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+22Leaving a single manager to start a book at a platform


Has anyone made the switch from being an analyst at a single manager to being a PM on any of the platforms? As background, I've been at a single manager for 6 years and have covered my sector for a total of 8 years. I'm making ok but not great money for someone my level (500-750K)...

+14What's a cool skill that an interviewee has shown that got them hired instantly?


Does anyone have a cool story of an interviewee with an incredible skill or trick unrelated to finance that got them hired or was at least a talked about around the office? E.g. Memorising a deck of cards - but less generic.

+13EATING OURSELVES TO DEATH: the obesity crisis

Lloyd BIankfein

Currently, over 72% of Americans are overweight, with 40% being obese. More disturbingly, 19% of children are obese, who will almost certainly stay obese into adulthood. Life expectancy is going down in the United States, and 600,000 people die a year of obesity related causes. The causes of...

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0KKR vs. Blackstone vs. Carlyle


Which would you work for and why?

+1Baring Private Equity Asia - Reputation?


Hear that they recently had a $4.5 billion first close. Anyone aware of their reputation in the Asian <abbr title="private equity">PE</abbr> landscape? Certainly can't be too bad with a first close like that, but how would they compare to American / European megafunds...

+1Sizing of loafers: Gucci & Allen Edmonds?


Hello, I currently own a pair of Allen Edmonds Verona II loafers and was able to try them on in a store before purchasing so their size 11 fits me perfectly. I am looking at purchasing a pair of Gucci 1953 horsebit loafers online, and due to logistics, I can not try these on in-person. I see...

0Ferragamo or Gucci Loafers?


They're basically the same price. Thoughts?

0Are Gucci or Salvatore Ferragamo loafers too much for a summer intern?


Going to be interning this summer at a <abbr title="bulge bracket">BB</abbr> and was thinking of buying loafers for the summer. Any thoughts? If you can provide a picture that would be great too.

+2MBA: NYU Stern ($$$$) vs. Cornell Johnson ($$)


Hi all, I was admitted to NYU (with a full tuition scholarship) and Cornell (with a 50% scholarship). My post <abbr title="Masters in Business Administration">MBA</abbr> goal is to work 2-3 years in <abbr title="investment banking">IB</abbr> in...

+18Moving to L.A.

Dances With Newfoundland

I recently left my FAANG job and will be moving to L.A. for a director role at a startup (don't want to get too specific). As I have never lived in L.A., I'm totally lost as to where I should live. The job will be in El Segundo, so it looks like I should target Santa Monica, Venice,...

+5Cold Email Template


I am starting network for the first time and would like to get some critic for my template. I am a just starting college and hope to find an internship for next summer. Dear Mr/Mrs X, Hi, my name is ___________, a student at Berkeley City College majoring in Business Administration. I found...

0What books should I read if I want to break into S&T


Can anyone recommended me any books to read if I want to break into <abbr title="Sales and Trading">S&T</abbr>. Something that would be useful for helping me with technical interviews, but at the same time and enjoyable read. Many thanks

0Roomate Sarch: FT IBD NYC starting June2016


Hi everyone. I am an incoming <abbr title="full time">FT</abbr> analyst at a <abbr title="bulge bracket">BB</abbr> for <abbr title="investment banking division">IBD</abbr>, will be working in Midtown East. I am targeting a June...

+82Never Give Up - A guide to success even if you're dumb


Longtime lurker. First post. ###About me: I'm originally from the South. Growing up, I hated school. I'm talking about failing multiple classes, dreading going to school, and even getting suspended many times. I was diagnosed with ADD at a young age, but never wanted to take...

0I'm feeling some serious anxiety - sophomore undergrad


So, I'm a sophomore majoring in finance at the University of Florida. I like to play lacrosse, workout, and study languages in my free time(this is for fun although I am taking Russian classes), as well as manage a small energy portfolio and promotional products company (its kinda legit)....

+5Sales and Trading - A Comprehensive Guide


<p>What is the difference between Sales and Sales Trading? I know what Sales and Trading is, but I don't understand the difference between the roles called sales and sales trading. Does sales only speak to the client to get the best market prices or does sales trading do that?...

0Investor Relations Exit Ops?


Hi everyone, I’m a recent college grad less than a year (non target school) average GPA in 3s, finance major. I interned throughout college at a small broker as an analyst (mostly fundamental). I’m now working in IR (more on the analyst side). Im reading sell side reports everyday and...

