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+1Wells Fargo Summer Financial Analyst offer turnaround timeHow long after your interview for an internship with Wells Fargo did you hear back? Couple days, next day, several weeks? I’ve heard it varies by office but any insight would be great. Please provide location, position and how many days after superday you heard back. Thank you! ...3
+4My Chance with GSBHi guys, Do I have a chance at getting into GSB? Please see my background below: Undergrad - Top 50 but less popular majored in Finance GPA 3.3 Current role - LP (analyst) covering all aspects of private capital fund investments at a sub-$10B institutional endowment, ...7
Houlihan Lokey - Interview - Investment Banking
+4Messed up final round MBB, now picking from Roland Berger, ZS, Cornerstone Research, and F500sHi everyone, I'm having trouble deciding what the best option is moving forward and wanted some help. I recently was rejected after final rounds at MBB, and now I'm picking between offers from Roland Berger in the US, ZS in Canada, economic consulting Cornerstone Research in SF, and F500 CPG bran...14
+1MSF, CS degree, or just network to get finance or finance related work experience for top MBA programs?Hello everyone, I'm a recent liberal arts grad and I've developed an interest in finance careers. I had no finance internships so it’s going to be hard finding finance or finance related jobs. I did take some business courses in undergrad and found them interesting. I've decided to get an M...2
+1Persistent vs Annoying for cold emailing/callingI keep reading on WSO that people email/call MD's/hiring managers multiple times even if the first two times yielded no result. When I ask for advice on cold emailing, people say "Follow up once and then let it go if you don't get a response". I'm not really sure what to follow as I want to be persi...1
The Vanguard Group - Interview - Business Development
PwC PricewaterhouseCoopers - Review - Generalist
PwC PricewaterhouseCoopers - Salary & Bonus - Generalist
0Is PyratineXR Safe To Use And Who Can Use It?PyratineXR is clinically confirmed in minimizing the symptoms and signs of aging skin and also shown to be extremely useful in all skin types, specifically in individuals with delicate skin and those suffering from rosacea. Additionally, it substantially reduces face redness, acne sores, crawler vei...0
+2Profile Evaluation: MSF class of 2020Hi everyone Would like to get some feedback and suggestions on my profile and some schools that I am planning to apply for MSF programs (Summer/Fall 2019 intake)? Background: GPA :3.36 Double Majors Accounting & Finance from a Top B-school in the country (Pakistan) CFA L1, Candidate CFA L2 in...2
0Smoked Weed Once Before Drug Testguys, i've never smoked marijuana but after graduating last month in mid-august, i went on a trip with a few college friends and i smoked a joint or so. its mid-sept now, how long will it take for THC to clear the system? ive only ever smoked it once.. im really afraid my offer will be rescind...36
+1Whats the best Stock Simulator Game?Hello Monkeys, I am trying to practice my day trading skills on a stock simulator game before I take it to the big leagues, but all of the stock simulators that I tried out have a huge market delay even when I set the delay off. This made it very difficult to make a trade, as the limits do not re...19
0Gurukul Abacus & Vedic Maths Franchise Opportunity Enter a classroom in any abacus center in India and you will see children busy with a there activity which is Vedic and abacus learning skill will you see. tiny brown beads compiled neatly in columns. On the wall is propped a similar toy, through bigger with large shiny yellow beads. walnutexcell...0
0Decision Time for BezosMARKETS U.S. markets: All the back-and-forth over trade has investors feeling conflicted. Be on the lookout for more swings in U.S. markets in the week ahead as earnings season winds down. There's an election happening, too: Nate Silver, can we get an update? FiveThirtyEight's models say ...0
0Ingrédients ajoutés iciLisez le manuel d'instructions fourni avec l'étiquette de la bouteille de sérum Hyalurolift Où Acheter qui ne vous demande que de suivre les trois étapes importantes et de vivre des résultats incroyables. N'abusez pas de la crème auto cela pourrait causer une aggravation de la surface et n'e...0
