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The Most Modeling Tests and Cases in the Financial Training Market
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Financial Modeling & Valuation Packages

These financial modeling and valuation packages are a great way to get access to our most popular training in a heavily discounted bundle to help you accelerate your finance career.  Each course is taught by a team elite finance professionals with actual deal experience from the top firms in the world to bring you realistic case studies.  WSO's financial and valuation modeling training program includes the most engaging self-paced online finance courses in the world.  You will be drawn in and truly retain the information through our rich case studies, quizzes, gamification as well as have lifetime access to useful templates across Excel, PowerPoint, Accounting, DCFs, Comps, M&A, LBO and Financial Statement Modeling. 

The WSO Foundations Package should be used for beginners or those looking to focus more on productivity in Excel and PPT while the Elite Modeling Package is better suited to more advanced users looking to become an expert financial modeler.


WSO Elite Modeling Package

6 Courses to Modeling Mastery
  • Excel, Financial Statement, LBO, M&A, Valuation + DCF
  • Elite instructors from top BB IBs and PE megafunds
  • Includes Company DB + Video Library Access (1 year)
  • Lifetime Access + All Current & Future Mini-Courses

WSO Foundations Package

3 Courses - Solid Foundation
  • Excel Modeling Course
  • Accounting Foundations Course
  • PowerPoint for Finance
  • Lifetime Access to all courses included in the package

Financial Modeling & Valuation Courses

Prefer to go a la carte?  No problem.  Whether it's learning how to properly use index-match in Excel, spread trading comps, build a dynamic LBO model or understand purchase accounting in M&A, we have you covered.  Like all of of the WSO Courses, our niche specialty courses (Real Estate Modeling and our Venture Capital course) also include rich case studies, modeling tests, realistic templates and lifetime access. 

Excel Modeling Course

Foundation for IB+PE+All
  • 105+ detailed video lessons
  • 10+ realistic video exercises
  • The most critical program

Financial Stmnt Modeling

3 Statement Mastery Unlocked
  • 60+ detailed video lessons
  • Case-study framework (Nike)
  • Bulge-bracket IB Instructor

LBO Modeling Course

Master Private Equity LBOs
  • 110 Video Lessons on LBOs
  • Detailed Nike Take Private Case
  • Elite Megafund PE Instructor

M&A Modeling Course

M&A Mastery Unlocked
  • 60+ detailed video lessons
  • Elite IB M&A Instructors
  • Accretion/Dilution Cases

Valuation Modeling Course

Trading + Precedent Comps
  • 170+ detailed video lessons
  • Insane level of depth + reality
  • Team of Elite IB + PE Instructors

DCF Modeling Course

Intrinsic Valuation Mastery
  • 70+ detailed video lessons
  • Build a model for a real company
  • Team of Elite IB + PE Instructors

Real Estate Modeling Course

RE Mastery Unlocked
  • 100+ detailed video lessons
  • Crowdsourced modeling tests
  • Video solutions to each case

PowerPoint for Finance

Pitchbooks + Presentations
  • For Finance Pros+students
  • Realistic time-pressure exercises
  • Master Interface, Tables, Objects + more

Venture Capital Course

Cap Table Modeling + Term Sheets
  • Master cap table modeling 
  • Deep dive of term sheets + more
  • Team of Elite VC Instructors

Interview Prep Packages

Get an unfair advantage in your investment banking, private equity, hedge fund and management consulting case interviews. 

WSO offers interview courses with hundreds of detailed sample answers to all of the most common questions, but this is just scratching the surface of these interview also get: 

  • Access 30,323 interview questions across thousands of firms (investment banks, private equity & hedge funds and consulting firms)
  • Access realistic templates and countless actual modeling tests used in Superdays and the private equity interview process
  • Networking course included in all interview packages with detailed templates to help you in your cold e-mail outreach and info sessions

Investment Banking Interview Course

The Complete Step-By-Step IB Interview Prep
  • 7,548 questions across 469 investment banks
  • 3 Modules to master technical + fit + networking
  • Access to Company Database for 12 months

Private Equity Interview Course

The Complete Step-By-Step PE Interview Prep
  • 9 realistic LBO modeling tests (3 tiers of difficulty)
  • 2,447 questions across 203 private equity funds
  • 200+ pages of detailed interview and industry insight

Hedge Fund Interview Course

The Complete Step-By-Step HF Interview Prep
  • 814 questions across 165 hedge funds
  • 10+ exclusive case videos with detailed pitches
  • Long, short, equity, credit, event-driven, macro+

Consulting Interview Course

The Complete Step-By-Step Consulting Interview Prep
  • 2,037 questions across 209 consulting firms
  • 11 challenging cases authored by McKinsey Associate
  • 5 critical frameworks for case interview success

Technical Skills Packages

These technical course packages are a great way to get access to our technical training in a heavily discounted bundle to help you bring another level of mastery to your finance role.   Whether that's becoming an expert user in Excel by mastering VBA and Power BI to learning Python and applying those skills to your role, we have you covered.  Technical skills and data analytic skills are becoming more and more in demand, so make sure you are ahead of the curve and make yourself a true asset to your firm.  

