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01 year 3 days ago
Lose the Beard for PE Interview?I think I look ridiculous without the beard but I've been getting mixed reviews on whether or not to keep it for the interview. Obviously will be clean cut and trimmed but I'm a big guy (6'5 350lbs) and I think I look like a big baby without it. Thoughts?...
314 min 39 sec ago
CPPIB Direct Private Equity?How well regarded is this group nowadays? I've only seen one or two old threads on them, but their directs business has exploded in the past few years according to their annual reports. They're effectively on the cutting edge of LP's going direct. I know you'll be working on deals with megafunds,...
105 min 6 sec ago
How does one best fit pregnancy into a PE careerAs a woman eyeing a career in PE, how could one best plan pregnancy to minimise damage to one's career progression. Time it with MBA? Wait till Director or even Partner? I doubt there are many mothers on here who can speak from experience, but I value the application of anyone's mind....
331 hour 6 min ago
What buyside firms recruit straight from undergraduate programs?I'm currently a student at a target school. I was curious to learn PE/HF shops hire undergrads for full-time positions....
02 hours 7 min ago
Waterfall ModelingWanted to know if any one has worked on a model that addresses the problem that arises when you have a high cash flowing asset and low hurdle rates. For example: if the asset is generating a 11% average cash on cash through the holding period and you have a 9% preferred return to all equity, you wi...
04 hours 24 min ago
PE Waterfall - Modelling Catch-upHey I am building a distribution waterfall model at the moment to practise my modelling in Excel but cannot work out how to model a catch-up after the preferred return. Any idea where I could find help? I tried Google but without luck. Anyone familiar with modelling of catch-ups? Thanks Dehe...
434 hours 36 min ago
Recruiting process after spending two years as PE Analyst---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
24 hours 54 min ago
Navis Capital Partners: Interview + Modelling test?Hi all, I have an interview lined up with Navis Capital Partners, and am quite interested to know if anyone here can provide an idea of the interview process(es) as well as what the modelling test is like, just to best prepare myself for it. Thank you very much for your time!...
014 hours 6 min ago
BX HK RE PE Exit OppsFor a top Ivy League student, wondering about exit opps after working at Blackstone in the Real Estate Private Equity group in Hong Kong as a summer analyst in junior year. Junior year recruiting in the US wasn't great but wondering about full-time recruiting in the US after the internship. What is ...
016 hours 39 min ago
Ever heard of Square 1 Bank Asset Management?Does anyone know much about square 1 bank Asset Management? Or, just square 1 bank in general? Those within the industry of VC, is it a legit firm? Thanks!...
1118 hours 31 min ago
Private Debt ValuationWith the rise of private debt as an asset class, especially for institutionnal investors, I am call to find a valuation model to price private debt for the firm I'm currently working for. Especially finding quantitative or even qualitative inputs that affect the price. I first started with simply ...
019 hours 35 min ago
Family office PE interviewsAnyone know about the interview process in regards to Family offices with a PE arm? Looking for help in non NYC and SF (more in the middle of the US) locations. Anyone ever applied? Bananas for valuable info....
020 hours 46 min ago
Family office Private Equity - helpWould you work for a family office that does PE? What is the pay difference between direct PE and 'normal' pe? Please help!...
1120 hours 49 min ago
Likelihood of Receiving a Full-Time Offer After Internship?Hi guys, So I've been interning at a top private equity firm in the south for about 10 months now. My internship started in August 2016 and they keep extending it (which I hope is a good thing). I will be interning for the summer as well and will possibly continue until I graduate (May 2018, B.S. i...
31 day 1 hour ago
MM PE GPA RequirementI know that this topic has been discussed in the past, but how would a 3.6 GPA (semi-target top 20 university) coupled with a MM PE internship coming from a well respected MM IB position me for MM PE recruiting?...
91 day 1 hour ago
Macquarie MIRA in Australia? Macquarie MIRA, which is an infrastructure PE group AFAIK...anyone know what the standards are to get in in Australia? Is it on par with Investment Banking? Harder? Easier (somehow)? It seems way better than investment banking, albeit more focused on infrastructure...yet not a lot of people AFAIK ...
