+87Dealing with elitism while networking147
+32AMA: From LevFin Analyst to Tennis Pro43
+21AMA: Freshman at HYP46
+19Your thoughts on William Blair & Company? 40
+16AMA: JUCO to IB8
+11College Debt19
+9BEST LinkedIn Experiences 15
+8Chances of getting IB Position18
+8Houston/Oil&Gas Investment Banking Prospects3
+7What Is The Analyst to Associate Promotion Package?6
+7Is the current market highly overvalued? Crash coming?19
+7Risk Analyst is middle office role?????46
+69 months off work before next gig - best use of time?19
+6List of Undergraduate Student-Run Investment Funds47
+6Summer Associate at Top EB vs. Top BB Coverage Group9
+5(EXCEL) What is the best platform for me to use to learn 9
+5Other positions in finance besides IB7
+4Realistic BB Working Hours1
+4From BB to Boutique and Back Again?1
+4FML: Breaking Into IBG (A story of International Associate)8
+4London Bonuses 20203
+4Still no internships for the summer. Is my life over?13
+4Engineering Major Breaking In Energy banking12
+4Investment banks BB/EB London ranking 202024
+3Good questions to ask a MM HC IB analyst?2
+3London - Jefferies/HL/Macquarie vs European BBs - 2020 SA5
+3What is Modern Guild? Is it legit? Has anybody had success with it? 13
+3Lazard v Rothschild? LDN30
+3London SA compensation13
+3Analyst lateral hiring MS - modeling test6
+3Bank titles and roles in a loan syndication deal?6
+3Exit Opps: BB FIG vs. MM Botique / LDN4
+3Top groups Wells Fargo3
+3Best personal laptop to supplement work?10
+2SocGen - Hong Kong - FO - Any insight?6
+2GS exploratory to SA? 4
+2How to Build and Maintain a Network?2
+2Not knowing how much time it takes to finish a task?2
+2Incoming SA Changing Major, Taking Gap Semester & Deferring Graduation5
+2Too Late for a 2020 Summer IB Internship?1
+2ER vs MBA for IB1
+2Layoff Question5
+2Contacting Investor Relations - help 6
+2How many of you have gotten fired or are scared of getting fired?1
+23 statement model + DCF + LBO - Urgent quesiton5
+2Topics to Review Before Starting 1st Year Full-Time IB Analyst Gig at a Boutique M&A Shop?3
+2Taking a summer medical research internship? 2
+2Houlihan Lokey London - Insights Deals Exits9
+2Questions to ask recruiter8
+2How does non-operating income affect EBITDA?3
+2CFA Level 1 vs Python2
+2Morgan Stanley Calgary SA 20202
+2Lateraling Advice3
+2Offer PWM internship1
+2Is Private Equity easier to get into as an associate if you were previously an analyst?1
+2Deal toys are the only reason I want to become an investment banker 3
+2Dual Monitors Recommendation4
+1Junior with SA offer at MM, what can I be doing now to prepare for pivoting to BB FT?5
+1Consolidated CV position: IB SA offer rescinded in background check?5
+1Is Nomura NY actually paying SI $85k pro-rated + overtime?1
+1Fall NY Internships 1
+1Who has heard about these teams? Citi TTS, Deutsche GTS, JPM T&SS, BAML GTS --> help a friend out10
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+1Broker of Choice1
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+12019/2020 bonus on Project Finance bankers1
+1Finance concentration?1
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+1Using Breaking Into Wall Street Case Study In Cover Letter???0
+1Firms with a Derivatives Group?2
+1Investment Banking to B School?1
+1Tax Deductions for Donations1
+1Non-Target to IB1
+1Has anyone here heard of Real Vision Finance Group? aka the "anti-CNBC"1
+1Banking options1
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+1Bank of America: Elevate Discovery Program [2020]1
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+1Torreya Partners? 1
+1Background checks4
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+1Internship for Freshman Help!2
+1Awkward Informational Interview1
+1Anyone familiar with FoF's Fundraising Fund IR role?1
+1College Major1
+1(Europe) Master's in Finance - How much student loan debt is too much?5
+13h model test - bulge bracket analyst13
+1Stub periods and full-year financial statement projections1
+1Negative Net Working Capital Valuation 2
+1Raymond James Rep?3
+1Final round of interview - question 3
+12021 FT Recruiting3
+12020 Summer FT IB Positions?1
+1DCM BAML/Citi1
+1Thoughts on BNP Paribas London2
+1Investment banking internship!!!! Urgent!!2
+1Looking for Advice on Applications1