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+5What is wrong with Ebola Monkey?This guy has some serious issues, have a look at his last two posts. I think it is a combination of pent up anger and self pitty. Thoughts?...34 min 36 sec ago
0LSE Msc Economic history vs Warwick Msc Finance and EconomicsHey guys, I have received offers from LSE for Msc Economic history and also from Warwick for Finance and economics. I am currently leaning towards LSE as i constantly hear Uni rep>course. In addition, i also have an undergrad degree from a non target for Economics and Finance. Also, LSE's progra...04 min 48 sec ago
+1Will I Get Drug Tested?Got a 2017 SA position in NorCal. -Bud is legal in CA. -There are only a few other interns (...76 min 17 sec ago
+1Females in finance punished more severely than their male counterparts The topic of this article reminded me of a post on here a couple days ago (might have even been last week) where a monkey was seeking advice on how to treat a female coworker. In that post he mentioned it may be harder for the bank he works for to fire a woman. Doesn't seem that all banks see it tha...187 min 53 sec ago
+3How Hungry are You to Win at Everything?@DickFuld" can attest to this truly inspirational quote: [quote]I want to reach in, rip out their heart and eat it before they die.[/quote] Japanese businessmen schooled Larry Ellison on competition by saying that the Japanese view competition as: [quote]Other people trying to steal the ric...578 min 27 sec ago
+3MIT Sloan and Columbia >>>>> Booth and KellogSo I've been reading a lot of the posts on this forum, and noticed that a good number of people (or at least the trend) seemed to perceive Booth and Kellog as a solid top 5 schools over MIT Sloan and Columbia. My post is going to focus mainly about these 4 schools I just mentioned and provides some ...8711 min 12 sec ago
0For 2-year programs, is getting a return offer common?I just signed an offer with a MM shop for a 2-year associate role (currently first year in IB). As I've been reading more about how competitive post-MBA private equity roles are, I'm wondering if it's typical to receive a return offer to come back after your MBA program? For the few MM firms (inc...111 min 45 sec ago
+1Should I renege this late??So basically my question is: should I renege my offer at a MM for a JA position at JPM? Background: I signed a mid tier MM offer back in Dec when they gave me one and I continued recruiting. I recently got an offer at JPM as a Junior analyst (basically one year below 1st yr analyst) in a mid-tier...614 min 15 sec ago
+1Question regarding a rental/NYCI am trying to book a rental when I am currently across the country. I am just in a situation where I cannot travel and see the place in person, so I realize that it makes me so vulnerable to scams. I am interested in this place 168 Front Street in Seaport, New York but I am trying do some research ...625 min 10 sec ago
0Recent grad looking to break into Real Estate Modeling courses?Background: studied finance at a non-target school in a metropolitan city in Canada. Parents had a few properties which I managed (I guess you could say I was the property manager at the time). I interned at the government for a summer doing billings (a/p & a/r - mostly managed databases and used pi...226 min 2 sec ago
0Foreign Central bank --> Buyside?Is the buy-side in NY/London possible following 3-4 years working front office in a foreign central bank? Assume the bank is relatively small, I would have had regular contact with the president/execs, would have been involved in the interest rate decision making process, would have been writin...844 min 10 sec ago
+2Thoughts on Student Housing opportunities in acquisitions and development?Does anyone have any insight on student housing investors, operators, and developers? Not freshman dorms, but ground leased residential apartment buildings marketed to students? Would working on these types of Assets provide a transferable skillset to transition to multifamily assets? It appears ...548 min 26 sec ago
0Digital Strategy: Deloitte Digital (DB&S) vs. Digital McKinsey vs. BCG DVFor the last year I have been doing consulting for a small boutique firm focused on Digital Strategy consulting. However, I have the opportunity to move up to a bigger firm. I'm currently in the process with Deloitte Digital's strategy practice (Digital Business & Strategy), and also BCG Digital...349 min 11 sec ago
