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010 months 1 week ago
Sophomore M&A at big 4 to BB IBD in Junior possible?Landed myself a summer stint at a big 4 m&a team. Was wondering if that would line me up well for BB recruitment next summer? thanks ...
04 min 13 sec ago
Renege Offer (Other side of the story)I'm in a sticky and time sensitive situation. I have recently gone to a superday with a BB a few days ago. The last spot was between either me and another candidate. We both knew we had another offer from another place, respectively. However, the other candidate had already signed his offer, while m...
1213 min 37 sec ago
Credit Suisse IBD Technology Group in SFWhat are your opinions on this group? What are its exit opps? How does it compare to other top tech groups on Wall Street? ...
9719 min 17 sec ago
Do banks actually ask to see my diploma before I start full time??So.. I have a question: I will graduate in late May and I have an offer in IB and will start working full time there in July as an analyst, I was wondering before I officially start, will my bank ask me to scan my diploma or actually bring it to them so that so they can see and know I graduated and ...
1357 min 4 sec ago
Jefferies vs. Houlihan TMT in San Francisco Any insight into Jefferies / Houlihan TMT in San Francisco? How do the two compare in terms of culture, deal flow, and exit opportunities? Are either / both generally respected in the TMT space? I know there's been some upheaval at Jefferies with several new MD's coming over from CS in the past year...
Captain Manchego
41 hour 5 min ago
Why do PE firms hire Investment Banks as buy-side advisors?I apologize in advance if this is a dumb question as I am only a freshman in undergrad... Why do private equity firms hire investment banks as their advisors when they are buying a company? For an example, if company X is trying to sell itself, I understand why it would hire Harris Williams, Jefferi...
61 hour 31 min ago
Seeking Help Plotting my Next MoveSo I'm a year and a half into my investment banking gig. I work in a small group in IBD at a BB. Here's my dilemma: while I've received consistently very positive feedback and was top bucket last year, promotion is unlikely after three years for some complicated reasons. I do have a 3rd year guarant...
The Invisible Hand
11 hour 53 min ago
Citi Latin America Excel Multiple Choice Questions and Video InterviewI just received an invite for a video interview for Citi Latin American division in Florida. It says there are excel multiple choice questions. Does anyone have an idea how to prepare for this? ...
32 hours 12 min ago
Is it true that Tobin & Company doesn't pay their analysts?I had a friend who used to worked with a few people from Tobin tell me that analysts at Tobin don't get paid unless they're there while a deal is closed. In that case, they'll receive a bonus/stipend or something like that. Does anyone know if this is true??? I've heard horror stories about the MD J...
944 hours 11 min ago
My Favourite Question For Wrapping Up InterviewsI don't remember where / who I stole this from, remember kids, there's no originality in banking, but my favourite question when they ask: "Do you have any questions for me / us": What is it about my resume and experience that interest you. It's a beautiful question, makes them recite a list of why ...
394 hours 20 min ago
Interview experience w/ JPM Junior Analyst ProgramSo applications are up! You dont have to reveal actual interview questions. Just wanted to know how you're experience was for 2016 class. As for me, the interviewer seemed more like a gatekeeper from an admission staff. Its like I had the criteria for an interview, but since I came from a "non-tradi...
6194 hours 43 min ago
LOL @ NYC summer intern housing cockblocking everyoneJust lmao. You have to sign in overnight guests at certain places by 4pm (FIT), 9pm (EHS), 11pm (SVA) or they cant come over? LMAO. Just LOL at telling a girl from the bar she can't come over because our housing won't let us have guests. And NYU and New School still require you to sign them in altho...
285 hours 18 min ago
FT IBD NYC Recruiting - 2017 environment?Hey guys, As many of you know, the market has picked up since Trump's election. This past recruiting cycle was very competitive, and slots were extremely limited, especially FT positions. What do you think FT recruiting will be like for the NYC BBs and EBs this upcoming August/September? Will there ...
