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+1A newbie seeking for advice/guidance on how to break into Wall StreetAs a recent graduate and a current equity options trader, I am having a difficult time to land a FT role at a BB, MM, and etc. After networking with many traders on Linkedin and crashing into networking sessions at target schools, most of them including recruiters told me that their FT positions are...TR2
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+48Ask Natalie from Accepted about Business School AdmissionsWSO is excited to have the experts from Accepted on board to answer applicant questions in the business school forum. Here are messages from Natalie and Jen who will be checking this thread every few days: Natalie I'm here to answer any questions you have regarding Business School Admissions. I ...BSCH1408
0Phone Call with MF investment Director (Alumni)Hey Guys, after my writing my first "networking email" I already got a respone 1 hour later to schedule a date with the secretary of an investment director working for a Mega Fund (managing $5 billion), I´m currently a 1st year student. However, I know that they accept students after their 2nd ...PE0
0US Equities: should you invest?Hi, currently have my savings in a US Equities Index fund, and as you can imagine my loss is continuing to grow by the week. Was wondering what everyone's thoughts are on the market, do you think it's worth holding or cutting losses and moving capital into another fund? ...AM0
+2LBS MFA InterviewHi, I applied to the MFA Program and just received an interview invite. I was wondering if there is anyone who can share their insights about the interview process. I understand it is mostly competency/behavioral based, but I'd really appreciate it if you could share your insights on what to exp...BSCH7
+1Who are the top 15 to 20 low income housing investors in NYC?Who are the top 15 to 20 low income housing investors in NYC? Any information would be appreciated....RE4
+1Fastest way to IB?Hello currently I'm attending the University of North Texas, and I want to get somewhere in the IB field. I was wondering if it would be faster to go work in a boutique in Dallas for 1-2 years, then go back and get an MBA at the University of Texas or somewhere similar of its caliber, so that I coul...OFF2
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+5What Are Your Favorite Wines?I don't necessarily know much about wine, but I do enjoy it and feel my pallet expanding. I also have not fully broken into banking, but I know many in the industry enjoy their wines, considering wine has always been popular. I love going out with people who know a bit about wine, so I can learn mor...OFF69
+5Are These Good Schools for NYC Investment Banking?I'll be applying to college this coming fall at these schools (in order of preference): NYU Cornell Boston College Michigan UVA Georgetown Duke Villanova Dartmouth Carnegie Mellon Notre Dame Vanderbilt UNC - only since it is in-state NC State - only since it is in-state What other...IB69
+14AMA: I was a consultant and interviewer at McKinseyI spent 5 years working as an innovation strategy consultant at McKinsey in the Montreal office. During that time I worked on projects around the world on a wide range of innovation-related subjects. I also interviewed many applicants for associate and analyst roles in Canada and elsewhere. I'm n...CO23
+2How to get out of the waitlist after interviewing with American ExpressI got a call from the HR about 3 business days after the superday and was told that I was on the waitlist. It's been a week now since the last call from HR. So I am wondering if there is any way to improve my candidacy? Is it appropriate to ask about my position on the waitlist? Any advice will h...IB7
0Vanderbilt MSFCan someone who has gone through the admissions process (interview, acceptance/decline) for the Vanderbilt MSF program send me a message? Just a couple quick questions. Thanks...BSCH0
+1Looking for Case Partner(s)I'm looking to try to practice some cases over Skype for recruitment next Fall if anyone would be interested. I've done a number of cases last fall but looking to get back into practice. Please PM me if you're interested. Undergrad or MBA...CO3
0Tech Competition -> Bad for the EconomyAccording to an article by [Bloomberg](, the current state of competition among major U.S. firms is not sustainable in the long run: [quote]Tech giants like Facebook and Amazon are the ...MKT0