0Holistic Application AdviceGreetings WSO! Like many on this forum, I am considering business school. I will just get straight to it and try to be as brief as possible. There are practically innumerable variables that go into the entire business school process, it’s easy to get lost, or focus too heavily on one aspect. Th...2556 min 51 sec ago
+2WSO Caption Contest - March 13th... Collect Silver Bananas and Win a Free WSO T-ShirtWSO Caption Contests are back! You guys know the drill, all you have to do is leave a comment in this post with a caption you think is most fitting for the cartoon posted below. The winner will be determined by the community based on the number of Silver Bananas awarded to each comment. In the event...2257 min 8 sec ago
+36Guide: Cold Contacting Investment Bankers For Non TargetsHi Folks, I posted a thread earlier in the month and there was a lot of interest in techniques and tips for cold contacting investment bankers so I thought I would share what I know. First things first, I'm not an investment banker. I'm a data room sales rep with an extensive background in col...1041 hour 2 min ago
+11Top 5 Stupidest Publicly Traded Companies I was screening for new l/s ideas yesterday and forgot to filter market cap. Some hilarity ensued, and having a minute this morning, I figured I would share this collection of monkey shit. Yes, these are/were real companies and you can look them up on Cap IQ if you want. **5. Reality Racing (OTC...391 hour 6 min ago
+5Do you hate poor people?As much as Donald Trump? In the last week we've seen proposed plans come out of the white house that: Gut medicaid and limit access to low cost private insurance Cut low income housing programs Cut low income food programs Cut after school and summer programs primarily attended by low income ...291 hour 8 min ago
0GMAT of 740 enough for 2020 MBA App?I just got a 740 in my GMAT (Q50, V40). I was wondering if this would be enough for an MBA application in 3 years time for the top US institutions (Harvard, Sloan, Wharton, Stanford etc.), especially considering grade inflation. Definitely know I could improve verbal a bit (had a headache in exam) b...01 hour 9 min ago
0March Madness 2017I saw an article about an MBA student from Booth who developed an app to provide sabermetrics and tips about teams and tournament history while filling out your bracket. It's geared towards helping people who haven't kept up with the college season or know little about basketball in general. Who ...31 hour 9 min ago
+3Is short selling ethical?Monkeys, I was going through this article on Roger Ackman's Pershing Square Capital Management: The author mentions that "Short sellers are generally reviled by corporations as malevolent opportunists" but Ackma...321 hour 18 min ago
+7Having a Life vs. Career - Thoughts on the 'Work-Life' Balance**Preface:** Forgot to mention... This was a couple of girlfriends ago. Remind me to never date another Eastern European lady... Thanks all for the feedback. Not sure why I had a relapse today. Hump day strangeness. TLDR, Some girls are truly not worth it and toxic debt, sell order. Weigh all ris...821 hour 19 min ago
0Deloitte vs. PwC Consulting - MBAI'm considering consulting for my career. I've done some research and it looks like the best firms are the MBB. Of course I wanna get into those 3 but I'm also looking into the second tiers like Deloitte, PwC, Accenture, etc. It seems that Deloitte consulting is better than PwC counterpart but PwC...31 hour 20 min ago
+3Akuna Capital Math Test? (And Interview Process)I've applied for a junior trader position with this firm, and so they've sent me an email with directions to take an online mental math test. Does anybody know what the Akuna test is like, specifically? Can't seem to find too much information about it online. All I know is that there is a 22 mi...551 hour 21 min ago
0ID'ing the Hiring ManagerI am in the process of applying to equity research positions. I have found that directly contacting the hiring manager is the most effective way of getting my resume noticed. For the sector that I am most interested in, I can often determine that the hiring manager is one of 5-6 different senior a...01 hour 30 min ago
