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+1JPMC Internal Movement (Chase to JPM)Hey, I'd like to preface by thanking you guys for your input / help. So I interned at JPMC in their Financial Analyst Development Program last summer and have received a return offer for FT employment through the same program (I would be on the Chase side of things, likely working under the Chase...5
+5Equity research reports - BB technology TMT industry reportsmsg me if you would like copies - comprehensive industry reports - full length...51
0Barclays vs. Citi SA?Besides just looking at league tables which is better for opportunities? For example it seems that Barclays is known for having a higher return rate and opportunity to do M&A within groups with a strong culture. I have heard bad things about Citi in regards to culture. Can anyone shed light ...0
0Pre-MBA Associate salaries in PE firmsAnyone know what PE firms are willing to pay pre-MBA associates? Let's say someone leaving McK, BCG, Bain or any of the BB firms. I've heard numbers ranging from 1.5x to 4.0x current earnings. ...4
0What does CF/DC MKTS stand for? I've been reading through tabulated ballots of a Chapter 11 filing, and while other abbreviations seem pretty obvious, I just can't figure this one out. Here is the link to the document:
0Appropriate Salary Range Sophomore Corporate Finance InternHey wanted to know what is an appropriate salary range for a corporate finance intern as a sophomore and will a fortune 500 company yield a higher salary?...0
0Audit ManagerDuties include managing multiple audit engagements, and acting as the primary liason between the Partner, the client and the audit staff; is generally responsible for all phases of an engagement and is responsible for resolving all legal, regulatory and accounting issues that arise during an audit e...
0VP FinanceThe VP Finance will work closely with business leaders across the company on: Corporate Reporting & Analytics Work with the leadership team to develop a strategic finance function that provides transparency into business economics and generates accurate and timely financial analyses Lead and ma...
0Trader / Sales TraderLeading equities execution firm that provides independent best execution for hedge funds, family offices, mutual funds and other asset managers of all sizes, as well as full outsourced trading solutions for asset managers without in-house desks, is seeking experienced equity sales traders to work in...
0Credit AnalystThe Credit Analyst is responsible for underwriting standard commercial and consumer loan requests, spreading financial statements and/or corporate tax returns, providing all back up agency reports for the Relationship Managers, applying bank risk rating criteria, monitoring compliance with the Bank&...
0Senior Credit AnalystPrime Meridian Capital Management is a registered investment management firm that manages a family of marketplace lending and private credit funds. The Senior Credit Analyst will directly assist and contribute to the Portfolio Management Team with credit research and analysis of loans we buy and the...
0Investment Analyst - Industrials Long/Short Equity FundAnalyze public equities – both long and short – within the Industrials sector.  Firm’s coverage universe includes: aerospace & defense, transports, building products/housing, multi-industrials, distributors/services, autos, machinery, and SMIDs.  Day-to-day responsibi...
0 Account Manager The Account Event Manager is responsible for overseeing a variety of activities as they relate to Janus Henderson products and client accounts across multiple investment vehicles including private funds, separate/sub-advised accounts, ’40 Act funds, offshore master/feeder structures, SMA (WRAP...
0Vice PresidentOrganizational Overview: Capital Park Management Company is an investment manager with a value-based investment strategy that combines a traditional control buyout style with that of a long only hedge fund running a concentrated portfolio strategy.   Position Summary: The Vice Preside...
0Internal Sales - AssociateCAIS is the leading open-architecture financial product platform offering independent wealth management professionals access to a diversified menu of funds and products. CAIS provides streamlined execution to an expanding list of alternative investment funds, IPOs and follow-ons, structured notes an...
0Private Equity Intern (Summer)Job Summary Emigrant Capital Corp. is the private equity division of Emigrant Bank. The group invests primarily in growth and buy-out transactions in the lower middle-market (companies with $2-$10 million in EBITDA). The Intern will assist the team in all aspects of the investment lifecycl...
0Vice President - CIB Trade SurveillanceResponsible for supporting one or more LOBs in performing trade and communication surveillance activities, working with traders, compliance, and other risk functions to review alerts and investigate potential compliance issues. The candidate will be responsible for identifying potential instances of...
0Senior Compliance OfficerBasic FunctionResponsible for assisting the Deputy Compliance Officer and / or in the management of oversight compliance with respect to laws, regulations, and / or programs applicable to subject matter business activities of the bank. Subject matter business activities can include: Deposits, Lendin...
