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0Investment AdministratorFor nearly 80 years, Segal has been providing employee benefits, retirement plan investment advisory and human resources consulting for multiemployer trust funds, corporations and public sector organizations. Segal is an independent, privately and employee-owned firm. Our independence allows us to p...
0Coldcaller/Financial Consultant - trainee program Private investment bank / broker-dealer takes an active role in training and developing new employees to produce successful Brokers/Advisors. Train directly with Senior Advisors of the firm Call new business 6 figure earnings potential  ...
0Operations AssociateVontobel Asset Management, Inc. is a global investment management firm dedicated exclusively to managing long-only global equity portfolios. Established in 1984, Vontobel serves both institutional and intermediary clients including some of the world’s leading corporations, public and private p...
0Analyst, Equity Relative Value-Industrial   Job Description: We are currently seeking an analyst for a position in our Dallas headquarters in the Relative Value strategy covering the industrial sector. The research process includes a heavy emphasis on detailed financial modeling and valuation work. In addition, the position would also in...
0Vice PresidentOrganizational Overview: Capital Park Management Company is an investment manager with a value-based investment strategy that combines a traditional control buyout style with that of a long only hedge fund running a concentrated portfolio strategy.   Position Summary: The Vice Preside...
0AssociateOrganizational Overview: Capital Park Management Company is an investment manager with a value-based investment strategy that combines a traditional control buyout style with that of a long only hedge fund running a concentrated portfolio strategy.   Position Summary: The Associate wi...
0Manager, Risk Analytics/ModelingAs a company, we were established by Chuck over 40 years ago to champion Main Street over Wall Street, and to help Americans transform themselves from earners to owners. Through advocacy and innovation, we work to make investing more affordable, accessible and understandable for all. As we...
0Equity Financial Analyst - TMTA Career in Long/Short Equities at Point72 Long/short equity is Point72’s core strategy and its success is dependent upon our sector-based investing teams. Using fundamental research, our Research Analysts inform the investment strategies of our Portfolio Managers. Through our Point72 Universi...
0Financial Sales ManagerDo you enjoy meeting new people and building relationships? Are you looking for an opportunity to maximize your selling abilities and grow as a sales professional? Do you wish you could help people plan their financial future while also building a great career for yourself? Do you have confidence,am...
0Financial Sales RepresentativeDo you enjoy meeting new people and building relationships? Are you looking for an opportunity to maximize your selling abilities and grow as a sales professional? Do you wish you could help people plan their financial future while also building a great career for yourself? Do you have confidence,am...
0Point72 Spring Academy AnalystPoint72 Academy Spring Program Move further and faster in your career by becoming an Equity Research Analyst at Point72. If you’re early in your professional development and interested in investing publicly traded equities, you can accelerate your career while getting the in-depth training we ...
0Equity Research Associate – Healthcare, PharmaceuticalsCowen is seeking an Equity Research Associate to work in the Boston office for the Healthcare,  Pharmaceuticals team. The successful candidate will work directly with the  Pharmaceuticals team on all aspects of the research process including: analyzing clinical trials, conducting scie...