+10Wall Street Bro Caught on Camera Humping Fearless Girl StatueIf you haven't seen it yet, a picture has gone viral of someone humping the "fearless girl" statue that faces the Wall Street Charging Bull. According to a Huffington Post Article, the "man in suit humping 'fearless girl' statue is why we need feminism." [quote]“Almost as if out of central ca...1091 hour 30 min ago
+13Anyone Play Videogames?Hey everyone, I've seen the discussions about cars, bikes and watches so wanted to bring this up considering I think these are pretty popular. Unfortunately, I think the gaming industry has really been quite lackluster in the last decade or so, pretty much like the film industry. Most of the new...1471 hour 32 min ago
0REITs Adopting CoworkingRecently the coworking and "office as a service" trend has been taking most major markets by storm. I have been hearing that REITs are starting to re-position their assets to attract coworking operators and offering very attractive management agreements. My question is do you think this is going to ...01 hour 41 min ago
+1Can you BS transaction sizes on your resume? Assuming that the deals haven't closed, can you fudge the numbers on your transaction experience? i.e. $17mm --> $20mm...81 hour 43 min ago
0Company Compensation: Wells Fargo Securities01 hour 50 min ago
0UVA MS in Commerce InterviewHi, I just wanted to ask for some advice for the interview coming up with the UVA Ms in Commerce (Finance track) admissions team next week. I've looked through the forum (incl. "How to nail your MSF interview" post, which was very helpful), but just wanted to check if I should look out for any "t...01 hour 55 min ago
0Courtship in IB Recruiting?Hey Monkeys, So I go to a pretty big target school in the midwest for B4 accounting firms, and currently have public accounting as my backup plan if IB doesn’t work out. I’m in beta alpha psi, which for those who aren’t familiar is a professional accounting organization. Anyways, last we...42 hours 6 min ago
+1Corp. Dev to IBI'm currently a senior analyst for a healthcare company's corporate development team. During my ~2 years as a senior analyst, I've developed a few meaningful relationships with healthcare focused banks and a few of their VPs. **I'd like to leverage these relationships to land an analyst role at an i...132 hours 7 min ago
+1Goldman Sachs background statusMy background status has been upgraded to "preliminary approval" with Goldman Sachs ops in Salt Lake City. Anyone have a better idea of what this level entails....are they simply waiting for me to graduate? Thanx!...732 hours 12 min ago
+3Pandora's plan to dethrone SpotifyI remember when Pandora first came out in 2005 and It was incredible. Pandora changed the music world, and then just sort of slowly faded into the back of peoples’ minds. Has the window for Pandora to compete against Spotify closed? Pandora has released its version of Spotify, to capture a new rev...302 hours 14 min ago
+12018 U.S News Best Business Schools thoughts?The US News Business School Rankings... What are your thoughts? #1 HBS #1 UPenn Wharton #3 UChicago Booth #4 MIT Sloan #4 Northwestern Kellogg #4 Stanford GSB #7 UC Berkeley Haas #8 Dartmouth Tuck #9 Yale SOM #9 Columbia #11 UMich Ross #12 Duke Fuqua #12 NYU Stern ...92 hours 14 min ago
+1Anyone had Oppenheimer InterviewJust wondering if anyone know Oppenheimer has already given offers for SAs. I had a first round and haven't heard back. Actually really liked the people who interviewed me - hope to hear something back. ...172 hours 18 min ago
0Oppenheimer SA PositionHave people heard back about the summer analyst decisions? Know there were a couple threads on this, but curious if anyone knows anything else. ...12 hours 18 min ago
+1MBA Options? 750 GMAT, Low GPA from Top non-ivey, 3yrs LMM IB ExperienceI'm hoping someone can give me an idea of what's a realistic bschool. Per the title, I have a strong GMAT 750, low gpa (2.7) at a top 25 school, and decent work experience, a few years of regional boutique banking. Are Wharton/Harvard/Columbia even an option here given my low gpa. I have few extr...92 hours 23 min ago
