2024 ADC/APD Summer Programs/Full-Time Applications Thread

Starting this thread for 2024 ADC/APD Summer Program/FT application! 

Summer Programs:

Other firms of interest include:

  • Health Advances
  • Putnam
  • Clarion
  • CRA

Feel free to add in additional firms that are recruiting for PhD but not on this list.


Based on the most helpful WSO content, it looks like you're setting up a thread for the 2024 ADC/APD Summer Programs and Full-Time applications, which is a great way to share information and updates among peers. Here's a bit more detail on the programs you've listed:

  • McKinsey Insight: A program designed for advanced professional degree candidates to get a sneak peek into management consulting at McKinsey.
  • Bridge to BCG: Offers doctoral students, postdocs, and medical residents the chance to learn about the world of consulting and get a view of what a career at BCG could look like.
  • Bain ADvantage: This is Bain & Company's version of an introductory program for ADCs (Advanced Degree Candidates) to experience the consulting industry and Bain's culture.
  • Connect to Clearview: Aimed at life sciences advanced degree holders to explore opportunities in life sciences consulting.
  • Link to LEK: Provides an overview of life as a consultant at L.E.K. Consulting for those with advanced degrees.
  • EMBARK with EY-P: EY-Parthenon's program for advanced degree candidates to experience strategy consulting.

Other firms of interest that you've mentioned, like Health Advances, IQVIA, Putnam, Clarion, and CRA, are also well-known for their work with PhDs and other advanced degree holders, often in life sciences, healthcare, and strategy consulting.

If you're looking to add more firms to your list, consider looking at previous threads from 2020 to 2023 on Wall Street Oasis, as they may have additional firms that have been of interest in the past. Remember, networking and getting to know each firm's culture and work can be just as important as the application itself. Keep an eye out for application deadlines and prepare well for the interviews. Good luck!

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I got invite in mid Feb and did it this Monday I think the recruiter mentioned there won’t be more bc they will be reviewing applications. I’m not sure if this is the one you are referring to?


Based on what I heard from current associates at LEK, it doesn't really matter whether you participate in Link when it comes to FT applications.

I know some people who got rejection notices earlier today. I haven't heard back either way. It still says "application under review" in my portal.


Also received a rejection:

Thank you for expressing interest in McKinsey & Company's Insight 2024 program. While we appreciate the time you took to submit an application, we unfortunately are unable to invite you to the program. We will not be able to provide individual feedback on this decision. 

If you remain interested in our career opportunities and meet our APD candidate qualifications for this cycle, our full-time Associate application deadline is June 7, 2024.   

If you are graduating prior to December 2024 or currently working full-time, you can apply as an experienced professional. We encourage you to apply for the appropriate role 2-3 months prior to your graduation or at any time if you are working full-time. Please review current openings on our Careers site. 

Thank you again for your interest in McKinsey & Company.  


I received a rejection. This is the email I got.

Thank you for taking the time to apply for our Insight 2024 Program. While we are very impressed with your application, we are unable to extend an invitation to this particular event. We often have to make difficult choices between many high caliber applicants and would like to emphasize that the majority of our advanced degree recruits each year did not participate in a selective program in advance of submitting their full-time application and interviewing. 


We hope that you remain excited about exploring McKinsey and would love for you to apply for our full-time Associate opportunity by June 7, 2024! Your background is a strong fit for the consulting pathway. Since you already have a profile in our system, this should be a quick process! Please also note that you will not need to retake the digital assessment game, Solve. 


We will continue to host virtual events to help you stay connected and finalize preparation for your full-time Associate application. Our APD website will remain your number one resource for all updates.  

We hope that you remain interested in exploring opportunities with McKinsey & Company and look forward to getting to know you more in the coming months! 


This is the same email I received. Are you by chance in the southeast? I am interested in seeing whether the variability is due to applicant profiles or based on region/recruiter drafting the email.


Same email I got. I’m not sure if it actually means we had good/better applications, or if it just depends on who drafted the email. I also applied in the NE, fwiw. 


I just got rejected for Bain ADvantage. Very generic rejection email. I kind of expected it because I hadn’t participated in any outreach events or networking before application. I might be wrong but is it true that Bain prefers people who have been actively participating in their events?  Currently, it’s impossible to know what makes a difference to your application since I am sure everyone has stellar profiles already.

To people who atleast got invited to attend case workshops or interview, do you have any tips on how to network ? Any specific pointers on resume writing ? Anything that made a huge difference (for example unique experiences, major, gpa, location, etc)? Do they only truly hire from the top target schools?

Really appreciate your inputs. Please help us navigate what seems like a black box at the moment and hope we can help each other out as a community. 


truly a black box! I only did a coffee chat with an alum from my school who is now at Bain (target school, northeast), got a workshop invite, thought I did well at the workshop and got rejected. Thinking whether it's worth to reapply to Bain in the regular cycle since they staff primarily out of ADVantage.


Thanks for sharing. It doesn’t seem like it’s an open and accessible pathway. Bain did visit our school but they weren’t actively encouraging any

networking or chats for ADC candidates. This has got me second guessing about applying FT to Bain since they claim to be a ‘people centric’ firm. The process is not transparent at all for Bain. I believe McK and BCG have done a much better job in keeping opportunities open for ADC candidates. I would rather devote more time to firms who seriously consider hiring ADC candidates.


The one-way interview deadline is today at midnight, so I don't expect to hear anything until the end of the week or beginning of next at the earliest. I only did mine last Friday.


I just (3/26 afternoon) received an email with a survey asking to confirm office preferences. They indicated there will be an application update in mid-April.