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+25How was Investment Banking modeling done back in the day?

Howard Hughes

Have always wondered this. Investment banks have been around long before excel - even back to the 80s and 90s - so how would investment banks and private equity firms create <abbr title="initial public offering">IPO</abbr> pricing, valuations, <abbr...

+10Parents [including celebs and various hot shots] indicted in college admissions test scam


Ouch... prestige attempts done the wrong way AND caught no less! Prosecutors filed charges against 33 parents, accused of paying between $200,000 and $6.5 million to get their children into elite universities. Those indicted include actresses Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman [actress and...

+10Bulge Bracket ER AMA


I've been on buy side, currently bulge bracket <abbr title="equity research">ER</abbr>. I've got a liberal arts undergrad in classics and non target <abbr title="Masters in Business Administration">MBA</abbr>. Ask me anything, would like to...

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0Credit Risk Sponsorship


Does anyone know if the credit risk teams at <abbr title="bulge bracket">BB</abbr> sponsor canadians. Have a few connections and was wondering if being Canadian is gonna be a deal breaker even if I have my 3 year STEM OPT

+5M&A consultant AMA


Hi all can see there is very little information about the <abbr title="mergers and acquisitions">M&A</abbr> consulting industry on here so happy to do an AMA. please note all information I have relates to the european market, USA may be different

+1Rewind - M&A Business Case - Estee Lauder Pitchbook Part 3 + Q&A


In case you missed our February 12th webinar entitled <strong>M&A Business Case - Estee Lauder Pitchbook Part 3</strong>, have no fear. The full recording of the webinar will be available for free on the WSO homepage on this date: (free for only 24 hours and then it goes into...

+1Without EU


<h3>MARKETS</h3> <ul> <li>U.S. retail sales: Following some alarming December numbers, they rebounded in January to increase 0.2%. The only problem? Those December numbers were revised even lower, from a 1.2% drop to a 1.6% drop. </li> <li> Markets:...

+6New Case Webinars in WSO Investment Banking Interview Prep Pack

Over the last 12 months, we have made a big effort to improve our <span class='keyword_link'><a href="/guide/investment-banking-interview-prep-questions">investment banking interview</a></span> prep package by bringing to you relevant webinars with...

+1Oppenheimer ER


Hey Guys, just wondering if anyone on here knows if Oppenheimer is all done recruiting for their equity research internships? I know it's pretty late but about a week ago I heard they were still reviewing resumes.

0Institutions Looking For More Syndicate Business


Any well capitalized institutions looking for another relationship to gain access to this years IPO's & Secondary Issues. (Equity & Preferred) Please feel free to contact so we can further discuss.

0I think I'm going to cry. Am I the only one who's feeling down?

I Be Fresh With the Feds Watching

There are so many people on this forum who are talking about how they got interviews and offers. Like, ya'll just post about how you're going to have an interview and act like it's not going to bother anybody. I don't have any offers. Sucks man.

Deutsche Bank - Review - Real Estate-
Deutsche Bank - Salary & Bonus - Real Estate-
+3single big deal comp


hey guys, I need to find stats on single-deal compensation. Hope you can advise. My co-worker just closed a deal that netted our firm (a large family-owned real estate developer/owner) about $12mn without us putting any money at risk. Basically he found a big deal, and since...

+2CS women's mentor program 2019


i applied to this program a while back. did the assessment thing which was so painful. was wondering if anyone has heard back yet

+2Deferred revenue decreases by 10, 3 statements?


Deferred revenue decreases by 10 how does it change the 3 statements? my understanding: (assuming 40% tax rate) I/S: revenue+10, taxes +4, NI+ 6 B/S: COGS-10, unearned revenue-10 no <span class='keyword_link'><a...

+1selling a rental property -- looking to convert to UPREIT


I'm in the process of selling my rental property. Initially it was my primary residence and eventually I rented it out. About half of the value is a capital gain. A strategy that was recommended to me is a two step 1031 and subsequent UpREIT (721) conversion. My question is: Do I...

