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+1Ag Desks at Funds/BanksReally just asking for anyone in the market...there aren't many guys trading ags at funds or banks these days. Anyone know anybody that is active? ...HF1
+1Strongest future sector?Hello, As a current student, I was wondering what the most lucrative position will be in IB, when's the time comes to graduate. Do you think it will stay the same(job title wise), or may the more lucrative positions see a change over the next few years? Any input is appreciated . Thank you ...IB1
+1Resume and DingsHey everybody! I was just wondering if someone would be willing to take a look at my Resume. I go to a top public school (UVA, Michigan, UCLA, etc.) and major math with a concentration in Finance with a decent GPA. However, I've been dinged by a whole bunch of no name firms, but I randomly go...JOB4
+1JP Morgan real estate groupDoes anyone know anything about JPM's real estate group? What kind of deals are done? How are hours and culture?...IB1
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+2REIB in NYC?I'm curious as to how many boutique (or just non-BB banks) REIB firms there are in NYC. Obviously HFF just bought Hentschel to propel their HFF Securities team, but I don't know of many others. There are shops that market themselves as REIB, but don't actually perform IB work. For example, I intervi...RE15
+1Help, need brutally honest answerI am in desperate need of help, so please answer truthfully. I have taken calculus multiple times and when I say multiple I mean more than any student should have to, it's depressing.I get A's in other classes with the exception of my first year where I failed a bunch because of a mix family issu...IB4
+1A Matter of MeatMARKETS U.S. markets gained after Paul Ryan raised concerns over the administration’s approach to tariffs…but that didn’t last. Nine S&P sectors finished higher—Netflix jumped 3.2%. Want Morning Brew Daily Served Fresh to Your Inbox? Drop Your Email B...MKT1
+1Should I take a coding class or a class that interests me before graduation?I'm a senior heading off to BB S&T in June and I have one class to fill for next quarter (since my class adopts the quarter system). I have zero coding experience, and I am torn between taking a class in python or a class that really interests me. As my final quarter in school, should I take this co...IB4
+1Budgeting process & financial modelcan u please help me with those two questions - If it were up to you, what would the budgeting process look like? - What in your opinion makes a good financial model?...CF2
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+1Case Study - Lease vs Rent - Need helpHey guys, I'm currently working on financial projections for a new business i'm working on. We are going to lease and rent certain types of equipment I hence I have two questions: (consider we currently sell at 50% gross margin and the selling price of one product is about USD 7.5k) Example: ...CF1
+1Apple Intentionally Slowing Down Your iPhoneSome very smart Reddit users have realized that Apple is intentionally slowing down older iPhones. As a device is used over a period of time, its battery becomes worn out and less effective; older iPhones not only have more worn out batteries, but also lower-capacity batteries. Recent iOS updates, ...OFF5
0Exit opportunities after research division (not ER) at a bankHi guys, First, sorry that it doesn't necessarily fit ER, however, I didn't know which forum would be most appropriate. I am studying BSc Economics and am interested in economic research, but have no aspirations of going into academia. Now I am thinking about interning at a research division ...ER4
0Stock ScreenersI was wondering if there were any free "stock screening" programs available on the internet for personal use. I have been using the Yahoo screener for some time, but now I am looking for something more powerful, if it exists. Specifically, I would like to track the share performance of companies...TR17
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+2Post MBA to PE - should I even bother?Hey there, I am a long-time lurker but I am looking for a bit of advice about my realistic options in PE post MBA. **Background** I have had a bit of an odd path to where I am now, so please bear with me. I went to a good, liberal arts school that is well-known regionally. Graduated with a dou...PE9
+1SEO / MLT 2019 CandidatesI got accepted into both and I'm pretty excited but I want to know if they're actually going to be a helpful backup in case I don't get offers through OCR; they claim to help you get interviews with their partner firms. Seeing as how recruiting has moved up so early, does anyone has an idea of how h...IB1
