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+2Philisophical Dilema: Is the life of one American citizen worth more than the life of outsiders in other countries?Philosophical Abstract: Let's say there are 500,000 Syrian Refugees wanting to come into the US in 2018. For every 100,000 Syrian refugees that you take into the United States, 2 US citizens will be killed in terrorist attacks. So assuming you take all 500,000 there will be 10 US citizens killed in ...10
0Programming languages on applications helpful?In a few years, I'll be sending out hundreds applications to various and I want to have skills that catch recruiter's eyes, in many different areas of finance. I want to recruit for ER, S&T, and IB. Would learning coding languages help me for recruitment? If so, would it help a lot or not very mu...2
+3Was it wrong for Google to do this?I read up on [this article]( from WSJ. So recently, Google was hit with a massive $2.7 billion fine from the European Union over using it's market power dominance to promote their comparison-shoppi...46
+2Would you marry for love or money?I had this conversation with a friend she's stuck in a jam of whether to be with someone she's been dating for the year who she truly loves and has amazing sex with or to go back to her ex who is a rich PE VP and on track for promo. The one she is in love with is entrepreneurial and can make at leas...5
+3Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor Last week the fight was officially announced -- Who will win? -- in what timeframe? -- how much is the actual payday for these guys? -- Who do you WANT to win? Discuss....38
+18The Real Estate Job Hunt - How are people doing?I'm curious to see how other WSOer's job search for CRE is going. Are people seeing a lot of success or struggling?...330
0This is probably a stupid question, but why not buy TQQQ instead of a QQQQuestion is in the title. If you are in it for the long haul (20+ years), why not invest your money in a triple leveraged ETF like say TQQQ as opposed to the normal QQQ? Over the long haul wouldn't you expect triple the appreciation? If this is a dumb question, I'm asking for a friend :)...3
0Jefferies Tech Superday New YorkHad a tech superday today in the New York Office, not sure if there was other groups, heard decision would be made today/tomorrow, anyone?...2
+3Financial Advisor making 200k+ leaving for MBA/Investment BankingWell, it's official: my job will probably be eliminated and the days of financial advisors/wealth management making 200k-500k are probably behind us due to government regulations. I think that the incredibly tenured and seasoned advisors will probably be "okay" but experience a drop in income by way...14
0Stupid luck?I'm currently in IB but wanted to try my hand in investing, I formed a thesis, rejected some ideas and did a valuation on a promising company from an aftermarket press-release and bought when market opened, it popped 50% today and this was my first individual stock purchase ever. Did I just accident...3
+1If you could ask HR anything...So I have a contact at HR, she said she would be happy to answer any questions that I may have. Aside from asking about the timeline and how you can get involved with the recruiting process, what else would you ask her?...27
+3Profiting from Feminism: Investing in Popular Anti-Depressent and Pet Food Manufacturers?My investment experience is in the quant space, but recently I've been pondering how to take advantage of the rise in feminism across the western world. My hypothesis is that, as "Millennial" and "Generation Z" women begin approaching the ages of infertility (40+), there will be unprecedentedly larg...10
+7Abraaj Capital - Global Anlayst Program - 2017 IntakeHey Guys! With regard to the above captioned subject, I'm looking to get in touch with candidates who have applied for Abraaj's GAP for the 2017 intake. In this regard, I'd be grateful if people can apprise about the status of their application process. Also, all those who are familiar with the s...85
+2Leaving an established hedge fund to join startup hedge fundHi guys, My current job is at a large established hedge fund that is well respected and I enjoy showing up to work every day. I've been an analyst here for a few years now but I feel like I'm being underpaid and I'm getting restless. I could be stay here another decade and probably wouldn't mak...24
+19This forum helped me go from Blackstone to Facebook to YCombinator startup founder ( Ask me anything!Wow does this forum brings back memories! WallStreetOasis was a welcome discovery my freshmen year in college and I checked it religiously back then - trying to gauge the relative prestige and status of different firms and sucking in all the hilarious and offensive terminology along with it. Honestl...62
+4Why do CEOs care so much about activist hedge funds?Hi monkeys, Can one of you explain why activist hedge funds are supposedly so feared by F500 companies? Why does a F500 CEO care so much about what a 5% shareholder wants that it requires him/her to devote a majority of their time responding to their arguments? I've read several articles in the E...13
