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+24Intern asks for 2 weeks of vacation time?Hi all, This past month a fellow summer analyst asked me if I thought management would mind if he took a 2 week vacation to visit his girl friend in Italy. Let me remind you that this is a 10-12 week internship... This guy has always been sort of an odd ball, but this was plain shocking. I to...35
+3What would be a good second major to Mathematics for IB?Hey there, I am a math major currently considering a double major. I am considering finance and economics, but I was wondering what would be other good options? Thanks...11
+1Is it acceptable to be interning post graduation? Hey guys I’ve been browsing WSO for a while now and it’s helped me out a lot, also given me a good amount of laughs. My question however is since I couldn’t find it in other threads is, is it normal/acceptable to be interning post graduation. I’m a recent may grad and I completely screwed up...1
+1Dividend Growth ModelHow does the dividend model value stocks? Why isn't it a good idea to use the dividend growth model for growth stocks? Also, should a project be accepted or rejected if the NPV is $1? If in fact the discount rate is conservative...1
+1Best C&R Groups in LondonHi all, What are the best consumer & retail groups in London? I have heard good things about Centerview and Lazard which is not surprising... Interested in interning in CRG at a MM/Boutique/BB. Thanks in advance...4
+1Do I have a shot at scoring an interview with a top CRE firm?* I'm a 28yo UG senior @ UC Berkeley * Expected graduation date: May, 2019 * Major: Urban Studies (City Planning) * Silently emphasizing in Econ (Int. Micro/Macro, Urban, and a Graduate course: Land Use Controls) * Relevant work experience before transferring to Cal: Three years as a residentia...4
+2Canada or Australia, Where should I go to study to end up in equity research/fund management?Hi all! I am an Asian student majoring in economics. I am in my final year of undergrad and successfully cleared CFA level 1. I want to begin my career in investment research/asset management/ fundamental equity research. I don't have preference for buyside or sell side at the beginning but want ...8
+2Ability to Directly Help PeopleI was wondering about the ability to help others in finance as a whole, and IB specially. I am a high school senior, so I have not really been exposed to IB/finance that much, but I looking into it, to see if it would be something that I am interested in pursuing in college. When looking at possible...2
Simon Kucher Partners - Salary & Bonus - Generalist
+1Barclays Public Finance 2019 What kinds of questions did they ask you in the interview? What kind of experience is necessary for me to be put into good stead for a position. Was there a first round hirevue...1
Natixis - Review - N/A
Natixis - Salary & Bonus - N/A
JP Morgan Securities - Interview - Trading
+24AMA: Just finished managing 3 summer analysts I’m VP at a BB in a BO role. Our cohort of summer interns just finished so thought I would do an AMA. To kick off, here’s 5 things I would advise to students after going through this process. 1 - **Being social matters.** Yes, we’ll put you to work but no one is expecting you to move mount...34
Nippon Life Global Investors
+1Apple Watch does anyone here have an apple watch series 3 and if so any recommendations on a good case? thank you ...2
HIG Capital - Salary & Bonus - Generalist
Accel-KKR - Review - Generalist
Accel-KKR - Salary & Bonus - Generalist
+1Cover letter : how to value one's experience at Elite Boutique to go to BB Bank without saying too much how great it isHi, I am currently applying for summer internship in BB Banks and I've performed a 6 month m&A internship at an Elite boutique. Of course, I gained a lot of experience and the fact of working within a small team gave me a great insight and lots of responsibilities, and i guess , more than i wou...1
Moelis & Company - Interview - Investment Banking
Pomona CapitalFounded in 1994, Pomona Capital is a global, value-oriented private equity firm specializing in secondary investing and providing liquidity solutions for investors....