0New Zealand Investment CareersFor family reasons I may have to consider a move to New Zealand. I currently work in a trading position at a hedge fund in London. It does not appear that there are many investment roles available in NZ based on the research I have done. Could anyone who has spent more time in the country ad...0
0Affiliation de sérum beauté Hyalurolift et avancéVous avez évidemment besoin d'une excellente formule pour débarrasser votre peau des rides. Et c'est pourquoi Hyalurolift est si bon pour votre peau. En effet, il use un ingrédient multitâche appelé peptides pour aider à effacer vos rides. Les peptides aident votre peau de différentes façons...0
0Just Keto DietJust Keto Diet You get 50+ unique Superfood package, product of substances with increased nutrient content material, in a spread of wholesome meals from soups, snacks, drinks to ready to prepare dinner meals. Food plan plans that promise greater than a 20-pound loss monthly will probably ask you to ...0
Eastdil Secured - Interview - Equity Capital Markets
European Central Bank - Interview - Risk
0How can we forecast accrued payroll and benefices ? In terms of calculating the Working Capital, could you explain me how to forecast accrued payroll and benefices ?...0
+11Advice for a college kid with a poor social life? I'm posting this on a throw-away account. I'll try to keep this short and just give a summary. So I used to be a pretty sociable kid, especially towards the end of high school, when I was going out a lot and I was on the soccer team, had a lot of friends. I went to college on the East Coast at a...20
+1 Top 6 Ways To Learn New Skills Very FastIf you want to grow in your career then you need to learn new skills. Let us see Top 6 ways to learn new skills very fast 1. Receive Mentorship Most of them believe that an important factor to grow in your career is get a mentorship. Shoot up mail invites to your seniors about meetings and...0
0KPMG Deal Advisory Superday - case interviewHey guys, I have a Superday coming up for KPMG Deal Advisory (M&A/Valuations) in Europe. The day is set-up as follows: 3 interviews with mid-level executives 2 hours to prepare a presentation on a case 1,5 hours of case presentation Partner interviews They have sent me an Information Mem...0
+1KPMG Deal Advisory Case DayHi everyone, A while ago I saw an older post regarding the KPMG Deal Advisory super Case Day and I was wondering whether someone could share their experiences. It concerns the KPMG Deal Advisory Rotation Program (M&A, TS, Strategy Group, Valuation, Debt Advisory). I have completed all the pre...1
Lazard - Interview - Mergers and Acquisitions
+1Hybrid Buy-side Funds LondonHi all, As buy-side recruiting is approaching, I just want to compile a list of PE/HF that invests in both control (PE, loan-to-own) and non-control (distressed, public securities) strategies and that allows junior investors to work on both. As far as I'm aware, Apollo and Centerbridge in London ...2
0How to break into a hedge fund from a non-targetHello! I am a current sophomore at a non-target. I was lucky enough to snag a spot at a reputable boutique this summer in one of their more exciting groups (very thankful and blessed; not bashing on IB in this post at all). After lots of introspection, I have decided that pursuing a work in a hedge ...0
JPMorgan Chase - Review - Generalist
JPMorgan Chase - Salary & Bonus - Generalist
+1Field coats/BarbourWhat's up, folks- I'm moving to Boston later this fall to start in equity research at a pretty sizeable asset manager and am wondering whether or not a field coat like an Orvis or a Barbour would be frowned upon as cold-season outerwear. Nobody in Birmingham gave me shit for it, but I'm well aware M...5
+7Gucci Loafers with the Gold Bit vs Silver BitHey so I've been working for a while and I figured that the time to get some really nice loafers has arrived. I like the black Gucci horsebit loafers with the silver bit a ton - I see em everywhere and the people in my office recommend I get them. However, Gucci's website only lists the ones with th...40
KPMG - Review - Private Equity
