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0WSO Boston Meet Up: Thur 3/21, 630-830pm, Durty Nelly's


The next Boston meet up is coming up on Thur March 21st. These Boston meet ups are held monthly, the third Thursday of the month, 630-830pm, at Durty Nelly's. Join the new Boston Telegram group to connect with other people attending:...

+2Ways to get into health care/medical consulting as a recent finance graduate?


Dear <abbr title="Wall Street Oasis">WSO</abbr> I am working as a back-office (*shudders*) analyst at a bank. I wanted to get my foot into medical services/consulting when I was an undergraduate student, but somewhere along the way I forgot my goals and am squandering my...

+4How to tell the prestige of LMM or MM PE firms?


Hello all! I am currently interviewing for multiple LMM and <abbr title="middle market">MM</abbr> firms (Undergrad Internship) and I was wondering how I can assess the quality of a mid-market shop. I feel like there's a group of huge <abbr title="private...

+1Stock pitches for experienced hires


What are the ethical rules on what I pitch for an experienced hire interview? If my fund is invested in a stock, can I pitch it? What about if it is a long vs. a short? If I looked at stock for work, but my firm passed, can I pitch it? I obviously cannot ask my firm what the answer here is,...

0The Bridgespan Group Entry Level Compensation


Does anyone know the starting comp at Bridgespan for an consultant coming right from undergrad? I've looked at glassdoor and the range is pretty wide ($55-85K) so hoping someone here might have a more recent data point. If so, do they give a sign-on or YE bonus, or is it 100% salary? Thanks!

0Sorry, bank account


<h3>MARKETS</h3> <ul> <li> U.S. markets: The Dow snapped a four-day winning streak as a few China trade reports gave investors more to think about than they would have liked. </li> <li> On the agenda: Fed Chair Jerome Powell has a presser today...

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JP Morgan Securities - Salary & Bonus - Corporate Development-
0Debt for LBO?


Hi guys: May I ask a quick question on debt for <abbr title="leveraged buyout">LBO</abbr> please? I'm doing some practices and would really appreciate your guidance! Assuming I'm doing an <abbr title="leveraged buyout">LBO</abbr> of a...

0Investment Banking Analyst - Technology M&A


The ideal candidate will have 6 to 12 months of relevant experience in the field and be able to meaningfully contribute to the group on Day 1 with little hands-on training. The Analyst will have the opportunity to work directly with Managing Directors and over time high-performers will have...

0Prop Trading Companies in Amsterdam


Hoi! I will be applying to the 3 major prop trading firms in Amsterdam: Optiver, IMC and Flow Traders for the position of a trader (will complete my master's in technology area this year). I have seen quite some stuff here about these companies, but mainly from a USA perspective. Can...

0Hedge Fund Job Out of Undergrad Pays +$300k

Sunshine Funshine

Hey guys, I made a list of qualifications you need to succeed in banking and land $300k jobs. Let me know when you see it. Tough Adaptable Integrity Love Open-mindedness Patience Enthusiasm Zero-tolerance-for-error

0Rewind - M&A Business Case - Estee Lauder Pitchbook Part 4 + Q&A – 12am ET, 4/12


In case you missed our March 12th webinar entitled <strong>M&A Business Case - Estee Lauder Pitchbook Part 4</strong>, have no fear. The full recording of the webinar will be available for free on the WSO homepage on this date: (free for only 24 hours and then it goes into our...

0Most Updated Cisco 300-115 Dumps PDF Mar/2019


Passing the Cisco 300-115 exam is no more difficult, with latest 300-115 dumps pdf anyone can easily pass the Cisco 300-115 exam on the first attempt! The best thing is 100% success rate & money back assurance. Note:- New Questions has been added to the 300-115 PDF. Get the complete...



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+1Different Types of Partners


Hello, As some of you working in consulting might know there are several different types of Partners. Most notably there are junior or salaried partners, and partners who have an equity stake at the firm. I have also seen some <abbr title="McKinsey, Bain and...

0unitech share price


Why unitech share price is dropped 10 Rs to 1.35 rs ? Any one explain and when it will be increase?

