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+3Dartmouth Undergrad HF? Should I transfer?I'm an incoming freshman at Dartmouth extremely interested in breaking into HF after undergrad. I know it's incredibly difficult and was wondering if it's worth trying to transfer to HYPS/Wharton after my freshman year. I've heard that the few HFs that do OCR are very selective and only do it at HYP...19
+2Point72 Superday 2019Decided it would be a good idea to make a thread for the Point72 2019 Superday. If anyone has any experience or insight to what the superday is like please share below. Good luck to everyone!...7
Boenning & Scattergood - Review - Investment Banking
+2Ethical Concern Regarding Investment Banking ApplicationHi everyone, I recently found out that a close friend of mine applied to major banks as a certain racial diversity (even though he is of a non-diverse race) - he is close enough to pass as a member of the race. I don't want to turn this thread into a debate over the merits of affirmative action b...17
+202019 Race/Competition Goals?I know a bunch of people on here compete. What are your goal times for next year for your events --- 5Ks 10Ks, Marathons, Tris, etc etc etc? Whats your big race of the year? This is what I am thinking so far... Plan to do: Jan 50K (registered) - just want to finish / have fun (its a trai...89
+1How to prepare for a finance internship at FAANG?I'm about to do my first finance internship at one of the FAANG firms. I'm unsure of what group I'm going to be placed in. It will likely be Corporate Financial Planning & Analysis, Treasury, Capital Markets, or Strategy + M&A. This is what I'm doing to prep myself: 1) Review financial accou...1
+1Question regarding career path from a college freshmen in unique situation Hello! Somewhat unique situation. I went into college thinking that I wanted to become a software engineer, so, while I did get into some target schools for IB and such, I decided to go to what I felt would be the better CS school. I'm currently a first year at Georgia Tech with one semester f...1
Akuna Capital LLC - Review - Quantitative Research
Akuna Capital LLC - Salary & Bonus - Quantitative Research
Microsoft - Review - Corporate Finance
Microsoft - Salary & Bonus - Corporate Finance
Microsoft - Interview - Corporate Finance
BlackRock - Review - Investments
BlackRock - Salary & Bonus - Investments
0How to break into Asset Management? How do you get a job at a Wall Street firm in asset management? Or at an asset management firm? How do you become a portfolio manager? Does an internship at a hedge fund help? If anyone has any advice, please share, as it would help me and anyone considering a career in asset management...2
+1AM/BlackRock Summer InternHi all, I recently accepted an offer with BlackRock for their Investment Group - Fixed Income but not quite sure if this is a good starting place. I'm willing to work overtime (OT) but not like IB (80+hrs/week) this is crazy for me. I love fitness a lot (solid 5/7 days work out) and spend time for m...1
+5The one biggest thing summer analysts are still doing wrong!I know that there are a few of these posts already but they all seem older. I would love to hear the one biggest mistake you *still* see summer analysts making....7
Deloitte - Interview - Generalist
+1MSF 2020 Profile evaluationHi, I’m applying to MSF programs, and I wanted to see my chances of gettig into my targets. My profile: BA in Economics, Minors in Statistics and Philosophy from a state school (top 40) GPA: 3.48 Major GPA 3.7 Very upward trend, did not receive anything under an A- in any of my major ...1
Getzler Henrich
+105J.P. Morgan - Video Interview Invitation Corporate & Investment Banking Summer AnalystI just got offered a J.P. Morgan - Video Interview. What should I expect? This is what was stated in the email. "As mentioned previously, we would like to give you the opportunity to tell us more about yourself and invite you to record video responses to 3 questions." Please let me know on how t...714
+4Buy-Side Comp CanadaHi guys, Hoping to discuss buy-side comp in Canada, would be curious to hear everyone's opinions/personal experience. I spent a few years in retail banking prior to starting as a first year analyst at a boutique firm. My base was 75k + bonus with no set % target. Since, I have shifted (was...15
