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+2Grad Plus LoansHi, I wanted to get some advice from those who have borrowed Grad plus loans before. FAFSA websites say that you can borrow up to the cost of attendance minus loans and scholarships. My issue is that I will be living off campus and I don't understand if these loans will cover my living expenses or j...4
+1HELP - OSU vs UIUCI am an incoming sophomore at a community college that will be transferring to either UIUC or Ohio State. At this stage, investment banking is not my first choice for a career but I still want to keep that door open before I nail down what I want to do. I'm thinking along the lines of consulting or...3
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Raiffeisen Investment - Interview - Investment Banking
+11What Not To WearHey guys, So I have read and heard that SA's shouldn't wear loafers, so what are they supposed to wear? Thanks. ...64
+1New member speaking upI've lurked for a while and decided to jump in, so here goes... In my former life, I spent 8 years as a financial planner and investment adviser. That wasn't the life for me any longer, and real had been an interest and passion for as long as I could remember. Our family has been involved wit...1
Wells Fargo and Company - Interview - Middle Market
+1Will Fintech Be The Future Of Banking?*"Watch out, big banks. Silicon Valley is targeting finance as the next industry ripe for disruption."* Here is an interesting article that [summarizes how tech companies have lately been pushing to enter the financial sector](
+1investment portfolioWhat is necessary for a proper investment? How to professionally manage investment portfolio? thanks for the help...1
+3Actuarial Associate to IB roleHi all. Looking for some feedback on my situation. I'm currently an actuarial associate at a large financial services/asset management firm in NYC. I've passed a couple of exams, but haven't reached the associate credential (ASA). I've been out of college for 2.5 years now. I'm comfortable ...7
+1Stuttering and IBI've been going through a lot of applications and they always ask if I have a disability. I was wondering if I need to list stuttering/stammering as a disability when applying to jobs? It is a little difficult to speak eloquently during interviews but it doesn't affect me to the point where I can't ...3
+1Breaking Into Consulting: Switched Careers Twice | Doing Preliminary ResearchBackground: -28 Y/O -Sales 2 years --> Real Estate 2 years -Looking to harness strengths that were never harnessed -Looking for more fulfilling work -Currently Studying for the GMAT; original goal was to go REPE route but I am putting feelers for consulting after some preliminary research ...3
+1Thoughts on my cold emailing templateI am currently a rising junior pursuing a finance degree at Rhode Island College. Recently, I began exploring career options and In my search I came across your profile on Linkedin. I noticed that you currently hold a position at ______ as a ________and I am interested in your career path. Wha...1
+1Blackrock PAG prestige?I want to know how prestigious BlackRock PAG is. I am deciding between some offers between this and a prop trading shop called trillium. I'm leaning towards BlackRock right now because i hear it is very analytical and has great exit ops into hedge funds or investment banking because of the Black...30
NCG HoldingsConcentrated value opportunities across corporate securities and special situations....
Nathan Capital HoldingsConcentrated value opportunities across corporate securities and special situations....
