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0Technology company to investment bankingI worked in investment banking for a small banking my junior year summer and ended up taking a job at a large technology company working in data science/AI because I thought the work I'd be doing would be very interesting. About 8 months in the job I realized it is not for me and looking to go back ...IB0
+6Does the Investment Banking Wage Gap Still Exist?April 10th. What does that day mean to you? To women across the country, April 10th is known as Equal Pay Day, symbolizing how far into the year women must work to earn what men earned in the previous year. The National Committee on Pay Equity launched Equal Pay Day in 1996 to raise aw...IB5
+2MM IB Associate - Common Exit Opps?cccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccc...OTH9
+1Real Estate AIG Excel TestI have an interview with AIG, and they scheduled a 45 minute Excel test session. What does this entail? Please help....RE11
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+2Custom Suits - Black Lapel, Enzo CustomLooking into ordering a couple of suits and blazers from either Black Lapel or Enzo Custom. For those of you that have used either company, what are your thoughts on quality/service/value? Does anyone recommend using one over the other? ...FASH6
+1Due diligence in private equityHow relevant is vendor due diligence review in the private equity process when going through the deal - vs say the legal documentation (reviewing purchase agreements, NDAs, credit agreements....). How detailed do you need to go into the commercial and accounting documents (ie VDD) and what do you...PE4
+2What are the Best Groups for JPM??**Intro** I am an incoming IBD summer analyst for JP Morgan. HR said that group placement will be announced in March, so I am trying to narrow down my top choices. **Two Questions** 1. Which groups have the best exit opp? I heard that Healthcare, M&A, FSG, FIG, and T/MT) are the best so far, ...IB14
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+2Post Bloomberg Internship Super Day Interview?Bloomberg Global Data Internship Interview Process: Round 1 - Pre-Recorded Video Responses: Passed (notified 3 days later) Round 2 - 30 Minute Video Interview: Passed (notified 2 hours later) Round 3 - Super Day: Passed ( notified 2 days later) Round 4 - 30 Minute Final Video Interview: ...OFF6
+26Abraaj Capital - Global Anlayst Program - 2017 IntakeHey Guys! With regard to the above captioned subject, I'm looking to get in touch with candidates who have applied for Abraaj's GAP for the 2017 intake. In this regard, I'd be grateful if people can apprise about the status of their application process. Also, all those who are familiar with the s...PE359
0!! Watch Black Panther 2018 Online Free Hd4KPutlocker!! Watch Black Panther 2018 Online Free Hd4KPutlocker!! Watch Black Panther 2018 Online Free Hd4KPutlocker!! Watch Black Panther 2018 Online Free Hd...TR0
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+3Middle Office to Front Office in Sales & TradingHi everyone, new here and looking for some advice on how to break into the front office. To give you my background, I have a bachelors degree in finance from a non target and have been working in middle office at a BB for the past three years (Buffalo, NY office). I am also enrolled in the Universit...TR32
0Career in Tax and the Exit OpportunitiesHi. I am a fresh grad majoring in Accounting & Finance and have been looking for jobs actively. I recently applied to KPMG for the tax consultant assistant position. I am wondering if tax consultant would be great as a first job. However, I would like to pursue my career in banking industry in the f...JOB0
0Transfer From Commercial banking to Private banking?Hi!I will do a commercial banking internship in hsbc uk this coming summer. For some reason,I want to work in private banking for full time. If anyone here have similar experience can give some advice about transferring from commercial banking to private banking? And specifically, if by any chanc...JOB0
0From Commercial banking to Private banking?Hi!I will do a commercial banking internship in hsbc uk this coming summer. For some reason,I want to work in private banking for full time. If anyone here have similar experience can give some advice about transferring from commercial banking to private banking? And specifically, if by any chan...IB0
0Primal Alpha Beast if you're going this**Primal Alpha Beast** if you're going this route then bear in mind to consult a Pilate expert for your nearby health club or pastime middle earlier than beginning out with any sort of Pilate workout. further to Pilates you may moreover supplement your...PE0
