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+1Places to live in NYC this summer that is not NYU? What's a good place or site to use to get a decent housing arrangement this summer? NYU is like 4600 almost for the entire summer and am trying to find something less because I feel that's just not worth what you're getting. I saw have pretty dam decent housing and it'd be ...IB3
+18 Ball Pool Hack Available On GameHackTips Site8 Ball Pool Hack snooker balls are officially standardized to 52.5 mm (approximately 2 + 1/15 in) in diameter within a tolerance of plus or minus 0.05 mm (0.002 in). Standard weight is not defined, but all balls in the set must have the same weight within a tolerance of 3 g. [7] However, several...OFF1
0Salaries for Corporate Finance post-MBA?I'm interested in doing an MBA and then working at a consulting firm for a couple years. After that I want to switch to Corp finance, corp dev, or corp strat. How much do people make in these corporate jobs? When should I expect to break $200k? Where do most max out at?...CF31
+1"Where do you see yourself in five years?"For this type of interview question is: "I see my self possessing as CFA," a good answer? ...JOB81
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+3WSO Internships & Employment OpportunitiesJoin the Wall Street Oasis Team Open opportunities for students: ...JOB11
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+2Get Your Resume Reviewed by Industry ProsRecruiting season is here make sure you're ready for it with a Finance Resume and/or Cover Letter Review from one of our expert resume reviewers. Need it done in a hurry? Expedited Service is available (72 hours or less*). If you're not serious about breaking into Wall Street, you shou...48
+1S.E.C. Blocks Chinese Takeover of Chicago Stock Exchange..Great news guys, The S.E.C. just blocked a subsidiary of Chongqing Casin Enterprise Group from acquiring the Chicago Stock Exchange for $20M USD. [quote]A federal securities regulator on Thursday struck down the proposed $20 million acquisition of a Chicago-based trading hub, the Chicago Stock...MKT1
+1Getting references from analystsInterviewing with a PE firm, and they asked for references. My experience has consisted of internships at one bank and one small VC gig. The latter is easy because the team was like 3 people, so the VP is more than willing to give a reference. The former is a little trickier because I had ve...PE1
+2Am I being taken seriously?I'm currently a Freshmen trying to network for a PWM internship around my area. I've sent LinkedIn messages asking for some time on the phone about my interests in the industry but not getting anything. My number 1 goal right now is to transfer to a better school next year but I definitely want to t...AM16
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+2How to buy stock with a credit card?I'm a little invested but I feel like right now us a good opportunity for me to make bank. So to that end what are some good ways to buy stock with my credit card? Should I just buy some gold then immediately sell it etc. My limit is 27k for all three cards....IB13
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+1Career change neededI have been at a firm doing valuation work for about a year and am finding out that I strongly dislike the work for a few reasons: 1- I know I am in finance, but I really dislike working in huge excel models all day. I am not terrible at it but I find that it drains me and bores me to death. 2...JOB2
+1Serious advice seeking: What track to pick in finance?? n/a n/aaa n/a n/aaa n/a n/aaa n/a n/aaa n/a n/aaa n/a n/aaa n/a n/a n/aaa n/a n/aaa...OTH1
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+16Why are recruiters so useless?I’ve dealt with both internal corporate recruiters and external (headhunters) and I continue to be amazed at how awful they are as a rule. I applied to a super regional bank, a recruiter reached out with some questions and stated that after I filled it out they’d reach out to set up a time t...IB59
+1Young business owner trying a career changeI own a small business that I can sell and want a career change to Wall Street. However I lack the experience and did not graduate from a prestigious school. ( I attended a D3 liberal arts school for 3 years before transferring to Kent state) my BA degree is not in finance. Are the IB courses worth ...JOB17
