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+2Goldman Sachs Undergraduate Camp 2018 ThreadAnyone who done the hirevue receive results for GS 2018 Undergraduate Camp. Fyi, this is a early informational program for minorities and first generation students....2
+5Intern Equipment What tools (phone, laptop etc.) do BB banks lend to interns for the summer? Should I expect to be using my personal laptop and phone or are these typically provided. Any insight would be helpful, thanks!...6
0MS in Financial Engineering or related course in EuropeHi, I am interested in doing MS in Financial Engineering or something related to same course from any European countries. I want a good university for this course and it should of two-years. Can anyone suggest me a list of good universities for this course in Europe and job market for that course i...0
+1sell side automated trading / systematic. strategies is a terrible career choiceif your strategy is systematic, senior people can easily take credit from you. sell side automated trading / systematic strategies is all about cutting cost. automated trader / systematic strats get paid much lower than discretionary traders....4
+4PJT Partners, Evercore Summer 2019 Recruiting Timeline ??I see on the websites of PJT / EVR and other similar firms that applications for most divisions (including M&A and RX) for US locations are already open. This is quite surprising since only JPM is open so far of all the BB's. Is this for accelerated recruiting, and are they evaluating on a ro...79
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+6MIT vs. Princeton vs. Yale undergrad for quant hedge fundHi all, I am a current high school senior choosing between attending MIT, Princeton, or Yale for my undergrad. My current goal throughout and post undergrad is to secure a summer internship at one of the big NYC quant hedge funds (Jane Street, D.E. Shaw, Two Sigma) and hopefully transition into a...26
+1If you go to a job fair, is it a bad idea to ask the recruiter what is the salary for that position on the spot?Normally job fairs are just for information about companies and available positions but is it normal to ask what specific salaries for positions right then and there?...1
+66Best lmao/oh shit moments you've ever hadStory time. What prompted me to start this post: I was interviewed today for a PE Role. Interview went great. Was scheduled to be 30 minutes, lasted an hour. Answered every question he threw at me as if I was Amazon's Alexa. Note: this interview took place on the second floor. Side note: this pla...30
+1Global Macro HF straight from Masters with prior BB S&T Summer Internship. Feasible?Hi all, First time poster here, I have been lurking on WSO for a few years now which I have found to be one of the best info sources on the indudstry. I would have liked to get the community's point of view on my recruiting goals. A bit of background : I have a bachelor in Maths from a Unive...2
+4Interview Question - Healthcare IBHi friends, quick question I'm trying to wrap my head around. How would you value a pre-revenue biotech company with negative cashflow? Further to this, if you tried to using comps or precedents what relevent metrics would you look at? If a DCF, would you project a terminal value? Thanks!...6
+1Strategy to get a Junior role at a Prop firm?I have my own successful trading account for under a year, I have done various trading courses (useless!) As a career change, I bring transferable skills from my previous career - I had a property management business. Am I unrealistic to think I can apply for junior/assistant trading job? ...4
0PE/Syndication Equity SplitWe have a potential opportunity to grow a small portfolio ($5M-$10M equity in) with a PE partner in 100-150 unit MF seeking 5%-6% preferred. We will be looking at 65%-75% LTV deals. We are familiar with a multitude of structures but are interested in what you're seeing as far as overall equity s...0
+1Investment Committee ProcessFor those investment or lending folks out there, it would be great to hear how your IC processes work and what sort of materials are prepared along the way. Below is a template that could make this an informative discussion if we get a couple of contributors to fill. **Firm Type:** REPE **Produ...0
+1What should I do?I'm currently in high school in Sweden with less than a year left until I apply to college. I haven't done anything significant or participated in any typically meritorious extracurricular activities but I'll still likely get into Stockholm School of Economics as the application process in Sweden...3
+1UBS London Group Preferences for 2018Hi guys, Having to put 3 preferences for my upcoming summer internship at UBS London, was just wondering if you guys had any advice/info about group selection? So far 1st choice is probably their UK coverage group, have heard it's got the best culture although more relationship management focu...1
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+2Acquisitions Analyst TestI was given this test for an acquisitions analyst role. My main concern is the assumptions for the real estate deal, particularly how to invest continuously in the same transaction. It seems too complex to do a debt/equity waterfall model when just comparing investment value after a certain amount o...8
