Is there any point learning a European language for PE recruiting (London)

Incoming SA at EB. British and only speak English. Was wondering whether there's any point in spending rest of university attempting to learn a language for PE recruiting. I know how important they are but have also seen a lot of people say there's no point trying to learn as funds will just hire natives and I'll never get to native level fluency in one year (I also graduate a few months before FT so potential for an immersion course), therefore better to spend that time on improving technical skills, commercial awareness etc. Don't really have any mentors in the industry so wondering if anyone has done this before and it was actually useful or do most Brits with no languages focus on improving other aspects of their profile.

Many thanks


No PJT intern there is 0 point of learning a language. For example, you're not going to become as fluent in French and akin to French culture as Jean-Pierre Renebaguette (GS top bucket TMT, Previous internships in roths paris /laz paris/ardian buyout, HEC MIF) in just 2-3 years of duo lingo practice on the weekends. Why would a firm pick you over an equally qualified native person if they have a specific language requirement? Just like not being born a woman puts you at a disadvantage for pe recruiting, so does not being born with German/French/Italian parents. All you can do is maximise your chances by making your profile as attractive as possible (if not already at a top target then a Oxford/hec masters would help).


Thanks for the input. Was just wondering if its a thing some people do or its just not possible/worth it (I have no visibility in the industry). To the masters point surely its not worth postponing FT for that right?

Also to the people MSing above, why?


Where did this come from too? lmao people on this forum are losing their mind


Probably because lazard office is known for hiring only Brits even though other EBs obviously hire brits in London as well 

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Look, there’s no point in learning a new language. I have seen it over and over again, funds looking for native speakers. It’ll be a benefit to your overall career if you learned another European language, but you will not improve your hiring chances (at least not at the junior level).

That being said, it’s better to focus your analyst years on being an absolute rockstar, learning as much as possible (technically and commercially). That way, you’ll be able to crush interviews and really stand out from the average IB analyst looking to move to PE

Separately, and probably more important, don’t waste your free time before starting FT to brush up on technical skills (I know, quite contradictory to what I said above). Go travel, pick up hobbies, connect with friends. The next few years will be tough enough, so make sure you have lived a bit before entering


Thanks appreciate the comment. To your last point, is there any point truing to fit in some PE off cycle for 2-3 months or just relax instead.


Seen cases where speaking more than 1 European language does become very useful e.g Multiple Nordic languages next to the obvious English.


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