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+8Is America a Second-Tier Country?Hey Monkeys, Read up on this [article]( from Bloomberg. The article is based on the Social Progress Index report that is published annually by non-profit organization Social Progress Imperative. I did some...60
0The Scion Group - Real Estate Private Equity firm?Does anyone know much about the Scion Group? Is this a PE firm that invests in Real Estate - primarily student housing? Can't find much information about them and in the past, I saw a job posted with the title " Real Estate Private Equity Analyst" - so I am trying to understand if this is a legit fi...2
+2What to do with a 3.0 GPASo im a senior at a non target school with a 3.0 GPA and my dreams of becoming an investment banker are basically over. I'm 21 and double majoring in accounting and finance. I graduate spring 2018 and feel like ill be stuck in a real job unless i can somehow get an incredible GMAT and squeeze int...20
0what are the jobs that in RE have long learning curve?I joined my current full-time production analyst position about 3 months ago. My job duties are sizing, collect due diligence items for pre-underwriting, such as rent roll, leases, property information, tax returns; Manage team’s pipeline, and this is pretty it. While Assisting this team of 3 brok...3
+1Kalanick Would Still be at Uber if It Was ProfitableIf Uber was profitable, and/or had plans to go public, do you think it’s 78 investors would’ve been ousted Kalanick? Dealbreaker has a great take on it: [quote] If Uber had kicked off its IPO roadshow six weeks ago, guess who would still be CEO of Uber? Travis. Would shit still be brutally ug...5
+6Does going to a Community College hurt my chances of transferring into a Semi-Target?So, for financial reasons, I have no other choice but to drop my enrollment for my state-flagship. I have a good HS record (3.4 GPA w/ 6 APs). I have no other option but to go to my CC for 2 years. When I've worked and gathered some money to go out of state, will top business schools like UNC, UT...89
0VP/ED Opportunities on the Debt SideLooking for job leads in the debt space. I've got 15+ years' experience investing across the debt stack and am ideally seeking an ED position, but would consider a VP seat as well if it makes sense. Strong skill set in credit, underwriting, structuring. PM me with any thoughts. ...2
0Getting the CFA?Hi all, I am going into my Junior year of college at a large state school and am planning to get into a F100 FLDP program when I graduate. I plan to finish taking the CPA exams during the summer right after I graduate. I do plan on doing a part-time MBA program a few years into my career. I ha...2
0IB Energy - Houston Hi Monkeys, I am curious about peoples experience in the Houston office working IB. I'm currently interning at a BB and could potentially have the opportunity to pursue IB Energy. Are the guys in Houston at a disadvantage when it comes to climbing the corporate ladder / exit ops? Is it possible t...0
+2Coffee Shop Drink Descriptions That You Were Too Afraid to Ask ForCoffee House Drinks Dissected Hello all, I thought it would be of value to provide you with a list of coffee shop beverages and their differences that I learned when I was a barista. Coffee based drinks **Coffee:** Doesn't really need an explanation, but light roast coffee typically h...12
+1George Clooney's Accidental Tequila Company To Sell at $1 BIllionA friend sent me this article by Bussiness Insider and captioned it "I wish my mistakes were worth this much". To give a brief but informative summary of what I'm referring to, Rande Gerber (Clooney's friend and co-founder of Casamigos) said that; [quote] "Casamigos really started by accident as ...4
0Financial Modeling Prep Course - Investment Banking / Studying AbroadI am a rising junior applying to BB IB this summer. Questions I was wondering for those of you who have taken the financial modeling courses, which ones do you recommend? I am currently interning at a Fortune 500 in their corp fin department and I am saving up the funds to invest in a good prep ...0
+5Abraaj Capital - Global Anlayst Program - 2017 IntakeHey Guys! With regard to the above captioned subject, I'm looking to get in touch with candidates who have applied for Abraaj's GAP for the 2017 intake. In this regard, I'd be grateful if people can apprise about the status of their application process. Also, all those who are familiar with the s...76
+1Snapchat signs $100M deal with Time Warner to create showsIt looks like Snapchat is trying to become innovative again and raise investors confidence. As stated in this article by the nypost; [quote] Snap signed a $100 million deal with Time Warner on Monday to create as many as 10 original shows for its disappearing-message app. [/quote] This news help...15
0Harvard HBX CORe So I was just looking around for some supplemental financial education, and I saw Harvard's CORe program. Does anyone have any information on the course, and whether or not it would translate into a finance career? Would taking a modeling class from Wall Street Prep or Mergers and Inquisitions be th...0