+21.5 Hour LBO TestJust had a modeling test and was given a CIM to build a 3-statement model in 1.5 hours. I tried my best to construct everything (i.e., debt schedule, operating model, etc.), but wasn't able to build out a clean BS and CFS. Was able to get all my assumptions and IRR/MOIC. Wish I had more time. Ha...9
0Power & Utilities ModellingHey guys, Was really interested in practicing modelling out P&U companies - especially those focused on specific renewable assets (wind, solar, hydro). Was just looking to see if anyone had any already-built models they could share, as they would a great resource to learn from! ...0
+7Financial Markets Advisory (FMA) Blackrock Superday 10/17/18Hi all, If anybody hears back from the team, please let me know! And does anybody have an idea like how long it takes to hear back from them? Thanks!...43
+1Bain Capital InterviewTips on the Bain Capital interview? I know it's consulting style cases but what should I prepare for specifically?...2
Wells Fargo and Company - Interview - Middle Market
+5Does Deloitte have the best M&A transaction group?If you compare all 4 of the Big 4 firms, is Deloitte the place to be for M&A work? How would you rank the Big 4 firms from best M&A (more deals, better comp, etc) group to worst? Also side question, do the Big 4 have industry groups like banks have? (TMT, FIG, etc)...25
0 you switch at the tv Revive Keto these days, i will promise you that you will see a few industrial advertisements on some form of weight loss weight loss plan, pill, or system. in case you are looking to shed pounds, Revive Keto you've got possibly either ordered such a before or are highly t...0
Citigroup - Review - Equity Research
0How to prepare myself for upcoming PWM internship???I will try to keep this short. I come from a non-target school, 3.3GPA, but investment is all my passion, and I have been investing (equity, options, and recently commodity futures) since middle school (Chinese market and then changed to US market when immigrated). like everyone else, I was looking ...0
Citigroup - Salary & Bonus - Equity Research
Stifel Nicolaus and Company, Inc - Review - Investment Banking
Stifel Nicolaus and Company, Inc - Salary & Bonus - Investment Banking
0Comment peut-il fonctionner?Xpert Konjac : Cette équation peut aider à expulser le poison du corps. En outre, cela peut aider à diminuer la ghréline responsable de l’état de manque. Cela peut également aider à augmenter la satiété.Ce complément alimentaire est dû au rééquilibrage de la routine alimentaire de man...0
0Hyaluro Lift : avis des testeurs Tout d'abord, il est très critical de savoir que Hyaluro Lift en France sera seulement disponible sur le site officiel de la marque. C'est le seul moyen pour vous de leader le soin sans craindre de perils pour votre peau, de cette manière, vous assurez l'authenticité de la crème. Vous aurez donc...0
+2Anyone from St.Gallen?I am getting mixed signals about applying there and would love to speak with people that either went there for their Masters in Finance or anyone that even considered it. I've looked at other sites as well but too much information in this case can only be beneficial I feel. I know Europe passed som...22
+54Does your family despise you?With the holidays approaching, I'm curious how you all deal with the awkward family gatherings. More specifically, does anyone else feel despised by their own family now in regards to their career choice? Personally, I have a VERY blue collar family. My immediate family consists of welders, produ...84
+46BAML 2019 SA Megathread Hey! I haven't seen a megathread for BAML 2019 SA yet, so here it is. BAML applications open July 1st. Post here if you have any updates! ...484
+1My 2018 Series 7 experienceI took and passed the FINRA Series 7 exam this morning 6-1-2018 and used Kaplan exclusively to prepare. I studied for 4 weeks and sat in on their live class for the full 4 days, leaving myself a week to do practice tests until I was blue in the face. Having very little knowledge of the subject matte...5
+5Non-H/S/W worth it?I did IBD and work on the buyside in equity AM. I'm thinking about MBA and am applying to a handful of schools: H/S/W, UChicago and something else. I know quite a few people with similar backgrounds that only apply for H/S/W and are no-go with anything else. Assuming H/S/W doesn't work out, how do ...12
IQVIAThe human data science company...