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+1Merrill Lynch S&T VS Nomura IBD?Hi. I'd really appreciate your opinions about my first career! I have job offers from ML FICC sales and from Nomura IBD and I'm deciding which one to take. Given I initially wanted to work at IBD, I should take the latter. I heard, however, work experiences at one of the Bulge Bracket compani...1
Accenture - Salary & Bonus - Technology Consulting
Accenture - Salary & Bonus - Technology Consulting
+5Which sellside trading desk has the best exit opps?Which sellside trading desk has the best buyside exit opps? The only desks I can think of are distressed debt, commodities, and risk arb, and was wondering what others thought....6
0Background Check WorriesHi Guys, Need some advice. Recently got a FT offer for a top firm with just 1 problem: Did a 'spring intern/week' type thing at a BB (a UK/Europe thing for the Americans here not familiar with it) in my first year which showed up in my background check and the third-party background check company...0
+11Choosing Between Buy Side vs Sell Side in Equity Research?So I want to do equity research. I know that there is sell-side and buy-side and, so far, I have a few distinctive arguments for both (see below). What I would really appreciate to find out is your views in terms of the experience quality that both offer. P.S.: Not trying to touch on things such ...34
+1The problem with binary options trading!A fair bit of spotlight/scrutiny has been placed on binary options in the past years, with warnings issued from central banks such as the MAS (MAS-Cautions-Investors-on-Risks-in-Trading-Binary-Options-with-Unregulated-Platforms, SEC warns against Binary Options and scams such as the-wolves-of-tel-a...32
+9Timing MBA with Military serviceHey all, This is my first post on here but I've been a long time lurker. I am a recent graduate of one of the service academies. I recognize that my number one priority for at least 5 years is to serve my country and be the best officer possible. However, I know at some point that I would like to...19
0Emailing people who interviewed me Hello monkeys, I have had several interviews with few BBs this year and I did not manage to pass them - mainly because I was underprepared. My question is, how okay is to email them as September asking them tips because I want to get back in the process etc. So it would basically telling them: I ...0
+1Binary Options Trading or FX Trading?Hey guys, I am relatively new to investing and I have been trading in the foreign exchange markets occasionally making money, and occasionally losing money. I am very interested in currency exchange so I find all of my research captivating. I recently stumbled upon binary options and was wonderin...8
+1Racism in IB?Will having a accent decrease my chances of being able to become a banker? Or If i have perfect grammar will i be fine?...11
+82019 Summer SA apps still open??Which ones are still open/ haven't started yet? Haven't started: Barclays BAML Piper Jaffray Credit Suisse UBS Edit: Sort of trying to build something similar to the other 2019 thread. Comment below which other banks haven't opened, or are finished. ...54
0Discrimination and DisparitiesAnyone here read Thomas Sowell's newest book yet? Currently about half way through it myself and, as is typical of Sowell's writing, I've found it to be quite brilliant. It seems there's been a lot of yelling and screaming about AA and other similar topics on this board recently, but not a whole lot...5
0Is My Career Plan Practical?I am moving to Waltham, MA soon for my MA in International Economics & Finance beginning this year at Brandeis University. I applied to Boston College's MSF program too but couldn't make it through the admissions. I had plans to apply to European programs but ended up applying to the USA. Putting my...0
0Covenant lite/covenant noneHello everyone, Europe has been seeing the emergence of covenant lite/covenant none financing since 2011/2012, maybe even longer and I was wondering what this will mean for the distressed investor. Since many of distressed for control plays are based on companies that are inherently healthy compani...0
+13Morgan Stanley Plans to Boost Junior Banker Pay as Much as 25%Interesting to hear about the quicker promotions. I know some BB's started the 2 years as an analyst before promotion a few years back but surprised MS apparently wasn't one of them. Anyone think we should be seeing pay increases for juniors across the street similar to 2015? https://www.blo...59
+45Updated Summer 2019 SA Open ApplicationsHi everyone, I know there's a megathread for this but that thread doesn't seem to have the most accurate information. Right now it looks like the following firms have opened their general applications for Summer 2019 SA- Evercore Credit Suisse J.P Morgan Deutsche Bank William Blair Guggenh...399
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0What did you actually learn during your Internship technical wise?Hi Guys, I sadly heard from many that their internship experience was restricted to building slides and profiles. What about technical aspects like Valuation or Accounting? ...0
+1HF analyst resumesAnyone know what junior HF analyst resumes typically look like? I did 2-3 years in banking then 2-3 years at a HF, and am having trouble making the HF portion of my resume take up as much room as the banking portion. I could easily do so if I just threw in a few bullets on specific investmen...3
