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+4Rational behind a lender choosing a loan termDebt Folks, have a question- Is there a science behind the loan term chosen by the lenders? For example, a deal I am involved with is a single tenant industrial deal where there are four years left in the lease. Tenant is B+ rated tenant, solid tenant. Will any lender be willing to lend on a long te...14
+2Land Development Internship starting next week... what should I expect?Starting my internship in land development with a very large residential developer (largest privately owned home builder in North America). What should I expect out of my first internship? Anybody work in LD? Would love to hear your experiences and would appreciate any pointers....4
+2Thoughts on Financial Technology PartnersSaw these guys posting they were looking for an experienced analyst couple days back & was looking into the opportunity. Looks like a lot of the posts on them are pretty dated (2013-14). Any recent opinions/thoughts? Seems like they do well very well in their space but analysts get absolutely wo...13
+6Is America really a meritocracy?I just finished reading the book Pedigree: How Elite Students Get Elite Jobs (Princeton University Press), which was written by Lauren Rivera, a professor at the Kellogg School of Management. She spent time in the recruiting process at several elite consulting/banking firms to research into how soci...17
+1Investments Management Unit or Finance Analyst?Hi everyone. First post on WSO, wanted to get some career advice from someone outside my social circle on campus. I'm a sophomore at a non-target school pursuing a B.B.A., Economics and Finance double major. Like many, I am aiming for an analyst job at a BB bank post-graduation. Future career pla...4
+5From trader to consultantHey guys, **Has anyone made the switch from trading to consulting (or know of anyone who has done this)? ** Asking again since only search hit I found was from 2011 I'm currently attempting to do this very move. I've spent my career working in Chicago prop, both as an options market-maker an...16
+12Help me pick a color for my track car.Which one looks best? Will be primarily a weekend car for trackdays up in Monticello. Thanks. ...36
+1Emailing people who interviewed me Hello monkeys, I have had several interviews with few BBs this year and I did not manage to pass them - mainly because I was underprepared. My question is, how okay is to email them as September asking them tips because I want to get back in the process etc. So it would basically telling them: I ...3
+8Dallas Life + Social Scene Couldn’t find much from the past few years on this so figured I’d toss out a question. I am moving to Dallas soon for work. I only know a few people down there. Could anyone who knows the city tell me about what it’s like to live in Dallas. Would be great to know where is good to go out and wh...32
+1Line of Credit Pricing for UNHWWhat is the typical pricing for a UNHW at a large bulge? Obviously, subjective to the relationship with bank, total AUM, size of the facility, collateralized assets, etc. but a ballpark figure would be helpful and much appreciated. Guessing L+40?...2
+1PE/Syndication Equity SplitWe have a potential opportunity to grow a small portfolio ($5M-$10M equity in) with a PE partner in 100-150 unit MF seeking 5%-6% preferred. We will be looking at 65%-75% LTV deals. We are familiar with a multitude of structures but are interested in what you're seeing as far as overall equity s...2
+1How to answer - “Why CFA?”I know CFA is mainly for equity research and fixed income research roles, as it is heavily pushed in those fields, but what about other fields such as real estate? I know IBD isn’t crazy about it, but you can’t say it is irrelevant. My personal view, and I know some may disagree, is that...4
+32019 Investment Banking Full Time Recruiting - Do I Have a Chance?I'm a non-traditional student, attending a non-target school, with a GPA of 3.49. I participated in some SA interviews this past season with JPMorgan, CITI, BoA, and Goldman, along with some smaller regional banks, but unfortunately nothing came of any of them. The only option I see from here is to ...16
+6Running out of time and options in a big, big way; have no idea what to do; losing my mindSo my situation is: -target school, bad GPA -2 years bulge as generalist IB -2 years middle market in TMT IB -1 year at *extremely* small tech startup which shut down in January Since Jan, I've spoken to over 3 dozen banks, at least 10 corp dev positions, and a handful of buyside shops. I ...27
