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AMA: I didn't get a return offer


<h4>My background:</h4> At this time last year, I was an intern in a top group at my dream bank and was so excited my life was on-track and going according to plan. Two months later began a semester-long panic as I tried to secure a full-time job after not receiving a return offer....

Need help on how to fit in as a nerdy person (serious)


Hi all, I'm currently a first year analyst at a mid-tier <abbr title="bulge bracket">BB</abbr> in <abbr title="New York City">NYC</abbr> for training. Simply put, I feel like I don't fit into the culture of investment banking (more on this...

IB chance VS Ops sure thing


Currently at a <abbr title="bulge bracket">BB</abbr> in Ops and been here for 2 years. There’s an internal program to move to <abbr title="investment banking division">IBD</abbr> for which I’ve made great connections and think I have a high...

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AMA: BB M&A Banking to PE Associate and then a Pivot to a Tech VC / Growth Equity

Almost there lol

I have done one of these AMAs ~2 years ago but it's been forever and I figured it was time for another. ###Brief Background: - Went to Target West Coast school with just "ok" IB alumni base, 4.0 GPA, economics major - Regional banking / VC internship freshman and sophomore year - SA at a BB M&A ba...

2020 Summer Analyst Program for Hong Kong/Singapore


Havent seen any thread regarding APAC so i thought id open one. With apps open, anyone heard back/did a hirevue, feel free to discuss any related topics regarding the 2020 SA in SG/HK...

Freshman choosing from 5 internship offers. HELP!


Dear, I am an international student from Korea studying in Wisconsin, at a non-target. I am a freshman, who just completed his first semester here. After an extensive effort of network, I have ended up with several offers I can choose from: two at Search Fund (one of which I have been interning f...

2019 FT Roommate Thread


While it may prove too early to lock down housing, finding roommates couldn't be early enough. I'm a respectful, clean and considerate guy looking for solid roommates. Basic information below: City: Chicago Preferred Neighborhood: River North, South Loop, West Loop, pretty much open to anywhere in...

Do many young I-Bankers pivot to F500 ladder? Seems like you sharks would dominate, yeah?


I grew up in metro Detroit and every other white collar parent is a Big Ten (if that) grad who makes a cozy $330k, 550k, even well into 7 figures after working up corporate (finance/marketing/engineering/sales) ladder at an automaker, auto supplier, etc. Mark Fields, former CEO of Ford, was raised i...

SA Cover Letter


I'm a rising junior at a target school (think HYP), and I'm applying for SA positions in IB next summer. I have no relevant experience (just a couple crappy unrelated internships), and I'm having difficulty writing cover letters. There are plenty of posts on WSO already about what not to write, but ...

Goldman Sachs 2020 SA


As I have not seen a discussion of this topic, I thought it would be a good idea to start one. With the application opening next week, can anyone provide insight into the past few years process? Feel free to discuss any and all topics related to the 2020 SA position. Thanks!...

VP by 30?


Is VP by 30 possible if you do A2A? How possible/achievable is it to make VP by 30 at EBs or BBs? ...

S&T to IB coverage group


Is it possible to transfer from sales and trading position to a traditional investment banking coverage group? If so after how long on the job? Are most BBs supportive of this process? How hard is the lateral interview/placement process? Has anyone been able to do this? Please share story. ...

Am I screwed??


I recently had an interview with a VP for MM. At the end of the interview, he asked me "Do you have any other questions for us?" And I thought it would be smart to respond with "How would you have answered that question?" **Note: He asked me a behavioral: "what are your weaknesses?" ** Am I s...

Incoming Freshman Advice


I am an incoming freshman to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and my plan right now is to get a job in investment banking after graduation. I'm looking for ways to be competitive when it comes time to apply for internships during my junior year. I am fairly confident with my chances o...

Impossible Transition?


In finding people to network with I've seen some people that have either done their two years of being an analyst—and some summer analysts—which have then transitioned to being a MD or Principal. Is this even possible lol, it seems ludicrous at first glance. Just wondering if these are typos or ...

Do I Have a Chance at 2020 Full-Time Recruiting?


Hey y'all, I go to a target school (think Haas, Stern, CMU) with a 3.9+ gpa. I f--ed up on internship recruiting last year bc I was unaware of deadlines and I was pretty bad at interviews. Also, I don't have a lot of ECs (oops). But, I have a pretty solid understanding of finance and accounting so ...

Any community college students here?


Any tips for someone currently attending community college? What was your story? What extracurricular did you participate in?...