+1Can an SA offer get rescinded for a GPA drop during recruiting?So I went pretty hard for recruiting this sophomore spring semester and managed to get myself an offer at a top BB with a relatively low GPA to start with (think around 3.5...). I was also working 30+ hours and taking relatively tough classes. I did well in all of my business classes (A) but I made ...2
Athyrium Capital Management
+3Getting into the Big 4 and Your Future CareerNowadays, as the competition steadily increases and fortune 100 entry-level positions become inexperienced college grad's new goal, what must one do to get ahead. Just a few quick questions about the Big 4: What is the Big 4's stereotypical entry-level candidate? -Google, Apple and Fac...45
+3These are true right?Any time you say e e through the map I love my house very much Love him with conditions No Take the bottom plate to get it and then glide E today to kk Cn f get E will wait E finally put a wallet name? Every day it ship A take a look as the last gift e give A? cancel It's a goo...7
+1Best way to get into investment banking without experienceI am a rising junior at a semi target (think McCombs or Ross) and I have no internship experience within finance. My parents started a new business and I have spent the past two going on three summers helping out in whatever capacity I can. The closest thing to experience I have is the personal port...2
+1"Alpha" equity research out of EuropeAre there any shops that produce stock-picking ideas across industries based on more in-depth work? Ie, not the classic set-up covering verticals. Curious if there are any places like that in London....3
cherry bekaert llp - Salary & Bonus - Valuation
RBC Capital Markets - Interview - Technology
cherry bekaert llp - Salary & Bonus - Valuation
cherry bekaert llp - Salary & Bonus - Valuation
+2Victory is impossible!So it was 3:30am, I had to be at the airport by 6:30am and my model was #Reffing out as usual. My associate starts jumping up and down like a lunatic behind me because we haven't even started printing the 35 pitch books...even though he was the one that messed up the model in the first place by aski...8
+2Comp questions for debt/equity shopsI'm considering talking to a few debt/equity placement firms regarding job ops, after spending 10+ years on the principal side doing acquisitions. Looking at boutique type groups rather than the HFF/Eastdil/Cushman types. At the point in my career, I'm sorta burned out on the acquisitions side...9
+1FP&A exit oppsIts been a busy time since I joined the FP&A team as off-cycle intern. Although pretty funny, the role is very cyclical. What are usually the exit opps? By the end of the year I have to start an MSc.. my goal is to end in buy-side. (I will do the CFA L1 this Dec) PS: I'm working in a F1...5
+3Would you guys marry a poor chick from a poor family?I wouldn't and the MAIN reason is that I don't want her family become a liability to me. Trust me I have seen first hand, and it breaks families. I had a conversation with a friend last week about this subject and he told me I was too picky. He even said that he would marry a waitress; I told hi...226
+1URGENT: How to learn financial modelling asapHi all, I will be having a final round interview day for an analyst 1 position (large bank). During the day I will be having a 1 hour modelling test. As I have limited modelling experience I have no idea what they will ask me to do. Operating model? LBO? DCF? Wat will they provide me? Ho...3
+1Testing topic Testing topic Testing topic Testing topic Testing topic Testing topic Testing topic Testing topic Testing topic ...1
PwC PricewaterhouseCoopers - Salary & Bonus - Management Consulting
+1Advice 101. ...1
+3Is religion a psychological disorder?Why do people still cling to archaic religious fairy tales even at this age? I find it hard to believe some of the things theists believe. Having smart people like scientists believe that wine is turned into blood, among other things, is very troubling. What will it take to slough off these beliefs?...74
JPMorgan Chase - Salary & Bonus - Investment Banking
+1Intership for an alienHello Guys! I’m dominican and Studying business in college. I want to to my intership in USA… what company take people from another country to do their intership? Also, I’m from non-target college...1
