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+12019 Sophomore Internship AdviceI am a Sophomore at a semi-target and I wish to do IBD for my Junior summer. I did IB at a boutique investment bank overseas for my freshman year summer, but I've been having trouble finding similar positions for my Sophomore summer. My current options are as follows: - Engineering internship at ...1
+1ConsultingCase101 3-month Membership Share Hi there, I'm looking for someone to share the 3-month membership for consultingcase101 which I just subscribed today. Please email me if you are interested at phillyalexy @ gmail (partial address to avoid spam). thanks!...1
+6Goldman 10/07 SuperdayHas anyone heard back from this superday yet? I believe it was their last superday for IBD. I still haven't heard anything but interested in hearing if anyone else has....33
+9I got an offer!! Now, I'm scared I'm over my head!! HELP?!So I'm a non-target as it gets. I grinded to get this offer and now I'm really scared. I feel stupid meeting with the seniors in the office. I honestly have no idea what they are talking about half the time the other time I'll pick up a few keywords. How do I get ready for this internship? I need to...15
+1Entering opposite position instead of settling positionHello Ladies & Gents, I am trying to figure out why investors/traders would rather enter an opposite position instead of settling the one they have with a broker-dealer/IB (apart form the pricing of course)? Say the investor entered into a VarSwap/OTC option with an IB and instead of settling ...1
+1MBA or Masters in Finance after Finance UndergradHello, this is my first post. Some background info, I am a senior graduating from a not a top-tier finance school (UConn). I currently do not have any relevant internships and I am worried about finding a job in equity research and or IB. So my question, what would you recommend for me to get an MBA...3
0Premium Webinar: PE Case: Jeremey Roofing - Middle Market LBO deal -- 9pm ET, 11/14/18On Wednesday November 14th, 9pm EDT, Wall Street Mentor Bernardo Weaver will be hosting a case webinar entitled Middle Market LBO deal - Jeremy roofing business case. Depreciation charges on 3 financial statements; DCF, APV, Multiples valuation + LBO PE deal" with a Q&A to follow. All attendees will...0
+3Marathon Capital in Chicago??Does anyone have insight into this bank? Chicago-based energy boutique that seems to work on some relatively large deals. Interested to hear how the culture is...6
+1Wealth Management Career PathI live here in Maine and am currently working for a wirehouse as an FA. I am struggling to meet the hurdles and find prospects. I know what the career entails, I love the sales aspect, working with people, and asset management itself, but I am having a hard time prospecting. I am not very close to...3
+1UBS HK IB Superday?Hi, for UBS IB HK, has anyone gone through the phone interviews after Sonru or have been to their superday in NYC? I had two phone interviews last week and am really anxious when I could hear back about whether i got into the final round.... how long in advance do people usually get notified for sup...1
+1Revenue Growth in LBO?Management's projections of revenue for the forecast years seem way too high (although the company may just be doing well in that sector), but it seems like based on comparables, companies are tapering off YoY (vs. YoY increase management is projecting) to a single digit growth by year 5. Is ther...1
+3Do I have a chance at non H/S M7 MBAs?My profile: -Pakistani -750 GMAT -1st class honors degree from a modern UK QS ranked school (don't know about it's equivalence in terms of GPA but WES calculator says 3.7) -Will have 3 years of experience (2 at Big 4 deals and 1 at an investment bank as IB analyst). Strong deal experience and ma...17
+1NEWPORT LEGACY ZURICH SWITZERLAND: UNRAVELLING OF EMERGING MARKETS AND THE POTENTIAL IMPACTS ON NEW ZEALANDThe underlying economic troubles in emerging markets surfaced recently with Turkey, Argentina and India making headlines as their markets tumbled. Meanwhile, trade tensions between China and the United States have brought an even more cautious tone across international markets. While the New Z...1
Trinity Partners - Interview - Healthcare
Microsoft - Interview - Technology
+2Wells Fargo Summer Financial Analyst CRE Division 2019 Hey has anyone heard back with an offer? Just finished up super day last week and am still waiting to hear. If you did receive an offer, how long after your super day did you get it? Thanks!...14
+29Cracking jokes during an interviewHaving some trouble recruiting. Want to improve my strategy. I'm a jokester but in interviews I shut that down because I'm scared I'll get dinged for being unprofessional. But I'm getting dinged anyway.. probably for being too nervous/not personable enough if I had to guess. When I say cracking j...62
+3Comp at MF, Top MM, MM, lower MMHow does comp vary across the different buckets of PE firms? Bit curious here. How would KKR, Warburg comp compared to Marlin, how do smaller MMs comp?...6
+2Boutique still accepting applicants Milan/London/FrankfurtHey monkeys, do you know any boutique still accepting for applicants? Both Summer and Off-Cycle. Area Milan/London/Frankfurt....8