35 hours 25 min ago
Physics undergrad admitted to top b-schoolHi guys, I've been reading this forum for a while and I need your help now. I am currently at the first year of a physics BSc in Italy at Sapienza University (which is ranked 23th worldwide by QS rankings and is definitely the best physics school in Italy). When I enrolled to this undergrad course, ...
355 hours 51 min ago
Sikhs on Wall StreetHi, I'm new to WSO and currently a freshman at a semi-target (wow that sounds really cliche), and am also a Sikh. I wear a turban and also have a beard, although short and well kept. From what I can find (alums, general googling), not many sikhs work on wall street. Can anyone attest to this? Does h...
First Name
86 hours 45 min ago
I Need Honest Assessment (Is IB, S&T, etc. a Good Fit for Career?)Hi all, I'd like to first start with an apology if this post may come off gratingly naive or indecisive or demanding, etc. I am currently a freshman at a non-target school. I have always really admired the stock market and the idea of trading to make money when I was younger, but I never realistical...
16 hours 51 min ago
what kind of companies could I look at during my sophomore year (unique position)Rising sophomore at a top target. I networked my way to a consulting position for this summer at a well known firm (think PwC/Deloitte/KPMG). In the future I'm hoping to do project management at a tech company, consulting at either of MBB or private equity, or maybe even banking. Apart from the cons...
07 hours 14 min ago
Is it unethical to renege this late?Thinking about reneging on a Bloomberg Market Data Analyst internship for Capital One's Business Analyst internship. Is it fucked to renege so late in the game? ...
28 hours 24 min ago
IB Screening - Practice for SHL Numeracy Tests?Does anyone know where to get good practice at the numerical reasoning tests like the ones on ? Many banks use these to screen potential candidates... I have run a search on the WSO forums, but there was no info about any books or online sites where you can get a lot of practice for thes...
278 hours 46 min ago
Big 4 - Transaction ModellingHello, I made a thread recently on a related topic, but I have now narrowed down further exactly what this group does, and I am looking for some further insight. To briefly summarize, I am in Big 4 Audit, looking to move to IB. To do so I am making an internal move to one of the Transaction departme...
79 hours 3 min ago
IB Lateral Timing - Relocating to NYCI know variations of this question has been asked before but I have yet to see this situation and feel like I am not the only person in this position. Apologies if if I have looked hard enough. Background: I am currently a 1st year analyst (July 2016 start) at a boutique M&A shop in a Tier 2 fin...
09 hours 29 min ago
What is one of the most interesting M&A deals of the past couple of years?The last thread on the subject was from 2011. Just wondering what you guys think is one of the more interesting deals of the past few years and why? ...
19 hours 39 min ago
Cold email address checkingHey guys, I am trying to reach out to bankers in hong kong, any ideas to verify guessed email? I've been using hunter in accordance with LinkedIn and it does not seem to work all the time. How do I know if my email is sent to the correct address since some company server does not bounce back my mess...
59 hours 42 min ago
URGENT: accepting internship offerSo I'm in a little dilemma: I got an internship offer a few days ago with less than a week to sign/accept. I like the position and company, but it wasn't my top choice in other aspects like location. I've done another final round interview but I don't think I'll get the outcome until after the deadl...
611 hours 21 min ago
Placement/ Sell Day, what the hell is it like?Placement Day is coming up at JPM and BofAML. I am fortunate enough to be joining one of those for the summer and a friend of mine if joining the other. (We're SA's). We have been networking and what not with the bank but neither of us has wanted to be overly frank and ask things about placement day...
311 hours 24 min ago
Goldman Sachs 2017 Pride Summit/Undergraduate Camp ThreadThe applications for the Pride Summit and the Undergraduate Camp went up today. I just applied and notified my contact in HCM. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis but communications will not be sent out until the deadline has passed. Updates **If you received an invite for the Pride Sum...
