WallStreetOasis.com continually tries to identify our most seasoned and helpful members by tagging them with Certified User status. A Certified User will have a star next to his/her username every time they post a comment so that users new to the site will know that the comment is being made from a reputable source.

The benefits of becoming a Certified User include:

  • Free 3 month access to the WSO Job Board for any new Certified Users that request it. ($45 value)
  • Free ticket to the annual WSO Conference in NYC ($199 value)
  • Access to the private Certified User group with instant messaging chat so that you can network and build relationships with other talented finance professionals
  • Respect in the community as a valued source of advice. Certified User knowledge is what keeps WSO a great resource for the younger chimps

The criteria to gain Certified User status is as follows:

  • The user has proven he/she works FULL TIME in the specified field in their profile for at least 1 year through e-mail verification to [email protected] or connecting with our Chief Monkey Patrick on LinkedIn here. Or if you are not able to connect, e-mail him (and cc Ivy) at [email protected] and include a link to your LinkedIn profile so that we can confirm your professional status matches your profile. (Sorry, no interns)
  • The user has demonstrated superior knowledge in that specified field and given helpful advice to other users. This is not required, but is a way to get Certified automatically
  • The user has displayed maturity, patience and a willingness to help other prospective monkeys with limited or no experience (we usually require at least a 2:1 Silver Banana to Monkey Shit ratio on your profile and prefer to only Certify those above 3:1 (we look at each user on a case by case basis, however). Also, Certified User status can be removed if the user is inappropriate, combative and/or argumentative with other members
  • The user continues to display maturity and does not get into meaningless debates on school or company rankings (again, certification can be revoked)

Note: Under rare circumstances, users that demonstrate superior knowledge and a desire to help can gain Certified User status very quickly, while other members will have to improve their reputation with the site administrators & moderators to become certified.

If you believe you deserve to be certified and have not been yet, you can always e-mail [email protected] with a link to your LinkedIn profile to make your case or just have us review your account.

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Cool, emailed as well.

- Capt K -
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Awesome, I just sent you an email


This should be interesting. Some people may not see eye to eye on number 3. Thanks for implementing this WSO.



Hope that it turns out that way.

--There are stupid questions, so think first.


I don't know how I feel about giving my work address out there...


ideating...you are already certified based on your post history and quality.


i am somewhat iffy on giving out my work email as well but am an analyst at a top 5 BB in s&T. i think this is a great concept as i know when i was going through the process it was helpful to know who really knew their stuff vs college sophomores giving out bad advice.

keep up the good work.


Analyst at top 5 BB in IBD. Good idea, but still a little hesitant about giving out work email.


Am in the same boat as the above two posters, top BB in IBD. WSO, do you have any ideas about certifying those unwilling to give out the work email or do we just wait until you deem our posts worthy?


providing an email with your username will make it 100x easier on me but i understand.
i will delete the email you send to me from your work account as soon as i tag you as certified if that makes you feel any better.

if not, it just might take me a while to go through a lot of the threads and be able to truly deduce whether the person is a pretender or really in the industry. I also will not just be certifying you if you can prove you work in the industry. If you are immature and your posts are not helpful / constructive then you will also not receive certification. If you haven't gotten it yet, don't think that means that I don't value your contributions. Odds are, I haven't had a chance to read your posts yet (and you haven't provided me an email).

Also, if you have a job for next year or are a summer analyst, I cannot certify you. I will only be certifying members that have been in the industry for a at least 1 year, show a good understanding of that industry and are willing to share their knowledge with maturity.

Thank you for your patience.


I sent you an email as well.

********"Babies don't cost money, they MAKE money." - Jerri Blank********

********"Babies don't cost money, they MAKE money." - Jerri Blank********


...if I have a star now :-)


Great system. I'm in no position to get that magic star, but it'll help me know whose advice I can rely on.


do users in other fields besides banking, such as equity research, get certified as well, or is this tag exclusively for bankers? i had several years' experience in BB research before recently moving to private equity.

also, i'm not sure if your website tracks IP's and domain names, but if it does, isn't it pretty easy to see what firms people work at? this would make it a lot easier to verify the credibility of users without requiring them to divulge their contact information.


Worried about privacy. So if I can get certified w/o a work email, that would be great.



what if ur an independent trader?


If you're an independent trader you're going to have to get certified through your post quality, maturity and helpfulness to others.


Excuse me...hahaha Drama aka untitled123 aka bapebanker let's look at his former posts and his history...

First he said he went to Princeton and was trading at a BB in FICC and up 24%.
and then in another post, he said he was a first year analyst
he also said he had a amex black card
he also works in private equity
he also is not a day trader and went to Ivey

Obviously the most qualified person on <abbr title="Wall Street Oasis


So what do you do?
-I work for an investment banking firm.
Oh okay; you are like my brother, he works for Edward Jones.
-No, a college degree is required in my profession

Reality hits you hard, bro...


This helps us new guys a lot


Just sent an e-mail


would it be possible to send an email from my work address to somewhere not on the wallstreetoasis.com domain?


Thanks GutShot...you (and GoodBread just sent an email from his work account as well) are now Certified.

Thank you for your contributions,


i just sent you an email anyways. Please be a good man and delete the email as you mentioned you would.

nice work on the site, BTW


I would like to be certified.
Sent you an email from my work email


Yeah, just sent an email from work email. I know this is an IB-focused site, but Wall Street does include commercial real estate finance. So if that counts, I sent you my info.


Thanks for the e-mail guys...you're now certified.

I'll try to be more active policing the Silver Banana leaderboard for users that should be certified but please also reach out to me if I missed you. We've had a good group of new users just get certified.



I sent you an email as well.


next certified user will take us to 100


Is it possible to compile a list of Cert Users?

Plus, not sure if you've gotten to it Patrick, but seems like the glitch is still there as my star has disappeared :(


I emailed for a cert user status earlier this week and haven't heard back. I guess I was not granted it?


Are you guys still doing this?

I sent an email asking a question and received no responce.

Please don't make me talk to you like an asshole...


Bravo, must have missed it...what email did you send it to and how long ago?



@ WallStreetOasis.com

I sent it to [email protected] . I didn't use my work addy tho (email says why i didn't). I can resend if needed.

Please don't make me talk to you like an asshole...


Email sent! Looking forward to joining the party!

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Patrick - Do I send the email to you? Are you still preserving your promise to immediately delete the email?

"Jesus, he's like a gremlin; comes with instructions and shit"


can you make a blue star for people have over 80% correctness in calling trades


I really think this is an awesome idea by administrators.


I won't be communicating with WSO via my work address, but would be willing to mention the firm to an admin, albeit it should be fairly easy to narrow it down to around 5 funds based on my posts.


Reality, if you're not comfortable sharing your work e-mail, as long as you build up some Silver Bananas and give good advice (which makes it obvious that you know what you are talking about), you will eventually get Certified.

I would say after you have 10 Silver Bananas to check back in and we will likely review your account and post history.



just sent you an email.


Don't think I meet the 2, 3, and 4 requirements.

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keep the applications coming guys...the Certified User group is growing strong.


just sent u an email



just got certified. winning. :-)

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Under my tutelage, you will grow from boys to men. From men into gladiators. And from gladiators into SWANSONS.