+2Bank of the Ozarks Real Estate Specialties GroupHas anyone worked for or with Bank of the Ozarks Real Estate Specialties group? From what I understand they are becoming one of the larger construction/balance sheet lenders in several major markets throughout the country. Just curious how they are viewed in the market. Thanks....16
0Janet Yellen on financial crisisIs Janet Yellen's statement that she expects no more financial crisis in our lifetimes the greatest sign that there's a huge one coming soon?...0
+1Brooklyn College CUNY or UMass LowellHello WSO, I have just completed my sophomore year at UMass Lowell. I had attended Barry University in Miami, FL and received a 2.9 GPA for my first year. After one year in UMass Lowell, I have a GPA of 3.8 (42 credits), and I was wondering if I should stay here or transfer to Brooklyn College CU...7
+1At a top target but no connections-- best way to get somewhere for sophomore summer?I'm a sophomore at a top ivy and I really want to get into finance for next summer. Unfortunately, unlike a lot of other people at my school, I have no implicit connections that I can tap into to start working things out. More than anything, I just want to be somewhere where I can learn a lot about ...12
+4How is it possible to have a negative EV?So the answer is that a company has more cash than the market value of equity. That makes no sense because the market value of equity takes into account cash, thats why you have to subtract cash from enterprise value in the first place......43
0EJF CapitalDoes anyone know anything about EJF Capital, a hedge fund in Arlington, VA? Any information would be greatly appreciated...I haven't been able to dig up much about it on wso or elsewhere. Thanks....3
+1Why do people use Argus?Hey everyone, I was just wondering why people in commercial real estate use Argus. I have no experience in it whatsoever, but I have seen people use it, and it doesn't look to be that helpful. I was wondering if you could give me insight as to why it is useful, and how it is useful....14
0Company Interview: Bain & Company0
0Masters in 4 years helpful?Where I go to school, we're offered a masters in economics degree, in 4 years, which I would also be completing with my bachelor's in finance. Would putting this on my resumé help with internship or FT recruiting? Do people with 4 year master's degrees look odd and are they often mistaken for ol...0
0Should I head to London? I'm a penultimate year finance student at a respectable but non Russel group university. I have no professional finance related work experience and I manage a modest (£000s) student (£cash) portfolio. My dilemma, I was unsucesful in securing a summer internship in Asset Management through forma...0
+10Your Favorite BreakfastHi Gang, After having a delicious breakfast this morning consisting of 4 strips of bacon and 5 scrambled eggs with a coffee, I wanted to know what is everyone's favorite weekday breakfast. I wake up a little earlier to have the time to cook it but I start the day full and happy. I always us...120
0Company Compensation: Boston Consulting Group0
+2Google CEO Gets Nine-Figure Pay Package According to this Bloomberg [article](, Google's CEO took home nearly $200 Million in 2016. This isn't his first time taking home a nine figure salary either; he's achieved this three ye...28
+2How do I nail an Informational Interview with head of division? Hey guys, So I have a 15-20 min informational interview coming up next week with the division head of TMT at an EB (think Lazard, Houlihan, Evercore). I know that he can potentially get me an interview, heck even hire me for an intern if he wants (although I know that won't happen) but I jus...26
+2Poop transplants are the final frontier in athletic dopingThe world of athletes is one where being the best is well the only thing anyone really strives for. Not just for the money but for that personal feeling of accomplishment. For as long as sports have been around, forms of cheating have followed. It looks like now those ways of cheating have a bit too...0
+1Low GPA but somewhat differentiated applicationHi there, I was wondering if my background in tech would help on a consulting app. I have a GPA of only 3.3 as a finance and marketing major(possible Spanish minor as well). In terms of work experience I interned as a account development associate at a smallish software company as well as helping...7
+2Is Investment Banking Paid Slavery?Although the title might shock you, but think well, treat this with open mind and caution. **READ FULL :** I am reading online STORIES after STORIES of IB/PE/HF/VC analysts being WORKED to DEATH. Sure, $150 K is amazing, but working 70 - 100 hrs a week seems to make any Walmart store manager mo...11
0Company Interview: Wells Fargo Securities0