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+2CDS-Bond Basis - Any credit traders in here?(probably) rookie question for any credit trader out there: Why wouldn't you be able to take that trade: Short T 6.125 08/15/29 Long CVS 9.35 01/10/2023 Corp Long CVS CDS USD SR 5Y D14 Corp Earn 496 bps, Lever up, Repeat. I assume you can't because the basis has been slowly decreasing ...TR4
+1Wanting Advice for A Highschool StudentGreetings, I am a junior in high school. I have been wanting a career in asset management since I was 13. Soon to become a senior, college applications are approaching. I have a close to perfect SAT score, close to perfect SAT subject test scores(Math and World History), top 3% rank, and a 3.9 unwei...RES2
+1Why trading is so much popular in today’s worldPeople all over the world is always struggling hard to secure their financial freedom. You might have high-class education and skill set yet there is no guarantee that you will be rewarded with the perfect job. For this very reason, people always look for alternative source of income to support thei...IB1
+3Recently realized I want an MBA - Do I have a shot at Harvard, Wharton, Stanford?Hello everyone - I recently realized that I want to apply for MBA programs in a year or two and was wondering about my chances at these top programs. Previously, I had been thinking about a PhD, but I think that an MBA is more up my alley and will help me achieve my career goals. I apologize for the...BSCH26
+4Best undergraduate degree for equity research?I already read "Here are the target undergraduate schools in Canada," which seemed like it was more for people who wanted to go into IB. I'm more interested in ER, and thinking about possibly going into HF later on. Which (Canadian or US) undergraduate programs do you guys recommend? (Which undergra...ER13
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+1URGENT: GOLDMAN DRUG TEST ON HRWORKWAYStook my drug test last Friday, checked hrworkways and it says successful... does that mean I passed?! Or does it mean it has been "successfully" received lol ...IB8
+1asset managementhi there, I am a fresh graduate from Egypt and search for an international internship in asset management. how I can find an internship that gives me experience in the field. thanks...AM2
+3Tied Between Different Opportunities - Sports, Consulting, FinanceHi all, I'm in an interesting predicament. I am currently deciding between a couple offers and am from a target school (H/Y/P/W/S) as a senior: - Football Operations for an NFL Team (basically running analytics for player performance and help make drafting decisions, sports science analytics) ...BSCH27
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0Paper LBOsHey everyone, Was wondering if any of you know where I can find some good paper LBO examples. Thanks in advance!...PE5
+5Cryptocurrencies: Buy The Dip? As of 2/7/2018 seems like cryptos have shaved off a significant amount of value off of their market caps. Would love to hear what you guys think in terms of buying at this dip? ...MKT51
0Forest City Development
+11How do you all deal with anxiety or stress? Going through a bad moment for university, internship and so on, so Im pretty stressed out with constant anxiety. How do you guys deal with this? ...OFF67
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+2Need Help, TWO IB Offers, Exploding This Week!I hear these are both up and coming BB's, I have an offer at both. Let me know what you think. ...IB1
+1Job HuntingIt is almost November and recruiting season is almost over for the summer. I know there is plenty of talented people out there still looking for that internship or full-time position. It is a hard time for many as there is a lot of competition, but what are some of the tips and tricks for people who...RES2
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0How to prep for interviewI have a interview up coming for "research intern" classified as "investment management",but the interview is with HR & a "Senior trader-Public Equities"? Do I prep more like s&t, or ER this is at like billionaires private firm focused on business activities and philanthropic interests. ...JOB0
0WSO New York Happy Hour: Thursday, 2/22, 7:00pm @48 LoungeHappy Valentine's Day, monkeys! WSO New York has its February Happy Hour scheduled! Note the new location, we are spreading the monkey troop around Manhattan! Join us for cocktails and socializing to take the edge off. It's very nice to return to this spot after a prolonged absence, so let's kee...0