Citigroup - Review - N/A
The Principal Financial Group - Review - Quantitative Research
+2Wine Suggestions and TipsTrying to learn about and get more into wine. Anyone have any book/article suggestions to help me learn? Additionally, what are your favorite reasonably priced and then expensive wines? ...3
The Principal Financial Group - Salary & Bonus - Quantitative Research
+1Who wants 500 silver bananas?All you have to do is help me get a FO IB job or internship at a halfway decent NYC firm, and 500 SBs are yours......22
+1How would you get terminal value for a project?Let's say you are trying to find the NPV of a project. Do projects typically have a terminal value? Would you use terminal growth rate or exit multiple? ...4
Deloitte - Review - Technology Consulting
Deloitte - Salary & Bonus - Technology Consulting
+2Conflicting Superdays, can't decide which one to go to, need adviceI have a superday for a long only asset manager with about $20-50B in AUM and BB ER coming up on the same day. I'm deciding between the two primarily based off of the chance of getting an offer, as well as the exit opps themselves. I want to eventually end up in the best research/investing related p...8
+1Internship experience you haven't started yet?How would you approach listing an internship experience on your resume that you're about to start? Would you even list it at all? What about in the middle of? I have a full-time 6 month co-op that starts in January and ends in July at a bank in Boston, however SA 2020 recruiting is going to start...5
+2Starting AM Fall Co-op, any good reading material?I'm starting soon and wanted to know what I could do to sharpen my skills besides working on Excel and whatnot....4
+3Vote Red THIS IS THE ILLEGAL ALIEN COP KILLER FEATURED IN PRESIDENT TRUMP'S AD THAT FOX, NBC & CNN SAID WAS RACIST AND PULLED OFF THE AIR. This criminal illegal alien, Luis Bracamontes, murdered two California police officers - Sacramento County Sheriff's Deputy Danny Oliver and Placer County Sheriff's De...47
+1Stock Pitch Template? Does anyone on here have a nice template for a stock pitch? My design skills arent the best and I feel like my word document looks dull. Would really appreciate it if you can send a word doc to [email protected] Thanks! ...1
Willamette Management Associates - Salary & Bonus - Valuation
+1Corporate Banking Explained?I have searched across the forum, and various internet boards for some more information on corporate banking but it is either not specific to BB banks or it does not explain clearly some of the key expectations. Does anyone on here have some information regarding corporate banking careers in bulg...1
+1PNC Capital Markets ResultsInterviewed at their super day last Friday. Has everyone already heard back? If so, when? I've heard that it can take up to a week but still worried. ...1
+6HL RX vs Evercore RX vs PJT RSSGHey you all, Hoping to get some help deciding on what to take. Fortunate enough to have an offer from two of the three above groups (RX for HL/Evercore/PJT) and wondering if anyone could give some information about them on the following attributes (leaving it open to all 3 for anonymity and to make ...48
+1Is Google dirtier than Wall Street?Just read the NY Times article about the sexual harassment at Google that led to the employee walk-out. Thought it was going to be about something small and Jesus tap-dancing Christ I did not know it was Wolf of Wall Street up in that bitch: * Larry Page (founder): dated Marissa Mayer (she...13
+4Whom do female bankers/consultants date?Given their busy schedules, in your personal experience or experience of friends, who do they usually date and who do they usually end up with? Do they typically go for other bankers/consultants, marketing, sales, artsy types, doctors, lawyers, trades people etc? ...10
+1Credit - High Yield ResearchDoes anyone know where I can get sell side HY research? Ideally on specific companies or on a sector coverage level? Also, in NYC or Boston what are some of the more boutique investment firms doing active fundamental credit research? ...3
+1Landing the Coveted BB SA Internship in AustraliaHi all I'm here in hope of some criticism and opinions on my candidacy and competitiveness for obtaining a summer internship, preferably with a bulge bracket. In terms of education, I attend a target school in Australia (one of the G8 universities) and have a 3.5/4.0 GPA - nothing flash, but m...3
Newbury Capital Partners - Review - Generalist
+3Best Group at Barclays/JPMWhat is the best group to go into for summer internship/FT at Barclays and JPM in terms of exit opportunities for PE? ...8
+1I need to consolidate the BS with the CFS so they "match" when I will be modeling the DCF. Big problems!Hi all! I am facing a big issue with the part of consolidating the CFS and BS so they "match." I am referring to the process that you have to go through to organize the BS and CF statements in such a way that they will flow into each other and there will be no items left on the BS without an equi...1