0Naive, green PhD needs her dreams destroyed with crushing resume reviewI just finished my PhD in biology in Germany and I'm looking into what options exist in industry. A friend who works in corporate strategy suggested strategy consulting would be a good entry point, and after doing some research, I'm intrigued. My native language isn't so useful, so I'm thinking abou...3
+1S&T Bonus, why so different from IBD?Could be completely wrong on this and would love to learn more. Based on some of the numbers I have seen, why aren’t S&T bonuses higher or at least in line with IDB. Based on Morgan Stanley’s 10k trading revenue made up 9.3 billion and ibd did 4.4. Just curious about it, I have dug a lit...7
0Canadian Undergraduate Transfer to US or Ivey HBA?Currently set to attend the University of British Columbia Sauder School of Business this September. Sauder is a top business school in Canada, but Vancouver has a less than stellar investment banking scene, except for the PMF program. The way I see it I have three options. 1) Finish 4 years at U...0
+2To all the youngsters on this forum...Ok, I can understand Sophomores in college who call/email me for advice, being a Freshman is pushing it when you haven't even completed you general education classes but I get it. But, why are high-schoolers on here giving out advice? Please, you have no real world experience and havent even tak...0
+3What do we think of Infamous "Pharma Bro" Martin Shkreli?### A True Pharma Bro Many of us know Martin Shkreli from his 2015 pharma endeavors. He raised the price of a life-saving drug by over 5,000% while working at Turing Pharmaceuticals. He has also started another pharmaceutical company as well as two hedge funds. [quote] Mr. Shkreli is on trial...35
+22018 London/Asia Pacific Summer Analyst TimelineHi WSO, I know this is more of a US-based site, but I was still wondering if anyone knows the recruiting timeline for Europe and Asia IBD SA positions. Also checked on The Student Room, but there does not seem to be a thread yet. Any guidance is appreciated. Thanks!...14
+1Berkshire Hathaway Bets on Real Estate - Thoughts?Earlier today, Berkshire Hathaway invested $377 million into Store Capital, a real estate investment trust. Obviously Store Capital is extremely happy about the recent investment as it represents confidence to other investors of Store Capital. As many of you may have known already, Warren Buffet doe...8
0citiplease guys really urgent i have received an email containing a link from Citi to take a test but i cant seem to find the test after login please is there any one who can help with this...2
+3What happened to xgozax?I just noticed that when you click on his profile it says "access denied." Maybe his company (think GS/MS/JPM/CS) had it disabled?...7
+1Agricultural Investing I would appreciate any primers about agricultural investing. It seems like a very niche space. Thanks in advance ...3
+3Didn't get paid a bonus as a PE Associate...To preface: - This is a longish post under a burner account. If you don’t want to read it the TL;DR is that I work at a small PE shop as a first year(and now 2nd year) associate and didn’t get a bonus this year. Don’t think its personal performance or fund performance based(will get that in...35
+1LBO Model Issue Hi guys - Building an lbo model for the first time and having trouble balancing the model. Gone through everything and not having any luck. Any help would be massively appreciated Cheers...7
0M&A Competition: Where to Start?Hello monkeys, A group of friends and I are joining an M&A case competition. What are your go-to books/resources/websites? I already bought Rosenbaum and Pearl's "Investment Banking: Valuation, Leveraged Buyouts, and Mergers & Acquisitions" which seemed like a good start. Thanks in advance...1
+4Swan Diving into High FinanceCheers monkeys. This is my pioneer contribution to WSO, but I come equipped with veteran skills. In short, I'm penetrating this kingdom like it's some fat Tu.mbler girl's safe space, and I'm up at 2 AM trying to crunch through an essay on intersectional feminist theory. I come from a somewhat unconv...9
0Company Review: The Vanguard Group0
0Real Estate Jobs: Which will be replaced by technology and which won't?There's pretty much been a consensus agreement that a large number of jobs face a high likelihood of being replaced by robots and/or automated functions. For example, a large number of accounting functions across many industries will be automated. Additionally, more and more service jobs (taxis, foo...34
+5Music for making it rainHi! Do you rainmakers have any songs you listen to for motivation? I need a playlist to get in the spirit of competition, but have practically no songs to compose said playlist. Despite having an okay taste in music (jazz, mostly) I become Paris Hilton when the music needs to turn me into a sober ...58