71 day 2 hours ago
Stick to current MM or move to established upper-end MM? I'm currently interning at a European mid-market PE firm that's (relatively) unknown outside of domestic borders. A significantly larger and more established EU firm (think Cinven, Advent, 3i) has recently set up shop in my city and extended me a conditional offer upon finishing my current intern...
21 day 4 hours ago
Thank you WSO Community! AMA/My Story: Target --> State School --> Non-MBA Masters --> MM IB --> Lower MM PE In short, I recently accepted an offer to join a lower middle market PE firm after a little less than 2 years in IB and, as a longtime reader of WSO, I figured I would share my story in hopes of giving back in some small way to the community that has been critical in my journey over the last few yea...
131 day 15 hours ago
Help with PE question - Why do you not invest?Hi guys, just to give you a bit of an introduction - I currently work as a MBB consultant at one of larger European offices and would like to break into private equity. Recently I had my first PE interview and would like to discuss one question I received, and the best option to answer that questio...
31 day 20 hours ago
Apple Cash Reserves for an LBOThis is definitely a noob question, but just a student trying to learn as much as possible. I recently read an article that Apple has $200+ Billion in cash reserves (of course outside of the US) and was wondering that say with Trump's tax policies by encouraging/forcing US Companies to keep their ca...
72 days 20 hours ago
Request for Potential IBD/PE Contacts/Leads - UAE RegionHey Guys, With regard to the above captioned subject, I would humbly request for any potential IBD/PE contacts/leads in the UAE region. I'm currently pursuing MSc in Finance from EDHEC Business School and post-graduation (this month), I strongly aim to pursue (front office) Investment Banking/Priva...
03 days 4 hours ago
Undergrad PE internship. Need Wisdom. Hey guys, I'm a junior at a non target with a 4.0. I recently landed a PE internship (50% sourcing) at a smaller growth shop with no set career progression and am having trouble seeing the path forward. My thinking is that maybe I can swing an IB gig after I graduate, but will be behind by dint ...
73 days 5 hours ago
PE Recruitment Timeline/Preparation as a 1st Year IB AnalystJust graduated, and am starting as a first year at a BB in NYC in the middle of June. From what I understand, most MF and MM PE recruitment (to begin working at the firm in summer 2019) will be done by February 2018. Few questions: How can I prepare for these interviews? Technical wise, I feel like...
33 days 6 hours ago
PE Advisory QuestionI'm looking into working at a PE advisory firm over the summer that focuses both on primary funds and secondary advisory. Does anyone know which of the two roles would involve more financial knowledge? I don't want to be stuck being a salesmen and would want to apply some finance skills as well. ...
03 days 15 hours ago
Abraaj Capital - Global Anlayst Program - 2017 IntakeHey Guys! With regard to the above captioned subject, I'm looking to get in touch with candidates who have applied for Abraaj's GAP for the 2017 intake. In this regard, I'd be grateful if people can apprise about the status of their application process. Also, all those who are familiar with the sai...
73 days 21 hours ago
Amalgamated Mines. PE or List?Hi all, we have an interesting project to be set a Mineral Fund. This will be responsible for Financing mineral projects across the entire Mineral cycle; prospecting, intermediate and actual mining. We will be doing; industrial minerals, stones, diamond and coal. There are three approaches; * Tak...
33 days 22 hours ago
Pivoting into Finance - Trying to stay in Richmond, VAI am currently an active duty officer who will be transitioning out of the military to finance next year. I am enrolled in Georgetown's MSF program starting this fall. I am attempting to pivot into finance, with the short-term goal of associate and mid-term goal of getting into Private Equity. Th...
74 days 1 hour ago
PE SA Recruiting 2018Hey guys, does anyone know what firms have summer analyst positions available for 2018 and when the applications open?...
04 days 1 hour ago
PE Fund Accountant looking to move into PE investment firmsHi all, after reading a few threads on WSO I decided to join and see whether anyone could give some advice on transitioning from accounting to PE. I currently work in a PE administration firm as a Fund Accountant, I am still doing my ACCA but wanted to see whether it is worth continuing and finishi...
144 days 2 hours ago
KKR Infrastructure?Anyone have any insight into this group? Anything around culture, reputation, etc. would be helpful. ...
