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+1Bad Form to Apply to Junior Year Internship as a Sophomore? Most of these IB internships require that you be graduating in 2020 (rising junior) to apply. But if I'm graduating in 2021 (rising sophomore), is it bad form to apply? Will bank get annoyed that I'm, technically, not qualified for the job and perhaps hold it against me when I apply next year? ...1
+1Should I attend USC for spring of junior year? I got accepted by USC Marshall for spring semester of my junior year. Do you guys think I should attend the school? I still have no idea what I want to do after I graduate, but I am interested in management consulting as a stepping stone and I would like to have my own startup one day. Eventually, I...3
+1When applying for another job, do you quit current job?Should you quit your current job when you really want to actively search and apply for other job? I am trying to get out of my job asap, but I feel like it takes up pretty much time trying to network and search for opportunities while working. Very curious as to how other people approach acti...5
+1local languages on a ResumeHello guys, I am applying for summer internships in London, and I am hesitant whether to put my mother tongue on my resume on not. It is called Berber and it's a local language in north African countries, I am sure it is not relevant at all in a professional point of view but some people told me an...4
+3Wells Fargo Summer 2019Has anyone had a phone interview with WF for IBD yet? I'm assuming it will be 50% fit and 50% technical. Is this what others have experienced? Also just a general thread for Wells Fargo IBD....26
+2Likelyhood of a successful career changeI am in my early 30s and I am wanting to transition into management consulting, I have a rather extensive background that spans financial services, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, healthcare technology and entreprenunership via real estate. I am curious what the members of this subreddit think about...2
+2HY or IG credit research analyst?Hi all, In terms of career progression and exit opps, which field tends to be better in the long run comparing HY vs IG analyst? My background is in M&A, post MBA if that matters....8
+1The Promised Land of Private Equity Turned out to be a "Monster Land"I spent 3 years in bulge bracket bank covering awesome tech companies. Banking was great for me can't complain much. The culture in my group was amazing, the people I worked with were fantastic. Lots of social events, group lunch breaks and coffee chats. But like everyone else I was trying to sw...2
+1Lifestyle: NY IB vs. SF Corp. Dev. And by "SF," I don't necessarily mean specifically San Francisco; that's really just short-hand for any non-IB job outside of NYC. For instance, marketing at Amazon, corporate development at Kellogg's... it just seems that most of the discussion on this site skews toward finance jobs in NYC, bu...5
+2Best Price to Quality Non-Iron White Dress Shirts?Just building out my wardrobe for IB and trying to find some good white dress shirts? Any advice on where to go? I've been thinking doing Uniqlo as I am a slim build. Hoping to spend less than $30/shirt if possible? Any places to buy in bulk for cheap?...7
+5What businesses to start in college?have a bit of free time now. What are some good businesses that college students can start nowadays beside e-commerce ? ...22
+3Is it even remotely realistic for me to get into consulting? Should I cut my losses and pursue a different career avenue?Hey everyone, I am currently a Junior in college and I've had ambitions of entering the consulting industry for some time now but with my particular background I am unsure if I would even remotely qualify. If anyone can provide any insight, please advise and be brutally honest so I don't end up foll...10
+1UChicago rep on the Street? Has anyone heard anything about how UChicago's been placing recently? I go to a top target (H/P/W) but have a friend at Chicago who says that they've been doing very well in placements recently (significant amount each year to top EBs/BBs). From analysts/associates I've spoken to at a lot of differe...3
+28Ask a VP in Equity Research anythingI haven't seen one of these in a while, so I figured I would start one. I am a Vice President in equity research, with coverage of a selection of stocks (from mid to small cap firms) within a large sector. I'm at a top 10 bank. Ask me about how the industry works, lifestyle, recruiting, compens...108
+2How do these Instagram/Youtube trading communities/day traders work?So I've seen so many ads for these day traders on youtube and instagram who "recruit followers" to join their "team" and seem to post pictures of how they're clearly living the life (flash stuff). Clear, it's some sort of scam - but how does it all work? Some of these guys have 100k+ followers et...6
+4Whats The Hype With FortniteOkay so I have been playing Fortnite, which is a relatively new free game that has hit almost all gaming platforms. I have gotten addicted to it (to an unhealthy level). I just don't want to put the controller down every time I play. I have been playing video games for years but I have never been th...34
+1How Many Suits Do I Need as an IB Analyst?I am going to be a 1st year IB analyst very soon and I was wondering how many suits I should have. My bank is not in NYC so it is a little laid back in terms of dress code. I currently have two suits: navy and charcoal. ...2
+83.9+ GPA BADRecently got the opportunity to talk with the head of banking at a solid MM firm (think William Blair). He said that he hates hiring 3.9+ GPA candidates and actually sees it as a red flag. His reasoning was that they lack social skills, have never experienced failure, etc.. I want to hear peoples...34
+1What are the on-job trade conversations in fixed income S&T?Hi guys, I've got a quick question to the guys on the fixed income sales desk (or trading). I wanted to know what are the conversations between the clients and sales (or sales -> traders) are when doing a trade. (I used to work as a FX sales, so let's say a lifer would come in and say 'buy 50 ...1