Do you upload a cover letter when it doesn't ask for it?


Hi WSO, I'm new to this whole recruiting thing. I'm trying to apply for JPM Winning Women 2019 and it says "a cover letter is not required unless specified in the job description" and it isn't asked for in the description. There is a section for "relevant files" upload though. Is the norm to still w...

How do I break in? What are the realities? Low GPA, Non-Target.


Hi Monkeys I don't know if IB is the right forum but I had to start somewhere. Long story short I'm wondering my prospects and some guidance. I used to live in New York as a kid so I want to move back. Academically I'm not as strong as I wish I would be but I was dealt a rather tough hand prior to ...

Advice for my resume


Hey all, Please give me feedback on my resume before this years rounds of applications. Thanks everyone!...

Can I get into investment banking from non target school?


I will be attending UW-oshkosh this fall, and want to get into investment banking. I realize that Oshkosh is not a target school, so I was wondering how I can't get into IB still. I read that if I graduate from Oshkosh, work 2-3 years, then go get and MBA at a target school, I can get a job as an as...

IB chance VS Ops sure thing


Currently at a BB in Ops and been here for 2 years. There’s an internal program to move to IBD for which I’ve made great connections and think I have a high probability (but certainly no guarantee) of making it. Process won’t conclude for another 2 months. Meanwhile I’ve received an offer at...

Time to Panic?


I currently have not even been offered an interview at any of the 25+ banks I have applied for. When is it time to panic? I go to a non-target school but I have high GPA and IB internship experience at a small boutique. ...

Non-target grad to IB - too late?


Hey everyone, I recently graduated and have been trying to break into IBD FT for over a year now. I networked my ass off and been sending dozens of emails for some time, but still haven't received the traction I am hoping to get. I totally understand how competitive the field is and how senior banke...

Evercore 2020 SA Thread


Applications just opened and I haven't seen any thread yet so figured I'd make one. Anyone have any details about the timeline now that apps are open?...

Ares PE Summer Analyst 2020


Just received a first round invite for the PE Summer Analyst program in LA. Was wondering if anyone had insight on what the first round technical interview entails. Can also make this thread for people in the process as well. I appreciate the help. ...

Evercore SA 2020 Interviews


Has anyone heard back from EVR 2020 process for first round interviews? I know apps were released just last week. Thnx...

MySQL, database management skills. Needed for finance?


Dear all, I am considering to learn MySQL and database management skills(DBMS), in the hope of getting analytical skillsets. Do you think this is a right way? Are those really used in any fields of finance at all? I'm hoping to work at IB, PE, HF, or management consulting. Thanks!...

New associate is so fucking annoying - Help


This new guy has just been hired and they decided to place him next to me. He is a FUCKING nightmare. Music from his earphones can be heard 6 floors down, he is constantly talking (either to himself or on his personal phone), D-O-E-S N-O-T S-T-O-P bouncing his leg and goes over people's screens all ...

Ways of Underperformance - and how to avoid them (Part 1)

Donnie Real

Hey guys, below some thoughts from a guy I received recently - thought it is worth sharing. Happy for any comments...and let me know if you're interested in Part 2 ;) As a [still] young professional in the financial services / banking industry, I know well the hazard that is created in one´s mind...

Lateraling Guide for Investment Banking


I recently lateraled from a “no-name” boutique to a top MM and wanted to share some of the knowledge that I gathered and wished people had told me when I went through the process. I also have several friends who also went through this process. Hopefully this will help someone. My background: I...

Investment Banking bad for your health?


I'm a bit of a health nut (workout 5x a week, track meals, etc..). Will working in IB affect that? Have the long hours cut into your exercise habits and/or eating habits? If so, how can one mitigate that? - A future banker (most likely)...

New JP Morgan SA 2020 Thread


Ok, so the other thread got cluttered with people begging/selling hirevue questions (250+ comments on that alone), so I've created a new thread where we actually talk about general JPM 2020 SA stuff....

has anyone heard back from Goldman Sachs IBD NY Hirevue?


For those who has their hirevue due the 15th, has anyone heard back about superdays or next step? thanks....

2020 Full-time IB Analyst Recruiting


Have seen many threads related to this, but very dispersed and disorganized. Hopefully, we can make it well-done here, especially for guys looking for their last bullet-train due to missed summer analyst opportunities. Anything you know, please share. Thanks a ton!...