+7J.P Morgan Asset/Wealth Management Video InterviewI have a interview with J.P Morgan where I have to answer 4 questions on video, but there is not an interview on the other side. Has anyone had any experience with this?...672 hours 26 min ago
+1What are the most boring assets to work with?To those who have been in the game a decent time, what properties are boring to work with? I never dealt with them, but suburban office or a firm that deals with corporate complexes seems like it would be the most vanilla....62 hours 36 min ago
0Company Compensation: Barclays Capital02 hours 48 min ago
0Different S&T Groups 2017Curious to hear about the different types of groups in S&T on the street and how they compare. Interested in learning more about the culture, outlook towards future, exit ops, which banks are top, and any other additional info. I have seen other posts similar to this throughout the site, but nothing...03 hours 2 min ago
+5IB MD AMAHi, its that time of year when I feel like giving back. I've been in the game for 18 years, both US and UK. Sales, IB, Quant, even did a stint at an FO. So I'm running an AMA for the next 3 weeks, ask whatever you'd like....203 hours 9 min ago
0Company Compensation: Citigroup03 hours 12 min ago
0Company Interview: BB&T03 hours 12 min ago
+21Ask Natalie from Accepted about Business School AdmissionsWSO is excited to have the experts from Accepted on board to answer applicant questions in the business school forum. Here are messages from Natalie and Jen who will be checking this thread every few days: Natalie I'm here to answer any questions you have regarding Business School Admissions. I ...10203 hours 19 min ago
+14My Favourite Question For Wrapping Up InterviewsI don't remember where / who I stole this from, remember kids, there's no originality in banking, but my favourite question when they ask: "Do you have any questions for me / us": What is it about my resume and experience that interest you. It's a beautiful question, makes them recite a list o...303 hours 24 min ago
0Big 4 - Transaction ModellingHello, I made a thread recently on a related topic, but I have now narrowed down further exactly what this group does, and I am looking for some further insight. To briefly summarize, I am in Big 4 Audit, looking to move to IB. To do so I am making an internal move to one of the Transaction de...03 hours 28 min ago
0Virtual Stock Market Competition Just enrolled myself in a virtual stock market competition at AlphaStreet. I feel its good to learn about stocks in a risk-free environment and at the same time test my investing skills. I started with $25,000 of virtual currency and if lucky I win some real cash prize. Try this out guys. [https://a...03 hours 28 min ago
+2What are good coding languages to learn? I already know but what are some languages that I should try to learn now that may be used in trading in 8-12 years?...403 hours 43 min ago
0Global Macro Interview HelpI was wondering if anyone happens to have any resources to prepare for a junior role at a global macro fund? Looking for resources on the technical/markets/current news questions...13 hours 50 min ago
0Citi Discovery DayDidn't think I was going to get in but am very glad that I did. Anyone else coming from outside of NY? ...23 hours 56 min ago
+1Bloomberg Marked Data Summer Analyst vs Capital One Business AnalystEventually I would like to go into Asset Management or Trading but unfortunately I couldn't land an internship in either of those fields yet. The Capital One internship is in Product Management and Analytics. ...03 hours 56 min ago
0Break into development post MBA?Hey gang, new user here. I've really enjoyed reading a broad range of content on this forum. A few questions, but first context: I've been working for a boutique non real estate investment firm for the past four years and have risen to the level of portfolio manager (yes we actually build our ...44 hours 25 min ago
+3New WSO Home Page Redesign is Live!Hey guys, as you can probably tell, we just released a dramatically different version of the home page. It still needs some polishing now that we can see it on live with real updated / data, but by and large, what we did was the following: 1. For logged out visitors, we tried to focus more on g...204 hours 25 min ago
