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+5Which masters to choose?Background: BSc in Economics and mathematics (with computer science, statistics and business courses). I have the following offers: *UPDATED 1. MSc Economics and Finance from (1yr) Warwick Business School (and Warwick Economics) 2. MSc Econ from (2yr) Sciences Po Paris 3. MSc Adv. Econ and...35
+14Car in NYC?Been living in NYC for almost 5 years now and its really starting to get on my nerves. I find myself gridlocked here most weekends unless I have plans, and even then its such an ordeal to get out of the city that sometimes I dont even want to bother. That worked through my Analyst years but now that...57
+2Lazard Boston 2019 SA RecruitingHi all! I was just curious if anyone knew about Lazard's Boston office in terms of recruiting for 2019. Have they started giving interviews or offers already? Do they plan to take a large class given their size? Any insight would really be appreciated. Thanks!...6
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Wells Fargo and Company - Salary & Bonus - Generalist
+1How to become the best analyst in my IBD departmentI have a "simple" question - how do I become the absolute best analyst at my bank, or at least my department? What I do so far: - I keep a list of to me previously unknown things and words (process and finance related as well as English vocab, being a non-native English speaker) - Always ask...1
+1JPM Market Risk SA 2019 Has anyone completed this program, and can provide details of what it entails? Along with interview quest?...1
Citigroup - Review - Corporate Banking
+1PT MBA and CFA? or PT MBA and work full time in an unrelated field?I was accepted to the NYU Part time MBA program and will begin this Fall. I have 4 years of work experience as a financial and operational auditor, no experience working in a bank (front of back office role), and am trying to figure out what career path I want to take once I graduate. A little a...4
+1Thinking about NYU MSRE Too late for fall deadline?Hey all, I am thinking about doing the NYU MSRE and ideally would like to be in there for the fall semester (which I understand starts in September?). Is it too late to apply seeing as it's now early June and is there any reason I should not apply, I have roughly 3 years of experience (2 resi/1 CRE)...3
Citigroup - Salary & Bonus - Corporate Banking
+2INSEAD MBA 2017 placement stats out and they are phenomenal! ...24
+1FCF consensus on BBBloomi keeps getting worse over the years... How do you guys derive consensus UFCF / EFCF? Cannot be bothered to go into analyst models and do it manually. FCF consensus on BB seems to mix UFCF and EFCF. Any suggestions?...2
+1Is a Serie 7 necessary for IB Analyst position?Hello WSO Readers, I'm curious to know if a Series 7 is a must for 1-2 year Entry Level position Client Service Associate to switch to IB role. I know most requirements for BBs says "Serie 7 or CFA preferred" but does none license holders still get hired? Any BO or MO that made the jump to IB ro...4
+3Looking for (or Creating) a forum to Practice Mock Interviews for IBHey guys, I was looking for a forum where I can get in touch with other IB applicants to set up mock interviews (similar to PrepLounge for consulting). But haven't found anything so far... ----- Anybody here interested in doing mock interview practice with me or others WSO members over Sky...11
+1Consolidation Within Active ManagementWho do you think will survive the consolidation on the active side? What fund families do you see as having a leg to stand on? Do you think consolidation is coming in AM? The argument is that active hasn’t been able to shine since vol has been relatively low for an extended period of time. As ...3
+1Houlihan Lokey M&A Exit Ops and CompensationI know people have discussed this before, but many of the posts are outdated. Can someone provide more insight about HL CF's pay for first year analysts and PE exit ops? I understand that placement into MM PE funds is solid, but what kind of MM funds and is there a chance to be placed into upper MM ...1
+3Is getting an MMS/MSF and an MBA overkill?I come from a liberal arts background and I'm thinking about getting an MMS or MSF to start my career in corporate finance then getting an MBA down the line to transition to IB. I'm doing this because most MMS or MSF place into Big 4 Advisory, Quant, Marketing, etc, while top MBA programs are feeder...6
Impax Asset Management
+1Real Estate License historical exams Hi guys, no cheating! but Is there any information about how to collect all the historical real estate license exam? I am preparing for the real estate license exam. It would be great if I could find all the resources on historical exam, so that I could practice it. ...1