+2Should I apply for a Lateral Hire positions or Full-Time Analyst positions for 2019?I'm currently in somewhat of a limbo right now. I graduated from a non-target about a year ago with a 3.4 GPA and decent, but not spectacular, extracurriculars. Since then, I've been working as a Valuation Analyst for a small boutique for about 9 months, and I've began to attempt a jump over to the ...2
+1Financial modeling problem: How to remove spaces from numbers that were pasted from a PDF file? Hi all, I have this issue: I copy pasted the financial statements from a PDF because the company didn't have their statements published in excel. Now I have the text on the left and the numbers on the right. It happens that excel doesn't understand that those are numbers and I can't use them for ...1
JP Morgan Securities - Review - Sales and Trading
+88Why I Left PE & Switched to the Public MarketsI compiled this post because I've received several questions aroud this topic in private messages and I thought it may be helpful to discuss my experience with a wider audience. I would like to caveat all of the information in this really long post below by saying that these are all broad generaliza...69
+9Join the Email & WhatsApp groups for your city Join the email list for your city to receive updates on future WSO events in your city. When signing up you will also receive a welcome email with a link to join your city's WhatsApp group. We created these WhatsApp groups with the goal of making it easier for WSO members to organize events / happy ...69
+1Advice on finding a job in a trading company after 15yrs prop tradingHi all, I've been trading for 15yrs with my own money at various trading arcades. It's primarily been oil and distillate futures, but I also traded fixed income cash bonds and futures. This year I've realised that I'm not progressing, or more importantly, I'm not learning anything new, at leas...1
KKR (Kohlberg Kravis Roberts) - Review - Credit
Morgan Stanley - Interview - Public Finance
KKR (Kohlberg Kravis Roberts) - Salary & Bonus - Credit
Deloitte - Review - Generalist
Deloitte - Salary & Bonus - Generalist
0Best place to get licensed quickly?What's the best way to go about getting your Series 7 and eventually 66? I know the series 66 can be taken without a sponsor, but it's useless also from what I heard without the Series 7 combined. What would be the easiest way to get sponsored for the Series 7 though? For example, I'm not going to a...0
Wells Fargo and Company - Review - Investment Banking
Wells Fargo and Company - Salary & Bonus - Investment Banking
Old Mission Capital - Salary & Bonus - Prop Trading
+11Recommended Drinks?Landed a second round interview with two VPs in a boutique firm. I am supposed to have a formal interview with one of the VPs and go out for drinks after. Any recommended drinks for someone who doesn't drink that often? I don't want to kill the post-interview vibe when it's time to hold casual ...50
+3McDonald's is going VEGAN?McDonald's is [trialling]( a new "burger", the McVegan. What do you all think? Would you eat it? Will it UPEND and DISRUPT the FAST FOOD INDUSTRY for good?...40
+1Immigrant/not from western world family thoughtsI can't say this is the basis for every western family but I can tell you that any non-western immigrant family will want their kids to either be doctors, engineers, and in some cases lawyers, in 98% of cases. The jobs then such as finance, entrepreneurship, etc are frowned upon and seen as a lack o...3
McKinsey and Co - Interview - Generalist
+14Will the Tech industry take over?Had a question for you guys. The tech industry is the type of thing that seems too good to be true but actually turns out to be true. I have three main reasons to believe the most talented students will move in droves to the tech industry unless something changes. 1) Automation is set to get...34
+1HL - Restructuring Case StudyCan anyone share this please? The HL website is giving me an error when I try to get it from there and I haven't been able to find it elsewhere. ...1
+2looking further then only for the "big names"...Hey, as I am studying in a city in europe which is not really famous for their financial sector (we mostly only do have house banking services, have a large GDP in other sectors though - mainly in producing and tourism) I´m really curious to work as an intern in a different country. When ta...4
+1Wells Fargo Summer Financial Analyst offer turnaround timeHow long after your interview for an internship with Wells Fargo did you hear back? Couple days, next day, several weeks? I’ve heard it varies by office but any insight would be great. Please provide location, position and how many days after superday you heard back. Thank you! ...2
