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+1Are Non-MBA Business Graduate Degrees Terminal Degrees?As a non-MBA graduate business student myself, I wanted to start a discussion on how companies view these degrees and programs and how they relate to a MBA. Master of finance, real estate, management, accountancy, commerce, etc. programs are exploding in popularity both as a way for universities to ...6
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+9If You Were to Launch a Business/Startup, What Industry/Sector Would It Be In?Earlier this year, released a list of sectors to consider going into if you were to start a business. The list included some pretty interesting ideas: Disaster Relief, Alternative-Protein Food Products, eSports, Influencer Agents, Beauty Tech, Women’s Reproductive Health Care, Canned Wine,...32
+7Most underrated Wall St movieWe’ve all heard of The Wolf of Wall Street, Wall Street, and American Psycho, but there is a movie I just saw that is less prominent when thinking of Wall Street movies called Working Girl. The title sounds stupid, but this was a suspenseful finance movie and actually stars Harrison Ford. ...40
+812019 FT Analyst Recruiting TimelineMod Note (Andy): 8/16/18 - Updates continue to roll in, make sure to check page two for the must up to date information. Haven't seen a thread on this yet. Since Summer Analyst recruiting has gotten underway, I thought it would be helpful to aggregate any and all information regarding full-time ...638
+4Jeffrey Chiang: You will never in your life ever work on Wall Street.enuf said. if you don't know the story behind this clown, ask one of your banking friends. i'm sure his notorious email must've rounded all the banks by now. And, I know you frequent this forum, JC. goes to show you how small the Street is....221
+1Ever Take a Huge Risk That Paid Off?When was a time you had to make a decision and risked losing big time if things didn't go the way you wanted? Do you think the gamble was worth the trouble it could have potentially caused?...1
0What single instance made you lose all respect to your parent(s)?I hold zero respect for my mother, zero. I appreciate her for raising me, but you can't deny the truth. Gold digger, attended two shitty non-targets, made (literally) 30k a year as a commissioned financial planner in the affluent area I grew up in where literally every other mother/father was an en...43
+4Picking Up Girls at BarsHow many times in your life (including college) have you actually brought a girl home from a party or a bar? ...39
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0WSO Atlanta Meet Up: Thur October 12th, 6pm, Industry Tavern Join us at after work for drinks and socializing. 21+ only. Please RSVP here. WHEN -Thur October 12th, 6pm - THE VENUE -Industry Tavern, 3280 Peachtree Road Northeast #187, Atlanta, GA 30305 HOW TO FIND THE GROUP -The event host is Kim -Join the Atlanta Whats...0
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+143My Private Equity Recruiting ProcessI am about 3 weeks removed from receiving three PE offers (from MFs and top MM firms), both elated and relieved to be done with such a crazy process. I saw that another user commented saying he’d do a write-up about his experience going through the recruiting process and figured I’d wait to writ...125
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+3I'm not a citizen of the US, is it possible to get hired in NY?Hi guys, I realize that I don't have that amount of chances as you, but I'm highly motivated to get a job offer for a summer analyst position the US. Currently I'm in my homecountry. What should I do? ...13
+1How come Megafund associates appear to be mostly from bulges?Hey guys, Just wanted to pick your guys brains on something that I noticed when looking through the profiles of associates at megafunds (KKR, H&F, Bain Cap, etc.) and top upper MM funds that a lot of their current associates come from the big three bulge bracket banks (MS, GS, JPM). Yet on WSO, ...1
Canadian Pension Plan Investment Board - Salary & Bonus - Prop Trading and mobile now needs subscriptionHey monkeys, Just realized this morning that now needs a paid subscription. The headline also has an article from the Editor-in-Chief that can be found here: [](Article) ...15
+1FT offer lengthA friend of mine received an offer letter from a MM but its states that the contract is only valid for 2 full year of analyst as part of a graduate program. Then he would be kept (or not) and promoted to Associate. I was wondering if this is common or if it is really specific to this firm? Are y...2
+3Do You Mention Other Full-Time Offers When Interviewing for Full-Time?Hey all, I'm currently recruiting for full-time at several boutiques/MM's and the process is definitely way less structured than what it was for last summer. I'm wondering - in the case that I receive an offer for one of these banks soon, is there any leverage that an offer provides me in regards...12