02017 30 under 30 Finance, Forbes Staff1. Matthew Humphrey 29 Sold company for $100mln at 24 2. David Knopf 28 Partner at 3G Capital 3. Richard Craib 29 Numerai hedge fund 4. Daniel Rasmussen 29 Rasmussen’s Verdad Advisers 5. Kelly Wannop 29 Associate at Blackstone, BoD...3
+2Is Harvard a target school?Hi everyone, I'm a rising junior at a top non-ivy school. Through a recent internship, I had the opportunity to talk to a number of professionals, many of whom had attended top ivy league schools. The analysts and associates I talked to told me that due to increased competitiveness for IB jobs in...21
+1Manufacturer Of Rainwears In KeralaAs you know Kerala is famous for monsoon rain .if any person looking for the [manufacturer of rainwear in Kerala]( "manufacturer of rainwear in Kerala") for business to business then call on 033 460 10402 for trade inquiry....1
+1GPA Screening AdviceHey guys I'm coming from a non-target with a 3.6 vs 3.78(major GPA). Is it better to leave the major GPA on there and also use it for the online screening questions. It doesn't seem like a huge difference but from what I've heard, non-targets generally have a higher cut-off like 3.75-3.8. I have a f...2
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+45To summers hitting the desks Monday v2Any new tips that could helpful is greatly appreciated. Some input on what to expect from your experience......50
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+2IB internships/ analyst positions in London after completing MS program in the USI am wondering if students from the top Tier US universities are able to get interviews/jobs for IB based positions in London (Non- EU)? I do have offers from top tier universities both in US and UK (for masters not bachelors) and my preferred location is London. Given the current conservative im...8
KPMG - Salary & Bonus - Generalist
+5UK Target UnisHow would you ranks the following for job placement in the City: Oxford, Cambridge, Warwick, Bristol, Edinburgh, KCL, St. Andrews, Durham, Nottingham, LSE, UCL, Imperial, Bath, Exeter, Manchester and Newcastle...38
+1FCF consensus on BloombergBloomi keeps getting worse over the years... How do you guys derive consensus UFCF / EFCF? Cannot be bothered to go into analyst models and do it manually. FCF consensus on BB seems to mix UFCF and EFCF. Any suggestions? tx...1
+1Chances of Admission at Oxford's Masters Financial Economics Program.As an aspirant investment banker, I have intentions of pursuing a career in investment banking or any such career closely relevant to investment banking. I graduated from an american university that is ranked in the top 40's, along with a year of work experience in investment banking in the form of ...8
+2Choosing between LBS, HEC, Vanderbilt Masters? Thanks to everyone for helping! I got a lot of great advice from several people who went to each program. ...32
+1United States of NetflixMARKETS U.S. markets: Stocks wasted no time Monday, surging higher as fears of a U.S.-China trade war eased. The Dow closed above 25k for the first time since March 16. International markets: European and Asian stocks strapped in for the joy ride. Earnings today: TJX, HPE, Intuit ...2
+1Forex DataHi guys! I am starting a uni research with the proposal: **Machine Learning models for Forex Prediction**, and I am looking for an inexpensive data source. The denser is better. Any suggestions, please? Cheers...2
+1What do you think of the SA uber accelerated recruiting cycle?1
+1GET GMAT/PTE AUSTRALIA - IELTS/TOEFL WITHOUT EXAMS IN USA/UK (ieltscert237 at yahoo dot com)Order IELTS, TOELF, PTE, GMAT, GRE, NEBOSH, FLE (watsapp: +16468770890) Ready to live, work or study abroad? Book your IELTS test Now with IDP IELTS (Skype: ielts cert). Hi Friends, We can help you obtain high scores in IELTS/TOELF, FLE, ETS, GMAT, GRE, ESOL, TOEIC, CELTA/DELTA, PTE, ...1
+2Cass Msc Investment Management London and Lancaster Msc FinanceReceived offers from both-Msc Investment Management from Cass (Msc Finance was my first choice) and Msc Finance from Lancaster -awaiting response from Warwick, Cranfield, Edinburgh (for Msc Finance ) and from LBS (MFA) 2 questions: 1)Given that FT ranks Lancaster at 27 and Cass at 20 (for Msc...3
+10Your favorite financier from the pastHi all, This entertaining post is for the history and financial history monkeys out there. What is your favorite financier of the past and why? Most of us have read about the Weinbergs and Rohatyns of the past but I'd like to hear about the less known but equally inspiring figures of the 20th ce...80
