+43Hello Old Friends!60
+20PE Investment Activity Amidst Spiraling Markets30
+19Q&A: Principal at Early-Stage VC Fund42
+15Differences between Co-invest and Secondaries?12
+13PE Recruiting as a Lateral Analyst w/ Weak Academic Profile13
+13Family Office Database List14
+9Sequoia COVID-19 memo?13
+9AMA: Private Equity Investor at a Large Buyout Firm Focused on Growth and LBO Strategies14
+7MM IB -> PE after 1 year8
+7How does the highly levered nature of leveraged buyouts boost profitability for the private equity firms?6
+6Creating own LBO assumptions15
+6Buyside as an A2A Promote7
+5Family Offices List19
+5PE Megafund Partner Net Worth11
+5VC or equity sales?10
+5Coronavirus impact on credit funds14
+5Independent Sponsor Structuring deal9
+513-week model for distressed firms9
+4KKR 2021 Analyst Program10
+4Company issued $400 million ten-year bond. Hopelessly in debt?9
+4First time funds in down market8
+4VC Investment Memo contents breakdown9
+4LMM & MM PE: Double-down on or skip the MBA?4
+4Aquiline Capital Partners19
+4How to learn to evaluate investment? (PE case study interview)2
+4Bad time to switch jobs?6
+4Consumer/Retail PE10
+4How to transition from EU MBB to US PE10
+3PE Recruiting London corona6
+3Need to outsource work to a private equity contractor - know anyone?2
+3I have a crazy background, but how do I now break into PE? 2
+3Current state of debt markets7
+3Mezz fund 3 hours modelling test8
+3BX Insurance Solutions 6
+3LMM PE Associate to UMM PE VP?2
+3Corp Dev LBO returns question: Levered and Unlevered IRR15
+3Capex revolver5
+3Summer 2020 Associate Class - Delayed or Canceled Starts5
+3How would you work with this situaiton?7
+3Corp M&A to Private Equity3
+32021 PE Offer Security6
+3Healthcare PE - top shops 19
+3How to Negotiate a VC Analyst Offer?7
+32021 Summer Analyst PE Recruiting 29
+2Trivest Partners - Miami3
+2Flipping Small E-Commerce Businesses2
+2Modelling D&A if not given8
+2Lateraling as PE associate3
+2Big 4 Advisory --> VC/SWF/PE?4
+2LBO sensitivity table - sense check?3
+2Q&A: 6 year buy-side back-office liaison. 1
+2Mgt options within LBO model1
+2Tactical Opportunities Blackstone First Round Interview18
+2Are there PE funds with pleasant cultures?5
+2Need for “public” private equity4
+2Questions on Credit Fund Case Study1
+2PE analysts who've tried to lateral - how did you do it?5
+2BB Associate to PE / family office - off cycle recruiting3
+2What are the chances that VC funds use a credit facility?5
+2Low EBITDA margin, low ROIC business?4
+2Can I still break in?1
+2What is "Cash recorded in A/P"?2
+2Generalist PE professional?3
+2AIMS PE vs MBD PE at GS1
+1Take Home Case Study examples1
+1Differences between REPE and Regular PE at a Megafund?3
+1Financial Modeling for Private Equity and Equity Research 2
+1Macquarie Capital Solutions - Thoughts1
+1Infra PE Prep2
+1Firms for VDD?4
+1Deal Proforma vs. Annual Performance1
+1PE / GE in Central and Eastern Europe 1
+1Private equity pitch help 1
+1Search Fund PR-MBA (Pacific Lake)5
+1Anyone have any insight into 424 Capital?3
+1Private Equity in Germany, Austria or Switzerland from a Non Target School1
+1Layoffs and headcount impacts?1
+1StepStone private debt?1
+1Investor Relations - Blackstone - Good Prep for Front Office?1
+1Switching from Medical School to PE/IB2
+1Private Placement Investment Shops Versus Credit Funds 1
+1Vista Equity Analyst 2020 Program1
+1Convertible bond prospectus?1
+1Insights on Alignvest (in Toronto)?1
+1Coronavirus impact on valuations2
+1Corp Fin Acquisitions to Acquisitions Manager at small PE shop? 1
+1Valuation of an extendible convertible bond 1
+1COVID impact on LBO debt4
+1Info on Bain Capital Double Impact1
+1What is the average beta for private equity real estate funds?1
+1Snr Assoc/VP comp3
+1Thoughts on Vector / STG Partners 1
+1Brookfield Capital Partners 3
+1Associate Sourcing Model in Growth Equity: How Valuable Is it?1
+1Insight on Fast Forward Advisors1
+1Do Pension Funds or any institutional Investors out there invest in startups?1
+1Growth Equity Case Study Interview3
+1LBO target screening criterion? Looking to use CapIQ screener to find targets1
+1SWF based in the Gulf - how easy is it to come back to the UK / US?1
+1How will the Buy-Side react to the Covid19 Pandemic?1