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+2Quant Prop firm vs. Chop ShopI think this question may seem like a no-brainer to many on this forum, but I would still really like to hear some outside opinions - I have two offers from proprietary trading firms. One is focused on quantitative analysis in order to minimize risk. I would be paid a starting salary here, but most...3
Rothschild - Salary & Bonus - Generalist
HSBC - Interview - Restructuring
+4Help on my College List (Investment Banking/Finance)Reaches 1. UPenn 2. UCB 3. UMich Ross Targets 1. UVA 2. Georgetown 3. UT Austin 4. UNC 5. USC 6. Boston College 7. Emory 8. Northeastern 9. UCLA 10. Boston University Safeties 1. Indiana University 2. Villanova 3. Fordham 4. Baruch ——— US Citizen - Asian St...65
+1Transitioning from real estate to specialty consulting?**A little background**: I have an MBA from a top 15 program. Prior to my MBA, I had 5 years of work experience in several real estate related managerial roles. My goal with going to business school was to transition into strategy consulting for the public sector, but through a series of events, I ...1
Cambridge Associates - Interview - Investment Research
JPMorgan Chase - Salary & Bonus - Technology, Media and Telecom (TMT)
+4M&A financing questionSay I have a hypothetical M&A deal I'm advising on, and I need to consider the financing option for this deal to go through. If I have a fully financed debt option, an equity option, or an equal mixture of the two (and I've chosen this third option), what factors do I need to consider before making ...15
National Bank of Canada - Salary & Bonus - Brokerage
+1Outsourcing IB work to India/abroad?Hey guys - I am researching a business idea and want to better understand junior banker's / private equity experience with outsourcing a portion of their work load to India (or wherever else work is outsourced). 1) Does your firm offer outsourcing capabilities for lower level work (trading / tra...11
Koch Industries - Interview - Risk Management
Koch Industries - Interview - Risk Management
011 Ways Being A Wall Street VP Is Like Working At McDonald'sI borrowed that headline from a Bloomberg article on an ex-Barclays trader who is on trial for rigging the Euribor market. Supposedly as a strategy to downplay his seniority and hence his guilt, he compared being a vice president at Barclays as “equivalent to the guy that serves you in McDonald...1
+1Understanding the US politics nowHi everyone, In the recent political climate, I've begun to notice how little I know about US politics and politics as a whole. I've never really given much thought to politics, however, as there is causation between politics and markets, I would love to understand more about this and not feel lik...1
Bank of America Merrill Lynch - Interview - N/A
0Finance, tech, and prestige Despite the tech craze, elite finance still has more prestige than elite tech. For instance, even in tech heavy SF, elite finance firms (e.g., Silver Lake, KKR, Dodge and Cox, Farallon) are considered more prestigious than elite tech (e.g. Google, Facebook, Dropbox). 1. Unless you're a founder, ...2
Moelis & Company - Interview - Generalist
Wells Fargo and Company - Interview - Wealth Management
0Help for 2019 SA - HL, Guggenheim, Barclays, RBC, CSI fortunately received offers in NYC from: HL (NOT restructuring), Guggenheim, and Barclays. Also in the process with RBC (confident I can get M&A which I hear is their best for exits and does no pitching) and reaching out to CS for a possible accelerated process. What I think I know: HL has craz...17
+21Summer 2018 Citigroup Summer Sophomore Leadership Program Hey guys, I just got an e-mail from Citigroup replying to my submitted application for the Sophomore Summer Leadership Program. It is just asking "to preference your business line of interest." I'm assuming the fact that I got an e-mail back is a good thing. Did a lot of people get this, or is th...197
