Networking/ Cold-Call Emails to break into IB

I'm a sophomore in college at a non-target school and play football there. Even though it feels like I have about 30 years of eligibility remaining (redshirt, medical redshirt, etc.) and will stay in school, most likely for another 4 years, I still feel like I should start networking with other IBs. Because of football, I don't spend as much time on this part of my career as I would like, and I'm unable to get an internship at a bank in the summer because I have to be on campus for workouts throughout the entire summer. I go to school in the Midwest, so the closest banks are in Chicago, which is about 5 hours away. I have an internship this summer for a small wealth management firm, but not being able to even apply for those bigger internships is really killing me. My question is, what's your advice on beginning to network/ cold call people who are already in this industry and are succeeding. I'm looking for maybe a mentor or just being able to connect with IB and learn how to get into the industry. I don't even know where to begin and don't want to fall too behind those who are able to get summer internships. Let me know what advice you have. 


Based on the most helpful WSO content, here's a strategic approach to networking and cold-calling for investment banking, especially tailored for someone in your position:

  1. Leverage LinkedIn: Start by creating or polishing your LinkedIn profile. Make sure it's professional, with a clear, appropriate photo and a detailed description of your academic and athletic commitments. Use LinkedIn's search tools to find alumni from your school who are currently in IB or related fields. A simple message stating your background, your interest in investment banking, and a request for advice or a brief informational interview can go a long way.

  2. Cold Emailing: Based on the WSO guide on cold contacting, draft personalized emails to investment bankers. Mention your unique situation (balancing athletics with academics), express your keen interest in IB, and ask for a short phone call or virtual meeting. Ensure your emails are concise, respectful, and personalized. You can find email templates and strategies in the WSO guide titled "Guide: Cold Contacting Investment Bankers For Non Targets."

  3. Networking Events and Seminars: Although your schedule might not allow for much travel, look for virtual networking events, webinars, and seminars related to finance and investment banking. These can be great opportunities to meet professionals and learn more about the industry.

  4. Develop a Relationship with a Mentor: As you start to connect with professionals, aim to find a mentor. Look for someone who shows a genuine interest in guiding you. This could be an alumnus from your school or someone you meet through LinkedIn or a virtual event. A mentor can provide invaluable advice, introduce you to their network, and guide you through the nuances of breaking into IB.

  5. Utilize Your School’s Resources: Even if your school is a non-target, there may be alumni or faculty who have connections to the finance industry. Reach out to your career center, professors, or even the alumni office to see if they can provide contacts or advice.

  6. Stay Persistent and Professional: The world of IB is competitive, especially for students from non-target schools. Persistence is key. Keep reaching out, follow up politely, and stay professional in all your communications.

Remember, your unique background as an athlete can also be a strong selling point, demonstrating your teamwork skills, discipline, and resilience—qualities that are highly valued in investment banking.

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I got my job through networking. Pro tip: stop emailing analysts and associates.

Target VP+, those are people who will actually help you. Every, and I really mean every interview I’ve gotten through cold emailing has been the result of me contacting a VP+.

I got my job from cold emailing a Director. It just so happened that I emailed them the same week someone quit, so it’s very much luck and timing.


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