0Anyone Listen To Fiction Podcasts?There's been a lot posted here already about regular podcasts. And people have brought up FT Alphachat, How I Built This, Planet Money etc... But does anyone listen to fiction podcasts?...0
+4PJT Partners, Evercore Summer 2019 Recruiting Timeline ??I see on the websites of PJT / EVR and other similar firms that applications for most divisions (including M&A and RX) for US locations are already open. This is quite surprising since only JPM is open so far of all the BB's. Is this for accelerated recruiting, and are they evaluating on a ro...80
+6What's on your desk? What's on your desk? During my visit in one bank I passed through funny and interesting desks... So just out of curiosity, what's on your desk? ...37
+1FoF to HF? Success Stories?How likely is it for a junior analyst with a year or two of HF FoF experience to move into direct investing? I have been hearing a lot lately that much of the skill set doesn't transfer and that it's a difficult transition. Curious what the rest of the forum think and if there are any success storie...1
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+5Lazard 2019 SADoes anyone have information or insights on Lazard's 2019 Summer Analyst recruiting process? Please share below!...9
+2How to extract as much as possible from the positionHello monkeys, I have managed to secure an internship at one of the biggest banks in my country. They are regional, but still gets a lot of deals. The position I have been offered is FIG Coverage. Tasks are market and company tracking, preparation of pitches for strategic opportunities etc. The t...2
+5Moelis 2019 SA recruitingCan anyone shed light on the Moelis 2019 SA recruiting process? Would really appreciate any insight into the interviews/types of questions and general structure of the process....40
+3Which masters to choose?Background: BSc in Economics and maths I have the following offers: 1. MSc Economics from (1yr) Warwick 2. MSc Economics from (2yr) Sciences Po Paris 3. A few other lower ranked schools (not relevant) From what I've read, Warwick has a good brand-name in the UK, while SP is very strong i...20
+2In Home Essentials/Must-Haves Happy to report that with any luck I will be closing on my first house this week (thanks in no small part to the WSO community for the job that's paying for it!). Was wondering for those of you with homes (or apartments that are liberal with what you can do to them), what are your must haves as far ...14
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+29Tell me a joke.I went to an interview and was asked to tell a joke. I told a simple one. How would you respond? Mod Note (Andy): See more jokes in this thread from 2017:
+2Deloitte Customer and Marketing GroupDoes anyone know what type of projects someone aligned to Deloitte Customer and Marketing would be doing? I think this is a group under the new operating model....13
+22McKinsey Insight, Bain Advantage and Bridge2BCG 2018 for ADPAs from 2017, I would like to start a megathread for 2018 McKinsey Insight, Bain Advantage and bridge2BCG status updates for advanced degree candidates. Please feel free to post updates and indicate which programs in which region you applied to! Deadlines McKinsey: 8th of April Bain: 13th of...297
+2Secondary Advisory vs REPE?Hello everyone, I’ve been going through the Junior year recruiting process for real estate and am wondering what your take is on my situation. I am currently a rising Junior at a target school (Harvard, Wharton) and have a internship lined up at a top 5 REPE firm (think Blackstone, Starwood etc...8
+2JP Real Estate Asset Management LAI know there are some older posts regarding this team, but curious to hear about current prestige, culture, work flow, exit opps, etc. Noticed they have a few Asset management / acquisitions analyst roles open in both LA and NY...4
+2"Analyst" vs "Associate" in PE (2018)Up until fairly recently, PE basically had two entry points; post banking (pre-MBA) as an Associate, or post B-school as a Senior Associate. Today, however, kids with 0-1 yrs of experience are getting into PE (as well as VC) at the ANALYST level- some through their personal network, and some wit...12
+1AI in Real estate valuationI am going to start my valuation internship in big 4 real estate firms, but I am wondering about the impacts of AI in real estate valuation. As AI is increasingly used in replacing labours in finance and the RE agency side, can it critically automate the valuation of real estates that may cause a hu...3