+2Brandes Investment Partners — Thoughts on Firm Compared to Peers?Does anyone have any recent insight into Brandes compared to similar firms? I've searched the forums but most of the discussion is rather old. How do they treat their research associates/analysts, etc? Any tips on what they like to see in candidates? Thanks....6
+1What can I do as an undergraduate to better prepare me for finding a job?Hello, I am 20 years old going into my second year at a top 100 national US school. As a transfer student, my credits are a bit odd so I am not a sophomore until after the Fall 2018 term. I want to get involved with as many opportunities, events, professional visits, informational interviews, ...2
+6Ever busted for sneaking out early on Friday? It's Friday. Summer. None of you wanna be there at work. What's the protocol for sneaking out a little early on a summer Friday, maybe right after lunch? If the boss is gone, is it doable? Or just too damn risky? ...28
+1short stock pitch reviewhi, would anyone with experience in the industry be willing to review a short stock pitch? if yes, pm me your email and I'll send it to you. Don't want to put it out here because I'm planning to use it for upcoming interviews. It's a 1-2 page short on a chinese company I believe is a fraud and is...6
+5debt side vs equity sideJust got off the phone with a real estate analyst in the debt group @ Blackstone for an info interview. He works for the debt team and told me that most kids want to get into the equity side as opposed to the debt side, and that I shouldn't "come in here looking to break into the equity side". ...37
CPP Investment Board - Interview - Generalist
Grosvenor Capital Management - Review - Private Equity
+1Top Tier Regional Bank Corporate Banking Analyst Salary Range?Just curious if anyone could provide me the salary range (and/or bonus ranges) for a corporate banking analyst of a solid regional bank. Any insights would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!...13
Grosvenor Capital Management - Salary & Bonus - Private Equity
Deutsche Bank - Review - Investment Banking
Deutsche Bank - Salary & Bonus - Investment Banking
+350 Applications, 0 Interviews. Suggestions?After reading a similar thread, I've now discovered 50 applications is...well it's adorable to think I'd get a job interview with so few. However, my situation is slightly different than the thread I was reading so I'll ask the WSO community for input. Job Hunt Quick Facts: **Education** 3.9...20
+3Have you ever been called out on non-PC things you have said in the office? I'm pretty PC in most situations, by context. You know who to tread lightly around, in terms of words said. Has someone ever called you out on being non-PC in the office? I've only been called out once. That I can remember. I think I was about 6 weeks into my first job after college and was ...1
Jefferies & Company - Review - Investment Banking
Guardian Life Insurance Company - Interview - Financial Services
+1Credit Suisse 2019 Summer Analyst ProgramHas anybody heard back from their CS 2019 application? Mine has been under review for 6 weeks thus far....1
+3Struggling to understand the nuances between an exchange and a market maker Hi, I am currently reviewing the mechanics of an exchange market (i.e. not OTC) and how a market maker essentially fits into it. And yes, I've heard the standard answer of a market maker: "An MM provides liquidity to a market by and purchasing and selling securities at a designated price". I ther...9
Jefferies & Company - Salary & Bonus - Investment Banking
Willis Towers Watson - Review - Insurance
Willis Towers Watson - Salary & Bonus - Insurance
+2Investment Banking Bonuses 2018 Anybody have any input on bonuses for analysts this year (2018)? Please include: Analyst Level (1, 2, or 3): Coverage or Product Group: Base: Bonus: ...2
+1When are Goldman SuperdaysWhen are Goldman Sachs super days typically? Due to coop program scheduling, I need to have accepted an offer before May, but that is also when some super days have been held. If you apply early do you get an earlier super day? Thanks...1
0Audit --> Corporate Acct --> Corporate FP&A OR Big4 FDD --> MBAI have a specific question for my current situation and would be curious to hear what people think: I had ~2.5yrs Big 4 audit experience and then left for a corporate accounting role in the healthcare technology industry. The company is public but still small enough that I wound up splitting time...3
0I completely messed up a case study!!!I completely messed up a case study! I was given a take-home LBO case study for an FT position with a MM bank I am applying for. Is there a chance I can still move further or should I throw in the towel? The next step is going into the office to meet MD and VP's....10
