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+22019 SA PJT Park Hill Secondary Advisory Group Interview Hi everyone, I have a first round 30 min video interview coming up with the Park Hill Secondary Advisory Group. Anyone interviewed for them before? Should I expect to be asked technicals? If yes, how hard will the technicals be? Any other ideas how to prepare? Background: Rising Junior at tar...8
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+2Credit Suisse Women's Top Talent Program 2018Does anyone know what the program structure is like? Is there a super day? (this is for IBCM, Equity Research, S&T or Tech). Thanks!...18
+10Goldman Sachs Undergraduate Camp/Pride Summit/Women's Event 2018I figured I would make a thread for everybody applying to Goldman's spring events. I just got my HireVue request for the undergraduate camp. Let me know how your processes go!...161
+22018 BAML Emerging Women's Pre-Internship ProgramAnyone going or know more about the program, how useful it is towards recruiting or if it will be focused on IB or other divisions?...12
+2Bank of America Elevate Diversity ForumI just received BAML's request for a hirevue for the elevate diversity forum... anybody else receive this request? Figured I would make a thread, so we can have a place to provide updates for the recruitment process. ...19
+2BAML- Elevate Diversity ForumJust got an email from them to video interview. What should I expect going in to the interview? and anyone else applying and heard back from them?...14
+6JPMorgan Markets Superday SA2019Hey everyone, Just received a JPM Markets SA 2019 Superday in NYC. Date is very soon. Any idea of what to expect/does anyone want to share their experiences from previous years? Phone screen was heavy on behaviorals and only had general markets related quations. Thanks in advance for any advic...41
+3Best Reward Programs for Hotel and Airfare (Incoming Consulting Intern)Hello everyone, I am an incoming intern for a consulting firm and was wondering what are the best hotels and airlines to use. My firm allows us to keep the points from traveling so I want to start accumulating them this summer. Thanks!...8
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Peak Rock Capital
0Am I Too Late for Summer Internships?Hi all, it has been a while since I have last been writing on this forum. The title of this forum says it all and as the summer approaches, I am searching for an internship opportunity. However, it appears that a lot of firms have already have interns and I am wondering if there are any steps th...4
+1WASHINGTON DC - Looking for RoommateI am looking for a roommate for an awesome 2BD/2BA within a 3 minute walk of Dupont Circle for ~$1700/Month. ...2
+3Family Offices ListDoes anyone have access to or know how I can obtain a list of Family Offices in the US?...34
+1LSE Finance vs WBS Financial MathematicsI applied for an MSc Finance at LSE and WBS after doing my undergraduate in a stats-related course at Warwick. I've received offers from both, but WBS has stated they "believe I am better suited to" MSc Financial Mathematics, and have hence made the offer for that course with a 50% scholarship. ...3
+1Podcasts Relevant to IB?What podcasts do you listen to to stay current on news relevant to investment banking? Doesn't necessarily have to be news, but topic related podcasts in general that you've found to be helpful! Thanks! :)...5
+1Will My Undergrad Major Hurt My MBB Chances? (Arts UG Major + Cambridge MPhil Management)Hey everyone! I attended a top Canadian school for undergrad and majored in Film and Media Studies as I was initially interested in heading into the film / media industries from a more business standpoint (producing, etc.) . Over the course of my degree, I was exposed to management consulting an...1
+1Life Co Internship Ex Ops?Hello! Thanks to the advice of WSO, I began networking and got myself an internship in the CRE department of a regional LifeCo company that invests in commercial mortgages. My question is how do I leverage this position or make the most of it? From my interviews it seems that they deal with mo...3
+1Key phrases/ words that are basically a rejection?For those starting out in the work/intern are there any key phrases or words to look out for in correspondence that signify a rejection. The most obvious clearly - thanks for your interest and we wish you the best in future endeavours. I wish they would all just give a simple yes or no.Forget ...1
+3Evercore Houston Superday Results - April 13Any relevant info on when offers were given out, # of superdays, and target/non-core breakdown is appreciated! ...10
+15The Bitcoin Founder?Who is this guy? No one knows who he really is, but according to Wiki: [quote]As of 24 May 2017, Nakamoto is believed to own up to roughly one million bitcoins,[4] with a value estimated at approximately $4 billion USD as of September 2017."[/quote] So an unknown person is sitting around s...33
+2Time wasting MD...should I write them off?....or continue to email every 3-4 months? Briefly, for the last 4 months I have emailed this head about an internship, the response on both occasions was along the lines of: We don't have anything suitable at the moment. We will keep your cv for suitable opportunities if they open up or ...1 and mobile now needs subscriptionHey monkeys, Just realized this morning that now needs a paid subscription. The headline also has an article from the Editor-in-Chief that can be found here: [](Article) ...7
