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+2Intern Dress Advice? Monkeys, I had some questions about attire recommendations for S&T dress clothing for a summer intern. I was planning on buying 5 brooks brothers shirts (only in plain white and blue) and some navy/gray dress pants. I have seen advice on this forum such as to leave a suit jacket/tie in your offi...1319 sec ago
+3Banking, eh?How is the Canadian investment banking environment today? How are the boutiques doing? Have any banks changed from their previous reputation? And any bank that is punching above their weight? I'd like to know as an undergrad interested in investment banking, it seems there's a been a shift in cultur...52 min 5 sec ago
0Infrastructure - levered or unlevered DCFAnyone have any ideas on whether a levered of unlevered dcf is more suitable for infrastructure companies? (infrastructure in terms of highways)...32 min 16 sec ago
+4Are Super Teams Ruining the NBA?Even if you do not follow the NBA, I am sure that even you know the Warriors and Cavs were (baring Lebron, Steph, Kyrie, Durant, Love, etc. getting hurt) going to meet in the NBA finals AGAIN this year. Now neither has punched their ticket yet, however if you do not believe this will happen for the ...214 min 29 sec ago
0Becoming CEO – Mike Hopkins CEO of Hulu - 5/23/17Mike walks us through his career and tells us about the skills that got him to where he is today. Why he got an MBA while working at Fox, the future of Hulu and the media industry and if I can have a job when I graduate. LISTEN HERE ON 5/23/17...09 min 31 sec ago
+1Non-Insane NYC Finance JobsHey everybody, I'm currently managing investments for a bank in my hometown in Louisiana. I don't necessarily dislike my current position, but I've begun to explore other opportunities. I have some buddies who are working in Finance in NYC on the IB side, and we've had some conversations about me...811 min 4 sec ago
+1Does getting into consulting after MBA require solid pre-MBA work experience? Hi everyone, Thinking about consulting after MBA. Does getting into consulting after MBA require solid pre-MBA work experience? I know that IB and PE require good pre-MBA work experience. But what about consulting, MBB in particular? I don't have much pre-MBA work experience. Thank...1214 min 9 sec ago
+8MBA: Stanford or Harvard?Hi folks. I was lucky enough to have been accepted to both the Harvard and Stanford MBA programs. I would really appreciate any advice/thoughts on things I should consider while making this decision. Here is some potentially relevant information/questions: (1) My intention is to build a start-...2716 min 17 sec ago
0case in point framework vs victor cheng's frameworksI was just wondering which frameworks do you find more useful? I know the best approach would be to somehow integrate the two and develop my own, but I don't really think I'm at that level yet so I'm trying to get a good foundation before I can start doing so. A lot of people give case in point ...1319 min 36 sec ago
0How to Succeed in Management Consulting by Victor ChengDid anyone get it? I was appalled by the sticker price when he offered up the program today. I would have priced it waaaaaay below what he's asking, and I don't care to be apart of his elite networking club. Personally, I think he takes himself way too seriously for me to be able to take him ser...4523 min 56 sec ago
+2What is the career progression for those in BO/MO?As a student it's very clear to me what the "generic" path is in IBD. I know everyone's story and path is different but from what i've gathered it can be very straightforward. Analyst -> Associate/MBA/PE/HF/Other ->VP ->MD etc. What is the pathway for those who don't make it into FT FO positions...1125 min 40 sec ago
0SMBC Capital Markets Hi all - I recently made my first post discussing my interest about breaking into IB, and my current career/skills. I've been talking to some MM banks, but have an interview coming up at SMBC CM for a FI Deriv Analyst position. While the position isn't directly IB (in any sense it seems) I wante...126 min 42 sec ago
0Experiences with Bourne Partners, Dragonfly Capital or Tobin GroupIt seems Charlotte is growing in the IB area, however it still seems that internships and good jobs are still fairly scarce. I was doing some research about boutique operations here in Charlotte and came across three of interest: - Dragonfly Capital - Tobin Group ( that I understand to run like h...128 min 4 sec ago