+1Looking for CorpDev Analyst - best recruiter?I'm at a fintech company out of Vegas and we'll likely be looking for a corpdev analyst fresh out of banking in the next few months. Anyone know which recruiters are best known for corpdev on the west coast / southwest?...CF2
+1Onex Partners InfoWondering if anyone has insights into what working at Onex is like? Comp? Lifestyle? There oldest thread where anyone has provided insights is from 2010 so not exactly recent. ...PE4
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+2Which is more sensitive in a DCF: FCF or the Discount Rate? Looking at the impact of increasing taxes on valuation. On one hand, (assuming debt is in the capital structure) the cost of debt decreases due to the larger impact of the tax shield. This reduces the associated risk of debt thus reducing the risk profile of the company, reducing the cost of tha...IB9
+1garch modeli have a time series of stock return, for which i would like to estimate conditional volatility by a garch model. My aim is not to correct an ARMA model, but only to estimate conditional variance. I used in matlab, estimate garch offset for p=1 and q=1. For some variables with outliers i have in...ER1
+3Private banking internship in Monaco or in PWM in Canada? (2nd year student)Hi, I'm a 2nd year university student currently living in Montreal (Canada) looking to get an IB internship next year. I received two offers for this summer: 1. Intern at a large private bank in Monaco 2. PWM internship at a large bank in Montreal. I want to have a career in Canada, but love Monac...IB3
+1High School Question420.....................................::..25$(225)?:/:$743 avjuszsargggg420.....................................::..25$(225)?:/:$743 avjuszsargggg ...IB2
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+1Queens for S&T?Hello just joined the forums, I currently attend a Canadian non-target aiming to end up in S&T. I am looking to transfer to a target and I was wondering which school places the best in S&T (Preferably trading). Searching "Sales and Trading" on LinkedIn, I found a lot of Alumni from Ivey (which is...TR3
+1Best Quotes Something fun while in the office this sunday: Favorite/Best quote you've heard from a HF manager while in the office/outside the office...HF1
+1Oh god oh god. Background checks :(I've recently been offered a position at an MBB... not in a consulting role but in a support role for another department. I am about to start the background process and wondering what to expect. Do you fill out forms online with previous employer contact details etc or speak to hr? Do they check bac...JOB5
+42018-02-182018-02-18 ...IB41
0Best GMAT Prep Books for Self-Study - Recommendations Hey guys, I am planning to start prepping for the GMAT next summer during my internship (it will be in F500 corporate finance so I will have plenty of time on the side lol) and I was wondering what books and materials do you fellow monkeys recommend for self studying? I would do a course if th...BSCH65
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0D.E. Shaw RecruitingI see a lot of posts about how selective D.E. Shaw is with its hires My questions are: How many people do they take straight out of UG? Do they do take interns? Has anyone switched to D.E. Shaw after M&A, or is the best chance of getting into Shaw through the initial FT offer? How does anyo...HF30
+2Inheriting 20m- how to best prepare?What roles would you transition to if you knew you were poised to inherit $20m? I am currently in a management consulting role but am considering transitioning to high finance roles that way I will Be well prepared to handle my money and build my network to multiply my capital. Particularly looking ...JOB7
0Company Compensation: Bank of America Merrill LynchIB
0Summit Strategies GroupSummit Strategies Group is one of the industry’s leading investment consultants focused on developing long-term partnerships with institutional investors. Founded in 1995, we have been serving our clients, including endowments and foundations, hospitals and health care systems, public funds, c...