+1Merrill Training Costs ( FADP )?Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum. I went through a series of interviews, and received a verbal confirmation that I am accepted into the FADP program. I'm waiting on the written letter. However, I recently found out that Merrill may seek reimbursement for training costs. I have NO intention of ju...1
+1Leaving BO Ops - Need InsightHi all, Long time lurker on this forum and I've finally come around to register as I want to seek some insight regarding my current situation. About 5 months ago I took an ops analyst position (compliance/legal) at a large (and ever-growing) HF in MA right outside of Boston, I jumped on the ops...1
Jane Street Capital - Salary & Bonus - N/A
+1LF SF RoommatesI'm moving to SF in about a month and I'm looking for roommates. I am planning to live in SOMA and my budget is 2300 a month. I've seen some fairly nice 2br units in the area, just need a roommate/roommates. Going to keep looking on craigslist but if anyone knows someone whose looking would apprecia...2
+107You are a bottom bucket analyst if...Enough coddling: by definition some people are the bottom 15%. For those of you who don't have the self-awareness to recognize you aren't cutting it, here are the signs (real life examples). If you do any of the following, I shouldn't have to explain to you why you are a bottom bucket analyst: - ...58
+3Being friends with women at workDo you make friends or become mates with women from work? You know grab a coffee, lunch or drinks? There is a women at work who used to be my line manager and I switched teams. We are both similar ages and both have a very similar background. We get on well. I always saw her as a mate but t...12
+6The Juul Phenomenon: How many people you know are using it?Was browsing the finance meme accounts on instagram and noticing that a majority of the posts/stories involve Juuls. How common is their usage really in finance? Do your coworkers actually use it - and were they cigarette smokers before they started vaping?...34
State Street Corporation - Review - Operations
+1Mizuho 2019 SA IBDHello everyone, Ive been looking around these forums trying to get some insight into Mizuho, but haven't been able to find much info. Anyone have an experience with them? Looking to inquire specifically about the recruitment process and their SA program. Would appreciate any info on culture, hour...7
State Street Corporation - Salary & Bonus - Operations
JP Morgan Securities - Review - Leveraged Finance
JP Morgan Securities - Salary & Bonus - Leveraged Finance
+1How do I prepare for IB internship interview at a Top European firm focused on real estate marketHi Everyone, compliments of the season. I would appreciate suggestions on how best to prepare for my IB internship interview with a firm focused on real estate market. I am currently studying MBA at a top European Business school and this is my first IB interview invite Looking forward to your...1
McKinsey and Co - Interview - Generalist
+1Number of staffings as an IB analystTitle says it all - as an analyst in an IB team, how many deals/projects etc are you staffed on at any one time? How does that change as you move up the ranks? Thanks!...5
UBS Financial Services - Interview - Finance
+1How do I go from financial services to a hedge fundI need help. How do I go from being a financial advisor to a hedge fund career? I enjoy a lot of the benefits of being financial advisor but half of what I do is sales, and the other half is relationship building. My masters degree studies were predominantly in economics, and capital markets, so I ...1
+1Odds of Finance Job out of MBA ProgramHello everyone, I was recently in a top 10 MBA program that is well known for its finance program and took a leave of absence. I am approaching 30 years old, background is in the military. I have been working in a job related to what I did in the military while on my leave of absence. One of m...2
+1Is there any hope? 26 year oldHi. I'm a mid 20's male. I screwed up my career, working meaningless jobs after high school. I'm currently a sophomore at Baruch. Is it possible for me to break into finance?...1
+1Help Decipher Girl CodeHope you're all enjoying the holidays. Anyways I was deep in the off topic forum, and I read a few posts on what girls actually mean vs what they actually say. I figured that we we should have an official off topic thread on this. Lets start this off: "**go dancing**" is code for get tipsy, try...12
