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0I have a coffee scheduled with a first year analyst/intern at a small regional boutique. HELP!Hi Guys, What should I say? I am really nervous and was hoping some of you on the internet could help me with what questions I should ask. I am a non-target (think Devry/UPhoenix) with a 2.87 GPA. Wasn't able to land a summer intern at JPM/GS/MS during undergrad, unfortunately. I sent out like 100 ...2
+22Do many young I-Bankers pivot to F500 ladder? Seems like you sharks would dominate, yeah?I grew up in metro Detroit and every other white collar parent is a Big Ten (if that) grad who makes a cozy $330k, 550k, even well into 7 figures after working up corporate (finance/marketing/engineering/sales) ladder at an automaker, auto supplier, etc. Mark Fields, former CEO of Ford, was raised i...63
+1Profile Review: Good WE/EC, Bad GradesTarget: M7 Current Age: 25 Desired Age for MBA: 28-29 UG School: Top 100; GPA: 2.5; Triple Concentration degree in Finance, Entrepreneurship, and Marketing Nationality Info: White, Male GMAT: No official takes, have been focused on career building; when I was studying I was practici...4
+3Lying on your resume -- experiences, ethics, and strategies This might not sit well with a fair amount of people on here, but I've found this interesting since I've heard a few financial professionals say that this is an okay thing to do (to an extent). Has anyone else here made a small lie on their resume? (director of bullshit club, president of fratern...11
+7How real is the pigeonhole?Hey guys need some insight here: so I’m a second year analyst at a BB power group at the moment but have the opportunity to move internally to another group. They're just starting out a junior team at this office and so I’d work directly with a super lean vertical and closely with an MD. Thin...23
+2So you want to work at an investment bank...The odds of landing ANY job at an investment bank are slim. In fact, as you've probably already famously heard, the acceptance rate to Harvard undergrad is multiple points higher than all bulge brackets. i.e. Goldman 3%, JP Morgan 2%, Morgan Stanley 2% etc... Harvard ~6%. I’m one of the “luck...12
+7Just Received McKinsey Offer - Happy to HelpHad my final round this past Friday and got the call the same day. This forum was pretty helpful to me, so I wanted to pay it forward. If you're still in the process for McKinsey (or BCG, I also interviewed there) and have any questions, send 'em my way and I'll do my best to answer....24
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+2Evercore Restructuring Q’sHi All, Just wanted to learn more about Evercore’s Restructuring practice. Not a lot of information on WSO that’s recent and wanted to learn more about comp, work, rankings, exit opportunities and the like. Thanks!...8
+2Why do people list "student" under the experience section of their online profiles?Is it me, or do you guys think it's really stupid looking to see someone's profile, and under the "Experience" section they list "Student" or "MBA Candidate?" Also, I'm looking forward to who could have the meanest/funniest comment about me lmao...6
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0Recruiting Plan B?So...recruiting for SA 2019 hasn't gone well, I haven't quite finished yet cos I'm also looking at positions outside of US, but it's not looking too bright. Anyhow, I will keep grinding and that's not the focus of this thread. But as a plan B, what industries / roles do people usually look towards f...0
+1In a Dark Place, Looking for AdviceHi Everyone, As title suggests, I am looking for some advice from people in the industry in helping me evaluate career paths. Obviously, I have spoken to family members about my feelings about my career but coming from a fairly modest family, it is hard getting relevant advice as no one works in ...1
+1Completely lost - 9 superdays no offer for 2019 junior summer SATitle. I am just completely unsure of what is wrong - I've gone through like 30 first rounds at this point and 9 superdays. No clue how I'm screwing up this much. I've done practice interviews with unbiased people and they all say I'm doing fine. I've come a long way since I first started interviewi...1
+6Is it weird to like working 100 hrs a week?I always preferred to work over 14 hrs a day and always felt the 40 a week is not enough. Since my job requires a lot of analysis and research, it is quite enjoyable to work all day. I recently saw an [article ](
+2Should I shave my beard *completely* for interviews even if I have a baby-face?I'm about to begin interviewing for IB/AM internships for Junior year summer. I have always had a baby-face, and if I shave, I look a solid 5 years younger than the 24 that I am. However, if I leave just a little bit of well-trimmed beard, I look like I could be another 5 years older than my age. ...6
+3Investment Thesis, submitted this to a PMHi WSO, I've recently been in talks with an Asset Manager who has brought me in numerous times to help me get a better idea of what the day-to-day is like. I reached out to a school alumni that works there (Portfolio Manager) and have written him a few research reports. I wanted to get some opini...17