0Help - JP Morgan vs. Wellington Management Research


Hi all, Here's my situation: I have an offer for <abbr title="JP Morgan">JP</abbr> sell-side research. I also have a super day with Wellington for equity research on Dec. 2nd. If it comes down between the two, what do you guys think?

+8Dealing with other men mean mugging you in public when wearing a nice suit


In my early 20s, here. I have a lot of Made to Measure suits from Suit Supply that deliver great value for the dollar. They shape my body silhouette very well. But when I'm in public, it seems like everyone, both male and female, is trying to size me up when I’m wearing a well tailored...

0Bachelor of Arts vs. Bachelor of Science in Mathematics


Is a Bachelors of Arts in Math looked upon differently than a Bachelors of Science? Thanks

0How can I move from compliance to M&A


So I successfully landed a temp role in <a href=”//”>compliance</a> at a major investment bank. Although the work is interesting, its not ultimately where I wanted to be. I took this job because I really had no internships while I was...

+1Updated Time Required For /Structure of GMAT Preparation


Looks like there hasn't been a recent discussion on GMAT prep in some time. Was hoping to get some insight from those who've taken the GMAT recently. I'm a graduate of an Ivy League school planning on taking the GMAT this fall. Obviously everyones situation is different, but...

+3Moyer Distressed PDF copy


Does anyone have a PDF copy of Moyer Distressed Debt Analysis? Just started <abbr title="full time">FT</abbr> in <abbr title="fixed income">FI</abbr> <abbr title="Sales and Trading">S&T</abbr> and need a copy to reference for...

+30What excuses do you guys use to take time off for interviews?


In my experience, interviews are scheduled just 2-3 days in advance. This is extremely short notice to take a half day or so off work (depending on anticipated interview time, and location). I'm sure a lot of you work long hours, in a somewhat fast-paced professional environment, how do you...

0Altman Vilandrie Vs Applied Predictive Technologies (APT)


Recently received internship offers from both APT and Altman Vilandrie for the winter. Am on the fence for which one I should take becaues APT is more well known, but also more client-servicy while Altman Vilandrie is more pure management consulting, but also smaller and only focused on...

+2William Blair first round interview help!


Have a first round interview with William Blair coming up and was wondering if anyone had insight about their interview process. I was surprised to find that it was an hour long interview (never had a 1st round be so long). Are they known to ask technical questions? Or is it mostly fit? I...

0No Call Back for 1ST Round - Super Day next Wed! HELP!


I had a first round yesterday (Thursday) and everything went well except when the interviewer asked me about their firm (the size, revenue, ceo). I didn't know anything... I tried to deflect saying that I truly wanted to work their because of X, Y, Z factors but I didn't know the names...

0What other TMT-focused management consulting firms are out there?


Hi all, I'm extremely interested in <abbr title="technology, media, telecom">TMT</abbr> management consulting, however, it seems as if there aren't too many of these firms out there. Other than Altman Vilandrie and Bulger Partners, what other firms out there...

+6Consulting Elite Boutiques

The Pharma Guy

Since the last post about this was from 2010 I figured an update might be in order. What are some <abbr title="elite boutiques">EBs</abbr> in consulting? I know boutique may be a term up for discussion but I would say small number of offices (<15) or small number of...

+1Aquiline Partners


Anyone have any insight into Aquiline Partners and its summer analyst and analyst programs? It does "FIG" <abbr title="private equity">PE</abbr> since it specializes in financial services. Would that pigeonhole you?

0How do you compete with Asians?


I feel inadequate after reading Joyce Meng's resume. How do we non-Asians compete?

+7Management Consulting Salary & Compensation, Average Bonus in Consulting


<em>Below is an estimate of all-in consulting compensation progression. This list has been compiled with information from <abbr title="Wall Street Oasis">WSO</abbr>, Quora, and more in order to present the most accurate figures possible. In addition to salary...

+81Notorious Investment Banking Groups and War Stories


Monkeys, What are some of the most notorious "Groups" on the street? This can include massive jerks, (overly 100+ regularly) abusive workloads, or just old school street mentalities. For example, I've heard <abbr title="JP Morgan">JPM</abbr> HC is one of...

+2How to avoid eyes hurting after staring at a computer all day?


Incoming <abbr title="investment banking">IB</abbr> analyst, would like to know how you guys manage this. Are there special glasses you can buy solely for this purpose? Any other tips? I can sit still all day, but my eyes start to hurt. Thanks!

