Pro tips to exercising during ASO stint

Incoming ASO at a MF in NYC this summer and need some pro-tips on how to achieve some semblance of consistent exercise. Is it easier/better to do in the morning before work? Around 6/7 PM when your VP is temporarily dealing with their kid? Are there any small things you do that you've found have helped (can be as stupid as "I do 5 sit ups at every hour mark of the day" lol). I'm semi-terrified of loosing my fitness level when I start this job.


Absolute pro tip is to hit the gym in the morning. Can be painful during deals but this is the only time you can consistently get in your workout without staring at your phone and fearing that you miss something. Some also do it during lunchtime, but mornings work best for me, with cold showers in the gym and a healthy breakfast at your desk (super efficient time-wise as well).

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  • Make sure you get in Fri-Sun
  • If you're lifting, keep any supplements you use (protein, creatine, etc.) at your desk
  • Get comfortable with squeezing in whenever you can. Try to get in in the morning, but go in at night if you miss and aim to get back in in the morning
  • Live in a building with a gym if you can, makes a huge difference if you need to squeeze in a 11 PM session. Alternatively, have a gym you can go to that's near where you live and near your office. Accessibility plays a huge factor and can be the difference between getting in 3 days vs 4 days vs 5 days every week. Could also mean having 2 cheaper memberships at separate gyms.
  • Do a ~2 day split and have a filler full body workout on hand if shit hits the fan. Would avoid anything more than a 3 day split
  • Read up on Mike Mentzer. Don't agree with everything he says, but having a low-volume / high-intensity philosophy can help with the schedule
  • Goes without being said but avoid snacking. Snacks in the office aren't always the healthiest. Would stock up on high-protein options with long shelf lives and keep them at your desk
  • Really tough to track everything, but at least track your weight and protein intake consistently
  • On days where you have less than 30 minutes, squeeze in some cardio. 
  • Find a way to stay accountable - possibly a group chat / app with friends or other associates
  • There will definitely be days you can't get into the gym because of work, but do not make a habit of using it as an excuse. Even with busy weeks, you need to have the mentality that there's no reason you can't at least get in 3 days (even if you can't). You will end up having an animosity towards the job if you let yourself believe that work is why you can't make it to the gym which could put you in an unnecessary doom loop. 
  • Don't be afraid to spend on your health, even when it seems unreasonable sometimes. If you need to spend a little more to get bottled protein shakes instead of having to stir one up, go ahead and splurge if it helps keep up with consistency. The tradeoff you make with the job is money in exchange for more of your time which is what limits your ability to exercise, use the money to make up for it. Believe that's the reflexive property or something.

SB’d, immensely helpful. Any chance you’d be able to share the workout splits? Realize spending an hour or more in the gym each time just isn’t possible and was hoping you could share your own approach to low-reps/high intensity with the two day split (assuming upper body-lower body instead of a PPL split)



Been doing this split recently, too early to tell how effective it is but I generally like it and hits areas like calves that you wouldn't hit on many traditional 2 day splits. For full body, just do more sets but focus on the big compound movements (squat, deadlift, bench press, military press, etc.) - not all on the same day. Generally, think there's plenty of great splits out there but people have the misconception that full body isn't as sophisticated and therefore not as effective (speaking from experience). I personally think there's a good argument that it's more effective because people will do these dedicated days with a ton of ancillary lifts while full body gives you the opportunity to do the most important compound movements for each body part. Also, believe the author of the above is Dylan Wolf on Generation Iron (no idea who he is but wanted to give the appropriate creds).

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IMO if you truly value this, you should just go to the gym at the small expense of your work reputation (which will be a very small hit, especially if you make it clear you are blocking off an hour at night literally for your physical wellness). Unless you're on a live deal, most things can wait the 45 minutes it will take you to clear an efficient workout.

Obviously the various 5-10 minutes you can save by changing at work, switching your shower schedule to at night / after workout, etc. all add up.

The WFH / Hybrid situation makes this easier, there is a lot of pockets of dead time in the evenings while people are switching home.


For the folks who workout during lunch; do you shower at the gym?
Seems like a huge pain in the ass.


Workout during work: had under desk
(1) mini BOSU ball (1-foot)

(2) resistance bands with straps (bicep curls, shoulder press)

(3) resistance bands (put between legs, walk sideways SLOWLY- feel it. Put between arms, pull shoulders outward - great for little muscles in shoulder

(4) ab belt - e-stim for abs - wore it at desk sometimes if I didn’t care who was around. Also just tucked in shirt and looked a little more chubby. Easier to hide with sweater/additional layers on. I also DGAF.

Would stand on 1 foot during dumb conference calls while doing resistance bands arm/shoulder stuff.

10:30am - Chop’t opens. 1st one there. Would bring bands, do legs and arms quick there while they made my food. No one else saw besides workers (actually bought 1 cool worker his own set, he appreciated). Also the ppl who see me everyday and know me well would always pile on the extra meat, plus not charge for it, as a little discount. Not 100% of time, but still.

10:45am - Chipotle opens. 1st one there, food is fresh too. Same thing. Would go to Chop’t chipotle as soon as it opened at 10:45. Same thing as above with extra meat, not charging sometimes.

10:55am - back in office - eat early lunch. Can also do what I want when everyone leaves for lunch hour and not be bothered, take my time.

Would do a quick set of everything for 3-4 min after lunch to get the blood flowing to brain, increasing my mental performance in theory (Men’s Health says CEO of that Non Meat Alternative Co “works out before he works” for this reason too)

A couple other ideas but I wouldn’t push it

1) 12am - if I got off work early, would Citi Bike home 1.8mi. Easy bike ride

2) 40-60lb weight vest. Heard a guy at Goldman would walk to work with 1 of these on every day. That’s tough tho


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