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+9How To Get Into The Undergraduate Program At NYU Stern: A Quick GuideHello Stern hopefuls. I am currently a student at Stern, and in an effort to procrastinate applying for internships/jobs next summer (yes, it starts this early) I decided to write some things I wish I knew when applying to Stern. Being one of the only direct admit business school programs in the cou...12
0How to Get a Sales and Trading InternshipSales and Trading Internships - What do you do? What do you do as a sales and trading intern? Sales and trading internships are no different from other investment banking internships. There’s a whole lot of grunt work in each, that’s to be expected of any finance internship. Because you la...59
+1Wearing sneakers for the morning commuteThis really only applies if your office is business casual, but what are your thoughts on wearing sneakers with dress pants/chinos. I've been noticing the younger crowd on the busses and subways opting for backpacks over briefcases, and wearing sneakers (which I assume they change into more profe...12
0In a school in Florida and Big 4...trying to get into the finance world.I am currently at Florida Atlantic University in South Florida. It isn't the best school in Florida, but our Accounting program is pretty competitive with the other schools in Florida. We have an honors program that is recognized by the Big 4 in Florida and is where they heavily recruit from in my s...0
+1How are you all getting jobs?I have been after the entry level real estate analyst position for about 5-6 months now. I have received no job offers, no formal interviews, and no help. I had no corporate internship experience in the field. Only experience I have is my family's development company that is not large enough for me ...14
+1030 Weeks Later (Associate Edition)### 30 weeks later: Associate Edition Idea shamelessly stolen from @Sizzling_Biscuit" **Week 1: Training** You arrive through the glass doors in your suit and tie - the same one you leveraged for all of those Business School visits, days on the job and interviews. When will that relocation ...5
0Morgan Stanley IM - Global Risk & AnalysisHave a first round 15 min phone interview with these guys this week for a SA position. Anyone have any personal experience with MSIM interviews or this group specifically? Thanks! ...0
0How are Msc Finance considered in the US?Hi all, I have not been participating much to WSO but I have been a passionate reader for the past year. I just started my final year of undergrad in Italy and, having recently obtained a fairly good gmat score, some business schools are contacting me about postgrad programs and, among them, Simo...0
+10What is your compensation in Real Estate Finance?I cant find much in the way of compensation for real estate other then the summary page from the HR consultant that is floating around here, so I thought maybe people will be willing to describe what they do, their market, and what their compensation looks like. Industry: Real Estate Developmen...147
0Are offers out from Guggenheim SUPERDAY 8/10?Has anyone who had a Guggenheim superday 8/10 heard back? This applied directly for the 2018 summer analyst position in IB in NYC....1
+3How to Stay Focused and Re-Develop a Good Memory?Hi Everyone, Starting about 3-4 months ago I noticed that I was having difficulty remembering some things at work and staying focused. For the first month or two it didn't make much of a difference because business was quite slow; however, I recently switched roles at my company and between learn...27
+2How do you 'dress for success'?Is dressing for success a physical thing; wearing business set clothing, making sure you look presentable in front of your peers, managers, clients, etc.? Or is it more of a mental thing; I'm going to be confident today, I know my stuff, I'm dressing myself for success. Or perhaps, both? What are yo...12
02018 Wells Fargo Securities Summer Analyst ProgramWells Fargo IB / sales & trading internship applications are only open Aug 25, 2017 and I was wondering what application materials you need -- resume & cover letter? Anything else? I'm a rising sophomore so I'm just getting started and would love to hear about any internship experiences you guys ...0
+1Update on M&A Boutique Fredericks Michaels in NYDear all I would like to have an input of this M&A Boutique regarding reputation in NY and also in terms of deal flow in US and abroad One friend told me that they are hiring and I just couldn’t find them in any type of league table to understand their relevance in NY and US Thanks ! ...4
0advice for soph BB SA internshipI'm looking............................................................................................0