+422018 Summer Analyst IB Recruiting Timeline Megathread PageEARLY RECRUITMENT PROCESS / APPLICATIONS / INTERVIEWS / SUPERDAYS I want to establish a single place where all students can come come to share knowledge, questions, information, and concerns regarding investment banking summer analyst recruiting for summer 2018. US focused. Good luck to everyone....205
+1S&T Bonus, why so different from IBD?Could be completely wrong on this and would love to learn more. Based on some of the numbers I have seen, why aren’t S&T bonuses higher or at least in line with IDB. Based on Morgan Stanley’s 10k trading revenue made up 9.3 billion and ibd did 4.4. Just curious about it, I have dug a lit...6
0Best Corporate Banking Programs?Just wondering where would be the best places to start a career in corporate banking? Would I receive the most exposure/experience at a larger bank or slightly smaller bank? Also, are there specific regions/cities that are popular for these types of careers? Looking for any/all advice on this su...0
0CRE Real Estate Analyst PositonHello all, I saw this post earlier this morning. For those of you in the San Francisco area looking for an entry level position it doesn't get any better than this. Best of luck!...0
+2What Perks Do You Guys Get in your IBD Jobs?I'm finishing up my summer analyst stint in IBD at my BB bank and I was talking to some of my friends about their summers at their firms and the perks that we'll get as analysts. My friend told me that at Houlihan Lokey they get Unlimited Metro Card for the mornings, Lunch, Dinner, Phone Bill Pa...81
0Deutsche Bank to Restructure Investment Banking DivisionDeutsche Bank AG announced this morning that as of July 1st , the corporate and investment banking division of DB will consist of six areas including: -Global Capital Markets -Equities -corporate finance including Corporate Banking Coverage -Fixed Income & Currencies -Institutional Client Gro...2
+13The market is turning rapidly...In the last 60 days I've seen so many deals fall out. Not just mine but other brokers across several asset classes. Buyers are hyper critical of everything. Sellers still want crazy money...Apartment investors selling at 4 caps and trying to buy retail at a 6. They see the end in sight of the ...81
0Company Compensation: AGF Management0
0weight preparing beginners: 1. Subscribing to the possibility of all the more preparing volume levels with more bulk. I succumbed to this too back when I initially began lifting weights. Preparing a specific enduro rush gathering (frequently the garish ones, for example, the trunk and biceps) more than once every week and per...2
0Here are Five Reasons That Explain Why Amazon Might Buy SlackBefore the buzz regarding Whole Foods stole everyone’s attention, Bloomberg broke that Amazon potentially would takeover Slack. Here are five reasons that may explain what Amazon’s plan would be in such an acquisition: [quote] • Alexa infiltrates the office: Amazon has been busy spreadi...0
+1Is there a perfect profile for an Entrepreneur?Ok, so long time lurker here. I am 25 yo about to start a MIM degree in September. I have some previous entrepreneurial experience but in south Europe in an non sexy industry (think non-tech and very niche market) so VC funding was not for me. However the business is doing good in that market wit...5
+324 yrs old, going for UNDERGRAD AGAIN?!Hello, I graduated from a "**non-target university**" with a BA in FINANCE. I worked as an analyst for a local bank. I have no hope for rising upto associate. I changed my country and now... I just got accepted in "**#1 target-university in a 1st world country**" looking to do Undergrad for ...28
+1Which U.S. States are the Worst?In another thread, I said that if my comment got SB'ed, I would make a thread about which US states are the worst. So, which states are the worst? Saying Idaho gets you monkey shit....92
+2Can you all please stop making fun of Justine Tobin?I don't understand why everyone here hates on her. Type in "LinkedIn Tobin and Co Investment Banking." You'll see that Analysts who started getting expensive experience for a cheap wage were able to work at great IBs down the line (Think MS/GS/JPM/Rothschild). She gives a chance to people from no...6
+102018 Full-Time IB Recruiting Timeline Megathread PageFigured I'd start this thread for those who either didn't land an IB SA role, will be at regional boutiques that don't hire, anticipate, for whatever reason, looking to switch banks after IB SA role (i.e. MM --> BB, or vice-versa), recently became interested in IB, or any other reason that one may h...27
0Integrity Matters AssessmentI have to sit an "Integrity Matters" Test, which is administered by CISI and part of getting approved by the FCA in London. Has anyone sat this test? What is it like? Do I need to prepare for it and if so, where can I find resources to help me prepare? I've heard it's relatively straight-forw...0
