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Centerview Partners - Interview - Investment Banking-
+6Family Office investor database


Hello fellow chimps- After seeing the other thread on <abbr title="Wall Street Oasis">WSO</abbr> for interest in family office lists, I've compiled a number of family office databases which I'm willing to offer to those in need of a good list. I worked in a...

+2Thoughts on Permira?


There doesn't seem to be much info on Permira here. Any thoughts on culture, deal flow, senior members, reputation, comp for the American office (either <abbr title="New York">NY</abbr> or Menlo)? I know they have a strong presence in Europe and have done some...

BNP Paribas - Review - Generalist-
BNP Paribas - Salary & Bonus - Generalist-
Citigroup - Review - Markets-
Citigroup - Salary & Bonus - Markets-
+1Barings Intern and Full time Offer


I have a super day with Barings coming up, but also a few other options. I was wondering what an average undergrad intern makes at Barings and then what that full-time offer would look like(salary + bonus) out of college.

+14Best work life balance jobs in RE?


What types of roles in Real Estate Finance/ Development provide the best work life with decent pay??

0Summer 2019 Summer Analyst Outlook


With seemingly so much uncertainty as to where the market is going, one day the next bull market is starting while the next day people make it sound like '08 all over again, what do you guys think about joining a top <abbr title="bulge bracket">BB</abbr> <abbr...

+1J.P Morgan S&T full time


Hi, I was wondering if anybody had any insight for what percent of J.P Morgan <abbr title="Sales and Trading">S&T</abbr> <abbr title="summer analyst intern">SA</abbr> typically get full time offers at the end of the summer? Thank you!

+2Boston S&T vs. San Francisco S&T


Hey everyone, I recently got the opportunity to decide between either Boston or San Francisco for a summer analyst program at a large bulge bracket (think <abbr title="Goldman Sachs">GS</abbr>, MS, JPM) next year. The division would be Sales and Trading (I would want to...

0Nucentix GS 85 Review – Does It Really Work?


Nucentix GS 85 by Nucentix is an enhancement that keeps up solid glucose levels by checking hurtful aggravation and by ceasing the metabolic disorder in its tracks. Thus, the item likewise attempts to shield one's wellbeing from rising markers of triglycerides, circulatory strain, and...

0Online Fashion Store


my name is heather rashodo i ma from <abbr title="New York">NY</abbr>, Graduate from <abbr title="New York">NY</abbr> City University since 2012 , now i am associate small business

+2How Many Internships is too many


I am a non-target with a 3.8+ gpa from the midwest who has had previous internship experience with a large late-stage <abbr title="venture capital">VC</abbr> firm abroad. I am delaying graduation to pursue internship opportunities for the spring, summer, and fall. I have...

0Arrested for Computer Forgery


I entered into a first offender program for Computer Forgery. (A felony) Once I get off the conviction is dismissed but I will continue to have the arrest itself on my record and it will be seen on a background check. I got the computer forgery by messing around on school semester for grades. I...

+1Barclays Coverage Groups


Hi - Does anyone have insight into the best coverage groups at Barclays? Heard P&U, Healthcare and Industrials are strong groups but would like to hear additional thoughts. Thanks!

+2H.C. Wainwright, no information online?


I can't find much/any anecdotal information about this firm online... only one glassdoor review and nothing much on this site. Can anyone/does anyone know who can speak to their experiences interning at H.C. Wainwright in NYC? Either for investment banking or <span...

0WSO Singapore Meet-Up: Fri Jan 25th, 7-9pm, Anti:Dote


Join the Singapore WSO group on for drinks and socializing. 21+ only. WHEN: -Friday, January 25st, 7-9pm THE VENUE: -Anti:Dote, located in Swissôtel The Stamford at the Raffles City Shopping Center -2 Stamford Rd, Level 1, Singapore 178882 HOW TO FIND THE GROUP: -Join the Singapore...

General Dynamics Corporation - Salary & Bonus - Generalist-
Cushman and Wakefield - Review - N/A-
Cushman and Wakefield - Salary & Bonus - N/A-
Wells Fargo and Company - Review - Investment Banking-
Wells Fargo and Company - Salary & Bonus - Investment Banking-
Stifel Nicolaus and Company, Inc - Salary & Bonus - Investment Banking-
+229Never, ever, ever, give up.


I know it's a jungle out there guys. It's tough for people just graduating to find jobs, but it's even tougher for those in the work force and those with a non-target educational background to break into Finance (let alone work in a competitive sector). This story is a...