AllianceBernstein - Interview - Trading-
+1Biotechnology Finance: Key Science Concepts


Hi all, As per my previous posts, I have a longstanding interest in finance within biotechnology. With the help of some of your feedback here I have been self-studying the field to develop a foundation. I am hoping to get some insight from those already in the field on the key *science*...

+1Freshman Internship Concern


I'm a freshman with a 4.0 GPA and a very minor private equity internship I did over the winter, and I have been looking for a freshman internship at a boutique since December, but now it's mid-March and I still haven't gotten any offers yet. What should I be doing now? I've...

0Wolf & Shepherd


In the market for some new dress shoes and was wondering if anyone had given these a try? Not outrageously price but wanted to see if anyone can comment on their comfort (as good as advertised) and durability. [Link](

+5Biotech/Life Sciences Vertical in IB: Day to day


Hi all, Hoping someone could provide some insight into the kind of deals you'd be working on in <abbr title="investment banking">IB</abbr> under the HC umbrella within a biotech/life sciences group. Outside of <abbr title="initial public...

0Form S-1 Amendment Question


When a company files an amendment to an S-1 form (an S-1/a) is there an easy to tell what has been changed/updates from the original or amended?

+10AMA: A2A 2nd Yr BB Associate (Healthcare) Residing in SF


A2A at a <span class='keyword_link'><a href="/finance-dictionary/what-is-the-bulge-bracket-BB"><abbr title="bulge bracket">BB</abbr></a></span> with ~5yrs of experience in Healthcare Investment Banking coverage. Current focus...

0Best pharma/biotech groups?


Interested in working within the life sciences vertical more so health services. What banks have the most deal flow/best groups?

+1When is it too early in the recruiting process to ask about compensation range for a position?


This questions is mainly for internal recruiter led processes for open positions, or ones where the process is led by a deal-team associate or someone similar. My question is basically exactly what I said in the title. But, some context might be, given difficulty of getting time off in...

Lighthouse Funds - Company-
+1Deloitte M&A case interview



0Anyone familiar with surfing around San francisco?

Vandelay Industrys

i know i know, this is not a surfing forum and not many finance people surf but anyone familiar with the surf in between golden gate bridge down ocean beach through pacifica and down to santa cruz? going this week and trying to figure out some good spots to hit with the current WNW swell. thanks

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+15AMA: F20 Strategy Director at 25 Y/O


Overly caffeinated and procrastinating on some technical writing that needs finishing. My path: * Top 25 Undergrad with concentrations in Management Information Systems and Supply Chain Management with a 3.2 GPA but strong work experience * Four years of grinding through a blue chip...

+1BDA Partners standing in the industry


Does anyone have any information on BDA Partners and its reputation in London <abbr title="investment banking division">IBD</abbr> circles? I am aware that it is not a huge brand but was wondering if anyone can offer information on how it is regarded by other bankers and...

+4Common Co-Living


Anyone here know anything about this new co living firm? Also what are your guys thoughts on co living?

+3Better businessman: Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos?


Saw a video where Warren Buffett said Jeff Bezos is “the best business person of our time.” Obvious Eff U to Bill Who would you say ran their business better?

+1Moelis LA vs Moelis NY. How do they compare in terms of exit opps and career projection? What would you choose?


Hi, I will soon be joining Moelis in a second tier banking city in the US as first year analyst. The company is pretty good at letting you transfer and I plan on applying for either <abbr title="New York City">NYC</abbr> or LA. Do you have any advice on which city would be...

0Help on Networking Outside of My Group


Hey guys, any advice or guidance you have here would be greatly appreciated. I am currently a senior in college and will be starting at a <abbr title="bulge bracket">BB</abbr> this July. I am really excited about the group that I am starting in, but am hoping to...

+1Visiting NYC for break, looking for suggestions on the best restaurants/bars/clubs/etc.


Title is pretty self explanatory. Haven't been to <abbr title="New York City">NYC</abbr> in ~7 years, recently signed myFT <abbr title="bulge bracket">BB</abbr> offer, taking my girlfriend to <abbr title="New York...

0Finished internship at a LMM PE Firm, what now?


Hi guys, I'm a 4th year (completing a 5th year) at a non-target school trying to work my way into <abbr title="middle market">MM</abbr> <abbr title="private equity">PE</abbr> (short or long term future). Down the line, my goal is to get accepted...

