What Is Everyone's Exams situations like?

Guys I will admit this could be under the category of complaining, but I was wondering how common this is to everyone else. I currently am a first year associate I started in Jan 24. Currently doing about 55 - 75 hours a week depending on timing ect. I am currently in the process of getting my license, the SIE, 7TO, 63, 86 and 87. 

My company does not give associates time to study for exams so it is expected you do it after work. So in addition to a 11-15 hour day I have to tack on another 2 hours for studying. I was wondering if this is common at other firms? 


How do you have so much work without being licensed? I feel your situation makes sense if you’re the sole associate under an analyst. I’m also new so don’t know what it’s like at other places. I work less hours with most of the time spent on studying for exams during work hours. Earnings season is coming up so I expect to spend a lot less time studying until that’s over


Man just quit bitching and get it done. You gotta do it and posting on here ain’t gonna help


I studied for and passed the CFA in medical school while also being in the AOA and matching into ortho while publishing literally dozens of paper in surgery. Just do it bc you have to or you get fired. Don’t complain.


Don't know why everyone is dunking on the new guy. Both of the European banks I've worked at explicitly give time to new joiners to study. Maybe it's not true everywhere, but it's not an unreasonable thing to want.

New guy, the other posters are right that you do just have to suck it up and burn the midnight oil, but keep in mind that it'll be over soon and you're doing it in service of a career that might give you $5-10M in lifetime earnings if you make it work.


La dolce vita 🤌🏽 across the pond banks don’t care so just have to play the hand your dealt with


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