0Manager Selection Role - Exit Opps


What are exit opportunities from a junior investment role that consists primarily of manager selection? Think <abbr title="fund of funds">FoF</abbr>/endowment kind of company For one, I can see how this role can be leveraged into an <abbr title="Masters in...

+1ND (Mendoza) vs. Tulane ($$$)


I know ND is much better for <abbr title="investment banking">IB</abbr> (or any career in finance placement), but Tulane offered the Honors program and a $120,000 scholarship. Is ND worth paying double for? I personally like ND much more but I don't know much about TU....

+5Preparing for interview process at Flow Traders


Got selected for a math test at Flow Traders. I get about 65/75 in 10 minutes @ TraderTest (custom, one operation). What are my chances? Has anyone else taken it?

0worth the internship?


Hey all, I go to UW's business school concentrating on finance. I'm a junior and looking to get into <abbr title="investment banking">IB</abbr> no prior experience in <abbr title="investment banking">IB</abbr>. I'm like 90% I got an...

Silicon Valley Bank - Interview - Commercial Banking-
FTI Consulting - Salary & Bonus - Energy-
Deutsche Bank - Salary & Bonus - Real Estate-
+2Bloomberg Equity Research data analyst interview


I have received an online interview for an equity research data analyst at Bloomberg. Has anyone been through their interview process both online and phone/in person? What questions should I expect? Any broad insight on working for Bloomberg/comp for equity research would be greatly...

Susquehanna International Group - Review - Trading-
Susquehanna International Group - Salary & Bonus - Trading-
+3Making MD at a BB at a non-NYC office?


How likely is it to make MD out of a risk function that is not based in NYC? Specifically I’m thinking of Wilmington DE for <abbr title="JP Morgan">JPM</abbr> or SLC for <abbr title="Goldman Sachs">GS</abbr>. I see associate roles pop up for risk...

Accenture - Review - Defense-
+1Working at a Distressed / Credit HF - What next?


Hi there, for those of you working at distressed & credit funds or have worked there, could you shed some light on what people do after (if) they leave their jobs? I know that most people just stay in the industry or even at their current firm, but I was wondering what other opportunities...

+14Moelis NY placements for this cycle (HF and PE)?


Hello everyone! I will be interning at Moelis <abbr title="New York">NY</abbr> in Summer 2019 and was just curious how well Moelis analysts placed this cycle. Appreciate any information regarding this!

+10How do You Stop Yourself From Wasting Money?


Title says it all, how do you guys stop yourself from blowing through every penny you have? Given the long hours and perpetual stress inherent to finance I always find myself daydreaming of the "next big purchase" that I can make. Not that I'm swimming in debt or anything, but...

+8Harvard MDes - real estate


Does anyone here have any experience or thoughts on the Harvard real estate program? I know it is technically a Masters of Design degree, but it appears you can take courses in the business school, law school and at MIT which is interesting. Just wondering what the placement is like out of the...

+4Was Lehman Brothers a BB?


I was 9 when Lehman went under so a question to the older <abbr title="Wall Street Oasis">WSO</abbr> members - was Lehman considered a <abbr title="bulge bracket">BB</abbr> or <abbr title="elite boutique">EB</abbr> etc?

+1RJR Nabisco Excel Model


Anyone have an Excel file of an APV model for the RJR Nabisco case? Anything you can point me to will also help!

Accenture - Salary & Bonus - Defense-
Citigroup - Salary & Bonus - Investment Banking-
+2Investment Banking Rankings 2019


Found this on an old thread. I believe it’s fairly accurate already, especially at the <abbr title="Wells Fargo">WF</abbr> / <abbr title="Royal Bank of Canada">RBC</abbr> tier. However maybe we can move some names around and arrive at a new 2019...

+1DCM in LA


While I assume most <abbr title="debt capital markets">DCM</abbr> groups would be located in <abbr title="New York">NY</abbr> or the midwest, Is there significant <abbr title="debt capital markets">DCM</abbr> activity in LA? If...

Citigroup - Salary & Bonus - Investment Banking-
0 Appreciate your advices on career change from accounting to finance.


Hello, First thread here on <abbr title="Wall Street Oasis">WSO</abbr>. Appreciate your help, advices, tips, leads or anything on a career change from accounting to finance. Open to all in finance - corporate finance, <abbr title="private...