+2Macro meanderings?

Mostly Random Dude

Not sure which sub-forum this belongs to, but it would be awesome to have a thread dedicated to discussing various global macro views. There are multiple members that I have interesting macro-related discussions with and it would be interesting to hear their views in a consolidated form. PS....

+1Help! Performance review mania!


So I had my performance review last week and during the conversation, I was asked certain things which I hadn't prepared for. Was wondering how you all would have handled it. For context: Firm is horrific. To give you an indication > 50% (yes you read that right) of junior staff have...

0Preslink for Office 2007


Hello, Does anyone have a copy of Dealmaven Preslink (specifically the application that allows you to link excels to .ppt; if the fastrack macro application is separate, I can do without it) that is compatible with office 2007? I moved jobs and tried installing the dealmaven productivity...

0LSE MSc Finance Part-time?


Hello, I have a question in regards to pursuing a MSc in Finance. I've got an offer (after <abbr title="summer analyst intern">SA</abbr> gig) to join an Ops group at a <abbr title="bulge bracket">BB</abbr> (think <abbr title="Goldman...

+1Job Market in Three Years


I plan to pursue my <abbr title="Masters in Business Administration">MBA</abbr> degree in a top school this fall and a career in strategy consulting upon graduation. I have heard that the economy is slowing down and a possible recession might hit in the next two years. I...

+1Moving from LMM analyst to MM associate

Curious Cat

Does anyone have any experience recruiting for <abbr title="middle market">MM</abbr> associate positions after joining an LMM as an analyst out of undergrad (so no banking background)? Is it difficult to get looks, or were you able to work your way into the recruiting pipeline?

+2Tiger Grand Cub HF from a pre-MBA perspective?


Hello Folks - wanted an opinion from you'll. I am currently working for a Long Only fund based in Asia. I have recently accepted an offer (Pre-MBA role) from a Global Long Short Hedge Fund which has a Tiger Background (Tiger Grand Cub). The AUM is slightly less than a Billion Dollar. I just...

Harvard Management Company - Review - Generalist-
Credit Suisse - Review - Investment Banking-
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Harvard Management Company - Salary & Bonus - Generalist-
McKinsey and Co - Review - Energy-
Credit Suisse - Salary & Bonus - Investment Banking-
McKinsey and Co - Salary & Bonus - Energy-
+1Oxford vs. UChicago (UK vs. US) for IB?


Hey guys, I was accepted to UChicago (potential Econ major) and Oxford for PPE (I've already met the conditions of my offer). I'm an international student with no real preference of where I end up (UK, US, or even <abbr title="Hong Kong">HK</abbr> or SG). I plan...

0Help with Understanding Paid Up Capital


Hello <abbr title="Wall Street Oasis">WSO</abbr>, I'm looking for some assistance in calculating the "unencumbered paid up capital" for this company: Balance sheet shows: Shareholder equity: share capital 243,000 contributed surplus...

0Help with Understanding Paid Up Capital (Reading Financial Statement)


Hello <abbr title="Wall Street Oasis">WSO</abbr>, I'm looking for some assistance in calculating the "unencumbered paid up capital" for this company: Balance sheet shows: Shareholder equity: share capital 243,000 contributed surplus...

+2BU Vs Northeastern Vs Babson Vs UIUC for business undergrad


Hey, I'm from India. I've been admitted to all these places in the respective business schools and I'm having a tough time deciding between these for business and for a prospective career in banking/consulting. What is important for me is the career opportunities, campus life, the...

+10Females in finance punished more severely than their male counterparts


The topic of this article reminded me of a post on here a couple days ago (might have even been last week) where a monkey was seeking advice on how to treat a female coworker. In that post he mentioned it may be harder for the bank he works for to fire a woman. Doesn't seem that all banks...

+4What Podcasts Cover Restructurings and Bankruptcies?


For those interested in the restructuring/bankruptcy space, what podcasts do you listen to? Are there any podcasts that cover this area on a regular basis or focus solely on this topic? Been interning in <abbr title="New York">NY</abbr> the past two months, and I've...