9712 hours 8 min ago
Should I accept my offer? Is it bad to intern in Asia?Hello WSO community and thanks in advance for reading my post! I'm a sophomore at an Ivy Target looking to break into IBD. Recently, I received a fully-funded fellowship to intern at a well-known American Capital raising/placement agent with a branch in Shanghai. I was interested in the role because...
2112 hours 10 min ago
Investment Banking vs COO of Startup BizHey just hoping to get peoples thoughts on the pros and cons of a potential move. Currently have 2 opportunities: 1) IBD Associate at MM firm (Not my preferred location or top-tier firm) 2)COO of 2-year old healthcare company ($3M revenues in 2016, and rapidly growing) that is aiming to acquire and ...
1112 hours 38 min ago
Barclays Sophomore Springboard EventHey all, I'm just starting a thread to discuss the Barclays Sophomore Springboard program. I applied for it online on February 26th, and was just notified that I have a phone interview on Monday, the 20th. Has anyone been officially invited? ...
313 hours 9 min ago
Will I Get Drug Tested?Got a 2017 SA position in NorCal. -Bud is legal in CA. -There are only a few other interns (<5). -Last year SA going back FT told me she didnt get a drug test. -No mention of drug test except in background check release it says, "The information that may be included in your report include: social...
1313 hours 59 min ago
Can acquaintances get you jobs?For instance, can lecturers that visit your company, who are either former employees of BBs or current managers of branches, get you jobs, or do these types of connections stop at that level? ...
118 hours 18 min ago
Please Help: VC or IB?I'm torn at the moment. I'm attending UCSB, non-target, 3.6 GPA and a junior currently deciding between Econ/Poly Sci. That's not the issue however. I spent all of yesterday sending resumes to IB firms and utilizing alum connections. I know this is probably going to come down to you guys telling me ...
Street Logic
21 day 2 hours ago
Societe Generale SuperdayHey Guys, I just had my SocGen superday last week, and I was wondering if anyone has heard back yet? I emailed HR and they said they would be sending out offers "soon". If anyone has heard anything please let me know. ...
41 day 3 hours ago
Loop Capital: reputation, post job offers?Has anyone worked for or interned at Loop Capital before? If you have is the position paid and how was the work they had you doing? Was it worth it and do you have a legitimate chance of landing a FT offer an internship there? If you havent worked there before do you know anything about the bank an...
The Black Gordon Gekko
141 day 4 hours ago
Loop Capital Markets InternshipHello everyone. I have noticed that there were a few people in the past who asked about Loop Capital Markets, however no one really answered any questions regarding that company. So, I thought that I would ask again: What can you guys tell me about Loop Capital Markets internship program? I have an...
331 day 4 hours ago
Want to get me on the phone? Here's how - a networking overview.It's been a slow day at work, so I decided to do something useful and type up this thread with some basic networking tips. I went into my background in detail in my lateraling guide, but basically I went to a non-target for undergrad, then started at a "no-name" boutique, lateraled to a top MM as a ...
721 day 5 hours ago
Some Observations from an MDSo I'm recovering from a procedure and out of commission for a couple days, and I thought I would use the downtime share a few observations / career guidance for those people starting out in the business. Take this with a pinch of salt, as its one person's advice, but these are all things that have ...
1291 day 5 hours ago
A New Chimp On the StreetI just joined WSO after listening to an interview with Patrick on the Vampire Squid podcast. I have been on WSO's website before but I didn't take the step of joining. Now that I have joined the community I am ready to learn to increase my chances of landing bb internships over the duration of colle...
01 day 6 hours ago
I keep on messing up while networking for placement. How negatively will this affect me?I have an IB internship at a bulge bracket bank for this coming summer in NYC. I'm now trying to network with groups for placement. I've done some pretty stupid things now twice, and both of them were as a result of carelessness and could have been avoided. First, HR asked me to submit my resume on ...
51 day 6 hours ago
Bloomberg Marked Data Summer Analyst vs Capital One Business AnalystEventually I would like to go into Asset Management or Trading but unfortunately I couldn't land an internship in either of those fields yet. The Capital One internship is in Product Management and Analytics. ...