0Senior Associate, Transaction Advisory ServicesBDO’s Core Purpose is Helping People Thrive Every Day. Our Core Values reflect how we manage our work, our relationships and ourselves. As an employee of the firm, you will live true to our Core Values of people first, being exceptional every day in every way, embracing change, feeling empower...
0Tactical Opportunities - Investor Relations Business Development, Project Manager, PrincipalJob Description:Tactical Opportunities – Investor Relations Business Developement Project Manager – PrincipalEmployer: BlackstoneFirm Overview:Blackstone is one of the world’s leading investment firms. We seek to create positive economic impact and long-term value for our investors, the c...
+1University TripMy University is taking a trip to Wall Street this week to network with some of the top financial firms in investment banking. We will have the chance to ask questions during/after their presentations. What are some questions that I can ask that will make me stand out?...3
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0Darker Dress Pants Than JacketI’ve heard it may be a fashion faux pas to wear a lighter color jacket and darker color dress pants (not suite of course but slacks for example). Any thoughts? I don’t personally see anything wrong with it....0
0JP Morgan Private Banking SuperDayHas anyone attended a superday for Private Banking at JP Morgan? I have one coming up and would greatly appreciate any help. Questions asked? How many interviews? Which location? Overview of the Private Banking JPM Super Day Interview The interview will likely be 6 interviews. According...32
+10Citi Early ID Program 2018Invites for this are out. :) ...154
+1PhD Decision Science/Operations Research vs Finance*Edited to add details*: I want to pursue a PhD because I wish to get back to academia and become a Researcher/Professor. During my undergraduate, I enjoyed the process of experimentation, modelling, testing hypotheses etc. However, after my Undergraduate degree, I decided to take a break from aca...4
0Webinar: IB Deal Walkthrough: JuiceCo (Part 1) -- 9pm ET, 5/21/18On Monday May 21st, 9:00pm EDT Street Mentor John will be hosting a two hour webinar entitled "IB Case: JuiceCo Part 1 - Assisting a potential buyer to draft an investment committee presentation". John is an industry veteran with experience in Investment Banking. All attendees will be given...1
0Do you feel duped by what Trump's campaign reveals on public manipulation?Without time to constantly follow the story, I've been checking into the Trump investigation for periodic updates. So far, it ebbs and flows with what new revelations say about collusion. But what is becoming apparent is that whether Trump is guilty of collusion or not is not even the real meat o...0
+2Goldman Sachs Interview - Who's Been Through It for Internships?Alright, lets hear about the notorious Goldman Sachs interview.... Who has been through it, first round and super day for full time or internship? What's it like? Goldman Sachs Interview Process Overview Typically, Goldman Sachs has a two-step interview process for internship and full-time i...197
+3*** HOW USEFUL IS BITCOIN FOR MONEY LAUNDERING ? ***Hypothetical: I'm a construction tycoon in the USA. I build bridges, roads, public sector projects (canals) for a living. I have 0 conscience. To me it's all about the money. 1. I'm going to expand my business - I want to work in places like India and Mexico. 2. Nobody there in the gov hands ...9
+3FIG at a BB London? Hi guys, Why does FIG have such a bad reputation? Why don’t people want to join it? Are exit ops good? Is it a pretigious group? How do you see its future? Working hours? I have an offer to join a FIG team at a BB and one other to join an industry group but in a slightly less prestigio...12
0GS Capital Introduction TeamThis part of the prime borkerage business and brings hedge funds and investors together. Any info on prestige, exit options, culture is appreciated....3
Financo - Interview - Consumer - Retail
+18What car should I buy?OK, so according to my parents I "still have my communion money" (I do, minus what I lost on Global Crossing) My GF recently blew up the tranny on my old Jeep. That means I need a new car. Prestige is a non-factor (thank you Manhattan) I Take the train to work, what should I buy for occasional use...64
+2Which universities should I apply to?Hi, So this is the list of my universities and I can apply to upto 6 universities. Which ones are the best for me to have a good shot working at a BB or a Boutique Investment Bank? Carnegie Mellon University University of California Boston University University of Michigan Ann Arbor Boston ...7
0Anyone know what the culture is like at Essex Property Trust or the Irvine Company?Was curious if anyone knows what the culture is like at either company? Or what the interviews involved? ...0
Goldman Sachs - Interview - Generalist
0What would you do if you got fired tomorrow?If you were fired suddenly, what is your contingency plan? Send out resumes to 1000 job applications?...0
+10IBD SA Class SizesWhat are the sizes of the incoming summer analyst classes at notable Bulge Brackets, Elite Boutiques, and Middle Market Investment Banks? ...73