0Finding market value after investment


How does a company determine their worth after an investment ? For example if someone invests $500,000 for 10 percent, is the entire company worth $5,000,000 ? And is this the proper formula for finding this out: 500,000 ÷ 0.10 - 500,000 = 4.5 million. If so whats the proper math to...

Triangle Insights Group - Interview - Life Sciences-
+2Are drugs really a thing in finance?


Are drugs really as common as it seems in the finance industry. People get the stereotype from movies like Wolf of Wall Street but is it just a stereotype or what?

Triangle Insights Group - Company-
+1Mckinsey PDP Leadership Rotation Program??


Mckinsey recently posted on my school's job board about some new rotational program they're opening up. Does anyone have any insight about what the role is actually about - the description sounds like a lot of jargon. What does any of that description entail about what you'd even...

0Re circulation of Equity


If you have a two phase development project that don't overlap (Phase I doesn't start cash flowing until after you've put all your equity into Phase II) what are some creative ways to recirculate equity to reduce your equity contribution?

+1RDR Compliant Routes for Wealth Management?


Currently considering the following paths: IMC + CFA L1 CISI IAD + PCIAM Can anyone please comment on what pathways they took and how did it help you in your career? In particular, please provide thoughts on time-consumption, costs and benefits? Thank you!...

+2House in Upstate NY: talk me in or talk me out

Mostly Random Dude

This not really a RE finance question, but I am sure people here can opine. I am considering buying a "recreational property" in the Hudson Valley ( specifically the New Paltz area). The idea is to work from there during the extended summer and get out there on the weekends so my...



I bought three nice looking shirts at Express and the elbow areas ripped within 3 months. Where should i go to get some quality shirts?

0With a decent trading method, things will be organized


In the case of the currency trading business, the process will be difficult for most of the newbies. All of the traders will get this kind of experience at the beginning of a career. And that is a legit fact of the Forex trading business. Even worse, most of the traders will be losing their...

Carlyle Group - Salary & Bonus - Generalist-
+1Where can buy women designer dresses online in Sweden?


Hello, all I want to buy top trending woman's fashion designer dresses online for my wife and my mother, sister also so please give me your feedback on woman's designer dresses. There are many online shopping websites are currently active in Sweden and offers very good quality...

0New GS female trader initiative ?


Hey, Everything is in the title. What do you think of their new initiative ? They allow female grads to “try” trading for 1 year. If it doesn’t work out they are guaranteed a replacement elsewhere. It’s supposed to help with some worries they supposedly have about being fired if they...

Deloitte - Review - Transportation-
Deloitte - Salary & Bonus - Transportation-
0How do the big consulting firms get paid for benefits saved/the value of the solution for their clients


Hello, Can anyone tell me how these big consulting firms get paid for the BENEFITS saved for their clients or the VALUE of the solution they provide? What I mean by that is I understand that consultants can get paid by the hour, the day or for a fixed duration for a number of different things...

HSBC - Review - Commercial Banking-
HSBC - Salary & Bonus - Commercial Banking-
0Dubai Real Estate


Dubai Real estate, the one related to its gallant kings and forts being embedded in its history, is now realty and found a firm place on the UAE reality and investment map! Betterhomes established this in Dubai, UAE as an agency.

0We have to See components utilized in Enzolast South Africa?


Enzolast in eire is extraordinarily famous in South Africa, Espana and some different countries in which it's miles accessible. This allows those grown-united states of americawho enjoy the ill results of low moxie or want to beautify their sexual lives. this is an all normal male...

0What is the need of Zephrofel South Africa supplement?


Zephrofel if you have been unlucky sufficient to have wasted time and a small fortune on penis expansion products like pumps, free-weights and extenders or have ever considered them i am going to give an explanation for to you why those products all fail. Pumps, extenders and weights all attempt...

0New Question - Minority Interest and Enterprise value


I understand that for <abbr title="enterprise value">EV</abbr>/<abbr title="earnings before interest tax depreciation and amortization">EBITDA</abbr> to make sense, <abbr title="enterprise value">EV</abbr> should include the...

+1Top firms for distressed investing. Solving for brand and deal experience more than ability to growth within the organization.