+1Please tear apart my resume - 3rd Year AnalystI'm 2/3 of the way through my FLDP and am looking at other very select opportunities. I havent updated my resume since college so all my FT experience is new here. Please tear it apart. Any advice is much appreciated.. just trying to gauge how this will be viewed by a 3rd party....1
0Things the interviewer said...I interviewed for a lateral hire at a top management consulting company...I've been working at a different industry for a long time... The way you approached the case interview was novel and unique Your thought process has a competitive edge Are you really sure you want this job? What other ca...1
+12-hour modelling test - sector specific?I was asked to come in for a 2-hour test. Based on previous forums I am assuming it will be a model update + written component. In your experience, was the modelling sector specific? Ie. I am interviewing for FIG but the ratios used to value FIG companies will be completely different than for instan...1
+1Best way to find a new tenant for an apartment?Hey guys, so I got this job offer in another city, and I'm looking to break the lease for my current place. The breakup fee is 3 months rent, plus 60 days notice (so essentially on the hook for 5 months). I can get away with the 60 days notice though if I can find another tenant. What are the bes...1
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MUFG - Review - Corporate Banking
+1CV - Bullet points formattingHi fellow monkeys, I will be applying to 2019 summer internships (IBD) in London soon. For my most recent internship I do have a 'sub bullet' line. What do you think about it? I am only using it once in my entire CV, is that a deal breaker or should I change it to a normal bullet point? Thanks...1
MUFG - Salary & Bonus - Corporate Banking
CPP Investment Board - Salary & Bonus - Private Equity
CPP Investment Board - Salary & Bonus - Private Equity
+1Would you ever work a for company if your don't like their 10k?Question is simple, would you work for a company if you don't think it is a good investment after their 10k showing all indicator of a disaster waiting to happen (Cash burn, wastage, bad management) even if they pay you well and the benefits is good...3
Goldman Sachs - Review - Securities
+2I have a million dollars in my IBKR account and will get 10 million more next year, how do I successfully create a hedge fund?I'm 19 years old and in a unique situation where me and my friend (his dad is an ultra wealthy Chinese entrepreneur) were given a million dollars to invest and use to create a rudimentary fund management firm. We were told that if we could outperform the market and create a strong foundation for a l...4
Goldman Sachs - Salary & Bonus - Securities
+1Post graduate coursework? Needs to be reported?Took some classes after college. Did well in them but feel like they would detract from my story, as they are unrelated to what my future goals are. Is it necessary to report? Can I get away without reporting them. ...3
JPMorgan Chase - Review - Corporate Finance
JPMorgan Chase - Salary & Bonus - Corporate Finance
+9Join the Email & WhatsApp groups for your city Join the email list for your city to receive updates on future WSO events in your city. When signing up you will also receive a welcome email with a link to join your city's WhatsApp group. We created these WhatsApp groups with the goal of making it easier for WSO members to organize events / happy ...68
+443Dumbest thing you've said in an interviewCurious about the dumbest things you've ever said in an interview that make for a funny story. I had a coffee meet with associate/vp today (family friend). I have f'd up couliflower ears from wrestling/mma. The associate was a wrestler and commented something along the lines of *"I see wrestling...258
+1Is Claremont Mckenna considered a target school or at least a semi-target?I've been admitted to claremont mckenna recently but I've been hearing mixed things either it is really good or it isn't. So I wanna know what most people think of CMC...2
+1Should I study operations engineering with a concentration in Financial Engineering at undergraduate level at Columbia?Hey, so in one of the colleges I got into, Claremont McKenna, I can do a 3/2 programme where I study economics at CMC for 3 years and then going to Columbia for 2 years to get a BS from the engineering department. Do you think studying operations research with a concentration in financial engineerin...2
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+12019 Summer Analyst ProgramAre there any places in the U.S. that are still open to apply for the summer 2019 internship? Thanks for the help....1
Peter J Solomon Company - Salary & Bonus - Investment Banking
+1Is this a possible "Golden Ticket"? How do I use this referral?I am a raising senior who interned at an economic consultancy this summer. The internship program is known to not give return offers. Knowing this, I ended up doing a project for a global partner. We got coffee several times, and got along great. He complimented me on the deliverable and ended u...1