Excel Master Package

3 Courses to Excel Mastery
  • Excel Modeling Course
  • VBA Macros In Excel Course
  • Excel Dashboards + Power BI
  • Lifetime Access to all courses included in the package

Python Machine Learning Package

2 Courses to Master Machine Learning
  • 160+ detailed video lessons
  • 60+ realistic video exercises
  • Develop a skillset in Machine Learning

Data Analytics Master Package

3 courses to Data Analytics Mastery
  • Data Analytics Course
  • Stats For Data Analytics
  • SQL For Data Analytics
  • Lifetime Access to all courses included in the package

Technical Courses

Prefer to go a la carte?  No problem.  Whether it's learning how to code in Python, understanding machine learning, exploring data analytics or just brushing up on some accounting, we have you covered.  Like all of of the WSO Courses, these technical courses include exercises, templates and lifetime access to make sure you can level up your technical skills and get a top bucket bonus. 

Python Fundamentals

Machine Learning for Finance
  • 70+ detailed video lessons
  • 22 video exercises
  • Intro to Python as Foundation

Applied Machine Learning

Build Investor Classifier - Python
  • Prereq: Python Fundmntls
  • Over 150 video courses
  • Over 30 detailed lessons

Accounting Foundations

Master the 3 Financial Statements
  • 45+ detailed video lessons
  • 15 interactive exercises
  • Learn Accounting fundamentals

VBA Macros in Excel Course

Leverage Excel to its Fullest
  • 40+ detailed video lessons
  • Step-by-step exercise guide
  • Critical to analyzing big data

Dashboards + Power BI

Effectively Present Data
  • 40+ detailed video lessons
  • Case study walkthrough
  • Analyze and display data

Data Analytics Course

Predictive Power of Data
  • 50+ detailed video lessons
  • In-depth Statistics Bootcamp
  • Identify and analyze patterns

Stats for Data Analytics

Foundational Skills of Statistics
  • 40+ detailed video lessons
  • An overview of statistics
  • First step to advanced courses

SQL for Data Analytics

Manage Large Data Sets
  • 50+ detailed video lessons
  • 6 coding challenges
  • Learn the fundamentals of SQL

FINRA SIE exam prep

No BS course for the SIE
  • 8x awarded Fidelity instructor
  • 2,000+ review quizzes
  • Unlimited practice exams takes

Effective Business Writing Course

Improving Your Writing
  • 25+ detailed video lessons
  • 2 Guided case studies
  • Convincingly get your points across

Premium 1:1 Services

Both the WSO Resume Review and WSO Mentor service match you with an elite professional in your target industry for one-on-one help. 

  • The resume service is an iterative process to make sure your CV, the most important document in your job search, is ready to be submitted to the top firms in the world and sent to networking targets to try and land information sessions.  
  • The mentor service allows you to get either i) a mock interview (typically right before the real deal) or ii) a career consultation to help guide you on your next career move.  These mentor sessions can be purchased in increments as small as 30 minutes or up to 10 hours at a time.

WSO Mentors

Land More Offers - Browse 300+ Mentors
  • Only Elite Professionals Allowed As Mentors
  • Mock Interviews & Career Consultations
  • 30min, 1hr, 3hr, 5hr + 10hr packages available

Resume Review

Land More Interviews
  • Only Elite Professionals Allowed As Reviewers
  • Your CV is THE Key Document - Don't Guess
  • Get Matched with Someone in Your Target Industry

Mini Courses

These mini courses dive into niche sub-industries within finance and allows you to get a much better feel for career paths and what might be the best option for you.   Hear unfiltered opinions directly from actual finance professionals with extensive experience in each industry explain their common "day-in-the-life".  Enjoy a front row seat to the truth about salary, bonuses, work/life balance and exit opportunities.

Prop Trading Interview Course

  • 36 lessons, 2 hours
  • Go in-depth on the CFA and CFP designations

International Recruitment

  • 5 Modules, 12 lessons, 14 hours
  • Increase your chance of landing a job/visa in the U.S.

Wealth Management Intro

  • 5 lessons, 6 hours
  • Learn about Private Banking and Wealth Management

A Career in Equity Research

  • 2 Modules, 6 lessons, 5 hours
  • Learn what is and how to break into Equity Research

Is MBA Right for You?

  • 3 Modules,15 lessons, 14 hours
  • A guide on MBAs and programs to choose from

Internship Survival Guide

  • 5 videos, 5 hours
  • Learn how to secure a summer internship AND a full-time offer

The Ultimate S&T Course

  • 3 modules, 9 videos, 8 hours
  • Secrets to prepare for Sales & Trading interview questions

Intro to Growth Equity

  • 5 lessons, 4 hours
  • An inside look at the Growth Equity industry

Careers in Accounting

  • 3 lessons, 3 hours
  • A guide to accounting careers within different types of firms

Soft Skills -> Career Success

  • 4 lessons, 5 hours
  • Learn and improve the soft skills that can advance your career

Professional Designations

  • 2 lessons, 2 hours
  • Go in-depth on the CFA and CFP designations

Intro to Capital Markets

  • 4 lessons, 3 hours
  • Get an in-depth look at Capital Market careers and functions

Career Paths - Less Known

  • 9 lessons, 9 hours
  • Learn about the whole world of finance career fields

Career Transition Stories

  • 6 modules, 15 lessons, 14 hours
  • Learn to navigate and decide on career changes

Bulge Bracket vs. Boutique

  • 3 lessons, 3 hours
  • Learn the differences between a BB and a Boutique

TMT Investment Banking

  • 3 lessons, 3 hours
  • Explore Technology, Media, and Telecommunication Investing

Career Path - In the Life of...

  • 5 lessons, 5 hours
  • A realistic picture of the tasks done in various jobs in finance

Industry Comparisons

  • 5 lessons, 6 hours
  • A guide for what career in finance to pursue

Career Paths

  • 2 modules, 10 lessons, 9 hours
  • Compare Buy side and Sell side careers