+1Learning more about LNGI’m been reading a lot about LNG and it seems very interesting. I am planning to write a market report to summarize my understandings. Was hoping someone could share their insights on the driver/risk/fundamental. Or direct me to some resource you found helpful. Thanks!...4
+1-edited topicdon't think i can delete a thread so disregard this post! i read some more threads on here. edited thread...1
+5*****2019 Summer Analyst IB Regular Recruiting Timeline Megathread Page*****REGULAR RECRUITMENT PROCESS / APPLICATIONS / INTERVIEWS / SUPERDAYS Now that accelerated recruiting for summer 2019 is coming to a close, I wanted to start this thread so that we could keep track of where each bank is at in the process. Feel free to share any relevant information including first ...126
+3BB (NY) Vs. Boutique RestructuringWhich one is better for Summer analyst? Ideally, I want to do RX -> distressed fund in the long-term. Considering the possibility of lateraling for FT to another RX shop. Would BB NY be better for RX lateral / HF recruiting because of the reputation, or Boutique IB b/c of the RX experience? Than...28
0Two Sigma Investments - Interview - Generalist
Balyasny Asset Management - Salary & Bonus - Treasury
+5Doing a second pre-mba Associate stint at a larger PE firmI work at a lower MM PE firm and am wondering if it is worth exploring this option once I finish my current program (2-3 years). Let's assume for the sake of the discussion that my long term goal is to end up in a partner-track position at as large a PE firm as possible. My reasoning for consider...8
Balyasny Asset Management - Salary & Bonus - Treasury
+2JP Morgan S&T Vs. Citigroup S&T (Offer Help)I'm currently deciding between JPM and Citi S&T for SA positions. I'm interested in FX, credit and rates. What I've learned so far: Citi has a rotational program but JP doesn't. I have much stronger connections with junior and senior people at Citi vs one junior contact at JP. JP has a more focu...8
+1Finance Undergrad to MBA in FinanceI am wondering how it looks to get an MBA in Finance after a Bachelors Degree in Finance with work experience? Currently, only BB Ops recruits at my school and I would have to do all of the leg-work trying to recruit for Investment Banking internships. In the situation that I can't land an offer, ca...2
+50London IB 2018 Summer Internship Discussion So I’m quite new to this site, but one of the reasons for me making an account is that I'm looking to secure (ideally) a BB IB summer internship in London next summer. I'm currently on internship in a small financial services firm in Dublin, and while the experience is semi-good (and the pay is 0)...429
+1What business schools to apply for an exchange semester?So, I am currently attending HSG St. Gallen and doing my BBA there and I have been asking myself which university I should pick for my exchange semester. My goal is to get into the HEC-HSG double degree program where you can get a Master of Finance and the SIM in just two years and after that to get...2
+1Open Series 7 sponsorship window then leaving firmHello everyone hope you are all doing well. I have to leave my current firm for a short time for some personal reasons and will be taking about 2 to 3 months off to recover. My firm has offered to open up my sponsorship window to take my series 7 but I will have to leave before I actually sit ...1
+2London NetworkingSaw few posts about networking in Europe. Some say its useless, some say it helps. Can people working in IB really push your CV as in the US? I will be working in London over the summer. Should I meet bankers during my lunch break for a coffee? There is an elite boutique with only 1 alumni, a...6
Stephens Inc - Review - Generalist
Bridgewater - Interview - N/A
8 Miles LLP - Interview - Generalist
Post University125 Year university....
PwC PricewaterhouseCoopers - Salary & Bonus - Management Consulting
PwC PricewaterhouseCoopers - Salary & Bonus - Management Consulting
CC Controlled CombustionNew York City's premier heating company, servicing large real estate firms with the products and services to provide heat and hot water to over 5,000 buildings in the tri-state area. ...