0Better for transition to IB? Citi Ops or D&P Restructuring?Have an offer in D&P Restructuring, have an interview next week for Citi Operations, or the possibility to apply to Valuations in D&P though no guarantee of interview. Plan on doing a Ms Finance in LBS/LSE or similar after 1 year of work and transitioning to IB. Any advice?...IB0
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+1Investing in Stocks: Factors to Consider In Order to Beat the MarketMany people try to find the next wonder stock- the next Home Depot or Dell that will multiply their investment by many times. [According to this article by the Economist](, there...MKT1
0Versa Capital Management?Does anyone have any insight into Versa Capital Management (interview process, culture, reputation, etc)?...PE4
+2Equity Financing Could anybody explain what Equity Financing desks do at a BB? Is it considered S and T? Thanks in advance. ...TR1
+1Early 30's returning to UNDERGRADUATEHello WSO, I was encouraged by @BreakingOutOfPWM" to start a thread so the AMA from @strategyand_alumni" does not get hijacked. Early 30's returning to UNDERGRADUATE at a Community College (San Diego Community College District), currently a 4.0 GPA, formerly taken Honors courses at San Diego Stat...RES1
+6Real Estate Side HustlesWhat types of real estate side hustles do people have? My intention is to work in real estate in a full-time capacity, but also have a side hustle like owning my own commercial properties or being a broker. I would like to hear of anyone's experiences with their real estate side hustles and if it is...RE35
+12019 Full Time IB RecruitingOkay so I know that the insanity has already started for the summer analyst recruiting but does anyone have any insight to what the timeline for full time recruiting will look like for next year? I would assume banks will still have to wait to have an idea of how many interns will be coming back bef...IB1
+2Funniest things MDs sayList some of the funniest phrases your MDs have used Ex: "spin your wheels" "bat this around internally" ...IB6
0Understanding the Yield Curve - pdfI have managed to pick up an old Salomon Bros report by a guy who used to manage money at Brevan Howard. It is quite good, and while I have parts 1-7, I keep reading that there may be parts 8-12. I have been looking for these, can't seem to find them, and am starting to wonder if they really exist...TR15
02019 IBD SA Recruiting Timelines London Hi All, I read IBD SA recruiting in the US has begun extremely early this year for 2019 positions. I was wondering if anyone had any info regarding recruiting on this side of the pond. Will applications here also open sooner? Many thanks...IB0
0Company Interview: Kraft Foods
+2*****2019 Summer Analyst IB Regular Recruiting Timeline Megathread Page*****REGULAR RECRUITMENT PROCESS / APPLICATIONS / INTERVIEWS / SUPERDAYS Now that accelerated recruiting for summer 2019 is coming to a close, I wanted to start this thread so that we could keep track of where each bank is at in the process. Feel free to share any relevant information including first ...IB32
+2J.P. Morgan 2019 IBD Video InterviewHi guys, sophomore at non-target here. I submitted my app for JP Morgan IBD 2019 yesterday and just got invited to do a video interview. Anyone else get the video interview? Also, will there be another phone interview after this or straight to superday? Any insight or advice is appreciated. ...IB5
0Anyone London based who know about this program?I got an interview invite from Audacity Capital in London for their Hidden Talent Program. According to them, they will train me for a month and then give me $10000 of their own money to trade while being coached by other traders. If the candidate does well then their account will be given another $...TR0
+1Green Plains?Anyone have any experience with Green Plains? Im trying to decide between an internship offer from them and one from Scoular. There isn’t much on them online. Any advice would help. Cheers....TR4
0Anybody here work at M&T bank?Hi all, anybody here work at M&T bank's CRE group? I Would really appreciate and be grateful if I could connect with you, thank you!...RE0
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+1Can someone explain the B School Career "bid" system?I've been reading about the bid system for getting interviews at Booth/Kellog. Can somebody please explain what this means? Any other T15 B Schools do this? Thank you, @Kellogg2016" @Hillary2016" @BreakingOutOfPWM" ...BSCH2