0UK Summer Internships for final year UG students (2018-19)As the title says - UK applicants; which firm's accept summer internship applications from final year students? Seen other posts but they are either too old (c. 2013) or they are for MSc Students. From what I understand most places don't really care but a few BBs like CS offer off cycle internsh...0
0Msc or CFA?So I've been trading my own successful account for over a year and am looking to get into prop shops. No doubt my lack of experience is a huge disadvantage, but also the fact that I come from a non financial background - I did Law at uni (though it is an analytical subject) and have worked in bus...0
+22The Controversial Truth about the workplace, college & the systemDisclaimer: This is not a troll post- I'm serious as a heart attack. If you are easily offended, leave this post as none of what I am going to say is PC. I never see posts like this on here as most are too brainwashed into the system and their job that they don't see reality. I'm gonna drop some...151
+1Interview Q: "Why not move within your firm?"How do you politically answer a question of "why not just move within your current firm?" Currently on acquisitions looking to move to asset management, trying to make a move but the AM team at current firm is hard to work with (i.e. just a mean spirited head that trickles down). Always get this que...2
SunTrust Robinson Humphrey STRH - Salary & Bonus - Healthcare
+4Equity Research 2019 intern recruiting?When does recruiting for 2019 internships start in ER? I know that IBDs has already started general recruiting but I haven't seen much for research divisions. Any info is appreciated. ...13
SunTrust Robinson Humphrey STRH - Interview - Healthcare
+2Upper Tier MM IB vs Wait It OutHey all, Just received an offer from a top MM investment bank, and the offer is in NYC. They gave me an offer expiring next Thursday, so have less than a week to make a decision. While I'm confident I want to do investment banking, I'm a bit hesitant about taking the offer for two reasons: Fir...7
0RBC central Funding GroupHey has anyone heard about the central funding group at RBC? The group used to be called the Alternative Assets group but has recently changed their name. I have an upcoming interview with the group and was hoping to better understand the role and reputation....5
+1JPMC Internal Movement (Chase to JPM)Hey, I'd like to preface by thanking you guys for your input / help. So I interned at JPMC in their Financial Analyst Development Program last summer and have received a return offer for FT employment through the same program (I would be on the Chase side of things, likely working under the Chase...5
+32019 Investment Banking Full Time Recruiting - Do I Have a Chance?I'm a non-traditional student, attending a non-target school, with a GPA of 3.49. I participated in some SA interviews this past season with JPMorgan, CITI, BoA, and Goldman, along with some smaller regional banks, but unfortunately nothing came of any of them. The only option I see from here is to ...13
+5Equity research reports - BB technology TMT industry reportsmsg me if you would like copies - comprehensive industry reports - full length...51
0Barclays vs. Citi SA?Besides just looking at league tables which is better for opportunities? For example it seems that Barclays is known for having a higher return rate and opportunity to do M&A within groups with a strong culture. I have heard bad things about Citi in regards to culture. Can anyone shed light ...0
0Pre-MBA Associate salaries in PE firmsAnyone know what PE firms are willing to pay pre-MBA associates? Let's say someone leaving McK, BCG, Bain or any of the BB firms. I've heard numbers ranging from 1.5x to 4.0x current earnings. ...4
+5From trader to consultantHey guys, **Has anyone made the switch from trading to consulting (or know of anyone who has done this)? ** Asking again since only search hit I found was from 2011 I'm currently attempting to do this very move. I've spent my career working in Chicago prop, both as an options market-maker an...13
+4Is UIUC Target in Chicago?Hi, I'm a sophomore at UIUC majoring in Statistics and Finance in Agribusiness. I currently have a corporate development internship in few weeks, and possibly have an part-time job at the regional boutique investment bank during my junior year. Although I have, or will have, an OK work experienc...27
0What does CF/DC MKTS stand for? I've been reading through tabulated ballots of a Chapter 11 filing, and while other abbreviations seem pretty obvious, I just can't figure this one out. Here is the link to the document:
0Appropriate Salary Range Sophomore Corporate Finance InternHey wanted to know what is an appropriate salary range for a corporate finance intern as a sophomore and will a fortune 500 company yield a higher salary?...0
0Vice PresidentOrganizational Overview: Capital Park Management Company is an investment manager with a value-based investment strategy that combines a traditional control buyout style with that of a long only hedge fund running a concentrated portfolio strategy.   Position Summary: The Vice Preside...
0Internal Sales - AssociateCAIS is the leading open-architecture financial product platform offering independent wealth management professionals access to a diversified menu of funds and products. CAIS provides streamlined execution to an expanding list of alternative investment funds, IPOs and follow-ons, structured notes an...
