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0How do I get a job in Corp Development/strategy/strategic finance from my current role at a small cap value HF Long-story short, I really want to get out of my current role into something less stressful but still interesting such as corporate development. My background is I graduated from an Ivy League school, got recruited to a small cap value hedge fund, and I've been here for 2 years now after graduating....0
PricewaterhouseCoopers - Salary & Bonus - Management Consulting
0Fund AccountantAbbott Capital Management is a leading investment management firm that specializes in managing institutional capital in private equity funds and separate accounts. Abbott has over $9 billion in assets under management. Its team of over 50 people is headquartered in New York with a second office in L...
0Corporate Accounting Internship Job Title:          Corporate Accounting Internship Reports to:       Controller Department:     Finance and Accounting Location:          Boston Website: &nbs...
0Financial Systems AnalystAssist Enterprise Performance Management delivery teams in new projects and implementations Maintain & support Planning, Essbase, Reporting applications, including system security, data processing issues, Smart view queries & SOX audit compliance Support consolidation, budgeting and fo...
0Quantitative Macro Risk AnalystRole Point72 is seeking a Quantitative Analyst to join its Risk Management team as it expands the function. Quantitative Analysts are responsible for improving the performance of our portfolios by developing new techniques for more efficiently capturing Alpha or managing risk. The ideal candidate is...
0AccountantThis role will have a wide range of responsibilities with exposure to all aspects of tax and accounting for the management company.  You can expect to: Work on complex accounting projects, such as transfer pricing, performing financial analyses and providing recommendations to CFO and other t...
0Investment Banking Associate - M&AAbout District Capital Partners District Capital Partners is a financial advisory firm that addresses a wide spectrum of financial and strategic needs for our client partners. We are transaction execution and corporate operations specialists whose superior capabilities are informed by a un...
0Portfolio AssistantSilvercrest Asset Management Group is seeking a Portfolio Assistant to join their team in Midtown Manhattan. Candidate should be a highly organized person with good follow-up and communication skills.  He or she should be able to multi-task effectively, be eager to learn, have a good ...
0Executive Compensation Analyst - CharlottePearl Meyer is the leading advisor to Boards and senior management on the alignment of executive compensation with business and leadership strategy, making pay programs a powerful catalyst for value creation and competitive advantage. Pearl Meyer’s global clients stand at the forefront of thei...
0Project Manager - Risk & Strategic InitiativesParametric is a leading global asset management firm. We bring clarity and accessibility to investment science with solutions that deliver elevated, transparent, repeatable outcomes for institutions and wealth managers. At Parametric, we believe in doing a few key things really well. Our strategies ...
0Senior AssociateEmigrant Bank Fine Art Finance is the art financing subsidiary of Emigrant Bank (Member FDIC, founded 1850). We lend money to clients using their art and antiques as collateral, offering competitive bank interest rates and discreet, professional service. Our clients include individuals, art dealers,...
0Investment Banking AssistantNYC Financial District based boutique Financial Services firm seeks part-time Venture Fund Administrative Assistant: Provide administrative support to the Director of Operations of the firm’s affiliated private fund Creating and maintaining files for firm’s affiliated private fund In...
0Associate – Client Processing & OperationsCrow Holdings Capital – Investment Partners develops and maintains relationships with ultra-high net-worth Partner Families, advising them on ways to build and protect generational wealth while providing superior on-demand service. This is an operational role ensuring an exceptional client exp...
0Lateral Analyst, Equity Capital Markets (San Francisco)We have an opportunity for a Lateral Analyst with a minimum of 1 year of relevant experience on our San Francisco-based Equity Capital Markets team. Strong academic performance, exceptional interpersonal skills, and superior analytical, modeling, and communication skills are essential...
0Managing Director, Branch ManagerOur Opportunity: Our International branch network is part of the broader Client Solutions organization and is a focus for the organization going forward.  The International business is responsible for establishing the Charles Schwab brand and expertise in key locations around the world by provi...
