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+4How I landed my dream job in M&A - Never give up on your dreamsForeword Apologies for the long text but I wanted to share my journey since so many stories here on WSO moved me deeply, especially the one about a guy getting 10 rejections and finally one IBD offer – truly amazing. I have been a long time lurker and recently created my own account to join this ...2
+31Losing the thing you cared about most All, I recently just accepted a offer in PWM and getting back into the forum. I would like to start off with my first post being about something meaningful that many of you can relate too. I haven’t been able to to process much so I figured this is either a great community to share this with or...32
+1WSO New York Happy Hour: Wednesday, 12/20, 7:30pm @5th and MadHappy December, dear monkeys! It's been a challenge to get space in Manhattan with every firm's Christmas party coming up, but your NY Social Chair is here for you. Let's make the final happy hour of 2017 a memorable one! All are welcome...if you're 21 and older, that is!. Date/Time: Wed...2
+2renege BB SA offer for BB full-time offerHi all, first time posting The situation is i just landed a BB IBD SA offer recently. But now im thinking about applying to BB IBD full-time directly. not many openings now obviously but just wanna give it a try. main reasons being don't want to take the return offer risk, and also for full-t...11
+1What are differences in energy industry of top tier consulting firm?Hi, as an engineering student with a strong background in the energy sector, I am really interested in differences of MBB consulting in this particular industry, especially in the field of renewables. What are major differences in terms of capabilities, industry reputation and track record? Especial...3
+3Women / Minority owned Private Equity firmsBeen lately hearing about the performance and growth of minority / women led PE firms, but haven't heard much about culture pros/ cons etc. What are some established firms out there, reviews etc? ...9
0American Chinese who isn't fluent in Chinese/MandarinEdit: I changed the thread a little but it fundamentally asks the same thing. It was a little more general before but I thought the wording was too confusing so I just made it specific I can't remember where but I've read somewhere that Chinese IB aspirants who can't speak fluent Chinese are loo...14
+1RESUME CRITIQUE: Graduating university, looking into management consulting jobs - have at it!Hi everyone, please critique my resume for an entry-level consulting job. I know that there are some items on there that are unconventional, but that is because I am pursuing a job in the Middle East, where that is common. For example, the **big circle on the top left** usually contains a picture of...1
+1Business/Law School Profile ReviewI am a junior at UMD majoring in Finance and Marketing, graduating in May 2019. My GPA is pretty low at 3.67. I am confident that I cant get to at least a 3.7 before I graduate. I have gotten B+ in all of my Finance classes. I plan on taking masters courses in Finance to compensate for the low grade...2
+1JP Morgan Asset & Wealth Management Summer AnalystHey guys I have a interview (in person) with J.P Morgan for the Asset and Wealth Management Program for the summer 2018. It says that I will participate in four thirty-minute interviews. Has anyone gone through this interviews/program? If so, what questions should I expect and what's the best way to...12
0Webinar: IB Deal Part 1: Telecom Company - Building a Detailed Operating Model -- 1pm ET, 12/17/17WEBINAR DESCRIPTION On Sunday December 17th, 1:00pm EST Wall Street Mentor John will be hosting a webinar entitled "IB Deal Part 1: Telecom Company - Building a Detailed Operating Model ", with a q&a session to follow. John is an industry veteran with experience in investment banking. REGIS...0
+1Do you send thank-you emails for informational interviews?So I was wondering what the consensus was on sending a thank-you note after informational interview. Usually it only makes sense if the person you're talking to asks for your resume, but what if they don't? I do just to stay on the safe side but was wondering if forgetting to follow up is a big dea...5
+1Whats the longest time a company has taken to extend you an offer?Was it for SA or FT? Did you accept? Just curious about people's experiences. My friend told me she got a BB FT offer for IB a month or two into Spring. Is that common?...5
+1Bitcoin!I found an article called [*Why a Value Investor Decided to Buy Bitcoin*]( on Reddit that detailed how a longtime value investor who manages $5.5 billion at his New York-based investment firm, Horizon Kinetic...1
+1Am I on the right track for Junior IB SA?**Hey guys,** **Just a brief background:** Currently a sophomore at community college in the northeast/mid-atlantic region. I am transferring to a UVA/NYU tier school after this spring as an incoming junior, and will be majoring in economics; unfortunately, my GPA just isn't high enough for the...4
+1Can IB analysts wear Redbottoms to the office? I have multiple redbottoms and gucci loafers, if im starting an analyst role would i have to buy cheaper shoes or can I wear them to the office?...3