+3TOBINCO's unlucky boysThis year's unlucky trio. @TOBINCO" (to meet word limit) My Name's JeffMy Name's JeffMy Name's JeffMy Name's JeffMy Name's JeffMy Name's JeffMy Name's JeffMy Name's JeffMy Name's JeffMy Name's JeffMy Name's JeffMy Name's JeffMy Name's JeffMy Name's Jeff Updates: - PennState is banned from...18
+1Is it possible for a multifamily property to recover after a fatal shooting?How do you recover or re-brand a multifamily property after a fatal shooting has taken place? Specifically, I am looking at a large multifamily property for sale (in excess of 100 units) that has had a fatal shooting on the premise with a strong correlation to a 15%+ drop in occupancy shortly after....11
0Drinks with ClooneyQUOTE OF THE DAY [quote][It was] love at first sight." ––Whole Foods CEO John Mackey on the Amazon acquisition. Tell us how you really feel, John. [/quote] MARKET CORNER Market Snapshot The Dow and S&P fell for a second straight day. The Nasdaq ended higher on streng...0
+2What's a Good Job that pays well and garners a lot of respectI need suggestions for finding a good job that will get me a lot of respect from people. I don't like to work a lot, and the US presidency has a lot more responsibilities/hours than I thought. Anyone know of anything? Is a hedge fund manager an exit opp for a US president? I hear I can pick an index...7
+1Bridgewater Associates (Dream Place)Hi all, I was recently thinking what is the best place for me to be, if I had an option to choose. Would it be GS, Citadel, Fidelity, KKR, etc ? I came up with an idea that Bridgewater Associates. Yeah, probably it is so because of the fund size and reputation. But, I would love to find out if it ...11
0Which B-School webinar would you most want to see? Linda Abraham, the founder and CEO of, asked me which webinar would be best to give for the WSO Audience, I told her probably C) "How to get into the M7", but I thought I'd put the question out to you guys! Let us know in the comments. a) Webinar - Get Accepted to HBS b) Panel Disc...2
+2WSO Happy Hour - Paris: Fri, 23 June, 8:00pm @ Les EtagesThe WSO Happy Hour Paris continues: Come join for great beer, food, and conversation at Les Etages in Paris! Date/Time: Friday, June 23th @ 8:00pm Location: Les Etages 35 Rue Vieille du Temple, 75004 Paris This is near the metro station "Hotel de Ville" on Line 1, for all you monkeys working...2
0Circular Problem with Equity/Entity (wacc) approach with private and public companies?Hi, At first about a public company: 1)Do I always know the equity value of a public company? (equity is 100% shares and therefore value is market capitalization) 2)Or is it possible a public company has only lets say 30% shares (market value visible) and 70% different owners (value not clear)?...1
0Best Smartphone for Finance ProsGreetings all, I would like to find out what is the very best smartphone for Finance professionals overall. And why so ? What phone is used at your firm ? What phone you use ?...8
0Amazon and your groceries -- would you choose Amazon, Kroger, Costco, or other?[quote]The Amazon-Whole Foods deal came together relatively quickly, according to people familiar with the matter, indicating Amazon may not yet have a fully formed strategy for Whole Foods.[/quote] [Something as simple as groceries has become something so complex... I certainly wouldn't have imagi...4
0Best City to Get Hired as a Foreigner (Investment Banking)Hello mates, Could someone, who has some insight, name top cities for foreigners to get hired ? All opinions are appreciated....0
0Amazon Is A Giant Bank?Amazon reported last week that their lending services "Amazon Lending" has passed over $3 billion in loans since 2011. Where $1 billion was loaned out in the last year. Over 20k small businesses have taken a loan from amazon and 50% have taken a second loan. Amazons stock was unchanged the morning a...3
0Best Commercial Real Estate Recruiters for NYCWho are commercial real estate recruiters that you all have had success with for finding a job in NYC? Looking to transition to that market and looking for resources to reach out to. ...2
+1Do MBA programs favor alums?I have heard that schools like Darden may give a slight bump to students who graduated from UVA undergrad. Is there any basis for this?...5
0Need advice: changing groups after SATwo weeks into my summer analyst stint at a BB I am starting to realize the coverage group I am in is not for me. From what I have gathered from analysts the learning opportunities are limited and most people are trying to leave. How should I position myself to receive a return offer and then try to...0
0Transportation for Those Living Near ManhattanObviously, those who live in Manhattan do not need to own a car. However, if you lived in Jersey City, NJ and work in Manhattan, would you recommend having a car? I know you can take the subway into the city, but is it practical to not have a car in Jersey City like it is in Manhattan? Thanks....8
