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0MSF -> Boutique -> MBA -> BBJust curious if people have done the following: 1. Went to non-target undergrad, realized they wanted to do BB too late into their "academic career" 2. Get into a good MSF program such as Vanderbilt, Olin, or McCombs 3. Get a gig at a boutique 4. Work a couple of years, maybe get their CFA du...14
0Interview with KKR/CapstoneFriends, I will have a first round interview with Capstone/KKR. Can someone give me some advice? What to expect from the interview, what kind of questions? Or how many rounds? I did some research but it seems very difficult to find out, about work, compensation and hours... Any comments will be ap...10
+1UBS HK IBD Final RoundHey guys, I am currently studying in UK target school and recently had final round for UBS HK IBD. Does anybody know when I should hear back after the final round if I get an offer? Thanks guys...1
+2Bitcoin is a fraud?Jamie Dimon, the CEO of JP Morgan, recently made [headlines]( when he said that bitcoin is a "fraud." What do you fellow monkeys think? Is Jamie Dimon Correct? Will Bitcoin go bust, or will it soar...6
0Barclays London IBD - Insight on GroupsHello guys, I'm a long time user that just set up a new account for this thread. First of all, a big shout-out to the WSO community that has been extremely helpful over the years. I was wondering if anyone could shed a light on the various IBD Groups at Barclays, London office. I've found som...4
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+1Mizuho SA 2018 RecruitmentIs anyone going through the Mizuho IB recruitment for SA 2018? Has anybody interned at Mizuho and care to elaborate on the bank and their experiences?...8
+6Financial & Valuation Modeling Boot-CampFinancial modeling is a skill that any investment banking analyst will have to master. Although the majority of investment banks and other financial firms now have formal training programs, many students and prospective finance professionals are choosing enroll in self-study financial modeling train...47
+2P/E Ratio & DCF1. How does the P/E ratio change if cash goes up? 2. How does Enterprise Value change in a DCF if depreciation goes up?...13
0McKinsey (BA) or BigN Tech (Software Engineering)I know these are very qualitatively different positions, but I'm having trouble deciding between the two. I'm a junior deciding on a summer internship and I was fortunate to receive two fantastic offers. I've talked to a bunch of people and I've received mixed responses from them. Some people say...3
+1Physicist gone into regretting a bitHi guys, Don't know if you remember one of my old posts where i explained my condition. Anyway last year i was at a non target studying physics(1st year of bsc) in italy, but got interested in finance and contemplated to move to a target: i was admitted to the target school of my country. So now ...11
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0Sophomore Top Target Summer Internship Advice————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————...0
0Company Interview: A.T. Kearney0
+1StreetSmart Business SchoolStreetsmart Marketing and Streetsmart Business School were born out of the real life challenges that the Founder Ian Marsh experienced building 5 multi million dollar companies. Over the last 17 years Ian Marsh has learned what to do and what not to do to build a successful company. That is why ...1
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+1Lateral after SA to New York BranchHi fellow monkeys, I am a junior who signed for a SA role at an EB (EVR, LAZ, CVP, etc) but will be working at a regional branch (non-NYC). I have been reading on this forum that it is best to start IB in NYC if you want to keep PE open and so was wondering how possible it would be to lateral to ...3
+6New Case Webinars in WSO Investment Banking Interview Prep PackOver the last 12 months, we have made a big effort to improve our investment banking interview prep package by bringing to you relevant webinars with specific regional information and actual deal walk-throughs...I think for those of you that don't watch the webinars, it would be helpful to give you ...4
+2Get Your Resume Reviewed by Industry ProsRecruiting season is here make sure you're ready for it with a Finance Resume and/or Cover Letter Review from one of our expert resume reviewers. Need it done in a hurry? Expedited Service is available (72 hours or less*). If you're not serious about breaking into Wall Street, you shou...48
0Fully Diluted Shares Outstanding Hi, This is my first time creating a Comparable Companies Analysis and I'm using a financial valuations book to help guide me through the process. I'm a bit confused on calculating equity value. I know the equation is Share Price x Fully Diluted Shares Outstanding, but I'm confused about ...1
0PWM -> IBWas hoping for some insight as to what my next move should be to transition from my current job at a MM PWM to IB. For a little color: NYC non-target public university undergrad, economics major w/ focus in finance, 3.95-3.99 GPA, Summa Cum Laude (among other graduation honors), still based in g...4
+2JP Morgan Asia Recruitment Graduate Programme - 2018 Hi guys was wondering if anyone heard back from JP Morgan graduate programmes after the vide interview? Its been a month since I had appeared for it ...5
0Goldman Sachs MBD PIA - PE vs IBDHello, I have been invited for superday at Goldman Sachs for the MBD Principle Investment Area. However, since my knowledge of this position is fairly limitied, I would like to receive some advice and insights from you guys. How does the PIA - PE of GS compare to GS IBD in terms of prestige,...1