0What to do during undergrad to give me the best chances for IB?I don't think I go to a target school for IB unless I get into to a workshop that takes only 80 students. I'm starting school this fall and I want to know what I would have to do to put my self in the best situation for IB. I'm majoring in Finance should I double major in anything? I know good grade...IB5
0Company Compensation: Citi Orient SecuritiesIB
0Company Compensation: Citi Orient SecuritiesIB
0Company Compensation: Citi Orient SecuritiesIB
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+50Prestige Skirmish: Lawyer vs. Doctor vs. Investment BankerThe people wanted it, so you get it. **Lawyer - Prestige Pros:** -J.D. is the most prestigious post-graduate degree to have. -Extremely well read and versed in history - which makes for prestigious dinner conversations. -Wields influence over the legal system, and influence is one of the ce...OFF52
+2Response rate networking with alumni? EmailHey guys, was just wondering what your response rate was for emails that you send out to alumni to set up calls etc? Especially at the analyst level? I know there are other threads on this, but now the recruiting timeline is just so early so wanted to hear thoughts. ...IB12
+1Insights on CBRE Capital Advisors?Hey RE forum, I'm wondering if anyone has insights on CBRE Capital Advisors. I'm a college senior and asking because I have a final round interview in two weeks for an IB Analyst position. I know it's the IB arm of CBRE, but was wondering if anyone here could share more info about their work, rep...RE2
+2Where can I view FULL ER reports to learn & practice?Hey all, I'm really interested in learning how to write reports and create my own, but being a community college student means I don't have any access to a Bloomberg terminal. Is there anywhere I can view former reports or fake reports that are formatted like real ones? I really just want to have...ER6
+1Carl Icahn won?Anyone still remember the face-off between Carl and Bill on CNBC few years ago? Bill Ackman recently gave up his position on Herbalife.
+1Planning to move to Canada...advise please on education and jobI am in the process of moving to Canada (from a developing country). I am a CFA charterholder and I have years of experience in project finance, business valuation, private placement etc. in a local boutique advisory. I keep reading that breaking into Canadian banking is extremely tough. Then, it i...JOB5
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+3Which of the PERE 50 2017 hire out of undergrad?I'll update this list below, so far I believe the following hire out of undergrad: Blackstone Brookfield Starwood Capital PGIM Morgan Stanley REI AEW Capital Management [Link to article](
+1Define good IB placementI see this discussed a lot and want a better understanding. I get that IB recruiting is focused on top schools (Ivies, LACs and about 20 others). I understand Tagret vs semi vs non. All that said, how do you define good IB placement? Pure Volume, percentage, both, OCR? As an example, my son atten...IB3
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0SI PartnersSI Partners is a global M&A advisor and consultancy with a passion for creative and technology businesses (low-tier boutique, IB/consulting hybrid)...
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+2What is the longest you have waited for feedback on a job offer?What is the longest you have waited for feedback on a job offer? What is average? Waiting is the hardest part. ...JOB8
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+2FLDP Super Day Technical Questions I have a Super Day for a F500 FLDP this week and I was curious as to what technical questions I may see throughout the day? ...CF8
+1What makes more sense: a macro or micro career?Hopefully I can word this clearly enough to make some sense. Very keen to hear your thoughts. Imagine the following dichotomy: Route 1 - a "macro"-focused career, looking across asset classes, industries, geographies, with economics as the background knowledge. Route 2 - a "micro"-focuse...IB1
+2PJT Partners / Evercore GPA Anyone know the GPA cutoffs for PJT Partners or Evercore? How selective are the firms? ...IB19
+1Time Is Of The EssenceHello All, Just wondering, If you manage you time well, do you really need to work 15 hours a day in IB? have heard different opinions, but would like to have definite answer. Thanks in advance. ...OFF3
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+2Sophomore Internship, which?- F500, PB at Tier 3, PWM/HF/VC???Currently a sophomore (rising junior) at a target/semitarget searching for summer internship. Not so great GPA. Have pretty set chances/have gotten opportunities at F500 Corporate Finance, PB Private Banking at tier 3 bank (Nomura, HSBC, BNP) however it will be in Asia, and PWM/PE/HF/VC at much smal...JOB8