+11AMA - Master of Real EstateI'm seeing a lot of MSRE/MRED questions lately as people are either choosing between programs, getting ready to start programs in a few months, or thinking about applying for 2018. I am a recent Master of Real Estate graduate and I know we have a lot of current and former students on this board...49
+16Finally cut itGuys, So I finally cut it 3 years after graduating from undergrad, and I would like to share my story to you guys as this forum has been staying with me along the way and indeed the break-in cases here keep on pumping gas into me whenever I got rejected. A bit about my background: I was an inter...28
+1Best Printed TiesFolks, I'm looking to get some new ties. Right now most of mine are woven, but I want to get printed ones instead. I see that Brooks Brothers and Vineyard Vines have printed ties, but the patterns are like little sailboats, whales, lemons, chains, etc. Brooks Brothers even has a print that looks lik...15
0Help me decide between these two shirts? ...3
+1Hair Products...for Men!One of my biggest insecurities is my hair. I think it could be decent looking I just don't know how to get it cut or how to/if to style it. I think it looks good coming out of the shower but then once it dries it gets all poofy. And I'm always afraid of trying something new. guys i am thinking ...16
0Philisophical Dilema: Is the life of one American citizen worth more than the life of outsiders in other countries?Philosophical Abstract: Let's say there are 500,000 Syrian Refugees wanting to come into the US in 2018. For every 100,000 Syrian refugees that you take into the United States, 2 US citizens will be killed in terrorist attacks. So assuming you take all 500,000 there will be 10 US citizens killed in ...1
+1Quit my internship, now its killing me every dayI was selected as an intern, at a company, after a long selection procedure, in which I invested a lot of time during my semester as it was a good opportunity and would have set my career afloat which is very difficult, because of my completely different major and this was my only option(this intern...5
+4Is it worth pursuing a career in trading in 2017?I am set to graduate this year and I am currently looking for TA roles. The more I read about the industry, the less worthwhile it all seems in the long run. Can 2017 college grads still make a career within trading and if trading does die out, what roles could I realistically pursue afterwards? ...25
+1How to get an internship in Investment Banking/Private Equity as an undergraduateHi monkeys, I will a sophomore in the upcoming Fall semester at a target school who wants to attain an internship in IB or PE for the summer of 2018. I am currently taking summer classes at my school and have two months to kill after they end; I want to spend that time studying the technicalities t...7
0How much of what you learn in college is useful?Monkeys, How much of what you learn in college is actually useful in investment banking and high finance? I frequently find myself reading about companies spending a lot of time training interns and analysts so that they can properly function in investment banking roles. How much of a finance ba...4
+2J.P. Morgan HireVue: What to expectI applied for an analyst position at J.P. Morgan. I immediately got an automated reply telling me to continue on HireVue. I did some digging through WSO and I still have some questions. 1. Are you allowed multiple tries? It seems J.P. Morgan allowed this for the Wealth Management Jr. Analysts, bu...13
+30Ask Natalie from Accepted about Business School AdmissionsWSO is excited to have the experts from Accepted on board to answer applicant questions in the business school forum. Here are messages from Natalie and Jen who will be checking this thread every few days: Natalie I'm here to answer any questions you have regarding Business School Admissions. I ...1135
+5How will the results of the election affect Wall Street and the overall economy?Title says it all, i'm very curious to hear people's thoughts. How will the Trump presidency affect the markets / Wall Street? ...49
0Rewind - PE Case Investment Opportunity + Q&A – 12am ET, 7/20/2017In case you missed our June 20th webinar entitled PE Case Investment Opportunity, have no fear. The full recording of the webinar will be available for free on the WSO homepage on this date: (free for only 24 hours and then it goes into our Video Library). Do you want to a 1 on 1 mentoring session ...0
+2What majors/minors could I combine with finance to increase my chances at getting a job in financeI'm going to be a freshman at a non target school (university of Maryland college park) and I wanted to major in finance. after browsing reddit( financial career subreddit) and WSO I saw discussions stating that getting a degree in finance from a non major is useless and is only valued at Targets/se...35