+1Cambridge Masters Student, No Internships in IB/Finance/S&T, 1 Year Unrelated Working ExperienceHi WSO, new member here and been lurking for the past few weeks. I am an international student (non-EU, non-American, from SE. Asia) who graduated from a semi-target university in London, UK one year ago with 1st Class Honours, and will be pursuing a business related 12-month Masters at Cambridge...1
+1International Student with no SA US Offers --> London Recruiting?deleted deleted deleted deleted deleted deleted deleted deleted deleted deleted deleted deleted deleted deleted ...4
Credit Suisse - Review - N/A
Credit Suisse - Salary & Bonus - N/A
+1Is Group or Bank More Important for Exit Opps?How does Capital Markets/FIG at upper BBs and EBs compare to M&A and other top groups at less prestigious banks like lower BBs and MM firms in terms of PE/HF exit opps? I would assume bank name would be more prestigious for business school and for F500 companies outside high finance but input on tha...1
Robert W. Baird & Co. - Review - Investment Banking
Robert W. Baird & Co. - Salary & Bonus - Investment Banking
+1How to find an IB internship with 2.3 GPA after 1st year of college? Is there a way if I'm from a target school? Or should I just forget about internship and focusing on raising my gpa until end of 2nd or 3rd year?...1
+4Thoughts on Cowen NY HC group?I know Cowen was basically falling apart a few years ago, but it seems they've gotten through that. I haven't seen any new threads discussing them for a while. I'm aware healthcare is their strong suit, but just how good is their NY HC group compared to other MM's (Jefferies, Piper, etc.) and compar...20
+1How should I follow up with this connection? So my dad has a client that is a senior VP at CBRE. He told my dad he was willing to talk to me as my dad mentioned I'm interested in CRE. I waited awhile to contact him as at the time I wasn't as interested/invested in CRE as I am now and was very busy. Anyhow, about 2 months go by and at this poin...1
+1What should I rising Sophomore be doing right now?So I'm a rising sophomore at a target school. What should I be doing right now if I want to land a top job in financial services (IB or HF). Should I be applying to the summer analysts programs for next year or are those for rising juniors only? If not, where should I be applying for next summer? Th...2
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+22018 FT Roomate ThreadHey everybody, I wanted to start a similar thread to the one the website had last year to help us look for roommates. I'm a very clean and respectful guy, who doesn't go hard during the weekends. We are going to be working very hard and I want to have the house as a place where we can get good sl...10
+1Choice between Corp Dev & Corp Strat pre-MBA?Delete ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...1
AltaCorp Capital Inc
+7Long Distance Relationships or Sacrificing Career AbroadMod (Andy) note: Good forum thread below on choosing between a relationship / location / career I am going to be doing S&T abroad this summer, and assuming I like it, I hope to stay abroad full time for at least a few years if not longer. I have a lot of wanderlust, so even in a different career...67
KeyBanc Capital Markets - Review - Investment Banking
+1Small to Mid Size Firms in NYCI am a rising senior from a non target school, I have a GPA of 3.9 with a double major in finance and economics. I have internship experience at a hedge fund in NYC with a good rep, along with internship experience at two smaller firms where I'm from (SC). I also participate in my school's investmen...1
+19How much sleep do you needCurrently a college student and i find i actually need a lot of sleep. Even when i get 8 hours i still wake up exhausted, which makes me shit scared of banking. Anybody else have/had this problem? How do you get over this damn burden?...105
0Webinar: Hedge Fund Case: Nintendo -- 9pm EST, 6/11/18TODAY June 11th, 9:00 pm EST Wall Street Mentor John will be hosting a webinar entitled "Hedge Fund Case: Nintendo". REGISTER HERE Add to your calendar.   More info from the presenter: Nintendo - it's in Japan, it's hot. We have been long for awhile so I thought it would be ...5
KeyBanc Capital Markets - Salary & Bonus - Investment Banking
+2Stout Future Leaders in FinanceIs anyone attending the FLF program at any of Stout's offices next week? I've heard there is a case study as well, though I'm not super familiar with the program. Any comments or feedback is appreciated!...14
+3What companies are still giving sponsorships for international students?Yesterday I checked my school's website for FT recruiting. It seems that OW is not giving out sponsorships anymore...can anyone confirm that? McK and Bain are still giving. Thanks. ...15
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Robert W. Baird & Co. - Salary & Bonus - Technology, Media and Telecom (TMT)
SGGG Funds ServicesInvestment Fund Accounting...