Rothschild - Salary & Bonus - FICC - Fixed Income Currency and Commodities-
0Would you bribe to get yourself OR your child into Ivy League/Target Schools and to IB?


Was reading <a href="">this</a> article and thought of this question. I think you can argue for both sides assuming that you had the money and that you know you won't get caught. Your...

0CS 2020 Interviews


Has anybody gotten first rounds yet for 2020 <abbr title="Credit Suisse">CS</abbr> <abbr title="investment banking division">IBD</abbr> or any other division? When do they usually begin to roll them out? Thanks.

0Investment Banking in Singapore (SEA) and HK(ex Mainland China)


Hi fellow monkeys! Have been a lurker on this site for a couple of months now and I must say it's been a blessing! The site has helped me a lot with interviews and my knowledge more than the school courses have. I am going to be starting my investment banking summer internship at a <abbr...

0AMA: I'm a Dry Bulk Physical Trader


I'm a Physical Trader in the Asia region and look after a combined book of +1Mt for origination and sales of dry-bulk commodities. My background has been in some way or form of international trade, with 6+ years in operations before getting into a trading gig. I trade majority of dry bulk...

The World Bank - Review - Infrastructure-
0Second Year technology analyst?


Hi all, I’m a business analyst at a boutique healthcare consulting firm for less than a year out of undergrad. I've been doing tech implementation work so far with some exposure to strategy. I would like to transition into tech consulting (Deloitte maybe?). But is it even possible...

Berkeley Research Group - Review - Economic Consulting-
Berkeley Research Group - Salary & Bonus - Economic Consulting-
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+1Can you leverage a superday with one bank to get pushed up at another?


Have a diversity day coming up that includes a super day at a <abbr title="bulge bracket">BB</abbr>. I was wondering if I could email one of the EB's I'm in the process with letting them know of the day coming up. Is this acceptable? I don't want to come...

0Nepal Treks & Tours Pvt. Ltd


Welcome Nepal Travel Tour Company always welcome to any Travel Agency, Tour agencies, Adventure Operator and travel related persons to work jointly in this field. Four Strong Reasons to Hire a Best Nepal Tour Company to Make Nepal Tours Nowadays, a large number of people rely on tour companies...

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+2Seeking advice on Corporate Banking modeling


I am researching specific modeling techniques in corporate banking for diversified groups, would some of you who work in the field mind educating me on this? For instance I have heard that groups covering diversified use 3-statements, while metals&mining use <abbr title="discounted...

0Which sophomore internship offer to best prep for summer 2020 recruiting?

Fish Fairblood

Just for context, I'm a sophomore at a semi-target university (on campus interviews from one of <abbr title="McKinsey, Bain and BCG">MBB</abbr> and some T2-3 firms, info sessions for many others), double majoring in bioengineering/statistics with probably a 3.85-3.9 by...

Grant Thornton - Review - N/A-
Grant Thornton - Salary & Bonus - N/A-
+1Public SaaS Company Valuation


I'm currently working on an investment pitch of a public $5 billion cybersecurity company whose business model is SaaS based. I'm working on forecasting next 5 years revenue growth and was wondering methods I would use to forecast. Should I be using a top-down approach - TAM *...

0Public Software Company Valuation


I’m currently working on an investment pitch of a public $5 billion cybersecurity company whose business model is SaaS based. I’m working on forecasting next 5 years revenue growth and was wondering methods I would use to forecast. Should I be using a top-down approach – TAM * market...

+1WSO Toronto Meet Up: Wed March 20th, 7:30pm, The Pint Public House


Join the Toronto WSO group after work for drinks and socializing. Please rsvp so the host has an idea of headcount. <a href="">RSVP HERE</a> WHEN -Wed March 20th, 7:30pm, THE VENUE -The...

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Goldman Sachs - Review - Investment Banking-
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0DCF review


I just finished constructing a <abbr title="discounted cash flow">DCF</abbr> for personal development reasons and would appreciate it if some can look over the content and valuation to see if everything checks out. Thank you in advance!

