little cautious optimism. Friday Eve brought a...

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Off Topic
SAT to Give Students 'Adversity Score'

"The College Board plans to assign an adversity score to every student who takes the SAT to try to capture...

hate ER
Equity Research
Do I hate ER as a job or my boss?

I started in ER at a BB about a year ago. So far I've hated it, I spend most of my time churning handwritten...

Hedge Fund
When breaking into the HF Industry, important to know Equity vs. Fixed Income; Strategies?

When you're trying to break into the HF industry, at the lower levels (i.e investment analyst), how critical...

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