+4SVB Leerink


SVB announced it's acquiring Leerink. Any thoughts on this and what it means for Leerink? [Press Release](

0UBS Leveraged Finance Credit, Morgan Stanley TMT Credit, or RBC Capital Markets TMT Corporate Banking


Currently in an associate position with the Swiss <abbr title="bulge bracket">BB</abbr> firm - in the leveraged underwriting (credit) function. Have offer from Morgan Stanley for <abbr title="technology, media, telecom">TMT</abbr> credit, and offer...

+112Investment Banking Resume Template - Official WSO CV Example

<img src="" alt="Investment Banking Resume Template - Official WSO CV Example" /> <p><b>Attached to the bottom of this post, you will find the Wall Street Oasis Investment Banking Resume Template...

+83Key Interview Takeaways - 2nd Year Analyst Perspective


Sitting at my desk here just waiting for things to wind down so thought I’d give back to the community and try my first long form post. I did some interviewing last year but this year I was heavily involved for both <abbr title="summer analyst intern ">SA</abbr> and...

+1Is Tumi worth the price for buy tote bags online in india?


buy tote bags online in India are known for being convenient and practical. People use handbags when going to work, school, trips or other for some other purposes. A nice delicate tote bag can really make you a head-turner.

+1Recent trends in target school pecking order for IB recruiting?


There are a million threads on "target school rankings" on WSO, but a lot of them seem to be a decade old and possibly outdated. Most of these old threads say that HYPSM and Wharton are the most elite, followed by Dartmouth, Duke, Columbia and other ivies and top schools. I've...

0Superday Thank You Email


So I had my first superday yesterday. Just wondering if it's commonplace to send thank you emails to the people I met. In the past, I've had boutique interviews and sent a thank you to the 1/2 ppl who interviewed me. Yesterday I had 7 small interviews w/about 12 different people...

+1Facebook vs. BB IBD vs. MBB Offer Help Me Choose


I have a rather unconventional schooling record and internship record. I have, however, been blessed to make a really big decision coming up. I'm curious as to what WSO members would do in this situation. I understand that the FB offer is a bit difficult to evaluate in context and there are...

+9Cities with the Best Cost of Living / Work Life Balance in Finance


I've come to the conclusion <abbr title="New York City">NYC</abbr> is not for me. More power to all of you whose dream is working on the street, it's just not for me. Cost of living is too high. Hours are too long. Taxes are too high. Where in the country is...

0Balyasny Asset Management


Any info on Balyasny in terms of responsibilities, culture, comp, etc? Searching for more information doesn't seem to bring up a whole lot.

0investment analyst or fin.risk.mgmt analyst?


Is there anyone make a clear differences between junior investment and financial risk management analyst in asset management firms?

+20Best Cities to Live


Ok, I know this is an opinion-based question, but thats the point. Just looking to see what people think for shits and gigs. I'm planning on going into Big 4 accounting, so I can basically relocate wherever theres an office. I'm currently in Orlando, FL. Dont really plan on staying...

+8Death from Overwork

Lloyd BIankfein

I hope you fellow monkeys get to enjoy a much-deserved break over the Thanksgiving holiday. Anyways, just read a fascinating [article]( about deaths from overwork in Japan. It really got me to...

0Scheduling Interviews with Competing Firms


Guys help me out! This is very Taboo and I damn sure am not going to ask my colleagues how to do this. So im recently out of undergrad (almost a year). working a strategy/corporate function at a <abbr title="Goldman Sachs">GS</abbr>/MS/<abbr title="JP...

0Which one: UBS or BCG?


Hi guys, need some opinions over here. I am a fresh graduate, have recently received two full-time job offers from BCG and UBS, both in Kuala Lumpur. UBS offers me an <abbr title="investment banking">IB</abbr> analyst role, while BCG offers me their analyst role. I am...

+2Corporate IR vs PE IR


In year 2 of a 3-year rotational program at a ~F100 (tech) company based in the Boston area, currently sitting in the IR group. My third rotation will be in SF starting in August. I was recently contacted by a HH about an IR role at Bain Capital Credit. Can anyone shed some light on: 1) How...

+70Best city for overall quality of life?


Including weather and job opportunities what do you guys think the best city to live in for banking is?



How's exit opps from this group? How does it stack up against Financial Sponsors and M&A?

0What are some reputable groups at UBS? What are some good questions to ask for networking?