0Rewind - PE Case: Equity Teach-in, IPO Transaction + Q&A – 12am ET, 8/12/18The full recording of the webinar entitled PE Case: Equity Teach-in, IPO Transaction will be available for free on the WSO homepage on this date: (free for only 24 hours and then it goes into our Video Library). Do you want to a 1 on 1 mentoring session with John? Click below: SIGN UP WITH JOHN...0
+30What is a Goldman Sachs Superday like?Anyone will to share their experience of a Goldman Sachs Superday specifically for IBD. How many interviews is it usually? Is it more behavioral or technical? Thanks in advance Mod Note (Andy) - don't miss the top comment below by user @studentinvestor" ...34
IMS Consulting Group - Review - Management Consulting
+1Is an insurance company an asset manager?I'm offered to become a CFO of a tiny P/C insurance company and wondering whether I'm sure about philosophy of this business. Company market themselves as a professional service provider, wiki says it's a financial service, and I think it's an asset manager. Do you have a better definition? (I have ...1
Blackstone Group - Salary & Bonus - Credit Risk
+1JV Equity Firms NYCCan someone list some real estate financing firms that specialize in JV Equity deals? Thanks. Any help is appreciated....3
IMS Consulting Group - Salary & Bonus - Management Consulting
FocalPoint Partners LLC - Interview - Mergers and Acquisitions
0ADVICE NEEDED!! IB or TrafiguraHello monkeys, I need your help, I have received two offers, one for an investment banking analyst position at one of the biggest local IB firms (Not a BB, although I would like to get into one soon) and one for Trafigura's global graduate program (I would have to relocate to Montevideo), I currentl...0
+30Breaking into buy-side equity research - my experienceThis will be my very first post to this forum, which is admittedly dedicated more to banking and private equity rather than investment research. Given the dearth of content on buy-side equity research (understandable given the small size/low turnover of the industry), I have decided to share my expe...61
0Robert W. Baird SuperdayHello, I have a superday coming up with Baird and would love to hear anyone who has gone through this and any advice they have...10
+1D.E. Shaw Fundamental Research groupHey guys, I was wondering if anyone have some insights into D.E. Shaw Group's Fundamental Research program. How difficult is it to break into straight from undergrad? Is anyone familiar with the role? The posting on their website says: "Research analysts are vital to the firm's fundamental invest...1
+4WSO Internships & Employment OpportunitiesJoin the Wall Street Oasis Team! Open opportunities for students: Blogging Internship Open opportunities for professionals: Join the WSO Resume Review Team Wall Street Mentors - Mock Interviews & More - email [email protected] for more information Webinar Presenters. We are looking...11
+1Newbury Partners?Does anyone know anything about Newbury Partners? I've searched on so many sites and forums and can't seem to find much about them outside of the fact that they just raised their fourth fund and that many of their associates have stayed within the firm. Any information would be greatly appreciat...1
Ernst & Young LLP - Interview - N/A
0Week to prep Series 7Hey all - I'm about to take the series 7 exam within 2 days. I had about less than a week to prepare (3 day live training with knopman and Qbanks). With the paper/practice exams, I am pulling around high 60s (67-69). The QBank is just wrecking me. Is the exam equivalent to the Qbanks? Ive read tha...0
+4Greatest/Most Impressive thing you have done at work that went completely unnoticed? Title says it all, was reading a couple comments from a previous post, figured I'd ask. Tell away and scare me. ...23
+2Value of AP Microeconomics vs Macroeconomics As a current senior, I am taking economics. Sadly my school does not offer AP micro or macro econ classes, so I am going to do a self study in one of them (maybe by myself or with 3 friends). If I am interested in exploring the world of finance and investment banking, which would you recommend? Than...5
+1Law vs. Investment Banking?Hi I am trying to decide between going to law school or pursue investment banking. I am good at math, but also love doing persuasive argumentation. Any advice? Should I Become an Investment Banker or Lawyer? Deciding to pursue a law degree can be a major investment and pursuing investment ban...80
