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+20Monkey to Millions - New Show & Podcast Coming - Free Mentorship + more [APPLICATIONS OPEN!]

**<A href="">UPDATE: APPLICATION FORM IS OPEN NOW!!!!</a>** Fellow <abbr title="Wall Street Oasis">WSO</abbr> Primates, I've been thinking of how we've been putting out a ton more AMAs + podcasts, etc...

+11Incoming Freshman - Best Clubs for Investment Banking/PE at UPenn


I'm an incoming freshman at Wharton so I guess I'm a bit early, but I really want to go into investment banking in the future. I was wondering if anyone knew about what clubs I should join during my time at Penn, or what clubs have produced students that have gone onto firms like...

+9WSO Logo Animation - A or B?

Fellow primates, now that we have switched to a new logo, we are creating a short intro (audio/visual) that will go in front of all of videos and audio content. Would love your opinions on the 2 (very different) options below (ignore the woman saying "audio jungle" at the end of each...

Non-Target To Private Equity - "It's A Presence" Part 2All Pods
Webinar: Specific Tips to Improve Your Networking -- 9pm ET, 8/12/19All Events
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Facebook - Review - Corporate Finance-
Facebook - Salary & Bonus - Corporate Finance-
+55Female Bullying in Prop Firm


Thanks Everyone for the responses! I will update with any notable progress. ![thumbs up](

Bessemer Trust - Review - Generalist-
+18Why does IU Kelley get so much hate despite being a top ranked school?


Excuse this shameless defense, but just some thoughts - IU Kelley seems to get fairly strong support here from users on <abbr title="Wall Street Oasis">WSO</abbr>, however I feel like I still semi-regularly see people say that it is a "joke school". That seems to...

Target Corporation - Review - Operations-
Target Corporation - Salary & Bonus - Operations-
+2Garden Leave Conundrum - can new co verify garden leave period?


I am moving from one <abbr title="bulge bracket">BB</abbr> to another <abbr title="bulge bracket">BB</abbr> in sell-side research. Is there a way for the new <abbr title="bulge bracket">BB</abbr> to verify what my garden leave is...

+2Following up with MF for second time


Hi all, So I had a phone interview with a <abbr title="megafund">MF</abbr> about two weeks ago. I followed up with HR early last week and they stated that they would get back to me by the end of last week regarding next steps. When do you think is a good time to...

+1Gloves are off


<h3>MARKETS</h3> <ul> <li>U.S. markets: It was the most Monday-ish Monday. On the heels of more U.S.-China drama, all three major indexes suffered their largest daily percentage drop this year. The Treasury market flashed its loudest warning signal since 2007, too....

+483Investment Banking Interview Questions - 15 Answers to Land the Job


<!--<img class="img-responsive center-block" src="" alt="Investment Banking Interview Questions: A Comprehensive Guide" />--> I was in your shoes about five or six years ago. I worked as an...

New York Life - Review - Real Estate-
New York Life - Salary & Bonus - Real Estate-
Deloitte - Review - Corporate Finance-
Deloitte - Salary & Bonus - Corporate Finance-
+1TMT 101s


Hey guys, I’ve just joined my new shop and will be taking up <abbr title="technology, media, telecom">TMT</abbr> which i have never done before. I’ve tried looking around for some good sector 101 pieces or good primers, but I’ve struggled to find something...

+1Where to Buy Man Plus Vixea?


There also are exercises that you'll be able to do to enhance your sexual capabilities. [ManPlus Vixea]( training applies continuous tension to the body which stimulates cellular renewal and growth. There are penile exercises accessible on the web that...

+17Complete European master guide for S&T/Quant position


Given the post about best master in EU to land a job in <abbr title="investment banking">IB</abbr>, I thought could be interesting to share which master I think could help you get a job in <abbr title="Sales and Trading">S&T</abbr>/Quant, based...

0SA Offers - Deutsche Bank vs Bank of America


I have 2 summer internship (London) offers for the <abbr title="investment banking">IB</abbr> divisions at <abbr title="Deutsche Bank">DB</abbr> and <abbr title="Bank of America Merrill Lynch">BAML</abbr> and would really...

Golden Gate Capital - Review - Generalist-
+10Partners Group AG vs. Carlyle Group


I was lucky enough to be given <abbr title="full time">FT</abbr> offers at both of these firms. I'm currently a senior and trying to decide which is the better option to pursue. The role at Carlyle is with their RE <abbr title="private...