0Fed's Stress Test has nothing on Big BanksFinally, 34 firms have attained approval by the Federal Reserve for capital return plans. This is the first time that all the 'stress tested' banks passed the Fed's requirements. What does this mean? [quote] Big U.S. banks won approval from the Federal Reserve on Wednesday to return money to shar...0
0Is 1 Week Enough? (Series 63 & 79) - Full-Time Knopman Training Provided by BBFirst time poster long time lurker long time 98 degrees enthusiast. I start full-time as an associate in July at a BB. We take our Series 63 and Series 79 exams in August. However, it does not look like Knopman comes in to train us until the week before we take those exams. They have instructed us t...0
0Saban's $11 Million Dollar Contract Is Still Low For What He Brings InNow I know what you are thinking. He just became the highest paid coach in the United States for both professional and collegiate sports, how can he be undervalued? In finance, you are only worth what you bring in right? If you are not generating revenue you will be shown the door, and if you br...1
+1PE Analyst -> AssociateHow is the process of lateralling within private equity any different from the traditional IB -> PE path? A little background on myself. I am an Pre-MBA analyst at an industry specific PE firm that is well known among those who dabble in the industry. However, the firm is less known to those out...9
+3UNC Chapel Hill vs. UGA vs. Vanderbilt vs. Boston University vs. Boston College vs. Northwestern vs. NortheasternHey guys so I've gotten into all seven of these schools listed above as a transfer student from Baylor. I wanted to know which of these schools would prepare me best for a good finance career in Investment banking, consulting, investment management, etc. Money is not an issue at all, but I would lik...57
0Thoughts on Apollo Global Real Estate Analyst programHello! Just wanted to hear some thoughts on RE division of Apollo. The culture, learning experience, salary and exit. I have first round scheduled soon. I am at a Target (think UVA/UNC/Ross/Duke) pursuing a one year masters with previous FT experience in Acquisitions and AM at a much smaller shop...0
+16Ask me any question you have about Prime BrokerageI realized that there really isn't much information on prime brokerage on this site, even though it has been a significant source of revenue at bulge bracket banks under the S&T umbrella. I currently work in this industry (one of the big players GS/MS/JPM/DB) and am here to answer any question you h...123
0New Capital Partners - PE ReviewJust finished up my second year of Public Finance IB and started applying to PE shops. Finally locked in an interview with this small shop ( and was curious on how one would judge the quality of the shop and whether it would be worth leaving a BB for the opportunit...0
+2Are non-NYC offices easier to get traction?Noticed quite a few people on here put NYC above all else for the (valid) reason that there are much more opportunities for IB/PE/HF/etc. but I was wondering if non-nyc offices like LA, SF, Boston, Houston, even SLC would be easier to get IB from since there are FAR fewer applicants (but also less s...21
+3My team just got laid offJust got the news last Thursdday, our management has decided to let go of our team (since we have teams competing in the same sector/II category). I was already looking to move, but I am now worried where I can go. 1) I don't want to do IR 2) Been trying to do Corp Strategy or Corp Dev (but k...22
+2Rutgers MBA??Anyone have any insight on the program? They've made the T50 I believe and have been improving year after year. Obviously for exit ops I'm not talking about IB prestige but what about other decent Corp Fin roles or others?...8
+6AMA: Non-Target, Non-Major, Low GPA - Reflections About Grad School and How it Helped Me Break onto the StreetI’ve been a member of WSO for the past four years and frequently I have seen questions regarding the potential benefits of graduate school, specifically on the value it provides when trying to break onto the Street. So, I thought I would share my story, and the thought process I used when deciding...42
0How long should I wait after a phone interviewI had a 1st phone screening interview and it went really well. The interviewer even told me he was going to recommend me for the position to the decision maker as I showed I was really passionate about the opportunity and the company, and told me I would be contacted within a week or so. Today it's ...2
+2Will Chris Paul be a good fit for the Houston Rockets?Houston gets: Chris Paul LA gets: Patrick Beverly, Lou Williams, Sam Dekker, Montrezl Harrell, 2018 first round pick...10
+524 yrs old, going for UNDERGRAD AGAIN?!Hello, I graduated from a "**non-target university**" with a BA in FINANCE. I worked as an analyst for a local bank. I have no hope for rising upto associate. I changed my country and now... I just got accepted in "**#1 target-university in a 1st world country**" looking to do Undergrad for ...79