Bank of America Merrill Lynch - Review - Mergers and Acquisitions
Bank of America Merrill Lynch - Salary & Bonus - Mergers and Acquisitions
IBM - Salary & Bonus - Technology Consulting
HIG Capital - Review - Generalist
Morgan Stanley - Interview - N/A
JPMorgan Chase - Interview - Investment Banking
0BAML Toronto - Deal Flow & Size?Does anyone know what deal flow is like at BAML Toronto? And what the size of the office is in terms of number of juniors (analysts & associates)? ...0
0GS Toronto - Deal Flow and Size?Does anyone know what deal flow is like at GS Toronto? And what the size of the office is in terms of number of juniors (analysts & associates)?...0
+1caia level 1 examHey Any one currently studying for caia level 1 exam? how does it go? Any one schedule for Sep exam?...1
+2Balance Sheet won't balance, please helpHey guys, I recently took a modeling exam the other day and before I got to finish it my balance sheet would not balance. I hid the prompt as I don't want anyone that works there to find out who I am. I would love some help with this model. I kind of know what went wrong as there is a 150 differe...8
+1selling series 7 and 63 materialshi all - let me know if anyone is interested in buying my series 7 or 63 books and materials? They are from knopman. Must be willing to meet in manhattan.. Please PM me. ...1
+1Lying About Passing CFA L2 on the First Try?So I was interviewing for a HF research role and the interviewer asked if I passed the all levels of the CFA on the first try. For whatever reason, I quickly answered yes, even though I failed L2 once. I immediately felt awful for the lie, but I held my composure like Nixon in the first half of the ...1
+1Analyzing Options Trading Data, What should I look for?Hello, I have access to daily excel spreadsheets going back ~3 years which include: Daily Trade data (majority is options, some equity) ~30-100 trades per day Daily cash balance Daily account balance Daily price data It's extremely messy, I've been spending the past week trying to clean it...1
+1Some questions regarding internships?Hey monkeys, I am starting an Economics and Business course at WU Vienna this October. As IB internships are pretty much non-existent in Vienna, I will most likely have to go to Frankfurt or Zurich for experience. Is it possible to do any kind of relevant internship in those two cities during t...1
+2Which full time offer: JPM Corporate Client Banking or Oliver Wyman Consulting?Hey all, I am looking for some advice here. I received a fulltime offer from JPM's Corporate Client Banking team. This team works a lot with the lev fin team in the IB, therefore the majority of the work is IB rather than commercial banking. CCBSI is a front office role, but technically it isn't ...2
+1Trump doubles tarrifs on metal imports from Turkey Discuss...1
+2Why are you good for X remembering last year's failureSo last year I went to this bank and had a pretty bad interview and was obviously rejected. I think i have very much improved this year and want to try it again. Do you think I could say something along the line of: last year I tried and failed, this year i have improved very much and would love to ...10
+2BB corporate banking vs. Tier 2/3 M&A BankHi everyone I am here to seek your opinion about my current situation. I just got an offer from a BB (American Bank) to join their corporate banking team in Paris, after I started just working in a French investment bank. I was not expecting to have an offer from the corporate banking team of suc...6
+1Thoughts on Bill GrossI wanted to start a thread discussing the man's rise and fall. I remember reading "Everything You've Heard About Investing is Wrong" in high school and thinking that this man knew it all. Now years later, he's been removed from the fund he co-founded and is struggling at Janus. Do you think his ...1
+1Learn Advanced Excel 2013 Course in SingaporeCan anyone suggest me for the Advanced Excel 2013 courses? I want to learn in a very short period of time. ...1
+1Best Excel Course SingaporeHi, any recommendation for Excel course learning centre that is reasonably priced? I want to learn in a very short period of time. ...1
