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+6Do You Use Social Media?I pretty much only use Instagram, and LinkedIn. I used to use Snapchat but found I was wasting a lot of time on it and cut it out. I think it's interesting to see what other people use....23
0Inflation Options - liquidity of market, players, more information?Hey guys, does anyone know anything about Inflation Options? Are these actively traded? What is the liquidity compares to Inflation Swaps (EUR or USD) and to Swaptions (again, EUR or USD)? In particular, I am asking these questions on the European inflation options market. Thanks a lot for y...0
+50Is WSO serving its purpose still?deletedeletedeletedeletedeletedeletedeletedeletedeletedeletedeletedeletedeletedeletedeletedeletedelete...95
TIAA CREF - Salary & Bonus - Technology
+1310% Tax Cuts Coming Soon?Donald Trump is once again talking about cutting income taxes for middle-class citizens by 10%. Considering that none of the congressional leaders or White House officials know anything about his tax cut plans, I'm assuming it's some "campaigning gimmick" which is being deployed to garner more votes...48
+2Baupost REAnyone know anything about the RE group within Baupost? Wrt comp / hours / culture / strategy / reputation / AUM dedicated to RE? Have an informational interview with someone there this week, and want to get a baseline level of knowledge beforehand. Thanks...8
0Model test-Ask IvyIn case you haven't noticed, AskIvy offers model test with free questions, but answer is available after purchase. I got stuck on model the Wholesale By Vision's minimum guarantee payable. Thank for any help in advance!...2
0The Advantages of Hyalurolift AvisHyalurolift Avis attempts to guarantee propelled skin functionalities, for example, skin recovery, smoothening out of wrinkles from the skin and forestalling proceeded with development in the close and far future. The healthy skin item likewise promotes* progressed revived abilities that restore you...0
0Does it make sense?Hi all, I come from a non-target school in Italy (top 10 public schools), where I got my Master's degree in Corporate finance, and I am currently working in the Corporate Finance division of a Big-4. Prior than that, I have worked at GE as an intern for less than a year. My dream would be landin...0
0What are the regular fixings utilized? Hyalurolift hostile to maturing serum is a creative and immortal cream that conveys collagen particles to your skin for ideal supplements and hydration. It helps battle wrinkles, barely recognizable differences and different signs to uncover the sparkling skin you merit. This cream contains 100% n...0
0Help me to access helpful steerage to put in writing a winning essay!I’m thus worrying to complete my essays on time while not dues. one amongst my friends has suggested me that nowadays we are able to write essays for money, no huge surprise there are an oversized variety of services which supply their help with essay writing, since they distinguish that varied st...0
0How To Prepare For AIIMS 2019?If you want to know how to prepare for AIIMS 2019 then you need to read these top tips to crack AIIMS 2019. Tips To Crack AIIMS 2019: 1) Be aware of Syllabus The candidate must be aware of the complete AIIMS MBBS 2019 syllabus. It is very important to check this on the official website of A...0
+2My Chance with GSBHi guys, Do I have a chance at getting into GSB? Please see my background below: Undergrad - Top 50 but less popular majored in Finance GPA 3.3 Current role - LP (analyst) covering all aspects of private capital fund investments at a sub-$10B institutional endowment, ...5
+5Does Deloitte have the best M&A transaction group?If you compare all 4 of the Big 4 firms, is Deloitte the place to be for M&A work? How would you rank the Big 4 firms from best M&A (more deals, better comp, etc) group to worst? Also side question, do the Big 4 have industry groups like banks have? (TMT, FIG, etc)...24
RBC Royal Bank of Canada - Review - Retail Banking
+1Mizuho 2019 SA IBDHello everyone, Ive been looking around these forums trying to get some insight into Mizuho, but haven't been able to find much info. Anyone have an experience with them? Looking to inquire specifically about the recruitment process and their SA program. Would appreciate any info on culture, hour...5
RBC Royal Bank of Canada - Salary & Bonus - Retail Banking
The Parthenon Group - Interview - Management Consulting
0Why is property management Edinburgh important?Being the owner of multiple properties in Edinburgh, I can assure you that maintaining and caring for all the property is not an easy task. That’s why someone recommended hiring a good property management company, as that can help homeowners increase the value of their property, and I was convince...0