+2Getting Screwed OverHi All, I'm a few days from starting my summer internship with a BB. However, I was recently informed that because a relative works for the technology department within markets at the same BB, they have given approval for me to work in the summer since it's temporary but would not approve me for ...4
+2Current Housing MarketI'm interested in hearing your guys thoughts on the current state of the housing market. I've been looking into buying a home but it seems like the market has been on fire lately. Historically, rates are still low which is attractive but home prices have been skyrocketing. Demand has been crazy ...10
Terex Corporation - Interview - Corporate Finance
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+4Location and happinessI have always believed that location is one of the key determinants of one's happiness, along with health, money, and close relationships. So this study should not come as a surprise. For single men, location may be even more important, as the city plays an important role in one's dating prospects a...21
+1Firms Still Sponsoring TN1 VisaLooking to compile a list of firms that are sponsoring Canadians in their incoming FT class with the TN1 visa. I understand some firms are choosing to no longer do so. Would appreciate if any current FTs or incoming FTs can share how their firms are dealing with Canadian analysts...0
+1What is Product Specialist?35
Warburg Pincus - Salary & Bonus - Generalist
+9AMA: Middle Market IB AnalystHi all, this forum has been very helpful to me in the past, figured it was time to give back. Some background on me: Originally from the South, went to semi-target / target institution depending on who are talking to and where you are applying. I currently work for a middle market bank covering h...33
0Goldman Sachs AM - Product Development + Product ManagementDo you guys know what these groups actually do? The postings online are very vague - I don't even know whether they are considered FO/MO or BO.
+2Private Equity Portfolio: How Would You Hedge?Looking for ideas here. Basically, my current portfolio is made up of fast-growing luxury or semi-luxury consumer brands that sell direct + eCommerce retailers. Obviously these are great companies to own when the economy is doing well (which it is), but I'm worried about performance during a rec...7
+6Financial Advisor making 200k+ leaving for MBA/Investment BankingWell, it's official: my job will probably be eliminated and the days of financial advisors/wealth management making 200k-500k are probably behind us due to government regulations. I think that the incredibly tenured and seasoned advisors will probably be "okay" but experience a drop in income by way...37
+2MIT SA+P CRE Investment Short CourseI believe this is the first year of it's existence, but is anyone else looking at this course? Its around $2,500, goes over CRE investing from financial point of view as well as macro economic principles. There is a slight discount if you sign up in the next 2-3 weeks. Any thoughts on the course con...2
+52Tesla Q1 Earnings CallWell that was absolutely hilarious. Haven't seen a CEO dodge questions and come unglued like that since the "asshole" moment from Skilling. Stock's down about 5% after-hours thanks to fraud-boy shitting the bed yet again. I hope some of you are short the stock or long swaps on this POS....106
+2advice on breaking out of PWM to ER/AMHi new to the forum, I've been reading this site for years Need some help..Here is my story: I graduated from a non-target school with a mediocre GPA 3.3 cumulative and 3.6 major. Finance major. I was unable to secure a job in IB or ER/AM. I then made a huge mistake and instead of going f...4
+1182018 Full-Time IB Recruiting Timeline Megathread PageSee the 2018 IB Summer Analyst recruiting megathread here Updates: * Wells Fargo is only accepting applications on July 12th for FT IB and S&T. * Goldman Sachs applications will open July 15th * [Guggenheim is open.](
0Consulting to Infrastructure PE or Project Finance?Pending Pending Pending Pending Pending Pending Pending Pending Pending Pending Pending Pending Pending ...0
+6Why are private markets outperforming public markets?I've read numerous articles that are stating private markets (including pe, debt, real estate, etc) are outpacing public markets and having much stronger returns in recent years. Why is this happening and will this continue? Is this a good time to get into private equity/re/private debt vs pub...11
+2How to extract as much as possible from the positionHello monkeys, I have managed to secure an internship at one of the biggest banks in my country. They are regional, but still gets a lot of deals. The position I have been offered is FIG Coverage. Tasks are market and company tracking, preparation of pitches for strategic opportunities etc. The t...1
+12Thoughts on Accenture Strategy?Hi all! I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on ACN Strategy. I believe that it was formed in late 2013. Specific questions: 1. How many consultants work in the Strategy division relative to MC or SI? 2. I've heard that for strategy projects, ACN Strategy engages with the clie...49