Morgan Stanley - Review - Technology, Media and Telecom (TMT)
Federated Investors - Review - Generalist
Citigroup - Interview - Investment Banking
Federated Investors - Salary & Bonus - Generalist
Morgan Stanley - Salary & Bonus - Technology, Media and Telecom (TMT)
0GlobalMarketsGlobal MarketsGlobal MarketsGlobal MarketsGlobal MarketsGlobal MarketsGlobal MarketsGlobal MarketsGlobal MarketsGlobal MarketsGlobal Markets...0
0PwC Advisory Internship vs BrightHouse, a BCG Company Strategy InternshipHaving trouble deciding between the two. For those who aren't familiar with Brighthouse, it is BCG's "creative consultancy". **PwC:** Pros: Pretty Solid Rep, opportunity to lateral to MBB Pay is solid, 30% higher than BrightHouse It is "Real" consulting, albeit probably a good amount of ...0
0WSO NYC Happy Hour: Thur 11/15, 7-10pm, 5th and Mad Bar Join us at after work for drinks and socializing. Going forward these NYC meet ups will be held the third Thursday of the month, 7pm, at 5th and Mad Bar. WHEN -Thursday Nov 15th, 7-10pm THE VENUE -5th and Mad Bar in Manhattan, 7 E 36th St - HOW TO FIND THE GROUP ...0
+22Work Hard and Achieve Big Things: A Short Success StoryHello fellow monkies, Today, I wanted to share a success story. Unfortunately, this success story is not my own, but instead, my college roommate. Hopefully soon, I will be sharing my own. ###The Background: My college roommate has a ~4.0 GPA. He spends every day, morning to night, in the l...9
+1any MF that doesn't kick out associates after two years? I've done some research on LinkedIn and realized that most MF will kick you out after your 2 years as an associate. They want you to go to business school then either rehire you or you lateral/startup/HF/leave finance. I want to stay in PE in the long run but don't want to do business school. Is the...5
EY - Review - Analytics
+1Stifel-KBW vs. Antares Lev lendingRecently received an offer from Stifel Investment Banking generalist program (St. Louis) and also from Antares Capital (Chicago) in leveraged lending. Heard deal flow at Antares is really impressive with great industry exposure. Wanted opinions on what internship to go for?...3
EY - Salary & Bonus - Analytics
+2Incoming Freshman to do I make it?Hello. I will be a freshman at UCLA majoring in economics this upcoming fall. I want to work in IB in the future. What steps can I take to get me closer to my ultimate goal of having a job in the field? I know this is rather broad but I'm just looking for any tips/nuggets of advice I can take int...13
02019 UBS GTP GWM Client Advisor Hong Kong SuperdayHi everyone - I went through UBS' superday for its GTP GWM HK Client Advisor role at the end of October in New York and am waiting to hear back. Has anyone else heard back from that round of interview yet?...0
+9Showcasing Modelling AbilitiesHow do you guys go about showing of your modelling capabilities, to potential employers, without sending them an actual model you have constructed? I'm looking at approaching companies that are not specifically recruiting right now but I'd like them to see first-hand what I can do on a specific a...33
Santander Consumer - Interview - Generalist
+1Morgan Stanley Global Capital Market 2ed Round InterviewHi, my fellows! I just get the Morgan Stanley Global Capital Market 2ed Round Phone Interview invitation in Asia. First round is more about the behavioral questions and fit questions. But I really have no idea about the 2ed round interview, is it more technical one? Is it like the IBD or S&T, that's...10
0Transitioning into an equity side asset management positionMy background... i was previously a multifamily valuations analyst for an equity shop, i am currently an multifamily debt underwriting analyst. I am interested in and am looking to to switch over to and asset management analyst/associate role on the equity side. im in nyc but during my job search im...0
+3Best B-School for Dallas?2 years FIG IB at a bulge bracket + 1 year in a hybrid role doing mostly corp dev with some public and private equity investments (~10-25% of the job; focused only on insurance space). Looking at CFA and/or an MBA. For funds and AM in Dallas, where do they recruit from? Still primarily M7 or do r...12
+1Is the stock market rigged?Do you think the investment process is broken for the average joe investor? Can one theoretically study and become a profitable trader or is it all a facade and you have to be on the inside to make it long term?...1