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+2I am in need of recent graduates with financial intern experienceI am a sell side recruiter in NYC and am currently working on a search for a Fintech company in New York who is in need of a Sales Assistant to shadow and assist their Head of Sales and team. The ideal candidate will have finance experience in either intern or employment. Please message me if youare...JOB9
+1General Feeling on Internal HR RecruitingSo beyond the general feelings ranging from disconnect to contempt to bewilderment felt by top buy AND sell side folks towards their firm's internal recruiters, I was wondering what, if anything, could be done by internal recruiters themselves to improve these perceptions??...RES2
+1Finance in Asia?I went to Hong Kong while I was in high school and absolutely fell in love with the place, I decided that I'd make an effort to try and work there some day. Im half way through college now, and its looking like when I do begin to work, its gonna be in New York or somewhere around there. I was wo...JOB1
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+2Hacking Harvard: How To Bypass Admissions and Get a Harvard Degree for Less Than $40,000Mod note: Best of Eddie, this was originally posted on 10/14/2009. You're not about to let that adolescent breaking and entering conviction keep you out of the Ivy League, are you? Would your score on the SAT make it a tough sale to get into community college? How about that 1.6 cumulative high s...60
+2How to start a career in finance?Hi everyone! I need an advice what better to do in my situation. A year ago I finished one of the best universities in Russia with Dual Degree Program with University of London International Programmes, Under Academic Direction of London School of Economics. I am BSc Economics and Finance. Was to...JOB6
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+2Please critique my cold emailHi guys, I'm a freshman at a non-target currently interning at PWM. However, it is extremely unfulfilling as all I do is cold call so now I am trying to obtain a new internship for this summer. I'm targeting investment banking boutiques and hedge funds. Below is what I include in my email. Hel...IB10
+1Bad time to go into Lev Fin?Hey guys, I'm starting FT at a MM bank this summer and will be doing round robin interviews for group placement my first week of training. Lev Fin is clearly the best group at my bank and I am really interested in the group. That being said.... Is it a bad time to come into a Lev Fin group as an ...IB2
+1Living in NYC vs Chicago as an entry level worker?Pros and cons for living in each city for a young professional in early 20s? Specifically Manhattan vs Chicago from the Loop to Uptown? Obviously NYC is way more expensive but I was curious about everyone's thoughts about lifestyle and culture differences. ...OFF1
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+2LBO Templates from KKR, Blackstone, Carlyle, etc?Does anyone know if there are any LBO excel models online directly from a major private equity firm such as KKR, Blackstone, Carlyle, etc? ...PE6
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+2Big 4 Restructuring Straight Out Of UNI?Do the big 4 hire in their restructuring groups straight out of university? Or do they typically require financial experience and/or years spent in audit? Since the Big4 are accounting focused, are finance majors at a disadvantage? Thank you :)...IB2
+1Banking group Revenue --> bonushow does a group revenue for the FY translate to bonus for their analysts? After b-table and admin related fees, what does the bonus pool look like? Say a group of 40 bankers made 100 million in fees for the year. Really general/vague question, so not expecting anything concrete. Just wanted to ...IB4
0Company Interview: UBS AGIB
+1SoftBank Vision Fund QuestionsDoes anyone have any details on recruiting for soft bank's vision fund? What head hunter do they use? What is comp / culture like? How many people do they hire? Is it up/out or can you stay there?...PE1
+1SoftBank Vision Fund InfoDoes anyone have any details on recruiting for soft bank's vision fund? What head hunter do they use? What is comp / culture like? How many people do they hire? Is it up/out or can you stay there? ...IB1
+1Non-business undergradHey everyone, First post, but I have been around here lurking in the dark and searching threads for a while now. I got out of the Army in this past year and enrolled into a community college. I've pieced together schools (I will attach to the bottom of the post) that I am interested in transfe...BSCH1