RBC Capital Markets - Review - Investment Banking
RBC Capital Markets - Salary & Bonus - Investment Banking
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Moto DeliGourmet restaurant...
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+1Bankers Predicting World Cup Finalists... Using Economics?Analysts at banks from all over the world have been using [economic theory (portfolio theory, efficient markets, etc.) to predict who will win the 2018 Fifa World Cup]( [quote] A multinational team of analysts at Nomura, the Japane...1
+2EB Dress Code AdviceI’m updating my wardrobe for my sophomore internship this summer, mostly in the way of dress slacks. Next summer I will be at an EB for my junior internship, and would like to buy clothes this summer that I can wear next summer. Everyone talks about buying suits for internships, but no banker...4
+1Sophomore S&T InterviewI am a rising sophomore at a target and have a super day at a bulge firm for a S&T analyst position next summer. I have not really had experience beyond general interest (keeping up with the markets). Everything I am reading says to have a stock pitch ready -- how in depth would they be expecting fr...2
+2Healthcare & Easier Offices for MBB?Are there any less competitive offices for MBB that are easier to get in? Which MBB offices (particularly Bain) focus on doing helathcare consulting? thank you all...8
+13Personal finance?Can we kick-off and keep afloat a thread about personal finance for non-dummies? I would love to be able to discuss intermediate-beginner issues like basic tax optimization, best services for moderate-net-worth individuals etc. For starters, who do you bank with and why? I have been with TD for a...53
+10Best White Shirts?Looking to stock up on basic white dress shirts (for men). What are some good brands that are slim fit and affordable?...55
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+3Acceleration of Recruiting TimelineI'm just completed my first year at a semi-target and have been looking into IB. I thought the general timeline was to get a relevant internship sophomore summer, and then try to get an IB internship junior summer and hope for a return offer. However, I've been reading that recruiting is moving up, ...9
Credit Suisse - Review - Investment Grade Finance
Credit Suisse - Salary & Bonus - Investment Grade Finance
+1ECM internship at BB - did I screw up?[deleted] [deleted] [deleted] [deleted] [deleted] [deleted] [deleted] [deleted] [deleted] [deleted] ...1
+1BB corporate banking vs. Tier 2/3 M&A BankHi everyone I am here to seek your opinion about my current situation. I just got an offer from a BB (American Bank) to join their corporate banking team in Paris, after I started just working in a French investment bank. I was not expecting to have an offer from the corporate banking team of suc...5
+1How to pay for private messaging on WSO?Due to recent changes to the site, you have to pay to send more than 2 private messages per day. Can someone please direct me to the page where I can pay?...1
+1Economics Major at Cal Berkeley - What classes should I take for IB or PE jobs?Hi, I am an Econ major at UC Berkeley. What classes are recommended to break into IB or PE jobs? Thanks...2
+1EBB Still Open for 2019 SA?delete dete dasdasdsadsad e easdasdasdasdas d sd sddadsdsad d s dsa d asddsdsdsdsdsadsd asds sadsadasd asdasdasdsa ds a sd asdsadsdasdasdadasdasdsadasdasdasd...4
+1Citi to cut up to 20K "IB" Jobs in next 5 years Luckily for us finance bros, the job cut focus is actually in Tech & Ops. "Forese said the positions, which make up almost two-fifths of investment bank emplo...1
+1Capitalising vs expensing (beginner question)Hi, I wonder how these scenarios will show in the statements. Assumptions: €100 machine purchase, Depreciation of 10 years (straight line), no salvage value, corporate tax rate of 20%. Machine purchased in the beginning of the year and no dividends are paid out to equity holders. **Capita...2
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