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Most quality posts on CFA prep are a few years old and just repeatedly point to Kaplan/Schweser. Are there any other resources that are equivalent or better in 2020? Barely passed L1 with the BBG program and looking for an upgrade!

6 comments 09 Sep 2020 - BoutiqBanker

Hello all,

I did not know what forum would be the most appropriate for this question so I just went with IB. Will a DUI conviction on my record bar me from being a CFA Charterholder and becoming a member of the CFAI? I have been studying for close to a year for L1 and I made a stupid, arrogant, and dangerous mistake and I feel ashamed. 

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0 comments 25 Aug 2020 - tapirjones96


Before asking my question, a little bit of background:

I was working in the consulting field for around 2-3 years located in North Africa, and serving local companies. I decided to make the jump to North America, and join the Master of Energy Economics program at Rice University.

Having just one year of Master, even in a great university not being enough, I decided to also add to my skills, and I started learning R from Datacamp. I now seek to work in energy analytics, trading, economics or consulting.

1 comment 21 May 2020 - Softhimore

Hi all,

I've recently joined a MM PE firm (thanks WSO for your help!). As I'm coming from management consultancy, I've been offered the opportunity to study for either the CFA or PT MIF (or something else if I can argue for it) to help bring me up to speed to the technicals I missed out on having not done 3 years of IB.

3 comments 01 Apr 2020 - EMA123

I was thinking about enrolling for the CFA. However, I'm not sure what it's actually about. I know the Quant and the Econ sections are more about setting background for broader portfolio management concepts and issues but what is the crux of the program? Is it valuation? If it is that, how does their material compare to books written by McKinsey and Aswath Damodaran on valuation (I've read McKinsey and found it to be VERY practical and "fast-paced", while I think AD is more academic and exhaustive)? Especially Aswath Damodaran.

1 comment 27 Mar 2020 - Valorsq

I know the CFAI hasn't stated more definitively yet whether they're going to postpone the June 2020 exams or if they're still going to happen as scheduled, only that they're still monitoring events. I don't want to speculate too much, but what do you guys think is most likely going to happen? If anyone has any insight, that would be appreciated.

Official CFAI communication: https://www.cfainstitute.org/en/about/press-room/…

8 comments 16 Mar 2020 - Pierogi Equities

Hello, I am currently 27 years old and have been working as a dietitian at a hospital for the last 5 years in Connecticut. 2 years ago I realized I was unhappy with my career and decided to switch to finance. I found the field interesting and would love to work in investment banking one day. To gain a competitive advantage, I will be finishing up my MS degree in Finance this semester (nontarget) with a 4.0 and taking CFA level 2 this June, passed Level 1 above the 90th percentile. I am also completing the WallStreet Prep course for PowerPoint and Excel (modeling).

21 comments 13 Mar 2020 - ddenicola10