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01 year 1 week ago
What is the career progression for those in BO/MO?As a student it's very clear to me what the "generic" path is in IBD. I know everyone's story and path is different but from what i've gathered it can be very straightforward. Analyst -> Associate/MBA/PE/HF/Other ->VP ->MD etc. What is the pathway for those who don't make it into FT FO positions ou...
115 sec ago
Experiences with Bourne Partners, Dragonfly Capital or Tobin GroupIt seems Charlotte is growing in the IB area, however it still seems that internships and good jobs are still fairly scarce. I was doing some research about boutique operations here in Charlotte and came across three of interest: - Dragonfly Capital - Tobin Group ( that I understand to run like hel...
12 min 29 sec ago
Best sex dungeons in NYC?New York's nightclub scene is sooooooo boring! Do anyone of you all know which sex dungeons (BDSM, S&M, as crazy as possible) are the best in New York? Any in Midtown? ...
Angel Molester
58 min 14 sec ago
How to be a good employeeI’ve been writing for this site on and off since 2012, and while I don’t work in the banking business per se, I work in a related field, and I’ve been lucky enough to have employed five great analysts over the years. So at age 43, and having been an employer many times over, I have a few insi...
Jared Dillian
2016 min 37 sec ago
BNP Paribas 2017 Intern Program posted on 5/18, Legit?I found a summer analyst program posted for BNP Paribas IBD, opened for applications started from 5/18, is this legit? Or would it be an off-cycle recruiting?...
218 min 57 sec ago
AMA: BB IBD Healthcare Analyst Spent 3+ years in the healthcare coverage group at a BB in NY. Would rather speak less about current / future aspirations and more about investment banking and healthcare, but please do ask away and I will answer as best I can. ...
3322 min 9 sec ago
Infrastructure - levered or unlevered DCFAnyone have any ideas on whether a levered of unlevered dcf is more suitable for infrastructure companies? (infrastructure in terms of highways)...
223 min 56 sec ago
After watching "Dead Poet Society"....I've decided this isn't for me. I can't compete with Ivy Schmucks for this job. But the flip side is I'm going to leave this forum and actually enjoy my life. I'm too smart to work 100 hours a week and give up my life. My GPA means nothing when I die but at least it proves I'll bust my ass off for a...
my name is goldstein
2734 min 23 sec ago
AMA: IBD 3rd Year M&A Analyst3rd Year analyst at NY IBD M&A group. Happy to answer any and all questions... - BB IBD M&A Group - Target School (4.0 / 4.0 GPA)...
Almost there lol
1635 min 21 sec ago
High School Student Seeking Path Into Investment BankingHi Guy, Im 16 years old nearly 17 and from Australia. I am wanting to study finance in America but I want to know the target universities I can get into with a 3.7 GPA and about a 1380 SAT score? Also would you recommend to do accounting as a subject rather than legal studies in my final year of hi...
3150 min 23 sec ago
Any Cornell alum/current students? Looking for advice. Looking to PM Cornell alum/students who have been successful in finance and been through the process of recruiting. I am a current student with questions. Thanks...
Lmao I'm Dead
654 min 4 sec ago
Credit Suisse Special Investments GroupHi guys, does any of you have information abouth Credit Suisse Special Investments Group? They say that they do co-investments along private banking clients....
91 hour 19 min ago
Im looking to Buy Knopman Series 79 study materials/tests Looking to buy Knopman study materials for Series 79 test. Pm/inbox me if you are willing to sell. Looking specifically for tests/online access to tests. Thanks. :)))...
21 hour 24 min ago
Used Knopman for Series 79 and it didn't workHi Guys, Took S79 yesterday using Knopman, I was scored high 80s in the last 3 Knopman tests and fell short by about 18 questions on the real test. I am thinking of using STC practice questions now and bare in mind I barely had any Knopman questions on the test. I already have S7 and S63 registrat...
121 hour 25 min ago
Summer internship for 2-year mastersAs most BB IBDs only hire penultimate students for their summer intern program, will they consider me if 1. I'm taking a gap year in between undergrad and masters (graduate 2017, masters start 2018, start intern 2018 before masters program); or alternatively 2. If my masters program is 2 years, app...