+2Latest PE / HF Exits curious to see if people have data points on how different firms exited this recruiting cycle into private equity and hedge funds. specifically curious about EBs ...4
+1Activist funds recruitment?Hey guys! What's the best approach to reaching out to activist funds? Is it possible to land an activist fund gig right out of undergrad or do they usually strictly hire from 2+ years of experience in IB/PE? How is the approach to recruitment different for mega activist funds (think Elliott) vs. sm...4
+6Just took my last undergraduate class: 3 college mythsIn typical Buzzfeed style... 1) I think liberal arts classes are overrated. I think that many people have this romanticized perception of liberal arts as something that will open your mind and teach you how to think critically. They can sound great on paper, but in reality, most of the times yo...9
0Company Review: Bank of America Merrill Lynch0
0Does anyone have any Eastdil or HFF OMs they could send?Does anyone have any Eastdil or HFF OMs they could send? I've found a few full OM's online. However, the majority of the other OM's I've found only include the teaser/executive summary portion. Thanks...0
0Company Compensation: Bank of America Merrill Lynch0
+1BAML: M&A or C&R?Next summer ill be at baml ib, right now i am deciding on which group i want and im stuck between M&A and C&R. I like M&A because im into business strategy and want all the technical experience you get in that group. I like C&R because longterm I see myself working for a PE that focuses on fashion r...3
0Company Review: HSBC0
+3Ares Credit / Direct Lending - NYWhat do you guys think about this team as far as credit exit opps go from IB? Seem to be the domiate direct lender in the space but curious what this forum's thoughts are on the group. Pay seems to be comparable if not better than what ive heard first year PE guys making, and lifestyle seems much be...10
+1Is Derivatives Solutions Investment Banking?Is working as an analyst in a derivatives solutions group (not trading) a good place to start a career? How much of the job is actual advisory work and what kind of skills would you develop? What does a career progression look like and are there any exit opps?...1
0Company Compensation: HSBC0
+2CBRE Production AnalystAnyone want to provide some insight as to what this job title really means? Can't really find anything about it online, but wanted to see if any of y'all have heard of the title. The description for their production analyst jobs are very vague. If you want to look yourself, go to CBRE's job listi...10
0Company Interview: Tudor Pickering Holt and Co0
+1What types of cologne do you guys wear? I'm having trouble deciding which cologne to get. I'm gonna buy some samples to see which one I like more. Which one do you guys like? I heard Creed is really good (especially Green Irish Tweed) or ...68
+3In what division are soft skills most valued?In what division are soft skills most valued? I would consider myself a very good leader; I have a natural ability to deal with people and have a high EQ (emotional intelligence). I also have pretty good math/technical skills, but I'll never to able to compete with an MIT math major. I have p...9
0Why Join BankingI remember the exact moment freshman year of college I chose to become an investment banker. Those guys are so cool, they get paid insane amounts of money, bang the hottest girls, and live the models and bottles life I'm sure we've all dreamed of at one point. Thoughts of fast cars, fake tits, and t...0
+3XMAS ideas for the good and bad monkeys of the worldBasically a rehash of the same thread from this time last year. Got some pretty great feedback last year so figured i'd put it out there again, what does everyone want this year?...30
0WHEN HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF: THE NEXT INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTIONIn the early 2000’s, Americans had come accustom to paying $400 for a desktop computer, and had little foresight that they were assisting in the fall of the US Economy. With higher disposable incomes, in a consumer driven economy, consumers, retailers and financial organizations found themselves ...0
+1Contracting Job Offer Advicedelete ...1
+5How do you manage your breaktime?My wife told me that I am gaining weight. She asked me if I ever stand up from my desk, take a walk or have at least 30 minutes break from the office. She's right. I've been working (and sitting) most of the time and would be missing lunch. By dinner time comes, I am so hungry and would eat voraciou...16
+4Where can you find the best-dressed bankers?Apparently, if you want to be the new "George Clooney of finance" (remember Mark Carney?), BNP Paribas is your place to be! [quote]Research by Emolument suggests nearly 40% of BNP bankers are still wedded to formal dress at all times, compared to just 20% at J.P. Morgan. [...] In London, insider...35
+1Should you invest in BitcoinWith Bitcoin appreciating over 570% year-to-date, many investors are concerned they have missed the boat with cryptocurrency. Prompting the question: “should I invest in Bitcoin”. Eight years into a bull market, investors who have remained in cash since the financial crisis are coming off the ...0
