Portfolio Associate Interview - Need advice!

I've been in operations at an investment management firm for almost two years. My goal was always to try to move internally to the front office, and I've been waiting for an opportunity. I'm on a project team that has given me decent exposure to a couple front office teams and have made an effort to build some relationships. I attempted CFA Level 1 back in November and unfortunately failed but I'm taking another crack at it next month. I've also been learning SQL and anything else that might make me an asset to have on a team. 

One of the portfolio managers is looking to add a portfolio associate to his team. This team manages a huge portfolio, mainly IG and HY credit. They've been building out their team and hiring in the past year, and I feel I am actually well qualified for this role.

I spoke to my boss, and he said he would support me if I wanted to apply and would put in a good word for me. I also know a senior director on this same team I'm applying for, and I asked him if we could grab coffee. It went really well and I tried to ask some good questions (duration and interest rate risk) while also asking about the role. He also introduced me to an associate who made the move internally from our investment accounting team, and he gave me some good advice about the process/interviewing. 

Fast forward to today, I find out that I have two interviews on Monday. One is with a senior director, and another is with a senior associate who I've crossed paths with a few times and am friendly with. I feel like I am so close, and I want to do everything I can to seal the deal and make the jump to the front office. 

If you guys have any advice on how I can impress in my interviews, or good questions I can ask, I would really appreciate it. 


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