+17Why are recruiters so useless?I’ve dealt with both internal corporate recruiters and external (headhunters) and I continue to be amazed at how awful they are as a rule. I applied to a super regional bank, a recruiter reached out with some questions and stated that after I filled it out they’d reach out to set up a time t...OFF65
0What is Wesleyan University's reputationon wall street? How do Wesleyan grads place? On their placement report, it did mention that Lazard, Goldman, Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch, and a few others hired Wesleyan grads... Thanks....BSCH28
+1What exactly is Boston College's Reputation?I am an incoming freshman at Boston College CSOM. I'm not set particularly on IB, but I want to keep that option open. I have been reading on here about recruiting and reputation of BC and it seems to be all over the place. While its universally agreed to be a semi target, I've seen comments sayi...BSCH7
+1If a friend refers a client to a hedge fund, do they have to be registered with the SEC?Had a few friends ask to refer some friends of theirs to a hedge fund, but wanted some type of comission/finders fee. Although I was not sure if you technically have to be a registered broker with the SEC to be paid for referring prospective investors to hedge funds? Can anyone comment on that? W...HF2
+3Analyst debt/lending at top CRE firm - 2018Hello all, I'm an avid reader of WSO and this is my first post. I have currently accepted a position at a top CRE firm in their multifamily capital markets group as a debt analyst and will be working with Fannie, Freddie, FHA, etc. mortgage products for multifamily portfolios. I am wondering ...RE14
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+1Summer LivingI know this question has been asked a lot but I haven’t found an answer that isn’t “dorms.” I’ve done some research on the dorms and they seem very expensive for a pretty bleak living situation, I’m doing S&T so I (hopefully) will have more free time so would like to enjoy where I live. ...OFF1
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+1Macquarie - Global Physical Oil - Executive PositionHi, Does anybody have any information about Macquarie Global Physical Oil Executive Position? How should I be prepared for this interview? What questions do they ask? Background|Experience: Maritime Administration/Transport education. Tanker Shipbroker @ Clarksons Crude trading @ Trafi A...JOB1
+48Ask Natalie from Accepted about Business School AdmissionsWSO is excited to have the experts from Accepted on board to answer applicant questions in the business school forum. Here are messages from Natalie and Jen who will be checking this thread every few days: Natalie I'm here to answer any questions you have regarding Business School Admissions. I ...BSCH1413
0Institutional Equity Sales and TradingCould some people please elaborate on what Institutional Equity Sales and trading is? To my knowledge a simplified explanation is that they execute large orders for mutual funds, hedge funds, and other big clients to make sure the market does not take too big of a hit. How do you break in to this c...TR147
0Company Compensation: MUFG
+23 Valuable Insights Gained Through Warren Buffett's 2017 Annual Shareholder Letter.In [Warren Buffett's 2017 annual shareholder letter]( I have gained these following 3 insights: **Insight #1: High Valuations Are Posing as a Problem to Berkshire Hathaway’s Acquisition Growth Strategy.** [quote]In our search for new sta...MKT2
0Levered vs. Unlevered Free Cash Flow Differenceusually i know unlevered FCF's are used for DCFs. but why do we use unlevered FCFs instead for DCF's and when are you supposed to use levered FCFs? What is Free Cash Flow? Free cash flow is a measure of how much money is available to investors through the operations of the business after accoun...IB115
0Here's a Quick Way to Value Unlevered & Levered Cash FlowsLevered Cash Flow (FCF) Calculator Calculating these cash flows is easier than you think. Levered cash flows are also known as equity cash flows, because it values just the equity claim in the business. On the other hand, unlevered cash flows are also known as firm cash flows because it valu...7
0Sell Side and Buy Side Trading Career PathI am very interested in becoming a trader. Could anyone post about the career path of a trader. And how many years on average will they be in that position until promoted? What is the Career Path of a Trader? The answer to this question is different for different types of firms. Trading itse...TR47