24 days 12 hours ago
Private Equity: How to Analyze a CIM Effectively?All, I work at a middle-market fund (started about 8 months ago here) and wanted to learn from someone qualified (associate level or above) who works on the buyside what the best and most efficient way to analyze a CIM is (Confidential Information Memorandum, for those who're not aware is a 40-50+ p...
324 days 16 hours ago
What transactions are useful?Hey there monkeys Just wonderig what transactions are useful for PE recruiting, specifically in the UK. Obviously M&A is the way forward, but is it helpful to recruit if you have a couple of equity or debt raising transactions ? I have one M&A deal and 2 capital markets (not ECM side). Is this usefu...
55 days 6 hours ago
How do you approach Due Diligence?How do you guys formulate questions to ask managers of potential companies when you're visiting their offices/factories? Starting to get more investing responsibility and this is something I don't have the best experience in. ...
25 days 15 hours ago
Invited to PE honorary dinner by CEO of HF – What to do? (Student)Hey all, Through a crazy series of networking with a variety of individuals, I got to a CEO of a small cap HF (sub $500M AUM) and had a sit down – throughout our conversation, he invited me to attend an honorary dinner with "tons of top people in PE/IB." After following up, he confirmed we are o...
115 days 15 hours ago
Deal Sourcing Leads GoalI will start lead sourcing for a small PE firm in Atlanta. I want to be realistic so in terms of leads(not closed deals) how many leads can one generate per month if they are spending 8 hours a day sourcing deals? I am trying to set some goals that way my day is very structured and methodical. ...
36 days 4 hours ago
Future of Placement AgentsWhat do you guys see as the future of placement agents in the industry for PE, HF, Real Estate, Alternative Credit, etc..? I know the industry and business is relatively young ...
21 week 3 hours ago
Tech/Software PE interview - 48h crash courseI got invited for an interview with a Vista Equity-type tech PE for an associate position. The fund is quite sizeable and mostly invests in software and technology companies. Truth be told, I'm not an expert in the space (esp. software, a bit more familiar with tech/hardware) as during my last two ...
31 week 4 hours ago
WSO, I need your help: How do I get this PE job?Hi I will start studying banking & finance in Zurich this fall, which means I have no experience in Private Equity besides having read Barbarians at the Gate and King of Capital. I love both of these books and am VERY eager to get into Private Equity. Two days ago, LGT Partners, a PE / Asset manage...
41 week 5 hours ago
Infrastructure Advisory -> Infrastructure PE / Infra Funds Management? Suppose someone worked in an infrastructure advisory firm doing due dilligence (commercial and technical) for acquisition deals. Would that person be an asset to an Infra PE fund? Or anywhere in Infra funds management? Or is something like Infra IB more approrpriate? Would the Infrastructure Advis...
21 week 22 hours ago
Overview of Infrastructure Private EquityHello WSO, I have been a long time lurker, and this is my first post (or maybe I am one of the top rated authors who decided to make a post anonymously). I have noticed a certain lack of information about infrastructure investing on WSO, and those threads that are created from time to time, are long...
Option Value
621 week 22 hours ago
Infrastructure Private Equity - Interview helpJust wondering if anyone on WSO has had PE interview experience, or working experience with Infrastructure private equity? I did a search and I haven't found too much on the topic, except high level details on one or two top funds. I'm curious what kind of questions (both qualitative and quant) you...
161 week 22 hours ago
Starting PE fund (growth equity)We are a team of 5. 2 former investment bankers, 2 from M&A Law and me. Other 4 guys are 15+ years older than me. I have experience in the field about 3 years. I've raised equity and debt through bond issues (front runner), private and public placement and been the front runner of two ~25 mm real es...
21 week 1 day ago
Direct PEWhat exactly is direct family capital? How does that differ from traditional PE? What does one expect to make as an analyst from UG or at the Associate level? Can you get carry and what are the reputable firms? Anyone have any experience with a family office/ direct family capital PE firm?...
31 week 1 day ago
Dallas PE Funds?Haven't been able to find anything recent on this, anyone have any opinions on top Dallas funds? Just googling around I found the following list: NGP Encap Lone Star Insight Trive Kainos Tailwater CenterOak Redbird Highland Prophet Gauge Trinity Hunt Highlander Pharos CIC ...
