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Bootcamp Overview

What You'll Get In This Virtual Bootcamp

Secure your spot in the top 1% of VC applicants with this Bootcamp. Master venture capital inside out, gaining exclusive insights into this exciting field. Finish the bootcamp ready to be an asset to your team from day one.

Who is this Course for?

Motivated college students, and MBA students looking to break into Venture Capital

Professionals looking to prepare for the recruiting process and transition to a career in Venture Capital

Key Outcomes

Show Your Mastery in Venture Capital Concepts

Elevate your skills with our Venture Capital Bootcamp. Learn the ins and outs of VC and modeling skills, gaining essential expertise for success in the industry.

Best Practices

Learn the things you should and should not do on the job to make sure you're presenting yourself and your work in front of colleagues and senior team members in the best light possible. We go over common mistakes and errors analysts and associates make starting out and give tips to put yourself in a better light.

Boost Your Confidence and Earnings Potential

Once you finish this Bootcamp, you'll understand VC as well as get prepared for an interview, which will increase your odds of a move to the buy-side and earning a higher salary.

This program has helped our students and young professionals land and thrive at positions across all top Wall Street firms, including:

What’s included

What You’ll Get In This Virtual Bootcamp

Early-stage Fin Instruments

We will show you different kinds of venture capital financial instruments. Learn about priced rounds and valuations, convertible debt, convertible equity, venture debt, etc.

Term Sheet (Control + Econ)

Learn what a term sheet represents and understand the uses and differences of Economics and Control when it comes to term sheets.

Term Sheet (Modeling)

Go through some important topics of term sheet, like pre-money valuation, ESOP, founder vesting, dividends, liquidation preference, Optional/Automatic Conversion, and anti-dilution.

Term Sheet (Rights + Provisions)

Dive deep into important points that need to be considered in the term sheet, like voting rights, protective provisions, redemption and management rights, registration, among others. Understand each of them in detail.

Due Diligence (Must-Haves)

Learn how the process of due diligence works, and the must-have points, like the product, value proposition, business model, market, team, and evidence.

Due Diligence (Finer-Points)

Take deep dive into the process of due diligence, highlighting ARR builds, B2B software, and cohort analysis.

Post-Investment Management

Dive into essential aspects of post-investment management, focusing on board matters, follow-on decisions, opportunity costs, and portfolio measurement, particularly TVPI.

Exit Options

We examine exit options, including the exit funnel, IPO process and nuances, IPO waterfall, M&A strategies, wind-down, and bankruptcy considerations through case studies like wework.

Startup Fundraising

Furthermore, the course covers startup fundraising, emphasizing the art of pitching and providing insights through sample pitch decks.

Program Bonuses

Exclusive Bonuses (Worth $400+) for Free

Bonus #1: Interactive Exercises + Cap Table Modeling

Realistic practice drilling the concepts taught to actual VCs so that you can hit the ground running Day 1...

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Great Content
Content and instructor were both solid
Verified Buyer
VC Modeling
I appreciated the modeling components most - helpful to understand how dilution, caps, discounts play out.
Verified Buyer
Simplified Concepts
Thought it was a great class and I appreciate the instructor going over time and not selling the course short. Appreciate taking to the time to simplify the concepts as well.
Verified Buyer
Rich Content
1) Open communication with encouragement to ask questions.
2) There was a lot of content provided.
3) Instructor gave advice on how to approach interviews and what you need to be knowledgable.
4) Translated the concepts into the model to illustrate what was being taught.
Program Benefits

How Much is Your Finance Career Worth?

What You Get


WSO Venture Capital Bootcamp

4 hours of live instruction taught by an elite Venture Capital professional...


Interactive Exercises + Cap Table Modeling

Realistic practice drilling the concepts taught to actual VCs so that you can hit the ground running Day 1...





Consider this your first investment in a long career...

After all, you've likely already spent tens of thousands of dollars on college (and perhaps tens of thousands more on an MBA)...

When you start your coveted finance job, you'll be making well over $100,000...

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The WSO Foundations Bootcamp gives you everything you need to be super-efficient and master Finance Fundamentals … quickly and easily.

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