21 hour 51 min ago
Financial Modelling AdviceWhat is the best way to forecast for my DCF? I'm working through a bunch of financial models but get confused when I set out do it on my own. What I mean is that when I have a financial modelling or DCF template in front of me, I have no problem going through the steps and coming to the same numbe...
01 hour 51 min ago
Would you choose PhD over a great job?My TA from an Econ class told us today that he has quite a few friends working in finance, including BBs (GS, MS, blah blah). He had the chance to do several interviews with GS, but eventually he didn't pass the second to last round. It seems to me that, although he didn't pass that round, he was ...
102 hours 14 min ago
Best HC groups in Los Angeles?I know most of the HC groups on the West Coast are in San Francisco, but are there any strong groups in LA? ...
12 hours 17 min ago
Investment Banking in the UK - An OverviewI’ve noticed a few more UK-related questions popping up and as this site has (understandably) been very US-centric over the last 5-10 years I thought a brief overview of what the industry is like in the UK would be helpful. **Who Are The Firms?** * **Bulge Brackets** – the usual suspects * ...
1072 hours 19 min ago
Lateraling Timeline for 1st Year IB AnalystI am starting as a first year at a BB in NYC in the middle of June. If I would like to lateral to a "better bank", around when should I actively begin looking? Is there a certain timeframe when banks analyze hiring needs, or is this a year-round process? Since these are actual positions that need t...
52 hours 44 min ago
GS Undergraduate Camp DOs and DON'TS?Hi, Who has gone through this program and would like to share any insights? What did you do or learn? Who were you able to meet? I assume this is a networking opportunity, what are suggested actions after completing the camp? Thank you. ...
92 hours 47 min ago
Goldman Sachs Virtual Insight SeriesBeing that I was ineligible for all diversity events, I registered for the Goldman Sachs Virtual Insight Series, which seems to be a virtual networking event. I just received the e-mail for the HireVue, with one question in a separate e-mail. The main e-mail says the interview length is around 10 m...
102 hours 50 min ago
Hi guys got 2 BB offers, but prefering another, how to handle it?Hey guys, I got 2 BB offers for IBD, but I have another BB interview lined up in like 2 Weeks (the offer of the other 2 already expired there). Should I just say fuck it and go for a "lower tier" BB? The problem is also that I said that no matter what I would accept their offers ... (I know, not ...
02 hours 52 min ago
Premed to Finance/Math GPA WoesI came to college (Tulane), as premed, and did not do that well, 3.2 GPA. I switched to Math and Finance at the end of my freshmen year (I'm a rising sophomore), and now my major GPA is a 3.7. I want to apply for internships for next summer, but the 3.5 cutoff worries me. What would y'all recommend?...
22 hours 52 min ago
2018 Summer Analyst IB Recruiting Timeline Megathread PageEARLY RECRUITMENT PROCESS / APPLICATIONS / INTERVIEWS / SUPERDAYS I want to establish a single place where all students can come come to share knowledge, questions, information, and concerns regarding investment banking summer analyst recruiting for summer 2018. US focused. Good luck to everyone. ...
612 hours 56 min ago
JP Morgan MBA Early Advantage 2017I applied to the program and didn't get a confirmation of submission. Kind of left me wondering if the application was received. Anyone else face the same issue?...
02 hours 57 min ago
Moelis OpinionsI am struggling to figure out where Moelis really stands. Is it at the Evercore/Lazard level or is it a tier below? Is there any difference between NY and LA in terms of their ranking?...
02 hours 57 min ago
A One Stop Shop For All Things Diversity Recruiting - The Most Exhaustive List On WSODiversity recruiting has been the subject of several posts over the last few weeks. Although there are existing WSO posts that try to aggregate opportunity for diverse candidates, this one aims to be an exhaustive list that includes all the introductory programs and formal internship pipelines offer...