+7Nicest Thing Your Boss Has Ever Done For You?Hi monkeys, so today is my last day at my internship and when I got to the office, my boss left me an entire plate of homemade chocolate chip cookies as well as a gift card on my desk. Wasn't expecting anything like this and she didn't really have to do this. So the title is pretty self-explanat...54
0Need advice for soph BB internshipI'm looking to land a BB IB internship for next summer (I am a rising sophomore, non-diverse) and have been eeping in touch with some recruiters and the very small amount of contacts that I've made from info sessions during the last school year. I've also been working on prepping for technicals and ...0
+462018 Full-Time IB Recruiting Timeline Megathread PageSee the 2018 IB Summer Analyst recruiting megathread here Updates: * Wells Fargo is only accepting applications on July 12th for FT IB and S&T. * Goldman Sachs applications will open July 15th * [Guggenheim is open.](
+17London IB 2018 Summer Internship Discussion So I’m quite new to this site, but one of the reasons for me making an account is that I'm looking to secure (ideally) a BB IB summer internship in London next summer. I'm currently on internship in a small financial services firm in Dublin, and while the experience is semi-good (and the pay is 0)...85
+2Guggenheim Partners Investment BankingHey everyone, there is a lot of old info on Guggenheim investment banking and a lot of disagreement about its prestige / ranking. I was wondering if anyone could provide insight on best groups / culture / direction / prestige / exit opps. Thanks!...20
0Latin America Investment BankingWSO, I am a rising junior in the states, and I am interested in hopefully beginning my career as an analyst at a LatAm coverage group at one of the BB's out of New York City. Was curious to see if any of you had information regarding the top groups, exit opportunities, deal flow, and experien...4
0School choice problemHey guys. I'm a mature BA archaeology student who currently studying at University College London. (And two years of experience as a civil servant in my country before I came to UCL) I will graduate in this summer (hopefully 2:1) And I had two internship experiences at Boston Consulting Group...3
+1Loans and Net WorthI understand that the typical loan on a CRE deal can run anywhere from 60% LTV - 75% LTV. The issue I see with this for a small time inexperienced "wanna be" investor like myself is even if I have the cash, I don't have the net worth to qualify for the loan. Is that accurate?...6
+8AMA- High Yield/Distressed Debt Sell Side Analyst2nd year analyst at a boutique broker-dealer from a non-target state school. Also a CFA Level 2 candidate, working under multiple sector analysts with decent exposure to Oil & gas, metals & mining, and retail. We publish mostly on high yield/distressed debt situations but also some special situation...30
0Standard Chartered Bank's "Corporate & Institutional Clients and Corporate Finance" InternshipIs the "Corporate & Institutional Clients and corporate finance" internship at Standard Chartered Bank their IBD internship? I know that generally, for SCB's other internships such as in Commercial Banking or Wealth Management, their interviews are composed of purely resume-related and behavioural q...4
0AmerescoEngineering services provider in energy efficiency and renewables infrastructure....0
+112018 Summer Analyst IB Recruiting Megathread: August 15th and BeyondAPPLICATIONS / INTERVIEWS / SUPERDAYS Now that early recruitment is wrapping up, most of the applications are open (minus some boutiques) and the previous thread has hit 1K comments, I thought it would be best to create another thread so people don't have to scroll through 6 pages to get to the m...29
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0Kevin Rose's Newsletterwhatup fags good morning, check out this newsletter. it's actually really dope:
+4BOFA Online Assessment Test?Anyone know what that Bank of America online assessment test covers? Just was wondering what to expect before I take it....41
+7Credit Suisse 2018 Summer Analyst RecruitingSince Credit Suisse opened up their applications so early this year, did anyone hear back about their application to the 2018 investment banking summer analyst program yet? ...71
0Best finance career that allows you to travel a lot?Can anyone help me out here and recommend some financial careers that commonly require traveling out of the country?...2
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+1PJT Undergraduate Women's EventWas wondering if anyone heard back yet. Since PJT is the spinoff of BX, I imagine this program may be as competitive as the Blackstone Future Women Leaders Program....7