+1Family Offices LifestyleThis has been covered in some length, but thoughts on joining a family office reporting to the CIO. General progression in title, pay, skill set? Hours? Networking? Low Key family office, hard to find deal info. Would also do portfolio (stock) allocation. Real Estate arm too. $2-6B in A...1
+2Best LBO Template for Case Study?I've seen a few templates floating around that can vary quite substantially and was wondering what templates you guys use in case studies where you have 45 mins - 1 hr to build out the entire model. Assuming for case studies it makes sense to use a 1 tab simplified model. Curious to see if there's a...6
+3Underwriting Commercial Real Estate LoansHello, I'm starting a new job where my first project will involve risk modeling for commercial real estate loans. What do those of you in the business look at when you underwrite these things, and why? What are the major risks to consider? Thanks!...8
Merrill Lynch Wealth Managment - Review - N/A
Merrill Lynch Wealth Managment - Salary & Bonus - N/A
+3Freddie Mac Multifamily SuperdayJust got sent the agenda for Freddie Mac's Multifamily "Freddie Day". Anyone have any advice/any idea what the interview process will be like? Thanks in advance. ...12
+4Should I use seeking alpha with caution?Hi, to keep me updated and get more insights on market activity I followed the advice to subscribe for seeking alpha's 'Wall Street Breakfast'. In addition to that, how would you recommend to use the remaining information provided on seeking alpha? Should I treat it as cautiously as I e.g. would ...10
+1Argus AE for Asset ManagementDoes anyone use Argus for asset management? I have always used AE for acquisition, but am trying to get full utility from the software. Would love to hear how your shop utilizes it....5
+1Secondary PELooking at an Associate spot with a sub $1bn secondary firm. How does the analysis/diligence differ from growth equity (assume more execution than sourcing)? How well does the experience translate into other private buy-side positions, or moving into an operating roll, versus say an M&A Assoc spot w...1
+11Distressed HFs compared to Distressed Credit within PE FirmsI was wondering what people think about working for distressed HFs (Silver Point, Anchorage, etc.) compared to distressed businesses within larger funds (say, GSO or Oaktree distressed). The latter category has stable capital, with all the structural advantages that brings. They are able to invest i...25
Strategy& - Review - Power
Strategy& - Salary & Bonus - Power
JPMorgan Chase - Review - Mergers and Acquisitions
Marcus and Millichap Real Estate Investment Services - Review - Sales
JPMorgan Chase - Salary & Bonus - Mergers and Acquisitions
Marcus and Millichap Real Estate Investment Services - Salary & Bonus - Sales
+1What is the absolute minimum that you should expect as a starting salary at a boutique investment bank?Title basically says it all. I'm in the process of interviewing other investment banks to lateral as an experienced analyst. Total comp at my first bank is abysmal (think $60k total comp in a major city) but I gained great M&A transaction experience. What should be my minimum for salary requirements...1
+60Updated Summer 2019 SA Open ApplicationsHi everyone, I know there's a mega-thread for this but that thread doesn't seem to have the most accurate information. Investment Banks With Summer 2019 Applications Open Summer 2018 applications have barely closed and it's already time to start thinking about 2019. The following firms have...561
Goldman Sachs - Interview - Corporate Banking
+3Is it possible for nobody to get an A?Have you ever been in a class where the professor didnt give one single person an A? Is that even allowed at most institutions? ...10
+2Retail-focused PEMonkeys: I was wondering if anyone could share info on the leading boutique players for the retail/consumer buy-side. I am looking to learn more about specialist funds that are retail exclusive or (at least semi-exclusive). Would love to hear about key firms, deal strategies, life at the associa...3
+4Multifamily DD Terms - What are you seeing?Question to all the monkeys who work in MF out there: Have you recently seen a dramatic change in DD terms whether it's deposit amounts (hard money up front or just stupid $), DD periods of 10 days or less, contingency periods of 10 days or less, or just other super aggressive/whacky closing terms o...19
+1DDIC contributor on resume - yes or no?Hi guys: Is it considered a positive or not to list "contributor to DDIC" on resume during experienced lateral recruiting? (especially if one is switching strategies a bit). On the surface it would seem to me that this would be a positive, but how do funds view people who write about ideas on the...1
+1A career choice to make : Breaking into Venture CapitalHi everyone. I wanted to get some advice on offers I currently have from the perspective of breaking into Venture Capital. But before that a brief background: - Edtech entrepreneur (2+ years, eventually closed) - 3+ years of Product Management experience at two of the biggest e-commerce startups...1
Pretium Partners LLC