+1Lateral after 1 yearHere's the situation that I'm in. I have accepted a offer to start at a BB (JPM / BAML / Citi) in wholesale credit in a regional office (ATL / LA ), however I want to lateral into a coverage team or lev fin team. Do you guys think there's a chance after one year?...1
+5AMA: Big 4 Audit --> Advisory --> Top 15 MBAStarting an AMA thread for any Big4 Auditors or Advisory folks looking to transition to an top MBA. I leaned heavily on WSO to complete the journey up to this point, and want to give back to those currently mired in the Big 4 grind. I cannot thank WSO enough for giving me the knowledge and confidenc...15
0Starting AM Fall Co-op, any good reading material?I'm starting soon and wanted to know what I could do to sharpen my skills besides working on Excel and whatnot....0
+1Do alpha males have a harder time breaking into IB than most?I feel like today's society particularly shuns alpha males such as me from really achieving their full potential. I know careers in medicine don't really allow alphas to shine, and on the off chance they do, they turn out to do extraordinary things (such as Ben Carson). Is IB this way? I can tell t...8
+6Investment sales Training MaterialsDoes anyone have PDF copies of Marcus & millichap training materials? Or any other material on investment sales? Or can you point me to any sales training materials that would be helpful?training for both private capital and institutional sales would be great. Nothing in the marketplace seems to be ...76
0Asset Management in DCI understand this isn't really a super popular location for AM, but outside of Carlyle and Sands Capital, does anyone have a good list or a good resource they can point to for a list of AM firms located in the DC Metro area? Institutional in nature would be ideal....0
PricewaterhouseCoopers - Review - Generalist
PricewaterhouseCoopers - Salary & Bonus - Generalist
0S&T at Virtu, what do you do?I understand the quant side of HFT's but I'm not really clear on what S&T analysts do at prop shops/HFT's. Do they do they mostly do sales rather than trading?...0
PwC PricewaterhouseCoopers - Review - Technology, Media and Telecom (TMT)
Rothschild - Review - Generalist
Rothschild - Salary & Bonus - Generalist
PwC PricewaterhouseCoopers - Salary & Bonus - Technology, Media and Telecom (TMT)
TransMarket Group - Interview - Prop Trading
West Monroe Partners - Salary & Bonus - Management Consulting
+2Houston Restructuring Exit OpsWould working at a Houston bank with restructuring deal flow make you a competitive candidate for typical restructuring-based exit ops (i.e. distressed debt investing)? Especially within Dallas? A lot of people emphasize that Houston banks only place into O&G related exits. During recruiting, I ...8
+11Why don't more women go into PE?Team pages have like 2-3 women max. Are the women in analysts programs just not pursuing PE and opting for Corporate roles instead ? Can anyone share their experience or those of your female friends and the paths they take after their IB stints ?...30
0Fortune 500 vs Regional Boutique Sophomore InternshipI am a sophomore at a semi-target with 3.7 GPA looking to lock down an internship for Summer 2019. I am looking to get solid experience on my resume so that I can be in a good position to recruit for BB investment banking for Summer 2020. My question is: What would bigger banks value more, a...0
+3How would you value a single tenant office building with the tenant being AAA rating versus BB rating? Hey guys, I am trying to value a single tenant office building but the tricky part is the value would be very much different if a AAA rating tenant comes in versus a BB rating tenant comes in. So I need to present two scenarios. What would be a reasonable way to value it in real world? Now I ha...6
+6What do you think of Chinese manufacturing? Now many things in the store are from Asian manufacturing companies, such as Apple. I don't know what people think of these products....36
+1Why does it feel so weird to make an "ask" at the end of a informational interview?I've been having a few conversations per week. I've been having solid success with contacting alumni. For the life of me, I cannot make "the ask". After 5-10 minutes and when I run out of questions, I usually just say "Thank you for taking the time to speak with me today, I was able to learn a lot e...4
+12For every silver banana I get, I will donate $1 to the Southern hurricane and Japan reliefThanks...6
+5Hirevue JPMorgan Chase SA 2019 Asset Management???Does anyone have any questions/insight into the Hirevue questions for JPMorgan Chase SA 2019 Asset Management in NYC? I'm assuming its behavior, but since this is my first hirevue-no clue. Also, is this a first round or still an initial screening type of process (automated or does it mean something?...43