+2Lose the Beard for PE Interview?I think I look ridiculous without the beard but I've been getting mixed reviews on whether or not to keep it for the interview. Obviously will be clean cut and trimmed but I'm a big guy (6'5 350lbs) and I think I look like a big baby without it. Thoughts?...3129 min 24 sec ago
+1Calculating NPV of a potential tax abatementI'm analyzing a property that has a large special tax assessment tied to it, with the option to prepay the assessment now and never have to pay the yearly expense amount again. The prepayment amount now is $2MM and the yearly assessment is $110,000, growing at 2% over the course of the hold perio...530 min 59 sec ago
+1CPPIB Direct Private Equity?How well regarded is this group nowadays? I've only seen one or two old threads on them, but their directs business has exploded in the past few years according to their annual reports. They're effectively on the cutting edge of LP's going direct. I know you'll be working on deals with megafund...1031 min 34 sec ago
+1Best sex dungeons in NYC?New York's nightclub scene is sooooooo boring! Do anyone of you all know which sex dungeons (BDSM, S&M, as crazy as possible) are the best in New York? Any in Midtown? ...533 min 49 sec ago
+22How to be a good employeeI’ve been writing for this site on and off since 2012, and while I don’t work in the banking business per se, I work in a related field, and I’ve been lucky enough to have employed five great analysts over the years. So at age 43, and having been an employer many times over, I have a few insi...2042 min 12 sec ago
+1UC Berkeley vs. NYUHi WSO Community, I am currently transferring from a small, private school in Southern California to either NYU or UC Berkeley. At my previous institution I studied Finance, however, at NYU or UC Berkeley, I will be studying Economics and Computer Science. I was wondering if any members had any i...844 min 30 sec ago
0BNP Paribas 2017 Intern Program posted on 5/18, Legit?I found a summer analyst program posted for BNP Paribas IBD, opened for applications started from 5/18, is this legit? Or would it be an off-cycle recruiting?...244 min 32 sec ago
0Bear Stearns - Bear's rank among the other BBsHow does Bear rank among the BB in sales and trading? I know that they have historically been a mortgage powerhouse, but is this still the case? Where do their fixed income and/or equities operations rank among other firms on the Street?...1345 min 16 sec ago
0A/B RestructuringAnyone able to explain how an A/B Restructuring works? So far, my search online has yielded very little meaningful information....046 min 35 sec ago
+3AMA: BB IBD Healthcare Analyst Spent 3+ years in the healthcare coverage group at a BB in NY. Would rather speak less about current / future aspirations and more about investment banking and healthcare, but please do ask away and I will answer as best I can. ...3347 min 44 sec ago
+5What's your favorite line/scene from a 'Wall Street' movie?I've got to say, I died in laughter when Bateman called Dorsia asking to squeeze in a reservation and the guy just starts laughing in an evil way. ...4252 min 21 sec ago
+1Cryptocurrencies - how to trade them?Hello - sorry if this is a duplicate post in some aspects, but I searched the website for Ether or Ethereum and could not find anything so I'm creating a new post. I've been advised to start buying some Ether / Ethereum, which is the newest hot cryptocurrency (after bitcoin). I have done some re...1153 min 22 sec ago
+1AI to replace traders, quants and salesRecently I've read articles about how AI will be implemented by banks to replace qunats, sales people and traders in the next 10 to 20 years. Immdiately an image of people being laid off just like how workers being laid off in the factories due to the mechanic automation appeared in my head, the a...257 min 37 sec ago
+4After watching "Dead Poet Society"....I've decided this isn't for me. I can't compete with Ivy Schmucks for this job. But the flip side is I'm going to leave this forum and actually enjoy my life. I'm too smart to work 100 hours a week and give up my life. My GPA means nothing when I die but at least it proves I'll bust my ass off for a...2759 min 58 sec ago