141 week 2 days ago
Part of carried interest for Sr. Associate/VP in a small PE fundWhat percent of the total carried interest do Sr. Associates/VPs usually get in a lower middle market PE funds? For instance $100M fund with less than 10 people - 5 partners, 2-3 manager type of positions and 1 Sr. Associate or VP. Also, if the Sr. Associate/VP were to negotiate other type of com...
691 week 2 days ago
Salary range for Associate role -- $500MM AUM shop?What would the salary range be for a $500MM AUM fund (distressed debt) with 10-12 employees? In the South/Southeast (ATL/Charlotte/Houston) I'm currently in a BB product group in Commercial/Corporate Banking but I've had a few PE recruiters reach out and I ultimately just finished second round int...
51 week 2 days ago
Mgmt Options Pool Calculation in Basic LBO Model ExampleHello, Can someone explain the theory behind the formula for cash out from mgmt options in the basic lbo model examples. The calculation is "new equity * [(mgmt %) / (1+mgmt%)]". Why do you need to divide by (1+mgmt%)?...
21 week 3 days ago
RE PE to other sectors of PEHi all, I graduated from a non-target in 2015 w/ an unrelated (Biology & Chemistry) major and have been working as an analyst in the cap market division of a real estate investment firm since. I have become obsessed with finance. Eventually could be interested in transitioning to healthcare, ventu...
41 week 3 days ago
NYSF Investment Banking and summer Internship opportunity including in Hedge Fund companyHi WSO members, I am pretty new to this site.I am thinking of joining NYSF investment banking internship program in the coming months.What do you advice will it be great to have an internship and will it help me out for networking opportunity. Regards, Sam...
41 week 3 days ago
How do PE Firms Create Value Beyond Margin Improvement and EBITDA Growth?Hello, Could anybody perhaps offer insight on some of the more nuanced tricks private equity firms use to create value in their portfolio companies? For instance, do they sell all real estate and lease instead, try to reduce underfunded pensions in some way, do other accounting / finance tricks to...
141 week 4 days ago
Can you share your pitch?Greetings- for those that cold call. Can you share you pitch....once you get owner of the company on the phone? In terms of when you are sourcing a deal. ...
11 week 4 days ago
Advice on asking for more responsibility during annual reviewAbout to have my annual review after a really successful year of working in PE. Some context: - My boss loves me and has been a great mentor to me, - I have recently been killing it at company-wide presentations, I think I have publicly established myself as someone of value, - I am in portfolio ...
01 week 4 days ago
Why do ppl choose megafunds over MM?Wondering about this. Is it just the prestige/pay? Seems like your experience would be quite limited at megafunds (type of work similar to banking, just modelling focused). Why don't more people pursue MM -- especially if it is less competitive? Moderator note: This has turned into one of the most ...
1731 week 4 days ago
What is the overall reputation of Orix USA, the Japanese hedge fund?I'm applying for an Associate position at the Real Estate group within Orix in Dallas. What do you know about their culture? How are they viewed in the mid-market? And what's the expected salary for someone coming from 3 years experience in Acquisitions at a medium size REIT....
21 week 4 days ago
What does an experienced private equity associate resume look like?Hey guys - I'm currently finishing up my first year as a PE associate and am thinking now would be a good time to update my resume (have closed two deals). While there are a billion examples of investment banking resumes out there, I haven't seen a single example of what an experienced private equit...
01 week 4 days ago
Full Time Megafund RecruitingWas wondering if anyone had any information on the full time recruiting process at MF's (BX, KKR, Apollo, TPG, Warburg, etc.) for undergrad students. I'll be at a top EB for my SA stint and, though I will most likely stay for FT, I figured I might as well at least try for a few MF's now since it mig...
11 week 5 days ago
Blowing off an obnoxious headhunter - Lesson learnedI received probably ~10 phone calls from a particular recruiter over a 6 month period and every time he would hype me up and talk about how great a fit I was for the job, etc. etc and then I would never hear back. Every time he would ask for my resume (even if the calls were two weeks apart) as if ...
11 week 5 days ago
Capital Advisory/Placement QuestionHey guys - maybe I am missing something, but this week I was trying to figure something out regarding real estate PE/capital market groups. To provide some context and focus, we are specifically talking about providing the service of identifying equity capital sources, ultimately resulting in the i...