0Best Real Estate Modeling course? REFM? BIWS? WSP?This is my first post to WSO so I hope I'm doing this correctly. Here's a little about myself... Job : 1 year doing corporate finance at Top 3 Bulge Bracket bank Undergrad : (Mid-Atlantic) Non-Target - Penn State, Maryland, UNC Major GPA: 3.7+ Internships: 1 year at Elite RE development fir...34
0I have a superday with Citi next month - any tips?Hey guys, So I went through an accelerated process with Citi and will automatically go to a superday with them next month. Any tips for this? Never had a superday before so don't really know what the whole process is going to be like. Is mental math a really big factor? I am not the best at...1
0PE case helpHi guys, just to give you my background - I am currently a MBB consultant trying to break into PE. I am interviewing with one PE and after passing initial two rounds I have been invited to work on a PE case study. Since my knowledge of PE case study is very low (first PE case study), I am hopi...7
+5Retired Major League Baseballer needs adviceHI! I am a soon to be retired Major League Baseball player, looking for insight regarding my career prospects. I graduated from a top 20 undergrad business program with a B.S. in Finance. For the last 5 years i have been playing professional baseball, and in 2015 I pitched in the major leagues. M...14
0Amazon Antitrust Challenge Inevitable?By definition, U.S. antitrust law exists to promote competition under the thought that competition benefits consumers. As much as lower prices do benefit consumers, at what point does it start to have a negative effect on the economy? First off, right now no one can raise prices with Bezos commi...0
0Big BallersSo it's commonly said that in the financial industry (probably every other as well) people who bring huge amounts of money to their firms get to do whatever the fuck they want. What are the craziest things you've seen or heard from these type of ballers? ...4
0Does anyone have any clue on the timeline of recruiting process for PE associate (starting summer of 2019) I am incoming first-year analyst at a BB and will start my full-time training soon. As irresponsible as it sounds, I wonder what the timeline will be for PE recruiting. I understand that this process is getting earlier and earlier. What I heard from my friends who recruited last year (for associate...1
0Hong Kong vs. USHello, I'm an undergraduate at a non-target school, currently working in Hong Kong over the summer for a gold trading firm that's about 200-300 people in size. While I've been over here I have heard that westerners get paid significantly more ($150k as an analyst) and it is easier to secure a job. I...3
0SocGen DCMHey guys, I was wondering if anyone knew anything about SocGen's DCM group in NYC. I've done a bit of research on them, but can seem to find anything specific to them. Whatever info I do find is a generalization about the French banks and is usually about their Paris or London offices. ...1
0Possible to leverage a second IB internship before 5th undergrad year?I am currently interning at a well known MM firm in NYC, and I just learned I will be three classes short of graduating in May 2018. This was due to a prolonged issue with non-translating classes I took abroad, and my academic advisers mentioned the option to do an additional semester in the fall of...1
+2Is IB worth chasing with all this risk?I made a thread about transfer schools and the advice was great, it helped a ton. Unfortunately, as I've been reaching out to many Analysts and Associates, they stress how competitive IB is. The thing is, even if you transfer into a school such as: UVA, UNC, ND, Emory, Vanderbilt or UMich, there ...8
+6Get Your Resume Scored by WSO...for free So WSO is in about year ~8 of reviewing over 1,000+ resumes. While we have an amazing team, it still shocks me how bad 90% of the resumes are that come in for reviews. We will occasionally refund clients that have a resume that hits on all the key points (formatting, content and background), but t...11
0BB IBD - Foreign country M&AHi, I am an Indian student currently interning in a boutique IB. I have a relative(CEO) who can connect me to a PE firm's Managing Partner.This PE partner is extremely well connected.He can connect to me to the country head of a BB investment bank(this country head was with the BB bank's M&A d...0
+6Modeling tests/case studies to share? I'm just beginning the recruiting process at a number of PE shops and wanted to ask if anyone is willing to share some modeling tests/case studies? I want to brush up on my skills. Happy to share what I have as well....49
+1Too Old for a CFA?I'm gonna be 28 at the end of this June but I won't be ready for this year's exam. If i were to sit next year and pass all levels first shot (trust I know this is a difficult task) I would have completed all levels at age 31. Is 31 too old for the CFA to make a substantial difference in my career?...15
0Company Compensation: The Ayco Company0