+1Wall Street Oasis Content Writer Needed Wall Street Oasis is looking for a talented student/young professional who is a good writer to help us optimize posts for WSO with the goal of raising the level of quality in the forums. **TITLE:** Finance / Wall Street / Business Blogger / Writer / Content Optimizer **WHAT THE JOB ENTAILS:...1
Accenture - Salary & Bonus - Generalist
+3How does an IPO roadshow work? A few questions on the IPO process: - Who goes on the roadshow? The ECM team or the IB Coverage group? Are analysts usually brought along? Is it really as fancy as people make it out to be, with private jets etc? - If there are 3 lead bookrunners do they all do a different roadshow and pitch to ...5
+31What are the Strongest Non-Target Schools for Undergrad Recruitment?I've noticed that there is not a thread exactly like this for prospective monkeys to take a look at. I'm currently an undergrad second year applying to some targets/semi's as a transfer, and this would have been helpful if I didn't know exactly where I wanted to be. What are some strong non-core ...139
Manulife Financial - Salary & Bonus - Insurance
+1Fordham RE certificates (BVAL -> RE) I'm considering on signing up for the 6 week summer certificate program for either RE finance and investments or RE development at Fordham to transition into the real estate industry. What are people's thoughts given this program is quite new? Some background about me: 2.5 years in a business va...1
+1Friday CultureI am currently being considered for a position within an MBB firm. Part of the next steps is determining my home office location. I was curious if anyone has any experience what a typical Friday looks like at an MBB firm. Are you expected to go to your home office every Friday? I have experience ...1
+9JP Morgan Proud to Be 2018This thread is for undergraduate students currently applying to the JP Morgan 2018 Proud to Be Undergraduate Experience and Interviews in NYC. Feel free to follow and/or post if you're in another division as there might be similar recruitment timelines. Anyone have any idea of what questions to e...53
+1Washington DC RE NetworkingMaking the move to DC in a couple of months, and looking for some people or groups to network with as I am on the job hunt. Have a few contacts in the area but would love some more as I make my move up there. A little background I am a Portfolio Manager/Underwriter for a smaller bank with about ...4
+1Excel test for Acquisitions role at Insurance company?1 Hr excel test coming up. Im expecting being asked to construct a basic cash flow model (prob multifam) either by giving me assumptions, or going off an OM. Prob a debt table as well to get to levered/unlevered irr . Thoughts?...2
+2Best TMT groups on the street? (Specifically from BB’s)I just wanted to see which firms have the best TMT group besides GS which seems to be a clear front runner. Any outlook is appreciated....11
+2PE/VC Analyst ProgramsCurrent UG looking for FT analyst programs at top VC/PE. What are some of the firms that hire straight out of undergrad? Little Background: Have summer of EB and PE (LGP/Thoma, etc) on resume, top GPA, semi-target school...5
+2Living Ray Dalio's PrinciplesSince I first read the pdf version of Principles, I’ve been fascinated by the way Ray Dalio thinks. It’s true that his billionaire success is what drew me into his thinking, but it’s the rigor of Ray’s ideas that really hooked me. Although I spend my life exploring ideas, I'm intensely...3
Accenture - Salary & Bonus - Restructuring
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+1Car Vending MachinesYou may have seen the article on WSJ about the Ford x Alibaba partnership to sell cars in China out of “car vending machines”... does anyone know who actually manufactures these vending machines? Another user of similar technology is Carvana. Ultimately trying ...4
+6Waterfall for long term holdHello, Has anyone had experience with a structuring promoted interest waterfall for a development deal with no planned exit. The developer builds and owns their projects for the long term and planning to bring on a JV equity partner with the same long term hold strategy. I have only dealt with deal...13
0Accounting/Finance - Accountant I or IIWe are currently seeking an Accountant to provide support to the Accounting and Accounts Payable departments by ensuring data integrity of financial information, providing timely & accurate reporting to management & external public, safeguarding company assets, and maintaining internal controls in c...