262 hours 59 min ago
Mutual Fund exit opsI go to a non-target and just secured my internship for my sophomore summer at a small mutual fund of around 500m AUM. Because it's a small shop, I'll be doing research and working with their algo. It sounds like solid experience, but I'm looking to get into IB next summer in Houston or NY. Does an...
Chef Yaboyardee
03 hours 56 min ago
JPM Junior Analyst Exit Opportunities RecruitingI was thinking of applying for JPM Jr Analyst program next year, and I was wondering if you still recruit for exit opps in the first year like the traditional analysts? Hoping someone has experience and can give me a shout out. For those of you who don't know, the Jr analyst program is a 1 year pro...
04 hours 11 min ago
Notorious Investment Banking Groups and War StoriesMonkeys, What are some of the most notorious "Groups" on the street? This can include massive jerks, (overly 100+ regularly) abusive workloads, or just old school street mentalities. For example, I've heard JPM HC is one of the hardest worked Groups on the street. With that being said, feel free t...
1244 hours 31 min ago
Is Evercore a boutiqueTitle says it, when people mention boutiques and elite boutiques, I often think of places like Centerview, Moelis and PJT. Places that have a small amount of employees but work on some of the largest deals out there. Although places like Lazard and Evercore are top places and would be amazing to wo...
California t
64 hours 35 min ago
Bulge Brackets in ChicagoOne big concern with satellite offices is that they tend to be outsourced labor shops for NYC. This tends to be the case with the bulges. Could you guys provide some insight to these Chicago offices?...
American Psycho
44 hours 37 min ago
Insight on leveraging boutique intern experienceAdvice on how to bolster my boutique internship experiences for upcoming entry level investment banking recruiting processes?...
04 hours 38 min ago
JPM SF Tech OpinionsI haven't seen any recent posts about JPM's SF Tech group. I was wondering if anyone has any insight on recent culture, hours, exit opps, and deal flow? I have talked to a couple people, and it seems like the group has improved over the last couple of years, but figured I would get more opinions. I...
64 hours 49 min ago
GS 2018 Superday*** Note - if this is something I should not have online, please somebody let me know ASAP and I will remove this. *** Hi all, I just completed a superday for GS IBD 2018 Summer Analyst program, so I figured I would create this post to help out those who will have superdays with them this summer in...
05 hours 3 min ago
Looking to sell my knopman and STC material for S79Looking to sell the above material, i have until the YE on Knopman and until September on STC. I have questions and all the other supplemental material it comes with for both and also have the book for STC, if you would like, I can mail it you. Thanks-...
06 hours 20 min ago
How do I nail an Informational Interview with head of division? Hey guys, So I have a 15-20 min informational interview coming up next week with the division head of TMT at an EB (think Lazard, Houlihan, Evercore). I know that he can potentially get me an interview, heck even hire me for an intern if he wants (although I know that won't happen) but I just wa...
27 hours 45 min ago
I've acquired 2 very good phone numbers.One is a MD at a BB the other is at a VP at a MM (very well known). Should I call them as many times as possible? These aren't cold calls by the way I know them per se. Just like in Wall Street, "Kid calls me 59 times in a row and wants to be a player."...
my name is goldstein
128 hours 21 min ago
Breaking into Investment Banking**I am a 26 year old South African and I have worked in Sales for 1,5 years and am now currently working as a tax consultant (in FS) dealing with asset managers and pensions funds. I graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Economic Management Sciences, completing my Post-graduate Degree in Logistics. I ...
012 hours 26 min ago
How Does Regions Securities Compare to Other MM Banks' IBD?I am recently looking for a potential opportunity in a MM bank's IBD/Capital Market. I have seen a few job postings by Regions Securities (IB Group within Regions Bank) and was quite interested after reading the job descriptions. However, compared to some other MM-focused banks (SunTrust, PNC, etc),...
817 hours 50 min ago
Kid Doesn't Make it to IB BB; Refuses to Walk at GraduationSaw this on my Facebook feed a few days ago from an international student with an extreme case of poor me syndrome. Probably the most entitled thing I've ever read. Oh, and for context, this school is a semi-target at best. All references to the school's name have been replaced with "the College." ...