0Internship offer at PE Fund vs Search FundHi WSO. I need advice regarding two internship offers I have. I'm not sure which one to take. Option A: Summer Analyst at LMM PE Fund This is a lower middle market PE fund, and has about < 200m AUM. They said I would spend very close to all of my time doing contact generation, contact database m...1
0Post-MBA Career Fields with good work-life balanceI am currently transitioning out of the military after completing my contract as an officer and will be attending a MBA program overseas in the fall, with the goal of working in that region. Before I get on campus, I'm trying to get a better handle on where I should focus my job search efforts. ...3
+1Best Way to Follow Up After Super DayHi all, I had a super day with BB bank this past Thursday. I have an exploding offer from another (think top 10) bank that expires tomorrow. Ultimately the BB bank role is my top choice with the exploding offer being a solid second. Should I contact the managing director at the BB bank tomorrow i...5
0What should I do in order to enter the real estate development field?I am currently a junior at Rutgers University, and am studying communications and entrepreneurship with extra classes in real estate law and finance. In addition I am a licensed NY real estate agent and have been working as one part-time while in school for the past two years. Ive independently gain...3
0Choosing between two very different post-MBA offers (non-Finance), help wanted!Hi all! I'm new here, and not a finance person per se, but hoping to get some outside perspectives... I'm in my second year of my MBA and have two similar offers from very, very different companies: Anheuser-Busch Bank of America (Consumer) Does anyone here have any perspectives on these co...3
+1No return offer - still no FT offerI did not receive a return FT offer from a mid-tier restructuring boutique. After 2.5 months of intensive recruiting and networking with regional boutiques, I haven't received an offer. Banking / Big 4 valuation seems pretty unrealistic, given that the recruiting cycles of most firms have ended. I a...6
+1Advice for a sophRight now, I have a 3.7 GPA, but I'm a bit worried that it'll drop off to a 3.6 after this semester. Going to really try to finish the semester with a 3.7, but we'll see. I'm a sophomore at a HYP. I have no internship yet for the summer. Tomorrow, I'm going to hit up a ton of boutique banks and a...5
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+1Valuating a not-for-profit airport subject to privatization. How should I approach this?Hello, I am assigned with valuating a state-owned (not for profit) airport that the government is contemplating privatizing. The airport has its financial statements up for the public. I have already built an FCFF model, my questions are the following: - What discount rate to use? note that...1
+4JP Morgan Proud to Be 2018This thread is for undergraduate students currently applying to the JP Morgan 2018 Proud to Be Undergraduate Experience and Interviews in NYC. Feel free to follow and/or post if you're in another division as there might be similar recruitment timelines. Anyone have any idea of what questions to e...50
0IB Spring Insight Week HELP!Hi! I am a Spanish student from UC3M now in Bocconi on Erasmus. I study Economics & Law, a double degree of 6 years and now I am enrolled in my 3rd year. I think my best option is to apply for Spring Insight Week although I am supposed to apply if I graduated in 2020 and I am gonna graduate in 2021....3
0First year undergraduate CV for Spring Insight ProgramsFind attached my CV for the Spring Insight Programs. file:///C:/Users/bella/Documents/cv%20post%20PDF.pdf ...1
0where can i get a job in trading with no education backaround?i want to give a troubled 23year old i talk to some pointers on where to get a job in this field, hes shown interested and has a passion about it. thanks guys for your time...2
0Company Interview: ABN AMRO Group0
+1UBS AM SuperdayHey guys, I have a super day coming up for the Asset Management team of UBS and was wondering if anyone had any experience interviewing there who could shed some light on the sort of questions they ask. I'm new to AM interviews and would love to get a better sense of what I'm expected to know outsid...3
+1JP Morgan Investor Services SuperdayMonkeys-- Just received an invitation for a JPM Investor Services superday for Friday, Nov. 3rd. I have had a couple superdays so I know the logistics. This superday, however, is scheduled from 8am - 5pm. It says we will have three half-hour interviews, programming, and networking opportunities. ...10
+1Undergraduate Majors: Business Administration Vs. Economics, Which is better?Hi everyone, Here's my background information, I am an international student at a community college near San Francisco with a 4.0 GPA, summer internship experience in my home country (Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia and Indonesia Stock Exchange) and president of some clubs at col...8
+4Question For Someone Smart: Do You Use a Discount Rate When Calculating BOFA? I know that you generally can use your levered or unlevered cash flow when calculating your BOFAand obviously it's pretty impossible to do the rest of a DCF or CAPM without having your BofA calculated so I'm just wondering if you use your standard WACC to discount BOFA. SB to anyone that can he...6
0LSE MSc Quantitative Methods for Risk Management vs Imperial MSc Risk Management & Financial EngineeringHello, I got admitted to both schools. (LSE MSc Quantitative Methods for Risk Management at the dept. of statistics and Imperial MSc Risk Management & Financial Engineering at business school) What I found so far is LSE - more brand-name in financial industry, 10 months long (doesn't include...1