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0Wellington Post Superday TimelineHas anyone heard back from the undergrad full-time Wellington super days last week yet? Or does anyone have any input as to the timeline from years prior? I had mine last Tuesday and have yet to get any indication one way or the other. Thanks for the help....0
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+1Private Equity Reference CheckHi everyone, I just had a final round interview for an associate role at a PE fund. I thought it went overall pretty well, however there were other candidates (who I'm sure also did just as well) but regardless I am hopeful that I will land the job and be finished with this process. My dilemma ho...0
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+1Top Tier Growth Equity Associate Compensation?Was wondering what type of comp to expect as a 1st/2nd year associate at a top growth equity fund (think $5B+ AUM, does late stage venture deals) 1st Year analyst comp is ~150-170k What does comp progression look like after that? What late stage venture firms are known for paying more/less?...4
+3Freddie Mac Multifamily SuperdayJust got sent the agenda for Freddie Mac's Multifamily "Freddie Day". Anyone have any advice/any idea what the interview process will be like? Thanks in advance. ...17
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+7Passive Income Opportunities & Diversifying Your WealthIn the spirit of overworked bankers & finance professionals who are looking towards the eventual light at the end of the tunnel, let's explore the topic of creating sustainable sources of income outside one's daily W-2 grind. Personally I've given the idea a lot of thought lately as I'm aware the...18
+2Societe Generale Summer Analyst 2019 SuperdayI recently had a Superday with SocGen for SA 2019. Has anyone received offers yet? Please share if you've heard back....8
0Engineer to Finance IndustryLooking to talk with engineers who've made the jump from technical jobs to a career in finance. Have specific questions on how to make the change and on finance careers for engineers. Please contact me via PM. Thanks....0
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+1Which offer to take? (UBS/DB/Two Sigma/Jump/Flow Trader)I have knowledge in both trading and programming, hence, I applied to different roles. Which one of the options look the best to you (Just from the career progression and compensation perspective)? 1. UBS/DB/CS S&T internship (London) 2. Flow Trader/IMC Trading Intern (Amsterdam) 3. Two Sigma S...5
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Church Pension GroupThe Church Pension Fund (CPF) has been the sponsor and administrator of The Church Pension Fund Clergy Pension Plan (a defined benefit plan) since 1917. ...
+1EY vs. Deloitte ConsultingI got an offer from EY advisory but I'm considering passing it up in order to interview at Deloitte. I would be taking up a Supply Chain Management Consulting position at both companies. I'm mainly considering this for two reasons: 1) Deloitte generally has a bigger brand name (at least in Can...4
+172019 SA Sophomore Internships ThreadRight now it does not look as if there is a thread going regarding 2019 Summer SA positions specifically targeted at current sophomores so I intend for this thread to serve as a tool for all of us regarding this. Down below are the programs currently open to those graduating in 2021 that I have foun...123
0What to buy in a US currency crisisHello, In the case that there is a debt or currency crisis in the US - what would be some solid choices for selecting assets to profit off this kind of event? Gold seems like an obvious one but is there more? I’m interested in opinions on foreign currencies and EM stocks and how they wo...0
+1Mid-Market Securities, LLC.Does anyone have any information on the boutique firm Mid-Market Securities in NYC? Deal flow, intern experience, etc.? ...5
0Futures quant fundHi! I am looking at options for starting a quant futures fund. Wondering if I should go out and form my own Master feeder structure or get under a larger fund as an incubator? Looking to build a track record with a small pot of around $250k and then seeking private individual allocations. Also su...0
+5Work MouseDoes anyone have any recommendations for a solid mouse, preferably under $100? I want to upgrade to something that will hopefully add some efficiency. There are so many similar ones online it's hard to differentiate. ...15
0In my early 30s with no directionI wanted to reach out to this community to possibly help me get better situated with my current position. I am so lost at this point and would really appreciate some feedback from the more successful individuals from this community. I have recently discovered the WSO website and it has been a grea...0
+8How did you get your current job? Tips & advice.How did you end up at your current job? Was it through a contact you knew? Graduate school? A website you recommend? Any advice for someone who is on the quest for landing a solid job. Thanks....35
+7BBH fires both MD and SVP after sexual harassment claims by Julie NadeauWhat do you guys think of this? "Brown Brothers Harriman 3rd year Analyst Julie Nadeau partied with her male supervisors Managing Director and Senior Vice President on daily basis in Four Seasons Hotel rooms, Nobu, Cipriani… One night her Managing Director suggested to go somewhere else after ...12