+3Rent Stabilization - NYC MultifamilyAnyone familiar w/ NYC MF who could explain how this works? My group doesn't do much in NYC and I just got this deal sent to me a few hours ago. My understanding is that tenant's receive a right to renew and the LL can't re-lease at a rate that represents a percentage increase greater than that pr...12
+3Cumming CorporationHey everyone, I really appreciate the great info on this forum. I'm looking at an opportunity to be a Project Engineer/ Coordinator at Cumming Corporation in a major market (LA/SD.. my name pretty much narrowed that down). For reference I am currently an Undergrad Student and my end goal is Deve...1
+6Family Offices ListDoes anyone have access to or know how I can obtain a list of Family Offices in the US?...42
+1Uploaded Wrong Resume I was checking the status on one of my apps and I noticed I attached the wrong resume. What should I do? It wont let me change my attachments. Thanks guys! ...5
+1New to Buyside ER. Which Sector to Cover? HI there fellow monkeys, first time poster here. I just recently broke in to buyside ER and was given the unique opportunity to choose which sector I want to cover since I'll be their first ER guy. Which sector would you guys suggest and why? Thanks in advance ...1
Goldman Sachs - Review - Equity Research
0How Have Pros Not Bought AMZN and NFLX on Dips? Recently heard a PM on CNBC say "Yeah, we bought some Amazon back when it was 1400." And my thought was "Really? 1400? How 'bout buying it back when it was 300 five years ago like I did -- when I was 15 years old." And I'm not saying this makes me a genius. Not at all. Clearly, that PM know...0
+3Summer Analyst Hours at BB/EBWhat hours should someone expect as a summer analyst at a BB or EB. I obviously know that a FT analyst can expect 80+ per week, but is that the same for a SA?...12
0Received SA Position, Swimming Along - What's Next?Hello, First off I was able to secure my SA offer with no small help from the advice I found scattered throughout this forum, so thank (most) all of you for that! My summer analyst position is at a small boutique (3-5 FT analysts) where I have been working directly for the PM, it seems to be g...0
Goldman Sachs - Salary & Bonus - Equity Research
+7NYC Living - Anyone Else Feel Constantly Broke?It's honestly baffling to me how people survive in NYC without finance type pay. With a salary ~62K, rent of $1,450 and student loans of around ~$550 a month, it's almost impossible for me to save any money. Any other first year monkey's in similar situations or have any thoughts? Granted I'm in CRE...22
+25Ask a VP in Equity Research anything - 2018 EditionIt’s been two years since I did the last one ("Ask A VP in ER anything" ), so I figured I would do one more. Let’s talk about the industry, MIFID, banks in general, trends in the industry, long term career outlooks, etc. ...76
+2How many programs should I join as a rising sophomore?Im a rising sophomore at a non target majoring in accounting and finance. My gpa is a 4.0 I've been thinking about joining more professional programs to best position myself for IB. Some of these include Year up and AICPA for having connections with top accounting and financial services firms. I ...7
+1Exit ops for a VC analystLanded a (european) vc job about a year ago but quite unsatisfied with the job What options do I have as an 1+ year old analyst with no solid modeling/quant experience? I've interned at top-tier consulting for PE clients doing strategic DD ...or should I suck it up at least for couple years a...3
+12019 Summer Analyst Program for Hong Kong/SingaporeAs some of the firms have already started accepting applications for 2019 for HK/SG, I thought it's the time to start this topic for those who are specifically interested in working in HK/SG. What's your background? What division(s) are you applying (not limited to IBD)? ...1
0BiliBiliThinking about buying some of this stock before the 8/22 earnings release. Has anyone else researched this? ...0
Abacus Greater China Advisors LLC - Salary & Bonus - Mergers and Acquisitions
0Switching Industries on the buy-sideHey guys, Love some opinion on this. I am mid-level (5-year into career) after 3-years of sell-side research on #1 II ranked team am now over on the buyside at a very top multi-strat relative value firm. Small team, huge risk limits, great returns and I contribute a ton. Been covering the same in...0
0Execution Trader BooksHi All, I'm looking to join the buy side, probably doing execution trading. I know, it's not very sexy. I've worked at several sell side trading desk and got recently laid off and now I'm stuck at a major bulge bracket in NYC, as a TA, on their cash equities desk, support their program, electroni...0
0Keep Getting Dinged--From Target, Good GPAHey Y'all, I'm from a target Ivy, have a good GPA (rounded 3.9), have some good extracurricular positions, and prior internships in economics research and Asset Management. I don't think this entitles me in any way to an interview, but from what I've read and from what comments I've received on m...27
+1How does Handshake work?Hey guys just wondering- when an open position on Handshake directs you to apply on both Handshake and the firms career page, do firms review your Handshake profile or do they only review your official app submitted through their careers page? ...3
+4GS application stuck on "application submitted"I didn't get accepted for GS early action so I applied again to the general app last sunday after I heard from alum that you could apply again. After submitting, the general app is stuck under "application submitted" and hasn't changed to application "received" whereas my early action application sw...14
KPMG - Review - Technology
Legg Mason - Review - Risk Management
MTIP AGInvestor in medical technology and digital health....