5717 hours 54 min ago
Have you ever seen an intern quit early?Hi, I know that it's quite unlikely probably that an intern quit early, since they put a lot into getting the internship in the first place but nevertheless did you hear about interns who just couldn't handle the hours and therefore decided to quit early? ...
7219 hours 9 min ago
Internships for high schoolers (In NYC)Are there any internships for 10-12 graders in New York City. It can be paid or unpaid. I live in the city so it doesnt matter. Hopefully at a hedge fund or a bank....
619 hours 9 min ago
Housing Allowance/Stipend in HK?Hi guys, wanted to know if anyone knew about housing stipend amounts given to expat analysts/associates in HK? ...
619 hours 13 min ago
Have I been dinged?Sort of a weird situation. I cold-emailed some boutiques in my area and found one that offered me an interview. The interview went pretty well (this was about a month and a half ago) and the interviewer told me they would respond with in a week or two. Fast forward two weeks and no reply, so I send ...
420 hours 22 min ago
Advice on my internship situationHi, so I go to HYP and am finishing my freshman year with probably a 3.6 GPA. I didn't really do very well in my required language class, and I feel like I could boost my grades some after the first semester of sophomore year. Are sophomore year summer internships usually just based off of freshmen ...
220 hours 30 min ago
Goldman Superday 05/17 HearbackHas anyone heard back from the May 17th superday in the NYC office yet? I know both AFG and Securities superdays took place. ...
1821 hours 51 min ago
IBD in TokyoDoes anyone know what the exit opportunities are like from BB IBD in Tokyo? I'm about to start my analyst stint with an M&A team at BB. My gut feeling is that opportunities would be somewhat confined in Asia since a lot of stuff they do seems to be very specific to Japan. How would the experience ...
821 hours 52 min ago
1622 hours 18 min ago
How Does one get recruited for "early recruiting" "advanced early recruiting"I have seen a lot of posts on here about getting invited to "early recruiting" "advanced early recruiting" and even heard of some students from my semi-target school interviewing and landing offers for next summer as early as April of this year. How does this happen? Do you need to have connections,...
522 hours 45 min ago
How to get an IB internship for next summer?Hey guys, I'm a rising junior at Baruch College majoring in finance. I have a 3.97 GPA and my goal is to get an IB internship at a BB next summer. I am involved on campus and will be interning at a private equity firm this summer. I understand that Baruch isn't a target school, and it'll be prett...
922 hours 59 min ago
SA interview preparation - podcast suggestions?Looking for things to listen to while I drive to work, figured I could do something productive instead of essentially waste a couple hours a day sitting in traffic. I'm looking for something that would specifically help gain knowledge relevant to investment banking that could help me prepare for the...
41 day 1 hour ago
Could the banks halve their London work force due to Brexit?A lot of these articles have been coming out where banks in London are considering moving a large amount of jobs into the EU away from Lon...
451 day 2 hours ago
2017 FT Roommate ThreadIt may be too early to find a spot but it’s never too early to find roommates. I'm a work hard chill hard type of guy, so please only PM me if you're the type of person that doesn’t start a party at the house every time your Associate gives you some freedom. Don't get me wrong, I can appreciate...
Capital Gains
231 day 3 hours ago
A2A - Direct Promote Benefits/Bonus/Etc.Trying to understand what the standard practice is across the street (BB/MM/EB) regarding the A2A promote in terms of signing bonus, time off, promotion timing (2.5 yrs vs. 3 vs. 3.5), and pay bump timing. Have heard a few conflicting accounts within my own firm and others so trying to get some add...
101 day 5 hours ago
Meeting with Executive DirectorA director from out of town will be in the office next week and I am scheduled to have an informal meeting. He is my director's boss and we have not met before. Any suggestions on what to expect and talk about? I'm thinking this is a get-to-know-you opportunity but was hoping to get advice on how ...