0Private Equity Intern (Summer)Job Summary Emigrant Capital Corp. is the private equity division of Emigrant Bank. The group invests primarily in growth and buy-out transactions in the lower middle-market (companies with $2-$10 million in EBITDA). The Intern will assist the team in all aspects of the investment lifecycl...
0Vice President - CIB Trade SurveillanceResponsible for supporting one or more LOBs in performing trade and communication surveillance activities, working with traders, compliance, and other risk functions to review alerts and investigate potential compliance issues. The candidate will be responsible for identifying potential instances of...
0Senior Compliance OfficerBasic FunctionResponsible for assisting the Deputy Compliance Officer and / or in the management of oversight compliance with respect to laws, regulations, and / or programs applicable to subject matter business activities of the bank. Subject matter business activities can include: Deposits, Lendin...
0Senior Associate, Transaction Advisory ServicesBDO’s Core Purpose is Helping People Thrive Every Day. Our Core Values reflect how we manage our work, our relationships and ourselves. As an employee of the firm, you will live true to our Core Values of people first, being exceptional every day in every way, embracing change, feeling empower...
0Tactical Opportunities - Investor Relations Business Development, Project Manager, PrincipalJob Description:Tactical Opportunities – Investor Relations Business Developement Project Manager – PrincipalEmployer: BlackstoneFirm Overview:Blackstone is one of the world’s leading investment firms. We seek to create positive economic impact and long-term value for our investors, the c...
0Audit ManagerDuties include managing multiple audit engagements, and acting as the primary liason between the Partner, the client and the audit staff; is generally responsible for all phases of an engagement and is responsible for resolving all legal, regulatory and accounting issues that arise during an audit e...
0VP FinanceThe VP Finance will work closely with business leaders across the company on: Corporate Reporting & Analytics Work with the leadership team to develop a strategic finance function that provides transparency into business economics and generates accurate and timely financial analyses Lead and ma...
0Trader / Sales TraderLeading equities execution firm that provides independent best execution for hedge funds, family offices, mutual funds and other asset managers of all sizes, as well as full outsourced trading solutions for asset managers without in-house desks, is seeking experienced equity sales traders to work in...
0Credit AnalystThe Credit Analyst is responsible for underwriting standard commercial and consumer loan requests, spreading financial statements and/or corporate tax returns, providing all back up agency reports for the Relationship Managers, applying bank risk rating criteria, monitoring compliance with the Bank&...
0Senior Credit AnalystPrime Meridian Capital Management is a registered investment management firm that manages a family of marketplace lending and private credit funds. The Senior Credit Analyst will directly assist and contribute to the Portfolio Management Team with credit research and analysis of loans we buy and the...
0Investment Analyst - Industrials Long/Short Equity FundAnalyze public equities – both long and short – within the Industrials sector.  Firm’s coverage universe includes: aerospace & defense, transports, building products/housing, multi-industrials, distributors/services, autos, machinery, and SMIDs.  Day-to-day responsibi...
0 Account Manager The Account Event Manager is responsible for overseeing a variety of activities as they relate to Janus Henderson products and client accounts across multiple investment vehicles including private funds, separate/sub-advised accounts, ’40 Act funds, offshore master/feeder structures, SMA (WRAP...
