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The big experiment

MARKETS Minneapolis update: A former Minneapolis police officer who pressed his knee on the neck of George...

Private Equity
Handling Stress / Burnout in Private Equity

This site has been tremendously beneficial for my life over the past 6-7 years. I started out as a freshman...

then and now
Off Topic
Then and Now: @Layne Staley

: Inspired by the recent return of some all-time great WSO members, we will begin featuring a series of posts...

North Folk
Corporate Finance, Development and Strategy
Q&A: From Corporate Finance to Corporate Strategy (Supply)

Hi everyone. Hope everyone has been doing well and staying healthy during this time. A little background...

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People love pizza

MARKETS Markets: The Dow closed above 25,000 for the first time since March. Geopolitics: Secretary of State...

clarity growth equity
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Clarity on the Growth Equity Landscape

Hey monkeys, seems to be a severe lack of talk about growth equity on this forum. Was wondering if yall could...

any regret
Private Equity
Anyone regret LMM/MM?

I accepted a PE offer at a shop that I feel like is somewhat no-name, less than <$1Bn in AUm, partners...

Investment Banking
Q&A: Recent Law School Graduate at a T30

I forwarded WSO to a friend looking to switch industries and decided to search its consensus on the legal...

god at Excel
Off Topic
Becoming a god at Excel

I'm gonna be straight up. I'm not too good with Excel right now. How did you guys become Gods at Excel, and...

no deals
Investment Banking
No Closed Deals for 1st Year Analyst Class

Currently in coverage group at a BB and realized none of the 1st year analysts in my group have closed a deal...

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