0Company Compensation: SunTrust Robinson Humphrey STRHTR
0Company Interview: Deutsche Bank
+1How many interviews did you f up?I´m just wondering what the ratio for other people is like, I had 4 interviews for spring weeks at BB so far and only got 1 offer. It that normal for summer internships as well? I´ve read that people got offers from multiple (like 4-5) BB´s and EB´s. How did your interview went? **My intervie...IB3
0Company Review: Morgan StanleyIB
+19Don't Be That Guy/Girl When Reaching OutNot too long ago, I was an undergrad. Reaching out to people that I have never met. Praying and hoping that they would perhaps read my Linkedin message and respond. In this process, I learned what rejection felt like but also met a ton of people across the different segments of finance and was lucky...OFF14
0Shell Grad vs. ING Wholesale trainee vs. Roland Berger: M&A exposure/exit opps?I am closing in on a few offers and have no clue on what to choose! All programs seem to offer slightly different things and all look interesting. Ambition is to roll in PE or M&A gig afterwards. They all have some exposure to deals but it isn't really clear or in my power... Other factors to consid...CF0
+2Instructions lacking clarityThe context is I work at a mid-market PE in a relatively small firm. I am an analyst at the firm and the office culture has been great so far. However, I am having issues working with one of the new principals. He asks for research without stating a clear objective and provides guidelines which are ...PE6
+3Accepting TWO offers (one SA, one FT) during same year; date clash! Help!I am currently a final year student and will graduate in Jun 2018. Its not possible for me to delay graduation, because I already did that last year. A few months ago, I received an offer from “Firm A” (prestigious BB), however this offer is a SA position which runs from Jun - Aug 2018. (They...JOB16
+2Wharton or BustAre there hedge funds - or other buy side firms for that matter - that recruit almost solely, if not solely, from ONE school? Ex: X firm only takes in Wharton grads. Y firm only recruits from MIT. And so on. Basically, are there real Pearson Specters out in the world of high finance? If so, which...HF10
0Interview with McKinsey - Experienced hire routeMy interview process at McKinsey has begun. I am expecting a phone screening, a case coaching session, an interview round with Principals followed by an interview round with partners (if all goes well). Anyone has any insights on what to expect? Any form tips/suggestions are appreciated. I am going ...CO7
0What do I expect in a McKinsey Case Coaching Session?Are there any do's and don'ts? Any other insights?...CO5
+1NDA and Freedom of SpeechAs many of you know, I’m M’n’A’in on the Buyside around Midtown during the day and hard charging around the bars during the night. It’s a solid hamster wheel of a life I live. In any case, I get a notification on my mobile phone over the weekend about a piece of news regarding a potent...IB1
0Longevity in IB - focusing on the long haul I'm currently consultant that will be matriculating into a top 15 MBA (Darden/Fuqua/etc.) program in the fall and I am considering using this opportunity to switch over to IBD as I have a major interest in finance. Since, post-MBA associates are typically hired with the intent of being career-ba...IB0
0Getting recruiter or company to look at me.I am a 17 year General Electric (GE) ex-employee and a Global Business Development transaction leader with 14 years of experience that has executed over 150 transactions (divestitures, JV’s, acquisitions and IPO’s) valued over $115B. I have broad industry experience across multiple sectors in oi...JOB0
0Harmony Plus Inc
0Company Review: Bank of America Merrill Lynch
0Canadian undergrad b-schools: Schulich vs. Laurier vs. UofT Commerce/RotmanA friend's little sister asked me for advice on which undergrad b-school program to pursue between the '2nd/3rd tiers' because she may not have the marks for Ivey/Queens/McGill (I came from one of those 3). So the choice was mainly between UofT Commerce, Laurier BBA co-op (not the double degree), an...IB17
0Company Compensation: Bank of America Merrill Lynch