+35Saving Time Bitches (Investment Banking & Private Equity)That's right. It's summer time. Although doing deals and pounding out diligence is sweet, the Hamptons are sweeter. How can we save time to get out of the office faster? Putting together a list of best practices and techniques (applicable to junior PE & banking professionals). There are a f...58
0Hypothetical: What is Your Value Add for a Prospect that Already has a Buyer-in-Hand?If you have been talking to a prospect for quite some time looking to get a listing on their property and the owner tells you they have a SERIOUS buyer-in-hand how do you respond? What is your value add proposition so that you can contribute and be a part of the deal? ...2
0Company Compensation: Dodge & Cox0
+2What will Uber become after Kalanick ? Most if not all of you must know that Travis Kalanick has resigned from Uber as the CEO. Uber is the most valued technology start-up in the U.S. (over $70 billion). But it might be s...5
0Economics Major?So I've been looking around and it looks like BAs in Econ (from non-targets) are a lot less marketable than Finance/Accounting majors. This concerned me because I'm currently majoring in Econ and I'd be able to graduate in 1 year. I could add another major like Finance and graduate in 2 additional y...0
+3summer mentorship programhey I'm a rising jr at a state school near the east coast UVA/UNC/Mich (a target I guess?). After my freshman year I did a diversity program with a BB bank (CS/BAML/Citi), interviewed for their sophomore program which I didn't get, and was in their summer mentorship program which I didn't really do ...10
0MBS and Real Estate Strategies AnalystI am thinking about applying to a group that focuses on investments in ABS, RMBS, and "other real estate related ass classes". In my current professional position, this seems like a great opportunity to get exposure to research, asset managment, and statistical/financial modeling. Is there any st...4
+2Morgan Stanley, the "White-Shoe Firm"?This continually comes up whenever I see a post online describing Morgan Stanley. Does anyone have any thoughts on the culture? Is it excessively formal and stiff, or do you think the firm is changing?...28
+1Is London culture/lifestyle/city more American than European? I think London is more similar to an US city than other EU cities. Culture, lifestyle, way of think business and architecture Your thoughts? ...7
+1Networking in New York CityLooking to get in touch with buy side individuals up in New York City. I will buy lunch, drinks, dinner - you name it. Need to expand network up there pronto. Any suggestions on to go about this? Travel there monthly with current sales trading role. ...8
0Does this career path make sense?Hello, I'm pretty new to exploring the different career options out there in finance, and I'm trying to come up with an end goal for myself. I'm definitely interested in working in financial markets and I think Asset Management would be something I'd want to end up in someday. Would this career pa...3
0Central Bank SalesHi guys, I'm just about to start a summer internship in London where I'll be interning on a 'Central Bank Sales' desk (among others). So far I understand the desk deals with CBs, and SWFs in the Rates space. Would someone here be able to provide any more information on the types of products CB...3
+38An Introduction to Suits - Welcoming the Analyst ClassAs we welcome the 2017 Analyst Class, I have some knowledge sharing for the incoming monkeys. Suits come in three different constructions: 1) Fully Canvassed 2) Half Canvassed 3) Fused __________________ What's the difference? Canvassed suits Canvassed suits have a free-hanging middle laye...59
+1STUDENT LOANS....I have to pay those back!?!Since I know there are some of you monkeys out there that aren't swinging pre-pubescent balls around, I am inquiring of you! What advice do you have for those students and myself who have graduated from college with a mountain of student loan debt? -- What payment plans have you experienced ...0
+3Debt Repayment vs Dividends vs Share BuybacksWhen/Why would a firm decide to choose one over the others with excess cash? I understand that debt reduction would probably be vilified in periods of low borrowing costs and that firms may resort to dividends/share buybacks in periods of low rates + low growth (to distribute capital back to shareho...6
0Consulting at a boutique firm (not management consulting)After applying for a variety of different positions, in May, I started a great internship that enables me to leverage my science/biomedical background toward consulting. This consulting firm is more of a competitive intelligence firm that does more of primary/secondary research on info for biotech c...3
+7What are some of the cushier roles in Corporate ($125-150K/year and ~45 hours/week average)?what types of roles are good/what should you shoot for if you are being honest with yourself and really only care for a middle-class lifestyle and value time >> money?...65
0Company Interview: Bank of Canada0