+1PE summerHello, I would like to know which PE funds are offering summer internships in London or in Paris ?? (mid and large cap)...1
+4Dwight CapitalWhat do people know about Dwight Capital? As in more info about the firm, interview process, office environment as well as exit opps from a company like that. Any relevant info would be very appreciated....11
+1Case Study - Junior Investment AnalystHi all, I am applying for this small investment company with investments in $100m+ and staff of under 25. As part of an interview, I am due to finish a case which consists mainly of 3 statement forecasting. I have data for 2013, 2014 and Q1-Q3 2015 and have to complete data for 2015-2020. This...2
+2QUESTION TO PHYSICAL OIL TRADERS/ COMMODITY TRADERSJust a question fellas. Why exactly does a physical oil trader exist and how do they capture profit in the grand chain ? I noticed that crude oil -> refinery -> refinery sells to commodity traders (Glencore, Trafigura, Gunvor, Vitol, etc). -> trader sell to someone else How exactly do...4
+4Three years of MBB leaving for PE in NYC - AMAHave lurked on here since undergrad so posting here in case I can be helpful. **Before MBB**: Went to a target state school (think Berkeley, Michigan, etc) and studied computer science. Interned at MBB, some tech companies (big and small), and did various leadership stuff on campus **My MBB e...11
+1Brown Gibbons Lang & Company 2019 SAHas anyone heard anything regarding IBD SA recruitment for next summer for Brown Gibbons Lang & Company? ...3
+1Morgan Stanley HK/Singapore Winter AnalystThe 2019 application has closed last week. Has Anyone Heard Back From Morgan Stanley (HK) For Winter Analyst Interviews?...1
+1How long can you remain an analyst?I’m thinking about my future and plan on going to grad school. However, I’d like to pay off my undergrad debt first (and it’s highly unlikely my parents will support me during grad school. It’s unrealistic). My question is, how long can someone be an analyst at places like JPMORGAN, Citi,...5
+3Equity Structures Hey Guys, Just Looking to learn about various equity structures in Real Estate. Besides equity waterfalls are there any other equity structures you see come across your desk often on the Acquisition or Development side? Whether it be PE or not. Just looking to learn. Thanks. ...2
+1What to do after hedge fund blowout?Hi all. I am an experienced analyst 7 years out of school (2 in IBD, 5 in HFs) trying to figure out next steps for my career since I was recently laid off. This is the third time I have been on a team that's blown out (all at large platform multi managers) and I'm finding that the HF hiring market r...3
0RE Finance to AM/ConsultingI'm currently interning for a real estate developer doing market feasibility work and creating proforma models for potential investments/developments. I like the work I'm doing but not positive it's something I want to do my whole life, so I potentially want to get some broader experience doing cons...0
+3Real estate guidance as an undergrad I’m currently in undergrad and I am interested in real estate. Do any of you have recommendations on different resources I can use to learn more about the real estate industry? I know this is really broad, but I feel like there are so many different paths (development, brokerage, REIT, etc.) that ...14
Deloitte - Review - Risk Management
+2Morgan Stanley Investment Management- Real Estate Investing SA 2019Has anyone had an interview for this SA position? This would be a first round. Any insights would be greatly appreciated!...6
Jane Street Capital - Interview - Quantitative Research
Deloitte - Salary & Bonus - Risk Management
+86Things Employers Tell Interviewees and What They Really Mean11 Things Employers Tell Interviewees and What They Really Mean 1. "We Have a Very Flat Hierarchy": We have a few VPs that take home all of the carry and three dozen Analysts grinding out all of our legwork because it's cheaper. All you little shits are replaceable and none of you fuckers are ge...39
+72019 Summer Analyst - Morgan Stanley HirevueDid anyone get the 2019 SA MS HireVues yet? I just got it today. Could someone explain the process further, and give me some tips? (I am a rising sophomore so this is my first interview) Also, was getting the HireVue a selective process? I got it for more than one position so should I assume it was ...45
+1Firms Offering Visa Sponsorship this SA Recruiting Cycle?Does anyone have an idea on which BBs/MMs/EBs are hiring international students during the current SA recruiting cycle? How screwed are international students this year?...5