+49Prestige Skirmish: Lawyer vs. Doctor vs. Investment BankerThe people wanted it, so you get it. **Lawyer - Prestige Pros:** -J.D. is the most prestigious post-graduate degree to have. -Extremely well read and versed in history - which makes for prestigious dinner conversations. -Wields influence over the legal system, and influence is one of the ce...OFF45
+1considering switching from sell-side to buy side (trading)i've been a credit market maker in a tier 2 bank for 3 years now. i actually really like it here (culture-wise and work-life balance) and i have a strong feeling that management also like me. however, the flow that we see have been on the decline for a while and it's been consistently pretty difficu...TR3
+1Am I pigeon - holing myself? What's up guys, I'm in a Tier 1 A Market, east coast U.S (Philly, Charlotte, Washington DC, Miami, Atlanta) at a top brokerage working in office leasing. I interned with the same brokerage during college , got a FT offer in research and shortly thereafter got bumped up to a leasing team as a junior...RE5
+3GOLDMAN SACHS UNDERGRADUATE CAMP/PRIDE SUMMIT/WOMEN'S EVENT 2018I figured I would make a thread for everybody applying to Goldman's spring events. I just got my HireVue request for the undergraduate camp. Let me know how your processes go!...IB7
0Company Review: KeyBanc Capital MarketsIB
+1Navy SWO MBA helpHey guys I am new here and need some MBA admission advice. Background: I attended a top 30 engineering school for undergrad(Super non target business school). I graduated with a 3.4 GPA in Computer Science and decided I didn't want to code for 8 hours a day so I joined the Navy \r through the NU...BSCH2
0Front office changeDoes anyone have experience or know anyone that has moved from prime brokerage to sales/trading /structuring? Either in full time or after doing an internship, would appreciate any feedback. ...TR0
0A Proper Introduction Hello, I had browsed this forum a few years ago but never joined. I spent 4 years as a pricing analyst at JPMorgan and now moved into a Business Analyst role. The reason I am joining this forum is to renew my passion for finance. I have been in a rut and new a fresh place to talk with others who ...0
+21US military to H/S/W to buyside- AMAJust re-joined the full-time working world after two years at H/S/W caliber MBA program. Attended b-school after ~9 years in the US military working in the special operations community. While in b-school, I did interviews for our admissions office and was responsible for leading our vets' club ...BSCH74
+1Lincoln Avenue CapitalHi. Anybody here familiar with Lincoln Avenue Capital- a low income housing developer and investor. Any idea on culture, salaries, would really appreciate any insight, thank you so much! ...RE2
+2Should I go to Wilfred Laurier (Waterloo) or York University as an International student for BComm Finance? I am confused about a choice. Laurier has a good co-op program whereas York is located in Toronto. Will a degree from laurier help me get a good job? Does waterloo have some good finance companies as i am looking for investment banking/ corporate finance. What about the starting salaries?Is waterloo...BSCH6
0Wilfrid Laurier UniversityI'm a high school student wanting to break into ibanking in the future and I was wondering what the Canadians (and even Americans) thought abt Laurier's BBA. Their Co-op oppurtunities seem to be good but these are only Canadian frims so I also have a couple other questions: what are Bay Street ibank...IB33
0One to One Corporate Finance NYC summer internship 2018Hi Does anyone know anything about One to One Corporate Finance NYC, in terms of size, deals, salary? I have a summer internship with them at their offices at 7 World Trade Center and I wanted to know about chances of conversion into a full time offer. I am a second year undergraduate from the...IB0
+1Laurier vs. UofTOkay, I've been reading through the forums for quite some time now and have seen countless threads on Ivey, Queens, and McGill, and then a few Rotman and Schulich threads that have resulted in Ivey/Queens/McGill discussions. So my question, which is better for Bay St. UofT Commerce (Rotman) or ...IB41
+102Coffee Is For Closers You think I’m f*cking with you? I am not f*cking with you. I have been noticing a very cancerous trend in this country. A trend that has even leaked onto WSO in many aspects, which is arguably filled with very ambitious and hardworking individuals, as we begin to see a lot of younger people ent...137