Hi, I recently accepted an offer to work at UBS for the Investment Banking summer analyst program, and I was wondering what is the general feeling about the different groups at UBS? I am a Information Systems & Computer Science major so I am looking for a more quantitative group with...

+7Are girls who are on birth control more or less attractive to you, holding all else equal?


She's back at your place, and things start getting fiesty. Before you know it, both of you are bare(ly wearing anything). You reach for a rubber in your condom drawer, but she pulls your hand away. "No it's ok babe, I'm on the pill." In my mind, her desirability...

0What is the most prestigious PE firm?

Ray Mckigney

would it be: 1. <abbr title="Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co.">KKR</abbr> 2. <abbr title="Blackstone">BX</abbr> 3. Carlyle? also what constitutes a mega fund these days?

0IR - Work/life balance and exit opportunities

ad Gladium

Hey everyone, I wanted some input from you all on what the exit opportunities are for someone working in IR and what the work/life balance is. The firm is fairly small and focuses only on IR. I have prior internships in <abbr title="investment banking...

+1Crestview Partners 2020


Did anyone else get the email from SG Partners regarding the 2020 Associate position? Looking for any insight on the firm and interviewing as there's not much on the site.



Gimme the story guys. good stories, horror stories, the whole deal. my good friend got placed there today... and he has no idea about it. ive heard the chemicals is pretty intense, but cap goods and metals is ok.

0PE interview technical question - please help!


Hello guys, I just went for a first round <abbr title="private equity">PE</abbr> interview (my first ever) and got stuck on one question. Basically I was given the <abbr title="earnings before interest tax depreciation and...

+8William Blair Summer 2019 Recruiting


So William Blair's <abbr title="summer analyst intern">SA</abbr> 2019 application was due June 1. I have heard some people have already received interviews. Is this only target/diversity students? Or are all interviews going on at this time? Also post if you have...

+22 Summer IB internships. Unprecedented? Weird? Please Advise.


Hey <abbr title="Wall Street Oasis">WSO</abbr>, I just want to thank you for all the help you've given me so far and ask another question about Summer Analyst positions. Here's my situation: -I've already signed with an "elite boutique"...

+1Possible to go Investment Banking from Commercial Loan Analyst (1st job out of college)


I am trying to figure out my best potential path to get into investment banking. I am in the southeast, so I am looking at Raymond James <abbr title="investment banking">IB</abbr> (Atlanta and St. Petersburg), SunTrust Robinson Humphrey (Atlanta) and Barclays (Atlanta). I...

+46Is asset management underrated?


I've noticed <abbr title="asset management">AM</abbr> is kinda shoved aside as a post-MBA job on this forum when in reality it's an extremely steady cash flow for the firm. I really don't see why someone would pick banking over <abbr title="asset...

0Describe your ideal woman

Gold_man_zak think itll be interesting to see the range of answers

0Corporate Development - Views on Corp Dev for a F20 company


Hi - anyone have any views on Corp Dev for a F20 company vs investment banking - are the pay scales really diff? what about career prospects after a couple years and good transactional experience can one make a jump to a BB? Thanks in advance.

+4Megafund Hours


How much variation is there between different megafunds for hours? I know it depends on deal, deal team, projects, etc. but in general I keep hearing that Apollo/Warburg/maybe <abbr title="Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co.">KKR</abbr> has the worst hours, Bain/Carlyle the...

0Canadian PE shops


Does anyone here have experience with any of the top Canadian <abbr title="private equity">PE</abbr> shops, just trying to figure out who the top TIER 1 <abbr title="private equity">PE</abbr> shops are in Canada. Any insight into experience, hours,...

+3Best path to private equity at Blackstone


Hi everyone. I am new on <abbr title="Wall Street Oasis">WSO</abbr> and happy to be involved. Currently I am 15 years old living in Canada. I am extremely interested in working in the private equity business, particularly at <abbr...

+7How is Houlihan Lokey Restructuring compared to BX (PJT) and Lazard?


I'm a sophomore and I wanted to learn more about the top firms in US restructuring. How does <abbr title="Houlihan Lokey Howard and Zukin">HLHZ</abbr> compare to PJT and LAZ in terms of experience, culture, and exits? Thanks.

+13Why Can't Interviewers Call on Time?


I have had 3 phone interviews this past week: 1 with a bulge bracket, 1 with a boutique, and 1 with a hedge fund/prop trading firm. The bulge bracket was 35 minutes late, the boutique was 20 minutes late, and the prop trading firm was 15 minutes late. Every single time I have received no email...