+2Retired PM wants to get back in the gameI had had a long and successful career as a hedge fund PM. Retired five years ago. I have continued to trade my PM, and I am current on my specialties. My problem is that my Rolodex is stale. Does anyone have ideas of where I should start? ...17
+6AMA: Big 4 Audit --> Advisory --> Top 15 MBAStarting an AMA thread for any Big4 Auditors or Advisory folks looking to transition to an top MBA. I leaned heavily on WSO to complete the journey up to this point, and want to give back to those currently mired in the Big 4 grind. I cannot thank WSO enough for giving me the knowledge and confidenc...20
Cowen Group - Review - Technology, Media and Telecom (TMT)
Cowen Group - Salary & Bonus - Technology, Media and Telecom (TMT)
Evercore - Interview - Generalist
+31Need to Brush up on your Accounting Skills?Some of you may have heard that Harvard Business School does not teach introductory accounting classes anymore. One of the reasons is that they use an online accounting software from a BYU professor, who is now providing his course for free. Has some pretty good exposure and some top endorsemen...53
+1Part Time Swap Desk Assistant So I’ve been working in retail finance since graduation in May. Basically think business development. Took the job for security and automatic paycheck after school at a reputable asset manager with the aspect of career growth. Additionally I’m taking level one in June. Trading really interes...1
+5List of Start-Up Boutique M&A Shops such as Zaoui, BDT, LionTree, Robey Warshaw, M. Klein??Does anybody have a list of Start up boutique M&A shops that are on the rise similiar to the above ? but started more recently. No specific cities or countries. Thanks! ...7
+1RE Development Costs and YieldsHello all, Curious what you all are seeing with regards to yields on cost in different types of development projects given fluctuation in commodity costs. Which property types/markets are people getting the highest yield on cost? Any change in construction cost estimates given recent colla...4
0Audited Sharpe Ratio of 3+Hi, I traded spot FX from 2006-2008 and US and International Equities from 2008-2016, during which time I built up an impressive track record with a Sharpe Ratio of above 3 the entire time with almost no losing months. I also co-founded a successful retail stock brokerage during that time. ...3
+1Dartmouth Economics B.S. vs Tuck M.B.AI was wondering the difference is the type of person, academic focus, and job prospects between Tuck and Dartmouth undergrad Economics degree. I really like Dartmouth's Tuck business school (specially type of people), so when applying to colleges (I am a senior) I applied to Dartmouth. I know that ...3
+1Buy Side FI ResearchGoing to be starting at an AM firm soon in FI research. Was curious what the average salary for this should be, I know it varies by geography, etc. but generally speaking. (Specifically for a fund with ~$100bn)...2
Goldman Sachs - Interview - Technology
State Street Corporation - Salary & Bonus - Risk Management
JPMorgan Chase - Review - Debt Capital Markets
JPMorgan Chase - Salary & Bonus - Debt Capital Markets
+1Levered FCF - Mandatory Debt Payments vs Net DebtWhen looking for the Levered Free Cash Flow formula I find two versions: A) Net Income + deferred taxes + depreciation & amortization + changes in net working capital - capex - mandatory debt payments B) Net Income + deferred taxes + depreciation & amortization + changes in net working capital...1
TD Securities - Salary & Bonus - Global Markets
William Blair - Interview - Generalist
+7Top Banks for Leveraged Finance?Hey monkeys I’m looking to lateral into Leveraged Finance. What are some of the top banks for Levfin? I would imagine it is those with larger balance sheets, yet Goldman has a Levfin team too. Any insight is appreciated. Thanks! ...11
+1Career Advice: How do I exit to HF?I've been a lurker on WSO for a while, but this is my first post. A little background first, I suppose. I am currently finishing up my last year of undergraduate in Honors Philosophy and Applied Math at a target (large State School). Coming into college from an immigrant family I didn't know the fir...1
+29Some Thoughts on Bitcoin, Part 1 See part 2 here I haven’t written about Bitcoin on WSO for a long time, and I’ve seen a lot of questions about it on the site over the past few weeks due to the recent price movements. There’s a lot to cover so this might stretch into two posts. We’ll see how it goes. First, the recen...47
