User Industry and Status Key

    Next to certain users in the forums and blogs there is a small icon that has a certain 1 or 2 letter code and color (see below). This code represent the users industry (or target industry) and the color represents the users experience (or lack thereof).

    If you have yet to set your own Industry and Status, your username will display a "?" next to it in the forums. Please click on "Edit Profile" under the monkey head in the upper right hand corner of the site. Here you should see a box in the upper right called "Monkey Basics". Please select your current job title or status as well as current or target industry. This will allow other users to quickly see your focus and level of expertise in the forums or blog pages without having to visit your profile page.

    Remember, these industries and status levels are self-reported. In order to verify your status as a finance professional and get certified with WSO, you still need to meet the standard criteria of a Certified User.

    Industry Codes:

    IB = Investment Banking
    PE = Private Equity
    VC = Venture Capital
    HF = Hedge Fund
    ST = Sales & trading
    ER = Equity Research
    RE = Real Estate
    CO = Consulting
    CF = corporate finance
    AM = Asset Management
    EN = Entrepreneur
    IA = Investment Advisor
    AC = Accounting
    O = Other
    ? = Nothing Selected.

    Status Codes:

    Very Light Green = Prospective Monkey
    Very Light Blue = Any Analyst
    Light Blue = Any Associate
    Blue = VPs, MDs or Partner
    Yellow = Business School
    Grey = Other, Retired, Recruiter