+112Piper Jaffray: Sweatier Than Ever in 2018Takeaway message: Piper Jaffray (PJC) is a massive sweatshop. Probably one of the worst MMs for work/life balance from what I’ve seen and heard. Imperial Capital is the only other MM bank I’ve heard that is worse, and I guess Lincoln now that somebody died. Background: Created this ne...99
0Wells Fargo CRE InterviewHey everyone, I just found out today I have been selected to interview with Wells Fargo for a 2019 financial analyst internship in their commercial real estate division. This means I could potentially be working in anything from REIT finance or capital markets to commercial mortgage servicin...0
+7Fidelity Investments Investment Research Associate Internship 2019I jut got a first round for Fidelity’s Investment Research Associate Internship for Summer 2019 and was wondering what questions to expect/tips for the interview. Any help is appreciated, thanks....66
+1Need some advice on these offers, any info. is greatly appreciated!Can i get any insight on exit opps (my goal is to move to PE) comp, deal flow, etc. from 1) Financial Technology Partners 2) GCA Advisors 3) DCS Advisory 4) GIC (Rx) ...3
0FCF to firm / FCF to equity / Unlevered FCF / Levered FCF Hello ! I was wondering the difference between FCF to firm / FCF to equity / Unlevered FCF / Levered FCF . I know Unlevered FCF = EBITDA - Taxes - Changes in Working Cap - Capex and Levered FCF is the same but you take out the interests this time. But what about FCF to Firm and FCF to E...14
+40BAML 2019 SA Megathread Hey! I haven't seen a megathread for BAML 2019 SA yet, so here it is. BAML applications open July 1st. Post here if you have any updates! ...403
+1BB to MBB?Going to be interning at an S&T position for a top BB next (junior year) summer. How challenging will it be to get a full-time offer from MBB? Non-target school, high GPA. Previous corp fin & start-up internship experiences....4
+4Who is the best Jewish rapper - Drake or Mac MillerHolla at me with your answers. I’m gonna say Mac I guess. Could have thrown matisyahu in their but he’s not really rap I guess. RIP Mac...17
+3How to Enter into M&A?Hey all, So I've seen loads of forums on how to enter into IB, PWM, S&T, etc. I have yet to come across anything that specifically talks about how to market yourself and search for jobs in Mergers & Acquisitions. As a rising junior student at a non-target (CC transferred to Pace's Lubin School of...9
+62019 Citi Sophomore Leadership ProgramCiti sophomore leadership applications opened up a few days ago. Figured I would make a thread since I have not seen one. I submitted the application and the assessment following it. Does anyone know what the recruiting timeline looks like/have already heard back?...35
+2What LPs look for in a PE fund (fundraising advice)I had gotten a lot of questions about fundraising. LPs are very straightforward actually. There are some unwritten rules to this game you have to understand and follow. They care about decent returns and a repeatable and consistent strategy. LPs are happier with a consistent 20% return, as opp...2
0The Democrats Assasination Attempt on Brett KavanaughWhat are everyone’s thoughts on the Democrats disgraceful attempt to derail Kavanaugh’s nomination? In my opinion, the accuser is a total attention seeking whore bag who deserves utter humiliation for dragging up this filth....14
+21Biggest professional regret?In light of the “Piper Jaffray: Sweatier Than Ever in 2018” thread ([link](, I was inspired to share the biggest professional regret of my career so far, however early in my career that it may be. I actually had ...23
+1Impact of Dividends on Equity Value and Enterprise ValueHi everyone, Quick question on something that has been confusing me from some of the interview guides. When a company issues dividends, many of the guides say that this **does not impact enterprise value.** Given the formula for enterprise value, I am having a hard time seeing how that is the ca...2
+3Why is OID considered a use of cash (LBO)? Hey guys, Been thinking about this problem for the past few hours. From a balance sheet perspective, I can see why an OID would be categorized the same as something like a financing fee, where it is netted against the debt financed and amortized over the term. However, there seems to be a concept...7
+4Best France/Europe Research firmHey guys, I'd love to start my career in Paris or Frankfurt (personal reasons) and am wondering if there is any possibility to work in Research there (Equity/Credit ideally). So I was wondering if any of you knew of well ranked continental european research houses. I already know for most BBs, but ...7
+2List of Opportunistic Value FundsCertain hedge funds are truly opportunistic, asset-class and geography agnostic, concentrated, and usually value-oriented. These are truly flexible funds able to invest in public equities (actively or passively), distressed debt, structured credit, and private assets (RE, venture, etc.). They tend t...2