+1Include Eagle Scout on Resume?I was taking a look at the resume template posted on the IB forum and wanted to know what people would think about including the eagle scout project I did my senior year of high school under the leadership section. Would you find that acceptable as an interviewer/ resume screener? What are your th...2
0Military Officer- Highest Real Compensation?Hi WSO, Junior Officer here, I was comparing my compensation to what my friends at corporations and banks make, and it seems that the total real compensation is higher as a junior officer than banking. Here's the general outline of the total compensation package as I see it: Banking: 85k base...4
+8Wells Fargo IBD 2019 SA Offer vs Citi SuperdayHello everyone I just got an offer from Wells for a 2019 SA position, but at the same time I also got a superday at Citi. The offer explodes a few days after the superday. Pay is really good at Wells ($40 an hour + OT) and I'm thinking it'd be a better place if I were to stay in IB longterm. C...37
0American Express Strategic Planning GroupAnyone familiar with the Strategic Planning Group? If so, impressions? On the same note, does anyone know how they run their interviews? Is it more like a typically banking interview or do they go the consulting case study route? Thanks for the help. ...24
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+10Barclays Sophomore Springboard 2018Hey guys! Just wanted to create this thread because I do not believe there is one for the Barclays Springboard event for sophomores this year. Wanted to see if anyone has heard back from Barclays? Hopefully we can share our timeline information. Post when you applied and if you have had a ph...157
+19Shell Trading Development Programme Assessment/InterviewI just received an invitation to take the Shell TDP assessment, and I was wondering if any TDP alum can share their insight. Also, I hear the interview is brutal.. so if anyone has anything to say about that I would appreciate it. Thanks...212
+2RBC Women's Advisory ProgramIs anyone going to this event? It's their first year doing this so curious to know how many people are going. ...9
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+1Accelerated Super Day Experiences - HL Superday soonHow has everyone's super day experience been so far? Have they been asking more technical or behavioral? Anyone had written exams during their super day? From what I've heard I'm expecting them to be a little less technical because of the super accelerated process. Just curious because I have a H...2
+1What is the likelihood of getting a McKinsey offer after an unusual interview with senior level partnerI am at a non-target (for MBB )school in the US but have prior strategy consulting experience. I have been granted interviews by all three - MBB, through a mix of cold emails, alumni (at MBB) outreach and by directly reaching out to the recruiter. Interviews at M are pretty much complete, and BB in...1
02 competing offers, looking for insightHey guys, Current equity research analyst at a MM bank looking to make the jump into IB. I’ve had a couple interviews so far and I’m looking at a few offers, was hoping to get some insight. I’ve done plenty of searching around here, but it seems there isn’t much info out their about either ...0
+5Where to live on $2K a month? (NYC)If my office is in Midtown. Park Ave. Looking for a 1 bedroom. I have a gf so a studio is not an option. Not working IB hours. I understand it’ll be tough on $2,000-$2,300 (excluding utilities) but would like to keep the commute within 35-40 min each way. I’d absolutely have no problem loo...28
+45Updated Summer 2019 SA Open ApplicationsHi everyone, I know there's a megathread for this but that thread doesn't seem to have the most accurate information. Right now it looks like the following firms have opened their general applications for Summer 2019 SA- Evercore Credit Suisse J.P Morgan Deutsche Bank William Blair Guggenh...400
+3PLEASE READ -Active duty with MS in Finance and MBA Hello fellow members, When I get discharged from the military I will have an MS in Finance and an MBA. I will also start working on my CFA as well before leaving the military. My goal is land an Associate position in Investment Banking. Any advice? My current job in the military is with accounti...8
+10Citi Early ID Program 2018Invites for this are out. :) ...156