11 day 5 hours ago
S&T to IBD Lateral Hi guys, I have read a lot of IB related posts (especially the work hour) and WSO's community has been really engaging. I wonder what do you guys think of lateraling from HSBC S&T to BB IBD after the 2 years graduate program (or perhaps after 3 years - 2.5 years analyst, 0.5 year associate)? The "...
01 day 6 hours ago
Analyst 2.0 - What will the analyst role evolve into? Been following the recent & ongoing advancements in technology & often pondering on where my role as an analyst should be prepared to evolve as time goes on. Heard about this new big data technology called "orbital insight" that leverages satellite, UAV, and other geospatial data sources, to unders...
11 day 7 hours ago
Goldman Sachs Specialty Lending (within SSG)A friend recently received an offer there. Any idea of what exit opps look like from this group? They invest across the cap stack with a focus on 1st lien/2nd lien/mezz. ...
01 day 10 hours ago
Can I work in the US with a commerce degree from Australia?I'm currently in high school in NSW Australia and was wondering if a commerce degree from UNSW or USYD with a decent weighted average mark would be enough to get me an analyst job in NY?...
41 day 14 hours ago
Undergrad GPA question?Sorry for another UG gpa question -this form is a saturated with them. Anyways, something I haven't seen commented on much is the difference between IB prestige & gpa. I'm a rising freshman at Stern, and right now a lot of speculation is passed around about IB. People say GS is the most exclusive/p...
31 day 15 hours ago
Why Capital Markets? I've read a lot on this site about why an industry/coverage group is better than a product group (capital markets) for IBD. On the flip side, why would one want to work in Capital Markets (e.g. DCM, ECM, Asset Based Finance, Project Finance, Leveraged Finance, etc)? What are the pros of Capital Mark...
11 day 16 hours ago
Undergraduate FinanceHi WSO! Rising Senior in high school here, wanted to get your advice on colleges to apply to this fall. I have good test scores (35 ACT), but I have a pretty bad GPA for high school (3.67 UW). My EC’s aren’t that great either (Freshman Class President, JV Cross Country, Principal for Cello in O...
21 day 17 hours ago
Why Does The World Hate Wall Street and Bankers It seems that conservative and liberal pundits alike all use Investment Bankers as a symbol of greed and corruption to scapegoat for all of the countries woes. Did this all start after the housing crisis or has there always been hostility towards bankers? I commonly hear journalists spout the igno...
601 day 18 hours ago
Citi Early Identification Program Has anyone heard back regarding the Early Identification Program in terms of next steps aside from the forms/registration?...
201 day 18 hours ago
Advice needed: spring week/summer internship/graduate analyst?Hello everyone, I am a 24y-old EU citizen going to graduate on my bachelor's in Accounting and Finance from a top-university in my home country (Northern/Eastern Europe). Although locally it is a well-recognised uni and also the top in my country, in Western Europe I would say no one have ever hear...
11 day 20 hours ago
Apple Invests $1 Billion in SoftBankWith SoftBank's recent launch I want to bring up an observation that I find interesting and perplexing. Apple invested $1 Billion in SoftBank. To me this was a rather interesting move for two reasons. First, because Apple states that one of the main reasons for hoarding $200 Billion in cash is becau...
01 day 21 hours ago
Raspberry Pi for Financial Modeling?I'm looking into getting WSP/BIWS to teach myself financial modeling, but I only use a Mac. I'd really rather not have to buy another full computer just so I can get used to Microsoft/Windows applications. Would it be possibly to buy a Raspberry Pi, hook it up to a keyboard and a monitor, and use ...
71 day 21 hours ago
Which D/E ratio should I use on a 3 year projection of the following?Hey all, I've been tasked to do a DCF to attain the enterprise value for a company. I'm trying to calculate the proper WACC to discount my future cash flows but I have some tricky inputs (all assumptions given). Year 1: The company takes a loan for $10,000,000 and gains equity from investors wort...
311 day 21 hours ago
Thankyou WSO!!Hey all, I'm a long time reader first time contributor to WSO. I am posting this to say thankyou to everyone on this board for insight you all gave me into a career in IB and how to succeed. Whilst I have decided not to pursue IB I have learnt lessons on this board that I feel I would have taken a l...
