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I am a first-year analyst taking my series 79 exam for the first time on May 27 and started studying. I passed both the SIE and Series 63 already. I work at a boutique so they are giving me off this entire time to study for the exam. I am using Knopman Marks. The manual is 444 pages long, which I plan to knock out in 5-6 days.

I wanted to come on here and ask what are some tips/tricks to make sure I pass the first time around. I read Knopman’s plan but I have seen on here people who post that they followed that and still failed the exam, even after scoring well on practice tests. I want to avoid failing it and pass it on my first try.

Thank you in advance, everyone, much appreciated!


Based on the most helpful WSO content, here are some effective tips and strategies to ensure you pass the Series 79 exam on your first attempt:

  1. Structured Study Plan: Since you have the entire time off to study, create a structured study plan. Break down the 444-page manual into manageable sections to cover in 5-6 days as planned. Allocate specific times for review sessions and practice tests.

  2. Practice Tests and QBank: Utilize the Knopman Marks QBank extensively. Practice tests are crucial for understanding the exam format and identifying weak areas. Make sure to review both correct and incorrect answers to deepen your understanding.

  3. Focus on Understanding, Not Memorization: The Series 79 exam requires a good grasp of concepts rather than rote memorization. Focus on understanding the underlying principles and how they apply to real-world scenarios.

  4. Review Key Concepts Regularly: Regular review is essential. Skim through your notes and the key points from the manual several times throughout your study period. This will help reinforce your memory and understanding.

  5. Simulate Exam Conditions: When taking practice tests, simulate real exam conditions. This includes timing yourself and creating an environment similar to the test center. This will help you manage time effectively during the actual exam.

  6. Stay Informed on Forums: Keep an eye on forums like Wall Street Oasis for any updates or tips from others who have recently taken the exam. Learning from the experiences of others can provide valuable insights and common pitfalls to avoid.

  7. Health and Well-being: Don't underestimate the importance of good sleep, nutrition, and occasional breaks. Keeping your mind and body well-rested will enhance your cognitive functions and focus during your study sessions and the exam.

By following these strategies and utilizing your study resources effectively, you can increase your chances of passing the Series 79 exam on your first try. Good luck!

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Given you have ample time (1 month+), maybe give yourself more time with the book (1 chapter a day - some of them are also short so for those days, you could do 2 chapters).

After reading through the book, would just constantly crank through the question bank (at least 1000 questions to be comfortable with the material).

Good luck!


Just hammer the multiple choice tests on the website if you have access - I did one chapter at a time, then grouped them by sections (3-5 chapters together), then practiced with all chapters/material on exams until I was routinely scoring +80. A good portion of the test is fundamental corporate finance concepts so you can probably get away with skimming those chapters. 


Currently studying and it’s not been too hard for me. I skipped reading chapters 2-5 and just memorized the various ratios and formulas, and also skipped chapter 6 as I already knew the transaction process, so maybe you can also focus harder on the other chapters. I would also say dedicate extra time to 9, 10, and especially 12 because those have been hard to retain for me


I was able to study and pass it within one week - watch the Knopman Marks videos at 2x speed and hammer out 1k min multiple choice questions


A month is way, way too much time to study for this exam.  I get it, you want to be passing PTs by a wide margin so you can be certain you pass the real thing.  But even then, a week of full time study is plenty.  

So with a month in hand, and a very busy career to follow, I think it would be a huge mistake to make studying for this exam your primary focus area.  Figure out some other important use of your time whether that's traveling, or preparing for your next career move, or getting in shape or whatever you want.  And do mostly that, with a couple hours of of studying each day.


General question, do you need to be sponsored by a bank to take the series 79 or is it like the SIE where anyone is eligible?

Also, would you say the 79 or SIE is harder?


Dude the Kaplan questions are really good. I highly recommend doing up to a 1000 questions and focus on the sections you know least. The questions are fairly similar to what you'll see on the actual exam, and when you do enough they'll become almost second nature. You ideally should be getting above an 80-85 on every practice exam leading up to the actual. I knew i was ready when i took a particularly hard practice exam, thought i failed, but still got a 75. 


Coming back to this post because I just took the 79 and passed. I found that the real exam was more difficult than the benchmark, which I got 84 on, but easier than the two diagnostics which I scored in the upper 60s. Definitely lots of stuff on private placements, tender offers, and fairness opinions. Very little calculation involved, maybe only one question with time consuming calculation. Maybe one question on bankruptcy. Personally I felt the time I spent reading and reviewing helped me more than the time I spent grinding practice questions (did 1,100)


I didn't it find it necessary to read the *entire* book. The key concepts and supplement sheet would be good to memorize, but otherwise I think it's a good idea to re-read Ch 12, 13, 14. I entirely skipped the book and vids for Ch 2-5 and just selectively memorized the formulas included in the supplement and it was totally fine. I don't even have great accounting or finance knowledge either.

The lectures are fine to jog your memory, but I feel like they don't go into enough detail sometimes


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