+1Ridin’ solarQUOTE OF THE DAY [quote]Just as punching the gas pedal to climb a steep hill is tough on a car, dramatic shifts in energy supply or demand are challenging for the grid.” [/quote] That’s Jessica Wells of Duke Energy, explaining why the solar eclipse is going to cause headaches for grid operat...1
0Footlocker Plummets 28% On Q2 EarningsOn Friday, Footlocker's stock (NYSE:FL) dropped nearly 28% following its Q2 reports. You can read a summary about their reports [here]( FL missed analyst estimates on revenue, profit, and margins, lead...3
+6Lazard SA 2018What is the deal with Lazard? Why did they open their application for a week in June then close it? Does anyone have info from someone at the bank? Are they done with recruiting for SA 2018? ...59
02018 Summer Analyst Non-IB Recruiting Timeline Megathread Page (S&T, ER)This is for everyone interested in front office positions except Investment Banking. Please discuss interviews, decisions, and general questions. U.S focused Good Luck!...0
+6Ask Me Anything: I'm a MM PE AssociateI graduated from a target university in Europe and started out in the M&A group of a bulge bracket bank. I then moved on to private equity, with the wish to concentrate on the middle market. My fund concentrates on a single geographic region with a specific focus on two industries. Feel free to ...158
+1How did you decide which schools to apply for?As the title states, curious how people came up with their lists to apply for and perhaps what they'd recommend in my situation. I'm currently a private equity fuccboi associate looking to make the transition out of finance into a corp strategy / operations role. I had previously been focused on PE ...11
+1Do I take my boutique offer or delay graduation & transfer to an Ivy?Hey guys, I'm in a bit of a tight spot, and could use some advice. I'm a rising junior at a non-target unranked state school and this past summer I managed to get an internship as a summer analyst at a private equity firm. Fortunately, I knocked it out of the park, and even though they w...12
+14Rescinded from Harvard... Now What????As many of you know, Harvard recently rescinded the acceptances of at least 10 students (I think the number is 12) for obscene memes in a Facebook group chat. Unfortunately, I was one of was those students. My initial response was to blame Harvard, the founders of the offensive group chat, an...130
+1Oxford MSc in Economics and Social History for breaking into IBHey fellow monkeys, Over the **LSE** Economic History MSc I found the MSc in Economics and Social History run by **Oxford University.** Keeping the line "brand>major" do you guys think that master worth it? Compared with LSE which one do you choose? Does anyone have experience with this M...7
+5Tesla: a big bubble or only a bet?"There is much to admire in the Tesla story but there is one aspect of the story that I find puzzling, and if I were an equity investor, troubling. It is the way in which Tesla has chosen to, and continues to, finance itself. Over the last decade, as Tesla has grown, it has needed substantial capita...29
0Financial Modeling Case - looking for best practice - Change in Inventory on Income StatementHi Simians, I am looking for best practice about Income Statement position "change in inventory". This is typical for production companies, when they sell products made in period before, and there is impossible to relate COGS in current period to them. The question is, what are typical assumption...3
+5How to Get Started in Cryptocurrencies? General Crypto ThreadHello monkeys, as what I am sure all of you are aware of, cryptocurrencies are getting to be pretty popular at the current moment. However, a lot of things are confusing about it to me and I was wondering what you guys think are good ways to educate yourself about cryptocurrencies, the best ones to ...7
+2Does anyone even want content from Apple?Hey monkeys, I recently read about Apple's plans to create TV content in an effort to obtain market share in the streaming market. Apple intends on producing original content for a new video streaming service with a budget of $1 billion. [quote] A couple of years ago, news that Apple planned...23
+9BAML Accelerated Recruiting Thread SA investment banking Did anyone else get the SA accelerated recruiting email? Do you know if it's going to be more lax or harder than non-accelerated. ...148
0Does anyone have a TN Visa job offer letter template? (Canadians working in US)Does anyone have a TN Visa template job offer template for investment banking? I am Canadian and I just landed an offer with a boutique US investment bank. They are asking me to provide them with a template for the TN Visa job offer letter, I was wondering if anyone has a template they can share? ...0