+6The Real Estate Job Hunt - How are people doing?I'm curious to see how other WSOer's job search for CRE is going. Are people seeing a lot of success or struggling?...1074 hours 41 min ago
0Company Interview: Banca IMI04 hours 45 min ago
0Credit in US for CRE work done in China?Hey everyone, I have a question for you. I'm a 2014 top-5 MBA grad with a CFA and about 7 years of non-CRE pre-MBA experience. After undergrad (full ride to a business school in Boston), I did 2 years of mortgage backed securities, 2 years of Bulge Bracket Bank Corporate Development M&A, 2 yea...24 hours 48 min ago
0Bain BELI got invited to coffee chats and asked to apply to BEL with Bain by a recruiter today. I have a 3.3 at an okay school (like NYU, UNC, Notre Dame) so is my assumption that P(I get an interview)=~0 likely correct?...15 hours 3 min ago
0Oliver Wyman Offer - NYC or Boston?Hi everyone. I've been offered an entry level consulting position at OW starting this year and have been given the option of the NYC or Boston offices. Anyone have any comments on how to make this decision? Maybe from a work point of view (more financial services focus in NYC?) or from a general lif...25 hours 6 min ago
+2If you could ask a CEO one question to understand quality of his business what would it be? Hi there, Long-time lurker, first time poster. I was recently interviewed by a London Growth Fund - however, there was one question that really stood out: They asked if you could ask the CEO of a company you're considering investing in only one question what would that be? This really confuse...345 hours 28 min ago
0Do we have any FP&A or Corporate Finance Managers (or above) here?would love a run down of your day-to-day, whether you like the job and where you see the job going for yourself, and in general, in the future. ...05 hours 39 min ago
+6Mar 16, 2017 - Morning Brew Daily QUOTE OF THE DAY [quote]Car makers will adapt to everything” — Nissan turnaround legend Carlos Ghosn commenting on the potential NAFTA changes and globalization challenges like Brexit and #MAGA.[/quote] MARKET CORNER Market Snapshot The Fed raised interest rates as e...05 hours 44 min ago
+22How much money have you saved?I'm 25, and I feel like I have hardly any money saved. I'm looking at going to b-school soon, and will definitely have to take out loans. I don't think that's surprising, but it just got me thinking about how much is normal to have accumulated at this point in my life. Also, how are y'all investi...2815 hours 44 min ago
0How to break into markets - no experienceHello guys, I'm a recent economics graduate from an unknown university in southern Italy and I'm currently about to start a MSc in Finance in a pretty reputable European university. I'll try to be as concise as possible and I hope that what I'm writing doesn't sound delusional to you. First of...15 hours 48 min ago
+1Job in finance entry level other then a Financial Advisor Just graduated with a BA in Economics and a concentration in Finance with a GPA of 3.5. I went to Moravian college and unfortunately going to network events has not produced much luck I have not been able to find Alumni who is this field.My internship was at MassMutual as a Financial Advisor as i wa...55 hours 51 min ago
+1Is It Wise To Pursue A Career In Asset Management?I know the topic of active vs. passive has been discussed in great detail on here, but I would like to know if active management is still a smart career choice. Sometimes I feel like the decline of active management is exaggerated, but when I read about all of the outflows, I feel inclined to believ...186 hours 37 min ago
+37Interview experience w/ JPM Junior Analyst ProgramSo applications are up! You dont have to reveal actual interview questions. Just wanted to know how you're experience was for 2016 class. As for me, the interviewer seemed more like a gatekeeper from an admission staff. Its like I had the criteria for an interview, but since I came from a "non-tradi...6016 hours 51 min ago
+32HF PM AMAThere appears to be some demand for an HF AMA, so here goes... I believe this will be a communal effort with several people contributing, including myself. Briefly about me: I have been in the mkt for almost 15 years, always specializing in global rates. Currently, a PM in a reasonably large ...1487 hours 20 sec ago