+4Lululemon Dress PantsWork for a PE/HF that's fairly relaxed. I started wearing Lululemon pants to work... real game changer! Let me know your thoughts. ...22
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+1Private Equity Investment sourcingHi fellow Monkeys, I have worked previously in Venture Capital, most of the deal sourcing is made from juniors looking at 5-25 startup decks/day as well as follow-up on investments + superstar startups for later stages and goes up to the partners going trough various approvals (at least in my fun...2
+3UG Internship at Agency LenderI'll be a starting as summer analyst at a top agency lender (Berkadia, Walker and Dunlop, Greystone etc.) within the next couple weeks. I'm a rising senior and hope to get an full time offer for next year. Any insights on how to impress are very welcomed. Any tips on how to get the most out of the ...7
+2Johns Hopkins vs Northwestern vs Rice I will be transferring to one of these schools as an engineering major in the fall(I plan on continuing my studies in computer science focused on Artificial Intelligence) and am interested in working in finance, specifically quantitative finance. I plan to stay for a fifth year to get my masters spe...8
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+1Interning in Corporate Finance at a Fortune 50 - Should I ask about Corporate Developement?I will be interning this summer at a fortune 50, think GE/J&J. This is a corporate finance role that will transition into a full time as an FLDP. I am interested in corporate development. Is it possible to network my way into Corporate Development at the same fortune 50 that i will be interning / sh...1
+10Difficulty CheckNeed a favor from the community. Was interviewing a guy today and asked him a few intermediate options questions. Since he failed to answer any of them, I wanted to check if people find these questions overly difficult. (1) When would you early ex an American call? Is there any uncertainty and h...25
+1RE High-Yield Debt ModelingI'll be interning at a middle-market high-yield debt fund this summer. The fund focuses on originating fixed-rate RE bridge-loans with 12-18 month maturities and first-dollar capital stack position (usually distressed properties or development w/ no existing financing, sometimes comes on as mezz or...1
+4Wharton/Harvard 2019 SA Process?Can anyone speak for what's going on for H/W recruiting? Multiple friends have told me that Moelis, PJT, Evercore, Greenhill, and JP have already filled/mostly filled their SA classes. ...21
+4Lazard 2019 SADoes anyone have information or insights on Lazard's 2019 Summer Analyst recruiting process? Please share below!...7
+1Penny Loafers as an Intern?Would it be acceptable to wear penny loafers as an intern on the job? Or will it be better to just stick to lace ups?...1
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PJT Partners - Interview - Secondaries
Ernst & Young LLP - Salary & Bonus - Transaction Advisory Services
+1Internship: what pay should I expect ?So I got a 10-week internship in Structuring this summer in a big bank (not BB) in London and because it's gonna be my first ever job there are things I have no clue about: What pay should I expect and is it bi-weekly/monthly ? How does overtime works ? Is it a different hourly rate ? Will ...1
+8Is Happiness on the Street Possible?Friends, Many WSO posts speak indirectly to the idea of happiness, or the absence thereof. Is it possible to find a work-life balance when you are pulling 60-80 hour work weeks, and engaging in hand-to-hand combat inside and outside the organization? Who hasn't walked on hot coals? **TRIP ...24
+2Interest Offset / NOI as SourceDevelopers out there, do you always use positive NOI prior to lender coverage being met to offset interest carry in your models? What about if you’re pre-coverage and can not only cover interest for the month but a portion of TI/LC’s as well? Do you model this income as a Source? Lenders, do...3
+3Which masters to choose?Background: BSc in Economics and maths I have the following offers: 1. MSc Economics from (1yr) Warwick 2. MSc Economics from (2yr) Sciences Po Paris 3. A few other lower ranked schools (not relevant) From what I've read, Warwick has a good brand-name in the UK, while SP is very strong i...19
+90Investment Banking Resume Template - Official WSO CV ExampleAttached to the bottom of this post, you will find the Wall Street Oasis Investment Banking Resume Template for undergraduate students, used by the WSO paid service and thousands of candidates to successfully land a job in investment banking. For those of you looking to make sure your CV form...135
RBC Capital Markets - Interview - N/A
+5Started in M&A this month; 30 Years old. No prior experience. Non-target school.New user here. Learned a lot from you guys, so thank you all for being a vibrant community. A bit about myself: I had no plans whatsoever with regards to my future career etc. Ended up wasting time partying and being careless. Bounced around between non-target universities in the U.S. Took...21
+5Very specifically, how do I demonstrate fit, and what are good questions to ask?I've been on I don't know how many dozens of interviews, and it always seems to come down to that I have a bad fit. It's things like: -What is your management style? -Strengths and weaknesses? -MD notices something wrong, what do you do? -Why this group? -Why banking? -Do you have any question...20
+1Business glassesMy dad is a square face, is it suitable for this glasses?