Crédit Agricole Corporate and Investment Bank - Review - Structured Products
Crédit Agricole Corporate and Investment Bank - Salary & Bonus - Structured Products
0SWF career progression and HFHi, I am a penultimate year student and I am thinking about the prospects of going to a SWF vs a ''more regular path'' with either S&T or AM. I was able to secure an internship in a HF (no FT possibility because of working permit) but I am still waiting for some BB S&T. My long term goal was to join...0
+46How do you signal women that you work in Investment Banking without telling them?Hi Guys, I know that there are women out there who are easily impressed by the money and generally the prestige of Investment Banking, but how do you show them discreetly that you are working as BB-Banker without giving them the impression that you are a showoff?...59
+27How I Passed the CFA Exams Back-to-Back-to-BackHow I Passed the CFA Exams Back-to-Back-to-Back ###Level I: January 2, 2016 was the first Saturday of the year and the start of my Level I studies. At the time, I was working in real estate equity research and my hours during the work week prevented me from studying daily. So, 75% of my Level I...18
+9Did anyone enjoy or appreciate their IB experience?There are plenty of posts about how horrible IB was for people, but did anyone appreciate it or like it?...23
+5HF Comp Out of IB - Current FiguresDoes anyone have numbers on current base / bonus rates for HF analysts out of IB programs (1-2 years out of college)? Since HF pay is less uniform than banking / PE gigs, it'd be useful to collect some data points. Given the variability in HF pay, it would be great if you could include AUM /...6
+2The future of stock fraudAs emerging markets become more developed, governments more transparent and government agencies more effective, stock fraud will become less rampant. Less Brazilian or Russian mining company, less stock fraud in Asian markets. Will short selling fraudulent companies potentially become a less prof...3
0Hedge Fund ReadsHi! I have recently become interested in pursuing work at a hedge fund, but want to learn more about it. I understand that networking is fairly similar between IB and HF and that I should prep using the guides/the existing posts on WSO. My question is sort of deeper: I want to learn more about the ...2
+5Tips on discretely looking for other HF opportunitiesJust want to see other people's thoughts on trying to leave a hedge fund without it getting back to your employer. Ideally I would like to get somewhere to start 2019, but don't want to ruin my bonus this year. When I see messages from HHs for roles that are similar to what I do, I am nervous to res...14
+1Real Estate “Production Analyst”does anyone have experience in this role? I’m very confused on the difference between this and that of a business analyst. Any help would be appreciated! ...5
+1REFM Financial Modeling AdviceRecently started at a top firm as an intern and am hoping to learn basic financial modeling and heard REFM was a great resource. I am trying to decide between Real Estate Self study course "Principles of Commercial Real Estate" and the levels 1,2 and 3 bootcamp. Any recomendations would be apprecia...2
+3Cold email networking while employed?I am looking to see how others here approach networking while they are already employed. I understand that being involved in organizations such as ULI, Naiop etc can really help but besides that what are you doing? I am currently on the brokerage side working in research, and eventually I am wa...11
+4Why do good HFs shutdown?10
+12020 On-Cycle HF RecruitingNot in the industry yet, but pretty curious with how HFs are approaching recruiting right now. I know a lot of the bigger HFs typically compete with the MF/UMM timeline for top candidates, but considering how early the timeline is now, have HFs decided to wait? Not in the industry yet, but as someon...2
+9Industry Outlook: Crypto Hedge FundsHello, The purpose of this thread is to serve as an overview of the Crypto Hedge Fund industry. Other common names for this space include Cryptocurrency Hedge Funds, Blockchain Hedge Funds, and Digital Asset Hedge Funds. In this thread, I am going to discuss the following: 1. Industry Trends ...17
+3Getting a Hedge Fund job as a Political Science Professor?Hello all, I was hoping to get some advice on the types of jobs/funds that might be a natural transition from my current job as a political science lecturer. Just to give a little quick context, I'm in my mid-twenties, was an adjunct professor for 3 years, and am now a full-time lecturer, but on ...9