+24Intern asks for 2 weeks of vacation time?Hi all, This past month a fellow summer analyst asked me if I thought management would mind if he took a 2 week vacation to visit his girl friend in Italy. Let me remind you that this is a 10-12 week internship... This guy has always been sort of an odd ball, but this was plain shocking. I to...35
+3What would be a good second major to Mathematics for IB?Hey there, I am a math major currently considering a double major. I am considering finance and economics, but I was wondering what would be other good options? Thanks...11
+1Is it acceptable to be interning post graduation? Hey guys I’ve been browsing WSO for a while now and it’s helped me out a lot, also given me a good amount of laughs. My question however is since I couldn’t find it in other threads is, is it normal/acceptable to be interning post graduation. I’m a recent may grad and I completely screwed up...1
+1Dividend Growth ModelHow does the dividend model value stocks? Why isn't it a good idea to use the dividend growth model for growth stocks? Also, should a project be accepted or rejected if the NPV is $1? If in fact the discount rate is conservative...1
+1Best C&R Groups in LondonHi all, What are the best consumer & retail groups in London? I have heard good things about Centerview and Lazard which is not surprising... Interested in interning in CRG at a MM/Boutique/BB. Thanks in advance...4
+1Do I have a shot at scoring an interview with a top CRE firm?* I'm a 28yo UG senior @ UC Berkeley * Expected graduation date: May, 2019 * Major: Urban Studies (City Planning) * Silently emphasizing in Econ (Int. Micro/Macro, Urban, and a Graduate course: Land Use Controls) * Relevant work experience before transferring to Cal: Three years as a residentia...4
+2Canada or Australia, Where should I go to study to end up in equity research/fund management?Hi all! I am an Asian student majoring in economics. I am in my final year of undergrad and successfully cleared CFA level 1. I want to begin my career in investment research/asset management/ fundamental equity research. I don't have preference for buyside or sell side at the beginning but want ...8
+2Ability to Directly Help PeopleI was wondering about the ability to help others in finance as a whole, and IB specially. I am a high school senior, so I have not really been exposed to IB/finance that much, but I looking into it, to see if it would be something that I am interested in pursuing in college. When looking at possible...2
Simon Kucher Partners - Salary & Bonus - Generalist
0Barclays Public Finance 2019 What kinds of questions did they ask you in the interview? What kind of experience is necessary for me to be put into good stead for a position. Was there a first round hirevue...0
Natixis - Review - N/A
Natixis - Salary & Bonus - N/A
JP Morgan Securities - Interview - Trading
+24AMA: Just finished managing 3 summer analysts I’m VP at a BB in a BO role. Our cohort of summer interns just finished so thought I would do an AMA. To kick off, here’s 5 things I would advise to students after going through this process. 1 - **Being social matters.** Yes, we’ll put you to work but no one is expecting you to move mount...34
Nippon Life Global Investors
+1Apple Watch does anyone here have an apple watch series 3 and if so any recommendations on a good case? thank you ...2
+1Should HF managers pay for losses?I found[ this article ]( the Financial Times, talking about an alternative compensation structure for fund managers. It talks about how HF manager comp is "one-sided" in that, if the fund generates a profit, the PM gets a fat bonus, but if the fund loses money, the...4
HIG Capital - Salary & Bonus - Generalist
Accel-KKR - Review - Generalist
Accel-KKR - Salary & Bonus - Generalist
+1Cover letter : how to value one's experience at Elite Boutique to go to BB Bank without saying too much how great it isHi, I am currently applying for summer internship in BB Banks and I've performed a 6 month m&A internship at an Elite boutique. Of course, I gained a lot of experience and the fact of working within a small team gave me a great insight and lots of responsibilities, and i guess , more than i wou...1
Moelis & Company - Interview - Investment Banking
Pomona CapitalFounded in 1994, Pomona Capital is a global, value-oriented private equity firm specializing in secondary investing and providing liquidity solutions for investors....