+1AMA: IBD 3rd Year M&A Analyst3rd Year analyst at NY IBD M&A group. Happy to answer any and all questions... - BB IBD M&A Group - Target School (4.0 / 4.0 GPA)...161 hour 56 sec ago
+2What's your favorite music?What's your favorite music? Which one do you think suit better your personality? Which one represent better Wall Street/Banking/Investments job? This must be the place of talking heads give me the boost, for example....231 hour 1 min ago
+2High School Student Seeking Path Into Investment BankingHi Guy, Im 16 years old nearly 17 and from Australia. I am wanting to study finance in America but I want to know the target universities I can get into with a 3.7 GPA and about a 1380 SAT score? Also would you recommend to do accounting as a subject rather than legal studies in my final year of ...311 hour 15 min ago
+2Any Cornell alum/current students? Looking for advice. Looking to PM Cornell alum/students who have been successful in finance and been through the process of recruiting. I am a current student with questions. Thanks...61 hour 19 min ago
+1Official Eyeglasses for IBD ThreadAll, I figured I would start this thread as previous ones are old and outdated. For those on the street, particularly NYC/SanFran/Chicago, what eyeglasses do you rock on a daily basis? Do you have a rotation? What do people think about Silhouettes, Oliver Peoples, Persol, Tom Ford, Anglo-Ameri...201 hour 23 min ago
0Company Interview: Lincoln International01 hour 25 min ago
0Modelling a Portfolio of Non-Performing LoansHi, I'm interested in learning how to value a portfolio of non-performing real estate loans, although any information on modelling other non-performing loans such as credit card receivables would be most welcome if that is something you are more familiar with. Even some starting points would be very...141 hour 30 min ago
+1Iconiq Strategic Partners - Short Notice interview prep! ...01 hour 30 min ago
+12How does one best fit pregnancy into a PE careerAs a woman eyeing a career in PE, how could one best plan pregnancy to minimise damage to one's career progression. Time it with MBA? Wait till Director or even Partner? I doubt there are many mothers on here who can speak from experience, but I value the application of anyone's mind....331 hour 32 min ago
+29Investment Banking in the UK - An OverviewI’ve noticed a few more UK-related questions popping up and as this site has (understandably) been very US-centric over the last 5-10 years I thought a brief overview of what the industry is like in the UK would be helpful. **Who Are The Firms?** * **Bulge Brackets** – the usual suspects...1071 hour 33 min ago
+1Lowe’s Wants To Turn Its Workers Into Super-HumansWith all the news of automation possibly replacing thousands of bottom-line jobs, it seems like Lowe's is trying to implement advanced technology in a different way. Instead of replacing workers with machines, the article states that; [quote] Lowe’s recently announced they’ve been testing out...61 hour 36 min ago
+14The Art of Cheating on your gf/wifeSaw the post about "Cheating Sleep". Figure I'd start a sequel. :) In all seriousness, monogamy is only beneficial for two groups of people: 1) women - they have a biological incentive, since babymaking takes 9 physical months and years of nurture / time investment. a guy who disappears will...911 hour 39 min ago
+1Credit Suisse Special Investments GroupHi guys, does any of you have information abouth Credit Suisse Special Investments Group? They say that they do co-investments along private banking clients....91 hour 44 min ago
0Don’t ask for permission just go make it happen (Professor and Entrepreneur)We have a mind-opening chat with ex-investment banker Josh about the importance of gaining self-awareness and understanding who you are and how to do that. We discuss whether you should get an MBA and how to make a complete life....01 hour 48 min ago
0Im looking to Buy Knopman Series 79 study materials/tests Looking to buy Knopman study materials for Series 79 test. Pm/inbox me if you are willing to sell. Looking specifically for tests/online access to tests. Thanks. :)))...21 hour 50 min ago
0Used Knopman for Series 79 and it didn't workHi Guys, Took S79 yesterday using Knopman, I was scored high 80s in the last 3 Knopman tests and fell short by about 18 questions on the real test. I am thinking of using STC practice questions now and bare in mind I barely had any Knopman questions on the test. I already have S7 and S63 registr...121 hour 50 min ago