61 day 21 hours ago
everything about bankingwhat exactly is banking? Like there are particular areas correct? Can someone explain the difference between M&A? and LevFin?...
01 day 21 hours ago
What about IB Boutiques?I didn't realize there was more than NYC, Houston and Chicago. Is it difficult to land a gig at a Boutique? I'd rather aim for those than a BB since BBs are just a rat race. Could I still work at a Boutique and try to break into a BB down the line? I assume the pay is half of a NY firm but that wo...
my name is goldstein
211 day 21 hours ago
What should you do as an intern when your "managing analyst" doesn't assign enough work to youDon't know what to do, should I directly ask for tasks or ask for their previous deal decks to read?...
51 day 23 hours ago
Ranking: Evercore NY, PWP NY, Lazard NY, Lazard Tech?I have gotten offers from several boutiques to participate in early recruiting or even advanced early recruiting. I am not sure which ones to prioritize and which groups have the best reps in terms of exit opps and culture. ...
171 day 23 hours ago
Financial Model Training CourseHey all - I am very keen to purchase the wall street training materials, but they seemed to be very expensive as compared to the other materials out there. Anyone that's also interested in would be willing to chip in for the course? PM me if want to discuss. we can work out a solution here on s...
32 days 19 min ago
Prestige Ranking: Vanderbilt or BC Carroll above? Which school do you think is more prestigious? Is Vandy or Boston College Carroll School of Management more prestigious? In NYC which is seen as more prestigious overall?...
62 days 2 hours ago
Harris Williams Richmond Groups and Comp?What groups are strong at Harris Williams in Richmond? Does anyone know how comp compares to the street, generally? Feel free to PM if you'd rather not say publicly. Thanks...
22 days 6 hours ago
As an international student, what I should do for the next 5 year to maximize ability in NYC?Hi everyone, I am an international student studying STEM at a university in NYC. I tried to make it into sales and trading but without success. After interviewing with 4 BB banks in previous two months, I felt sad that I never made it to the second round. I don't know what I can do now and I am pes...
12 days 10 hours ago
Selling Knopman Series 63 and 79 materials $300 OBOIncludes the Knopman Series 63 & 79 textbook and class notes (class summary, class notes, other diagrams), and an online test bank. Located in NYC. PM if interested....
02 days 11 hours ago
Can you use ROIC to justify a divestiture?Let's say I need to pitch a conglomerate to sell one of its subsidiaries. Running a DCF of the child company yields a higher present value than its expected sell price, but the conglomerate has a crazy high ROIC. Could you say that, because it could put the money to better use by investing in its ot...
02 days 14 hours ago
Looking for IB job pref in DC/NOVA area 1+ year of experience non traditionalSo I've been working for a year and 4 months for a small investment consulting firm that specializes in futures/options trading. I have a 3.4 GPA from George Mason so basically I have non-traditional experience and from a non target school. Do you think it is possible for me to land an IB job still?...
42 days 16 hours ago
Selling knopman/marks series 79 and 63 manuals $400 for both OBOplease PM me to arrange. Pick up in person in San Francisco. Selling both Series 79 and 63 study guides, also includes misc summary notes for night before cramming...
02 days 17 hours ago
What are the strong groups at Guggenheim Partners and where do most analysts exit to?What are the stronger groups at Guggenheim Partners and how is the culture there? I have heard from others that their Healthcare and TMT are good but I just want to know more what they are known for on the street and what the exit opportunities look like....
02 days 17 hours ago
So you didn't quit. How did you manage it?Well, I want to preface this by saying no one is forcing me to work here but myself. I know how grateful I should feel to have a job (I am) and how lucky that I get to be where I am in terms of having a job (again) and opportunities lie ahead in the future. However... How many of you have felt like...
02 days 18 hours ago
Need advice before signing a contract!Hey guys. I'm still in undergrad (last year of uni, top target, shit GPA, lots of work experience). I'm currently working in a corporate advisory firm part-time that mainly deals with IPOs and M&A advisory. It's pretty simple work and not too intense or difficult (MD I work under loves me to bits s...
