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0Rip my resume pls. (For MS Finance application)Hi everyone, I appreciate if I can some feedback on my resume. Anything is helpful. Thank you very much....3
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+2WSO Internships & Employment OpportunitiesJoin the Wall Street Oasis Team Open opportunities for students: ...10
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+1Argus vs Excel which one is more common/betteri am a first year analyst in a brokerage firm. my current firm requires me to use Argus when i do the modelling but i found it is not as flexible as excel. and i cant learn much using Argus (don't understand the rationale behind it) my previous job was in a buy side firm , everyone uses excel when ...10
+4Amazon HQ2 LocationAlright folks, let's have everyone's best guess (or inside knowledge) of what city the new Amazon HQ2 will be located. I am going with Denver and Colorado Springs. The culture is really great Marijuana is legal Plenty of other large corporations have their HQ there The cost of living is muc...65
+7Wall Street drink: your fav one?Monkeys, Just for fun, I would like to know how and what do you drink. Personally I love Apple Martini or red/white wine during the dinner Hennessey - Remy Martin after dinner Night out with table Dom Perignon, Belvedere or Patron, obviously Enjoy ...137
0I didn't get a bid from a fraternity.. Advice?So I'm a pretty outgoing guy and I have a solid group of friends. I go out a couple times a week, and after I graduated high school I figured I would probably end up joining a fraternity. My dad was in a fraternity, and I was really looking forward to having similar experiences to the stories he has...0
+8AMA > Non-Target > Search Fund & AM internships > BB AM 1st year - FI >(Think Wellington, Fidelity, Blackrock)Hey Monkeys, WSO was a huge resource for me navigating through and eventually breaking into the AM industry. Thought I'd throw an AMA for all the grinders interested at AM who aren't at target schools. Went to a small non-target school in Boston. When I say non-target...think smaller and less ...24
+1Initiating interview process through headhunter or contacts at firms?I spent a lot of time networking during college with people at the firms at which I'd like to work. My question is this: when I am ready to start interviewing, do I reach out to my contacts directly and ask if they have any opportunities I can interview for, or do I inform headhunters of my con...7
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0NKF Debt & Structured FinanceAnyone have firsthand experience with NKF's (formerly NGKF) Debt & Equity placement team in NYC? Seems like they hired a few hotshots from other brokerage shops, and are determined to compete with HFF/Eastdil in the New York. ...2
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0Bentley University OpinionI'm a sophomore Economics-Finance major at Bentley University interested in equity research. I have a 3.8 GPA and work as an analyst in the trading room here. What is the professional opinion of Bentley on the street?...1
+1Interview for Evercore S&T ER Sales Summer analyst 2018 Please HelpI just got a interview for Evercore ISI equity research sales, can someone shed some light on it. What should I expect at the interview?...1
+2Houlihan NYCDo you guys have any updates for the status of recruitment for Houlihan NYC, corporate finance or Restructuring? ...6
+1Junior looking for a Summer InternshipI am a Junior studying Finance and have an interest in real estate. I have read about REIT internships and brokerage internships but still need some help. I am interested in the investment and development side of real estate and am asking advice where the best place to start as an intern would be. A...1
+532017 Management Consulted Salaries OutWhat do you think? Just like last year, PwC and Strategy& are still not aligned. ...41
0Worth it to Sneak into Another School's Career Fair?Context: Rising senior from a non-target liberal arts university (think SJWs on steroids), 3.75 GPA and internship experience in Project Finance/Tax Equity at a bulge bracket. I'm looking to break into Investment Banking but it hasn't been the easiest. I'll be in Chicago and was wondering if it w...1
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0Cornell AEM Undergrad vs. Community College??? (Help!)d3l3t this d3l3t thisd3l3t thisd3l3t thisd3l3t thisd3l3t thisd3l3t thisd3l3t thisd3l3t thisd3l3t thisd3l3t thisd3l3t this...15
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0MUFG (Mitsubishi Financial) SA 2018Niche position for a niche experience in CIB... Is anyone in this forum either in the process of 2018 SA recruitment or have already went through the process at MUFG? Would love to gauge diverse perspective....0
+1Sophomore Programs/InternshipsI am currently a sophomore finance major who wants to pursue a career in investment banking. I have heard that some banks have sophomore programs and was wondering if anyone knew anything about them? Are they thing this year? When do I apply? etc. Thanks ...1
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0Which campus should I apply to?Hi Monkeys! I am currently applying to undergrad business schools; I plan on majoring in Finance and hope to pursue a career in M&A. Fordham University is one of the safety schools that I'm applying to (I know it's basically a non-target, but its in NYC and I would get great merit scholarships t...0