Antares Capital Corporation - Salary & Bonus - Distressed Debt and/or High Yield
+1Is it worth picking a school I don't like for IB Opportunities??Hi, So I live outside of Philly and if I go in-state I won't have any loans. I loved Pitt but I know that Pitt is a non-target. Penn State could be considered a semi-target and it is in-state so I could graduate without loans. However, when I visited I really did not like the place, seemed like the...2
+3Do I have a shot at any top schools?28 M Graduated with a degree from a small non-target called Colorado Mesa University. Majored in Exercise Science with a Minor in Business Administration. Cumulative GPA: 3.7 GMAT: 700 Work Experience - 1) Teach for America. One year post grad where I volunteered, traveled, taught English, and r...7
+1PwC Mgmt Consulting vs. Goldman Sachs PWM??Considering both PwC Mgmt Consulting (NYC) and GS PWM (Chicago) for summer internship in 2019. Anyone have any opinions, thoughts, insights into these roles? Interested to know anything about: -exit opps -pay -hours/lifestyle -firm/position prestige -any firsthand experience...5
The Vanguard Group - Review - Private Wealth Management
+1What are my chances of a top MBA program?Hi, I am from Australia and studied a bachelor of Law (honours) and a Bachelor of Arts dual degree at Monash University. I have a 3.0gpa for the dual degree. During my undergraduate, I studied abroad at Oxford University, London School of Economics and at a University in Asia. I also have a maste...5
+1Recluses of finance?Are there any famous (paradoxical) recluses in the history of finance? The only one that I can think of is Howard Hughes but he seems to have been more of a general businessman than a financier. I read [this article about David Abrams](
+2Attainable Programs USA/AbroadAs a backup, I'm looking to apply to a few MBA programs but unsure of my potential candidacy. I went to a top 20 US school with a double major Finance/International Relations but only with a 2.9GPA. 6 years of experience by the time of enrollment - 1.5 years at The World Bank, 2.5 years at a lon...8
The Vanguard Group - Salary & Bonus - Private Wealth Management
HSBC - Interview - Investment Banking
+9How do "day-trading gurus" like Ricky Gutierrez make their money?If you haven't heard about this guy (I didn't until recently-saw a youtube ad of his), he's this 22 year old guy with a youtube channel where he basically discusses his day to day trades and gives advice on positions to people. I saw a few of his videos out of curiosity, and its pretty clear he's a ...39
+1FT partners san francisco phone interview ?have a first round phone interview with financial technology partners SanFran office. Is first round phone mostly technical or behavioural ? anybody has any insights? thanks!...4
Pacific Investment Management Company PIMCO - Review - Global Data
+3Post-MBA Restructuring RecruitingDoes Columbia Business School place well into post-MBA IB restructuring roles? I will have spent two years in O&G IB, two years in O&G PE, and will be matriculating at CBS in the fall of 2019 (Class of 2021). Appreciate the color. CBS's employment report doesn't break out different IB roles that its...17
Pacific Investment Management Company PIMCO - Salary & Bonus - Global Data
+3Lazard Buyside Equity Research - Exit Opps: IB, PE, HF?**Situation**: I have a summer analyst offer from Lazard's Buyside Equity Research which seats in their Asset Management business. **Job Details**: 1. Conduct fundamental analysis on industry 2. Use valuation techniques to assess and identify companies suitable for investment 3. Prepare ...6
Silicon Valley Bank - Interview - Risk Management
JP Morgan Securities - Review - Asset Management
JP Morgan Securities - Salary & Bonus - Asset Management
PJT Partners - Salary & Bonus - Investment Banking
+2College SophomoreHey guys, Two quick questions. 1. Once I finish undergrad, should I wait a couple of years to do my MBA or should I do it right away. Have heard a lot of different opinions on this matter and not sure which route I should take. 2. If I were to take the series 7 test, would I have to take...7
Lazard - Interview - Equity Research
CBRE - Salary & Bonus - Commercial
IMC Financial Markets - Salary & Bonus - Prop Trading