0Which internship is better- finance or commercial banking?Despite having a great GPA, and good ECs, I didn't perform so well in the internship scene because I just genuinely didn't know what I was doing and how to go about this, and by the time I figured it out it was too late. So for my junior year internship I'm between **LexisNexis finance intern or Fif...OFF0
0Company Interview: JP Morgan SecuritiesAM
+6The most laid back Corporate jobs for those of us without C-suite aspirations?Let's use this thread to discuss roles that offer amazing work/life balance and limited stress (i.e. **not** FP&A, development, etc.). It doesn't even necessarily need to be finance-specific as there are dozens of little-known roles out there that someone with a finance or analytical mindset can ...CF100
+2Did I lie on my resume? What to do at this point?I met a finance journalist, Bob, for X magazine through alumni connections. And we ended up working on a project together. This was a side project, so I normally don't put it on my resume but it was relevant for a specific position. So, I wrote down that I worked for X magazine under Bob on my ...JOB6
0Company Review: Google
+1A few questions on Internal Wholesaling Hello everyone, I am a 25 year old male very interested in mutual fund wholesaling. I am currently doing some career planning and after reading a lot of fantastic information on this website, particularly the AMA Krazyk, I decided to join. You all seem so helpful and I was just hoping to get some...AM1
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+16Beyond the guide: a list of real interview technical questionsOver the past few years, this forum has helped me a lot, so I thought I'd give back. The following questions are all from interviews and superdays I've had at various BB/EBs. I only posted technical questions that are not in the traditional guides. I come from a target b-school and did not go thr...IB8
+1Short-term investingI believe that some equity long/short hedge funds have a pretty short time horizon for their investments. This might sound naive but I was wondering how they can operate like this. Especially for the funds that focus on getting earnings right - I find that near impossible to call. I understand th...HF2
0My Intro: Student Trying To Break Away From Nightclubs and Into Wall Street Hello, My name is Chris. I am currently in my last semester at the wonderful University of Nevada, Las Vegas. We out here like to refer to it as the Harvard of the desert. I am part of the UNLV investment group where selected students get to manage a small fund. This investment group is actuall...2
0Company Interview: Akuna Capital LLCTR
+19What is your compensation in Real Estate Finance?I cant find much in the way of compensation for real estate other then the summary page from the HR consultant that is floating around here, so I thought maybe people will be willing to describe what they do, their market, and what their compensation looks like. Industry: Real Estate Developmen...RE229
+1C-Level Said He'd Push Resume - Follow Up? [Summer Internship]Through a mutual friend, I was connected with a C-level guy at a firm I really want to intern for. We had an informational interview and **at the end, he asked me to send him my resume and said he'd forward it to the head of the department I want to apply to** as well as reply back with another ...JOB2
+1Non big 4 audit > Corporate Finance?I have worked for a year as an auditor at a non big 4 (top 10) CPA firm. Turns out, accounting is boring to me and I'm looking to get a job as a financial analyst. I would prefer an F500 company but I'm not really sure what I should realistically expect. Should I just start studying for the GMAT now...JOB3
+2Is it possible to lateral to the associate level without an MBA and no prior IB experience?But say you have relevant "deal" experience (aka Big 4 FDD/Valuations type stuff) and have focused on a specific industry. Has anyone ever seen this happen? I would assume this never happens at BBs but what about boutiques and smaller shops? ...IB6
+3IU to Stanford?Hi all, I am a student at Kelley business school at Indiana University. I am looking to pursue a career in investment banking and I know that Kelley is not a target school for most banks. However, I heard that a lot of Kelley grads get recruited by William and Blair which is in Chicago. How real...IB19
0Sell-side M&A vs. Buy-side M&AWill you M&A bankers out there shed some light on the differences? Some pros and cons will do. Please focus on the experience of an incoming analyst. Of course, specific details are greatly appreciated. Thanks all. Work in buy side advisory vs. sell side investment banking? Experiences for ban...IB9