+2College freshman help: I destroyed new Allen Edmonds loafers wearing them in awful weather?


Got a $400 pair of AEs over break for date parties, career fairs and presentations. Wore them last night for first time to event on campus: 20 degrees, sidewalks here are covered in rock salt and there were light flurries (although no real snow on the ground). Now the bottom sole and sole edge...

+2Monthly WSO Meet Ups Around the World: NYC, London, Toronto, Chicago, SF, HK, DC, Boston, LA, Houston


<abbr title="Wall Street Oasis">WSO</abbr> meet ups are being planned every month around the world. To ease in planning, these are held at the same day of the month, same time, same venue. We are still on the hunt for a venue in LA, if you have an idea shoot me a pm. Join...

0BP Supply and Trading Internship Final Round Questions


Anyone able to offer some guidance on the technical interview questions for the BP trading internship?

+6How about that WSO redesign?


I think it looks fantastic. Rarely do I see a forum with such good, clear, and aesthetically pleasing colors and overall look and feel. Hot damn. One thing worries me a bit - where's the convenient "start discussion" button? I had to look for a bit to find one under my profile...

+9Join the Email & WhatsApp groups for your city


Join the email list for your city to receive updates on future <abbr title="Wall Street Oasis">WSO</abbr> events in your city. When signing up you will also receive a welcome email with a link to join your city's WhatsApp group. We created these WhatsApp groups with...

+5Buy-Side Comp Canada


Hi guys, Hoping to discuss buy-side comp in Canada, would be curious to hear everyone's opinions/personal experience. I spent a few years in retail banking prior to starting as a first year analyst at a boutique firm. My base was 75k + bonus with no set % target. Since, I have...

+3Breaking Into US Investment Banking as An International Student


Having received a lot of help and advice from <abbr title="Wall Street Oasis">WSO</abbr> forums, I am very grateful for the people that shared their experience here and decided to share mine with you guys to help those that are currently going through the <abbr...

+23Any fans of Instagram Finance Memes? (Arbitrage Andy, Litquidity, NYFB)


Wanted to see if there were any other fans of these finance instagram accounts on <abbr title="Wall Street Oasis">WSO</abbr>. Absolutely hilarious posts on these accounts and there's a pretty dedicated community of 'FinMeme' accts on Instagram. Lmk if...

+72018 Full Time IM/ER Recruiting *DECISIONS* Timeline Megathread

Tam Wake

Noticed there were threads for <abbr title="investment banking">IB</abbr>, <abbr title="Sales and Trading">S&T</abbr> and wanted to make one for IM/<span class='keyword_link'><a...

+10Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Paddy’s Pub

Thoughts on RBG possibly stepping down before 2020? How ugly is the confirmation process and what will Democrats use as a smear tactic. This will be particularly interesting if Trump nominates Amy Comey Barrett. The Democrats will look horrible as the "party of women" if they have a...

Jefferies & Company - Review - Investment Banking-
Jefferies & Company - Salary & Bonus - Investment Banking-
Cushman and Wakefield - Review - Real Estate-
Cushman and Wakefield - Salary & Bonus - Real Estate-
+1Somera Road


Does anyone have insights on culture, deal flow, or reputation of this team? Any input is appreciated.

- Company - -
Lazard - Interview - Investment Banking-
+22018 Goldman Sachs IBD Hong Kong Summer Analyst Final Round (2017.11.25)


Hi guys anybody attended last Saturday's superday for <abbr title="Goldman Sachs">GS</abbr> 2018 <abbr title="Hong Kong">HK</abbr> <abbr title="investment banking division">IBD</abbr> SA? Heard it would be 6 offerees out...

0What do the the MBA application essays of Top 6 Business schools in the world have in common?


Top <abbr title="Masters in Business Administration">MBA</abbr> programs have a rigorous selection process, demanding a lot from the students in terms of three key areas: work experience, academic performance, and extra-curricular skills. This is why <abbr...

+10Trailer Parks & Un-Sexy Investments


Would love to hear some experiences/stories on investing anything considered un-sexy. Think tailer parks, billboards, Section 8, tax liens, etc.

+1Preferred internship offer deadline before other internship's final interview (booked flight, hotel, etc)


As the title says, a job that I would prefer gave me a deadline to accept in advance of a final interview with a company that booked my flight, hotel, etc. Was wondering what the appropriate thing to do in this situation is, as I do not want to waste both me and the company's times, but...