+1FT, PT, or no MBA?Long-time WSO fan looking for some honest advice. I currently work as an associate FP&A director for a large biotech firm in the DC area. The pay and work/ life balance are great, but I feel like I’m getting complacent and I’m not getting challenged enough. I’ve always been interested in th...5
Waterview Advisors - Review - Generalist
+1How to value a company with zero revenue?Does anyone know how to value company with zero revenue; basically, a healthcare company in the trial phase. Can you use a DCF and just discount far out projected revenue? I searched the forums and found prior subjects regarding private companies. Would that be the same method?...2
+1Magellan Research Group--Anyone know anything about it? deleted this deleted this deleted this deleted this deleted this deleted this deleted this deleted this deleted this ...9
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China International Capital Corporation - Review - Wealth Management
+3First Pair of Dress Shoes - Black or Brown?I recently graduated from college and will be starting my first job in consulting in a few weeks time. Because of this, I'm working on building out my wardrobe and realize I need a nice pair of leather shoes to wear to the office and client engagements. There are a fair amount of posts on WSO about ...10
0Tips on preparing for start date in consulting (post-interviews)Accepted an offer from one of the MBB recently, and have been wondering what to do to prepare for the start (early next year). I have searched the Internet for tips and a lot of them tend to focus on improving technical skills (e.g. Excel, PowerPoint) and assembling a wardrobe and getting ready for ...0
+1Corp. Dev and/or Corp. Strat Role with a non-finance/accounting background?I am ready to leave the consulting world behind & I've been eyeing corp dev or strategy roles, though would be open to other roles in industry. The thing that gives me pause is that I don't have a strong finance/accounting background (though I have a very basic understanding of both). My backgro...4
Cappello Capital Corp. - Interview - Generalist
+1First round phone screeningHey everyone, with most banks starting first rounds for sophomores around this time I want to be as prepared as I can. Can you talk about your experience with a phone screening? Is it more informal than a superday? Can you ask questions like when can I expect to hear back? Thank you...1
+15Value add - multifamily ... RENTS, TAXES, WTF??I am seeing a ton of shit OMs from brokers labeling everything value-add for multifamily. This is nothing new but who is the potential buyer pool for these shit class B & C assets? To my main question, is it realistic to expect rents can be doubled at a property in 18 to 124 months at a 50 to 150 ...43
+10Being a Millionarie vs living like oneI occasionally listen to self-help finance guys/read their books (think Dave Ramsey). They always talk about how to get to a net worth o $1mn. My thought is, the glamour for most people of being considered a "millionaire" is living a luxury lifestyle. There are people like Buffet who don't care a...41
+3Where to put MBA Savings?I'll be pursuing my MBA in 5 years and have started saving for it to minimize the amount of loans I'll have to take out. Should I put my MBA savings (as they accumulate) in my high yield savings account or in an index fund? ...7
+1Any use for facebook during college?Just started college... should I delete facebook? Are there any downsides to not having a facebook account during college? I still use Snapchat/Twitter....5
+1Vontae-ingPretty crazy to leave your team hanging the way Vontae Davis did last week by retiring from the Bills at halftime. So much so that it has taken sports media by storm and even got defined by urban dictionary: Vontae-ing 1. The act of quitting halfway through a work day. 2. The act of ...1
Russell Investments - Review - Operations
+342018 APD MBB Full Time RecruitingHi everyone, wanted to get this thread started for updates on the APD recruiting cycle at MBB for this year. Applied a few weeks ago to McKinsey but no updates yet, including invitation for PST. ...274
+1Lazard TMT Boston First RoundHi everyone, I've seen a few threads regarding Lazard's TMT group in Boston. Would anyone be able to provide any insight on deal flow, culture, and technical questions to expect from this group for an interview?...5
Russell Investments - Salary & Bonus - Operations
+3Brokerage vs REPE Asset ManagementHello All, I'm currently a senior in college at a North-Eastern semi-target school deciding on two offers for my full time job. My long-term goals would be to work in acquisitions at a top real estate private equity fund / hedge fund but was unfortunately not able to break in out of college. ...22
+16Do you think you have a high IQ? Why or why not? Do you think you have a high IQ? Why or why not? I don't think I've seen a topic on this; curious to yalls input and discussion. ...59