+132017 McKinsey insight and BCG bridge2BCG status updates for APDHi everyone, I would like to start a thread for 2017 McKinsey Insight and BCG bridge2BCG status updates for advanced degree candidates. Please feel free to post updates and indicate which programs in which region you applied to!...1902 hours 3 min ago
0PGIM RE Analyst Singapore OfficeI'm an undergrad graduating this June 2017, applying for PGIM RE Analyst in Singapore's office. I've got 1 step foot in through network, but I have to get pass the case studies and interviews. I was wondering if anyone has done the case studies (or similar ones for RE / have tips for me). Would ...02 hours 13 min ago
0Summer internship for 2-year mastersAs most BB IBDs only hire penultimate students for their summer intern program, will they consider me if 1. I'm taking a gap year in between undergrad and masters (graduate 2017, masters start 2018, start intern 2018 before masters program); or alternatively 2. If my masters program is 2 years, a...22 hours 16 min ago
0Financial Modelling AdviceWhat is the best way to forecast for my DCF? I'm working through a bunch of financial models but get confused when I set out do it on my own. What I mean is that when I have a financial modelling or DCF template in front of me, I have no problem going through the steps and coming to the same n...02 hours 16 min ago
0What buyside firms recruit straight from undergraduate programs?I'm currently a student at a target school. I was curious to learn PE/HF shops hire undergrads for full-time positions....02 hours 34 min ago
+2Market Volatility - About to explode ? Stock market - Current consumer confidence metrics are at all time highs right now. It's something we haven't seen in the market in a very long time. Are we in a bubble? Is it worth the carrying cost to buy VXX?...72 hours 37 min ago
+1Would you choose PhD over a great job?My TA from an Econ class told us today that he has quite a few friends working in finance, including BBs (GS, MS, blah blah). He had the chance to do several interviews with GS, but eventually he didn't pass the second to last round. It seems to me that, although he didn't pass that round, he wa...102 hours 40 min ago
0Best Practices for IT Project ManagersWithout good IT project management, many things can go wrong. There are many statistics in the industry about how many IT projects fail. Depending on the source it falls between 30-95 percent. So how do you make sure your project will not be one of the failures? Read below for ways to ensure project...02 hours 40 min ago
0Best HC groups in Los Angeles?I know most of the HC groups on the West Coast are in San Francisco, but are there any strong groups in LA? ...12 hours 43 min ago
0NHS Improvements is looking to appoint a Manager - Financial Improvements and Solutions, based in LondonNHS Improvement is responsible for overseeing foundation trusts, NHS trusts and independent providers. We offer the support these providers need to give patients consistently safe, high quality, compassionate care within local health systems that are financially sustainable. By holding providers to ...02 hours 45 min ago
+16The Real Estate Job Hunt - How are people doing?I'm curious to see how other WSOer's job search for CRE is going. Are people seeing a lot of success or struggling?...2842 hours 47 min ago
0Company Compensation: BlackRock02 hours 54 min ago
+172018 Summer Analyst IB Recruiting Timeline Megathread PageEARLY RECRUITMENT PROCESS / APPLICATIONS / INTERVIEWS / SUPERDAYS I want to establish a single place where all students can come come to share knowledge, questions, information, and concerns regarding investment banking summer analyst recruiting for summer 2018. US focused. Good luck to everyone....613 hours 2 min ago
+1What do we talk about when we talk about breaking upI have a girlfriend who I met through a mutual friend. We've been together for about 2 - 3 months, not the same city (west and east). She's 3 year old younger than me and I feel like now she cannot give me much help on my journey (grad school/career pursuit) forward. I am not saying that she's not ...103 hours 4 min ago