+1Training for EMEA IBDs which IBDs send graduates to New York for training? - CS , Rothschid, DB , Barclays , Macquarie , Morgan Stanley, Lazard : these banks don't to my knowledge - JP , GS , BAML : they do. any other banks? Thanks ...2
+11JP Morgan -- Winning Women 2018Did anyone apply / hear back? I just emailed an analyst, and he asked me if I've heard back regarding the event. I haven't heard back and the event is on April 19-20th, so I'm not sure if I should be worried. Anyone email HR?...208
+3UBS vs BarclaysI have recently been given opportunities to work in IB for both firms. I wanted to see if anyone has any advice on how to approach this decision....22
SunTrust Robinson Humphrey STRH - Salary & Bonus - Investment Banking
+4GS Healthcare NYCAnyone has updated thoughts/opinions on GS Healthcare and how it compares to other groups at GS and top groups at other BBs in terms of placement and culture? Are exit opps limited to the healthcare group at PE firms? Thanks...5
+3Investing in graveyards: anyone have experience?Has anyone here have experience investing in graveyards? I know very little about this property type, other than that the tenant retention rate is very high and that the tenants are not very demanding. I've also heard that this can be a dead end business. M3 capital partners evergreen fund hav...11
+5Two Bonds w/ Different Maturities but Same Price / Face. Which has higher yield?Can someone explain why they have the same yield? Wouldn't a longer maturity imply a higher yield to compensate for the additional risk? Thank you! ...23
Peak Rock Capital - Interview - N/A
+21Non-target to BB IB SAHi all, Throwaway account to try and keep identity as anonymous as possible. Going to share my experience as I'm starting my BB SA gig this summer in a top coverage group, doing it coming from a non-target school with an average GPA (~3.5). School I came to school to study something arts-rela...24
+10Barclays Sophomore Springboard 2018Hey guys! Just wanted to create this thread because I do not believe there is one for the Barclays Springboard event for sophomores this year. Wanted to see if anyone has heard back from Barclays? Hopefully we can share our timeline information. Post when you applied and if you have had a ph...156
+2Greentech Capital Advisorsanyone know about them? they look really legit - they do several billion dollar M&A deals a year, the partner was head of IBD at UBS, but Ive never heard of them on this forum ...45
0Are people in finance generally right-leaning or left-leaning?When it comes to monetary and fiscal issues, are people in finance/banking generally right-leaning or left-leaning? This is just one of those random questions that I have been thinking about lately and I am getting eager for an answer. ...0
+2Why does ROIC use EBIT as numerator, while ROE and ROA use Net Income?I'm reading Rosenbaum, and they note that ROIC uses a pre-interest earnings numerator while ROE and ROA use an earnings metric net of interest expense. Why is this? The book didn't really explain the reasoning behind this....5
03 statement dynamic model with projections templateHi Guys, I am in third round equity research interviews and have to put together a 3 statement, dynamic, financial model that is capable of doing not only historicals obviously but projections. Problem is, my group never uses these type of models. Does anyone have a template they could pm me (...19
+1Need advice how do I get rich in accounting/financeLittle background I am an accounting student with programming skills in VBA and SQL. I am thinking about becoming a mortgage broker when i graduate shortly. Or should I become an accountant that specializes in technology? I spent alot of time and effort learning how to program(more than I even wan...3
0Case Study - Junior Investment AnalystHi all, I am applying for this small investment company with investments in $100m+ and staff of under 25. As part of an interview, I am due to finish a case which consists mainly of 3 statement forecasting. I have data for 2013, 2014 and Q1-Q3 2015 and have to complete data for 2015-2020. This...0
+3Sophomore Internship Investment Banking?!?!delete__________________________________________________________________________________________________...90
+1Public CompsLet's say that you are assessing certain M&A deal that took place in the past lets say October 2016. You would like to assess the fairness of the purchase price. How would you perform the Comparable Companies Analysis, especially which multiples would you use? For example I assume we should use LTM ...1
+8What are the best groups for JPM?**Intro** I am an incoming IBD summer analyst for JP Morgan. HR said that group placement will be announced in March, so I am trying to narrow down my top choices. **Two Questions** 1. Which groups provide the best experience? I heard that Healthcare, M&A, FSG, FIG, DI, and T/MT are the best ...61
+17Commodity Trading is DeadI currently work as a physical commodity trader at a large, international, trading house. Trading is dead. Most desks are printing massive loses. There is no volatility in the market and most commodities we trade suffer from massive oversupply. Baring a massive exogenous shock, I don't see it ch...95