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+3UG Internship at Agency LenderI'll be a starting as summer analyst at a top agency lender (Berkadia, Walker and Dunlop, Greystone etc.) within the next couple weeks. I'm a rising senior and hope to get an full time offer for next year. Any insights on how to impress are very welcomed. Any tips on how to get the most out of the ...8
+9AMA: Commercial Real Estate I’ve done a few informational interviews in the past with recent college grads and friends of friends that want to know the commercial real estate world so hopefully I’ll be able to answer anything that comes up. My background: I’ll keep my background brief. Economics major with a decent G...30
+2MS in Financial Engineering or related course in EuropeHi, I am interested in doing MS in Financial Engineering or something related to same course from any European countries. I want a good university for this course and it should of two-years. Can anyone suggest me a list of good universities for this course in Europe and job market for that course i...7
+2Transaction ManagementAnyone have any insight on Transaction Management with a JLL/CBRE/CW type firm? I understand you get a corporate account and handle all transactions. Is this a dead end? Any exit ops? ...6
+1M7 MBA: IB SA (First year)--->recruiting for FT MBB/T2 with FT no IB offer(2nd year), what should be your excuse for switching?Consulting firms in 2nd year are definitely going to ask you why you're making the switch. What should be the excuse/justification/whatever? Thanks...5
+1Books on TPGI'm currently in the middle of King of Capital (Steve Schwarzman & Blackstone biography) and find myself enthralled in the chapters in which it covers a general history of private equity. I was curious if anyone knew of a book that covered the history of TPG? I couldn't find one online, and am reall...1
+4Actual Skill involved?I have been thinking of ways to differentiate myself from the hordes of applicants. What skillset will make any MD/Partner/Portfolio Manager in IB, PE, HF, AM etc. salivate? It appears that there is not a defined skillset one can acquire to standout from the crowd with the exception of mathemati...25
+11What Do You Look Forward To Short-Term?What do you look forward to at the end of the day? I have a lot to look forward to in the medium and long term, so I'm very motivated to get work done. But I'm looking for some ways to unwind / something to look forward to at the end of a typical Wedneaday. Otherwise, I feel like all I do is work an...55
0EY TAS (OTS) to Parthenon-EYHello, If someone is working in EY's Transactions Advisory Services (TAS)' Operational Transaction Services (OTS) practice, would it be possible for that person to transfer to Parthenon-EY? They are housed under TAS so at least its the same group but I understand that they are strategy focused. ...14
0Back office to IB analyst attemptsI have been in my current role with a BB BO role for a year and five months and interned junior to senior year. I knew I wanted either ib or research around the time of my internship but did not secure either after having one full time ib analyst interview on campus. In the past few months I have ha...0
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+2MATLAB for Real Estate ModelingHas anyone ever used it in REPE or any other form of Acquisitions? I've read a few articles about Monte Carlo simulations to test rent growth rates or construction options.. basically a fancier sensitivity analysis? Curious if there is anyone that's come across it, heard of someone using it, or h...6
+2What are some interview questions that you usually ask the company?Obviously it depends on the company and what they do within real estate but was curious as to what questions all of you ask in the final round?...6
+18What car should I buy?OK, so according to my parents I "still have my communion money" (I do, minus what I lost on Global Crossing) My GF recently blew up the tranny on my old Jeep. That means I need a new car. Prestige is a non-factor (thank you Manhattan) I Take the train to work, what should I buy for occasional use...67
+2Interest Offset / NOI as SourceDevelopers out there, do you always use positive NOI prior to lender coverage being met to offset interest carry in your models? What about if you’re pre-coverage and can not only cover interest for the month but a portion of TI/LC’s as well? Do you model this income as a Source? Lenders, do...4