+4How to internally network?I'm currently interning at a big 4 in a non - consulting department, and i'm wondering how do i network with consulting department without giving off the idea that i don't like my current position. What is the proper way of internally networking?...10
0Where to live in Boston for young peopleAnybody know where are the best places to live in Boston for the summer? I will be a rising Junior and working in the Financial District...0
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0Should I Get a Master's Degree? Hi, all. Gonna admit, haven't had shit for luck regarding the job search so far. Been out of school since May and admittedly took some time just to travel to get away from all the noise. Came back and started applying for entry-level analyst roles (financial analyst, operations analyst, business...0
+3Couple months into my first job out of collegeHey all, just to give some context. I am a new analyst on the electronic trading desk and I am in the product group covering the equity algos of the firm. Its been a couple of months since I started and I am learning a lot but I still feel truly lost. Is there a time frame when things begin to clic...7
+1FTI Consulting Restructuring PracticeHi, I have an upcoming interview for a position in FTI Consulting's restructuring group and I wanted to know if anyone had any thoughts on the following: 1. Compensation 2. Differences in work compared to banking RX 3. Reputation compared to other consulting firms. (Generally know they are c...5
Temasek - Review - Mergers and Acquisitions
Temasek - Salary & Bonus - Mergers and Acquisitions
0Phone Call Scheduled with HR 2 weeks after Superday: Is it waitlist? So I had a ER super day at HK 2.5 weeks ago. I decided to follow up with my HR contact this Monday and got a reply asking for a scheduled phone call. Could this be a rejection or wait list?...0
0Is 23 too old for a starting entry investment banking analyst? Is 23 too old for a starting entry investment banking analyst? My course finishes when I am 23 and I was wondering whether it would be more of a disadvantage to me compared to someone who finishes bachelors at an age of 21 or 22. My buddies are telling me it is already a disadvantage to start ibd ...9
0Bates White exit oppTrying to decide between accepting an offer at a boutique IB or Bates White Economic Consulting. Can someone speak to exit opps at Bates White? ...0
0Bates white Economic consulting exit oppsDeciding between job at boutique IB and Bates White Consulting, Can someone speak to exit opps and career at bates white?...0
+1Anybody Trading NG?Anybody here getting into the NG market right now? Anybody getting run over or hitting it big? Curious as to what people think about NG market and how people are trading it......1
0Applying for ER Associate jobs without Series 7/86/87Is not having the proper exams yet a big issue when applying for an ER positions? I am attempting to switch careers to ER from academia (still in mid-twenties), so I never had the opportunity to take the Series 86/87. Will this keep me from getting hired, even if I can do the modeling, etc. that is ...0
+23How to buy your first set of golf clubsFor a beginning golfer there are quite a lot of different choices of equipment and it can be quite hard to know what is best since most golf pros and retailers want you to buy a 400 dollar driver. In my humble opinion a used set will perform just as good as a new set but what matters is making sure ...49
+1Which is more prestigious?Megafund Partner or Pope? ...16
+3Calculating EBITDANoob question: I find multiple different calculations of EBITDA on a given company. CapIQ says one thing, Bloomberg says another, and my own calculation says another thing. Which one do I use for a stock pitch? ...8
0FINRA PREP - Selling Knopman Marks Series 63 and 79 text books and study guidesUsed this year - the study guides are printed out and bound, they have my notes on them. Best to pick up in San Francisco. ...0
+1PNC Capital Markets Summer Analyst or JP Morgan Chase Global Finance & Business Management Summer AnalystHi all, I have an offer from PNC Capital Markets with their Asset & Liability Management team in Pittsburgh, PA. The full-time analyst program for PNC capital markets is a 3-year program and I was told that after my internship I would have the chance to go into another area of capital markets if ...5
+16Blacklist after a confidential lawsuitIs it possible to get blacklisted after suing my company for sexual harassment lawsuit? My bosses got fired and I got 280k from my settlement. Can I still find a job in finance? ...39
+2Consulting to PE with market/commercial due diligence experienceI'm currently an associate with a boutique strategy consulting firm that specializes in market due diligence, serving primarily mid-market PE shops. I have been with the firm for about 1.5 years after graduating with a Bachelors degree in finance from a non-target (Miami of Ohio). I took the job ...3
+3Colony Capital Summer AnalystRecently received second-round interview with Colony Capital in LA. Curious if anyone can provide any insight on the firm or anything at all. If you know more about their summer internship program that would be great as well. Thanks....8