0EV/EBITDA vs EV/EBIT vs EV/(EBITDA-capex)? Please help?Hi guys, Could someone please help explain the difference of when to use EV/EBIT vs EV/(EBITDA-capex)? I know you generally use EV/EBIT for companies with high capex, why though? Because of the high D&A, but don't you want to account for that? like EBITDAR for airlines, gaming/casinos, etc? I gue...OFF31
+10Private Equity: How to Analyze a CIM Effectively?All, I work at a middle-market fund (started about 8 months ago here) and wanted to learn from someone qualified (associate level or above) who works on the buyside what the best and most efficient way to analyze a CIM is (Confidential Information Memorandum, for those who're not aware is a 40-50+ p...PE33
+1Private Company vs Public. Why Not Just Stay Private?Interesting story going on right now with AirBnb. There's some who want to take the company public and some who want to keep it private. This leads me to think about what is actually better for a company that thrives without public investment. **Wouldn't it be better to avoid the public scrutiny ...OTH1
+8Programming/Technical Skills for Finance: SQL and PythonFinance and Programming I find that there are a lot of skeptics on WSO as to whether or not programming abilities are useful in finance. Believe it or not, it's more than just for developers and quants, and with the way the industry (and the world) is becoming more and more automated and technolo...35
0Thoughts on Fashion Belts? (Ferragamo, Gucci, LV, etc.)I've never seen anyone wearing Gucci or LV belts (or even Hermes) but I constantly see Ferragamo belts. So what are your thoughts on this? Is Ferragamo ok but Gucci and LV not? What Kind of Belt Should I Buy for Work? Generally, our users feel that LV, Gucci, and Ferragamo belts are accepta...FASH75
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0Company Compensation: Boston Consulting Group (BCG)CO
+3Choosing between mid tier BB vs Oxbridge MAI'm originally from North America and am attending a university (UCL/KCL) in London and have accepted an offer from a mid tier BB in London (DB/UBS/CS) but also recently learned that I have been accepted for a MA Public Policy program at a Oxford/Cambridge (duration = 1 year). I have contacted th...IB2
+4Debt Placement FeesFor those of you with experience working at a debt placement, what is the most you've seen a broker make in total fees? When he/she finds financing for a $400 million construction loan, what do they typically make? Half a point? ...RE24
+1Leaving a full time job for a summer internshipI took a offer for a banking internship that will last 10 weeks at bank A. However, I work for bank B. Now, I currently work in the retail banking / wealth management business line for Bank B, so I'm my licenses are registered with them. I work in a different line of business that have different cli...JOB5
+2Leave full time job for internship? Would you leave a full time job (at a top company in industry not related to finance) for an internship in a BB IBD to reset your career? Advantages: 1. You get to work in IBD, get relevant experience, and off-cycle interns are likely to convert (more time with the team etc). 2. The internsh...JOB12
+1CMBS and CDSWorking on an investment case study where the national oil company of a sub investment grade country wants to sell its office premises for $150 million on a 15-yr lease with an option to put it back at the end of the lease. Rather than a straight sale where one investor buys the building, I was thin...IB4
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+1golf course interviewHello all, I was hoping someone can chime in here with some advice. I was invited back for a third round interview with the managing partner of a mid-size private equity shop. However, this interview is to take place on the golf course. Anyone have any tips on what I should be expecting from him tom...PE5
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0IFC investment analyst interview content: interview info?Hi there, Does anyone know the format/content of an IFC investment analyst interview? I will be having an interview next week but have absolutely no idea what to expect! Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks!...OTH26
+1Profile Building: Chicago Business Scholars Program or Strategy Summer Internship in China? Hey guys, I'm looking to do a 2-year MiM in Europe next year with an eye on consulting upon graduation (aiming for T2 with MBB reach). Main obstacle in that regard is probably that I have had limited business and no consulting internships as of yet, but I have done several corporate-related lega...CO1
+1Best exam book for Series 79 and Series 63?Hi all, hoping to leverage some of the older more experienced analysts/associates on this site - what are some of the better known books / practice guides for the Series 79 and 63? Additionally, if anyone has any thoughts on the timeline for time it takes between studying and taking the exam that wo...IB4