+13AMA: From Pizza Delivery to Quantitative Research/Data Science/ProgrammingWhat is going on, everybody? I have been a lurker on WSO for a while and thought I would share a story with you. Here goes nothing... I worked full-time and went to school full-time pretty much all throughout school. Knowing I didn't want to deliver pizza for the rest of my life, I worked overclo...28
0Most Unlikely Transition to Finance You've SeenLooking for some general encouragement and interesting stories. What has been the most interesting/unusual background you have ever seen transition into finance? Ill start: Back ~5 years ago or so I had a friend starting FT at a BB and he had somebody join his group (with no prior finance interns...0
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0Importance of work cultureNo interest No interest No interest No interest No interest No interest No interest No interest No interest No interest No interest No interest No interest No interest ...1
0FT Partners Interview ProcessI'm interviewing for FT Partners first round summer analyst, which I heard is very technical. Does anyone have any insight into how technical it can get? I'm pretty solid on all valuation methods + accounting, but I'm worried they might ask something very specific to LBOs for ex. or something with P...0
0BO Investment BankHello. I've started my internship as a product controller at a French Investment bank ranked 11th in the world by 1st tier capital. I'm doing a Master's degree in Management with a specialisation in Financial Markets and this is my first finance internship. I plan on doing another internship befo...1
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+2Operational Due Diligence ExposureSo I have been looking into operational due diligence as it seems like it would be an interesting role and help in gaining quick and deep exposure to various companies and industries (no opportunities seem have come up in my area as of yet). I was wondering if anyone has had experience with these ty...6
0Tech/TMT Financial ModelHey guys, I was wondering I found you guys could send me a Technology/TMT financial model sample? I'm going to be tested and they hinted at me that it will Be tech focused. It would be greatly appreciated! ...0
+2Critique my answer for: "Tell me about yourself" question (Investment Banking)Hey guys, I am applying for boutique/middle market IBs at the moment. I was wondering if you could give me feed back on my "Tell me about yourself" answer. This is still in the works, but out of a scale of 10, what are your thoughts. (If I recited this, it would probably be around 1.5-2 mins.) I...7
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0TMT/Tech financial modelssHey guys, I was wondering I found you guys could send me a Technology/TMT financial model sample? I'm going to be tested and they hinted at me that it will Be tech focused. It would be greatly appreciated! ...0
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0TMT analysts: Can you send me a financial model?Hey guys, I was wondering I found you guys could send me a Technology/TMT financial model sample? I'm going to be tested and they hinted at me that it will Be tech focused. It would be greatly appreciated! ...0
0Networking for Emerging Market AnalystsI work as a research analyst in EM. Given the growth of emerging markets and the difficulty in networking across countries, I thought I should create a whatsapp group to make the process easier. Reach me if you're interested....1
0Please write about a recent news article that has interested you and how you feel that subject would relate to xxxDoes anyone know what actually they would like to see in an outstanding answer? It's always pretty tough find a good article......1
0Maranon CapitalProvides financing to middle market PE shops. Very small firm....0
+1Is lion really the king of the Jungle?I was recently reading an article on motivation that mentioned that even though Lion lacks any significant ability(other than the fact it has strength and is a carnivore) it still the king of the Jungle. So, that got me is Lion really the king of the Jungle? It could very well be a scam promoted by ...19
+1Herbalife 10% dealShkmbcdddxdxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxShkmbcdddxdxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxShkmbcdddxdxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Ffxc...12
+2List of distressed PE / HF in LondonI'm a first-year analyst at a top RX firm in the City. I'm hoping to transition into a buyside role in distressed investing, preferably distressed for control vertical. Not sure if there are many UK veterans on this forum but would appreciate some insights into the top funds in London doing this lin...5
0Big Dilemma- PLEASE HELP!!Ok, so I got an offer from Goldman yesterday to work in Investment Management Controllers on a team that performs the valuation for its hedge funds and mutual funds. Seems like a good opportunity with a good package (60+10), but it seems as tho the bonus and possibly exit opps are limited (being th...7
+1Leasing and Asset Financing?I know that I can Investopedia/Wikipedia the general concept, but I really feel that I can only get some real-life experience and examples from our dear WSO. So analysts, what do you do in this division? What's a typical day of your life? What technicals do you need to know? Thank you for your in...5