+2Brandes Investment Partners — Thoughts on Firm Compared to Peers?Does anyone have any recent insight into Brandes compared to similar firms? I've searched the forums but most of the discussion is rather old. How do they treat their research associates/analysts, etc? Any tips on what they like to see in candidates? Thanks....6
+1What can I do as an undergraduate to better prepare me for finding a job?Hello, I am 20 years old going into my second year at a top 100 national US school. As a transfer student, my credits are a bit odd so I am not a sophomore until after the Fall 2018 term. I want to get involved with as many opportunities, events, professional visits, informational interviews, ...2
+6Ever busted for sneaking out early on Friday? It's Friday. Summer. None of you wanna be there at work. What's the protocol for sneaking out a little early on a summer Friday, maybe right after lunch? If the boss is gone, is it doable? Or just too damn risky? ...28
+1short stock pitch reviewhi, would anyone with experience in the industry be willing to review a short stock pitch? if yes, pm me your email and I'll send it to you. Don't want to put it out here because I'm planning to use it for upcoming interviews. It's a 1-2 page short on a chinese company I believe is a fraud and is...6
+5debt side vs equity sideJust got off the phone with a real estate analyst in the debt group @ Blackstone for an info interview. He works for the debt team and told me that most kids want to get into the equity side as opposed to the debt side, and that I shouldn't "come in here looking to break into the equity side". ...37
+3Wells Fargo IB Superday 2019For those of you that have gone through the WF recruiting process in the past, how was the super day? Does WF do anything different in regards to their super day process? Should there be anything to look out for? Any insight is greatly appreciated....14
CPP Investment Board - Interview - Generalist
Grosvenor Capital Management - Review - Private Equity
+1Top Tier Regional Bank Corporate Banking Analyst Salary Range?Just curious if anyone could provide me the salary range (and/or bonus ranges) for a corporate banking analyst of a solid regional bank. Any insights would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!...13
Grosvenor Capital Management - Salary & Bonus - Private Equity
Deutsche Bank - Review - Investment Banking
Deutsche Bank - Salary & Bonus - Investment Banking
+350 Applications, 0 Interviews. Suggestions?After reading a similar thread, I've now discovered 50 applications is...well it's adorable to think I'd get a job interview with so few. However, my situation is slightly different than the thread I was reading so I'll ask the WSO community for input. Job Hunt Quick Facts: **Education** 3.9...20
+1Savills Studley - Any Info On Them?Anybody know anything about this firm? Some older threads have them ranked as more of a Tier III brokerage behind HFF, CBRE, JLL etc etc. Anybody have specifics? Prestige, deal flow, comp. Specifically looking for info in the DC area but any insight would be beneficial overall....2
+3Have you ever been called out on non-PC things you have said in the office? I'm pretty PC in most situations, by context. You know who to tread lightly around, in terms of words said. Has someone ever called you out on being non-PC in the office? I've only been called out once. That I can remember. I think I was about 6 weeks into my first job after college and was ...1
Jefferies & Company - Review - Investment Banking
Guardian Life Insurance Company - Interview - Financial Services
+1Credit Suisse 2019 Summer Analyst ProgramHas anybody heard back from their CS 2019 application? Mine has been under review for 6 weeks thus far....1
+3Struggling to understand the nuances between an exchange and a market maker Hi, I am currently reviewing the mechanics of an exchange market (i.e. not OTC) and how a market maker essentially fits into it. And yes, I've heard the standard answer of a market maker: "An MM provides liquidity to a market by and purchasing and selling securities at a designated price". I ther...9
Jefferies & Company - Salary & Bonus - Investment Banking
+3Do I have a good strategy?First time posting here and I'm not sure if this is the right category; apologies if it is. I've been interested in trading (primarily Forex) for a number of years and I just became serious about making it a career. I've been backtesting a system that I think is pretty good, but I would like some ot...18