0Cornell ILR vs. Northwestern EconI've been accepted to Northwestern University's economics major and Cornell ILR. I was wondering which school would be better for an ibanking/financial career? I know that NU's econ is really strong and that I will have a large possibility of landing a job in Chicago. However, even though I will be ...1
0PE Case Investment Opportunity Case Study0
+3Specialty Lending (GS/TPG) - Any insights?Can anyone give some insights about specialty lenders such as GS Specialty Lending or TPG's Specialty Lending platform? They both sit within their respective Special Situations Groups. I'd be interested in * the actual work you do and how much different it actually is compared to traditional len...6
+2BB Investment Banking Summer Internship AdviceI started this week, and my staffer just doesn't have any work to give me. I ask my analysts, associates, even today asked one of the VPs for work and they all say, "oh let me think and I'll get back to you". Every assignment I've been given I complete it, and turn it in and have been only getting p...13
0Jump from GS Operations to Consulting Possible?Hey guys, New to the forum here, so I want to give a little bit of background about me before I dig into this. I just graduated from a large state school with a major in Mechanical Engineering and a minor in Economics, and will be starting a FT position in GS's Irving office within Regulatory Ope...0
0Mini AMA: I'm a seasoned Financial Advisor at a Large Wirehouse, should I leave and get my MBA?Much like the rest of the new users, I've been lurking around this forum for about a year or so trying to gauge other sectors of the financial services industry, but have decided to make my first official post. Full disclosure -- I did notice another user posting an AMA for Financial Advisors, but I...2
+1GMAT Sacrifices, unpaid leave?Hi All, Boy I sure go from strength to strength with my posts (see previous post here: Since the time of my last post I've made commitments to a routine study plan. I've familiarised myself with the majority of conten...9
0How common is it to go from BB/Top boutique ER (2 years) to Top HFs these days; Summer Intern conversion %?Is BB/Top boutique ER just not competitive anymore with IB for Top HF these days? Most topics on this on WSO are from years ago. Also, I read ER associates get hired on as-needed basis. So if you do a summer intern stint and perform well, it just comes down to spots? IE, nobody gets hired fro...0
0Tech IBD Hi. I was looking for some advice with regards to tech banking. I dont have IBD experience but have knowledge about the industry and was looking to see what the culture is like in TECH IBD. My knowledge base is mostly around Enterprise Software.  I wanted to know how IBD groups in this spa...2
0Company Interview: 6800 Capital0
+2Please help! Vanderbilt Econ vs Cornell ILR?Hello all, I am a current college student who has been accepted to Vanderbilt as an Econ transfer and Cornell in the Industrial and Labor Relations school. My deadline is fast approaching and I need to decide which would be better for investment banking. I am interested in mostly BB, preferably in N...26
+1Morgan Stanley ISG Summer SessionsDid anyone else get an invite to this? Do you know if it's networking with general people at the firm or people from your school's team? ...5
0Cold Calling Without Email ResponseDo you think cold calling without receiving a response through cold emailing first is a good idea? I'm thinking of perhaps cold calling some MDs during lunch times but I didn't receive a response through email...I wonder if they would be turned off by that. ...3
02018 summer internship adviceI am a CFA level 1 Candidate for the December 2017 exam. Should I include that on my resume? I'm from Toronto and I don't go to a top school, what are the odds of my resume to even be processed in their system? I have real experience in capital markets (trading equity, options) and have passion for ...2
+1Barclays Capital AtlantaHey! Does anybody know much about IBD at BarCap Atlanta? If so, what can you tell me? Do they hire analysts straight out of college? What was the experience like interning or working full time there? Any info would be greatly appreciated. ...8
+1Should I lie/exaggerate on my Business School application?Hi everyone. I am delighted to be part of this vibrant community. I did a bit of web development here and their. Like, maybe a few thousand dollars a year. Should I exaggerate this on my B school application, to account for a bit of unemployment? I did some freelance work online and stuff. A...9
+1Does SEO help you much nowadays?Currently in the SEO ib/pe program but have heard that they don't really get people interviews at bulge brackets, middle market, and boutiques like they used to. Sounds like they really just help out the target kids but we'll see. Is this true? Thanks!...1