+1Who you are vs What you think the world thinks you are - JRE interview w/ Guy Ritchie Great interview w/ director Guy Ritchie, the best part starts at about 16:50 and goes on for about ~15min. definitely worth a listen. Talks about self perception, confidence, taking ownership, etc. The way he explains it and ties it in with the themes of life and his own story telling is pretty inte...13 hours 9 min ago
+1Lateraling Timeline for 1st Year IB AnalystI am starting as a first year at a BB in NYC in the middle of June. If I would like to lateral to a "better bank", around when should I actively begin looking? Is there a certain timeframe when banks analyze hiring needs, or is this a year-round process? Since these are actual positions that need...53 hours 10 min ago
+1GS Undergraduate Camp DOs and DON'TS?Hi, Who has gone through this program and would like to share any insights? What did you do or learn? Who were you able to meet? I assume this is a networking opportunity, what are suggested actions after completing the camp? Thank you. ...93 hours 13 min ago
0Company Compensation: BlackRock03 hours 14 min ago
+2Goldman Sachs Virtual Insight SeriesBeing that I was ineligible for all diversity events, I registered for the Goldman Sachs Virtual Insight Series, which seems to be a virtual networking event. I just received the e-mail for the HireVue, with one question in a separate e-mail. The main e-mail says the interview length is around 10...103 hours 16 min ago
0Hi guys got 2 BB offers, but prefering another, how to handle it?Hey guys, I got 2 BB offers for IBD, but I have another BB interview lined up in like 2 Weeks (the offer of the other 2 already expired there). Should I just say fuck it and go for a "lower tier" BB? The problem is also that I said that no matter what I would accept their offers ... (I know, ...03 hours 17 min ago
0Premed to Finance/Math GPA WoesI came to college (Tulane), as premed, and did not do that well, 3.2 GPA. I switched to Math and Finance at the end of my freshmen year (I'm a rising sophomore), and now my major GPA is a 3.7. I want to apply for internships for next summer, but the 3.5 cutoff worries me. What would y'all recommend?...23 hours 18 min ago
0Company Compensation: BMO Capital Markets03 hours 19 min ago
0JP Morgan MBA Early Advantage 2017I applied to the program and didn't get a confirmation of submission. Kind of left me wondering if the application was received. Anyone else face the same issue?...03 hours 22 min ago
+1Moelis OpinionsI am struggling to figure out where Moelis really stands. Is it at the Evercore/Lazard level or is it a tier below? Is there any difference between NY and LA in terms of their ranking?...03 hours 22 min ago
+24A One Stop Shop For All Things Diversity Recruiting - The Most Exhaustive List On WSODiversity recruiting has been the subject of several posts over the last few weeks. Although there are existing WSO posts that try to aggregate opportunity for diverse candidates, this one aims to be an exhaustive list that includes all the introductory programs and formal internship pipelines offer...263 hours 24 min ago
0Wharton Transfer Advice ...43 hours 26 min ago
0Advice for 22 YO Non-Target Recent Graduate with 3.95 GPA and Military ExperienceHello all, I would first like to give a **HUGE** thank you to everyone who actively uses this forum! I recently stumbled upon it and have been reading countless threads over the past few days. I am amazed with how much helpful information I have found on WSO and somewhat upset I did not come ac...13 hours 27 min ago
0Double Math Major Worth It? ...13 hours 27 min ago
0Land and Housing Price BubblesHello monkeys, As an undergrad in Hong Kong, I often keep up with current news and I recently read this [one ]( Bloomberg: [quote] Henderson Land Development Co. outbid eight other...03 hours 28 min ago
0Advice for A Rising Junior at a non-target Liberal Arts SchoolSo I'm currently a rising junior at a very small non-target liberal arts school in California (think Claremont McKenna, Pomona, Occidental, etc.), I currently have under a 3.5 but it's been rising every semester. This summer I will be working as an analyst for an auto-finance company and it will be ...43 hours 29 min ago
+1Is Sue Gross a bitch for divorcing Bill gross?What does the community think of Sue Gross, Bill Gross' wife of 31 years, divorcing him while he's trying to get back up on his two feet? Was it fair or a low blow? Was it related to his pledge to donate all his money? May be she wants to get out now and keep half? I truly feel sad for the guy. ...63 hours 36 min ago
