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I am a rising junior at top10 school (think Brown, Duke, etc.). I spent my first two years doing all premed stuff... starting clubs, 3.9+ gpa, research, etc. Did some clinical work this spring and realized medicine not for me, but maybe a little too late. I was always interesting in consulting- Bio major with math minor, so love analytical thinking and problem solving. Was wondering if there is anyway to package my situation to be able successful recruit with MBB+ (OW, others as well)?/ Is this possible in light of my situation? Have spent some time with cases and have a solid handle on them. I realize no formal consulting/business internship is not ideal... would love to hear thoughts or if anyone has done anything similar


Based on the WSO threads and discussions, transitioning from a pre-med background to MBB consulting is definitely challenging but not impossible. Here are some strategies to enhance your candidacy:

  1. Leverage Your Analytical Skills: Highlight your strong analytical capabilities, which are evident from your major in Biology and minor in Math. Consulting firms value candidates who can think critically and solve complex problems, skills you've likely honed through your academic work.

  2. Extracurricular Leadership: Your involvement in starting clubs and maintaining a high GPA demonstrates leadership and a strong work ethic. Emphasize these experiences in your resume and interviews, showing how they've prepared you for a consulting environment.

  3. Network Intensively: Since you lack formal consulting or business experience, networking becomes crucial. Connect with alumni from your school who work in consulting. Attend consulting club events, and reach out to consultants for informational interviews to learn more about their work and to gain visibility.

  4. Case Interview Preparation: Continue to strengthen your case interview skills. Consider joining a case interview prep club at your university or online. This will not only improve your skills but also connect you with peers and mentors who can provide valuable feedback and advice.

  5. Frame Your Narrative: Craft a compelling story that connects your pre-med experiences to consulting. For instance, you can discuss how your clinical work and problem-solving in a scientific context have equipped you with unique perspectives that can benefit a consulting team.

  6. Consider Internships or Bridge Experiences: If possible, look for internships or part-time roles in related fields such as healthcare consulting or business analysis at a healthcare organization. This can serve as a bridge experience, making your transition to MBB more plausible.

  7. Highlight Soft Skills: Consulting also requires excellent interpersonal and communication skills. Reflect on your experiences in clinical settings or while leading clubs to find examples where you demonstrated these skills.

By following these steps and effectively communicating your unique background and skills, you can make a strong case for your fit within the consulting industry, despite the unconventional path.

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