Point72 - Interview - Hedge Fund
+1Best desk(s) at a broker nowadays ?Hi, With the disruption of technology and trade automation, what are the best/most profitable desks at brokers nowadays? cheers, FS...2
+1Extracurricular Leadership vs. InternshipsBackground - I am a freshman at a top 15 school (think Johns Hopkins, Northwestern, Cornell, Duke). I have completed multiple finance/business internships and have a very solid one lined up that I'm excited for this summer. I have a ~3.9 GPA. Situation - I am in some of the most exclusive clubs on ...1
+1Northwestern vs CornellI'm a freshman at UCLA majoring in Econ with a 4.0 GPA. I applied to transfer to a few schools and was accepted to Northwestern and Cornell (CAS). After undergrad I want to work in investment banking, preferably HK, NYC or London (I'm English and live in Hong Kong). I'm having a hard time decidi...4
+2MBA: S&O Summer Internship >>> Re-recruit for MBB 2Y?I was somewhat surprised not to find more info on this already, so wanted to ask the question: what is the general consensus / advice for re-recruiting with MBB as a 2Y? Assume the following: * Current 1Y MBA student at program in 10-20 range * Interning with Deloitte S&O this summer * Had fir...9
+10Best Non-Wharton/Stern Schools for BB Investment BankingHey everyone, I'm a senior in HS at the moment and have to apply to colleges asap. I've already done a few apps, but I need suggestions for schools outside of Wharton/Stern/Ross. Not to pull a cliche, but a front office BB IB stint out of college is the goal here! What do you guys think about ...90
+1STOUT Future Leaders in Finance Program 2018Havent seen any forums for STOUT's Future Leaders in Finance Program, figured I might just start one for 2018. I applied towards mid/late April, haven't heard back. Anyone in the same boat or get any response?...3
+1What are the most profitable trading desks in Europe and AmericaAnyone have any idea on this? Which trading desks (individual desks) are making the most money in terms of annual desk PNL?...3
+8Big 4 to Commercial Banking - AMASlow day at work today, studying for CFA, but taking some breaks here and there. I don't think there is a lot of information on this board as it relates to commercial banking, at least from the perspective of more junior employees with under 5 years experience. Not sure if there will be a lot of int...36
+2Anyone needs apartment in Chicago?This apartment is not available any more. Admins, please delete the thread. Thanks to everyone who gave me their honest opinions!...16
+1Monkey Business QuestionIn the book Monkey Business: Swinging through the Wall Street Jungle, the authors commonly bring up “the capital markets guys”. They refer to them as a mix between a trader and banker who frequently go on road shows to give the macroeconomic outlook. In the real world, what is the formal title f...1
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+2Goldman Sachs Undergraduate Camp 2018 ThreadAnyone who done the hirevue receive results for GS 2018 Undergraduate Camp. Fyi, this is a early informational program for minorities and first generation students....2
+5Intern Equipment What tools (phone, laptop etc.) do BB banks lend to interns for the summer? Should I expect to be using my personal laptop and phone or are these typically provided. Any insight would be helpful, thanks!...6
+1sell side automated trading / systematic. strategies is a terrible career choiceif your strategy is systematic, senior people can easily take credit from you. sell side automated trading / systematic strategies is all about cutting cost. automated trader / systematic strats get paid much lower than discretionary traders....4
Charles Schwab - Salary & Bonus - Debt Capital Markets
+6MIT vs. Princeton vs. Yale undergrad for quant hedge fundHi all, I am a current high school senior choosing between attending MIT, Princeton, or Yale for my undergrad. My current goal throughout and post undergrad is to secure a summer internship at one of the big NYC quant hedge funds (Jane Street, D.E. Shaw, Two Sigma) and hopefully transition into a...26
+1If you go to a job fair, is it a bad idea to ask the recruiter what is the salary for that position on the spot?Normally job fairs are just for information about companies and available positions but is it normal to ask what specific salaries for positions right then and there?...1
+66Best lmao/oh shit moments you've ever hadStory time. What prompted me to start this post: I was interviewed today for a PE Role. Interview went great. Was scheduled to be 30 minutes, lasted an hour. Answered every question he threw at me as if I was Amazon's Alexa. Note: this interview took place on the second floor. Side note: this pla...30
+1Global Macro HF straight from Masters with prior BB S&T Summer Internship. Feasible?Hi all, First time poster here, I have been lurking on WSO for a few years now which I have found to be one of the best info sources on the indudstry. I would have liked to get the community's point of view on my recruiting goals. A bit of background : I have a bachelor in Maths from a Unive...2