+39What cities will be the top places to live in the next 5-10 years?


It seems as though many people are fleeing California because of soaring rent increases, weak infrastructure/high traffic, high taxes, and lack of water. Where will the top places to live and develop real estate be in the next 5-10 years? It seems as if the best places would be business...

+60An Overview of Technology Media and Telecom (TMT) - Part 1 of 2


<em>Mod Note: Each day we'll be posting the top <abbr title="Wall Street Oasis">WSO</abbr> forum posts of 2014. This one was originally posted on 6/29/14 and ranks #20 for the year by total silver banana count. You can see all our top ranked content <a...

+1Deciding Between Offers, Pepsi/Soros/Legg Mason or - Holding four offers


Hey guys, A little bit about my background, I am a current junior who came from a target school and just went through the whole internship recruitment process. I have previous internship at Operation and Audit at well know firms. This year, I did eventually end up holding four offers (none of...

+2Rosenbaums LBO Analysis


Has anyone read Rosenbaum and Pearl and can recommend on how to study the <abbr title="leveraged buyout">LBO</abbr> Analysis chaper (Ch. 5)? Would it be an advisable approach to try to be able to build a complete model from scratch or is it more like one should understand...



Which is guide is the BEST bang for buck? -BIWS (M&I) or <abbr title="Wall Street Oasis">WSO</abbr> I'm looking to understand what I'm reading rather than memorizing the best way to answer a question. Also, will these guys basically teach me all I need to...

+3Bulge bracket or Boutique: which is better?


I've picked up an interest in Asset Management and private wealth management recently, and I wanted to know if it would be better to work in <abbr title="bulge bracket">BB</abbr> or boutique. Some people have told me that boutique would be a better experience in terms...

+2IFC modeling test?


Has anyone interviewed for IFC Inv. Analyst? Looking for some advice on 2nd and 3rd round, particularly the case study/modeling test on the 2nd round. I have no idea about the time limit and the type of analysis required. DCF? IRR? etc? Appreciate your feedback!

0Grad school +work


Hi guys. I came across an interesting program. An international business MA program. THe program is not in the US. According to the site, there are classes 3 times a week, and they are evening classes. They help you secure an internship/work arrangements. The tuition isn't much at all....

+22Cold Emailing for Internship


I was wondering how someone might write an email asking for internship opportunities. My school is not in the city and there are no i-banks here so I can't really set up coffee meetings. So, how would you structure your email and should I attach my resume with it? Any help is much...

+2Learning VBA for Banking


I'm considering using part of the summer before b-school to learn VBA. Anyone have any experience with using VBA in banking? Is it useful at all? It's a skill I've always wanted to have and will probably plunk down the time if it is remotely relevant to my future career ambitions.

+9MRED/MSRED Questions


I'm currently working in real estate development at an associate level with a non-business background and am planning to apply to masters in real estate programs with the goals of broadening my understanding of real estate development (interested in shifting from a single asset class to...

+5"Analyst" vs "Associate" in PE (2018)


Up until fairly recently, <abbr title="private equity">PE</abbr> basically had two entry points; post banking (pre-MBA) as an Associate, or post B-school as a Senior Associate. Today, however, kids with 0-1 yrs of experience are getting into <abbr title="private...

+1How to succeed in personality tests?


I'm doing a lot of job interviews these days. I'm applying for software development posts. I've recently earned my B.Sc. in <abbr title="Credit Suisse">CS</abbr>, and this is my first serious job hunt ever. What sorts of questions are asked in a Personality...

+32How much physical cash do you/should you have on hand?


It seems to vary quite a bit between individuals, often regardless of actual net worth. When I say "on hand", it's what you carry around, and what's in your apartment/house. Personally, I have a small stash of USD and CHF (Swiss Franc)- their paper bills are a work of...

+15Introverts Who Learned to be Successful Networkers?


I'm a very introverted guy who goes to a lot of networking events that are facilitated by my school, ULI, or local (North Texas) <abbr title="commercial real estate">CRE</abbr> industry groups. I work hard to become a better networker, but I'm not making much...

+12GS IBD Salt Lake City


I am considering applying for SLC <abbr title="investment banking division">IBD</abbr> for <abbr title="Goldman Sachs">GS</abbr> instead of <abbr title="New York">NY</abbr> since it's probably easier to get in. Since cost of...