+1Is honesty the best policy?I'm a rising junior at a target (H/W). This summer I am interning at GS/MS/JPM in equity research. Even before the summer started I knew that I wanted to do IB for my junior summer but I don't entirely know how to navigate the process from within the firm. Next week my boss and I are having a mid su...17
+2Brief Case/Bag For Interview ThreadHey monkeys, I was just wondering what bags or brief cases you would recommend to bring in for your interviews. Please link them below so others can find the exact bags and purchase them if necessary. Or are bags too old fashion for 2017? Instead just a folder? What is common for finance/capital ...6
+18Trump supporters - Has Trump gone too far?Let me start off by saying that although I wish to voice some personal sentiments, I am primarily trying to quench my curiosity regarding the matter. I hope my fellow monkeys will understand that this is not intended as a provocation. As a Swede, and much like the rest of the world, I've been f...279
+1How soon can one switch jobs?I graduated this past May and started work. I realize my current HF job is definitely not what I want to do. It's been just over 5 weeks since I started. How soon is it acceptable to reach out to other firms and try to find a different job? What's the best move for me to try? Should I reach out t...10
+1Q&A: Sales And Trading Internship Hi everyone, I recently finished up a sophomore summer internship in S&T at a BB, got the return offer and plan on going back next summer to then be considered for FT. The point of this post is to answer any questions anyone might have about S&T (the process, internship, networking, etc) and try...5
+17AMA From a Semi-Target Lower GPA to a Hedge Fund and Bulge BracketMy story to get to where I did is a very strange one. I went to a semi target school, had an OK GPA, didn't join any finance clubs, and had zero connections into the business. At this point I was pretty much shunned and didn't get any interviews at a bank, even regionals. I personally didn't think I...16
+6New Case Webinars in WSO Investment Banking Interview Prep PackOver the last 12 months, we have made a big effort to improve our investment banking interview prep package by bringing to you relevant webinars with specific regional information and actual deal walk-throughs...I think for those of you that don't watch the webinars, it would be helpful to give you ...4
+1WSO Contest 8/17/17 - Win 1 Free Month of WSO Video Library ($97 value)Try your luck by entering yourself in our Rafflecopter contest for a chance to win a FREE month of access to the WSO video library - which means access to all of our previous webinars (250+) and their files. Read more about the video library here. a Rafflecopter giveaway To enter, just follow th...0
0Analyst Rates at AM Hi guys, Soon I'll be starting as an analyst rates at an AM with 100 bln> under management. I'll start at the government bonds desk as an analyst rates and was therefore wondering if any of you has some recommendations regarding fundamental theory that is a must or the hot topics at the moment. ...1
+1MetaperceptionIn all industries, particularly Investment Banking, people struggle with the idea of perception. Sticky images, self-fulfilling prophecy, you name it. Ultimately, it really comes down to one concept: Metaperception. People fail to realize the inherent traits of human nature and therefore form fun...0
+3Things I wish I had back when I was in banking1. Detailed PE recruiting guide 2. 3. 4. -- 5. Protected weekends 6. "Work life balance" -- All we had was macabacus and too much seamless. ...6
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+25J.P. Morgan - Video Interview Invitation Corporate & Investment Banking Summer AnalystI just got offered a J.P. Morgan - Video Interview. What should I expect? This is what was stated in the email. "As mentioned previously, we would like to give you the opportunity to tell us more about yourself and invite you to record video responses to 3 questions." Please let me know on how t...374
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0Associate, Portfolio OperationsThe **Associate, Portfolio Operations** is responsible for supporting our portfolio across the country and executing marketing and deal sourcing initiatives. This role is a key member of the LaunchCapital portfolio operations team, which is ultimately responsible for helping our companies achieve...0
+4Spring Week - Ask me anything (AMA)Hi guys, I have been reading this forum for quite some time and finally decided to do my first post. While I was reading through the materials, I always found the AMA extremely useful. So although I don't have a lot of experience I thought of addressing a topic often forgotten -> Spring Weeks. I fo...18
