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+2MBA: Do I stand any chances at a top school?A little bit about my background: - MBB consultant at a tier-2 European city (think Paris/Frankfurt/Madrid), with 2+ years of experience by the time I’ll apply - A few internships here and there at random FTSE100 companies in undergrad - Master’s degree from a top European univers...BSCH8
+1Anyone interviewed at Goldman Sachs?? Advise neededDear fellow monkeys! I have been already in 3 phone/video interview rounds with Goldman Sachs for an operations associate role in SLC. HR sent me a compensation questionnaire, then talked to me and said that they are still in interviews and that they will follow up in 1 to 2 weeks... does anyone o...IB7
0Transitioning from Corp Dev to PE (5-10 years experience)Hey All, Been reading WSO intermittently for a while and just joined the site. First post. Considering a transition from Corp Dev (Sr. Mgr. F50) to PE. Have been reading the forums on this topic, but most content/advice seems tailored to less experienced individuals (less than 5 years). Ha...PE0
+2Real Estate ExamHey guys! I am looking to get started on preparing for my real estate exam. For those of you that did the pre-courses online, what is the best website for this preparation? I looked into the sites listed below, however I am open to suggestion. I'll be taking this for the state of Pennsylvania....RE12
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0Company Compensation: Wells Fargo and CompanyIB
0Cold-Call Tips? A little about my background: I am a junior at a semi-target school. I missed the fall recruitment and OCR. I recently have been trying to cold call local boutiques for summer internship opportunities, but it has not gone well so far. I will give some examples: 1. I called the MD (found the numbe...IB0
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+4How much do you value education vs. GPA?Hi all, I'm currently a junior majoring in finance at a state school, incoming IB SA. Today I had an elderly Chinese professor call me lazy for only doing one major. Doing one major has given me the free time to do a boutique M&A internship during the school year, and I'll admit has allowed me t...OFF29
+2Experienced Lateral to J.P. Morgan - CoverageI'm in the early stages of interviewing for a lateral position at JPM into a coverage group I currently cover, coming from a non bulge bracket bank. I have a lot of experience / closed deals at my bank for the time I've been here. Could someone with knowledge of the lateral process at JPM please...IB8
+172018 Bonus RumorsHas anyone been hearing rumors on how bonuses are looking this year? WSP: *"An investment banking analyst should make $155, $180K, and $205K in years one, two and three (plus or minus $5-10K depending on how good or bad the bank did). Perhaps add an extra $5K to be safe this year given that res...IB133
0Need advice - equity analyst offer at event driven long/short start-up, have to decide tomorrowI currently have an opportunity to join a year old event driven long/short fund. The fund has a little under $200mm AUM and had a very solid year last year. They are backed by one of the big hedge fund of funds and the PM has a good track record. The offer they gave is to take a slight pay-cut but t...HF2
+2SMBC 2018 Analyst Training Program - Investment Banking GroupI expect that candidates will start to hear back from SMBC pretty soon. This is a thread to see when you guys hear back. ...IB18
+218 yrs old, should I start self-studying CFA?Do you guys think jumping the bandwagon and starting to look at CFA material early on would be beneficial, considering I'm only first year college. I just need to know how to start and I think in my spare time I could start hammering down on trying to understand some major concepts....IB10
0Clean Bandit - Addictive tunesClean Bandit - Addictive tunes Clean Bandit-the Symphony feat. Zara Larsson, it’s the song that I hear every day. I really like speeding, the singing, the melody of the song, it’s really very starved. And the whole idea of their MV is also very good. Is actually the song “gravity” with ...OFF0
0BAML Industrials and TMTHi all, so I've been searching around WSO and google for the past few weeks looking for an answer on this, but haven't really been able to find anything current (from the last ~5 years or so). What is the consensus on BAML's Industrials and TMT groups? From what I heard, most of the Tech part of...IB0
+1How to network with social anxiety? I realize that networking is really important in getting a job. However, I have social anxiety which makes meeting new people really hard. I hesitate while speaking and a lot of the times what I say sounds really forced. I have always been an introvert and have struggled socially since a kid. I ca...OFF45
+12019 SA London/NYC SA Recruitment from MSc Finance at LSERecently admitted to LSE for the MSc Finance programme beginning in September 2018. I'll be recruiting for roles beginning in the summer of 2019, hopefully in both London and NYC (that said, I've heard that it might be difficult to land a role in New York coming from a school in the UK). I'm loo...IB2
