Hey everyone,

Would people be interested in a weekly meetup to talk about finance and investing?

Some background on me: I graduated a few years ago with a finance and econ degree before going into investment banking at a boutique and then jumping to VC. I constantly read books and listen to podcasts about banking, private equity, the stock market and other areas. I have some friends from my hometown in adjacent jobs and I learn so much from talking to them about their job and how they’re seeing the economy and business landscape. Those conversations really helped me in my career and I want to build a community of people doing that in San Francisco.

Not looking to share confidential info or deal flow, just looking to talk about finance and investing with juniors in the industry (senior associate and below preferably).

If you’re working in finance, tech, law, consulting or something similar and live in SF comment below with the following:

  • Comment with your username so I can DM you
  • Comment days that work for you (Monday - Wednesday evenings work best for me)
  • Comment the earliest time that you could reliably meet at a bar in the financial district

- Fri / Sat / Sun evenings works best for me. Love this idea and have been looking to meet more people in the industry!! thanks for setting up