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+1Life at Morgan Stanley - LondonJust got accepted to this event. Has anybody been to it previously, who would like to share their experience? Is this an opportunity to land an internship next summer? Anybody else going this year and not sure what to expect? I'm debating whether or not it's worth flying in from Dublin for a 4 hour ...IB3
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+1Career path changeI have been at a firm doing valuation work for about a year and am finding out that I strongly dislike the work for a few reasons: 1- I know I am in finance, but I really dislike working in huge excel models all day. I am not terrible at it but I find that it drains me and bores me to death. 2...IB1
+2Enterprise Value + Equity Value Technical QuestionsHey guys, So recently got asked this question in a first round interview -> If you buy an operating asset worth $100 with 50% cash and 50% debt what happens to both EV and EqV? (In theory) I'm confused how to tackle these questions, and anyone with strong technicals care to explain? I've re...IB9
+1Investment Banking Inter/Fulltime as CS majorHi Guys, I'm a CS major, junior/rising senior and minoring in Economics from semi-target university. I have very much interest in Investment banking(20% for money, 80% for what they do) or other related fields. I did my internships as Application Engineer and Application Developer in Bristol Myer...IB1
+1Projecting Bank Balance SheetHello to everyone. I am a little stuck on projecting a bank balance sheet here. Could someone help me what is the correct way to project the " Debt securities on the asset and Liabilities side for a bank. Should it be a simple % growth or is there something better to use or more exact? Also on a ...IB1
+3Top 20 Banks To Work For - "Employee Satisfaction" - 2018 EditionSaw this just posted on Poets & Quants (sourced from WSO) and wanted to S/O Patrick & WSO for being the ones taking the reigns and providing this insight that nobody else has offered! It's awesome to see this site earning even more recognition and autonomy in the space. Let's see what you guys think...IB19
+2London School of Economics - General Course - Should I go?Recently accepted into the program. For those not familiar, it's a year long study abroad program in London. Considering to attend during my senior year. I already secured an internship at an IB firm for the upcoming summer. I have two concerns. In the situation that I do not receive a full time...IB7
+1LSE MSc Finance Entry Requirements and Application QuestionsHello all, I am looking to apply to the MSc Finance at LSE this cycle. I am also considering the MSc Financial Economics at Oxford (too much of a reach? though LSE probably is too), and possibly similar MSc programs at LBS and Imperial. Regarding the entry requirements at LSE, I know they are ...BSCH1
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+1Predatory Lending & lawsuit. HELP PLsssss lolThrowaway. I've accepted a job at a firm right? It's all good. Good office. Good peeps. I find out today that the firm's being sued. What for? It financed a company. That company now named in law suit. Alleged predatory lending. Like, I don't have a problem with this company. I do not thin...IB1
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+1Predatory Lending & lawsuit.Throwaway. I've accepted a job at a firm right? It's all good. Good office. Good peeps. I find out today that the firm's being sued. What for? It financed a company. That company now named in law suit. Alleged predatory lending. Like, I don't have a problem with this company. I do not thin...IB1
+5Why Banking in 2018?From what I notice on the forums, so many people think that going into banking will make them rich and happy after they go through this grind. This is particularly obvious on my college campus. I attend one of HYP and I see so many people walking into this field looking it as a great "career-starter...IB26
+1Easy Company to Practice 3 Statement ModelHello all. This is my first post on WSO. I am mostly doing this for fun, as I am at a non-target, but I am an analyst for my school's fund. I was wondering if you guys had any good companies that were simple to model. I am looking to build a somewhat complex model (i just built a relatively compl...IB1
+302019 On-Cycle PE Recruiting: Headhunter RankingRecruited on-cycle in early December and signed with an upper MM buyout fund in NYC starting Summer 2019 (flagship fund size: $6-9 bn; AUM: $20-40 bn). Lazy Friday in the office and wanted to contribute here somehow - figured one helpful angle could be an update on the relevancy and efficacy of v...PE23
+1IB vs FLDP vs VC/PE fund administration/consultation - please help! Hello - Currently having a dilemma about which career route to take. I have job opportunities in three very different roles for my first job (minus a year long graduate internship at one of the companies I have been offered a role). For context, my end goal is C-suite finance/operations at a fort...JOB1
+2Do I have a chance at Harvard or Wharton? If not where?Hello everyone, I am looking for some advice on if there was any chance of an MBA at Harvard or Wharton, and if not, what business schools are possible? Work Experience: - Summer Analyst Corporate Banking at international bank (think HSBC), earned the highest performance rating out of all su...BSCH7
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+1Insight on CD Trading Desks?I'm currently in the process of transferring from a CC to a regional target as a sophomore and have a possible internship position on a CD trading desk. One of my interests is in S&T and was wondering if anyone had any insight on CD desks? While i'd assume CD desks are quite boring, the fact that i'...TR3