+1SS ER > HF. Network in from SS or MBA?For the past year I've been at a MM bank doing tech/software ER and have spent about 5 years total on the sell side. I would now like to make the transition to a traditional L/S hedge fund. I've recently started more seriously networking as I view that as my best path to breaking in. I have a few...1
BlackRock - Interview - Corporate Development
0Non-Target, 3.44 GPA, CFA Level II candidate How to build up careerHello everyone, I'm new here. I'm a non-target school undergrad student major in Finance. I'm graduating this December. I've been looking for jobs for couple months. I currently have an internship at State Street Corp. as operation analyst. I took my CFA level I this summer and passed. My dream d...0
+201 year into MBA: Things I wish I knewHi all, Longtime reader and writing as a small way of “giving back.” I’m in my second year at H/S/W and thought I’d share some thoughts and insights. My background is traditional – think IB / Consulting / HF / PE. On the whole, I’ve had a very rewarding experience so far, especial...14
+1Team Lunch - dress code themeOur team is trying to do a team bonding lunch with a dress code theme. Please recommend a cool theme for us? Thanks....2
+7Microdosing Psilocybin MushroomsI've done the research and ordered the stuff necessary to get a pretty nice mushroom grow op going. I've decided to start microdosing. I decided during my last trip (11g) which I did last week. Anyone microdosing anything? How's it going for you? People are reporting some very exciting shit and I ca...19
+1Thoughts on Asking for Relocation/ Housing Stipend as an Intern?So I am based out of the West Coast, and the bank I am interning at this summer wants me to be in their NYC office. Since I am getting paid street, I know that the bank can probably afford to shell out 1-2K, but is it alright to ask for a relocation stipend without coming off as pushy/ entitled? Tha...1
Arma Partners - Salary & Bonus - Investment Banking
+15Recruitment Set Back To "Normal"Do you think other banks will now follow through? WSJ: Goldman, JPMorgan Hit Pause on Intern Recruiting ‘Madness’ [quote] Two Wall Street investment banks are easing up in the race to hire their most junior employees. Goldman Sachs Group Inc. GS 2.23% and JPMorgan Chase JPM 1.76% & Co...28
+1LBO Practice CompanyAll - I've got an interview next week and was hoping someone had some recommendations on a relatively simple publicly-traded company I can build a practice LBO for? Just trying to get some reps in beforehand. ...2
+2Goldman Sachs IMD Hirevue Interview Response Hi guys, I recently interviewed for GS IMD SA 2019 through hirevue 2 weeks ago and I havent received any responses. I applied for the LA office. Does anyone know when they should get back to us? Anyone in a similar situation? I would love to know. The waiting is making me anxious. Also,...7
+34People who didn't make it into IB: What are you doing now?I am currently in the process of applying for IB related internships and I have a feeling I'm not going to make the cut. You know how sometimes you dance with the hottest girl in the club but you KNOW she's not going home with you? That's how I feel about IB and it got me thinking- What if I don't m...50
+1Blackstone Real Estate Debt Strategies GroupDoes anyone have any information on this group or interview insights? Have heard a lot about the other divisions and BREP but not so much BREDS. ...2
0Software Internship in HF Treasury OperationsGot a summer internship offer from a very large HF where I'd be working on treasury operations software. I'm aware of the FO/MO/BO distinction and hold no illusions about where general treasury work fits in that hierarchy. That said, I read an article mentioning how certain software work in treas...0
HSBC - Review - Generalist
0Cold Calling / Sourcing Deals for PE ShopIve seen some posts on this from a few years back, but wanted to see if I could get some updated info on it. Their are a number of PE Shops looking to hire 'Business Development Associates" to source / cold call 80% of the time. From someone with a non traditional background, would a job like th...8
HSBC - Salary & Bonus - Generalist
+1Back Office to IB/PE? Offers to choose from Fund internship, IB Business Management, Corporate Finance, etc.Hey Guys, Sorry had a same post in job advice forum but the format seems messed up and it won't let me edit it. It would be great if I could just have some advice on the offers/in progress interviews I am having, as I am not 100% sure which path I should take. My ultimate goal is moving into a...5
0WSO Boston Meet Up: Thur 11/15, 630-830pm, Durty Nelly'sThe next Boston meet up is coming up on Nov 15th. These Boston meet ups are held monthly, the third Thursday of the month, 630-830pm, at Durty Nelly's. WHEN: -Nov 15th, 630-830pm THE VENUE: -Durty Nelly's -108 Blackstone St, Boston 02109 -21+ only. HOW TO FIND THE GROUP: -Join the ...0