+1Invest in PEGuys - quick question, is it possible for a particular to invest in a PE fund? What is the minimum size ticket? Any specific examples? Thanks!...3
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+1Exiting from MBBHi all, 2nd year MBB associate here transitioning to the manager role. I'm wondering if I can get some advice from this community on how to start planning my exit - I haven't felt particularly fulfilled lately and am also just plain burnt out, so am fairly sure I will want to head for the exit on...3
+1Moelis SF SA 2019I had a first round last sunday but havent heard back for a week, is it a ding? Have anyone heard back from them? Stressing...1
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Citigroup - Interview - Investment Banking
Citigroup - Interview - Investment Banking
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Piper Jaffray - Review - Healthcare
Piper Jaffray - Review - Healthcare
KSCA - Interview - Mergers and Acquisitions
KSCAKSCA is a leading investment banking firm serving middle-market companies within the consumer & retail supply chain. Decades of experience in our industries of focus enable us to deliver pragmatic and highly effective merger & acquisition and corporate finance advice. Our professionals work closely ...
+1EBITDA and EBIT "flow to both debt and equity holders". What does it mean to flow to debt?Why is it that EBIT or EBITDA flow to debt and equity holders while net income flows only to equity holders?...2
+3How to Prep Before Starting PE GigWSO, I will be starting as a Pre-MBA PE Associate at a North America-Focused MM Buyout Fund this summer. How can I best prepare for the job? Some people have told me to read books (basically narratives), but how can I best prepare for the technical aspect of the business, i.e. analyzing busi...7
+1Emerging Markets Infrastructure Private Equity in London, NYC, SFAnyone have any idea if this job exists? I am interested in EM infra companies and would like to read up on those in English speaking cities (NYC, London, SF come to mind)...5
+1Advice: Bank of America Corporate Banking or Citi Private BankingI am currently interviewing for both a summer analyst position for Citi's Private Bank and Bank of America's Corporate Bank for positions in New York. I am a sophomore from a non-target school with a 3.8 GPA and got into these programs through their sophomore events. What are your guy's thoughts on ...1
+2Opinion of Offers for the Summer?I go to a public Ivy, non-target school. Great for Consulting or Big 4 though. I will be an upcoming senior this fall, only have Search Fund Intern(Due to going to CC my last two years of High school). My goal is to break into F500 O&G Rotational Program. Maybe Corp Devp Post MBA, but I'm not sure....4
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+5Is there an appreciable difference in culture between investment banking divisions of banks as a whole?I know it's much more dependent by group but since that's such a crapshoot, does anyone get a sense that different banks attract different types of folks? Is JP Morgan really more "blue blood", Goldman more "striver-y" or Morgan Stanley more "fratty" or are those perceptions just stereotypes?...5
+6Marathon runningAnyone training for a marathon? In my case I have run 17 marathons in little over 10 years, 2:54 PB (from 2010) and aiming for 2:55-2:59 this october. I run 10 miles M-F (commute...most days but not always) and try to hit 50-70 mpw...49
+1CME GCC Intern offer as a Sophomore, Translate well to IB?Recently received an offer for an internship position at CME Group’s Global Command Center (Chicago) as a sophomore. I plan on going the IB route, and have quality relationships / ins at about 5 Investment Banking firms for the upcoming 2019 summer analyst recruiting season. How would this CME int...1
+1The Best Case Interview Prep for incoming undergradSo I am going to be a student in a semi-target school this fall. I am really determined that I want to pursue consulting as my career and I know that this takes hard works. I read that practice case interviews is one of the key thing to win a consulting interview, so which case interview materials I...1
+23Favorite All Time Quotes?I would like to present this question to all those in the WSO community: what is one of your favorite quotes? Could be from absolutely anything. ...124
+2Graduating this month and beginning my SA position this Summer: Dilemma Hi WSO, I was lucky enough to land a SA position in IB at a BB in NY (yes, HR and the team are aware, agreed with my reasoning that doing an SA is the best pipeline to land a FT job in IB). Of course, my #1 priority is to get a return offer for this particular team, and work for this BB FT (t...4
+1Goldman Sachs Chicago OfficeLooking to hear any insights or information that you guys have on the Goldman Sachs Chicago office. Have heard that they mainly deal in Industrials, Consumer/Retail, and FIG. Would appreciate any insights on the level of execution that comes out of this office, top MD presence, as well as deal flow,...1