0Help with situation: MBA vs Masters of Computer ScienceCurrently a Finance major w/ value investments concentration & computer science minor. Been grinding CS and been loving it. My plan is to grind in CS while working for an ER firm/Hedge fund business (1-2 years). Then get my MBA or a Masters of Comp Sci. at an IVY, preferably columbia. From...OTH0
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0Waymo's "Uber-Killer" Robot Taxis Are Here.. Level 4 Autonomy On January 24, in Arizona, you could've been one of the lucky(?) and random few individuals to have gotten into a taxi with no driver. After 4 million miles of testing, Waymo plans to launch their autonomous taxis completely before the end of 2018. [quote]The imminent release of a robotic fleet ...OTH0
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+3Ohio State MSF vs Villanova MSFI have made both Ohio State's and Villanova's MSF Programs. I am really torn between the two and would like to hear some opinions on what others think of both programs. I'm from NYC so my preference would be to live and work in NYC. I know Villanova places well in NYC so it would seem that would mak...BSCH7
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+136Life after Investment BankingLike a majority of people who are on this website, I used to come on here and write bullshit about a life partly my own, partly fantasy. I'm now going to uncloak the anonymous man and tell you my story. My name is Stephen Ridley. I graduated from a top tier British University with a First Class...IB326
0RSM LLC Tech. and Management Consulting Practice (Formerly known as Mcgladrey) I was recently offered a position with RSM (Boston) for their Technology and Management consulting Practice. I was familiar with the company as an accounting firm, but the MC practice is new, and I would like some input about: type of projects, prestige, how this firms looks for Business School, tra...CO0
+1UT Austin Economics vs NYU EconomicsIB1
+2Answering why market making?How would market makers answer the question "Why market making?" or "What attracts you to market making in particular?" (and maybe this links to why not principal trading/investing?) CORRECTION: When I mean market maker, I actually mean dealer in an OTC market in a bank....TR9
+3Okay so I've got an offer. Now how to negotiate a higher offer?delete ......................................................................................................................................................................................RE28
+4Hollywood wants to play money manager and redistribute your earningsPosing a question to WSO: what do you do when Hollywood has everyone complaining about, "rich people" getting rid of jobs and keeping all of the money to themselves? We're going to become a socialist country along the road we're currently headed. There are a few immediate issues with our current ...OFF6
+3How far can a MD stick out for a super non-target kid?I go to a terrible school but have a great attitude, he has been told great things about me. He's an MD in IB and I think he definitely respects my attitude and hustle. If I transfer to a semi target, delay graduation and keep in touch with him will he be able to stick out for me come recruitment ti...IB25
0Catch-Up Calls W/ Senior Industry Contacts How do you guys feel its best to approach these? You've already had an initial conversation about background, the industry, and their group. Non-work topics can seem kind of unnatural at times (depending on the contact). I usually update them on school/professional life. Ask them for advice on ho...IB0
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+1Bregal Partners Full-time AnalystAnyone knows what's going on with Bregal's full-time recruiting process? Had a first round with them but haven't heard back yet...PE5
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+1Post-MBA Fixed Income AM: Interview Preparation for PIMCO, TCW, DoubleLine, WAMI am attending one of H/S/W next year and would like some advice on interview prep for investment roles at the large FI asset managers. I have been able to find very little information on what the interview process and questions are like and was hoping some people here may have some advice. I am spe...AM1
+4Anyone know any Brown and Northwestern grads in real life? Are they chill?vs UMich alums? Trying to debate if they're worth an extra $7-10k a year over a UMich Ross BBA. I'm sure the actual college experience at all three will be fun as hell, just curious about differences post grad. Does NU even get much respect? Does Brown really have a "worst/weirdo Ivy" stigma?...OFF13
+1What "career day" to go to?Hey guys. Recently I've been invited to two different career days (neither are interview). One is at MassMutual where they suggested the career day will lead to an interview/job while the other is at PFM Asset Management where it is suggested that it is more of a learning experience (where I could n...JOB1