+2Part-time / executive mba?5th year banking and finance lawyer here interested in breaking into banking. Obviously an MBA is a natural path to the major banking associate programs. However, since I am not in a position to drop my current job to go back to school for two years I’m looking into a part-time/executive MBA—mai...5
+1Sageview Capital Investment Analyst: would you skip banking to do this?"As an Investment Analyst, you will be primarily responsible for sourcing investment opportunities at the firm. This will involve using various tools to identify attractive companies, reach out those companies to begin discussions with Sageview, and execute investment transactions. More specifical...2
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+1Best Industry Group "Guides" & Bank Industry-Reputations1. **What are the best resources to learn about the different investment banking industry areas?** The purpose here is get a sufficient understanding to speak intelligently during the course of networking and/or interviews. 2. **Which banks are known for which industry groups?** For example, Cred...1
+3What defines a solid GRE score?So I have received a bunch of resumes for some upcoming interviews I have to handle for the local office of my firm (in Asia). It seems a good number of resumes have listed their GRE scores instead of a GMAT or an SAT, which I assume is because they are looking in parallel at graduate programmes - m...12
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+1JP Morgan Investment Assistant - Equities team----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...1
+1BlackRock PMG vs EY Consulting for IB analyst role at BB after 1 year?----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...1
+1BlackRock Portfolio Analyst role vs EY Consulting role for VC in 1-2 years?----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...1
+1BlackRock PMG vs EY BAP for B-school after 2-3yrs?----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...2
0BlackRock PMG vs EY BAP for MBB after 1 yr?------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...1
+1OBLITERATE MY NONTARGET RESUME PLEASE! Accepting any comments or criticism!!deleted deleted deleted deleted deleted deleted deleted deleted deleted deleted deleted deleted deleted deleted deleted deleted deleted deleted deleted deleted deleted deleted deleted deleted deleted deleted deleted deleted deleted deleted deleted deleted deleted deleted deleted deleted deleted dele...14
+2Advice on moving from AM to Venture Capital---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...7
+1*Revised* Undergrad Non-Target Resume Review - Are there any notable banks still hiring for FT?deleted deleted deleted deleted deleted deleted deleted deleted deleted deleted deleted deleted deleted deleted deleted deleted deleted deleted deleted deleted deleted deleted deleted deleted deleted deleted deleted deleted deleted deleted deleted deleted deleted deleted deleted deleted deleted dele...2
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+1Canadian MBA -> MBB ConsultingHi WSO, I wanted to gain a better understanding of the post MBA consulting scene in Canada. Which MBA programs would allow me to break into the top 3 Strategy firms? Based on my initial research, it seems that Ivey, Rotman, and Queens seem to be the most "target". Also since employment reports do...6
+1Nomura IBD GroupsWhat are the best groups at Nomura? In terms of deal flow and activity as well as culture? If anyone has insight, that'd be awesome. I've heard their Industrials, Sponsors, and LevFin groups are doing well. Any others people know of? Thanks....7
0Credit Suisse HK IBDHi WSO, Just received a summer offer from Credit Suisse Hong Kong for IBD. Does anyone happen to know how the firm is still doing in APAC and which groups are top? Thanks!...3
+1Change from RE to TMT possible?I´m a college freshmen who is in the lucky position to interview for a RE M&A boutique, however, my real passion is TMT. Would a RE M&A internship handicap me when I want to apply to m&a internships at a BB (and cover TMT) in 1 or 2 years?...1
+1LBO model template?Would anyone have lbo template they'd be willing to share? I need to do one for class and have never done one whereas some people already have experience from PEs......2
+1Looking for adviceHey guys, I was hoping to get some of your opinions on my current situation. Long story short, I just finished a summer internship in DCM at a top 5 canadian bank, and didn't get a FT offer back due to seemingly lack of interest in the business (was much more interested in industry banking). I...1
+2Any Crazy CFA Success Stories?With officially less than a month until the CFA L1 in December, I'm sipping on a beer with the Standards of Practice in hand on a Friday evening. I've taken the LSAT before, but building confidence for this beast is pretty damn hard even if you've majored in finance, accounting, or econ and put in 3...19
+1Canadian MBA to MBB ConsultingHi WSO, I wanted to gain a better understanding of the post MBA consulting scene in Canada. Which MBA programs would allow me to break into the top 3 Strategy firms? Based on my initial research, it seems that Ivey, Rotman, and Queens seem to be the most "target". Also since employment reports do...6