+1The Joyous Process of HiringThis is more so letting me vent, so bare with me here. I've begun the process of hiring a few new analysts, and it amazes me that the job postings spell out VERY SPECIFIC base requirements and people just ignore this. Now, I'm not talking about "minimum 5 years experience" and the person has 4, ...73
+1Better program for a veteran looking to work on the StreetI’m leaving the military after a decade of service and have been admitted to Columbia GS and Yale’s EWSP. I’m interested in studying economics, with the ultimate aim being grad school and a client-facing, revenue generating, role on the Street. Both schools are great opportunities, and I under...1
+9Riding an Electric Scooter to Work Fellow Monkeys, What are your thoughts on riding an electric scooter to work? I live in Manhattan towards 1st/2nd ave in the mid 20s and work in midtown on Park. An uber in the morning takes forever (40 min with traffic) and the subway is a pretty far walk and is always unreliable. Any downsides...37
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+1Check this out i found way to get free BTCEarn free bitcoin click this link - you get free money pretty easy to do all you do is click and boom they send it you ! ...2
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+2Does Morgan Stanley drug test?Self explanatory. I'm an incoming full time IBD analyst next summer and am wondering if I'll get a urine or hair test at training. We didn't as SAs and I believe I heard FTs don't either, but want to be sure. I figured asking here would be less awkward than emailing HR....21
+2GS vs Barcs (London S&T SA)Summer internship offers for both. Obviously GS is better generally (I think) but I have some good connections in Barcs so I will be able to get on the desks I want for the rotations. How much worse is Barclays than GS in markets? Thank you all ...6
+6Where to live on $2K a month? (NYC)If my office is in Midtown. Park Ave. Looking for a 1 bedroom. I have a gf so a studio is not an option. Not working IB hours. I understand it’ll be tough on $2,000-$2,300 (excluding utilities) but would like to keep the commute within 35-40 min each way. I’d absolutely have no problem loo...27
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+1Transfer interest of MBB office in Tier 2 city to a Tier 1 office applicationI am coming from an academic background and I am contemplating moving into strategy consulting. I attended a recent event at an MBB's office and received encouraging indications that I should move forward. The MBB is trying to grow its practice in this Tier II city, which is closest to my school....2
0How come older people wear baggy suits?I am noticing that the suits that older men wear are very baggy and large for their body type. As opposed to the younger generation where the suits are slim and fits like a glove....1
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Bright Equities
+2Senior Housing with Memory Care I currently work as an acquisitions analyst for a value add MF shop. Recently I connected with a principal at a shop that exclusively acquires and develops senior housing communities with memory care units. They are looking for an acquisitions associate and want me to come in and meet the team. ...5
+5Calling all mortgage brokers...For anyone that works at a commercial debt brokerage shop, (Meridian, CBRE, JLL, Eastil, Newmark) can you explain a typical day of your life. I’m interested in learning more about the process of getting a loan commitment for your clients and what differentiates every company from the others. What ...11
Deutsche Bank - Review - Trading
Boston Consulting Group (BCG) - Review - Generalist
Boston Consulting Group (BCG) - Salary & Bonus - Generalist
Deutsche Bank - Salary & Bonus - Trading
+2Best Way to Find Live DealsHi guys, I just wanted to share a resource I have found helpful when interviewers ask me for a deal I have been following. I am subscribed to an email service called Axios Pro Rata run by Dan Primack. Here is the link to subscribe
+3M&A Consulting market - London v.s. U.S All, I'm studying for the GMAT at the moment and once I finish I'm looking to go to London or U.S (Irvine, CA/ New York/ Dallas/ Chicago are my options). I would take a couple of months off between roles to further prepare for the GMAT. My line of work: M&A consulting in a Big 4, with a speci...9
0Enterprise value levered or unleveredCould someone help me articulate this question: is EV of a company levered or unlevered...why? Plus, if PE of the acquirer higher than PE of the target in an all cash deal, would it be accretive or not sure and required more info..thanks ...18
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+1Projecting GPASince recruiting has moved up so much this year, I am having to submit my application to banks ASAP. My question is can I factor in the summer classes that I have not officially received grades for into my GPA? I already finished the courses but my grades have not been calculated into my GPA on my t...1