Goldman Sachs - Salary & Bonus - Investments-
+1Fund Size


What do you consider to be a good sized fund? What is too big? What is too small? $50MM? $750MM? $20B?

+1Can anyone take a look at this?


I fixed my resume up a ton recently and I want to see if there is anything else I should change. Thank you for any help!

0Podcast March Madness Tourney


"The Lick" podcast is giving away $100 in their March Madness bracket contest. Just subscribe and send these guys a screenshot. <img src="/files/styles/w800/public/inline/images/screen_shot_2019-03-19_at_9.06.20_pm.png?itok=1LPLGqM4" alt="" />

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Bank of America Merrill Lynch - Salary & Bonus - Generalist-
0What are your go to news sources: Twitter? PE Hub? PEI?


I have recently become obsessed with learning as much as I can about the industry. Learning, Learning, Learning. Want to make the most of it while this productive animal inside me lasts. What are your go to news sources? I have been debating getting a subscription to <abbr...

HFF Securities L.P. - Review - Capital Markets-
HFF Securities L.P. - Salary & Bonus - Capital Markets-
+2Second MBA from M7

The White Bull

Kindly note: I have a lot of respect for my Post-Grad School. But I would also like to know more about other potential opportunities for me. Context- I have been studying in a non-target B-School and even though it's in the top 20 in my country, it cannot come close to the American...

Ernst & Young LLP - Salary & Bonus - Consulting-
Edward Jones - Review - Other-
Edward Jones - Salary & Bonus - Other-
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0Shareholder Advisory/Activism Explained?


I know there are some older threads on this but they don't seemed to be getting much traction anymore so I wanted to start a new discussion. I've been seeing a lot of job postings and general talk about the field of shareholder advisory/activism + corporate governance. I had a few...

0From science into finance


I am in the EU and currently doing a masters in biotechnology and I have done a bachelors in biochemistry (GPA 3.8) with a minor in business economics. I also have a year of experience in biomedical research. As relevant coursework, I have taken accounting, corporate finance and some business...

BNP Paribas - Salary & Bonus - Mergers and Acquisitions-
0Octagon Credit - Views? 2019


Anyone here have any information about Octagon Credit Investors? Last post about them was from 2010...they seem to be a fairly large credit shop now ($22B). Seem to have a large CLO platform as well. Anyone work with them before? Views? Thanks.

0Question on Maintaining Networking Connections?


Hey guys, I'm a senior in college and have been fortunate to have a job locked down already. Throughout the internship and <abbr title="full time">FT</abbr> recruiting processes I have networked with loads of alumni and family friends etc. I was wondering if anyone...

+1PE Funds of funds vs M&A for exit opps


Hi, I am a current <abbr title="mergers and acquisitions">M&A</abbr> analyst looking to move into direct <abbr title="private equity">PE</abbr> however I haven't had much luck in getting any interviews. I am however currently interviewing with...

0Cohort Model for E-Commerce Company


Monkeys -- Does anyone have a decent yet relatively simple Cohort Model for an e-commerce company? I understand the concept and why it is important, but it would be very helpful to visually see what one looks like / how it was built. Any help on this is much appreciated. Phi Alpha

Banco Sabadel - Interview - Investment Banking-
Banco Sabadel - Company-
+1Large Apartment REIT vs. Lasalle/CBRE Global Investors vs. CRE Debt Brokerage analyst


Which of the 3 would you go with if they were all on their respective investment teams as an analyst?

+2Where to live in Chicago for college grad


Moving to Chicago after graduation and need to find a place to live. I know there are previous threads on this, but they are a little dated. Open to roommates or living by myself and hoping to keep it under $1800 all in. The office is in the loop, but my main commute will be to/from O’Hare...

0How much does the sector you cover matter for exit opps/B-School?


If you are covering something like Utilities or Paper or Building Products, how will this be viewed if you end up wanting to make the jump to <abbr title="hedge fund">HF</abbr> or B-School? Does it really matter as long as you are with a well ranked team? I know for certain...