+14Investment Banking University Recruiting Report – 7 Key Takeaways As part of the 2017 Investment Banking Report, Wall Street Oasis compiled detailed statistics regarding the connection between universities and employment trends with investment banks. The following article analyzes the data and highlights key takeaways for both bulge bracket and other notab...10
+4Greystar -Any info? Any thoughts on Greystar real estate partners, specifically working in acquisitions out of undergrad? Seem to be growing (recently acquired Monogram REIT) and were on the PERE 50 for a few years. Appear to be most active in the south and west US Would this role pigeon hole you in multifamily ...1
+3Torn between two job opportunities So I just finished my undergraduate career at a target university this week with a degree in Real Estate development/finance. I have two job offers on the table that I have to make a decision on by Monday. Option #1 is financial analyst position at Wells Fargo with their CRE lending team. They've go...8
0Master Out or Stick With PhD for Management ConsultingHi everyone, I'm currently in the second year of a STEM PhD and I'm realizing that I strongly dislike lab work. Looking forward, I think I would rather do management consulting as opposed to something in field for a career. I'm trying to decide whether it makes more sense to master out this year ...0
+1Walker Dunlop- Anybody here a previous summer intern?I am interested in interning over the summer at Walker&Dunlop, anybody here familiar with their capital markets summer internships and is kind enough to share their experience? Would really appreciate any help. Thank you!...5
+3How important is your undergrad reputation?I am currently a student at USC, but have a transfer plan option to Cornell, specifically the Dyson School, and am wondering if it's worth it to transfer? I know that I'll have a much better college experience here and have lived in SoCal my whole life. But I also know that Cornell will be better fo...10
+1Anyone work in IB/PE in Irvine/Orange County Area?Anyone work in Irvine/OC/Newport Area? How's it like? Worklife, lifestyle, etc.. I know it doesnt compare to NYC or even LA/SF, but any thoughts? How does IB in irvine compare to somewhere like SD?...3
+2How to get people to guide you along the way?Hi all, I am currently a first year Economics student studying at the London School of Economics. In order to prepare myself for applications next year, I intend on expanding my personal network by attending networking events/alum events with the hope of securing a summer job this year and next y...7
+1Tic Patterned SuitsWanted to get some suits for a good price since I'm in the process of losing weight. Came across these two suits from Men's Wearhouse. They have a 'Tic' pattern. Are the 'Tic' Patterns acceptable? Here are the links
+8Private Equity Recruiting Kicked Off?Heard this per head hunters / friends at various banks. Curious to hear what others have been hearing. Thanks...90
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+2How do I become a CEO?I'm currently a college junior studying Finance and Marketing. I'll be going into Investment banking at Bank of America Merrill Lynch next summer hopefully in Mergers & Acquisitions or Consumer & Retail. My ultimate career goal is to become CEO or CFO of a major fashion company like Burberry, my que...9
+2Cambridge Associates vs Strategy/M&A at F500Hi guys, first time posting here. Would like to seek some advice between choosing an offer from Cambridge Associates (Investment Associate) and a Strategy/M&A (Analyst) role at a F500 ($10-20B market cap). This would be my first job right out of college. Might take an MBA in the future but still und...1
0Investing Group ChatHello everyone, I am currently in college, Bloomberg LP certified and learning more about valuation metrics of equities. Are there any other traders who would like to start a friendly group chat? I'm not talking about one where everybody says to buy a stock without evidence, but rather an intelle...0
0Divident REITHi, Does anyone know if qualified dividends which are still taxed at preferred rate to gp would still be taxed at preferred rate and not subject to tax or carve out or limit? For example if hypothetical portfolio is only shares of coke and that coke share in portfolio receives dividends but is...0
+43Ask Natalie from Accepted about Business School AdmissionsWSO is excited to have the experts from Accepted on board to answer applicant questions in the business school forum. Here are messages from Natalie and Jen who will be checking this thread every few days: Natalie I'm here to answer any questions you have regarding Business School Admissions. I ...1313
+1French Universities / Business schools reviewsHey, Has anyone attended Sciences Po on here? All I know is that Macron and pretty all the nation's CEOS and MDs graduated from there and that it has a world-class reputation... :p I've seen they launched a finance programme and a couple Specialized programmes (Msc Wealth Management and strat...17