0Writing Samples??I had a very great phone call this afternoon with a hedge fund. He thought my credentials were fantastic and I was able to persuade to him how I am different than a person with a 4.0 from Berkeley. He asked for me to do some research on supplemental readings AND writing samples... WHAT EXACTL...13 hours 37 min ago
+3Why you need to give up and quit things earlyThere's arguably one key to breaking into IB, and that is persistence. You see it mentioned here over and over. Keep cold emailing, keep developing your skills, keep networking. Even once you're on the job, keep grinding, keep researching your next step, etc. This article here dives into the topi...223 hours 38 min ago
+2How old is too old for MBA going into investment banking track?Hello WSO, I've written a couple of posts on WSO concerning the MBA and GMAT process. I couldn't find a direct post relating to this topic, so I thought I might ask. I was wondering on the age ranges/number of years of work experience of MBA applicants who trying to go into investment banking at...273 hours 44 min ago
0Company Compensation: RBS Royal Bank of Scotland03 hours 49 min ago
0Alien: Covenant - Review/Discussion *Spoilers*So guys, I have now seen Covenant twice now andI'm a huge Alien franchise fan.I decided to leave a little review and wanted to know what you guys thought of the film, as well as some questions you may have going into the next installment (Alien: Awakenings)! In bold are some questions I know that ma...43 hours 54 min ago
0Manager to Sr Consultant step back to move to Big4Hi, I have a full time MBA (class of 2013) from a non-target school, 4 yrs of consulting experience at Cognizant Business Consulting which is basically Technology Consulting for Cognizant Technology Solutions. I have been promoted to Consulting Manager last year. Now I have a offer from EY but the...14 hours 52 sec ago
+6Marxists/Socialist.... why are you into finance if you are against capitalism?Self explanatory title. If you are a Leftist, SJW, someone that believes in Marxist ideals or someone who believes in "YOUR Version" of Socialism... how could you work for an "evil corporation"? Short of saying you are the Leftist equivalent of Ron Swanson from Parks and Rec... isn't it a li...564 hours 3 min ago
0How much should we rely on quants?[quote]A decade ago, the brightest graduates all wanted to be traders at Wall Street investment banks, but now they’re climbing over each other to get into quant funds,[/quote] [Quant trading is on the rise]( – but I’m not...04 hours 9 min ago
+1LinkedIn Etiquette - Connected, Read Message, No Response?Hello WSO community! I have been trying hard to network on LinkedIn and have made a few connections. But my problem is that they will read my connection message and not reply... When is the appropriate amount of time to followup again? Ex: Sunday, viewed an MD's profile but didn't add (not ...64 hours 9 min ago
0Leaving PhD midway and getting a jobHi all, I am currently a PhD student and leaving the program midway with a Masters' degree for personal reasons. I have couple of years of industry experience in quantitative research. I am super interested in Trading or Quant Trading. I will be graduating next Fall. Should I apply through a reg...24 hours 13 min ago
0Mutual Fund exit opsI go to a non-target and just secured my internship for my sophomore summer at a small mutual fund of around 500m AUM. Because it's a small shop, I'll be doing research and working with their algo. It sounds like solid experience, but I'm looking to get into IB next summer in Houston or NY. Does an...04 hours 21 min ago
0Referred to a different job - am I dead?Had a first round phone interview today. Was scheduled to be with two guys from the team and one lady from HR. She tells me something came up, they couldn't be on the call. Does the HR portion of the interview (really generic fit questions) and talks to me about a similar and probably about as go...34 hours 26 min ago
+12Notorious Investment Banking Groups and War StoriesMonkeys, What are some of the most notorious "Groups" on the street? This can include massive jerks, (overly 100+ regularly) abusive workloads, or just old school street mentalities. For example, I've heard JPM HC is one of the hardest worked Groups on the street. With that being said, feel fr...1244 hours 31 min ago