11 day 7 hours ago
VTB Capital and Sberbank CIBWhat could you tell me about VTB Capital(M&A and DCM) and Sberbank CIB( DCM)? VTB and Sberbank are the largest IB in Russia( excluding BB IB). Thanks for your attention! ...
01 day 8 hours ago
Group Selection J.P. MorganI accepted a generalist IBD Summer analyst offer at JPM in NYC. Now I am looking into which group I should go into. I was hoping someone could tell me which groups to look at and which to avoid with the ultimate goal being a PE exit. From what I've gathered top groups are: 1. HC 2. M&A 3. FSG/TM...
Jian Yang
321 day 8 hours ago
Comp analysis adjustment for acquisition from 8KHey everyone, New to WSO here. I am doing a comparable company analysis and had a little question. I noticed for one of the comps that an 8K came out since the latest 10q and reported a recent acquisition (all cash transaction). Obviously this will affect cash, debt (if taking on acquired company's ...
01 day 9 hours ago
C and W on Transcript vs Higher GPAConsidering taking a W in a course. I'm probably gonna get a B- in the course, but this hurts my chances of graduating with a 3.7 rounded, and I'd more likely graduate with a 3.6. I also have a C from last semester, so if I drop I'll have a C and W in consecutive semesters. Should I just drop and go...
11 day 10 hours ago
What does it mean "do you have time to talk about xxx company?"?Thanks for the reply guys, Question resolved. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ...
31 day 12 hours ago
Can you BS transaction sizes on your resume? Assuming that the deals haven't closed, can you fudge the numbers on your transaction experience? i.e. $17mm --> $20mm ...
231 day 12 hours ago
Multiple Offers - HelpBeen reading for years and finally at the point where I have a FT offer at a major Canadian Bank in their IBD and am looking for some advice. I interned at a different bank last summer and recently got an offer to start following my graduation this April at a big 5 Canadian Bank. I also received an ...
01 day 14 hours ago
Stutter and InterviewHi Everyone, This problem has been bothering me for a while. I have medium stuttering since very young, and although it affected me during middle school and high school, I was able to get by. But when I was interviewing for summer positions last Fall, it hurt my interview a bit. I'm afraid that inte...
61 day 23 hours ago
Questions regarding Credit Analyst InterviewHi all, I have an interview coming up in a few days for US Bank as a "Portfolio Review Specialist." I have no relevant experience, period. Junior in college with no prior internships. Economics major. The job description is listed below, this is all there was explaining the position. My Questions: -...
11 day 23 hours ago
Is this a good pre-sophomore summer? (Undergrad)Hello, This summer I will be a student at the University of East London. I am attending their summer abroad international school program that candidates needed to apply for. I have been accepted into their "London Financial Markets" program which will basically be a summer course on the market in Lo...
21 day 23 hours ago
UBS Investment Bank - HealthcareInterested to learn about the current state of UBS - sizes, culture, exit opportunities at Associate level... ...
02 days 40 min ago
How to broach the topic of getting a promotion at 2 vs. 3 yearsStarted second year as an analyst at a boutique with FYE in December. Getting a promotion after two years is uncommon but possible. This will be the third year for several guys on the team, which makes fighting for the early promote difficult. Any advice on how to broach this topic with the manager,...
92 days 51 min ago
Is Michigan Ross a target school?Currently in the college selection process have the option of going to the University of Michigan as a pre-admit to Ross after rejections from Fordham, UVA, Boston College, and Northeastern. I've seen Michigan Ross being describes as a target, semi-target, and not even a semi-target before. How much...
62 days 56 min ago
Should I attach my resume in a networking email?Hi everyone, I am currently a sophomore at a non-target and would like to start my networking effort. I have read many posts in the forum, and some people mention it is a good idea to attach my resume in my networking emails; while others say it's a bad idea. Would you please share your two cents on...