Thoughts on TD Commercial/TD National Accounts/TD Corporate Credit? (Canada)


Hey this relates a little more to commercial/corporate banking but I was wondering if anyone on this forum has worked in one of the TD groups in the title before? TD Commercial is credit for $1-25mm, National Accounts it looks like you get put into an industry group, financial sponsors group, or t...

Ares Summer 2020


Are first round invitations out for PE, credit, or real estate? Either for new york or the LA office...

JP Morgan 2020 SA


Does anyone know when apps open for JP Morgan 2020 SA? ...

TD Securities - Investment Banking


Done a few searches on here for information regarding TD's office in NYC. I know they have a TMT style team, I think they call it Communications, Media, and Telecom, but can someone shed some light on the team/bank? It's obviously a Canadian bank that is well respected, but is the NYC office viewed ...

GS IB SLC: 40k Base?


Heard from the grapevine. Sounds a bit ridiculous, even for SLC. Would appreciate if someone could verify or update this thread with current comp info....

Entrepreneurship -> IB


Looking for some advice on the "tell me about yourself" question in interviews. 2 of my past 3 internships have been in the startup industry. My most recent internship is PE, but what are some good answers for why I made the switch from startup -> IB aside from more safety and $$...

BAML SA 2020 Thread

big dawg 5

Applications went live, so lets discuss the recruitment timeline. From what I've heard, the process will be Hirevue straight to superday, though Hirevues are not automatically given out. Edit:

For Int'l H1B students - May vs. December graduation?


I'm asking this to international students currently working in finance on a H1B Visa - would you recommend a December graduation date or a May graduation date? (or does it not matter at all?) My main concern is that one of the pre-requisites for a H1B Visa is a bachelor's degree and therefore, you ...

Situational Judgement Test 2020 positions


Hey fellow hungry monkeys, I was wondering how did you pass the situational judgement test in order to proceed with your application. No matter what - if I am the most helpful colleague or the most arrogant prick in the pack, excuse my french - I often find myself being not suited for the position ...

Credit Suisse 2020 SA Recruiting


Hello, has anyone heard back from the initial online assessment yet? Was interested in both NY and SF offices....

Morgan Stanley 2020 Sophomore SA Megathread


Didn't see any posts related to this topic, so wanted to create a thread where current freshman could discuss their recruiting efforts for Summer 2020. I applied for IB, GCM, and Quantitative Finance, what about you guys?...

Jefferies London


Does anyone have any insight into Jefferies London in regards to rep, culture, and exits into PE / HF?...

Best and Worst Interns & Securing FT Offers


It is that time of the year (maybe a tad late) but happy to do a Q&A on investment banking internships if there is enough interest. @AndyLouis" ...

PWP 2020 SA


Submitted app on 02/08 for NYC, LA, & SF. In the dashboard, LA & SF apps were last updated on 3/22 but NYC was last updated on 2/8. Received an email today from HR asking for location preference. Thoughts? Thanks....

Centerview SA 2020


Couldn't find a post about this so I created one. Anyone know anything about the timeline this year? ...

Houston Investment Banking 2019


Wanted to start a discussion and get some opinions on the current state of banks/boutiques across Oil and Gas/Energy, especially since DB recently closed down its Houston office. I've heard that, as far as the BBs go, Barclays and Citi are considered some of the best for O&G, over GS/MS. EBs like E...

Post-MBA IB exit opps


I'm applying to MBA programs and hoping to recruit for IB. I assume most people aren't telling interviewers/people they meet via networking that their long-term goal is anything but banking, but I'm curious to know the common paths. How long does the average post-MBA associate stay in banking, and ...

Deutsche Bank 2020 SA


Megathread discussion for Deutsche Bank 2020 SA. How are the cutbacks going to affect 2020 SA recruiting? Read WSJ acticles [](

BMO SA 2020


Haven't seen a BMO 2020 thread yet, so let's get this going. Anyone put down anything that may be helpful. ...

best 2019 online Excel learning for complex stuff


best 2019 online Excel learning for complex stuff, easily and quickly - - free or minimum cost...

Cowen 2020 SA in....Detroit?


I know Cowen acquired Quarton Partners who are based in Detroit awhile ago. Got invited to a first round and am wondering if I'd be crazy to consider working in Detroit. Any insight into Cowen's Det unit or working/living in the area?...

Winter Internship - 2020 Investment Banking Winter Analyst for Hong Kong / Singapore


The MS and CS applications just closed. Has anyone heard back from them? Personally had MS Hirevue on 14th and CS testing on 12th....