+88Depressing Moelis & Co. Staffer EmailSo this email has been making the rounds all day and it was sent by an NYC Moelis Staffer to all the analysts at the office after finding out that many of them weren't in the office at 2AM. Each number listed was crossed out to maintain confidentiality. "---- Subject: Tonight Team, I just wal...195
+1Better program for a transitioning veteran looking to work on the StreetI’m leaving the military after a decade of service and have been admitted to both Columbia GS, and Yale via their Eli Whitney program. I’m interested in studying economics, with the ultimate aim being grad school and a client-facing, revenue generating, role on the Street. Both schools are great...2
+2MS LA - Any input on culture?Hey guys, Currently in the process with MS LA - Just wanted to know if anyone had any input on the culture of the office here? I understand that deal flow isn't bad (SF and LA make up west coast advisory) but I heard mixed things about the culture/hours. Any input is appreciated!...10
0Blended Margin CMBSCan someone please help me understand the Blended margin on a CMBS. I realise it is the pricing margin on tranches over EURIBOR/LIBOR but cannot quite figure out how they come to it on the following cap structure. The blended margin is 232 bps. Many thanks. CLASS SIZE(€M) Rating(D/F)^ Ma...0
Alantra - Interview - Generalist
0Algo - a tool that allows you to convert a Google Sheet model to a web appCheck out - it lets you take a model that you've built in Google Sheets and convert it to a web application. Users can then come to the application, enter in the inputs, and retrieve the outputs without actually seeing the underlying spreadsheet....0
+2Interview Feedback - Thoughts? I need some thoughts on a final round interview I recently had (~2 days ago). I'm a 1st year associate at an investment bank and looking to lateral to a boutique to help build their investment banking practice. I met with a fairly senior person at the firm (not focused on investment banking but ...7
+2Decision on energy supply and trading; ExxonMobil or Phillips 66I'm an engineering student, however I've recently gotten really into finance and trading and have two offers for internships, one from ExxonMobil and the other from Phillips 66. Both are in "supply and trading" although Exxon's is really just supply chain since they don't do much trading, or at leas...18
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+1How to Forecast operating profit margin for service companies?How can we forecast segment operating profit margin for service companies which have multiple segments? Is there any way to forecast using historical operating margins? For example, if need to forecast operating margin for 4th quarter, is it okay if i calculate it by averaging operating profit margi...3
BNY Mellon - Salary & Bonus - Finance
0MIT vs Yale for undergraduateHi everyone. I’m a senior in high school with just a few days left to accept admission to either Yale or MIT. I plan on pursuing a career in finance after graduation but I’m torn between two great options. I plan to study a combination of computer science, data science and economics, so MIT woul...8
+42018 Macquarie Infrastructure & Real Assets (MIRA) Sophomore Outreach Has anyone else applied to the 2018 MIRA Sophomore Outreach in NYC? Does anyone know how helpful this program is to 2019 recruiting?...41
+2Tiffany & Co watchWould a Tiffany & Co watch be a douchebag move? My long term girlfriend wants to buy me one and her friend asked me if I would want one so I wanted to ask people in the industry i want to work in...5
+1Does an Extra Year/Semester Impact Return Offers?I currently have an offer from an EB (think PJT, Evercore, Moelis) for the summer of 2019, but I am considering staying on for an extra semester of school (so instead of graduating in May 2020, I would graduate in December 2020). Does anyone have know if these firms would still consider extending a ...3
+1Morgan Stanley London: Top GroupsI was wondering if anyone knew what the best groups are at Morgan Stanley IBD in London. By best, I mean in terms of deal flow and exit opportunities. Also interested in knowing which groups have better hours. Thanks!...33
+2GS Chicago (FIG) vs. Citi Chicago vs. Moelis NYWould appreciate any thoughts on how these compare. Offers at two, in the process at the others. My preference is to stay in Chicago, curious as to if that would be a big mistake. Appreciate any insights. ...1
+1Anybody actively use Alpha-Sense and/or Sentieo?My firm is currently trialing both products. Anyone have anything good or otherwise to say about either platform? They each are attempting to bite into Capital IQ's and/or Factset's market share, trying to be all things to all people, providing research, corporate filings, portfolio analytics, new...2
+22019 SA PJT Park Hill Secondary Advisory Group Interview Hi everyone, I have a first round 30 min video interview coming up with the Park Hill Secondary Advisory Group. Anyone interviewed for them before? Should I expect to be asked technicals? If yes, how hard will the technicals be? Any other ideas how to prepare? Background: Rising Junior at tar...8