92 days 1 hour ago
JPM London Industrials teamI've heard a lot about how JPM dominate the industrials sector for m&a, ecm and dcm which is great and all, however I've also heard that it is completely brutal and that their EMEA Diversified Industries team (London) is extremely intense. Can anyone who works in this team or knows anyone who wo...
Just The Tip
02 days 2 hours ago
BOA Global Investment Banking Analyst ProgramHi guys, I recently applied for this program (6 days ago precisely) and I'm wondering about when will I get an interview (if any)? The status on their website is still "Application received". Thanks a lot. ...
22 days 3 hours ago
BankismsThat's right. All the nonsense that's said. "We got to dig into the numbers" "Those logos look blurry to me" ... Provide your best below. ...
482 days 3 hours ago
Networking Question about Cold EmailI'm a sophomore and I cold emailed a MD at a lower middle market IB and included my phone number in the email. He called me on tuesday (3/14) at a time I wasn't able to pick up, and he left a message saying call him back. I called him back as soon as possible about an hour later and he didn't pick u...
22 days 3 hours ago
MS Top GroupsI searched around and was able to find a few posts on this but nothing very recently, and group culture/dynamic is ever changing. I was fortunate enough to receive and accept an offer to join Morgan Stanley for the summer and was hoping people in the industry might be able to offer their thoughts o...
232 days 4 hours ago
Big 4 FDD -> IBI am currently a sophomore at a non target school with a solid GPA and I just received a SPRING 2018 internship offer for Big 4 FDD in a major market (the internship will be 8 weeks from March 2018 to May 2018). Would this spring internship be a good thing to bring up during interviews when I recrui...
02 days 6 hours ago
Calgary IB RankingsHello, Currently a sophomore and going to be doing PE in Toronto this summer but want to go back home to Calgary afterwards and do banking. Lots of the information on the site for Calgary is dated and almost all of the O&G info stuff is Houston focused. I just wanted to get a more current pictur...
152 days 10 hours ago
Current Value of MBA for Highly Successful Young ProfessionalsI'm hoping the WSO community can satisfy my curiosity about this subject. Of course, each individual has a unique background and future goals, so an MBA is more or less essential for different young professionals. But WSO seems to thrive in generalities, so I'll pose this hypothetical scenario: Let'...
Mr. Magoo
102 days 11 hours ago
Capital Markets Networking HelpI am a new grad and through my networking was invited to go out for a drink with a couple people in the industry. I know their firm is looking for an intern. I have never done this before and I have no idea what to expect out of this, how to make the most out of it, or even prepare for it. Any advic...
32 days 11 hours ago
IB MD AMAHi, its that time of year when I feel like giving back. I've been in the game for 18 years, both US and UK. Sales, IB, Quant, even did a stint at an FO. So I'm running an AMA for the next 3 weeks, ask whatever you'd like. ...
362 days 11 hours ago
IB Presence in Charlotte?I have been searching for the past few months for any IB opportunities in the Charlotte area, specifically smaller boutique-type firms, and haven't had much luck finding anything. Just curious if anyone has better information on the area and may know of a few places that I haven't checked. To me a...
372 days 12 hours ago
2017 Morgan Stanley Early Insights ProgramI applied to this a few weeks ago and haven't heard anything. Has anyone else applied or heard anything about the program? ...
152 days 12 hours ago
How do I create a mortgage pricing model?I've an interview coming up. The company wants me to create a mortgage pricing model. Can anyone guide me regarding this? ...
02 days 12 hours ago
Should I renege this late??So basically my question is: should I renege my offer at a MM for a JA position at JPM? Background: I signed a mid tier MM offer back in Dec when they gave me one and I continued recruiting. I recently got an offer at JPM as a Junior analyst (basically one year below 1st yr analyst) in a mid-tier gr...
232 days 13 hours ago
Goldman Sachs AIMS - Private Equity GroupHey guys, Does anyone have any insight into Goldman's PEG group in terms of culture/pay/exit ops? I know they are fund of funds but any other insight? Thank you! ...