0WSO Chicago Meet Up: Thur 11/15, 630-830pm, IO GodfreyThe next Chicago meet up is coming up on Nov 15th. These Chicago meet ups are held monthly, the third Thursday of the month, 630-830pm. WHEN: -Nov 15th, 630-830pm THE VENUE: -IO Godfrey rooftop lounge/bar -Godfrey Hotel, 127 W Huron St, Chicago, IL 60654 -21+ only. HOW TO FIND THE ...0
0Advice on finding a job in a trading company after 15yrs prop tradingHi all, I've been trading for 15yrs with my own money at various trading arcades. It's primarily been oil and distillate futures, but I also traded fixed income cash bonds and futures. This year I've realised that I'm not progressing, or more importantly, I'm not learning anything new, at leas...0
0Breaking into Investment Banking in Hong Kong with a Masters degreeHi everyone, I'm here to seek advice on the difficulty to break into banking in HK as a Masters degree candidate? I did a dual bachelor's degree program between a non-target and a target(final two years at target). I actually decided on banking pretty late (end of junior year), but I'm very cert...0
+1Skype interview as final round?Has anyone ever heard of a skype inteview being the final round. I had the initial phone interview and now have a skype interview with two exes and a vp. For a first year analyst position...1
+4AMA: I worked as a CTO at prop-shop doing high frequency trading (HFT)Hello everybody! I've been very lucky to end up doing what I'm doing My expertise is building low latency trading systems for HFT strategies. I led the software development to do high-frequency trading, executing several different strategies. Nowadays, I started my own consulting firm and workin...19
Duff & Phelps - Review - Valuation
+4Breaking In: Self Transformation to Fit the "Right" Mould Excerpt from LS Hilton's "Maestra"--which touches upon what most people who want to break into finance at the highest levels, but don't have the pedigree, undergo in their chameleon like dance to fit the right mould, smooth put the rough pointy edges, and be a smooth member of the inside. But, there...10
Duff & Phelps - Salary & Bonus - Valuation
Ernst & Young LLP - Review - Restructuring
Ernst & Young LLP - Salary & Bonus - Restructuring
+4Anyone heard of this "millionaire" trader: Umar Arashaf? He appears to have some rather interesting approach to investing, is not yet 25 and I guess for someone of a working class background to have landed himself into a conformable financial position without the institutional branding of elite schooling. Is there more to him than he lets out; what could ...23
0Liberty Mutual Corporate Strategy & Research 1st Round Hi all, I have a first round interview with Liberty Mutual's corp strategy & research group soon. The interview will consist of one behavioral and one case interview over Skype. I was wondering if anyone had any insight into the interview process for this position and what I can expect with the case...0
+1Is Google dirtier than Wall Street?Just read the NY Times article about the sexual harassment at Google that led to the employee walk-out. Thought it was going to be about something small and Jesus tap-dancing Christ I did not know it was Wolf of Wall Street up in that bitch: * Larry Page (founder): dated Marissa Mayer (she...11
Platinum Equity - Salary & Bonus - Generalist
+11Distressed HFs compared to Distressed Credit within PE FirmsI was wondering what people think about working for distressed HFs (Silver Point, Anchorage, etc.) compared to distressed businesses within larger funds (say, GSO or Oaktree distressed). The latter category has stable capital, with all the structural advantages that brings. They are able to invest i...24
Citigroup - Review - Mergers and Acquisitions
Citigroup - Salary & Bonus - Mergers and Acquisitions
+1Which of the Big 4 + Accenture Pay for Business SchoolI'm having a little trouble finding the info online. I'm recruiting with all the Big 4 management consulting arms and Accenture and as hoping to find out what their programs for MBA is?...2
0Case Study Materials in German/FrenchHi everyone, I have a few interviews lined up with consulting firms in the coming months across Europe and Africa, but in addition to English, there will be case interviews in German and French. I was wondering if anyone had suggestions for case prep materials in German and/or French, since I don't ...0
+1Arizona State Finance ProgramHey all, I’m currently a high school senior considering ASU as it would be the cheapest option for me. Would the finance program at ASU be good enough for getting me into Risk Managment, Corporate Finance, Asset managment, etc? My ultimate goal would be investment banking but that is simply an ...4