Golden Gate Capital - Salary & Bonus - Generalist-
Wells Fargo and Company - Review - Investment Research-
+4IB from a non-target university - Should I bother?


Hello everyone, I am a second year student studying a PPE degree in the UK at a decent university... neither good nor bad, but at around the 30th place in the UK rankings. I've been hearing stories that discourage people from 'non-target' universities from applying to an...

Wells Fargo and Company - Salary & Bonus - Investment Research-
Meketa Investment Group - Review - Generalist-
+38Analyst Modeling Test


Figured I would give back to the community. I have a modeling test I was recently given for a debt/equity shop that I am happy to share. PM me and I will send it over.

Meketa Investment Group - Salary & Bonus - Generalist-
+1Boutique Internship to MM, EB or BB Full-time


I'm currently interning at an industry-specific boutique that is small and not a name-brand, but has solid deal flow and frequently does deals in the 500m-1B range as well as some smaller deals. I have a solid GPA (3.7+) at a semi-target and got a return offer. I've been networking...

+132014-2019 U.S. Energy M&A League Table

OG Hardo

Hi all, I have been interested in energy for a while now but have not been able to dig up a consensus on deal flow and relative strength of the different banks. Took a brief dive into my school Bloomberg and below is what I found. Focused on purely <abbr title="mergers and...

+1GS AIMS Private Equity Group


I've been looking into the Private Equity Group within <abbr title="Goldman Sachs">GS</abbr> AIMS recently (saw a posting a few weeks ago) and noticed a lot of former analysts were able to exit into <abbr title="private equity">PE</abbr> buyout...

+1How to get to Special Situations or Distressed Debt investing from M&A Banking?


Here's my situation, I'm a rising junior currently interning in a credit investing role at a big firm, think Oak Tree / Apollo / Ares / Blackstone. When I took the offer, they were explicit that they don't hire out of undergrad and that this experience is primarily for experience...

+38Houston Investment Banking 2019


Wanted to start a discussion and get some opinions on the current state of banks/boutiques across Oil and Gas/Energy, especially since <abbr title="Deutsche Bank">DB</abbr> recently closed down its Houston office. I've heard that, as far as the <abbr...

Bank of New York Mellon - Salary & Bonus - Audit-
+1Licensing requirements needed to offer retirement products?


Hello, I am a currently a registered rep and I would like to start offering retirement products (401K's, & IRA's) to business owners employees that are currently my clients. What specific licenses/certifications are needed in order for me to do this?

+12What was the lowest/darkest/toughest time in your life and how did you pull yourself out of it?


Motivate me, I am rather young I would love to hear everyones experience with overcoming adversity. I am currently in that weird quarter life crisis part of my life where I am reevaluating my life choices. I would love to hear any good stories on how fellow monkeys have pushed through tough...

+2AllianceBernstein Energy Opportunities


Hey <abbr title="Wall Street Oasis">WSO</abbr>, Long-time user but I am (obviously) employing a throwaway account here to mask my identity. I'm looking for information on alliance bernstein's energy opportunities fund as I am in the interview process with them....

+1you'll need to understand the Fallout 76 camera location


This completes the main portion of the Lying Lowe quest.The next pursuit in Calvin's questline is named Baa Baa Black Sheep. It starts by telling you to see the coordinates you discovered on Calvin's terminal. You are going to wind up fairly high in the hills [Fallout 76...

+6Goldman Sachs' New IBD Group


<abbr title="Goldman Sachs">GS</abbr> has just created a new <abbr title="investment banking division">IBD</abbr> coverage group called "Cross Markets Group" in <abbr title="New York">NY</abbr>/London/Paris/Frankfurt...

Lazard Middle Market - Salary & Bonus - Mergers and Acquisitions-
0Associate Promotion - Immediate Salary Bump or Year End

Todd Walnuts

<abbr title="Sales and Trading">S&T</abbr> at a <abbr title="bulge bracket">BB</abbr>. Got promoted from Analyst to Associate. Does the pay bump come at year-end or immediately (in Aug)?

+3JP Morgan Pymetrics Games SA 2020


Am I totally screwed if I finished my Pymetrics games over a week ago and haven't gotten a hireview? Please help.

+1IB Internship -> Product Management?


Hello, I am currently interning at a <abbr title="middle market">MM</abbr> and will receive a <abbr title="full time">FT</abbr> offer but don't think I will take it as I have realized the kind of experience I will get in <abbr...