+8Curb or Seinfeld? Which is funnier?You gotta pick one. I was watching both this past weekend, and couldn't quite figure out which I love more. Here's where I figure the differences are: CAST - The overall cast of Seinfeld is superior; there is no better Core Four on any other sitcom. I think this because, when faced with whic...42
+3Big 4 Audit -> TAS/FDD -> PE advice/experiences?Hey guys, I was just curious if anyone on here has **recently** gone through the Big 4 Audit -> TAS/FDD -> PE route and if they have any advice to share? Is this route a possibility or is it far fetched to think that an accountant can move into the generalist-esq finance field of PE? Just tryin...11
Moelis & Company - Review - Natural Resources
Moelis & Company - Salary & Bonus - Natural Resources
+2Learning Excel - CompoundingHello Monkeys, For a community full of excel experts, I thought this would be the best place to ask my rookie question and have it answered and hopefully, lead me in the right direction and help me learn excel in the process. I am trying something simple. Invest "X" amount in a stock. Take the di...9
+3Help Needed - got a new offerHello, I've recently received an offer from a small REIT. Given the team is small, this role will be covering basically everything - UW, AM, due diligence, reporting, etc. The comp isn't ideal - about 20k less than my current role. I am currently working in Big4 valuation. I have been active...18
William Blair - Interview - Investment Banking
+2LBO Model question1. In an LBO deal, do we have to use the target's cash on hand as a source? Say if target has $2MM cash on it's BS and Sponsor is contributing $20MM in Equity, do we include the cash on hand as extra source or the Sponsor's equity includes the $2MM? 2. A hypothetical deal has the following struct...11
0From M&A to HFHi there, I'm an analyst in a sector team in an investment bank in London. As everyone, I was looking at private equity exits but I start wondering about hedge funds / tactical opportunities / spécial situations. I guess the ones where the IB skillset would be the most relevant are: long / short...1
+2Credit Suisse 2019 SADoes anyone have any insight into Credit Suisse's application process? I submitted my application online but have not heard anything....10
+1Magellan Research Group--Anyone know anything about it? Greetings, I've been a lurker on this forum for years and have gleaned some great advice from it--now I decided I would ask a question of my own. Sometime ago I applied to an Analyst position at Magellan Research Group through a school job board and they just reached out to me to schedule and in...8
+3Is Equity Research really decent at getting exit opps to top AM and HFs?It's hard to corroborate this claim on LinkedIn, since it's hard to get linkedin to search correctly. Can people name some exits they've seen in the past? Thanks...9
+2Farewell Gift for Senior BankersAnyone have good suggestions for farewell gifts to their senior bankers after their analyst stint is over? Leaving my firm after 3 years as an analyst and a short bit as an associate and I actually like pretty much everyone in my group and know their recs throughout my interviewing process were huge...8
0Which forex broker do you work with for trading?Hello, my name is Yana. I represent broker. I would like to tell you a little bit about our company and gather a community of traders here and if you have any questions, I would be happy to help you here. JustForex offers several trading account types with a wide choice of trading instruments a...0
+2Post-MBA positionsWhat kind of positions/seniority can an MBA grad expect in REPE? Ignore the lack of consistency among titles in real estate. What kinds of roles/responsibilities become available (esp. those that recruit on campus or favor MBAs) Assuming you have analyst-level acquisitions experience, would the M...1
+40You know you have "made it" when ______What do you think? What is a sign that you have really succeeded in life? How high have you set the bar for making it?...64
+4How did you handle moving to an unfamiliar city (not NYC)?Lateraled into IB from a non-IB job and I consider myself very lucky. Excited about the the new opportunity, but I am becoming more and more nervous about the move to a big city (Chicago, LA, Houston) where I don't have any close friends. Additionally, it's a fairly small office, so I won't have the...13
0Full Time Associate Recruitment Cycle Does anyone know when the FT associate cycle opens for 2019 start? I am assuming sometime in August, once the banks have determined with summer associates are getting returns. Also, is it worthwhile to reach out to current employees and recruiters at this time? Background: Rising second year MBA...0