KPMG - Review - Consulting
0Does IMC drug test their interns and employees?Does IMC Financial Markets and other similar trading firms in the Chicago area drug test their interns and employees?...0
+31Summer 2020 Recruiting Has Started.. (See Attached)I applied to a certain bank for SA19 in June. It's now only two months later, and I've just applied to their SA 2020. Am I reading this wrong or am I misunderstanding the app? This is pretty retarded - I applied just in case. ...48
0Parenting tips to maximize prestige?After reading about the Harvard Asian Lawsuit it has come to my attention that children of legacies and donors have a meaningfully higher chance of getting in, per Harvard's own internal documents. This has me thinking about how I can maximize the prestige of my future kid. Basically, if I can d...9
KPMG - Salary & Bonus - Consulting
+15Do You Cheat?For undergrads/B-school students: [“In a 2017 national survey conducted by Kessler International, an investigative firm, 54 percent of college students indicated that cheating was OK, and that it was necessary to stay competitive. Ninety-seven percent of those surveyed said they had never been ca...47
Berkeley Research Group - Salary & Bonus - Generalist
+1It's snowing and you don't want to mess up the loafers....With winter almost here .... What's your best choice for boots? Hunter? LL Bean? What are you guys doing? ...4
+1What should I go for? Hi all, I come from a non-target school in Italy (top 10 public schools), where I got my Master's degree in Corporate finance, and I am currently working in the Corporate Finance division of a Big-4. Prior than that, I have worked at GE as an intern for less than a year. My dream would be landin...1
+7Long TSLA Update: Better Good Than Lucky####In The Money *Cash is King - origin unclear, but said after the ‘87 market crash by Pehr G. Gyllenhammar, CEO of Volvo (Fate Loves Irony)* I wasn’t planning on posting about Tesla again until the end of February, but this comment from @heister"... [quote="heister"] Is it still not ...5
+1Debt Credit Analyst vs. Corporate BankingPreparing for an upcoming interview with a private debt placement team (long term,mid-market loans) at an asset management firm. At the associate level, I assume the job is very similar to mid-market corporate banking or corporate banking. How do you answer "why choose private debt instead of corpo...1
+2Internship in M&A at EYHi, I have the opportunity to do an internship in M&A (FIG) at EY in France. I don't have any previous internships related to corporate finance before. Do you think it's a good opportunity compared to MM boutiques ? Thank you !...9
0Bank to pay for analyst/associate MBA/JD?Hi WSO, I’m currently an undergrad student. I am trying to figure out the odds of a bank paying for me to go to school for a combined MBA/JD program. Ideally I’d like to go from undergrad to grad school. I think it would be easier to manage when I’m younger versus older with more responsibilit...0
+3Should I put “incoming analyst” title on my LinkedIn?I saw that old thread on here making fun of kids that put incoming, but now that it seems like everybody has it I wonder if I’m missing out on any opps by not adding it to my page? Those of you that have it do recruiters reach out to you? I didn’t do banking last summer but starting at a b...12
Danske Bank - Salary & Bonus - Investment Banking
+54Does your family despise you?With the holidays approaching, I'm curious how you all deal with the awkward family gatherings. More specifically, does anyone else feel despised by their own family now in regards to their career choice? Personally, I have a VERY blue collar family. My immediate family consists of welders, produ...83
0Analyzing Financial Institution (Depository & non-Depository)Hello - I have an upcoming interview for a Counterparty Credit Risk Management position. The role will be similar to a bond rating analyst, but for financial institutions only. One of the questions I will likely be asked is, walk me through how you may analyze an FI. My question to you is: where ...0
0What are some smooth strategies to change roles within a company?So I joined the role with the rosy promise that after six months I will work on financial analysis and assist the deal team with IM, FM etc. But before all that, you will have to work on xyz xyz xyz I took this as a genuine tip and worked diligently on xyz xyz xyz. Now, it looks like I'm going to...0
+20Salary progression for F500 Hello Monkeys, Long time lurker here. Thanks to this site I have been able to work my way into a F500 FP&A Financial Analyst from a complete non-target that could be considered a notch above community college. I am starting at 70K which is solid (low COL city) but I was curious as to what the sala...62