02 Sides Of A Bubble Coin? Reserve Banks v Investors**FOR** **** [quote] With QE having multiplied the amount of fiat money issued by central banks in just a few years, it's fair to wonder: How come it didn't trigger much higher levels of inflation than what we...MKT0
+2RE Career Advice Hey guys I am currently working at a regional bank doing originations for construction & bridge loans (average size of 30 million). I like looking at various asset classes, enjoy the business development side, and the fact I have lots of deal coming across my desk. Its just really hard to close an...RE12
0Making Partner at a MegafundHi friends, I was wondering how people who are working at PE MF perceive the possibility of staying there long-term. Three main questions that come to my mind: (1) Is it an environment where you actually want to stay for more than +2 years given the constant pressure you are under? (2) Is...PE0
0Equity Research Interview: Oil Modeling HelpHi guys. I'm currently interviewing for an equity research role and they sent me an excel/modeling test. They basically gave me a bunch of data on well performance and want me to create some output (yea they were kind of vague). The overarching goal is to find the best operator. Note: best operator ...ER0
0Comparing the BB Asset Management DivisionsI'm interested in a career in asset management, and although it's easy to distinguish between the enormous asset managers like Blackrock, PIMCO, etc., I don't have a solid grasp on the landscape of the BB AM arms. Do the AM divisions have similar hierarchies/stigmas to their Investment Banks? And...AM0
+2GSAM -> IBD?How difficult is the internal move from Goldman Sachs Asset Management (in particular fixed income investment strategies) to IBD? Thinking of summer analyst in GSAM to full time in IBD - is that possible? And would you take an internship at GSAM over one at a MM investment bank (if your eventual goa...IB18
+15Trump = Quant-mageddon?I may be a dumb southerner who limped through advanced calculus like a wounded animal, but I spent a fair amount of time in college studying math and applied statistics. (I think it is amazing you can graduate from many institutions with a degree in finance, having memorized a bunch of formulas with...HF75
+2Summer 2018 NYC HousingInterning midtown and would like to find housing near my office. For people who've gone through this process, what are your recommendations? I already signed up for the NYU Housing list, but I am also interested in other options like subleases and whatnot. For me, most important is location and low ...IB4
+1Junior Canadian STIR/FX trader -> Offer from Chicago Corp?Hi everyone, Any advice/comments are appreciated. I have to be a bit vague to avoid being recognized. Please PM if you'd like any details! I work in Toronto as in STIR/FX for a Canadian organization, say around 3 years in. I'm on a pretty solid team with upward potential. While I do g...TR2
+32AMA: 3rd Year PE Associate ($10bn+ AUM, MBO/LBO, equity, mezz, distressed debt)Edit: Wow, did not expect this thread to get so popular. Apologies if you PM'd me and I have not responded - there are dozens of messages I would respond to if I wasn't getting crushed on a deal. My firm must monitor my WSO activity and figured I needed more work to do... ### Two quick updates: ...PE134
0Asset & Wealth Management Program Analyst, Wealth Management, Private Bank, Financial Institutions Group, Banker Analyst Hi did anyone else recently apply to a program with this name? I found it on career builder but it took me to the JPM website. I even had a video interview but have no contact information to see about my application. Just wondering if anyone else is on the same boat!...AM0
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+34Networking as a woman - my experience and questionsI started a throwaway account as I feel that this is quite a sensitive topic. I’ve been networking heavily since my final year in university. I’m now almost 2 years into my first job in finance. It’s always been easy for me to get the attention of an M.D. from a well-known bank. I was not ...IB90
+2Haven't heard back about interviewApplied for a job at a small firm through a job on LinkedIn at the end of January and received a reply through LinkedIn that same evening from the firms CEO requesting dates I was available for a brief phone interview. I replied to him through LinkedIn with a number dates for the following week whic...IB9
+1DCF result - Equity value from EV Hi all What is the correct way to arrive at equity value after the EV was calculated (via DCF)? Suppose we have to value equity of a PRIVATE company. We identified target cap. structure, performed DCF and got the EV. What to do next? 1. subtract debt which is taken from the BS (assumption that...IB4