0Asset Finance and LeasingHey guys, I was wondering if any of you can shed any light on asset finance and leasing( DB) or any similar group at other banks. It seems like a pretty interesting area to work....13
0Boston College CSOM vs Cornell A&S EconI am currently a freshman at the Carrol School of Manageement at BC and I currently have a guarenteed transfer option to go to Cornell school of Arts and Sciences as an Econ major. Is graduating out of Cornell as an Econ major better than CSOM even though I won't be in Dyson. I'm planning on going i...0
+46Investment Banking in the UK - An OverviewI’ve noticed a few more UK-related questions popping up and as this site has (understandably) been very US-centric over the last 5-10 years I thought a brief overview of what the industry is like in the UK would be helpful. **Who Are The Firms?** * **Bulge Brackets** – the usual suspects...179
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+1Bank of America Merrill Lynch First round Interview Hey You crazy Monkeys, So I just received an email from BOA for a first round interview. I have no idea what to do or how to to prepared for it. It's for the Latin america global i.b analyst global I.B summer analyst program. This is my first ever I.B interview. any help would be great ...2
+2Why are rational people so scarce on campuses?I would say that Ben Shapiro represents the most articulate and full body of ideas on the right side of the center as a conservative. I'll layout some of the social ideas of a more moderate right sider, to give context into what I mean by the right of center and to distinguish from the lunatics t...6
0Concho Resources?Can any energy guys provide some color on them? I'm an undergrad, just started looking at energy IB, and they're going to be on campus next week. Not-IB, but are potential exit-ops worth taking a look at them? ...3
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0Goldman Superday- OperationsHey guys- I have my Goldman Sachs Operations superday/ in person interview on Tuesday and am wondering what to expect. Multiple GS sources of mine have told me that Goldman focuses on more behavioral type questions than technical, especially for Operations, but obviously am trying to get a better se...1
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0Would you travel to third world countries to become uber-rich ?So I read news today about how a Brit woman was raped in Colombia by drug traffickers who found her camping at a site. All I could think was how dangerous the world outside of most G10/G20 nations is. Then I thought about who would have been my employer and boss if I passed all interviews at his ...4
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+1Financing B-schoolSo, i'm ramping up to go to b-school (just submitted my R1 applications) and starting to think about the financing aspect. I know that b-school can easily double my income right off the bat so I know it's the right choice. i have some savings but not a ton (think: sub $65k liquid assets). I'm just c...10
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0TD Securities for S&TI was just invited to attend Sales & Trading Explorer Program (STEP) for TD Securities next Friday. I was wondering if anyone has any insights on the S&T division at TD Securities. I'm from a non-target school, but just wondering if its a program worth shooting for. Thank for any input....3
0Headhunters - 2017Quick question for those who have recruited/are recruiting. Is there a way to find headhunters client lists before meeting with them??? Can we only rely on word of mouth from coworkers? I really want to schedule my first meeting with a firm that has a very low prestige client list...thoughts? ...3
0Valuation: non-operating assets & operating liabilitiesHey guys, I am wondering about the correct theoretical explanation for two valuation-related issues and would be glad if someone could shed some light on these. 1) When going from Enterprise Value (EV) to equity value (EqV), we are adding non-operating assets and vice versa, we are subtractin...4
0Top Groups at RBC? Product vs Coverage?Anyone have any color on top groups at RBC? And if not in general, would someone get a more holistic experience on the execution or origination side? ...4
0series 63 knopman study materialSorry if this is the wrong spot to post, but I'm selling my Series 63 study material. It's a 7th edition Knopman book, bought earlier this month for $180+fees, just wrote the exam and passed. Selling for $100. Must be able to pick up in Manhattan....0
0My opinion about the rumor "Major Investment Bank go bankruptcy"It is said by Thomason Financial and that a major investment bank is filing Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. It may not bee completely true, since this kind or filing cannot be hidden by anyone, even by regulators themselves. However, it is possible that a major investment bank is in ...12
+1What would be an ideal candidate for a rising junior internship at a BB? Let's assume they don't have a personal "in".I am determined to obtain a summer internship at a BB as a rising Junior as I attend a non target business school. My question is simple and please do not stray from directly answering the question: what kind of resume experiences would impress the readers? Specifically what experiences, or position...6