31 week 5 days ago
A Non-Target's Perspective - My MM PE Recruiting Process It's been several weeks now since I received my offer from a top MM PE firm. As several other users can attest to, the PE recruiting process can be an absolute grind. After having had some time to reflect on the entire process, I thought I'd share my experience in the hope that it might answer some ...
381 week 5 days ago
What could make this firm's modeling test so difficult?I've recently been invited to take a modeling test at a fund. They invest in towers and telecom infrastructure companies. I've heard that they've actually been having trouble finding people that can pass the modeling test, and so I'm thinking this test must be really challenging. It's three hours...
21 week 5 days ago
Internal Wholesaler Final Interview Sales PitchHi guys, first post on here. Have final round of interviews for an Internal Sales Analyst position at top PE firm in Manhattan. Had first round last week went well and they offered me to come back. As part of the final round I have to give a 3-5 minute pitch on anything I want. The managing director...
21 week 5 days ago
Too early to move?Ladies and gents, To give you some context, I started in one of the top franchise teams at one of the BBs in London 10 months ago. I've had a lot of HHs reaching out to me over the last couple of weeks and its very probable that I'll be joining the recruitment process for some MMs/LCs shortly. Aft...
71 week 5 days ago
Secondary PE ModelingI have a 2nd round interview coming up with a secondary PE fund. They do mostly LP secondaries of funds that are majority invested. I'm still trying to understand exactly how they value these LP interests. In the round 1 interview, they told me that they do a bottoms up analysis on the underlying p...
831 week 6 days ago
Accuracy of NAV calculations for unrealized returns?Hey WSO, I've been doing a bit of research into fund performance across vintages and noticed that many LPs report IRRs for recently raised funds (...
01 week 6 days ago
Is there another good finance-career forum out there?I was reccomended to this forum by a friend - he said it was the best one out there - and there does seem to be a lot of knowledgable experts in here. But, there also seems to be about 3 or 4 times as many bitter smart arses. So, I was just wondering, do any of you know of any good alternative for...
171 week 6 days ago
Waterfall with multiple inflows and outflowsLooking for help to calculate and create an excel model for LP and GP distributions on a quarterly basis considering LPs may come at different times over the period during the first year. Hurdle rate of 8% and anything above that is split 80 to the LPs and 20 to the GP. ...
32 weeks 8 hours ago
Breaking into Venture Capital out of Undergrad??Is it possible to break into the venture capital industry right out of undergrad? And what are the best routes to take to break into venture capital? ...
92 weeks 17 hours ago
PitchBook PE Presentation Deck 1Q 2012 ExpandedFor anyone interested (copy and paste from their website): PitchBook has published the 1Q 2012 Expanded Private Equity Presentation Deck. Powered by the PitchBook Platform, this comprehensive slide deck includes fund returns data as well as data on investment, exit and fundraising activity, with a...
22 weeks 20 hours ago
Any Info on Star Mountain Capital?Anyone heard of these guys? Not to be confused with New Mountain Capital or BlueMountain Capital Management. Nothing found on WSO beyond a short [mention ](, but their team is full of ex-banker MDs, all th...
Ambitionz Az a Bankah
92 weeks 21 hours ago
Move from Long-Only Fund to Private EquityLong time browsing on this website - had a quick question as I am interviewing in the next week for a private equity role in London. Bit of background: I graduated from a top university in the UK, worked at a large institution in research (non-financial for a year) and moved to a long-only fund wh...
42 weeks 2 days ago
All debt buyoutHi all - posting this in PE because I used to work in PE and you guys are better modelers than Corp types. Doing buyout model work for a firm that has a large revolver facility. They can do small to medium size deals of say $30-$150m entirely with revolver funds, so no equity check up front. How w...
62 weeks 3 days ago
Finance dissertation topicThere can myriad choices for a dissertation topic pertaining to Finance. Some of the prominent ones are as below: 1. Private equity (Here, once can research on PE investments in some of the major economies and the quantum of returns these investments have generated over a period of time and then co...
222 weeks 3 days ago
King Of Capital I want to read King of Capital. Does anybody have it in PDF version that they can share? ...