+12020 FT IB Recruiting


Looking to start a new thread specifically for ONLY full time recruiting for <abbr title="investment banking">IB</abbr> analyst/associate positions. Looking for what people are hearing, application opening dates, spots open, signing bonuses, etc.

+2Best job you know someone got right after business school?


Some dude from Stanford's Business School nailed down nailed a private equity job with a total compensation package of $522,000 What's the best job you know a MBAer got right...

Moelis & Company - Salary & Bonus - Generalist-
HFF Securities L.P. - Salary & Bonus - Debt Capital Markets-
+6Must Know Finance Terms


Wanted to start a thread compiling a list of finance vocabulary, formal or informal. Words can be as "basic" as *EBITDA* or as "fancy" as *capital extraction*. The more pretentious the better. After all, capital expenditures aka capex essentially means to fix shit up or to...

Maestrale Capital - Company-
0anyone know anything about acon investments?


I randomly applied through my school's career website for a summer internship and ended up getting an interview here. Does anybody know about this place? exit ops, etc.? Would this be better than interning at a 20b value fund in ohio if end goal isn't sure? End goal is <abbr...

0Resume passed by an analyst


Dear community, I had my resume passed by an analyst a week ago; I haven't heard since. Should I follow-up now? Tbh it is the only place I see myself going to, should I risk doing so?

0Financial Engineering Project - URGENT


Hey people! Could you help me with these problems? It is an urgent need! Thank you in advance! <img src="/files/styles/w800/public/inline/images/financial_math_project_2.png?itok=inPuB3Hi" alt="" />

0Financial Math Project - URGENT


Hey people of WSO! I hope you all guys are well. I currently study MSc in Financial Math and have to solve a sheet with exercises regarding simulation methods and C++ implementation. I would be more than grateful if you could help me a bit with that! If someone is interested in that,...

UBS Financial Services - Interview - Equity Research-
0Anyone done deals with Partners Group?


Hi guys: Have you guys come across Partners Group <abbr title="private equity">PE</abbr> team in a deal please? Trying to get a better understanding of how they approach investing and sourcing - seems like they've grown a lot recently. Do they use a co-invest model...

+2Reasonable entry multiple for buyout target?


Hi guys: What would you consider to be reasonable entry multiple for a potential buyout target please? Trying to do some mock practices but want to find something sensible. Would you consider 10x <abbr title="enterprise value">EV</abbr>/NTM <abbr title="earnings...

02019 ER firm Tiers


With the newest II rankings showing a really close ranking between almost five firms. I was wondering what tiers of firms were in regard to quality of department/exit ops/prestige/pay. 2018 II saw <abbr title="JP Morgan">JP</abbr> Morgan at 1, <abbr title="Bank of...

CITIC Capital - Review - Investment Banking-
+1Miller Buckfire Thoughts


What are people's opinion on Miller Buckfire? How is culture, hours, compensation, exit opps at the analyst level?

CITIC Capital - Salary & Bonus - Investment Banking-
Rodman & Renshaw - Salary & Bonus - Investment Banking-
+1Starwood Capital Asset Management Interview


Hey all- Got a 30 min phone interview with an Associate on their Asset Management team. Position is in SF. Here's what I assume: questions about background, why real estate, why Starwood, walk me through resume, some basic RE technicals like explain a cap rate, walk me through <abbr...

+1Should I accept admission into UW Madison MSF program


I was recently accepted into the Masters of Finance: Applied Security Analysis Program at UW Madison. I am currently a junior so next year I will finish my undergrad degree and start the MS program. Then I will spend another year and graduate with the masters degree. I am debating if I should...

+3New late night yoga series for bankers


Hey Monkeys, Just wanted to let you all know about Deal Flow Yoga, a late night yoga series for bankers and lawyers who leave the office at 11PM or later. I started Deal Flow Yoga because during my time in finance (2 years in econ research, 2 years in <abbr title="investment...

0CVC Credit Partners

Billy Ray Valentine

Anyone have any insight into this group? Culture? Reputation? Etc? Any insight would be helpful! Thanks!