0Power Trading at a Hedge Fund, worth it?Hello, I received a job offer working in the proprietary hedge fund arm of an energy company. They trade just power, mostly FTRs and Virtual Bids, and power spot trading. The hedge fund side of the business has $100 AUM. I will be on the trading desk, learning the business and the role is expe...0
+4Finally got FT offer now sad?Finally got offer for a boutique in SF. I've been working so hard for this. Coming from a non-target school with a shitty GPA, I've had to put in countless hours of networking and interview prep. Just realized something I've never really thought of because I was so focused on breaking in. I've bec...33
+1Venture Capital Salary versus BB and PEHi everyone. I wanted to get some candid advice from all of you about a job I'm thinking about taking. It is a VC role at a top-tier firm. I'm being directly hired as an associate (so I'll skip the two-year analyst role). My only concern is that I believe that the salary is slightly low. I'll basica...5
+2Harvard or Penn (Wharton) undergrad?There are some other posts on this, but they are quite old. I d like to get a more up-to-date perspective. I am a senior applying to colleges this year. Interested in IB. What about about Wharton vs YP? Would it even be worth considering YP over Wharton? ...15
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0Company Interview: PNC Financial Services0
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0Do Financial Analysts do valuations?Do Financial Analysts do valuations? Dumb question, but what about Compliance and Operations ? ....0
+9Wow Litecoin.Why am I even invested in stocks? Cryptos have made people millionaires overnight but meanwhile, I'm over here excited on the 20% dividend increase on Boeing. I'm thinking about just liquidating all my holdings, and buying Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum. THOUGHTS?!...108
+2Top-tier London PE firms with best culture?Ladies & Gents - the time has come: despite the job of a PE Associate/VP at the likes of Advent, H&F, Bain Capital, CVC, Carlyle, Apax etc. is intellectually stimulating, to be in this game for the long-term culture and sustainability are key. therefore, if you could pick any PE firm in London to op...8
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0Company Interview: McKinsey and Co0
+1PE FOF or PE Direct?I have 2 offers for direct and FoF PE in London. In the medium- to long-term, I would prefer a career in direct because of the modelling and more quantitative nature. The FoF offer is from a firm that is the leader in secondary FoFs (~$60bn+ AUM and ~$40bn in FoF) and it is a 6-month opportunity ...1
0Finished Semester 1 of my MBA, need advice on course selectionHello Just finished my first semester of my MBA and was interested in getting some advice on course selection. The MBA school isn't the best here in Ontario but it isn't bad. They have a reputable MFIn program. Last years grads also did well, placed in Investment Banking/Capital Market positions...0
+1PE firms with Analyst PositionsMonkeys, Which PE firms have analyst positions? I know some MM shops do but I have heard the training is often inadequate. Whereas I have heard at some MM shops the training and experience is second to none with chances of promotion. Please let me know, thank you in advance!!!...13
+6PE firms with Analyst programsCan we make a list of PE firms that have an analyst program? I understand that most PE firms take IBD analysts after 2 years or so. However, as more PE firms start recruiting undergrads as analysts it could be useful to make a list of MF and MM's. I couldn't find a thread dedicated to this. ...44
+1Whats your buyin? (Casino)While this may vary from person to person, I though it would be interesting to find out the board's gambling habits. Whats your usual limit when gambling (mainly table games), buyin? usual bet? ...25
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+4Most unconventional paths to Hedge Fund that you've seenWhat are the most unconventional paths to HF you have seen among research analysts? The conventional ones include equity/credit research, IB, MBB, S&T. Anything else is fair game. This can be for any fund $300MM+. Anything from corporate strategy to operations to boutique consulting ...21
0Difference between Private Wealth Management and Financial Advising?I'm a recent grad. A lot of people say work in PWM then go get your MBA. I was able to get a Financial Advisor role at an Insurance company. Is this considered PWM? Or are PWM more like Banks? Edit: Also, is my role considered retail finance?...0
+1Advice please: Investment Sales (Multifamily) --> Acquisitions Analyst (Commercial)Hi all, I am currently an analyst on an investment sales team focusing on multi family but more broadly, residential investment as a whole. I am looking to break into REPE and more importantly move into commercial. Unfortunately I am hitting constant obstacles so I thought I'd come to WSO for s...6
+2When is it worth it to wait for that year end bonus?As the year draws to an end, bonuses are coming in place. If you're job hunting and finally get that offer for a better opportunity, do you leave before year end knowing you may have left a bonus on the table? How big would the bonus need to be for you to stick it out till you got it in hand? Wha...7
