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Financial Modeling Packages


WSO Elite Modeling Package

6 Courses to Modeling Mastery
  • Excel, Financial Statement, LBO, M&A, Valuation + DCF
  • Elite instructors from top BB IBs and PE megafunds
  • Includes Company DB + Video Library Access (1 year)
  • Early Access $50 Discount (on top of package discount)

WSO Foundations Package

3 Courses - Solid Foundation
  • Excel Modeling Course
  • Financial Statement Modeling
  • PowerPoint for Finance [coming Aug 2020]
  • Early Access - $50 Discount

Financial Modeling Courses

Excel Modeling Course

Foundation for IB+PE+All
  • 105+ detailed video lessons
  • 10+ video exercises for retention
  • The most critical program

Financial Stmnt Modeling

3 Statement Mastery Unlocked
  • 60+ detailed video lessons
  • Case-study framework (Nike)
  • Bulge-bracket IB Instructor

LBO Modeling Course

Master Private Equity LBOs
  • 110 Video Lessons on LBOs
  • Detailed Nike Take Private Case
  • Elite Megafund PE Instructor

M&A Modeling Course

M&A Mastery Unlocked
  • 60+ detailed video lessons
  • Team of Elite IB M&A Instructors
  • Accretion/Dilution Cases

Valuation Modeling Course

Trading + Precedent Comps
  • 170+ detailed video lessons
  • Insane level of depth + reality
  • Team of Elite IB + PE Instructors

DCF Modeling Course

Intrinsic Valuation Mastery
  • Coming Soon [Aug 2020]
  • 60+ detailed video lessons
  • Team of Elite IB + PE Instructors

Real Estate Modeling Course

Coming August
  • Crowdsourced modeling tests
  • Video solutions to each case
  • 60% prelaunch discount

PowerPoint for Finance

Coming October
  • For Finance Pros+students
  • Realistic time-pressure exercises
  • 50%  - Prelaunch [Oct 2020]

Interview Prep Packages

Investment Banking Interview Course

The Complete Step-By-Step IB Interview Prep
  • 7,548 questions across 469 investment banks
  • 3 Modules to master technical + fit + networking
  • Access to Company Database for 12 months

Private Equity Interview Course

The Complete Step-By-Step PE Interview Prep
  • 9 realistic LBO modeling tests (3 tiers of difficulty)
  • 2,447 questions across 203 private equity funds
  • 200+ pages of detailed interview and industry insight

Hedge Fund Interview Course

The Complete Step-By-Step HF Interview Prep
  • 814 questions across 165 hedge funds
  • 10+ exclusive case videos with detailed pitches
  • Long, short, equity, credit, event-driven, macro+

Consulting Interview Course

The Complete Step-By-Step Consulting Interview Prep
  • 2,037 questions across 209 consulting firms
  • 11 challenging cases authored by McKinsey Associate
  • 5 critical frameworks for case interview success

Full Recruiting Packages

Investment Banking Package

Comprehensive IB Recruiting Package Deal
  • Full Investment Banking Interview Course
  • Resume Review by Top IB Professional
  • 1 Hr IB Mentor Call for Mock and/or Career Advice

Private Equity Package

Comprehensive PE Recruiting Package Deal
  • Full Private Equity Interview Course
  • Resume Review by Top PE Professional
  • 1 Hr PE Mentor Call for Mock and/or Career Advice

Hedge Fund Package

Comprehensive HF Recruiting Package Deal
  • Full Hedge Fund Interview Course
  • Resume Review by Top HF Professional
  • 1 Hr HF Mentor Call for Mock and/or Career Advice

Consulting Package

Comprehensive Consulting Recruiting Package Deal
  • Full Consulting Case Interview Course
  • Resume Review by Top Consulting Professional
  • 1 Hr Consulting Mentor Call for Mock and/or Career Advice

Premium 1:1 Services

WSO Mentors

Land More Offers - Browse 300+ Mentors
  • Only Elite Professionals Allowed As Mentors
  • Mock Interviews & Career Consultations
  • 30min, 1hr, 3hr, 5hr + 10hr packages available

Resume Review

Land More Interviews
  • Only Elite Professionals Allowed As Reviewers
  • Your CV is THE Key Document - Don't Guess
  • Get Matched with Someone in Your Target Industry

Other Courses

Python Fundamentals

Machine Learning for Finance
  • 70+ detailed video lessons
  • 22 video exercises
  • Intro to Python as Foundation

Applied Machine Learning

Build Investor Classifier - Python
  • Prereq: Python Fundmntls
  • Over 150 video courses
  • Over 30 detailed lessons

FINRA SIE exam prep course

No BS course for the SIE
  • 8x awarded Fidelity instructor
  • 2,000+ review quizzes
  • Unlimited takes of practice exams