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+1Incoming FDP Hello, I am an incoming FDP finance analyst at a F50 technology company this summer and I’m looking for some advice/insight on what to expect/know. I start in August and hoped someone with more experience could offer me some insights into what skills I will need on a day to day basis. I...CF2
+1Tips For Cracking Your Telephonic Interview1) Do a homework: Just look for various kinds of questions and answers that you would be shot at by the interviewer. Practice it well and try to be fluent and confident in English. The only advantage you have in this kind of an interview is invisibility. 2) Choose a good phone and a spot: You wil...OFF1
0Company Review: Goldman Sachs
+1CFA Institute Research Challenge Relevance I am a member on my school's CFA Research team and recently presented. I have brought it up while networking and a number of people had no idea what this competition was. Can anyone provide any information as to how well known the CFA Research Challenge is? Do people care about it or is it just anot...JOB3
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+1IB over Politics?..................................................... ..................................................IB2
0Cross Research GroupDoes anyone have any information on this company? Boutique equity research firm that focuses on InfoTech. Applied for an entry-level associate position and have a phone interview tomorrow. Looking for any information. Thanks....ER14
+1No Reply to E-mail, Thoughts?I know that the situation/reason is different from person to person and you can't paint everyone with the same brush, but curious what other's experiences have been. Long story short, felt like I had a meaningful previous two contacts with a mid-level banker(initial phone call and coffee chat sh...IB5
0Company Compensation: Wells Fargo and CompanyIB
0Institutional InvestingNot sure how to categorize this question, so I hope it doesn't get too buried here in the "Other Industries Forum." I was hoping to get some insight about how to work/what life is like in institutional investing. I know there is a relatively large investment consulting industry (companies such as Ca...OTH0
+2Anyone have information on Anchorage?There are many thread on this online, but not for intern. Anchorage is recruiting at my school for internships and was hoping you monkeys could share some info on what the interview process would be or anything notable about the firm. The website ( isn't super helpful....HF9
+2Corporate Banking final interviewI have a Corp Banking interview coming up soon for an energy group. For those in corp banking, how should I prepare? What is the typical corp banking interview like? Any energy specific items or ratios I should focus on? Thanks for the help....IB8
+4SA 2019 recruiting moved up to spring 2018Heard through the grapevine (including recruiters) that SA 2019 recruiting for the Class of 2020 got moved up to spring 2018, i.e. their sophomore spring, meaning they'll only have one internship under their belt. Thoughts?...IB78
+2Breaking into IBD from PSU without getting into the Nittany Lion Fund?Hello Everyone, I've been lurking here for a few months and finally decided to type this up. Also, sorry if this isn't the right spot to post this. Assuming everything continues going in the direction it currently is, I will be transferring into Penn State next fall as a Junior. I'll be a Sm...IB9
+2Best housing choice for incoming Investment Banking analyst?Hi everyone, So, I'm an incoming IB analyst with a bank in Houston. I'm pondering which choice would be better: getting a studio downtown so I can walk to work every day or get an apartment with a roommate possibly downtown or in Midtown (5-7 minutes away). My roommate would be my best friend I ...IB13
0Question regarding daily Pnl Computation.Hi, I have a question related to the computation of daily returns from Risk based haircut(RBH) and net Pnl values provided by a clearing broker. For example, let us say that the broker provides a net Pnl (after taking into account all fees) of 1000$ and Risk based haircut value of 1M. The...TR0
0Advice on Exit opps. 2 offers: long-only or long-shortI have 2 offers. 1 is a larger, long-only fund and the other is a small long-short. What are exit opportunities like for each? Does picking on get me stuck in that strategy from here on out? Does one provide more flexibility down the road? I've weighed the pros/cons for the specific firms the...JOB0
+4Most sought-after skills for Quantitative research positionHi there, I went to undergrad at a target/semi-target school (top 10 but not ivy) and am currently pursuing a master's in operations research (OR) in an ivy. My plan is to work as a quantitative analyst after graduation. That being said, I am torn between doing a financial engineering track (t...HF28
0Deloitte FAS Career Progression Does anyone have ideas on exits/Progression regarding M&A integration and seperation advisory? I've been told corp dev or some strategic PEs will take ppl from there, also some ppl say that since this group mainly does project management work, consulting is another exit. I'm a bit confused on wh...CF0