0Why Work 80 Hours a Week For Somebody Else? Why Is Entrepreneurship Not A More Considered Option Out Of College? Hello WSO! It is great to connect with you all! As an entrepreneur, thought leader, technology disrupter, marketing guru, crypto investor, blockchain expert and brand ambassador of my own business - I have not only learned so much about myself, but I have shared valuable connections that I will l...46
+3EXCEL - Modeling Interest Coverage into initial Debt / Loan AmountHey all, I am looking at a model from a more senior employee at my company, and am trying to be able to model the same way. This model has to do with a value add real estate property. The big problem I have is that the Sources/Uses contains a "interest coverage" element in which there is a negati...6
+4JPMorgan ER vs Wells Fargo Investment BankingHey so I’m weighing 2 offers for my summer 2019 internship. I know Equity Research at JPMorgan is the best in the street, but it still doesn’t have the exit opps of investment banking. I still don’t know what group I’ll be placed in with WF, but their leveraged finance group is said to be un...8
+1WASHINGTON DC - Looking for RoommateI am looking for a roommate for an awesome 2BD/2BA within a 3 minute walk of Dupont Circle for ~$1700/Month. ...3
+52019 J.P. Morgan Proud to Be SuperdayI noticed there wasn't a forum made for this. I applied around mid Feb. and received a link to do the HireVue last week. If you guys completed the HireVue, please feel free to share the questions with us! :) ...30
+16Brief Introduction to Banking Recruiting at the MBA LevelMost of recruiting discussion here are for SA/ANL, and I realized MBA level recruiting is very different after went through the entire process. So I want to give back to the community and write a short guide about it. Since all these are pretty transparent and will be provided to you in your firs...69
+11JP Morgan -- Winning Women 2018Did anyone apply / hear back? I just emailed an analyst, and he asked me if I've heard back regarding the event. I haven't heard back and the event is on April 19-20th, so I'm not sure if I should be worried. Anyone email HR?...209
+3I am a community college student with a 4.0GPA looking for internships in finance.Hi everyone, I'm new to WSO but I wish that I had found it earlier :( But here's my first post! I am currently in my 2nd and last year in community college majoring in Business Administration. I have a 4.0 GPA and was, just recently, accepted into UCLA for Business Economics (not sure if UCL...9
+4CAIA Study MaterialI have a question. I recently took the CAIA exam and have a lot of leftover material/study guides/powerpoints that I paid good money for. I am wondering if I bundled all my files if people would be interested in purchasing them. Thinking ~$40 for it all, compared to the hundreds and sometime tho...28
+4Trader + Career Advice = Next JobHello WSO, I'm hoping for career advice/input on how to get to the next position. Any advice on my work experience, or advice on where to reach out to/who, would be greatly appreciated. My background: - institutional sales trading (equities) 3 years - buy-side trading (derivatives) 3 years ...12
0Insurance credit/rating analyst exit opportunitesHi, I am a credit analyst in insurance working for one of the big3 credit rating agencies with 3 years experience. I am also a CFA Level 2 candidate. I amWhat do you think as exit opportunities?I am wondering about the possible exit opportunities. Which positions at the insurance companies/banks /PE...0
+19Do you consider your Private Equity job intellectually stimulating?I have heard on some threads here and in general that PE jobs can get stale and boring, of course every job has its shit days but the nature of PE is long term concentrated investing. Do you consider your job in PE interesting and intellectually stimulating?...44
+2Warwick EconomicsHello guys As a prospective Investment Banker, I have finally decided to head to the University of Warwick for an Economics Degree. Seeing that university starts in October, does anyone here have any tips on how i can spend my next 4 months in a productive way which will hold me in good stead for S...19
0An Internal Dilemma Hi WSO! I'm in a pretty unique situation and would love some advice Ultimate goal: get buyside. PE, Corp Dev, HF etc. Not too fussed as still a rank amateur in this game Current situation: I'm in an Asia-Pac nation currently a junior at a Big4 pure-play strategy, Eg. Strategy&, EY-...0
+2Investment Committee ProcessFor those investment or lending folks out there, it would be great to hear how your IC processes work and what sort of materials are prepared along the way. Below is a template that could make this an informative discussion if we get a couple of contributors to fill. **Firm Type:** REPE **Produ...2