42 days 13 hours ago
Potential Lateral to Jefferies. Interview Questions?I potentially have a lateral interview at Jefferies and am curious if anyone has gone through the process of interviewing and can shed some light on what to expect. I have a Mergers & Inquisitions guide that I'm going through but am pretty worried about technicals and don't want to blow this. An...
22 days 16 hours ago
Investment Banking Opportunities in Salt Lake CityI lived in Provo for a few years before moving back to Louisiana, and since leaving I have finished my undergrad, am currently working in investment banking, and currently finishing up my MBA at Tulane with a focus in finance. My wife's family is mostly in Utah and San Diego, and now that I am finis...
03 days 52 min ago
Math vs Computer scienceHey guys I'm in first year university and my goal after university would be to either get into investment banking or private equity. I was talking to someone in the industry and they told me that if there were to go to university again the would take something like math, computer science,engineering...
43 days 1 hour ago
GS IBD Salt Lake City I am considering applying for SLC IBD for GS instead of NY since it's probably easier to get in. Since cost of living in SLC is much less than NY is there a significant difference in the salary? ...
623 days 2 hours ago
BMO Externship - Tips?I've never been hardcore about banking, but the concept of working on deals and modeling deeply interested me, so I applied to a one day externship program for BMO's Capital Markets on a whim following a campus presentation. To my surprise, I received a call yesterday telling me that I had been acce...
23 days 3 hours ago
GaijinHave any of you westerners lived in Japan (or even Hong Kong I guess). Am curious to get your opinion on what it's like living there as Gaijin. ...
273 days 6 hours ago
Citi Discovery DayDidn't think I was going to get in but am very glad that I did. Anyone else coming from outside of NY? ...
43 days 6 hours ago
Courtship in IB Recruiting?Hey Monkeys, So I go to a pretty big target school in the midwest for B4 accounting firms, and currently have public accounting as my backup plan if IB doesn't work out. I'm in beta alpha psi, which for those who aren't familiar is a professional accounting organization. Anyways, last week we had a ...
93 days 6 hours ago
Multiple (Cash Out/ Cash In)In this excel (attached screenshot), the multiple is 525,000 / 400,000 but is the 525,000 in terms of today's money? (is it already the NPV?) And if not, why can you divide 2 sums of money that are from different time periods? ...
123 days 6 hours ago
Valuing a company with much cash/book equity using DCFHi Oasis members, I have a question regarding the DCF model. As I am teached, the DCF model is used by investors who value a business on its future cash flows. The current financial operating structure is not relevant other than for determining these future cash flow with the right input. However, w...
103 days 7 hours ago
Hurdle Rate CalculationI am trying to learn how to calculate the hurdle rate and saw the following example below: My Question: Why is the Hurdle rate = risk free rate + project beta * (return on the broad market - risk free rate) ? Example You are financial analyst at Jovan Arsen, Inc., a bus operator which is interested ...
13 days 7 hours ago
How to Calculate $ Amount of ADTV (3m)? Please helpHello Monkeys, How do you calculate the $ amount of ADTV for a 3 month period? I have access to CapitalIQ formula builder if need be, but how do you go about calculating this? I am really having trouble with this. Any assistance would be much appreciated. ...
13 days 7 hours ago
133 days 10 hours ago
Career advice: go into IBD or lateral to PE?Yyyyyyyyyyyyydbdhdjdjd dhdhdhehejrhhdjeieoejdbfbdjrjdnfjrudjfhejdjd dhdhdhe. ...
53 days 10 hours ago
Guide: Cold Contacting Investment Bankers For Non TargetsHi Folks, I posted a thread earlier in the month and there was a lot of interest in techniques and tips for cold contacting investment bankers so I thought I would share what I know. First things first, I'm not an investment banker. I'm a data room sales rep with an extensive background in cold cont...
1053 days 10 hours ago
Anyone had Oppenheimer InterviewJust wondering if anyone know Oppenheimer has already given offers for SAs. I had a first round and haven't heard back. Actually really liked the people who interviewed me - hope to hear something back. ...