+13MSF or MBA for my experience level?Long story short, I didn't get the exact job I wanted out of college (non-target private school in northeast) and am working on the product rather than securities side in fixed income. I want to transition to a capital markets or trading, or research role where I can interact more with the actual se...31
Bank of America Merrill Lynch - Review - Investment Banking
Bank of America Merrill Lynch - Salary & Bonus - Investment Banking
+3thoughts on PIMCO?- What is their reputation like in the street? - What is the exit opp like if one decides to pursue ibanking? would it be helpful at all coming from the buy side? or is it irrelevant?...132
Bank of America Merrill Lynch - Review - Mergers and Acquisitions
Bank of America Merrill Lynch - Salary & Bonus - Mergers and Acquisitions
+2Moelis Houston FT recruitingdeletedeletedeletedeletedeletedeletedeletedeletedeletedeletedeletedeletedeletedeletedeletedeletedeletedelete...2
+3Back office to IB analyst attemptsI have been in my current role with a BB BO role for a year and five months and interned junior to senior year. I knew I wanted either ib or research around the time of my internship but did not secure either after having one full time ib analyst interview on campus. In the past few months I have ha...6
Centerview Partners - Interview - Investment Banking
Bank of America Merrill Lynch - Salary & Bonus - Mergers and Acquisitions
+5Brown vs UChicago for undergrad?I'm just a lower middle class kid in the Midwest. I'm not super smart, I'm lucky plus a lot of chutzpah, I guess. Where should I go? The challenge of Chicago sounds alluring, but I know I can't hang with any kids there, so will I be treated like an idiot ... or will intensity actually force me to gr...24
+1How to move on from Commercial Banking?Hope I'm posting in the right place. I've recently rolled off a grad program in the Commercial/Corporate Banking of a MM bank. They really like me but there's not much they can offer me in terms of career progression that would teach me more complex technical skills/modelling. Basically, I don't ...1
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PwC PricewaterhouseCoopers - Review - Generalist
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+1Best I-Banks in Toronto for Analyst Entering Second YearI've been working at a big five bank in Toronto for the past year. Sector is good, but the group barely executes. I'm getting sick of working on pitch after pitch and have it go nowhere. What's worse is that the other analyst who started with me summered in the group and got an opportunity to work o...1
Credit Suisse - Salary & Bonus - Investment Banking
Boston Consulting Group (BCG) - Review - Generalist
Boston Consulting Group (BCG) - Salary & Bonus - Generalist
+6Best "Performance" Dress ShirtJuly in Texas has me actually succumbing to the marketing power of the bro-startup companies that are hawking sweat-wicking dress shirts. I've occasionally seen users mention mizzen+main, twillory, state and liberty, etc. I don't trust the reviews of these things on their websites, and if you tr...33
+2Assistant Project ManagerI've recently been offered a position as an assistant project manager at a smaller MF development company. I've currently worked in investment sales for 1 year at Marcus & Millichap and have decided to pursue opportunities within the development sector of the industry. Development is much more fasci...3
Bank of America Merrill Lynch - Review - Investment Banking
Bank of America Merrill Lynch - Salary & Bonus - Investment Banking
+2how is oppenheimer?How is IB at Oppenheimer? I know it's not the greatest, but wondering if it would still be a good place to work with decent exits? This is for Full-time, not internship...6
Moody's Analytics Knowledge Services - Review - ERS - Enterprise Risk Services
Moody's Analytics Knowledge Services - Salary & Bonus - ERS - Enterprise Risk Services
+1Tax DepreciationHi all, Struggling with answering the following: You buy an asset for 100, operationally it is depreciated over 10 years but tax wise over 5 years, how does the Balance Sheet look like after 3 and after 7 years? Keeping in mind Accrued Losses Thanks for the help ...1
+2Just started at a TMT M&A boutique - Exit Opps?I've recently joined a boutique focusing on the TMT sectors straight out of college. The team is tiny (7 people in total) and is run by a veteran in the TMT and M&A sector. Team is overall good, hours and pay are pretty good, but I have some reservations regarding my own personal exit opportunities....8
+1Question About Cashflow statementHey WSO, I've been having trouble learning why would you add or subtract from the cashflow statement. I understand stuff like, add back depreciation/amortization but stuff like deferred income taxes. How should I know when it adds or subtracts something from net income and thus affects cf from opera...4