McKinsey and Co - Review - Generalist-
McKinsey and Co - Salary & Bonus - Generalist-
+1How to figure out exit opps using LinkedIn?


Hi all, hoping to look into exit opps for some firms and have seen a ton of people talk about doing LinkedIn searches to do so. What's the best way to do this? I've been trying to filter it as "Past Company" and using the location but doesn't seem to work well. Any tips?...

+1Real Estate Portfolio Management Questions

Ricky Sargulesh

for all these questions I am particularly interested in multifamily: 1) Could any RE PMs opine on their day to day work and what are the most important aspects of being a good PM? 2) Any textbooks or other reading material suggestions for learning more about RE PM? 3) Any suggestions...

Barclays Capital - Review - Investment Banking-
Barclays Capital - Salary & Bonus - Investment Banking-
+1No Return Offer - But good References


Hi, I did an off-cycle internship at a desk at a <abbr title="bulge bracket">BB</abbr> that seemed to go really well (good reviews well the way). I didn't get the offer, despite being told my project was great and that everyone I interacted with would be happy to be...

The Vanguard Group - Review - Operations-
The Vanguard Group - Salary & Bonus - Operations-
+1MUFG Summer analyst phone interview


Just got invited to MUFG Markets phone interview due in a couple of days. They said it will involve CV, motivational and technical questions. I am worried about the technicals since this is the first phone interview I go through for markets <abbr title="summer analyst...

+5MUFG (Mitsubishi Financial) SA 2019


I heard the MUFG super day was on September 27th. Has anyone heard back with any offers or any updates?

+3IB Necessary?


All of the following is assuming that I want to take the <abbr title="hedge fund">HF</abbr> route long term. Is it helpful to take the <abbr title="investment banking">IB</abbr> analyst at a <abbr title="bulge bracket">BB</abbr>...

+3Black Suits for Women?


I think it goes without saying that wearing black suits to the office is a no-go for men, but what about women, especially for interviews? I've noticed from my on-campus recruiting events that men are generally wearing navy or charcoal suits, but it is not uncommon for the women to be...

HIMCO - Review - Investment Research-
HIMCO - Salary & Bonus - Alternative Investments-
- Company - -
HIMCO - Salary & Bonus - Alternative Investments-
RBS Royal Bank of Scotland - Salary & Bonus - Sales and Trading-
KPMG Corporate Finance LLC - Salary & Bonus - Generalist-
Accenture - Review - Government - Federal-
+3How Can Fidelity Offer 0% Expense Ratio for Indexing?

Sunshine Funshine

How are companies like Fidelity able to offer an index fund with literally zero fees to investors? How are these asset management companies able to reduce their costs by so much?

+1Career switch from property developer to ___?


Hi all, I'm looking for some career advice. To introduce myself, I'm a Management Trainee (MT) in a property developer in Hong Kong. I've worked in my current firm for 1.5 years and am about to complete my MT program. I've gained experience in Residential Sales and Leasing on...

+1Further understands of Capital Asset Pricing Model

Kevin ZH

We used <abbr title="capital asset pricing model">CAPM</abbr> to determine a theoretically appropriate required rate of return of a stock A. If the E(Ri) from <abbr title="capital asset pricing model">CAPM</abbr> is 10%. In the real market, E(R) =...

+2What to say in scheduled networking conversations


Hi I've scheduled a bunch of calls this week to network for the 2020 <abbr title="summer analyst intern">SA</abbr> season. In the past I've exclusively networked with alumni, however being a nontarget there are very few alumni in <abbr title="New...

+5Barclay's IBD SA 2019 Hirevue


Did anyone get/done the Barclays summer 2019 <abbr title="investment banking division">IBD</abbr> hirevue? I have heard it is extremely hard and there are a lot of market conceptual questions. If anyone has any insight that would be much appreciated.

Cushman and Wakefield - Review - Real Estate-
+12019 Top AM


Does anybody know which are the top Asset Managers as of 2019? Like in terms of prestige, pay, competition, and career prospects? Thks :)

Cushman and Wakefield - Salary & Bonus - Real Estate-
+33-4 Unit Rental Properties Under Trump Tax Plan

Pokemon Master

Is there anyway you can take out a residential mortgage for a business that owns 3-4 unit rental properties? If not, it seems like buying 3-4 unit rental properties no longer makes as much sense with the new tax code. You either need to choose between being a business that can write off interest...