SMBC Nikko Capital Markets - Review - Fixed Income-
International Finance Corporation - Review - Healthcare-
SMBC Nikko Capital Markets - Salary & Bonus - Fixed Income-
International Finance Corporation - Salary & Bonus - Healthcare-
Piper Jaffray - Salary & Bonus - Investment Banking-
+3Should I Take the Offer?

Intern Monkey57

Hey guys. So with most people's <abbr title="investment banking">IB</abbr> internships coming to a close, I'd love to hear about how others have thought about making the decision to return <abbr title="full time">FT</abbr>. For me...

General Dynamics Corporation - Review - Defense-
General Dynamics Corporation - Salary & Bonus - Defense-
RBC Royal Bank of Canada - Interview - Advisory-
+3Why are EBITDA Multiples Different for Similar Companies?


Interview question I got--Why would two similar companies, same industry, same growth prospects have different <abbr title="earnings before interest tax depreciation and amortization">ebitda</abbr> multiples? What about different P/E multiples? <h3>P/E or <abbr...

Barclays Capital - Review - Generalist-
Barclays Capital - Salary & Bonus - Generalist-
RBC Royal Bank of Canada - Review - Advisory-
RBC Royal Bank of Canada - Salary & Bonus - Advisory-
Credit Suisse - Review - Investment Banking-
Credit Suisse - Salary & Bonus - Investment Banking-
Credit Suisse - Salary & Bonus - Equity Capital Markets-
BNP Paribas - Review - Investment Banking-
BNP Paribas - Salary & Bonus - Investment Banking-
+1Not Clicking with Fellow Interns on Team

dan schneider

Hello <abbr title="Wall Street Oasis">WSO</abbr>, I’m currently a summer intern in banking at a <abbr title="bulge bracket">BB</abbr> in <abbr title="New York City">NYC</abbr>. As the title says, I’m not really clicking...

+2Trading to Private Equity?


Hey guys, so I’m entering my senior year of undergrad and have been thinking more and more about my post grad opportunities. As of right now I will most like be in some prop trading/<abbr title="hedge fund">HF</abbr> role after grad and have a few offers. I’m very...

Boeing - Review - Other-
+1Negative FCF's?


Company consistently has negative FCFs but strong (enough) revenue (as well as growth). What are some alternatives to the DCF? Thanks, Apologies for newbie inquiry. Cheers.

Boeing - Salary & Bonus - Other-
Blackstone Group - Interview - Private Equity-
+15Join the WSO Chats for Your City


Join the email list for your city to receive updates on future <abbr title="Wall Street Oasis">WSO</abbr> events in your city. When signing up you will also receive a welcome email with a link to join your city's chat group. We created these Telegram groups with the...

+1Test mobile app


Test tetshdhdhdhdhdhdbdbdbdbdbd d d dbdbdbdbbdbdbdbdbdbdbdbdbdbdbhdue7susisisisjdjdbdbdbdbbdbdbdbdbdbdbbdbdbdbdbdbdbdbdhdhdhshshdbdbdbdbdhdhdhdhdhd

Raymond James Financial Inc. - Review - Investment Banking-
Crosstree Capital Partners - Salary & Bonus - Mergers and Acquisitions-
+4Greenhill SA 2020


Haven't seen a thread on this so figured I'd start one to get the discussion going. I know restructuring interviews have begun, but does anyone have info on the process for M&A?

Raymond James Financial Inc. - Salary & Bonus - Investment Banking-
0Steps to Investment Banking, Where Should I Be


Hi Everyone, Trying to get a grip on what steps I should to take in order to be hired at an <abbr title="investment banking">IB</abbr>. Current Background Community College Student--> San Jose State (Finance Major) Currently a Junior. Current Job Title:...

+1RE PE internship to FT IB Question


Struggling to come up with a good interview response for why <abbr title="investment banking">ib</abbr> after re <abbr title="private equity">pe</abbr> internship. can someone please help with giving a response that makes sense and interviewers would...

AGC Partners - Review - Investment Banking-
AGC Partners - Salary & Bonus - Investment Banking-
+8Reneging in the 2019 Summer Analyst process


Given how spaced out the <abbr title="investment banking division">IBD</abbr> <abbr title="summer analyst intern">SA</abbr> recruiting timeline is this year, with some firms (MM and <abbr title="elite boutique">EB</abbr> mostly)...

+5URGENT: Am I Too late for SA 2020?!


Hey guys, I am a returning junior at non-target. I took a leave of absence for two years to serve in the military. I just got discharged in May and began looking for summer 2020 internships. I found out that they are already almost done with recruiting. I see some applications listed on...