+12What are the biggest lies on this forum being pushed around constantly?For me it has to be the "Dude, people in sales easily clear $500k a year. Look into software or Pharma sales." Anyways, what are some you notice?...44
+3Mars & Co vs KPMG Strategy Offers. Post MBAHello WSO, Long time lurker here and finally finished my MBA recruiting. I've secured few offers and narrowed down to two. (I wanted to focus more on strategy which helped me filter out option from Accenture - specialized strat, etc) I've read through all the comparison threads from before, but d...6
+1New guy at boutique brokerage. What do I need to know?Long story short. I was given a shot at a boutique multifamily brokerage. Average deal size is 30MM. They are great, but are somewhat lacking in training someone new. I have a business background, but have no experience in CRE. I've been reading books (The Real Estate Game has been good), blogs, etc...4
+3Sector most sensitive to politicsI have read in a few posts on this forum that sectors like O&G, A&D, and Industrials generally are among those most politically driven, or at least the most sensitive to political developments. I was wondering if anyone who works in these sectors (or sectors that you believe are also very sensitive ...6
+3Can't seem to lateral, not sure whyHey guys, just had a question about the lateral recruiting process for candidates like myself already in IB. I work at a boutique firm and am trying to make the move up to a MM/BB/EB if possible, but so far am 0/6 in final rounds thus far. I have some more interviews in the pipeline coming up, b...7
0MY SECRET TEARS WERE WIPED AFTER A LOVE SPELL FROM DR. WAKINABehold I was in a very bad shape when I lost my boyfriend. We were supposed to get married and everything got cancelled which was my fault. He broke up with me because he was a good guy who I treated wrong and didn’t appreciate. Subsequently I became so depressed and ashamed of myself, I realized...0
+22Didn't Realize This is a Job Requirement NowSo was browsing LinkedIn just for the fun of it and came across this golden job posting today. It's weird to see this explicitly stated as a skill now ...8
0Which Valuation Technique for each sector in Equity ResearchAs the title implies, which valuation technique are generally more useful for each sector? More specifically, if one were to interview for an associate position and were asked the sector that most interests them, I presume they'd then be asked something along the lines of the type of valuation techn...0
Willis Towers Watson - Interview - Generalist
0Can anyone help with LBO modeling? "How do you account for the "bonus" depreciation in an LBO?This is for all the modeling pros out there who can help. In a full 3-statement LBO model, how do you take into consideration the "bonus" depreciation until 2023 introduced by the tax reform? (i.e., 100% of Capex incurred) From what I understand, GAAP depreciation was not affected so the Incom...0
0Sopranos -- Paulie explains EBITDAFound this thought it was really funny. ...4
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+4Duties of Analyst vs AssociateCurrently in analyst role and about 50% of my time is spent building/running Excel models. I am a good Excel monkey what level is that reduced or eliminated? I am getting pulled into more development work which seems model heavy, but hoping to contribute on a higher level....9
0How to ask for a reference to meet someone in a different office?I'm trying to find people in nearby offices ie. Outside NYC, Near Boston, CT Area but all of their contact info says "Greater New York City Area" on Linkedin. I spoke to people at these firms in the NYC offices but how do I communicate that I want to speak to someone in a different office? The end g...0
+552019 Summer Analyst Program for Hong Kong/SingaporeAs some of the firms have already started accepting applications for 2019 for HK/SG, I thought it's the time to start this topic for those who are specifically interested in working in HK/SG. What's your background? What division(s) are you applying (not limited to IBD)? ...845
+2Nashville Commercial Real EstateWhat are your thoughts on the Nashville commercial real estate market? Is the short-term rental market going to remain HOT as more hotels continue being built? Nashville real estate company RE59 ...13
+2Beta hedging with options?How do you beta hedge with two options that have different underliers? In other words, how would one reproduct a typical long/short pair-trade with options? Let's say you are going to buy AAPL 1month Calls 5% OTM, and you want to hedge it by buying SPY's puts: How would you think about the ap...3
+5SJW in TechWhy are there so many SJW in tech and modern media like Netflix? I've been keeping track of Netflix's Witcher Serie, which is placed in Medival Poland and somehow they are trying to turn white polish characters into other races that are not known to be in Poland at the time. Also one of the main wr...25
+6Rules of the office? Can someone provide some general rules of the office? I am at my first full time gig. I find it hard to find balance between being a prick and not saying anything and getting too comfortable with my colleagues. I also find it hard to fit in. I didn’t want to be over the top initially and c...10