+7What would it take to pull you out of PE and into ops?This applies primarily to LMM PE guys. What would it take for you to jump ship from where you're at now and join the operating side of things for a company with sub $10M in revenue in an executive role? Specifically looking to figure out a range for: -Base -Equity -Bonus structure -Any ...27
0Turnaround probability analysisCan someone please help me assess the probabilty of a turnaround for a person? If Yes read on. What is the probabilty that a broke 19 year old recent high school graduate living with his parents with low income and no college education for themselves too, trying to start a fund on his own, with no...27
+5Why/how did you end up in the type of real estate you're in?First thread! Undergrad looking to get into real estate here. There are so many different kinds of real estate--retail, multifamily, industrial, hotel, office, etc. All of these types can be vastly different in terms of how they function, how they're analyzed/valued, basically everything minus the l...23
+1What do you do when you can’t keep yourself motivated?I’m taking level 2 of the CFA in June and I just can’t keep myself motivated and be consistent in my studies. My goals and study plan are all very realistic so there’s nothing wrong there. It’s just that I can’t keep myself motivated. I think of the rewards after passing this level for mot...2
+1Energy to TMT?I’ll be with a BB IBD in Houston this summer covering energy. Plan to recruit full time mainly due to location issues as well as industry interests. Mainly interested in TMT verticals, specifically tech. Worried about recruiting due to the niche practices of Oil & Gas. I’ve also completed a IB r...1
+19Whats the coolest perk you've gotten from work?We've all heard the war stories of private jets, booked clubs and models and bottles. It seems like the 'good-old-days' may have come to an end but I was curious of any recent cool experience you guys have had? Ex. Closing dinners, relationship management etc...51
+4How Long is Long EnoughCurrently working as an analyst with an investment sales team. Pay is solid, decent deal flow but I would like to transition either to a brokerage working on larger deals or somewhere on the buy side. I've only been with this group for a short time so I'm wondering how long for it to be acceptable...16
+48Is it true that Tobin & Company doesn't pay their analysts?I had a friend who used to worked with a few people from Tobin tell me that analysts at Tobin don't get paid unless they're there while a deal is closed. In that case, they'll receive a bonus/stipend or something like that. Does anyone know if this is true??? I've heard horror stories about the M...153
+11The Crowned Juul: Disruption in Big TobaccoTLDR: Big tobacco has a non-consumer experience problem, and I think Juul solved it Full disclosure: I've had phases of smoking cigarettes and vaporizers from time to time (not currently) and have NEVER owned a Juul although I have used one before. I am also not saying Juul is the only winner in ...12
+2Thoughts on BB&T Capital Markets?Hi guys! Long-time lurker, first-time poster. I was wondering if anybody has insight into BB&T Capital Markets. Any information about certain groups, office locations, pay, etc. would be great. Some other posts on the subject are a bit dated....5
+1US recession in 2-3 yrs: Which HF strategy / type most likely to outperform / survive?Hi fellow monkeys! I am not experienced in the HF industry. Ray Dalio commented & there has been talks about US coming into recession in 2-3 years or earlier. **Strategy & inve...1
Rabobank Group - Review - Equity Capital Markets
KPMG - Interview - Audit
Rabobank Group - Salary & Bonus - Equity Capital Markets
+1Associate technical skills...This question is targeted towards folks already working in IB: How sharp are the technical skills of 1Y associates? I'm preparing for upcoming interviews and I'm just curious that if most associates career transition out of B-School into IB, how solid are their technical skills? e.g. who is really...43
+1Webinar: How to be a Rockstar Analyst or Associate -- 9pm ET, 1/7/18On Monday Jan 7th, 9pm et 2018 Wall Street Mentor Dave will be hosting a webinar entitled "Building a Resilient Career -- How to be a Rockstar Analyst or Associate". Dave is an industry veteran with experience in Investment Banking. REGISTER HERE   What he will cover: -What VPs, EDs...3