+4Interview Question - Healthcare IBHi friends, quick question I'm trying to wrap my head around. How would you value a pre-revenue biotech company with negative cashflow? Further to this, if you tried to using comps or precedents what relevent metrics would you look at? If a DCF, would you project a terminal value? Thanks!...6
+1Strategy to get a Junior role at a Prop firm?I have my own successful trading account for under a year, I have done various trading courses (useless!) As a career change, I bring transferable skills from my previous career - I had a property management business. Am I unrealistic to think I can apply for junior/assistant trading job? ...4
+1What should I do?I'm currently in high school in Sweden with less than a year left until I apply to college. I haven't done anything significant or participated in any typically meritorious extracurricular activities but I'll still likely get into Stockholm School of Economics as the application process in Sweden...3
Millennium Partners - Interview - Hedge Fund
+2Acquisitions Analyst TestI was given this test for an acquisitions analyst role. My main concern is the assumptions for the real estate deal, particularly how to invest continuously in the same transaction. It seems too complex to do a debt/equity waterfall model when just comparing investment value after a certain amount o...8
Deutsche Bank - Salary & Bonus - Strategy
+1Merrill Lynch S&T VS Nomura IBD?Hi. I'd really appreciate your opinions about my first career! I have job offers from ML FICC sales and from Nomura IBD and I'm deciding which one to take. Given I initially wanted to work at IBD, I should take the latter. I heard, however, work experiences at one of the Bulge Bracket compani...1
Accenture - Salary & Bonus - Technology Consulting
Accenture - Salary & Bonus - Technology Consulting
+5Which sellside trading desk has the best exit opps?Which sellside trading desk has the best buyside exit opps? The only desks I can think of are distressed debt, commodities, and risk arb, and was wondering what others thought....6
+1Background Check WorriesHi Guys, Need some advice. Recently got a FT offer for a top firm with just 1 problem: Did a 'spring intern/week' type thing at a BB (a UK/Europe thing for the Americans here not familiar with it) in my first year which showed up in my background check and the third-party background check company...1
+11Choosing Between Buy Side vs Sell Side in Equity Research?So I want to do equity research. I know that there is sell-side and buy-side and, so far, I have a few distinctive arguments for both (see below). What I would really appreciate to find out is your views in terms of the experience quality that both offer. P.S.: Not trying to touch on things such ...34
+1The problem with binary options trading!A fair bit of spotlight/scrutiny has been placed on binary options in the past years, with warnings issued from central banks such as the MAS (MAS-Cautions-Investors-on-Risks-in-Trading-Binary-Options-with-Unregulated-Platforms, SEC warns against Binary Options and scams such as the-wolves-of-tel-a...32
+9Timing MBA with Military serviceHey all, This is my first post on here but I've been a long time lurker. I am a recent graduate of one of the service academies. I recognize that my number one priority for at least 5 years is to serve my country and be the best officer possible. However, I know at some point that I would like to...19
+1Binary Options Trading or FX Trading?Hey guys, I am relatively new to investing and I have been trading in the foreign exchange markets occasionally making money, and occasionally losing money. I am very interested in currency exchange so I find all of my research captivating. I recently stumbled upon binary options and was wonderin...8
0Racism in IB?Will having a accent decrease my chances of being able to become a banker? Or If i have perfect grammar will i be fine?...11
+1Is My Career Plan Practical?I am moving to Waltham, MA soon for my MA in International Economics & Finance beginning this year at Brandeis University. I applied to Boston College's MSF program too but couldn't make it through the admissions. I had plans to apply to European programs but ended up applying to the USA. Putting my...1
+13Morgan Stanley Plans to Boost Junior Banker Pay as Much as 25%Interesting to hear about the quicker promotions. I know some BB's started the 2 years as an analyst before promotion a few years back but surprised MS apparently wasn't one of them. Anyone think we should be seeing pay increases for juniors across the street similar to 2015? https://www.blo...59
Dinan & Company LLC - Salary & Bonus - Generalist
+1What did you actually learn during your Internship technical wise?Hi Guys, I sadly heard from many that their internship experience was restricted to building slides and profiles. What about technical aspects like Valuation or Accounting? ...1