+1Current Differences Between Tiger Cubs (Coatue, Lone Pine, Tiger Global) - Culture, Investment Style, Etc.Given the lack of transparency / widespread info on the current state of some of the major Tiger cubs, I was hoping to better understand common perceptions of the following: internal culture, turnover, investment focus (time horizon, flexibility, etc), as they relate to firms like Coatue vs Tiger Gl...4
+1What debt tranche to use in an LBO?If a case study doesn't give any specific directions as to the debt tranche and spread to use, what would be the best way to think that through and come up with a structure? I feel like because it is so open ended, there is room for them to ask why not i.e.) 2.0x senior debt and 1.0x subordinated de...2
+1Associate Interview after I turned down offerI was offered a position turned it down for another job. I reached out after working for a few months. Got a call from the original recruiter. (Back story on my interviews - all went extremely well. ) ...1
+1Need Advice After Longish GapHello all, So I need a little advice. I graduated from a top target with a degree in finance around 3 years ago with a 3.8 GPA. I had some ok internships, but nothing spectacular. I wasn't successful in getting a full time job upon graduating, and went off travelling and volunteering for the last...1
Boston Consulting Group (BCG) - Salary & Bonus - Generalist
BMO Capital Markets - Salary & Bonus - Real Estate
+2Houston Restructuring Exit OpsWould working at a Houston bank with restructuring deal flow make you a competitive candidate for typical restructuring-based exit ops (i.e. distressed debt investing)? Especially within Dallas? A lot of people emphasize that Houston banks only place into O&G related exits. During recruiting, I ...9
+2Senior Associate or MBA?So I've finished two years of BB IBD, followed by 2 years at a MM PE fund. I was originally planning on applying round 2 to b-school, but have recently considered making a lateral move to another fund, ideally with a promotion to senior associate and considering applying then. Would 6-7 years of wor...6
+1Underwriting Commercial Real Estate LoansHello, I'm starting a new job where my first project will involve risk modeling for commercial real estate loans. What do those of you in the business look at when you underwrite these things, and why? What are the major risks to consider? Thanks!...4
Goldman Sachs - Review - Investment Banking
Goldman Sachs - Salary & Bonus - Investment Banking
Simon Kucher Partners - Review - Consulting
Simon Kucher Partners - Salary & Bonus - Consulting
+5Is joining Point72 social suicide for joining other firms?Do some hedge fund managers have personal vendettas against Point72/Steve Cohen? If a person has Point72 on their resume early on in their career, is that a flag for other firms...against the morals of the candidate?...24
0Need Advice After Long GapHello all, So I need a little advice. I graduated from a top target with a degree in finance around 3 years ago with a 3.8 GPA. I had some ok internships, but nothing spectacular. I wasn't successful in getting a full time job upon graduating, and went off travelling and volunteering for the last...0
Deloitte - Interview - Generalist
0Need Advice After GapHello all, So I need a little advice. I graduated from a top target with a degree in finance around 3 years ago with a 3.8 GPA. I had some ok internships, but nothing spectacular. I wasn't successful in getting a full time job upon graduating, and went off travelling and volunteering for the last...0
Deloitte - Salary & Bonus - Strategy and Operations
0PNC Capital MarketsHey guys, I was wondering if anyone knew the salary progression for PNC's capital markets group! I know first year is 85k base, but I didn't know if there was a structured 85/95/100/etc setup for the three year development program. Also, what kinda exit ops are there from DCM/their S&T groups/AL...0
JP Morgan Securities - Salary & Bonus - Sales and Trading
0Help plz - any thoughts? I came across SMBC Nikko and it seems like they just started an investment banking group like 2 years ago, not sure if anyone knows how this is? In terms of IB job, exit opps, pay, etc.? I saw they advised soft bank on the tmobile/sprint thing but not sure how else this is....0
KKR (Kohlberg Kravis Roberts) - Salary & Bonus - Generalist
0Five-year-old boy's 15-page CV grabs China online attentionOk, title may be slightly misleading.....