+1Added value of a specific alternative asset class, need help with project


Hey guys, I am working on a project where I look at the added value of a specific asset class (such as PE-Buyout) for a fictional pension fund's portfolio (now 65% equity, 35% bonds). Some things I am looking at: -Efficient frontier analyse -Cov. matrix But also, finding a good...

+293On the Job With Simple As… My Research Process

Simple As...

When I did my AMA thread a while back I promised at least one person that I would share my general research process. So here you go... Every analyst has his/her own way of conducting due diligence. There certainly is no one correct way to come to an investment decision, however, I’d argue...

+14MBA Programs for Real Estate


To all Real Estate Finance professionals out there. I am applying to B-School next year and would like to concentrate in RE. Would you agree these following MBA's have the strongest RE programs with strong RE recruitment for IBRE and REPE? 1, Wharton 2. Columbia 3. NYU - Stern 4....

+4Bulge Bracket TMT vs. Qatalyst Partners


If you had an offer from <abbr title="Goldman Sachs">GS</abbr> or MS <abbr title="technology, media, telecom">TMT</abbr> group and Qatalyst Partners for an analyst position, which would you take? I'm honestly having a hard time with this. Since...

+71Notes for Technical Interview Questions


During a recent round of interviews with several banks, headhunters sent across a number of potential technical questions that they said I should be very comfortable with. However, through all of my interviews I was never actually asked any technical questions (although I did do a 3 hour...

+1S&T Internship Preparation


What kind of things would you recommend I learn and brush up on to prepare for an internship in sales and trading (no information on rotations yet)? Also, are there any specific things you would recommend doing over the internship? Thanks!

+16What to wear to coffee meetings?


I have a coffee meeting with an SVP at one of the big brokerages. This is supposed to be just a chat about the industry, but I will definitely be implying that I'd like to work there. What should I wear to the meeting? It's pretty cold out right now and I was thinking of just wearing...

+117Is investment banking full of rich kids?


It seems that to get into investment banking, you must: - apply early - have been to a target school - in order to get into the target school, excel in high school, have money and you must know which schools are targets for investment banking It seems like that in order to tick off all...

+3Calculating and Estimating Internal Rate of Return


Whats the best way to do an <abbr title="internal rate of return">IRR</abbr> calc in your head? is there a simple calculation and relationship when you think about initial investment, sale price and time period? just for back of envelope calcs when youre sitting in a...

0GS PE Placement - Industrials and NR


I have an accelerated full time interview coming up with <abbr title="Goldman Sachs">GS</abbr>. Just wondering how Industrials and Natural resources did during the past couple of years in respect to <abbr title="private equity">PE</abbr> recruiting. I...

+35How will the results of the election affect Wall Street and the overall economy?


Title says it all, i'm very curious to hear people's thoughts. How will the Trump presidency affect the markets / Wall Street?

+3143 Diversity Recruiting Programs at Investment Banks - The Most Exhaustive List


Diversity recruiting has been the subject of several posts over the last few weeks. Although there are existing <abbr title="Wall Street Oasis">WSO</abbr> posts that try to aggregate opportunity for diverse candidates, this one aims to be an exhaustive list that includes...

+3Best PERE firms to work for


what do people think the best <abbr title="private equity real estate">PERE</abbr> firms to work for are? What are the most exclusive firms and how does one land a job at these top <abbr title="private equity real estate">PERE</abbr> firms?

+1To suit up or not to suit up?


Meeting a senior VP at a <abbr title="middle market">MM</abbr> bank today to "talk about" an analyst position. He is coming to my city to do business but contacted me to meet up. So my question is--What is proper attire for this meeting? We are going to go...

+1Senior Analyst offer from a 3G portfolio company.


Would you guys take it? Current Situation: - Finance Rotational program making 60K with 5% bonus target - Will be promoted to senior analyst in June 2018 making 75K with 10% bonus target - 7% 401k match - 26 days PTO - Pays for <abbr title="Chartered Financial...

+9GP/LP structure - friends and family capital JV structure


Would kindly appreciate folks sharing some deal structures they have seen in the market place for LP capital on one off transactions. The structure I am familiar with seems fee heavy but want to know what others are seeing in the market place. Below are terms I have seen a syndicator use for...

+1What are the hardest private equity interview questions you've ever heard?


What is the hardest interview question you've ever been asked in a private equity interview? Bonus questions if it was for a experienced hire role