Chances at MBB - Reality Check

As the title mentions, what are my chances of making it into MBB?

My situation and stats:

I attend NYU Shanghai (studying in Shanghai with one semester in New York, but receiving a regular NYU transcript as well as a transcript from their Chinese partner university). I’m majoring in Finance and minoring in Economics with a 4.0 GPA after my third semester. Currently taking a gap semester, interning at a T2 in my home country in the EU (one internship right now with a second one in the summer at the same firm).

From what I have been told, chances of landing a summer internship after junior year or a job upon graduation in New York at a T2, not to mention MBB, are extremely slim given the fact that I do not hold citizenship. I thought of utilizing my connection to the T2 after interning with them in the EU for 6 months, but obviously the US is different from my home country.

My question is what are my realistic chances of making it in the US? Should I just leave it to begin with and give MBB in London or my home country a shot? My only issue here is that compensation here is sooo much lower. Would be happy to receive a reality check on my chances or any tips you might have.


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