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0Four key reasons to demo trade the marketForex market is one of the most complex industry in the world. Every day more than 5 trillion dollars is traded all over the world. In the past, only the large banks and institutions were able to trade the Forex market but due to the recent advancement in technology, the retail traders now have the ...0
+4Is UIUC Target in Chicago?Hi, I'm a sophomore at UIUC majoring in Statistics and Finance in Agribusiness. I currently have a corporate development internship in few weeks, and possibly have an part-time job at the regional boutique investment bank during my junior year. Although I have, or will have, an OK work experienc...28
+6Best Personal Labtop for BankingHey, Basically, I'm an incoming 1st-year analyst and start in a few months. I have been an Apple guy my whole life and am very invested in the Apple ecosystem: iPhone, Macbook, iMessage, Apple TV, etc.... It's time for me to get a new laptop and was wondering if anyone has a Macbook as an an...21
+1RSM vs EDHEC for Private EquityI want to pursue a career in PE as an associate and I need some input as to which masters degree would be the most suitable for the job. I have a background in Economics and Business Administration I am choosing between RSM's MSc Finance & Investments Advanced and EDHEC's MSc in Corporate Finan...0
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+3How much do the topics and skills you learn in an econ undergrad class apply to your job or internship?Put simply: How pertinent are the tasks you perform at your job to micro/macro economics lessons you took notes on from your undergrad....6
0What happens if you miss your conditional job offer from an internship?I'm interning in London at a BB in S&T this summer having interned at another BB in S&T last summer, and I'm about to graduate from a target school in a STEM subject. However, I'm worried that if I miss the condition (2.1 degree) that the bank specifies in their contract should I convert the interns...0
+268Investment Banking Analyst: 15 Things I Wish I KnewI was writing an email to a fellow monkey who is about to start as an investment banking analyst in the summer. It's been a little over 5 yrs now since I was a wee young first-year analyst in restructuring for one of the Moelis/Houlihan/Evercore type firms (I call them the firms where most people w...163
0Considering changing jobs from funds product management at IBNB: I have not considered this in great detail and am not a seasoned WSO-er. TL;dr - very bored in current job and want to move - I'm a recent graduate from British target who did a quantitative degree (though GPA not good, albeit with mitigating circumstances which HR was fine with) at a London ...0
+43A controversial “portfolio theory” of career planningHi all. I posted earlier (about [reflecting on six years following a career change]( and got treated to a fascinating discussion — thanks to the questions raised by all of you! In that discussion, some thoughts ...18
+1MSc Finance - ESSEC Business SchoolHello, What do you think of this MSc in Finance ? Is it very reknowed ? I would like to work in M&A in boutiques or T2 banks in Paris or London. Thank you very much....4
0Are we best friendsMARKETS U.S. markets: Indexes finished slightly down for the week, but the U.S.-China announcement on trade could turn things around this week (more on that later). U.S. economy: The dollar has been off to a strong start in Q2. Want Morning Brew Daily Served Fresh to Your ...0
+16Most Memorable Earnings CallWhat is the most memorable earnings call you have come across? I remember one from Enron where the CEO insulted an analyst in response to a question about its cash flows. JPM has some good ones as well given the temperament of Jamie Dimon. ...21
05/21/18 - Monday @MentionsHappy Monday WSO! UpcomingUpcoming Meet Ups, Podcasts, Webinars & Webinar Rewinds: Podcast: Corporate VC And An Analyst Job Offer! -- Urs Cete -- 5/22/18 WSO Toronto Meet Up: Thur May 24th, 7:30pm, Paubers Pub Podcast: Pioneering Investing, Blogging And Women In Tech -- Joanne Wilson -- 5...0
+4Equity Options in Hedge FundsHello, I am Senior undergraduate studying finance. I trade equity options primarily though short premium strategies. I don't have much knowledge about hedge fund activities. Do hedge funds use exchange-traded (not OTC) equity options for any purpose other than hedging? If so, how frequently...13