0Is it possible to get admitted to spring week from Russian university?I am an undergraduate at a top Russian University. Can I get into spring week program? Or do they only accept students from top European universities like Oxbridge, LSE, HEC and so on? Have you heard of someone from Russia getting in? ...2
0LSE Msc Real Estate Economics and FinanceHi, Have you heard about this program? Is it worth to apply? I'm really into real estate investments but have no experience. Unfort, it says GRE is preferred, but only took GMAT. Thanks!...0
+4Barcelona Van AttackJesus. This shit literally happens once a month in Europe. 13 dead, many more injured. Seems like the genie has been let out of the bottle and now terrorists realize how easy and cheap it is to c...47
0Path from University of Toronto to Target US College to Wall Street? I am a high school student (18 y/o) who is about to pursue a non-finance major at the University of Toronto (Computer Science/Math to be precise) this fall. I've realized in the past months that both my skill set and interests are more pointed towards banking and finance (more specifically IB M&A...3
+5Intern Horror StoriesShare the worst task you had to do as a summer intern, or most tedious work you assigned to a summer intern... Example: - Manually scanning a 300 page investment consideration deck, page by page, because graphics was too busy...55
+1Biotech Stock PitchHi all, Would anyone be kind enough PM me a biotech stock pitch? My goal here is to get a better understanding of what should/should not be included in the pitch, and understand the valuation method used. Thanks! ...2
0Anyone go from boutique to BB at 22+?Just as title asks, are there any stories out there of kids getting into a BB from a tiny shop/relevant experience, but not great name? I'm currently 24 for context. I don't have a lot of money saved for b-school as I am paid sub-street. And I'm worried my work experience won't go far post MBA to ge...2
+5Taking drugs to study? Is it worth it?Many students in high pressure schools take drugs like Adderall to focus when studying and get higher grades. Ivy leagues are notorious for this practice, and I didn't realize how common it was until I met one person looking for Adderall. Is it worth it to take these drugs and does it actually help?...60
0Rising Senior Desperately Needing Advice on FT Recruiting please adviseHi all, I am a rising senior at a top-10, non-Ivy target school, double majoring in economics/political science. I am committed to a career in consulting, and all the top firms (MBB, Oliver Wyman, LEK, ATK, Deloitte S&O etc.) recruit on campus. However, I am extremely worried that my resume won'...3
0Can't find a job, any suggestions?Hi, Im a 2015 finance college graduate and im in a bit of a jam at this point. I've been applying to finance entry level roles such as (financial analyst, investment banking, commodity analyst). All i've been offered is financial advisor roles (sales). I hate being unemployed and living with m...13
08/21/17 - Monday @MentionsHappy Monday WSO! Upcoming Podcasts, Webinars & Webinar Rewinds: Rewind - PE Case - Acquiring Minority Interest of Hedge Fund + Q&A – 12am ET, 8/25/2017 Podcast: From an Extreme Non-Target to the Head of ETF Trading at Lehman -- Jared Dillian -- 8/29/2017 Posts of the Week: ...0
0How is Houlihan Lokey Restructuring compared to BX (PJT) and Lazard?I'm a sophomore and I wanted to learn more about the top firms in US restructuring. How does HLHZ compare to PJT and LAZ in terms of experience, culture, and exits? Thanks....50
0Company Compensation: HSBC0
0Australian Reaching NYC HFsHi all, First time poster, so please forgive me for any poor WSO etiquette. Basically I'm an Australian undergraduate, undertaking a Bachelor of Commerce with coursework majors in Accounting and Finance. My university is not necessarily a 'target uni', but has seen a fair few ambitious and hu...4
+1London Non-MBB Consulting to PEI am about to start working at a non-MBB strategy consulting firm in London where I'll have quite a few opportunities to work on PE commercial due diligences (think L.E.K. or a similar firm). My goal is to join a PE firm in a few years and am prepared to work hard to achieve it, but I don't have a c...2
+2Better FO in poor location than BO in NY?Recently I've read that is better FO position in Madagascar than BO position in NY. What's your thoughts? Never had experience in FO/BO positions so idk. ...19
0Brain teaser bookCan anyone recommend a good book covering brainteaser interview questions?...11