+1HF analyst resumesAnyone know what junior HF analyst resumes typically look like? I did 2-3 years in banking then 2-3 years at a HF, and am having trouble making the HF portion of my resume take up as much room as the banking portion. I could easily do so if I just threw in a few bullets on specific investmen...3
+1UK Summer Internships for final year UG students (2018-19)As the title says - UK applicants; which firm's accept summer internship applications from final year students? Seen other posts but they are either too old (c. 2013) or they are for MSc Students. From what I understand most places don't really care but a few BBs like CS offer off cycle internsh...1
+1Msc or CFA?So I've been trading my own successful account for over a year and am looking to get into prop shops. No doubt my lack of experience is a huge disadvantage, but also the fact that I come from a non financial background - I did Law at uni (though it is an analytical subject) and have worked in bus...1
+23The Controversial Truth about the workplace, college & the systemDisclaimer: This is not a troll post- I'm serious as a heart attack. If you are easily offended, leave this post as none of what I am going to say is PC. I never see posts like this on here as most are too brainwashed into the system and their job that they don't see reality. I'm gonna drop some...152
SunTrust Robinson Humphrey STRH - Salary & Bonus - Healthcare
SunTrust Robinson Humphrey STRH - Interview - Healthcare
+2Upper Tier MM IB vs Wait It OutHey all, Just received an offer from a top MM investment bank, and the offer is in NYC. They gave me an offer expiring next Thursday, so have less than a week to make a decision. While I'm confident I want to do investment banking, I'm a bit hesitant about taking the offer for two reasons: Fir...7
+1JPMC Internal Movement (Chase to JPM)Hey, I'd like to preface by thanking you guys for your input / help. So I interned at JPMC in their Financial Analyst Development Program last summer and have received a return offer for FT employment through the same program (I would be on the Chase side of things, likely working under the Chase...5
+5Equity research reports - BB technology TMT industry reportsmsg me if you would like copies - comprehensive industry reports - full length...51
+1What does CF/DC MKTS stand for? I've been reading through tabulated ballots of a Chapter 11 filing, and while other abbreviations seem pretty obvious, I just can't figure this one out. Here is the link to the document:
+1Appropriate Salary Range Sophomore Corporate Finance InternHey wanted to know what is an appropriate salary range for a corporate finance intern as a sophomore and will a fortune 500 company yield a higher salary?...1
0Investment Analyst - Industrials Long/Short Equity FundAnalyze public equities – both long and short – within the Industrials sector.  Firm’s coverage universe includes: aerospace & defense, transports, building products/housing, multi-industrials, distributors/services, autos, machinery, and SMIDs.  Day-to-day responsibi...
0 Account Manager The Account Event Manager is responsible for overseeing a variety of activities as they relate to Janus Henderson products and client accounts across multiple investment vehicles including private funds, separate/sub-advised accounts, ’40 Act funds, offshore master/feeder structures, SMA (WRAP...
0Vice PresidentOrganizational Overview: Capital Park Management Company is an investment manager with a value-based investment strategy that combines a traditional control buyout style with that of a long only hedge fund running a concentrated portfolio strategy.   Position Summary: The Vice Preside...
0Internal Sales - AssociateCAIS is the leading open-architecture financial product platform offering independent wealth management professionals access to a diversified menu of funds and products. CAIS provides streamlined execution to an expanding list of alternative investment funds, IPOs and follow-ons, structured notes an...
0Private Equity Intern (Summer)Job Summary Emigrant Capital Corp. is the private equity division of Emigrant Bank. The group invests primarily in growth and buy-out transactions in the lower middle-market (companies with $2-$10 million in EBITDA). The Intern will assist the team in all aspects of the investment lifecycl...
0Vice President - CIB Trade SurveillanceResponsible for supporting one or more LOBs in performing trade and communication surveillance activities, working with traders, compliance, and other risk functions to review alerts and investigate potential compliance issues. The candidate will be responsible for identifying potential instances of...
0Senior Compliance OfficerBasic FunctionResponsible for assisting the Deputy Compliance Officer and / or in the management of oversight compliance with respect to laws, regulations, and / or programs applicable to subject matter business activities of the bank. Subject matter business activities can include: Deposits, Lendin...