I am interested in identifying a list of the top 20-30 distressed debt / special situations groups on the street. I am industry and geography agnostic. I am solving for: (1) learning outcomes, (2) compensation (3) prestige. I am less concerned about (1) ability to grow within the organization...

Ernst & Young LLP - Salary & Bonus - Economic Consulting-
+3Cornell vs Northwestern for NYC IB/PE?


In terms of opportunities per student body, should I be choosing Cornell(Policy Analysis and Management major in College of Human Ecology) or Northwestern(CAS Econ with Kellogg Finane Certificate)? Cornell is $20K cheaper but there are more students to compete against and the quality of the...

+8AMA- Single Family Office


I have worked for two years for a Texas single family office. I also interned there in college. Ask me anything

+8Family Offices List


Does anyone have access to or know how I can obtain a list of Family Offices in the US?

+2Megafund Carry


What does carry look like at all levels at a megafund? It seems like most of the posts on here mention VP carry of 1-2% on smaller <$1B funds. I'm curious what percent of the carry you can expect from associate onwards at a <abbr title="megafund">MF</abbr> in both...

+2Really Rare GPA Resume Question (Not generic)


So I transferred to a non-target the beginning of my junior year with a crap gpa, (2.9). Since then, I have made Dean's List every semester at this new school, bringing my cumulative gpa to an OK 3.2/4. This is where it gets weird: the school I transferred to has a gpa reset policy which...

Mercer - Review - Consulting-
Mercer - Salary & Bonus - Consulting-
+1Jefferies Inspiring Women for Finance Symposium


Has anyone heard back from Jefferies regarding to this program? Will the selected candidate receive interviews in the program?

0Graduate Programme in Asset Management: Portfolio Management vs Research (London). Best for HF recruiting?

London Master student

Hello everybody, I am currently finishing my master at a semi-target uni in London. I am very happy to have just signed to join Allianz GI Investment Management graduate programme starting in October. My ambition is to learn as much as possible and work really hard at Allianz GI but I would want...

+1Where to move to as a finance expat - Singapore? Dubai? Canada?


Hey guys, Long-time lurker, looking for career/immigration advice as I’m not happy with the current job situation because: a) what I currently do does not move me any closer to my dream job; b) the lifestyle is very dissatisfying due to the job location **Background:** - Originally from...

0WSO DC Meet Up: Sat Mar 23rd, 1pm, Vapianos


Join the WSO DC group for drinks and socializing. Going forward these DC meetups will be held the third Saturday of the month, 1pm, at Vapianos. WHEN -Saturday, March 23rd, 1pm THE VENUE -Vapianos at 1800 M St NW, Washington, DC 20036 HOW TO FIND THE GROUP -Join the DC WhatsApp...

The Walt Disney Company - Review - Technology, Media and Telecom (TMT)-
The Walt Disney Company - Salary & Bonus - Technology, Media and Telecom (TMT)-
+2Investor Database list


Moving out of the industry and selling database of limited partners ( family offices and inst. investors ). Selling and willing to send sections to show names. PM me or post email.

+6M7 IB Associate Full-Time Recruiting


Hi fellow monkeys, I'm headed for a non-H/S <abbr title="Top 7 MBA business schools">M7</abbr> <abbr title="Masters in Business Administration">MBA</abbr> this summer and am trying to get a feel for recruiting, so I'll have a viable battle...

+38Failed to "Break In" at my MBA Program - Next Steps?


I'm currently a first year <abbr title="Masters in Business Administration">MBA</abbr> student at a top finance <abbr title="Masters in Business Administration">MBA</abbr> program (Booth, Wharton, CBS, etc.) and was unsuccessful during the...

+1Difference between Acquisitions and Asset Management


I understand what the Acquisition Team of a real estate company does but what does the Asset Management Team do? What is the Asset Management Team responsible for?

Morgan Stanley - Review - Sales and Trading-
Morgan Stanley - Salary & Bonus - Sales and Trading-
+5Blackstone Future Diversity Leaders 2019


Anyone get an interview yet? We hear back from the program before February 15th, but I still haven't gotten an interview. Thanks!