82 weeks 3 days ago
Examples of LBO-Restructure-IPOHi Everyone, I usually loiter over in the consulting forum and am well out of my depth on anything PE related, so hope you all don't mind the intrusion. I am currently at business school and am preparing an assignment on corporate financial transactions. I am searching for an example of an LBO of ...
02 weeks 4 days ago
Secondary PE: Landmark PartnersHello! Does anyone know anything about Landmark Partners, a secondary PE firm in CT? Culture? Work? Comp? Thanks!...
42 weeks 4 days ago
Associate vs. VPI'm a late bloomer when it comes to the desire to enter a career in private equity. While networking, I'm engaging people to discuss associate roles. From my industry experience though, I have a decent Rolodex of company management contacts, and I've worked for a couple of sponsored companies. My ...
52 weeks 4 days ago
Private Equity data for dissertationHello. I plan to write my master's dissertation about the Private equity sector and I was thinking of analyzing PE Portfolios' Performance on its own (characteristic of success) and then compare it to the equity markets in terms of risk and return. However I don't exactly know whether I can find da...
32 weeks 4 days ago
How Strategic Design Can Help Recover Under-Performing Private Equity Capital in India**1. Challenges Facing Private Equity In India : ** Since the year 2000, global private equity firms have brought in approx. US $ 132 billion into India. Of this just US $ 36 billion or so has been able to exit with a decent return. Essentially then, in excess of US $ 90 Billion remains trapped ma...
02 weeks 5 days ago
BusDev - Private Equity. Is it worth it?Hey guys, I am taking an interview with a reputable middle market private equity firm for a pure business development role. I have some M&A experience under my belt, but am wondering what types of exit opps there are for this position. I don't want to paint myself into a corner where I am no long...
262 weeks 6 days ago
Blackstone Hong KongHi all - I am interviewing for an analyst position in Blackstone's PE team in Hong Kong. Coming from a 2 year banking background in HK. Does anyone have any similar experiences that they can share? Understand that there would be first round of interviews, which is followed by a 4-hour modelling test...
02 weeks 6 days ago
Private Equity Finance (Back/Mid-Office) Pay/BonusHow do top Private Equity firms pay their Finance/Valuations staff (i.e. not the "FO" deals teams), particularly year-end bonuses, relative to some of the BB banks? Does anyone have an idea of what an analyst/associate can expect for their bonus, percentage-wise? Separately, what about from a big-p...
22 weeks 6 days ago
Networking For VP+ CareersQuestion for the experienced monkeys. I've used some fairly aggressive networking/follow-up strategies in the past for analyst and associate roles. How is networking for VP+ approached? I am in a city that has very few potential roles. When they do, they receive a ton of qualified out of state ap...
12 weeks 6 days ago
HELP - Lower MM PE CompensationHi, I am currently a 2nd year analyst at a mid-tier BB. I am looking at a Lower MM PE opportunity (NOT IN NYC) for a 2 year program - think $300mm - $400mm AUM across 2 funds. This is a younger firm with no real name recognition - I have been offered $90k base + $30k bonus. I know that given it i...
172 weeks 6 days ago
Trump to end carried interest 'loophole' while lowering rate for S corp income to 15%?1. Trump's administration may not actually go through with ending carried interest taxation, but it sounds like it's still a distinct possibility based on today's WSJ article (can't link it in this post). 2. Last week the administration also proposed a 15% tax rate for S corp (pass-through corpor...
13 weeks 14 hours ago
Who are the top MM PE fundsI've seen a lot on WSO about people working in IBD at places like GS/MS/JPM posting on here looking to move to MF PE but I haven't seen much about the MM recruiting. Surely there are certain MM funds which are equally as attractive to work at as the MFs, which brings me to my question - who are the ...
California t
173 weeks 17 hours ago
Networking as a IB analyst to get interviews at top MM PE firms?????Sup Gringos, I have a question that maybe someone on the buyside or someone who has gone through the PE recruiting process can help me on. I am currently a 1st year analyst at a top EB/MM in NYC. I have had good deal experience so far on financings and buy-side M&A deals. Went to a semi-target th...