+3A company uses $50 of cash to buy PP&E, how does the EV change?The answer is supposed to be that EV increases by $50 because you are converting a "non operating" asset (cash) to an "operating" asset (PP&E), but I don't really understand the accounting behind this. Could someone please explain in an alternative way?...IB23
+1Bored of public accounting - looking for fp&a jobHey everyone I'm sure my story is one not too uncommon. I've worked in public accounting at a top 10 CPA firm for about a year and am honestly just bored of it. A friend of mine in investment banking suggested I begin looking for a career in fp&a at any large public company to begin to change my car...1
+2Does Mbb check every employer on your resume?I’ve recently been offered a position at an MBB... not in a consulting role but in a support role for another department. I am about to start the background process and wondering what to expect. Do you fill out forms online with previous employer contact details etc or speak to hr? Do they check b...CO11
+1Strategy for top tier applicationsDear WSO, This late summer I'll start applying to top tier consultancies. I performed poorly in my undergraduate studies in finance at a mid-level uni in my home country (not overly well renowned and def not target school). Scored 690 on the GMAT and entered a top european business school for mas...CO1
+1Profile Building: Chicago Business Scholars Program, or Strategy Summer Internship in China? Hey guys, I'm looking to do a 2-year MiM in Europe next year with an eye on consulting upon graduation (aiming for T2 with MBB reach). Main obstacle in that regard is probably that I have had limited business and no consulting internships as of yet, but I have done several corporate-related lega...BSCH1
+1Was recently invited into the next fund....Background: Was recently invited to be a part of the carry/GP commitment for my firm's new fund, and I'm just a simpleton from Smalltown, USA, so I'm looking for some input from other folks who live in that world or made the transition. Figured I would arm myself with a bit more info here before I...PE1
+1Senior monkeys, what would you do in this junior moneys shoes? The first year of my career is over and I am at a reflection point. I would greatly appreciate any senior monkeys advice on what you would do in my shoes. Please excuse the length, but my decision moving forward will effect the rest of my life, so I didn't want to leave out any details. I see 7 path...JOB1
+1Private Banking AdviceHey Monkeys, So I'm a junior at a good brand name school. Not the very top in terms of academic standing, but definitely not something to laugh at. My goal once I graduate next year is to go into private banking. I don't really have any kind of bank in mind that's at the top of my list, but JP Mo...JOB1
0Startup to automate IB analyst work?I wondered when some startup was going to try and tackle this. Pellucid Analytics is trying to add some automation to the pitchbook generation process. What do you think monkeys? Will this catch on? Will analysts be replaced by software?...IB11
+3Options Post Banking @ Junior VP Level?Been in banking since I was an analyst (at a BB), now at an EB. Spent a year doing something else but pay wasn't great and hated the culture so went back to banking as a reset. The money has been great at the EB, and have gotten great M&A experience without getting destroyed, but Im quickly reachi...OFF16
+2Chances for HBS 2+2 and Stanford: Low GPA (3.4), High GMAT (780) Hey guys, I've come today for a reality check. Just wanted to get some perspectives at my chances at breaking into these schools and whether I should shoot for the moon. Dream is to end up in Silicon Valley in some management capacity so HBS / Stanford would be the fastest track. Two plans r...BSCH6
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+2HR scheduled call day after final roundSo yesterday I had my final round interview. This morning I get an email from the HR recruiter that I have been emailing with the past month. This person just sets up the calls with the PMs who I have spoken to, however this call today is with the HR person. Am I getting a rejection? Would they have...JOB12
+1Infra fund interview - Analyst positionHi everyone. Going into final interview with managing partner and partner in a couple of days and been wondering what to expect? My first interviews we talked about my motivations, experience and salary expectations. 1) If technical questions are expected, what sort? 2) Is it a good time to discu...PE1
+1Can a listed company that is not at risk of bankruptcy choose to end operations?If its possible, what happens to its stock and to its bonds? And is it the same case for a private company?...ER2