+1Any worry with the market?


Hey guys, So as many of you know there’s been a good amount of panic in the markets lately with continued trade war talk and new tariffs being possibly angled by both China and the US. We’ve also seen negative interest rates become very real for a lot of Europe and some Asian...

+3Fund of funds PE vs traditional PE


Looking at a career in <abbr title="private equity">PE</abbr> down the road, what are your thoughts on a fund of funds <abbr title="private equity">PE</abbr> firm vs an actual <abbr title="private equity">PE</abbr> firm. Asking...

+1Am I screwed ?


I don't know why but I was dumbass when filling out my application. Seriously, sorry if this angers you. I submitted my resume with a 3.51 GPA when my GPA was actually 3.49. When they do a background check, am I screwed? I have a super day coming soon? I'll never do this again. Just...

+3SA 2020 - Which banks are still recruiting?


Hey all, So with the confusing timelines this year and some unforeseen circumstances, I’m finding myself a little lost in terms of targeting the right banks for <abbr title="investment banking">IB</abbr> <abbr title="summer analyst...

+2Interview Question: What type of animal / vegetable would you be?


Currently in the middle of prepping for 2020 <abbr title="summer analyst intern">SA</abbr> recruiting. I am looking at behavioral / reaction / brain teaser type questions. How the hell do you answer something like this? I've seen questions like these in the 400q...

+4Series 79 Top-Off & SIE?


Hey guys; unfortunately I failed the old Series 79 by 2% and have to take the new top-off exam + the SIE. Was wondering if anyone's gone through the new format and what it's like. My company provided me with a Solomon Exam Prep account, but I found the actual FINRA questions to be...

+1JP Morgan IBD Analyst Application


I finished my HireVue interview last week and today received this email from <abbr title="JP Morgan">JP</abbr> Morgan which states "Thank you for visiting our career site and submitting a General Profile. The profile you created will continue to remain in our system....

+89How do you spend your bonus?


When you got your first bonus, how did you feel? how did you spend it? How much of it did you save? How are you spending your bonuses now?

Deutsche Bank - Review - Prime Brokerage-
+63As a Conservative, These Semi Auto Weapons Need To Be Banned


Up until this weekend, I wasn't sold on banning semi-auto weapons ( **when I say semi-autos, I am referring to what many call "assault weapons" e.g. A-R15s, AK47s etc.)** , but that has changed in light of the El Paso and Dayton mass shootings. Note that I am a conservative and a...

Deutsche Bank - Salary & Bonus - Prime Brokerage-
0Official Investment Banking Rankings: Boutique and Bulge Bracket Prestige


This is for <abbr title="investment banking division">IBD</abbr> in the US (NYC specifically) and as of November 2014. Bulge Bracket & Large Banks: Tier 1a: Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley Tier 1b: J.P. Morgan Tier 2a: Citi, <abbr title="Bank of America...

+1Difference between JP Morgan Private Banking and Wealth Management


What is the difference between these two different roles. What is pay differential like? And what are hours for both

+2Chicago - Networking

Mr. Spectre

Hello Monkeys, I'm a 23 year old investment professional in South Loop looking to network and meet other professionals! I just moved to the city and am eager to get the ball rolling. Any suggestions/advice on starting the process? I've been up to my eyes in Linkedin Job postings...

Ladenburg Thalmann - Review - Equity Capital Markets-
+85Business School Case Books


<h3>Consulting Case Book PDF's</h3> I went through the consulting interview process a few months ago and found these case books really useful for practicing, both with people in mock interviews and for solo issue tree practice. I have also really benefited time and time...

Ladenburg Thalmann - Salary & Bonus - Equity Capital Markets-
+1Bloomberg Internship Offer

Who is John Galt

Hey guys, I'm a privileged bastard and I need help. Somebody has won me a summer internship at Bloomberg at an auction, and I will be getting a phone call from a recruiter next week, where I'll get to ask questions and tell them preferences about the nature of my role. I am...

+1Brookfield Strategic Initiatives Group?


Anyone know about this group? Seems almost like in-house <abbr title="mergers and acquisitions">M&A</abbr>/Corp. Dev? Do they work with funds (e.g. Brookfield Strategic Real Estate Partners III) or no?

+6Londoners, need your help (accomodation related)


I'll be staying in London for roughly a month for work. Any area I should particularly avoid to look for accomodation? I'm on a short-term notice so I can't be too demanding, I just want to avoid a negative experience.