173 days 13 hours ago
Oppenheimer SA PositionHave people heard back about the summer analyst decisions? Know there were a couple threads on this, but curious if anyone knows anything else. ...
13 days 13 hours ago
Why have intangible assets in the first place?Was having this discussion in a venture cap valuation class, and couldn't really fully discuss. Why are intangible assets even placed on the balance sheet or more importantly, why do they matter in a DCF valuation? The value of intangibles I feel is already reflected in any substantial revenue growt...
03 days 23 hours ago
How Quick will it Snap ? Valuation of SnapChatSnapchat (recently renamed Snap Inc.) has filed for an IPO reportedly set for Q1 2017. Snap is seeking a valuation of $25 Bn according to reports at Bloomberg . The question arises if such a rich valuation of 25X Forward Revenue makes sense at all. "At $25 Bn, Snapchat would have roughly the same ...
373 days 23 hours ago
IB Analyst Offer: JP Morgan vs Lincoln InternationalWould I be crazy to choose Lincoln International over JP Morgan as an IB analyst (both in NYC)? I know JP is far more prestigious but I liked the people/culture at LI significantly more. Would choosing LI set my career path back due to having less exit options and a less recognizable brand name th...
164 days 2 hours ago
Thoughts on "Re-Imagining Investment Banking"? How much of this is happening now, or ever likely to happen? My own take: Investment banks struggle to adopt even very basic, and very obvious technology. The idea that they'll build or buy sophisticated AI to perform valuable work seems totally ...
14 days 4 hours ago
How much damage has banking done to your life?We all know banking isn't easy, and I am usually all about encouraging young people to work hard in finance since the long-term benefits to your career can be incredible. But it's good to be realistic about the job - many of us tend to act like heroic titans of finance who love the grind, but this t...
1384 days 5 hours ago
Axelon or Axel OffAnyone heard of Axelon? opinions/ experience? I have had a couple of messages from them in the past couple of years. just the name sounds like a B.S. firm... email w/ (212)-34-6537 # ..... scam or just marketing? ...
04 days 7 hours ago
GQR Globl Markets any Intelligence?Anyone know anything about GQR? are they anything other than a data aggregator? I had a call from them a while back, but it seemed like a bait and switch. I was transferred to some guy who was supposedly recruiting for non-IB positions. Very non IB not even banking... thanks ...
34 days 7 hours ago
HELP - Real Estate Modeling Hi everyone, Does anyone have a good resource for real estate models? I have a modeling test coming up in a few days and want to make sure I know the ins and outs of a real estate model. I have strong modeling skills but have not worked on a real estate type model before. Thanks! ...
34 days 8 hours ago
Intel Making Strides in the Autonomous-Driving SectorIntel is leaping forward in the autonomous-driving sector by agreeing to purchase Mobileye, a firm whose driverless technology will provide "the brains" to Intel's self-driving model. By the end of this year, Intel and Mobileye, along with BMW, hope to put 40 self-driving test models on the road. I ...
04 days 9 hours ago
Goldman Sachs Virtual Insight SeriesBeing that I was ineligible for all diversity events, I registered for the Goldman Sachs Virtual Insight Series, which seems to be a virtual networking event. I just received the e-mail for the HireVue, with one question in a separate e-mail. The main e-mail says the interview length is around 10 mi...
14 days 9 hours ago
How do you calculate CapEx?When doing a DCF and calculating Capex, do you just use "purchase of PP&E" in the cash flow statement? Are there other ways? ...
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44 days 9 hours ago
How to show value to a potential company if they don't currently use related services and you are a start upI am currently in the proto typing phase of my second venture and have seen lots of positive feedbacks from top VC firms and have an impressive board of advisors but we are struggling to answer the question that is recurring: what value are you bringing to your customer? My partner and I disagree on...
04 days 10 hours ago
TSA Pre-checkDo banks pay for it for bankers that frequently need to travel for work? ...
114 days 12 hours ago