0EV/EBITDA to Target PriceThis was a question that came up for an ER interview at a BB. How can you arrive at a target price given EV/EBIDTA? What else do you need to know? Thanks! how to calculate stock price from EV/EBITDA In an interview or during an analysis if you are given an EV/EBITDA multiple it is fairly ea...ER38
0Full Time Offer Rate vs. Internship Offer Rate (MBB)Seems like MBB summer internships are much harder to come by than the regular full-time offers that are given out in the Fall of senior year. Does anyone know if juniors who typically make it to final rounds for internships but don't end up with an offer have better luck with FT recruiting in the ...CO23
+4What's it like working in Corporate Strategy?Hi everyone, I'm a graduate student in a STEM field and I'm currently debating going to law school next year (I've been accepted to some high-ranked schools), or trying to break into management consulting. If I went the consulting route, my long term goal would be to end up in corporate strategy....CF14
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+1Advice for HighschoolGreetings, I am a junior in high school. I have been wanting a career in asset management since I was 13. Soon to become a senior, college applications are approaching. I have a close to perfect SAT score, close to perfect SAT subject test scores(Math and World History), top 3% rank, and a 3.9 unwei...BSCH1
+1Client Associate to Middle Office without MBA?How's it going guys, long time reader; first time poster.. Recently graduated from a non target school with a GPA around 3.3 and around 2 years of experience working with FAs as a client associate. Just landed a similar job at Neuberger Berman this past month. Finally able to study for my 7 and 6...AM1
0Company Compensation: Cushman and WakefieldRE
+1How do you stay organized at work (both in general and on action item lists)?Hi monkeys! Thanks for stopping by. Some context: I recruited into management consulting right after college, and remained there for 3-4 across 2 different firms. I recently made the jump to a small private equity shop. I've never been the most organized person, and that has become more and mo...CO1
+1Oxford PE Conference Oxford Said is having a PE conference in a week or so. It's 25 quid to attend as a student+the train ticket from London. Is it worth going to?...OFF1
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+1Life at Morgan Stanley - LondonJust got accepted to this event. Has anybody been to it previously, who would like to share their experience? Is this an opportunity to land an internship next summer? Anybody else going this year and not sure what to expect? I'm debating whether or not it's worth flying in from Dublin for a 4 hour ...IB3
0Company Compensation: Brown Brothers HarrimanAM
+1Career path changeI have been at a firm doing valuation work for about a year and am finding out that I strongly dislike the work for a few reasons: 1- I know I am in finance, but I really dislike working in huge excel models all day. I am not terrible at it but I find that it drains me and bores me to death. 2...IB1
+2Enterprise Value + Equity Value Technical QuestionsHey guys, So recently got asked this question in a first round interview -> If you buy an operating asset worth $100 with 50% cash and 50% debt what happens to both EV and EqV? (In theory) I'm confused how to tackle these questions, and anyone with strong technicals care to explain? I've re...IB9
+1Investment Banking Inter/Fulltime as CS majorHi Guys, I'm a CS major, junior/rising senior and minoring in Economics from semi-target university. I have very much interest in Investment banking(20% for money, 80% for what they do) or other related fields. I did my internships as Application Engineer and Application Developer in Bristol Myer...IB1
+1Projecting Bank Balance SheetHello to everyone. I am a little stuck on projecting a bank balance sheet here. Could someone help me what is the correct way to project the " Debt securities on the asset and Liabilities side for a bank. Should it be a simple % growth or is there something better to use or more exact? Also on a ...IB1
+3Top 20 Banks To Work For - "Employee Satisfaction" - 2018 EditionSaw this just posted on Poets & Quants (sourced from WSO) and wanted to S/O Patrick & WSO for being the ones taking the reigns and providing this insight that nobody else has offered! It's awesome to see this site earning even more recognition and autonomy in the space. Let's see what you guys think...IB19