+1Low gpa IvyIn the midst of recruiting and my 3.3 gpa at an ivy league school seems like it's hurting me as I haven't gotten interviews yet. What should I do, network hard or just look for something else? What industry would look more favorably at me....1
+1JP Morgan Superday 09/14I went to the MMSBI superday last week and was wondering if anyone has received offers/news on when offers will come out? No clue how I did....I feel like I had good interviews but everyone else also had good interviews lol...3
JP Morgan Securities - Review - Investment Banking
+2Should I mention CC in my story for IB interviews?I attended CC after my father passed away my senior year of high school, leaving family in debt by over $1 Million. I was left with literally nothing when it was all said & done, which led me to switch up my game-plan from attending USC. CC was the best choice financially for supporting my mother wh...1
JP Morgan Securities - Salary & Bonus - Investment Banking
+2Joining a crypto hedge fund ?Has anybody thought about taking the high road and joining a crypto hedge fund instead of a traditional long/short equities hedge fund ? There seems to be a lot of top investors/traders from traditional HF/AMs going into the crypto space right now. Plus firms like Pantera capital, polychain capital,...6
+1LP Interest AcquisitionsHey WSO, I was recently underwriting a GP interest acquisition and wanted to know if anyone could provide guidance on how to search for **LP** interest acquisitions, and how they would work. Is there any database I could search? One idea I had was to look at tax credit syndicated projects from...3
Deutsche Bank - Interview - Mergers and Acquisitions
Credit Suisse - Review - Investment Banking
+3Charles Tyrwhitt Spread/Cutaway Collar shirts???Anyone familiar with their spread/cutaway collar shirts? I have been stocking up on CT classic collar shirts in the super slim fit cut. Looking to get a couple new designs and I am out of options with the classic collar. Are the spread/cutaway collar shirts fine to wear without a tie? Specif...7
0KKR Leveraged Credit SA InterviewDoes anybody know anything about KKR's Leveraged Credit Group in SF? I have an interview and want to know also know if anyone has any knowledge about their interview process. Thanks!...0
Credit Suisse - Salary & Bonus - Investment Banking
+2Debt ComparablesHello folks! I have been shortlisted for an interview for a boutique investment banking firm and the company has assigned me a to build a debt comparables. Does anyone has an Excel template to provide besides the standard model from mergereandacquisition website? Thank you. Regards, Caleb...6
+3No Offers - Summer Analyst 2019 RecruitingHello WSOers - I'm a junior at a semi-target and also an international student. I had a superday back in May with a MM IB (Think HL, Jefferies, Lincoln) and never heard back but the office has made offers so I'm guessing I was dinged. I had another first-round with another MM bank but didn't make it...14
+4Definitive Finance Vest RankingsI work in a small office and 2 of our 5 summer interns contacted people in the office about whether it was appropriate to wear a fleece vest to the office and if so, what do we recommend. Leaving aside the ridiculousness of their inquiry, give me your power rankings on vests! ...11
+9At what point can you be financially free?Currently in banking, at which stage of your career can you put to bed the financial concerns and feel comfortable that you're at a stage where you'll be able to command a strong enough salary and accumulate enough well to be "financially free"?...23
0Webinar - PE Case: Pottery Barn - Going deeper on Accretive and Dilutive deals -- 9pm ET, 9/26/18Wed September 26th, 9pm EDT, Wall Street Mentor Bernardo Weaver will be hosting a case webinar entitled "Private Equity Case: Pottery Barn - Going deeper on Accretive and Dilutive deals" with a Q&A to follow. Bernardo Weaver teaches M&A at Georgetown Business School. Mr. Weaver is also a senior ...0
+24Analyst Modeling TestFigured I would give back to the community. I have a modeling test I was recently given for a debt/equity shop that I am happy to share. PM me and I will send it over. ...81
+5Jefferies IBD SA 2019Wondering if anyone has any insight into Jefferies IBD recruiting for 2019 as far as timeline. Are most spots filled already? From looking on their website it doesn't seem like they have an active application open for 2019 summer analyst positions currently. Any insight would be very appreciated...41
+82019 Blackstone SA TimelineDoes anyone know when Blackstone is planning on opening their applications for the 2019 SA position? What does their timeline look like? ...53
+1Deloitte S&O FT RecrutingHey everyone I just wanted to ask people about where they were in recruiting efforts with Deloitte S&O for FT roles? I am at a non-target but have a very strong alumni contact, but my fear is that he/she is relaxed about the recruiting timeline and I am just unsure where the process is at. Would app...1