+1Cost of equity of the target company or the cost of equity of the financial sponsor ?Hi, I am seeking a clarification here. In a FCFE valuation, should we discount the FCFE by cost of equity of the target company or the cost of equity of the financial sponsor(i.e. target equity retrun) to obtain the equity value that the financial sponsor shall pay?...11
+5Cold emails - what makes you answer?Recently began cold emailing alums and some recruiters and it's usually hit or miss. I know that there are times when your mailbox is practically full and there's just too much work to do - I'll probably won't hear from you (which I understand). I was wondering what you all would prefer to see i...39
+1In NYC for a few days - Recommendations?Hey y'all I'm going to be in NYC for a few days on vacation with my parents. Looking for some local recommendations on things to do/places to eat/things to see. So far we have: 1. Dinner at Carbone 2. Top of the Rock 3. Highline 4. The Frick Collection 5. Bagels somewhere (where thoug...4
+2Questions for Interviewer - How to answer well?!IB interviews are usually concluded with this statement: "Do you have any questions for me? About IB, about our firm, about the process?" I think a no doesn't work as good reply. Your thought? Tips or advice? Past experience to share? Ty monkeys!...6
+2Barclays - Sensors to See Which Bankers Are at Their DesksBarclays is taking the meaning of "face time" to a whole new level. According to [Bloomberg ]( [quote] Barclays Plc has installed devices that track how often bankers are at their d...30
+1Evercore vs PJTBoth company's M & A group. Which one is better in terms of culture, work as well as exit opportunities...8
+3Natural Birth vs. C-SectionI just heard Joe Rogan and Arian Foister shitting on women having C-section to keep the box tight. I’d like to discuss. My wife and I are planning on doing that. She’s very petite and currently has a tight snatch and does kegels and we don’t want that to change. The only benefit of natural bir...31
+1002018 Summer Analyst IB Recruiting Timeline Megathread PageSee the 2018 Full-Time IB Recruiting Timeline Megathread Page here EARLY RECRUITMENT PROCESS / APPLICATIONS / INTERVIEWS / SUPERDAYS I want to establish a single place where all students can come come to share knowledge, questions, information, and concerns regarding investment banking summer ...1091
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+6930 Weeks Later (Re-imagined)Week 1: Training You arrive through the large glass doors in your suit and tie. You went to that Brooks Brothers outlet store or Macy's store and bought the nicest white shirt you can find. Your shoes are from one of those large department stores. You even have them buffed up the night before. Ev...16
+2Did I screw up on my MSF choice??I can't help but to second guess my decision. I feel like I royally f*cked up. I'm coming from a top 20 school on the West Coast (think UC Berkeley, Stanford) but want to get back East. I have family in both Boston and NYC and my goal is to get into banking as an analyst. I graduated about 2 y...20
+3Is Networking Better Than Doing A MSF Program?I recently looked at resume books from a couple of msf programs and going through USC's book (link attached below), the placements seemed pretty poor to be completely honest. Only like 2 people went to a BB afterwards (DB NY ER & GS SLC ER), 2-3 in no-name er roles, and 2-3 in no-name ib, and a lot ...43
0I'm depressed. When should I quit?Dear all, I have stayed at this newly founded specialized consulting firm for now one year. Before that I was fresh out of school and considering what to do with my life. After having tried it for a year, I know this is not what I want to do. My Master's was focused on econometrics and finan...37
+11AMA: London L/S + event-driven analystHey guys, haven't been on here for a while, but I'm currently waiting a few weeks to start my next gig and I'm bored. I figured I'd try to give back a little, especially because I know there are people from London on here, and the amount of info available on London HFs hasn't been great historically...54
0Thinking about getting contacts...thoughts?Hey monkeys, So I currently wear glasses and I am planning on getting contacts, but I just wanted to know how comfortable contacts are for those of you who have used both, specifically those who work long hours and stare at computer screens all day. I like glasses for the convenience, but hate th...3
0How significant is this interview?**Context:** I go to a semi-target in NYC and after some successful networking, I've been invited to meet a number of alumni at a major BB's office to "...discuss (my) general interest in the firm, interest in investment banking, and general interview questions / preparedness." (for 1-1.5 hours) ...3