+1University TripMy University is taking a trip to Wall Street this week to network with some of the top financial firms in investment banking. We will have the chance to ask questions during/after their presentations. What are some questions that I can ask that will make me stand out?...3
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+28Tell me a joke.I went to an interview and was asked to tell a joke. I told a simple one. How would you respond? Mod Note (Andy): See more jokes in this thread from 2017:
0Darker Dress Pants Than JacketI’ve heard it may be a fashion faux pas to wear a lighter color jacket and darker color dress pants (not suite of course but slacks for example). Any thoughts? I don’t personally see anything wrong with it....0
0JP Morgan Private Banking SuperDayHas anyone attended a superday for Private Banking at JP Morgan? I have one coming up and would greatly appreciate any help. Questions asked? How many interviews? Which location? Overview of the Private Banking JPM Super Day Interview The interview will likely be 6 interviews. According...32
+13Top 5 books you have readFirst time poster and avid reader here. Just out of curiosity and to build my personal library a bit further, what are the top 5 finance related nonfiction books you have read? Looking forward to your responses....67
+1Secondary Advisory vs REPE?Hello everyone, I’ve been going through the Junior year recruiting process for real estate and am wondering what your take is on my situation. I am currently a rising Junior at a target school (Harvard, Wharton) and have a internship lined up at a top 5 REPE firm (think Blackstone, Starwood etc...4
+10Citi Early ID Program 2018Invites for this are out. :) ...154
+1PhD Decision Science/Operations Research vs Finance*Edited to add details*: I want to pursue a PhD because I wish to get back to academia and become a Researcher/Professor. During my undergraduate, I enjoyed the process of experimentation, modelling, testing hypotheses etc. However, after my Undergraduate degree, I decided to take a break from aca...4
0Webinar: IB Deal Walkthrough: JuiceCo (Part 1) -- 9pm ET, 5/21/18On Monday May 21st, 9:00pm EDT Street Mentor John will be hosting a two hour webinar entitled "IB Case: JuiceCo Part 1 - Assisting a potential buyer to draft an investment committee presentation". John is an industry veteran with experience in Investment Banking. All attendees will be given...1
0Do you feel duped by what Trump's campaign reveals on public manipulation?Without time to constantly follow the story, I've been checking into the Trump investigation for periodic updates. So far, it ebbs and flows with what new revelations say about collusion. But what is becoming apparent is that whether Trump is guilty of collusion or not is not even the real meat o...0
+2Goldman Sachs Interview - Who's Been Through It for Internships?Alright, lets hear about the notorious Goldman Sachs interview.... Who has been through it, first round and super day for full time or internship? What's it like? Goldman Sachs Interview Process Overview Typically, Goldman Sachs has a two-step interview process for internship and full-time i...197
+1Dallas Life + Social Scene Couldn’t find much from the past few years on this so figured I’d toss out a question. I am moving to Dallas soon for work. I only know a few people down there. Could anyone who knows the city tell me about what it’s like to live in Dallas. Would be great to know where is good to go out and wh...3
+3*** HOW USEFUL IS BITCOIN FOR MONEY LAUNDERING ? ***Hypothetical: I'm a construction tycoon in the USA. I build bridges, roads, public sector projects (canals) for a living. I have 0 conscience. To me it's all about the money. 1. I'm going to expand my business - I want to work in places like India and Mexico. 2. Nobody there in the gov hands ...9
+3FIG at a BB London? Hi guys, Why does FIG have such a bad reputation? Why don’t people want to join it? Are exit ops good? Is it a pretigious group? How do you see its future? Working hours? I have an offer to join a FIG team at a BB and one other to join an industry group but in a slightly less prestigio...12
0GS Capital Introduction TeamThis part of the prime borkerage business and brings hedge funds and investors together. Any info on prestige, exit options, culture is appreciated....3
Financo - Interview - Consumer - Retail
+18What car should I buy?OK, so according to my parents I "still have my communion money" (I do, minus what I lost on Global Crossing) My GF recently blew up the tranny on my old Jeep. That means I need a new car. Prestige is a non-factor (thank you Manhattan) I Take the train to work, what should I buy for occasional use...64
+2Which universities should I apply to?Hi, So this is the list of my universities and I can apply to upto 6 universities. Which ones are the best for me to have a good shot working at a BB or a Boutique Investment Bank? Carnegie Mellon University University of California Boston University University of Michigan Ann Arbor Boston ...7
0Anyone know what the culture is like at Essex Property Trust or the Irvine Company?Was curious if anyone knows what the culture is like at either company? Or what the interviews involved? ...0
Goldman Sachs - Interview - Generalist
0What would you do if you got fired tomorrow?If you were fired suddenly, what is your contingency plan? Send out resumes to 1000 job applications?...0
+10IBD SA Class SizesWhat are the sizes of the incoming summer analyst classes at notable Bulge Brackets, Elite Boutiques, and Middle Market Investment Banks? ...73
+2Getting Screwed OverHi All, I'm a few days from starting my summer internship with a BB. However, I was recently informed that because a relative works for the technology department within markets at the same BB, they have given approval for me to work in the summer since it's temporary but would not approve me for ...4
+2Current Housing MarketI'm interested in hearing your guys thoughts on the current state of the housing market. I've been looking into buying a home but it seems like the market has been on fire lately. Historically, rates are still low which is attractive but home prices have been skyrocketing. Demand has been crazy ...10
Terex Corporation - Interview - Corporate Finance
Grosvenor Capital Management - Salary & Bonus - Risk Management
+1JPMorgan ER vs Wells Fargo Investment BankingHey so I’m weighing 2 offers for my summer 2019 internship. I know Equity Research at JPMorgan is the best in the street, but it still doesn’t have the exit opps of investment banking. I still don’t know what group I’ll be placed in with WF, but their leveraged finance group is said to be un...4