+2Energy Market Analyst Position My team is hiring an Energy Market Analyst / Oil 12 month contract Position is based in UK. Immediate hire. Please drop me a line if interested. I shall have a look at your resume and get back to you. ...2
0No-name university final year undergrad student, no internship experience, MSc Economic History offer from LSE - Worth it?I am currently a final year undergrad from a Dutch University (thus not bad however also not a target by any means), got excellent study results and consequently an offer from LSE in their Economic History Msc programme. I wasn't able to do internships so far (I did volunteer in Africa in a summer h...0
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0WUSTL MS Corp Fin vs Rochester MSF for International StudentI received offers from both schools starting in July 2018. I am debating which one is a better choice. I am an international student from Asia with an undergrad degree from top 50 US school. My primary goal after graduation is IB in NYC. The main concern for me is that: first, WashU is not STEM, bu...0
0EQR to Private EquityHi all, Wondering if I can get some honest advice here. I am currently an ANL in EQR, and have now run into visa issues in the USA. I am now looking to relocate back home, where research isn't a big industry but PE is booming. I have always liked investing, and I also like the idea behind Privat...0
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0Recommendation- IT MSP Anyone have any good global IT Managed Service Provider industry certified recommendations? Also how does the pricing work?...0
+2Top 20 US Uni or Warwick for IB?I am a high school senior looking to break into IB. I have an offer from Warwick and potentially an offer from a university ranked 11-20 in the United States (think along the lines of Vandy, Northwestern, Berkeley). Assuming I get into both, which one betters my chances?...14
+1Search fund/ Entrepreneurship through acquisition Context: Career switcher (military) with a bias to return to Texas, but want to go the search fund/EtA route out of the MBA program. Does school matter beyond a certain point for this? I say this as I have a strong bias for McCombs. It seems like it would be heavily network and fit drive...5
+4The Biggest Bubble of All-TimeGDP isn't good, the central banks are constantly buying government securities to artificially keep rates low, NK wants to nuke us, another potential war is breaking out in the East, foreign markets are selling off, the Fed just announced 4 rate-hikes, retailers are starting to flood the market, the ...32
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+7Do any bankers play any video games? If so which ones?Does anybody play any games for the Xbox 1 or the PS4? Does anyone play any shooting games, fighting games, racing games etc...120
+1Can any one Explain about mutual Funds?Hello I want to invest Some amount in Mutual Funds, But i don't Know How to start So Please help Me ....3
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+2RE roles based on my interests?....................................................................................................................................................................6
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+10Routes to Buyside PM Mod note: This comment was in response to this thread: Best Entry Level Job for Running Future Hedge Fund think b-school is going to teach you 'in depth modelling skills'? B-school teaches you advanced undergraduate-level finance. It does the same for marketing, accounting, organizat...58
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0Goldman Sachs- One HireVue for 2 positions?I was recently contacted by a Goldman Sachs recruiter who presented my resume to a few hiring managers. I was sent an email from HR saying that I am being considered for 2 positions and asking me to complete **one** HireVue Interview. How am I supposed to tackle this interview? Normally I would ...0
0Last Minute Tips On Preparing Your RecommendersLast Minute Tips On Preparing Your Recommenders Whether you dragged your feet in asking for an LOR or your recommender has had too many other things on his/her plate, you might find yourself in a crunch to get your letters submitted in time. But don’t panic. Even with limited time, there are so...0
0TPH SA Equity Research SuperdayJust curious if anyone knows TPH has finished extending Superday invite for their Equity Research SAs ? Thanks ...0
02018 Bonus RumorsThe holiday season is in full swing and the year is coming to a close. Has anyone been hearing rumors on how bonuses are looking this year, Dealbreaker has posted a few articles, but nothing specific yet?...0
+1Join the WhatsApp group for your city We created these groups with the goal of making it easier for WSO members to organize events / happy hours. Open the link in your phone and it will prompt you to download the app if you don't already have it. Is your city not on the list? Let us know in the comments. Thanks! Andy Atlanta: ...4