+1BlackRock: Multi Asset Strategies 1st round interviewI have a video conference interview with BlackRock on Thursday for a summer analyst position in Multi-Asset Strategies. Has anyone had experience interviewing for this group? What are some of the technical questions that I should expect? What was the vibe like with this video conference interview st...3
0How to land a career in investment bankingI am a software engineer , 7 plus years exp, with an advanced degree. I am planning to focus on MBA with finance from top 20 b schools so that I can get a career in the Investment banking sector. Does an MBA , from top school with years of experience in software helps you to focus on investment bank...1
0Company Compensation: Fortress Investment Group0
+1Year off to learn a languageWould this be advisable for an analyst at the end of their 2 year stint? Would having a gap on my CV be a deal breaker for future job applications? I'm a first year analyst at a BB and have lost direction. I'm not enjoying the job and I don't excited by/attracted to any traditional exit options a...2
+1Masters @ Oxford vs Starting @ BlackRockHi all Briefly, I'm stuck at a Decision Point at the end of my undergrad. I have been offered a full-time job starting next year with BlackRock's alternative investments team in New York. At the same time, I have also been offered a Rhodes Scholarship to study a masters in economics at the Un...9
0Stipend and other benefitsI have been offered an internship at a BB in HK. I have not received the contract. It will take time. I am in the penultimate year in a target college from my country. My question is what stipend can i expect. Also, will there be any allowance towards accommodation...0
+1London lateral recruiting1st year analyst started at William Blair / DC Advisory / GP Bullhound, looking to lateral to BB. Not confident enough to ask analysts in the years above at the moment about this. How and **when** does one go about this? Where will these opening get posted? Are their specific recruiters g...1
+1Big 4 vs IBHey guys - Am sitting at my desk at 1am right now cranking through yet another pitchbook. For context, I'm working at a BB, started out as an analyst and went the A2A route instead of doing PE / corp dev or whatever. I was chatting with some of my college buddies who are working at big 4 firms an...5
+1Capital Markets Intern interview adviceI recently had a final round interview to a leading IB corporate finance team (i.e M&A and IPO team) in my region and narrowly missed the spot. However, they asked if I'd be interested in their capital markets internship (mainly DCM) and I said sure. They're basically looking for interns for the fol...1
0Looking for Internship NYCI am currently a junior undergraduate majoring in finance. I am struggling to find a summer internship for 2018 in NYC, and have yet to have any luck with any applications. I have applied to various banks, smaller firms, corporations, insurance companies, and more and still no such luck. I have app...1
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+2Help with 2 not-ideal offersI need some help deciding on a couple of offers. One is for an analyst position at Duff and Phelps and the other is for an Associate position at a Big 4 in their Transaction Services group. The problem with the big 4 offer is that it doesn't involve modeling in any way. It's 99.9% technical accou...7
0Deloitte Federal Human Capital v. Accenture Federal Technology Analyst?Hi all, I am a Public Policy and Economics double major with interest in Federal Consulting and potentially pursuing a career in Government Affairs down the road. I have received 2 offers in Federal Consulting that I am struggling to choose between: Deloitte Federal Human Capital and Accenture Fe...1
+7The real life sex dungeons of Wall StreetFascinating article [here]( from the Daily Beast about Howard Rubenstein, a prominent Wall Street millionaire who lured women to his secret Wall Street sex dungeon. Is this kind of behavior rampant on Wall Street? Do...19
0Company Compensation: Duff & Phelps0
+2Blackrock Hirevue interviewHey all, I was wondering if you guys can add some color to this video interview through hirevue? I haven't done a video interview and I would like to know how you all prepared for it. If you guys done the video interview through BlackRock-any advice would help! ...24
+26 months after starting and still no clientI've been at my current firm for 6 months and am still on the bench. This is my first job out of college and I am beyond frustrated, feeling as though my career growth has been stunted. FWIW, I am on the public sector/federal consulting side of the business, where things admittedly move slower, and ...19
+1Post-MBA PE/Buyside Recruiting from Wharton (with megafund background)Hi guys - Can folks help me get a sense of what post-MBA buyside recruiting looks like at Wharton (and Columbia too)? I understand that HBS/GSB typically has the the most representation at megafund PE (at least where i work), but for someone who has the "right" background (i.e. top tier banking ...17
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+3Why finance? what can you sayThis is a question that comes up in every finance interview. What do you guys say? I feel like I know everything NOT to say, but what is something that I CAN say? Interview Question: Why Finance? Why Investment Banking? Rule #1 - don't talk about the money. [quote="rooster"]NEVER say anyth...18
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+1Should I wear light brown or medium/dark brown oxfords with a navy suit. Can light brown shoes conservative? Just need to know if light brown shoes with a navy suit is conservative/appropriate. Black shoes don't go with a navy suit some brown shoes look pretty black to me....1