03 weeks 1 day ago
Special Sits PE Case Study ExampleThe webinar for this case is TODAY, July 6th, at 5:00pm EDT. If you miss it, it will be replayed for free on the homepage on August 6th Even though recruiting season is not necessarily around the corner, I thought I'd share the below with the community. If anyone has a case study/modelling test com...
533 weeks 1 day ago
Best Up-and-coming/MM PE fundsName some funds outside the KKR/BX/Apollo megafunds that you would love to work at. Shops with impressive management teams and foreseeable future growth...
The Donnnnn
693 weeks 2 days ago
Direct Lending / BDC Interview Hi everyone, I have an upcoming interview with a well-known multi-billion AUM Direct Lending fund / BDC. I'm currently a 1st year in banking and this opportunity is for a summer 2018 start. I searched the forum but there is little information on what to prepare for an interview. The credit space i...
33 weeks 2 days ago
AMA: 3rd Year PE Associate ($10bn+ AUM, MBO/LBO, equity, mezz, distressed debt)Edit: Wow, did not expect this thread to get so popular. Apologies if you PM'd me and I have not responded - there are dozens of messages I would respond to if I wasn't getting crushed on a deal. My firm must monitor my WSO activity and figured I needed more work to do... ### Two quick updates: 1...
1333 weeks 2 days ago
MM to PE - the impossible; thoughts?All - I'm a junior at a semi-target and recently accepted a summer analyst (IBD) gig with Stifel NYC. Assuming I work there fulltime, is transitioning to a good PE shop possible (based on its brand name)? Have you heard of any Analysts from Stifel getting into PE or any good buy-side shops? My...
183 weeks 2 days ago
European PE firms, visibility in the US?Hi guys, I am currently interning in one of the major pan-european PE funds (think BC Partners, PAI partners, Cinven, Bridgepoint...) for a 6 months stint. The system is a bit different than in the US, as this has few chances to result in an offer. My question regards how known this funds are in t...
83 weeks 2 days ago
Consultant friendly MM PE firmsSecond year at MBB looking at one-off recruiting for MM PE starting in 2016. Wanted to get a list of consultant-friendly firms and the corresponding search firms they use. Some examples would be: + HGGC + Charlesbank + Golden Gate Capital Any other firms with strong reputations this community can...
153 weeks 2 days ago
Ask me anything - MM PE Associate, 1 year inI haven't really posted on WSO before, but this community was extremely helpful to me during my job search and interview process, so I thought I would make myself available to answer questions about my experience for others out there. As way of background, I graduated from a target school > managem...
593 weeks 2 days ago
Which Path is better for MM PE? Corp dev. to PE or DCM to PE?Hey everyone, Quick question...I have two job offers, my ultimate goal is MM PE...would corp. dev. (M&A) be better or a DCM group? Which would be a better start? Thanks....
233 weeks 2 days ago
AMA continuation: Debating Trends in Lower Middle Market PE with the Founders of NextvestAfter my last AMA, I got a lot of messages and reachouts asking to discuss how we came up with the idea for Nextvest and to get my perspective on how the PE industry is evolving. To that end, I thought I'd start up more of a "discussion-focused" AMA to give my perspective and also to hopefully see ...
33 weeks 2 days ago
Re - Lifestyle in Private Equity (lower mid to mid market space)Mod Note (Andy): This recent comment by 2015 member of the year @Dingdong08" from the thread "Long-term PE - Lifestyle" is so insightful (10 silver bananas) that I decided it deserves its own spot on the front page. Read on and enjoy monkeys: I can't speak specifically on mid to large funds but I'...
63 weeks 2 days ago
AMA: I’ve held Pre-MBA MM LBO, Growth Equity and Venture Capital investment roles for funds with $500M+ AUM to $5B+ AUMHi All - I'm ~5 or so years out of college. I did not do a formal 2 years of investment banking and was instead hired out of undergrad as an analyst at a fund. I've worked at several firms in several major US cities. I've worked at one smaller regional firm with $500M - $1B AUM and have since worke...
513 weeks 2 days ago
Ask me anything - Non Traditional Background to MM PE to H/S/WSo here I am, the prodigal son returning. I haven’t been on this site in some time but wanted to write this post to generate some helpful content as a way of saying thank you to Patrick and the rest of the WSO team, as their site played a direct role in my breaking into PE. I am writing this pos...
633 weeks 2 days ago