0Compensation Structure at the mid-management level in Corporate Development / Strategy / FinanceCurious how comp structure looks in Corp Dev / Strat / Fin as you progress through the ranks. I know it can vary a lot by industry/company at the senior levels (VP, SVP, EVP), but I wonder if it is more or less the same at lower levels. Would be great to get some insight from more experienced folks ...CF0
+1Fox News set to woo cord-cutters with premium streaming serviceFor traditional news broadcasters with operations rooted to television, it makes perfect sense to venture into news-based video streaming service. The latest to join the league of media houses trying their luck in the streaming space is Fox News, apparently taking a cue from the prevalence of cord-c...MKT3
+2How to transition from biology to market/equity research (in life sciences)?Hey guys, I'm hoping I can get some information on what kinds of jobs I could use as a launch point to enter the business (I'm specifically thinking market/equity research or M&A) arena from a biology background. I got my B.S (Biology). in 2016 and I have been working at a state university's medi...ER6
0Richard Ivey + BCS or DD Waterloo CS + BBA at Laurier Hello WSO! I'm contemplating about which program i should accept: 1) CS for year 1 and 2, then Ivey for year 3 and 4 (and possibly 5 years for double degree) 2) Double Degree at Waterloo CS and BBA at Laurier for 5 years Initially i was very focused on business, but after recognizing the adva...BSCH3
+2Valuable MBA Application Insight from Current MBA's at HBS / GSB/ WhartonAll - Some of you might be knee-deep in the MBA application process (currently Round 2), and others might be considering applying next year. I was in your shoes about a year ago and know how convoluted the process can be - it's about as "black box" as it gets. Before I get any further - a bit...BSCH1
+1WSO Contest 2/15/18 - Win 1 Free Month of WSO Video Library ($97 value)Try your luck by entering yourself in our Rafflecopter contest for a chance to win a FREE month of access to the WSO video library - which means access to all of our previous webinars (~275) and their files (ppt file, excel models, etc). Read more about the video library here. a Rafflecopter gi...OFF1
0Stock Pitch CompetitionsWhat are some notable undergraduate stock pitch competitions that are held on a national level? Anything like the Ira Sohn Idea Contest would be helpful. Thanks....ER3
+16Wharton kids favor restructuring/distressed investing?I was talking to a few friends who are currently there and learned most of the top kids (current junior/senior) are going to restructuring shops (whether it be PJT Rx, Millstein, Houlihan Lokey Rx, Evercore Rx, Moelis...) or distressed funds. Of course, you have a few at silver lake and such but ove...IB67
+1Is AE worth it with no experience?Hey all, I'm in Real Estate Advisory at a MM Accounting firm and am enrolled in an Argus Enterprise two-day workshop that the Altus Group offers ($1250 cost). I'm hopeful that I can transition into acquisitions, but with my current position, I don't do any financial modeling and for the most part...RE3
+5Shell Trading Development Programme Assessment/InterviewI just received an invitation to take the Shell TDP assessment, and I was wondering if any TDP alum can share their insight. Also, I hear the interview is brutal.. so if anyone has anything to say about that I would appreciate it. Thanks...TR67
+2Apply for IELTS,CELPIP & TOEFL Certificates in Jordan(+237654759239) Buy IELTS Question Papers and answer in India Buy IELTS Question Papers and answer in Asia Obtain Real Toefl IBT Certificate in Russia Money for IELTS Question Papers and answer Buy IELTS Question Papers and answer in Iran Buy IELTS Question Papers and answer in UK ielts certificat...OFF13
+2 IELTS JORDAN|IELTS IDP Backdoor in INDIA(+237654759239) (+237654759239) Buy IELTS certificate uk Buy IELTS certificate without exam Buy real IELTS certificates Spain Buying and Selling Original |IELTS Certificates Online in Jordan Buy Original IELTS certificate Italy Selling Original |IELTS Certificates Online in United Arab Emirates, UAE, DUbai ...CF6
+2Need help choosing between Corp Dev or Equity ResearchHi all, Currently I have 2 opportunities I can pursue and I'd like to gather some outside thoughts and feedback, as I am not sure myself. Any feedback, or any thoughts of what I should be considering would be very much appreciated. **My background** - Non-target undergrad - Couple years of o...JOB1