+3Networking for FT recruiting during SA internship?I'm currently doing an IBD summer analyst internship, but am pretty unhappy with the group/location/brand, and want to do FT recruiting at other banks. Obviously, getting the return offer at my current shop is paramount, especially given how few FT spots there are nowadays. However, what are the bes...1
+1Job Growth ProjectionsAccording to this [Bloomberg article](, the Healthcare and Renewable Energy industries are projected to have the largest employment growth over the next ten years. Occupations in the healthcare industry are abundant in the list of 25 ...7
+32Fake Frank Quattrone (IB PE) AMATL;DR: Shoot out any questions you may have regarding any topics over here - the job, MF PE interviews, consulting interviews, ibd interviews, unstructured recruiting, start-up dramas, networking, nerd culture, anything. I've got a couple of weeks off, and usually hang around the forums frequently, ...102
+1How to prep for interviews at this stage (HELP!)Managed to get a handful of interviews guaranteed for summer analyst recruitment but need to ask for some feedback. I have all the Rosenbaum and pearl books, wso IB guides, and Wall Street Prep course. Being that it is so late do you guys think I should just do the WSO guides and R&P? ...0
+1Retail vs MultifamilyIf you had the choice to choose between selling NNN assets and Multifamily. What would you choose and why? ...6
0Company Compensation: Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi0
+1WSO Series 7 Exam Prep LaunchedFellow WSO Members, I'm happy to announce that we have launched a new Series 7 training course today! Take a look here and let me know what you think please: Happy to answer any questions or listen to any feedback. Thanks guy...2
0Rewind - RE Webinar - Hotels + Q&AIn case you missed our May 22nd webinar entitled RE Webinar - Hotels, have no fear. The full recording of the webinar will be available for free on the WSO homepage on this date: (free for only 24 hours and then it goes into our Video Library). Do you want to a 1 on 1 mentoring session with Aaron? ...0
0Company Compensation: 2100 Xenon Group0
+1Day in the Life: Retail Investment Sales BrokerHi all - although I haven't posted much, I've been lurking in the shadows for a while now. After mooching off of all the amazing posts, I figured it was time to give back as there have not been any posts related to a Day in the Life of a net lease investment sales broker. I've been in the busi...0
+4Is it overkill if I start preparing early?I'm an upcoming Freshmen (Uni.) and I'm dead set into breaking into IB. On top of working this Summer, I want to spend some time reading and such. Should I pick up a book on IB and pick up on the technicals early on? I know what quite a bit on what Analysts do from reading a ton on this forum. I wan...39
+5Investment Banking Summer Analyst Salaries 2017Curious to know how pay stacks up now on Wall Street across divisions. From what I hear, 85K Prorated seems to be the norm right now for IB, but I'm intrigued in hearing about other people's experiences....32
0Company Compensation: PNC Financial Services0
0Cover Letter Assistance: Transitioning into IBEdit** Thanks for the feedback. I'll go through the WSO template and re-write accordingly to post. Will work on this tomorrow ...2
+1How Do You View Money?This Article on Quartz about doing what makes you money over your passion really made me grateful for my own career goals of working in finance. Luckily for me, it is something I enjoy learning more about, and, I hope, will be something I enjoy working in. It is pretty safe to say that if you work i...15
0Company Compensation: Duff & Phelps0
+1Any value to a summer internship before starting a PhD program?As the title says, I'm heading to a microbiology PhD program fall 2018 (got accepted and then deferred one year), and I'm currently talking with several life science consulting boutiques about the possibility of doing a summer internship after I graduate but before my PhD program starts. So far I've...9
0S&P 500's Consumer Staples Sector HurtingAmazon's [announcement]( of it's acquisition of Whole Foods for $13.4 billion has done more harm than good. Basically, [quote]...what’s good for Amazon and its owners is not at th...2
0The Farm of The FutureThe agriculture industry has not been innovated in the last 10 years and this Beijing startup is trying to change that. Alesca Life is the name of the company and have started creating farms inside shipping containers. Their Beijing container can produce up to 60kg of vegetables per week with no soi...2
0Las Vegas Golden Knights Roster RevealedThe Las Vegas Golden Knights have selected their official roster tonight as the 2017 NHL Expansion occurred. Here is the roster Goalies: Marc-Andre Fleury, Calvin Pickard Defence: Luca Sbisa, Jon Merrill, Brayden McNabb, Jason Garrison, Deryk Engelland, Colin Miller, Marc Methot, David Schlemk...0
0Has anyone received Any HireVue Interviews for Full Time 2018 yet?Fellow Monkeys, Has anyone received Any HireVue Interviews for Full Time 2018 yet? Please comment/share if anyone has and help each other. Thanks!...1