0Junior Rates Trader Interview prep/QsI am 3rd year rates trading analyst in a non-BB looking to move to BB rates trading. From those of you who have made a move or who have interviewed similar level candidates, what would be your advice? The interviews are with EDs/MDs. **How best to prepare for such an interview? What question...0
+1Anyone heard about BlackRock's FIG/ICB?From what I see on LinkedIn, it seems sort of like a sales/relationship type of work and there does not seem to be that many exit opps as 80% of what I see stay in the group? Or is that how BlackRock is in general? ...1
+8European Banks. What's Wrong With us.As the title says, when will the European banks work their way to the top? Will it ever happen? European industry still relies mostly on American banks for cap raising. What can Europe do? Since the crisis RBS is just fucked, still to this day it just hasn't rebounded to the level it was at. UBS...11
+2MBB vs D.E. ShawHi all! Wanted to post regarding some advice as to what opportunity I should pursue for the upcoming summer. I'm a penultimate student at a target university in the UK studying a liberal arts/social sciences course. I've been lucky enough to receive an offer for an MBB summer internship for...5
+2Resume Question - How to treat work experience at company that has since been acquired? Hope everyone is having a good day so far. Have a quick resume/LinkedIn-related question: Long story short, I worked for a brokerage firm one summer and that firm has since been acquired by a larger investment bank and has taken on its name as well. Even the company page on LinkedIn has taken on ...5
0Getting a Masters in something other than Finance to break into IBBackground: 26yr old Canadian and American citizen working in Canada for a startup in sales role. Past work experience in wealth management as a trader for the direct brokerage arm of a major bank. Got to a few final rounds for IB analyst off cycle roles but no offers. CFA 3 next summer and thinking...0
+2Analyst pay increase: 95k base yr1Hearing a lot of rumors that for incoming Analysts (class of 19) that base has been increased to 95k. Can others confirm this? What does this mean for current analysts, and how will it impact A2 and A3 base? Would seem like A2 would jump from 90 -> 105 and A3 from 95 -> 112.5-115...12
+1Private Equity/Hedge Funds based in Seattle?I'm currently a first year investment banking analyst and am beginning to think about upcoming recruiting for PE. While I know I want to stay on the west coast, I wanted to get an idea of whether there are any strong exit opportunities in Seattle (what industry, what firms, etc), or if opportunities...8
Axio Financial LLC
+1Jumping from AM to IBD after 3 monthsCurrently have a AM job at a top AM firm in the industry. Wondering how much leverage there is for me to go to IBD? Couple months into the job now after interning and I realize IB is a better fit considering long-term goal. Also, should I apply with graduating students or do lateral hire? Than...4
+15When Did You Have the Hardest Time Staying Professional?We have all been there, some d**k just pushes our buttons to the level where we consider knocking this dude out cold or just being a complete docuhe and making him regret his entire existence. What did you guys do? When were the times when some bumblefuck gave you the hardest time staying profession...30
+5First Year Analyst Budget (HC at SF BB)(This is a throwaway account for purposes of anonymity) I have been reading various posts about budgeting and savings as a first year analyst but most posts were dated (ie 70k base instead of 85) and did not go very in depth. As the title says, I will be starting as a first year analyst at a BB in ...24
0Is This a Real Threat to Amazon?[The EU is opening an antitrust investigation into Amazon](
+172019 Summer Analyst Program for Hong Kong/SingaporeAs some of the firms have already started accepting applications for 2019 for HK/SG, I thought it's the time to start this topic for those who are specifically interested in working in HK/SG. What's your background? What division(s) are you applying (not limited to IBD)? ...237
+1How did you find a job in another city?How many of you have been able to find a job in another city or region without any ties upfront like family? Can't quite figure out what's a good reason other than saying for the job opportunity itself, if I even get interviewed. I'm looking to leave my city, been here a while and pretty fed up w...3
+5London Salaries Lagging BehindIs it just me, or are London salaries significantly lower than NYC at the moment? I know a few people getting sign ons of $25-$50k in NYC, compared to £5-£10k max in London. Similar difference for base and bonuses......19
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