0What are the best resume writing service provider sites ?I know resume is the first impression of job seekers .I have create my resume my self but I am not satisfied with that. So I going to hire resume writer. I am looking for professional resume writer online , if any one know please recommend me....07 hours 45 min ago
+3Tony Robbins - what's your opinion? I've always been *extremely* wary of guys like him, particularly when they have something to sell. I'm know he may have some solid advice but I've always avoided listening to him directly - I usually prefer it to be first filtered through the voices I already trust (e.g. via podcasts I've been f...337 hours 59 min ago
0PIMCO credit research or T Rowe equity researchPost MBA. want to consider quality of skill set, exit opp, etc. Thank you!...228 hours 16 min ago
0SMU BBA Scholar vs McCombs(non-BHP) Title is self-explanatory. Current senior who is interested in high fin-tech, investment banking, and consulting. Companies like JPMorgan, Evercore, Goldman etc are definite goals. Am I at a terrible disadvantage for not making BHP at UT? Would going to Cox with honors better put me in a posit...18 hours 31 min ago
+2American Psycho and Real Life - Bateman much Lately?Most of the older crowd grew up watching the original Wall Street, generation later was American Psycho, followed by Wall Street 2, which some, not I, claim to be better than the first but I digress, and finally Margin Call/Wolf of Wall Street/The Big Short. While this isn't a thread about movies...158 hours 32 min ago
0University of Applied ScienceHello Readers, I hope everyone is having a productive Monday! I was wondering if anyone here has experience with Universities of applied science. I study in the Netherlands and they are very common here. For the people who don't know. They are universities focused on a more practical approach. It...38 hours 42 min ago
0RBC Technology & Operation vs EY FSO Financial Advisory. Which one to choose?Hi all, So I recently received two offers for the coming summer but I don't know which one to choose. One is from RBC Technology and Operation at their Jersey City office, and the job responsibilities include internal control and auditing for securities pricing and valuation reportings. T...08 hours 58 min ago
+2New Case Webinars in WSO Hedge Fund Prep PackOver the last 12 months, we have made a big effort to improve our hedge fund interview prep package by bringing to you relevant webinars with interview advice and actual investment pitch walk-throughs...I think for those of you that don't watch the webinars, it would be helpful to give you a brief s...19 hours 13 min ago
0Johns Hopkins Carey Business School...Possible 50% discount?I have learned that it may be possible for me to gain a 50% discount to attend the JHU Carey Business school once I graduate due to extenuating circumstances. Therefore, it would come out to be about $54,000 total to gain an MBA. Do you guys think that it is worth it? I know that the business school...299 hours 24 min ago
+2Dilemma- USC MSF/ WUSTL MSFC/ NYU MBA?Hi all, I was recently admitted to USC's MSF program and still waiting for WUSTL MSFC and NYU's MBA decision. Since the interview with both schools went well I'm going to assume that I get the offers in the end. Any advice on which school to choose would be very much appreciated. Background...169 hours 39 min ago
+1Advice about choosing firm to start careerHi, This question is more focused towards the real estate area, but also for the firms as a whole. If you are starting out after a master in finance in London, would you prefer to start in Morgan Stanley, Ares management, Tristan Capital? What key factors would you consider when choosing one? ...99 hours 52 min ago
+1Vanderbilt MSF InterviewHey guys, I have a formal campus visit and interview scheduled for the Vanderbilt MSF program next week. I was wondering whether anyone had any tips on the types of questions asked during the interview? I've done quite a bit of research and have a good understanding of the general questions (Why ...510 hours 1 min ago