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0CITIC - Private Equity in NYCHi - wondering if anyone has any experience working with, or at, CITIC Private Equity in NYC? They're obviously huge in mainland China, but curious about how active they are in private equity internationally / what their reputation is / etc. Thanks for the help! Feel free to PM me if you would r...0
+1PJT SA InterviewNon-core, Have a first round interview coming up with PJT Strategic Advisory. Can anyone provide any advice on their interviews and types of questions they ask? Are they mostly technical, because I've also read that some people received mostly behavioral questions. Looking to have an updated discuss...7
0Ares Management PE SA InterviewHave an interview coming up with Ares Management for a PE summer analyst position. Does anyone have any advice on the structure of their interviews and the types of questions that will be asked? Any advice or insight would be helpful even if its not company specific. ...4
+1Exiting from Corporate DevelopmentWSO Community, I'm finishing up my first year at a private ~Fortune 500 company in their corporate development group (M&A, VC investments, some JVs, board presentations). The company's industry is loosely classified as business services. I was incredibly lucky to get this opportunity after two ye...3
0Need some help related to financial analyst internshipsAlright, I'm barely getting started on the job search. I'm a soon to be MBA candidate at a non-target in a desert city. I need to know which fortune 500, 100, doesn't matter, whatever large company has a financial analyst internship program. Please help me make a list of companies to apply t...0
+13Living in a city you hate, due to work I work for a very well known tech firm (i.e., Amazon, Facebook, Google), and although the job is ok for the most part (fantastic hours, laid back, love the people in my team), I absolutely despise the city I live in. After having lived in truly world class cities, the new reality has been brutal to ...81
0Carmelo Anthony to the ThunderTwelve hours after Carmelo Anthony expanded his trading wish list to include the Cavaliers and OKC, he was traded. In return for the trade with OKC, the Knicks will get the offensive center, Kanter, the shooter McDermott, and a second round draft pick. The Knicks definitely lost in this trade, thoug...2
0Quick question: CFA Level 1, or 2, and 3?Just have a quick question about job hunting. Should I pass level 1, levels 1and2, or all 3 levels of the CFA exam by the time I finish a MBA? I want to become a financial analyst at anywhere that pays enough to survive =)...0
0Wall Street Stories Please be nice WS, I have a lot of faith in you, you know and I will keep calm and try to carry on, please be nice. ...0
+3J.P. Morgan Hong KongI recently received an interview invitation from JPM. (She didn't tell me which office; I assumed it is HK because she called me through a phone to invite me to an interview) Anyone knows about JPM HK 1st round? I heard it is completely technical?...25
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0Commodity Trading is DeadI currently work as a physical commodity trader at a large, international, trading house. Trading is dead. Most desks are printing massive loses. There is no volatility in the market and most commodities we trade suffer from massive oversupply. Baring a massive exogenous shock, I don't see it ch...0
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0Junk Bond Fees in Barbarians at the Gate"To Forstmann the junk bond was a drug that enabled the puniest acquisitors to take on the titans of industry, and he held it responsible for twisting the buyout world’s priorities until they were unrecognizable. No longer, Forstmann believed, did buyout firms buy companies to work side-by-sid...3
0American M7 MBA recruiting for London IBLooking to get some feedback regarding the prospects of an American recruiting for post-MBA IB in London. Any information would be incredibly helpful, but let's save any Brexit related discussions for another thread....4
0What's Your Go-To on Seamless?So pretty much what should I order tonight? Just started in banking and I'm looking for your go to meals/places in the midtown NYC area. Couldn't find a recent thread on this very important topic....2
+1Business fraternity interview help (what questions to ask at the end?)Hey guys, I'll be interviewing for a professional business fraternity soon, and was wondering if you guys had any tips. It's a panel interview, so there will be 10-12 of them interviewing me at once. I interviewed once before, but did not get a bid. Any specific tips? How should I structure my p...5
+1Upcoming phone interview with Evecore, any suggestion?Hey everyone, I just received an email from an analyst in Everocre scheduling my first round phone interview. This is for sales and trading summer internship program. What should I expect? Is phone interview more technical or behavioral at Evercore? Any insight is appreciated!! ...6
0Hodges Ward Elliott?Was wondering if anyone is familiar with them, in terms of interviewing or working with them on a deal. From what I've read it seems they are focused on hotel deals but have made a big effort to expand into all asset classes and capital markets. The hotel investment sales they've worked on are also ...0