0Qatalyst Partners - Interview - Mergers and Acquisitions
+29How important is the choice of a Spouse to your career advancement?I am late 20s/early 30s and I have been starting to ponder this question. I read somewhere that men with spouses make more than men without...I also know that a divorce can tear your wealth into shreds. I know a guy who had 1-1.5MM in the bank in a Low COL area, got divorced, had to pay alimony, ...109
+1Confusion about Treasury Stock Method when Calculating Diluted Shares OutstandingHi all, Sorry in advance for what is most likely a very basic question. While the math for calculating diluted shared outstanding is obviously very simple, I'm a bit confused on the logic. From what I understand, "exercising" an in-the-money option can either mean buying shares at a lower p...3
+1Get a roomMARKETS U.S. markets: Tech weighed on the markets with all three indexes finishing lower. Commodities: Holy oil. Brent Crude popped above $80 a barrel—a number we haven't seen in four years. Want Morning Brew Daily Served Fresh to Your Inbox? Drop Your Email Below....1
Citigroup - Salary & Bonus - N/A
+10Help! I think I hate consulting! What's next?Hi Guys, I am a first year analyst at IBM within the Digital Strategy consulting practice, definitely the best division to be in at IBM consulting today! I am part of a few really cool internal initiatives and am relatively known in my group (80 first years so being known is good). I have a few ...14
Wells Fargo and Company - Salary & Bonus - Investment Banking
+1West Coast Exit OpsHey all, I will be attending universitty of southern california and hopefully will get a job which will porbably be in California. Are there still hedge funds i can go to in california or all they all in new york city?...1
JP Morgan Securities - Interview - Investment Banking
+97Overview of the Equity research Industry I was motivated to make this thread after reading a lot of the other threads in this forum, about why certain top analysts are still on the sell-side. It appears that almost everyone who doesn't work on the buy-side or sell-side, or even a remotely close front office position fails to understand ho...120
SunTrust Robinson Humphrey STRH - Salary & Bonus - Research
0EnRoute Private Capital Meeting - SingaporePETC arranges the foremost series of private equity conferences in Asia. Our one-day events feature unparalleled panel discussions designed to explore senior-level insights into industry best practices and investment trends and opportunities throughout the Asia region. While technology exists potent...0
+2Ops or No-ops?In a situation where I have to choose between going back to ops (worked in a large bank's ops division before) or keep on looking for an analyst role. I know that everyone's saying 'don't touch ops', and I worked in the ops team once, so I know what you guys mean. But the reality is the reality.....1
0PE Secondaries pay and exit opportunitiesHi, I am thinking about joining a secondary fund team in an investment bank after 2 years of M&A. I need to tell them my expected salary and bonus. Can you tell me about the average salary level and the split between base and bonus? Also important what are exit options? Thank you very much ...32
+6How important is networking in the UK (London)?I’ve read a lot in the forum about networking - in fact there’s even a networking guide I can buy. However, WSO is quite a US-focused website so I assume networking is a big deal for New York IB’s. I’m a student at a target uni (think UCL, Warwick, Imperial, LSE) for BB investment banks i...27
Altman Vilandrie & Co - Salary & Bonus - Generalist
Altman Vilandrie & Co - Salary & Bonus - Generalist
+12Lunch: an enemy or an allyFellow monkeys, Just out of curiosity, do you consider lunch as an enemy or as an ally? I mean, firm where I'm working now (F100) has a work canteen where everyday are offered rich plates such as pork ribs, fried chicken, pasta, fish and so on. I am trying to balance it eating too heavy in w...76
+1What to Include in a Cover LetterI may have missed a previous post about this, but I was just wondering what I should be putting in my Cover Letter. Any advice is greatly appreciated...51
+47leaving IB, next steps...I'm confused. I used to post on here a couple of years ago, most of what I posted was bullsh*t. The truth is I was in my final year at university, I'd just done an internship, wasn't sure how I felt about it as a prospective life, and I wanted to play banker on the internet to test the water a b...55
Goldman Sachs - Review - Investment Banking
Goldman Sachs - Salary & Bonus - Investment Banking
+3Starting Investment Banking Career in an emerging market vs US cityHello all, If faced with the decision to start your career at a BB in an EM (LatAm, for instance) vs lesser known IB or PE firm in the US, which would you choose? I feel as though the BB brand (especially if at a JP/GS/MS) can still carry weight to US buyside recruiting, particularly if one is...31