62 days 18 hours ago
Python to automate in IBD/M&ASo after trawling through other discussions about programming languages (Python/VBA), I gather the general consensus is this: great to learn for personal development and numerous future endeavors, but not so applicable to the 2 year period as an M&A analyst. I have spent the past couple years casua...
52 days 21 hours ago
Summer Analyst Salaries 2017Curious to know how pay stacks up now on Wall Street across divisions. From what I hear, 85K Prorated seems to be the norm right now for IB, but I'm intrigued in hearing about other people's experiences....
02 days 23 hours ago
Small Buy-Side only PE fund interviewHey guys. So I just got an interview in a small PE (11--50 ppl on LinkedIn), The president there told me to go to their office next Monday for an interview. Here is what he said in the email: "We only do buy-side M&A Advisory and this position does not entail financial modeling. It is more qualita...
103 days 52 min ago
GS BJ vs Citi HKI am IBD summer internship Offer from GS BJ and Citi HK. Would really like to hear some perspectives from someone who's worked in the banking industry before in HK. In the future I would like to work in China mainland, either PE or some in-house M&A team. I need to make the decision really soon....
233 days 1 hour ago
Staying fitHi everyone! I was wondering, for the people here that are fit, how do you manage to stay fit with the crazy hours? I've recently been promoted to Associate and I find I have more flexibility in how I use my time, but with the added responsibilities I find it hard to prepare healthy meals and/or go...
43 days 1 hour ago
IBD SA PreparationHi all, New to the WSO community so I will begin by introducing myself. I am a penultimate year student, studying a non-finance related degree at a non-target school and am due to begin a 10-week summer internship at a US BB investment bank in Leveraged Finance - this will be my first internship. ...
13 days 1 hour ago
Life after Investment BankingMod Note: Throwback Thursday: this post originally went up 4/25/12 Like a majority of people who are on this website, I used to come on here and write bullshit about a life partly my own, partly fantasy. I'm now going to uncloak the anonymous man and tell you my story. My name is Stephen Ridley. I...
3093 days 2 hours ago
3.6 from a Target?Where does a 3.6 from a target (HYP level) put me in terms of IB recruiting for summer 2018? I'm a rising junior, and am thinking of taking online summer courses from my university in addition to interning, to boost my GPA. It's exactly a 3.59 now, and with an A in an online summer course, it'll be ...
73 days 3 hours ago
GPA needed for BB/EB IB from target?What GPA from Cornell (social science major) should you have for IB for a BB/EB by junior year for recruiting? What about for trading? thanks, I am a freshman with a 3.5 and will probably have like a 3.55-3.64 after the end of this semester Also, what internships should I aim for? I have nothing...
Lmao I'm Dead
123 days 4 hours ago
Request for Potential IBD/PE Contacts/Leads - UAEHey Guys, With regard to the above captioned subject, I would humbly request for any potential IBD/PE contacts/leads in the UAE region. I'm currently pursuing MSc in Finance from EDHEC Business School and post-graduation (this month), I strongly aim to pursue (front office) Investment Banking/Priva...
03 days 4 hours ago
Pick your head up.For those that made to the next round of the JPM analyst program, congratulations! For those that didn't, congratulations! Life has a funny way of working out, and this position probably wasn't for you. This might even be the very best thing that ever happened to you. Think about it. Now you mig...
193 days 4 hours ago
Marlin & AssociatesAnyone know anything about these guys? Been doing my own research and due diligence and they look prestigious in the middle market with a lot of previous deals done. What do you guys think about this firm? Also, any thoughts on what the interview will be like or has anyone gone through it before?...
163 days 4 hours ago
Looking, for a Summer InternshipHey guys, I know it's lame, but I just found out that the company I was going this summer is scam, so I really need another option. Anyone here still looking for summer interns? I have experience in Equity Research and I am really interested in investment banking, although I do not have any direct e...
203 days 4 hours ago