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0What to do when you're significantly better than the other interns ? Hi, curious to know if anybody here has been in an internship or job where you're significantly better than your coworkers? like better in terms of skills and experience. This is not to brag or anything, but sometimes I feel like by working with interns who are not as smart or hardworking as you, y...4
+58A Map of where Investment Banks are in ManhattanI wanted to know where banks were in relation to each other, but alas I couldn't find a map that showed them all. So, I made this fucking disaster: Let me know if you want anything added. ALSO: These locations are a "rough" estimate, don't use this shit to find your building on ya fir...40
+24Bank Map 2: Electric Boogaloo Aight I cleaned up the map and added the tier 2 Dutch bank Jamie wanted for some reason. Let me know what you guys think. (Only accurate +/- 3 Blocks; shit gets cramped ya know?) ...23
+1Are these shoes suitable? Serious question. So I have a brown pair of Ted Baker Chelsea boots, really nice pair actually (pic attached). They go really well with my grey suit and I even wore them at my first-year internship at an AM firm with no issues. I'm about to start my second-year internship at a small bank and was ...5
+1what did bankers do before powerpoint?what did bankers do before powerpoint? has technology ruined junior bankers' lives? i need to know......3
+1Is there a place to find a database of firms that have recently raised new funds?Title says all, looking to see about which firms are raising new funds. Most newsletters mention when they close funds, I'm looking to find when they are in the middle of or start fundraising....4
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HSBC - Review - N/A
HSBC - Salary & Bonus - N/A
0Rapid Tone weight loss program - Does fast Tone weight loss Product surely work?Rapid Tone mumybear-com Weight benefit isn't the best purpose to stay far from this diet. in case you manipulate to stay on the soup and banana regimen for very lengthy you may additionally suffer from one of the many side-results which can be caused by low-calorie and occasional-fats diets....0
0Would it work!!!Good morning. This is my first post on WSO. I work for one of big four assurance. And really skillful in modeling and valuation and seek to join for such roles. Need advices....2
+9I'm currently an equity derivatives/vol trader: AMA!Hey guys, I still remember my humble beginnings when I was an undergrad and had no idea what the fuck I was doing. Luckily, I was able to get a lot of great insight from WSO (reading in between the lines of troll posts), and well, rest is history and here I am. A quick summary about me: I grad...27
+6How did your younger years impact the you now?[For me, and I may be the odd one out here, but I distinctly remember not liking recess when I was younger.]( And it looks like life had the last laugh. Now that I'm older, one of the biggest things I want to do...22
+1PE Analyst - hate my firm, should I look to lateral after only 6 months?Hey everyone, long-time lurker/poster but recently made a new account. My dilemma is as follows: got an offer to be an analyst for an infrastructure investment firm, the day I went to sign the contract they said they'd need me to help the advisory team too (they do advisory, direct investments, a...2
+3CMA for Corp DevCorporate Monkeys, What do you think of the CMA designation in regards to how beneficial it is for a career in Corp Dev? I am currently in a mid size company in energy and utilities, and I have a background in Economics & Math. I didn't study any accounting at University and studied a minimal amo...12
0Adding derivatives pricing in my resumeHello all, I have a short question: Duing my internhip in EQD Sales Trading I price option with the internal trading tool. But only to learn how to price them, I am not allowed to forward my prices to the client Should I include this in my CV? I want to apply for trading positions? I...0
0Hedge Fund Set Up Assistance My objective is to find firms/consulting services to help me set up a Hedge Fund. Two factors that I'm looking for include the services that's offer along with Fees. Can I have tips and advice on how I should go about this along with where I can source for these companies?...4
+34AMA: I hate my Banking job. Most likely transferring to Back office. Hello everyone. I'm an investment banking analyst and I.. hate my job to put it lightly. I'm also terrible at it, which is mostly due to how much I hate it (I was a top 2 analyst until I just started hating everything). No, I'm not throwing myself a pity party. I'm interviewing for back office r...102