+1Deferred Tax Assets in Calculation of Enterprise Value and Earnings YieldBackground: For Joel Greenblatt's "Magic Formula," he defines earnings yield as EBIT/EV. Further, he defines EV as equity value including preferred equity + net interest bearing debt. I'm looking at a potential investment in Socket Mobile (SCKT). In 2015, Sckt had EBIT of $2.1M on an EV of $3.7M...AM1
+1Infrastructure at Canadian Pensions (PSP and CDPQ)Hi guys, i'm increasingly becoming more and more interested in the infrastructure space, especially when it comes to careers within Canada and know that the pension funds within Canada are becoming larger investors in this space. I can find a lot of information about OTPP and CPPIB but was wondering...PE1
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+2Shorting Auto Loans?What instrument would you guys use to bet against the auto loan market? I'm a RE undergrad, so a lot of the trading stuff is outside my realm of competence. I heard a speech at my school today from a former PE guy who went out into the subprime auto loan market. He essentially works hand-in-gl...TR21
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+118 yrs old, one life to live Been a member since 2016, but I was in highschool when I first joined, 2 years later I am in first year college, I live in Vancouver , Canada and taking economics and a basic banking course. My question here would be I like finance, I like understanding how money works and I have a interesting passi...1
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+1Ivy Exec job search servicesHi, does anyone have any experience or input on I am currently looking for opportunities in event driven investing and an obscure job posting led me to this website. You submit your resume, build a profile and sign up for their website at $30+/month to apparently acce...JOB1
+3Associate at a small bank, didn't get offer at BB internship, what do I do now?I graduated from an MBA program in 2017. Over my summer I interned at a BB but didn't get an offer. No real good reason other than the MD's didn't know me well enough. So I left on good terms. Problem was, that threw me into the lateral bucket, because all the other banks filled their 2017 cla...IB21
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+1When and How To Exit?Been in ER for almost 2 years; clearly an excellent opportunity and learned a ton, including numerous certs etc. I've realized I' extremely unhappy on the job, granted I am doing it well and better as time goes on, but I know I would never want my bosses job. I've just had too many conversatio...ER2
+1Networking from AM to IB for FTHi everyone, I've been a long-time lurker on WSO, but this is my first post. I'm currently a junior at a target school, and I have a summer internship lined up in the asset management division of a well-known endowment/pension/insurance co. I took this opportunity because it was my best option, c...JOB1
+1Valuation help, thanks!Hi, I've been set a valuation assignment to value a small business and I have a few quick questions that I would appreciate help on. 1. If there is a one-off maintenance cost every 5 years of 200k, would it be appropriate to spread the cost annually, i.e. 40k per year? 2. If the acquirer i...IB5
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+82019 NYC SA recruiting timeline pushed up to March/April? Currently a sophomore at a top undergrad Econ program. Hearing from friends at BBs in NY that first round interviews are going to be starting in Spring, around March and April. If this is the case, will interviewers just not care about what you're doing this summer? It just seems like at this sta...IB65
+1Allianzgi Global Investors Summer Internship InterviewHi guys, I have an interview at Allianz next week and I was hoping to get some more insight on the interview process and internship experience. If anyone has any info that would be great. ...AM3
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+3Really annoyed working under know-it-all analystHas anyone ever had problems working under someone who makes it his/ her life goal to make everything a lecture? I recently interned for a boutique investment bank under another analyst and at first I thought it was great that someone above me was willing to show me the ropes. Lately its been a lot ...IB2
+2Resume/CV for Europe-> Should my CV be 1 page or 2 pages? - Target geos: a. UK, b. Nordics/NL - Assume it’s for PE/VC - Experienced hire from outside of finance...PE6
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0Full-Time vs. Part-Time MBA: Will the Transcript be the Same?If you attend an evening/part-time MBA program, will it say so on the transcript? Or does it show up identically? I'm trying to determine if there is any difference on paper between a part-time and full-time MBA. ...BSCH14
+1Are Full Time Programs DyingAuthor went Harvard for his MBA, not sure what his angle is? He also works at an online program of sorts....BSCH2
+22019 IB Accelerated RecruitingAlright monkeys, here's the 411. I'm a sophomore at an HYP school. JP jumped the gun this year with their 2019 recruiting - they opened 2019 SA apps today. I know that in order to pass the resume screen and score interviews (which will be happening in APRIL/MAY of this spring!!) I'm going to need to...IB4
+5How important is international experience? Is working in a country other than the US a plus for business school applications? Also is it a desired experience for job candidates? ...BSCH8
0Senior Analyst - Venture Capital**Industries ** Venture Capital **Job Functions ** Financial Analytics and Modeling/Investment Decision Support **Job Location ** Austin, TX **Primary Responsibilities:** * Assist with all stages of due diligence including financial modeling, market & ...
