+112Summer Analyst perks?105
+63My Recruiting Story: The importance of reading emotions and the appearance of intelligence70
+31Strong sectors/industry by EBs58
+25How are the TMT groups at “lesser” BBs?51
+213.545 rounds up to a 3.6 or down to a 3.5?25
+21How big are West Coast analyst classes?58
+16Seriously, why not Data Science instead of IB/PE?34
+15London vs New York City 36
+12What was the most toxic investment banking environment that you have experienced?62
+12LA Banks with the Chillest Hours and Bad Deal Flow (lateral from NYC)21
+11Q&A: Semi-Target/3.5GPA -> Mid-Tier BB IB SA (Advice/Ask Me Anything)28
+10Citi or CS?22
+9When do you get Return Offer?43
+8Not getting IB interviews25
+7Disability IB Recruiting10
+7Toronto vs Chicago 16
+7What are interns making this summer? 22
+7Does Preftige Matter Anymore?: Blackstone to Bypass Scramble for Investment-Bank Talent in Bid to Diversify Hiring20
+7People who knew they wanted to do IB before college: how did you reach that conclusion? 23
+7Best, Worst, Details about Barclays Groups16
+7do you ever feel this job is not for you? 5
+7Referral from EB Partner10
+6Is IB Recruiting More About the Student or the School?15
+6Placement agent comp? Is this figure accurate?14
+6GS Classic Groups Return Rates34
+6Low BBs vs Middle Market Firms?9
+6What is with the obsession with excel for IB (not powerpoint)?10
+5Should I ruin my 4.0?24
+5Invisalign and Investment Banking16
+5Thoughts on Blackstone adjusting their recruiting process?11
+5Thoughts on M. Klein??7
+5London IBD Analyst FCA Exams6
+5When do you call it quits?17
+5Cybersecurity focused boutiques?10
+5Lower tier BB's and PE/MBA's8
+5What percentage of investment bankers at BB banks pursuing a career in IB make VP?19
+5Do extracurriculars matter post-college?6
+4Is it possible or has the boat sailed? 6
+4Minimum Cash Balance Question7
+4Impact of COVID on dealflow by groups12
+4Would you take Raine over Moelis SF?11
+4BofA: Healthcare vs. C&R7
+4How much do referrals help for BoFA?12
+4LionTree SA11
+4Rx Law to Rx Banking or Buyside5
+4List of SF firms that finished recruiting25
+4underrated LA banks 17
+4No signing bonuses at WB?40
+4tired of BS banking ranks1
+4Mid/Bottom-Tier boutiques in SF for non-target12
+4is the social experience better at bulges or EB?17
+4Forgot who interviewed me?9
+4For international students, if you're now abroad (back home) because of COVID -- how is your bank accommodating you? 6
+4Interview Advice: Serious and Eloquent vs Happy and Charismatic7
+3What would be the plausible reason for targeting liabilities in an Asset Purchase?7
+3Summer Analyst Tax Info14
+3jeffries summer analyst IB interview2
+3Dead At 30 For Not Following Instructions5
+3MBA -> IB, where are you now? Any regrets? 4
+3Perspective for Making Idiot Mistakes Twice?8
+3Banks that are completely finished with 2021 // banks that haven't started2
+3Goldman 2021 SA LDN dilemma3
+3Multi-step accounting question help please10
+3Tax rates for 2020 NYC IB Analyst at 44%??2
+3Virtual SA 2020 Internship Hours & Experience Thus Far2
+3Going back to IB?7
+3Internship Question - Timelines 2
+3How / why does Enterprise value change?20
+32 Job options : BIG 4 CF VS MM Restructuring8
+3GS SSG (now part of MBD) vs GS Classic IB7
+3Patents - Three Financial Statements7
+2How is it interviewing with Senior Bankers?6
+2Worth even reaching out to BBs without having prior IB experience? 5
+2military transition to IB3
+2What Would You Do If You Receive An Unexpected Interview Call While Being On A Networking Call?6
+2IB Chicago landscape for Tech or M&A 5
+2when does your bank quote analyst bonuses?7
+2Where Are You Now?2
+2I am an high school student in grade 11. I need some kind of banking internship.13
+2GS SA 20215
+2Union Square Advisors vs Dyal Co.?7
+2GPA rounding- 2 decimals? 6
+2Citi Freshman Discovery Program 2020 3
+2Citi SA - Should I buy a laptop?9
+2Learning technicals 1
+2Are certain groups a backdoor into GS?7
+2Best Groups at Piper Sander7
+2Which offer would you take and why?18
+2Should I accept this offer for 2021 SA?19
+2Why are American stocks so expensive right now?5
+2Entrepreneurial Route3
+2Citi- Lev Fin Thoughts ?7
+2Distress Fund 7
+2How does full time group placement work at GS/MS/JPM?19
+2No internship this summer->SA 2021 dinged?3
+2Best Suits / Clothes for an athletic build5
+2San Fran IB ----> NYC PE possible?14
+2Consumer Retail Industry Outlook 20202