+31Aziz Ansari becomes a victim of MeTooFirst, it goes without saying that men who actually rape or assault women or use their power to blackmail, threaten, or intimidate women into engaging in sex, are disgusting human beings who should be castrated and locked up. There is no excuse for it: period. At the same time though, an unfortu...OFF102
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+2Is IB realistic for meHey guys, I know there's a million of these post but I'm really unsure of what to do and could use some feedback on my situation I am a computer engineer from Rutgers University (Big Ten State School) -3.4 gpa (2.7 underclassmen GPA || 4.0 upperclassmen GPA) (due to personal issues my freshman a...IB9
+2Small Private Equity Fun (USD 100m AUM) - Thoughts on life in small PE?All, I would like to hear opinions or experiences regarding life in really small PE shops. How is the pay generally, opportunities going forward, chances of transferring into a larger PE shop? I am currently a first year at a BB/EB, and am looking for a way out as soon as possible. I have an ...PE3
+1Which investment banks out there may be willing to structure/deal non-traditional securities?Say I'm a risk-bearing entity that wants to offload some of my risk via a type of non-traditional security. My understanding is that a bank might underwrite and buy these securities from me, and sell them to investors. Are there any banks known to be willing to take a look at facilitating somethin...IB1
0Company Compensation: MasterCard
+6Feeling Undervalued? Do ThisIn life and in our work, it can be easy to lose our sense of value. We look around at other people who are seemingly achieving more than us, "worth more," or otherwise more valued, and we can get down on ourselves. But when we look at situations differently, take control of our thoughts, and b...IB5
+2Has anyone heard back from the McGill MMF admissions committee yet for an interview - 2018 intakeHi, I applied for the first round of admissions for the McGill MMF program (2018 intake). I attended the last online Q&A session and they were saying that they will probably be reaching out to applicants for interviews some time this week. They mentioned that any applicant within the neighb...BSCH15
+7What websites, newsletters, literature, etc do you read on a daily/weekly basis?I am tired of the fluff pieces on real estate where real estate is always going up and with only watching 3 episodes on HGTV your grandma can flip a 20 unit apartment building with 0% down. Market reports from brokerage firms, articles on Reuters and Forbes, etc are all just mouth pieces for Realto...RE63
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+13Correction time, is it finally happening?Or is it too early to post Ron Paul.gif? Pretty exciting. Take your guess, we'll see in a week who was right. Make sure to see the top comment below by UFOinsider. **Tuesday update:** **Thursday update: ** **End of the week update: ** I'd say the thread winning calls are from ...MKT133
+5Anyone here who bought their own house/place?I will be starting as a post-MBA Associate in BB IBD. Thinking about taking the plunge with my parents help. Any advice? ...OFF67
+6What are the small things your colleague you sit next to does that makes you furious? Sitting 10+ hours a day next to someone can either be a curse or a blessing. Either way, there is bound to be some trivial thing he/she does that make you want to smash your head through your keyboard. I've encountered the sneeze on their their hand then use your keyboard colleague, the low volume n...OFF35
+1Onex Toronto RecruitmentHi everyone, First year analyst here in NY, looking to move back to Canada soon for family reason. Was wondering if anyone knows the timeline, recruitment process and headhunter handling Pre-MBA associate hiring at Onex Toronto office. How does the logistic look like for someone not currently wor...IB2
+2How DO you Find EV of a Private Company ????If you have the financials of a private company how do you find the enterprise value? Is it just the total of the assets (market value) + net debt? Thank you!!!!...IB7
+1Bring up career ending injury to potential employers? Good evening mates, **Summary: Had car accident which forced me to leave job. Should this be mentioned anywhere before a potential employer asks why I quit my current job? ** All cured now. Pros: Explanation for being unemployed Explain what I learned while being unemployed (although part...OFF4
0Company Interview: Deutsche Boerse Group
0Deutsche Boerse Group
+2What does your IRA allocation look like? Monks, I've recently updated my IRA fund allocation, still heavy on equity side, a few balanced/bond %. *In regards to specific market caps/regions, what are you attracted to? * Deleted - disregard. ...OFF11