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+2Development costs to Assessed ValuesAnyone have a halfway decent rule of thumb to estimate assessed values from development costs? A few projects I've worked on the assessed values have come in all over the map -- as low as 50 to as high as 80%. Trying to get a sense of what's "reasonable" and "typical" as I'm working on a project ...5
+1Do the Big 4 care about college Prestige? I was wondering about the emphasis that the Big 4 place on the name/prestige of the B-School. For example, if I really like UGA's Terry, but also got into UVA's Darden, would I be a fool to choose Terry (for accounting)? From what I can tell, there appears to be a lot less of an emphasis on the "bra...4
0Commercial Banking Interview -- Capital OneI have an upcoming final round interview with Capital One's Commercial Rotation Program (CRP). Has anyone interviewed for this program before and have any tips or advice? Curious as to whether the case is more financial data interpretation focused or a break-even analysis for a product -- as I ha...0
+41Commercial Banking SVP Ask Me Anything (AMA)In the spirit of sharing, I figured I would set up one of these to help out those interested in learning more about Commercial Banking. As there is no separate sub forum, it is hard to find up to date/current info. Commercial Baking isn’t super sexy like IB, but it’s a good W/L balance gig that ...141
+2You think Jeff Bezos/Amazon would ever buy a bank?Morgan Stanley & Goldman Sachs have about $100 billion Market Cap and Amazon is trying to get into banking. You think they would ever be allowed to buy a bank maybe even aiming higher lik BofA or something...10
+105I'm an average joe making good money for family and enjoying a chill life. What am I missing out on by not pursuing prestige?Hey guys. I'm a 29 year old white male with a loving wife and 1 year old son. I went to a state school (Cal State Fullerton), graduated with a 3.1 GPA (didn't give a crap about school, just partied) and then got a sales job. Then I busted my ass (I'm not analytical or smart, but I'm a grinder) and h...152
+1Who should I cold e-mail?After I apply for a job online, I would like to e-mail someone at the company a copy of my resume, an example of my financial modeling and my cover letter. The problem is that I'm not sure who I should send it to if I cannot find the e-mail of anyone in the HR department. (Btw, I am applying for ana...2
0Successful Social Climbers and their jealous families who remain in poverty--A Snapshot of my friend's storyYou break into a high rolling career from a low class background. How do you deal with those family members left behind? This is my friend's story on the feeling for the left behind family members and their interactions with her. This question was from another WSO post on visiting parents still in p...35
+1RBC Full-Time IBD or MS SA LondonIf they were both full-time, MS is the obvious choice. Which do I choose as RBC is a full-time offer??...3
+2Does luck play a big part in BB IBD analyst performance review?I am joining a BB IBD FT analyst class with prior work experience. In my current employer, luck plays a big part of performance review process, as in if you're sourced in a smaller client with better senior exposure, or if you're lucky enough to have to cover for a senior because s/he was sick, you'...1
+41J.P. Morgan 2019 IBD Video InterviewHi guys, sophomore at non-target here. I submitted my app for JP Morgan IBD 2019 yesterday and just got invited to do a video interview. Anyone else get the video interview? Also, will there be another phone interview after this or straight to superday? Any insight or advice is appreciated. ...430
+17Moron Manager!! What to do???!Would kindly appreciate your feedback. I recently joined a boutique real estate firm after 4 years on the debt site to do acquisitions and development. it's a small shop with three principals, an acquisitions manager (aka moron from hell) and me as acquisitions associate. Here is the proble...39
0Career Advice (Big 4)I've been in audit for 1.25 years at a Big 4 firm and am looking to transition to deals advisory / financial due diligence. I applied to a technical accounting position at a regional advisory firm and recently heard back. However, I've already started discussions with our firm about deals advisory b...0
+22Credit Suisse 2019 SA MegathreadFigured that some of the BB's already have their threads but not CS. Post any updates that you guys have about Credit Suisse's recruiting timeline (especially NY)!...288
+1What tools and software needed for research and how to write the researchI have done research in the past but are there any tool & software we need to publish our research. What do researchers use and is there a way to do the research that is standard to understand. I always see these research with cool graphs and information that is easy to follow. Example is resear...1
+3Career Outlook - FP&A at a Major REITI recently just landed my first job out of college at a major REIT (200b+ AUM). I interviewed for several different positions there, but the interview that I performed the best was for a Financial Analyst Role that focuses mainly on FP&A - (budgeting and monthly forecasting process for revenue and e...6