+2London School of Economics - General Course - Should I go?Recently accepted into the program. For those not familiar, it's a year long study abroad program in London. Considering to attend during my senior year. I already secured an internship at an IB firm for the upcoming summer. I have two concerns. In the situation that I do not receive a full time...IB7
+1LSE MSc Finance Entry Requirements and Application QuestionsHello all, I am looking to apply to the MSc Finance at LSE this cycle. I am also considering the MSc Financial Economics at Oxford (too much of a reach? though LSE probably is too), and possibly similar MSc programs at LBS and Imperial. Regarding the entry requirements at LSE, I know they are ...BSCH1
0Company Compensation: Pickering Pacific Pte LtdIB
+1Predatory Lending & lawsuit. HELP PLsssss lolThrowaway. I've accepted a job at a firm right? It's all good. Good office. Good peeps. I find out today that the firm's being sued. What for? It financed a company. That company now named in law suit. Alleged predatory lending. Like, I don't have a problem with this company. I do not thin...IB1
0Company Compensation: Highbridge Capital ManagementPE
+1Predatory Lending & lawsuit.Throwaway. I've accepted a job at a firm right? It's all good. Good office. Good peeps. I find out today that the firm's being sued. What for? It financed a company. That company now named in law suit. Alleged predatory lending. Like, I don't have a problem with this company. I do not thin...IB1
+5Why Banking in 2018?From what I notice on the forums, so many people think that going into banking will make them rich and happy after they go through this grind. This is particularly obvious on my college campus. I attend one of HYP and I see so many people walking into this field looking it as a great "career-starter...IB26
+1Easy Company to Practice 3 Statement ModelHello all. This is my first post on WSO. I am mostly doing this for fun, as I am at a non-target, but I am an analyst for my school's fund. I was wondering if you guys had any good companies that were simple to model. I am looking to build a somewhat complex model (i just built a relatively compl...IB1
+302019 On-Cycle PE Recruiting: Headhunter RankingRecruited on-cycle in early December and signed with an upper MM buyout fund in NYC starting Summer 2019 (flagship fund size: $6-9 bn; AUM: $20-40 bn). Lazy Friday in the office and wanted to contribute here somehow - figured one helpful angle could be an update on the relevancy and efficacy of v...PE23
+1IB vs FLDP vs VC/PE fund administration/consultation - please help! Hello - Currently having a dilemma about which career route to take. I have job opportunities in three very different roles for my first job (minus a year long graduate internship at one of the companies I have been offered a role). For context, my end goal is C-suite finance/operations at a fort...JOB1
+2Do I have a chance at Harvard or Wharton? If not where?Hello everyone, I am looking for some advice on if there was any chance of an MBA at Harvard or Wharton, and if not, what business schools are possible? Work Experience: - Summer Analyst Corporate Banking at international bank (think HSBC), earned the highest performance rating out of all su...BSCH7
0Company Compensation: DeloitteCO
+1Insight on CD Trading Desks?I'm currently in the process of transferring from a CC to a regional target as a sophomore and have a possible internship position on a CD trading desk. One of my interests is in S&T and was wondering if anyone had any insight on CD desks? While i'd assume CD desks are quite boring, the fact that i'...TR3
+1Deferred Tax Assets in Calculation of Enterprise Value and Earnings YieldBackground: For Joel Greenblatt's "Magic Formula," he defines earnings yield as EBIT/EV. Further, he defines EV as equity value including preferred equity + net interest bearing debt. I'm looking at a potential investment in Socket Mobile (SCKT). In 2015, Sckt had EBIT of $2.1M on an EV of $3.7M...AM1
+1Infrastructure at Canadian Pensions (PSP and CDPQ)Hi guys, i'm increasingly becoming more and more interested in the infrastructure space, especially when it comes to careers within Canada and know that the pension funds within Canada are becoming larger investors in this space. I can find a lot of information about OTPP and CPPIB but was wondering...PE1
0Company Interview: DellCF
+2Shorting Auto Loans?What instrument would you guys use to bet against the auto loan market? I'm a RE undergrad, so a lot of the trading stuff is outside my realm of competence. I heard a speech at my school today from a former PE guy who went out into the subprime auto loan market. He essentially works hand-in-gl...TR21