0Hedge Fund MO to B-SchoolCurious how a MO role (i.e. corporate dev., investor relations, etc.) at a top HF (i.e. Citadel, Bridgewater, etc.) coming out of undergrad will place in top 10 b-schools in ~2 years. End goal after MBA does not involve FO or the finance industry in general. Has anyone gone down a similar path? Any ...010 hours 5 min ago
+4BankismsThat's right. All the nonsense that's said. 1. "We got to dig into the numbers" 2. "Those logos look blurry to me" ... Provide your best below. ...4610 hours 41 min ago
+1D. E. Shaw Background CheckHas anyone applied to D.E. Shaw and got rejected after the background check and reference stage?? ...1211 hours 24 sec ago
0credit risk set upis there any credit gurus here who can advise on this? im currently in a midoffice role in a startup physical commodities trading shop, currently looking into devising a credit policy from ground zero for my firm. credit risk management was never considered until recently, so there is no existing in...411 hours 26 sec ago
0Why have intangible assets in the first place?Was having this discussion in a venture cap valuation class, and couldn't really fully discuss. Why are intangible assets even placed on the balance sheet or more importantly, why do they matter in a DCF valuation? The value of intangibles I feel is already reflected in any substantial revenue gr...011 hours 35 min ago
0Company Interview: Fidelity Investments011 hours 55 min ago
+5Snap IPO Prices at 17 Dollars a shareHonestly I am just surprised this wasn't posted already. An article on CNBC stated that Snap priced its public offering at $17 dollars a share. [quote] Snap priced its public offering at $17 a share on Wednesday, two sources told CNBC. The company is scheduled to start trading Thursday. At ...7911 hours 56 min ago
0Medical school wasn't for me. How can I pivot to biotech or medtech equity research? ...312 hours 7 sec ago
+5How Quick will it Snap ? Valuation of SnapChatSnapchat (recently renamed Snap Inc.) has filed for an IPO reportedly set for Q1 2017. Snap is seeking a valuation of $25 Bn according to reports at Bloomberg . The question arises if such a rich valuation of 25X Forward Revenue makes sense at all. "**At $25 Bn, Snapchat would have roughly the ...3712 hours 2 min ago
0Interesting/tough situation. How can I make this work? I am really hoping to break into the financial services industry, specifically into something along the lines of a credit analyst type role or in AM. I have a background that seems to be quite different from the traditional paths people on this site tend to take but I was hoping to get some feedbac...312 hours 20 min ago
0Getting fired after month and a halfI am in state of confusion and near depression, would greatly appreciate any advice. For starters, should I post this on my resume? ...1712 hours 39 min ago
0plz delete this thx- ----------------------------- ----------------------------- ----------------------------- ----------------------------- ----------------------------- ----------------------------- ----------------------------...012 hours 42 min ago
0Why does Point72 have so many employees?Notice that their AUM is only $11 billion (as of 2015), yet they have 1000 employees. AQR, Two Sigma, Citadel, etc. all manage much more money with similar employee bases. Does the nature of Point72's strategies require AUM/employee to be lower?...012 hours 57 min ago
0Company Compensation: TPG Capital012 hours 58 min ago
0FFL Partners013 hours 2 min ago
0Tech vs Banking CultureHello monkeys, Stumbled upon an [article ]( about the productivity of employees in some tech companies that are way higher than the average company. [quote] “They get more done by 10 a.m. Thursday m...013 hours 4 min ago
+12017 Boutique IB SA CompADSFdaofiahsdfoadsbfoasdbfkadshfashdofiahsdiofbasodifhaoisdfaisdfhoaisdhfpasdfhoiasdpjfapisdohfiasdhofoiadshfouasdhfiodsugfuoasdhgoiaeshguaowehfoiwaeuhfiaweohfoiawehfiuawehfouaiwegfhoiaugfuoaewihfgiuaweohfuaiwegfhioawehfguiaodihfiguwahefioweuaigfhoiawehfuoaweihfouawehfoiaewhfgiuaweohfouawehfioaehfoi...1313 hours 5 min ago
0Trading PlatformHi there, I’m Jane Zurman, I had been a trader for 7 years and one day I decided not to be a simple trader, but to run out my own business. I had made a research and found these guys. What surprised me most of all, there is a real opportunity to start your own brokerage from $5000! UTIP Trading Pl...013 hours 52 min ago