+16Best M&A news source?Just wondering what sources people generally rely on to get broad M&A news, including the more industry-relevant details (leverage multiples, funding mechanisms, lead banks/law firms, etc.). I'm looking in particular for a place to get the "less newsworthy" deals on my radar. ...37
+11Uber IPO and the Morgan Stanley Banker / Driver[Is this real life]( Apparently MS banker Michael Grimes has been "moonlighting" as an Uber driver for years. This is the same guy who has le...24
+2How to forecast working capital items ?Hi everyone ! I'm wondering how can I forecast working capital and more specifically " current asset or current liabilities". I first took the opening and the closing balance previous year and I calculated the variation. But, I would like to find a better methods. If you can suggest me some artic...7
JP Morgan Securities - Review - Other
JP Morgan Securities - Salary & Bonus - Other
BDO - Review - Corporate Finance
+3Real Estate “Production Analyst”does anyone have experience in this role? I’m very confused on the difference between this and that of a business analyst. Any help would be appreciated! ...6
Mount Sinai Hospital - Salary & Bonus - N/A
+16Will the Tech industry take over?Had a question for you guys. The tech industry is the type of thing that seems too good to be true but actually turns out to be true. I have three main reasons to believe the most talented students will move in droves to the tech industry unless something changes. 1) Automation is set to get...38
BDO - Salary & Bonus - Corporate Finance
Evercore - Review - Investment Banking
0The line between insanity and geniusWhere is the line between insanity and genius. The smartest people of our time, Richard Feinman, Alan Turing, Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, among many many others. These guys all have one thing in common, they have boarded the line of insanity. Locking themselves up in rooms by themselves with noth...3
Evercore - Salary & Bonus - Investment Banking
+1Help a KoreanI am currently working at sales&marleting at a major oil corporation in Korea for around a year now. I fetched finance career in my undergrad but did not work out very well so I ended up here. I am pretty happy with where I am now but that inch of frustration is still there... Though I graduated ...3
+101st year analyst - how to prepare for 1st year end review this year?**1st Year Analyst (started in June) after UG** How should I prepare for the year end review that will happen in December? It goes without saying, obviously I’ll keep doing what I’m doing, working hard, learning, and improving my skill set. I understand it’s several weeks out, but o...29
+6Buying an Apartment in NYCFirst time buyer here currently looking at studio condo apartments in NYC in the ...39
+2Hair wax/gel suggestionsAfter deciding to keep my hair long this fall, I'd like to know which hair wax or gel you guys use No wet look if possible, just to fix them Something available in UK/London or through Amazon Cheers...6
BlackRock - Review - Portfolio Management
+1Technology Consulting PwCJust wondering what are your thoughts on Technology Consulting at PwC? NYC office Pros Cons Compensation...4
BlackRock - Salary & Bonus - Portfolio Management
+1Do you think trading is rigged?Just wondering what your thoughts are about becoming a trader/quant is there a way to actually make money trading or is it a zero sum game where you always lose in the long run? ...2
+1Asset Management Internship PreparationHow do you all feel that I should best prepare for a mid-market, mid-AUM internship? First week don'ts? What makes employers cringe?...1
Tolleson Wealth Management
Nomura Holdings - Interview - Global Markets
+8AMA: Australian IB (+ life, etc.)All, I have some free time over the next couple of days and I've seen a few posts asking about Australian IB, getting a job in Australia, life in Australia etc. over the last few weeks so thought I'd do an AMA for anyone interested. Happy to answer questions about Australian IB, life here etc. - ...123
+1What Is Calminax?Calminax Tinnitus may be a condition that more than likely deals with everybody. Typically, nevertheless, these aren't the sole ailments. With time, focus as well as also memory problems start to look, and likewise worries about the labyrinth, which might be extremely annoying and additionally unsig...1
+13What schools have the largest student-run investment funds?I've been unable to find a comprehensive list of student managed funds at both the undergraduate and MBA level. Would anyone here happen to know which schools have funds >$1 million?...70
+8Most Innovative Real Estate Projects and CompaniesAs I sit here at my desk procrastinating by flipping through Urban Land magazine, I'm peppered by images of Boston Properties/Hines' Salesforce Tower, a top ten list of buildings with technologies that add versatility and conserve resources, and a description of how Related's Hudson Yards uses "big ...28
0Learn from my college mistakes to become a successful investment bankerI'm writing this to give you guys some insight on the exact path you should take if you want to land a job at BB or top tier bank. I've made every mistake you could possibly make in a business career and in my late 20s I have nothing to show and am literally living in my car with $2,000 cash in my b...27