+15AMA - Big 4 TAS Financial DiligenceHi all, I've been looking around WSO for a while now but haven't gotten around to posting anything substantial/giving back. I'm doing an AMA for the next two weeks give or take to answer questions/thoughts you might have. Hopefully I can help despite my limited background, given the seeming lack ...49
Nomura Holdings - Review - Investment Banking
Nomura Holdings - Salary & Bonus - Investment Banking
+1Where can I take loan for my business startup?Hello Guys! Please support me and suggest me start my business for the very initial step. I need loan for my business. Please guide me that where i can take loan in USA....4
Mercer - Review - Human Resources
+1Dilutive options in M&A modelI am a little bit confused about this topic. I know that, unlike general valuation, M&A analysis assumes all outstanding options are exercisable. However, does this rule pertain to the buyer, seller or both? On an intuitive level, one can surmise that option holders for both buyer and seller...1
Mercer - Salary & Bonus - Human Resources
+1FT REPE Opportunities out of UndergradHey everyone, I’ve been reading WSO for a while now but first time posting here. I am looking to pursue a career in REPE out of college (previous internship experience in RE) and wanted to know what good full-time opportunities there are out there, preferably in Acquisitions (aside from BX, Sta...2
+4GMAT 660, retake? Killed verbal, got killed by quantGoal: best school possible obviously, realistic is top public like UCLA, UNC, UT-Austin, etc., some private schools like NYU or USC GPA: 3.0, UNC undergrad economics Background: 4 years wealth management, 2 years mid-office energy, now Army Officer (long story), already have my CFA Charter from ...18
BNY Mellon - Review - Wealth Management
BNY Mellon - Salary & Bonus - Wealth Management
Careerhedge The Careerhedge Approach to Search: An exciting business model with unique solutions for both candidates and hiring institutions. How can a small recruiting firm become the financial markets search industry in both the number of hiring institutions that pay for recruiting services and the recrui...
+1Blackstone Women’s ProgramWhat is the scoop & has anyone else heard back on the status of their application for BX Future Womens Leaders Program in January 2019 ...1
0Compliance AssociateCrow Holdings Capital seeks a qualified Compliance Associate to assist with oversight of various registered investment adviser and private fund compliance matters. The successful candidate will be able to demonstrate: critical thinking skills, strong written and verbal communication skills, strong i...
0Director, Corporate CommunicationsOverview The Director, Marketing Communications will create compelling internal and external communications, including multimedia content for Arbor and its social media channels. Requiring both creative and technical expertise, the role is responsible for developing engaging internal and external co...
0Development Lead / Architect - TechnologyIMPORTANT NOTICE: ​In order to be considered for this position, you MUST attach your resume. Additionally, we recommend that you do not attempt to apply using Safari; we suggest using Chrome.Firm Profile: PJT Partners is a global advisory-focused investment bank. Our team of senior professionals d...
0Deal Assistant - Park HillIMPORTANT NOTICE: ​In order to be considered for this position, you MUST attach your resume. Additionally, we recommend that you do not attempt to apply using Safari; we suggest using Chrome.Firm Profile:PJT Partners is a global advisory-focused investment bank. Our team of senior professionals de...
0Director - PJT CamberviewIMPORTANT NOTICE: ​In order to be considered for this position, you MUST attach your resume. Additionally, we recommend that you do not attempt to apply using Safari; we suggest using Chrome.Firm Profile: PJT Partners is a global advisory-focused investment bank. Our team of senior professionals d...
0Analyst- Withum Technology AdvisoryWithum Technology Advisory is a growing practice within WithumSmith+Brown, serving as a trusted partner and advisor to early and mid-stage technology and media startups. We are a management consulting group that provides financial insight that allows these companies to grow their businesses sustaina...