+1Happy Presidents DayQuote of the Day [quote]You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.” [/quote] Abraham Lincoln. He makes a great point, but we’ll still take the day off. Want Morning Brew Daily Served Fresh to Your Inbox? Drop Your Email Below... ...MKT2
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+1BlackRock Alternatives - Super DayHi everyone! I recently received my invitation for my final round interviews for BlackRock's Alternative Investments group at their HQ in NYC. Would anyone on here either have any firm-specific advice for navigating the day as best as possible, or perhaps just some general advice on how to suc...AM3
0Mission MeasurementConsulting company focused on social impact...
+3Buying REO from Special Servicers.................................................................,,,....................................RE6
+5TN Economist Category Visa Changes Dec 19, 2017 - Any TN Economists Working in Hedge Funds?The USISC today imposed restrictions on individuals working in the U.S. under the NAFTA TN Visa's Economist category. This change disallows people working in Financial Analyst and Market Research Analyst roles from obtaining the TN visa. My question to all those working in investment analysis roles ...HF60
+13My View on the Current Top 10 Strategy Consulting FirmsThis is my take, and I've included some basic commentary about why I've listed certain firms in certain places. I'm definitely interested in hearing what people think, but before I give the list I offer two disclaimers: 1. This is what I think the landscape CURRENTLY looks like. 5 or 10 years ago...CO45
+3A few questions going into a first round VC interviewI am going into an interview for a senior associate position that asked for 3 years of finance experience despite having only ~6 months consulting experience. The VC is halfway through the interview process but they decided (ostensibly) to let me join the process late because of sector expertise tha...PE3
+1Information on comp at early stage venture firms?Having trouble finding info on early stage VC funds that play mainly in seed and A but some B. I realize comp info is out there but can’t find any for that type of fund in particular (or anything relatively recent for that matter). Let’s say we have a hypothetical firm with Fund I ~$50m and Fund...PE2
0HIG phone screenGot a phone screen coming up with HIG. Does anyone know what do they usually ask in those? Is it more of a first round interview or just to gauge interest/fit?...PE4
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+1Manager Selection RoleHi guys, I am being recruited for a manager selection role for a PWM firm. This will be a new experience for me. Could anyone who has experience in the field help me understand what can I expect the day to day of this role be? Αlso, from your experience, how do you go about finding managers...AM2
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+1Terra Firma Graduate LondonHi all, I was wondering if anyone else has applied to the graduate programme at Terra Firma? If so what stages are everyone at in the process? Thanks...PE4
+1Summer 2019 Recruiting TimelineWith the investment banking recruiting timeline seeming to move earlier every year, what do you guys think that the timeline for Summer 2019 recruiting is going to be like?...IB5
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+3Career Pivot via Masters in Real EstateHi all, have been a reader of a lot of the RE forums but first time posting. I am currently three years into working as an electrical engineer for a Medium~Large MEP engineering firm in NYC. I have been involved with several of the firms ground up construction projects which have included both c...RE7
+1PE Initial Phone Screening was only 10 Min is this NormalMy initial PE phone screening was only 10 min with a head hunter. I felt like this was on the shorter side of all the headhunters I've had so far. Is this normal or would you take this as a bad sign?...PE1
+1Anyone here have experience with corporate VC?Specifically post-MBA, in terms of how interesting/impactful the work is, career progression, comp, lifestyle etc. What kind of background do these groups look for?...PE1
+1Looking to move from PB to IBHi all, Figured I would do a re-introduction here as I had to make a new account for the sake of anonymity. I had my other one linked to my Facebook and now that I am looking at making some career changes, I would prefer to be more so anonymous. Anyways, I currently work in private banking an...1