0Company Compensation: Morgan StanleyIB
+1Undergraduates and successWhy undergraduates are most successful in career when compared to post graduates and master holders? ...OFF2
+6Best Way For A College Student to Invest?As college students, I am sure that some of you may relate to the fact of looking for new ways to make a solid amount of money. Personally I have a little under $2000 and would like to get started in investing. For the experienced members on this forum, what would be some good ways to invest in the ...OFF74
0Company Interview: Johnson & JohnsonCF
+1BSc in Accounting and Finance at LSE vs Accounting and Finance at WarwickAfter lurking for about 1 year as a disgusting high school student, dreaming of working in IB, I got offers from LSE and Warwick and some semi-targets. Which of the two do you think is better? ...BSCH4
+2HELP - LBS Master in Management (MiM) vs. ESADE Master in Finance (MFin)Hello everyone, I have offers from both schools mentioned above and would like to get your views on the schools/programmes. My career goal after graduating is to work in Management Consulting (preferably MBB in Germany) or in IBD (London or maybe Frankfurt). I know people from both programmes...BSCH6
+1Help me understand mining banking jargonHi all, I am trying to familiarize myself with all the jargon associated with natural resources/mining team within an IB. I have been reading pre feasibility studies to try and strengthen my understanding, but I am unsure of a few things and don't really have anyone to ask. Can you please confir...IB2
0Company Compensation: LazardIB
+1Interview process, advice needed on how to proceed...I recently started the interview process for a posting I saw on LinkedIn. So far I've had... -A call with HR that I'd say went well -A call with a VP level member of the group that I'd say went very well -A call with an Associate where I was asked approx. 15 technicals and answered the questi...IB2
0Vera Slim Many businesses offer a total**Vera Slim** Many businesses offer a total twelve month warranty making use of their reconditioned products and can pay for almost any faults that need repair in that time just like if they purchased a brand new stairlift. Something to consider with your reconditioned goods however is the fact that...TR0
+1DCF question: WACC vs IRR?Hi all, I've just worked through a simple valuation model (with a terminal value), where I've used the IRR excel function to obtain a percentage. I wanted to plug the obtained IRR as WACC to discount my cash flows and TV to see if NPV would be equal to 0, seems that it isn't. Using goal seek ...IB2
0Company Compensation: KeyBanc Capital MarketsIB
+1Is this boutique firm a scam/not legit? i can't find any info about them from a google search? No deals listed on their page? Also interesting: they have the same type of firm with a lot of the same people under the name What do i do to figure this out/can someone please ...IB26
+1The Next Bubble?I recently went on a date with an interior designer who graduated from a private school and is now carrying $200k+ in student loans. She jokingly told me that she would be in debt for the rest of her life, which is true. The scary thing is, she is not alone. Student debt has grown from roughly 9 bil...OFF1
0Broadcom CityQuote of the Day [quote]Appetizer, not the main course.” [/quote] Morgan Stanley strategists giving their version of a Yelp review for the stock market’s dip earlier this month. Market Snapshot The Dow finished lower after Walmart’s stock posted its worst day since 1988. ...MKT0
+2 Buy Valid Registered CELPIP,IELTS,GMAT/GRE/NEBOSH And TOELF IN KARACHI(+237654759239) Buy orginal Ielts Certificate Without Exam in Jordan Buy orginal Ielts Certificate Without Exam in Saudi Arabia Buy orginal Ielts Certificate Without Exam in DUbai Buy orginal Ielts Certificate Without Exam in Kuwait Buy orginal Ielts Certificate Without Exam in Qatar Buy orginal Ielts Cer...PE17
+1Breaking into IB, best route from undergraduate to job?Hello everybody! I'm new to the forum even though I've been reading it for quite some time now. I have a couple of questions, hopefully I will get an answer to some! I'm 22 years old from NL, and I've been working as a Pawnbroker for 3 years. I then moved to work in sales (customer service) fo...IB2