0JPM Junior Analyst Exit Opportunities RecruitingI was thinking of applying for JPM Jr Analyst program next year, and I was wondering if you still recruit for exit opps in the first year like the traditional analysts? Hoping someone has experience and can give me a shout out. For those of you who don't know, the Jr analyst program is a 1 year p...04 hours 37 min ago
+2Trafigura International Trader Programme - InterviewsHey guys, I got shortlisted to Trafigura International Trader programme and I have my first round of interviews at their Geneva office in November. Anyone else has an interview for this program? any tips about the interview questions? what should I prepare ? I have a background in physic...614 hours 38 min ago
+1Ever miss your college dorm lifestyle?Well now you can get that every day. A company in the US is developing properties which somewhat mimic the traditional college dorm setup (just a tad classier) and offer lots of common areas for you to get social with your fellow tenants. As someone a few years removed from living on campus, I must ...124 hours 39 min ago
+1Is Evercore a boutiqueTitle says it, when people mention boutiques and elite boutiques, I often think of places like Centerview, Moelis and PJT. Places that have a small amount of employees but work on some of the largest deals out there. Although places like Lazard and Evercore are top places and would be amazing to ...64 hours 43 min ago
+3Why are previously successful hedge funds failing?I work for a LO manager. I have a little less than five years in the industry although have prior work experience. We do fundamental work and average a two year holding period. I see opportunities to generate relative outperformance in many places. I do not think it is easy but would think it is...184 hours 48 min ago
0Waterfall ModelingWanted to know if any one has worked on a model that addresses the problem that arises when you have a high cash flowing asset and low hurdle rates. For example: if the asset is generating a 11% average cash on cash through the holding period and you have a 9% preferred return to all equity, you wi...04 hours 51 min ago
+1Which schools will value a very high GMAT the most?And would offer a good scholarship? For someone: age 27, poor work experience, 3.2 GPA, but 780 GMAT? Really good sob story. I think, NYU really wants to increase its ranking, so does Columbia--it has been falling for sometime. Cornell also wants to increase its ranking. So would those...94 hours 51 min ago
0PE Waterfall - Modelling Catch-upHey I am building a distribution waterfall model at the moment to practise my modelling in Excel but cannot work out how to model a catch-up after the preferred return. Any idea where I could find help? I tried Google but without luck. Anyone familiar with modelling of catch-ups? Thanks De...435 hours 2 min ago
0Insight on leveraging boutique intern experienceAdvice on how to bolster my boutique internship experiences for upcoming entry level investment banking recruiting processes?...05 hours 2 min ago
0Bulge Brackets in ChicagoOne big concern with satellite offices is that they tend to be outsourced labor shops for NYC. This tends to be the case with the bulges. Could you guys provide some insight to these Chicago offices?...45 hours 3 min ago
0Why do many REITs report EBITDA and NI instead of NOI?Isn't EBITDA useless since interest is such an immense expense for REITs and impacts how much they can pay for Divs? What is the relationship between EBITDA and NOI?...45 hours 4 min ago
0Profile Review: Aiming for Harvard, Wharton, Stanford, Booth, Kellogg, and Tuck. What are my chances? Hi all! Looking for some insight on whether I have a shot at the top programs. Appreciate any feedback and criticism! Here's my profile: Background: Japanese-American 27-year old bisexual male Undergrad Institution: University of California, Berkeley (Graduated 2011) Major: Psychology UG...05 hours 5 min ago
+1JPM SF Tech OpinionsI haven't seen any recent posts about JPM's SF Tech group. I was wondering if anyone has any insight on recent culture, hours, exit opps, and deal flow? I have talked to a couple people, and it seems like the group has improved over the last couple of years, but figured I would get more opinions. ...65 hours 15 min ago