+3Chicago or Charlotte/any other southern cityI live in the Midwest, so working in Chicago would be very close and convienient to move to. However, my mother who lives in Chicago is always telling me to stay the hell away and that it is too expensive and the taxes are too high. I’ve considered Charlotte and other southern cities like Austin o...OFF8
+11GS Veteran Integration Program (VIP) 2018I'd like to start the 2018 Veteran Integration Program thread this year. I'll be applying as soon as the application opens...Last year it was mid-October. Who else is applying this year? In past years the application entailed an online resume screen, followed by a Hirevue interview with several...JOB182
0CLOSE THIS PLEASE Asked this question in IB forum. close please. Asked this question in IB forum. close please. Asked this question in IB forum. close please. Asked this question in IB forum. close please. Asked this question in IB forum. close please. Asked this question in IB forum. close please. Asked this questio...BSCH0
+5How much do you give your parents per month?Title. How much of your salary do you contribute to your family? What percentage do you feel is a suitable number for someone starting work? ...OFF57
+1Promote StructureIn the process of syndicating a deal on this side and having some difficulty agreeing to a promote structure with a group of our investors who's advisers think the following structure is fair: They don't seem focused on fees but fees are as follows: 1% acq. 0.5% at refinance 1% at disposition ...RE3
+1Is My Upcoming Scheduled Phone Call with HR a Rejection on its Way? (3 working days post final round interview)Interviewed with a MM PE fund in London for an off-cycle internship. I would have been the last candidate to interview. If it's going to be a rejection I'd prefer to know now so I can mentally prepare - I'd be fucking gutted....PE4
+3How can I successfully get into investment banking?Hello everyone, I am a high school freshman whos life goal is to get into investment banking. Here are my stats: School: competitive public high school in Silicon Valley Grades: only one semester so far, I got straight As except for Algebra II/Trig where I got a B I should not have rece...IB8
0Three Golden Strategies For Effective Project Risk ManagementHi guys, Just wanted to add that the majority of projects rarely go according to plan. Your role as a project manager or team member is to be committed to dealing with project risks by using these "[Three Golden Strategies For Effective Project Risk Management](
+1Best Ways to Hedge Cap Rate Risk?I'm with a firm that specializes in short-term opportunistic and value add investments. Basically flipping commercial properties. With interest rates set to rise this year, we may see cap rates starting to rise as well. We normally don't worry too much about moves in cap rates as we buy deep valu...RE5
0Company Compensation: KPMGCO
0McKinsey Consulting vs. McKinsey ResearchYou guys are probably aware that McKinsey has 2 divisions that they hire in: Consulting and Research (supporting the consultants). A friend of mine received an offer from McK "Knowledge Network" as a Junior Research Analyst, and wants to know how good are his exit opportunities. I assume not tha...CO37
0Company Interview: Fisher InvestmentsIB
+1Infrastructure at Canadian Pensions (CDPQ and PSP)Hi guys, I posted this in the PE subgroup but couldn't find any answers as of yet so I was hoping to see if someone had any insights in this group. I'm increasingly becoming more and more interested in the infrastructure space, especially when it comes to careers within Canada and know that the p...IB0
+1Russian Curler Thinks He Was Sabotaged[WSJ]( kidding me right now? You would think those Commies over in mother Russia would realize "Hey, we should probably not try and cheat THIS TIME". This isn't the o...OFF2
0Is Career in Investment Banking the Highest Paying Job Post Undergrad?Is investment banking the single highest paying salaried job out there? Are there any occupations that pay as well or better? Secondly, I'm a sophomore at London School of Economics, and I want to follow a career in IB. Is M&A the best choice for a career ? Does IB have the highest sal...IB79
+1Ares vs. Golub Direct Lending Curious to hear if anybody has anything to share about the pros/cons between Golub's and Ares' direct lending groups. Interested specifically in level of prestige, pay, work/life balance, culture, deal flow, security types (senior vs. subordinated) etc....PE2
0Company Review: ZS AssociatesCO
+2UT Austin Business Honors+ Finance VS. Michigan Ross Direct AdmitI got into UT BHP and if I go there will do a double major in Finance. I also got Ross direct admit. Which is a better option? I am planning to go into Management consulting or IB. Cost is the same for both schools Any input will greatly help! Thank you. ...BSCH5