+5From poker to prop-tradingA little bit about myself: I'm 21 years old and a rising senior at a small (yet selective) liberal arts college, though certainly not considered in the realm of a 'target school' for prop-trading. I'm also returning from taking my spring semester off of college in which I played live poker full t...27
+2Citi IB Group Reputation?I got an offer for Citi IB SA and I was curious to hear what the consensus was about Exit Opps and Reputation for some of its groups. I am interested in Media & Comms, M&A, and Industrials, but wanted to hear what other people think. I know for M&C it’s not as strong as the boutiques that do it li...14
ClearView Healthcare Partners - Review - Consulting
BBVA Compass - Salary & Bonus - Debt Capital Markets
+14What Was Your First Watch?Looking at watches, curious to see where everyone else started. I know there are plenty of posts on entry level watch recommendations but I’m more interested in what people actually bought and their thoughts on that. ...56
+2Rant on IBanking MemesWhat's with all these IBD themed meme accounts? Some of them are pretty funny / amusing, but think they set a stupid precedent for what young kids going into, or trying get into, analyst programs are to expect. This snarky, overly critical attitude has always been around since Liars Poker and Monkey...3
+4Tiger Cubs That Recruit from UndergradI was curious what tiger cubs recruit from undergrad. If you all know any, could you also please speak about how those cubs are perceived/considered by students weighing competing opportunities in banking?...11
+11What firms do UVA kids end up in banking? The discussion is not limited to UVA. For example, where do most people at NYU/UCLA go for an entry-level banking job? As an incoming student at UVA, I really want to know where the alumni end up because LinkedIn does not seem to give all the answers. ...25
Akuna Capital LLC - Interview - Trading
+1Will SNAP be Acquired?More than 3 years ago, Facebook attempted to buy Snap Inc. for around $3bn. Snap rejected, IPO'ed and at some point reached a market cap of $30+bn. As of right now, Snap's market cap is around $8bn and its stock trading near all-time lows. Do you think Facebook would eventually be interested i...5
+4STUDENT LOANS....I have to pay those back!?!Since I know there are some of you monkeys out there that aren't swinging pre-pubescent balls around, I am inquiring of you! What advice do you have for those students and myself who have graduated from college with a mountain of student loan debt? -- What payment plans have you experienced ...214
+1CS 2019 SA Group SelectionDoes anyone know when group selection is going to be? Also, when will the drug tests/background check happen?...0
Navigant Consulting - Interview - Healthcare
+2Where To Live In/Near Times Square?I'm looking into housing for this summer in NYC, and was wondering what the best options are that are in walking distance (5-10 min walk) from an office in times square. Does anyone have any suggestions? Would really appreciate it!...6
Bain & Company - Interview - Management Consulting
+1Deleted Delete DeleteDelete Delete Delete Delete Delete Delete Delete Delete Delete Delete Delete Delete Delete Delete Delete Delete...3
0Bank of America Background Check FormI am filling out a background check form for a company(BofA) that recently gave me a job offer. I was arrested in 2016 and charged with: 01 - 124.401(5) - POSSESSION OF CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE - MARIJUANA 1ST OFFENSE 02 - 124.414 - POSSESSION OF DRUG PARAPHERNALIA At pretrial my lawyer was able to g...0
+101st year analyst - how to prepare for 1st year end review this year?**1st Year Analyst (started in June) after UG** How should I prepare for the year end review that will happen in December? It goes without saying, obviously I’ll keep doing what I’m doing, working hard, learning, and improving my skill set. I understand it’s several weeks out, but o...28
0BEST forex signals live dailyBEST forex signals live daily Published by bestsignals on November 2, 2018 BEST forex signals live daily from the best forex signals provider GOLD SELL @ 1235 TP @ 1221 SL @ 1242 GOLD best forex strategies Trend gold prices move down in very near term from 1243 and start very fast bearish wa...0
PwC PricewaterhouseCoopers - Review - Management Consulting
+40J.P. Morgan 2019 IBD Video InterviewHi guys, sophomore at non-target here. I submitted my app for JP Morgan IBD 2019 yesterday and just got invited to do a video interview. Anyone else get the video interview? Also, will there be another phone interview after this or straight to superday? Any insight or advice is appreciated. ...419
+2Morgan Stanley 2019 London Earlybird Full Time Investment Banking AnalystHas anybody applied to the application for this opportunity? Pretty interested in working in the UK (US student from target school)...14
+3Restructuring Long-TermHi everyone, I'm interested in restructuring and was wondering what the lifestyle is like for senior bankers in the group and the sort of work that they do (how different is it from the work that senior bankers do in M&A and coverage)? Also, any input on comp across the ranks would be great too! ...7
Clean Energy Business Network
+7Train your children for a professionIs it possible to train your children early with skills like accounting or using finance tools? We see all the time that children are trained to be athletes since they were babies. Sentiments and morals aside, I just want to know if anyone has tried this....30