+1WSO Salt Lake City Meet up - Thur May 17th, 6pm, Lake EffectThe next SLC meet up is coming up on Thursday May 17th, 6pm. Location: Lake Effect. (155 W 200 S) To find the group:Ask the host/hostess for the WSO Group. The event host is Carter. Join the SLC Whatsapp group if you haven't already:
+25Best Whiskeys For an After-Work Night Cap?Let's get started with the basics, I know everyone's got an obscure favorite whiskey, aged 40 years and produced only in one of the flyover states twice a year yadda yadda yadda but thinking about all of that right now is making me verklempt. But I'm wondering about the basics that you can pick u...129
+1Tips On Preparing For An InterviewWhatever interview level it is might be for an entry level or an experienced post, a proper pre-interview preparation always helps you in reaching the goal. It’s not easy but with the right amount of preparation, nothing is impossible. Here we share some interview advice on how to make [**prepa...2
+1UT BHP vs NYU StermDaughter was on waitlist at NYU for Stern school. She is accepted and BHP program at UT Austin McCombs, So, now wants to go to NYU. If I put cost not in consideration, what would you suggest. She thinks she wants to do Investment banking. ...5
+3Summer Internship - Delayed OPT? Hi all, I was fortunate to receive an offer to intern at a BB in IB this upcoming summer. For those who are international students, you guys know the struggle we go through to find an internship. I am really scared that I won't have my EAD card in time for my internship. I applied on March 12...7
+1Exchange server recovery softwareGet download of sifo systems edb to pst software to resolve all issue regarding edb file corruption . Go with sifo systems edb to pst recovery software and get immediate help for edb file recovery. Go for software :- Go on Google and search there "Sifo systems edb to pst recovery software"...1
+4WSO Internships & Employment OpportunitiesJoin the Wall Street Oasis Team! Open opportunities for students: Blogging Internship Open opportunities for professionals: Join the WSO Resume Review Team Wall Street Mentors - Mock Interviews & More - email [email protected] for more information Webinar Presenters. We are looking...11
+8The WSO Job Board is Now FREE The WSO Job board is now free for anyone that wants to apply...all anyone has to do is create an Oasis Job Profile and they will be allowed to submit their application. Create Your Oasis Job Profile Here's a peak inside: ...1
+2Leveraging Psychiatry for a MBAHello-- I am a 29 year old who went to a state school of undergrad, Harvard for medical school and now I am at Columbia for psychiatry residency. I have completed USLME Step 1-3 and now I am contemplating how I want my future career to look. I have no business background, but I am interested...5
Blackstone Group - Salary & Bonus - N/A
JPMorgan Chase - Interview - Asset Management
+1Work stimulating drugs: PROs and CONSDo people on the street abuse smart drugs? If so, how and who uses what? From my personal experience, I can confidently say that Adderall/vyvance/concerta does wonders when you're trying to stay awake for the longest amount of time while at the same being able to focus well. But... each has the ...54
0 The five Young millionaires of todayFahd Hariri Age: 33 Net Value: 1.2 billion dollars Fahd Hariri is the youngest son of Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri. He graduated from the School of Architecture of Paris, in 2004. Yang Huiyan Age: 32 Net Value: 6.9 billion dollars She is the richest woman in China, vic...7
+15Best legal adderallTitle basically says it all, just looking for something to give me a boost when coffee doesn't cut it....63
+6How to Get Adderall?A few times I've seen posts here about the use of adderall, especially in the threads about staying awake during the analyst years. I was wondering, where do you guys get adderall if you use it? Weird, but serious post btw... What is Adderall and Where can I get Adderall? Adderall is a prescri...39
RBC Royal Bank of Canada - Review - Equity Capital Markets
0Investment Banking - Restructuring AssociateThe Firm is seeking an investment banking analyst or associate who will participate in all aspects of the firm’s engagements including assisting with bankruptcy-related litigation, developing complex financial models, providing valuations, evaluating strategic alternatives, quantifying damages, an...
Bridgewater - Salary & Bonus - Investment Research
+1Advice for someone like me for SA 2019? So I'm a sophomore at a HYP school, and long story short I didn't know exactly what I wanted to do, and consequently I'm a bit of a non-traditional candidate for SA 2019. Last minute, I tried my best to land a boutique investment banking internship for the summer, made it to some final rounds, but I...1