+1Deleted - past stupid questionDeleted ...RE3
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+42018 ER BonusesHere we go again Let's keep this pretty simple and straightforward: Bank: BB/MM/EB/etc. Bonus: in USD. Also denote whether or not it's a stub. Base: current and whether or not you got a bump. Years experience: How long have you been doing SS ER ...ER22
+1Nintendo draining dividends through it's "other" current liabilitiesDoes anyone know who gets the i% for Nintendo's other current liabilities? They have averaged 40% of total liabilities over 5Y and there's no note explaining in the AR. Smells like debt dividends?...MKT1
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+119If I see another "Incoming IBD Analyst/Summer Analyst" on LinkedIn.. I'll k--l someone Guys, This is a serious and sincere plea to any of you undergraduate kids who're using these silly titles on their LinkedIn profiles. Please for god's sake, take this out. It just looks stupid and wannabe-ish. I don't know who started doing this and where, but it's just annoying to see. We get that...IB195
+1Energy Capital Partners QuestionCame across this for associates at ECP and was wondering whether any WSOers have any insights to this. ECP has some associates title as Energy and Infrastructure "Economist" vs some are just purely Associate. Does the former have a fundamentally different role i.e. a non-investing role or is it j...PE2
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+6Boss going to get me fired [Comment has been deleted as I don't want to be identified, but thank you everyone for the advice!] ...OFF39
+1What is it like to interact with your portfolio companies as a VC GP, specifically w/r/t other VC investors?How you interact with your portfolio company is pretty straightforward if you're a buyout fund, but you know, if you're a VC and you're helping support your portco, what if the portco is getting conflicting advice / direction from investors? Say you have two VCs that both have 25% stake and are givi...PE5
+3$1B hedge fund with <5 employeesI have a summer analyst offer at a hedge fund that manages $1B+ and has ...HF14
+12/19/2018 - Monday @MentionsHappy Monday WSO! Upcoming WSO Meet Ups, Podcasts, Webinars & Webinar Rewinds: Webinar: IB & Finance Resume Advice -- 7pm ET, 2/21/18 Podcast: ​Behind the Curtain – Dropping out of Wharton for YC -- ​Ronald -- 2/27/2018 Posts of the Week: ...OFF1
+1Improve GPA vs Off-Cycle InternshipHey all, Looking for some advice on best next steps. I am currently in the process of interviewing for an off-cycle internship (during the Spring) that is semi-related to finance (they do modeling, and my role would be as a consultant). I have one concern though. My GPA is currently a 3.63, and ...JOB2
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+9Answering Why Private Equity - A Complete GuideWhy Private Equity? This question pops up in almost every private equity interview. It's not something that will land you the job, but the wrong answer will get you dinged. Why Private Equity - as a Career This section is to shed some light on private equity as a career. For information on...PE14
+12Moyer's distressed debtAs my inbox is exploding with requests for this, here you go again: SB greatly appreciated. ...OFF4
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+1Advice to Lateral into Investment Banking?Hey guys, I'm a senior at a non-target state school and tried my luck at FT IB recruiting this semester. Although I wasn't a summer analyst, I've had a number of internships and built a reasonably strong resume (solid [not stellar] GPA, 5 internships, strong campus leadership, valuation experienc...IB10
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+1Places to live in NYC this summer that is not NYU? What's a good place or site to use to get a decent housing arrangement this summer? NYU is like 4600 almost for the entire summer and am trying to find something less because I feel that's just not worth what you're getting. I saw have pretty dam decent housing and it'd be ...IB3
+18 Ball Pool Hack Available On GameHackTips Site8 Ball Pool Hack snooker balls are officially standardized to 52.5 mm (approximately 2 + 1/15 in) in diameter within a tolerance of plus or minus 0.05 mm (0.002 in). Standard weight is not defined, but all balls in the set must have the same weight within a tolerance of 3 g. [7] However, several...OFF1