Point72 case study

In a week, I'm about to do a 7d case study on a publicly traded stock with a buy, hold, sell decision. Those who went thru same - how does the task look like? What do people expect? What are the next steps after the case study?

If this is for the academy:

1) it isn’t a stock that you do the case study on. It’s about 2 fictional companies.

2) it’s generally non technical, moreso a 400 word report going over concepts.

3) process after is HR interview and then academy coach rounds. The latter part varies. My friend got an offer after one round and others did 3-4+ and didn’t get one.

surprised they’re still open tbh, p sure they only make 4 offers and it’s been a while.

I've been asked to solve a case study with the same structure, could you pm me? I'd be very happy to know how to structure it (for instance, did you do a pitch why buy one or a confrontation between the two? how many slides did you make?...)

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I've done one in the past as an analyst lateral. There's really little instruction, which is probably done on purpose. They give you a company and ask you to make a recommendation. In some cases, they'll ask you to touch on specific questions about the company. I submitted an investment memo that was in the 30-40 page range and a model to support my thesis, which included a number of scenario analyses.

Debrief was scheduled for an hour and bled into 1.5 hours and included an analyst who know the name well and the hiring PM.

Interviewed with head of equities after that, then got a verbal and eventually written offer.

Did you end up getting it? that seems like a hell of an amount of work

I'm currently in a process for the London office. Have just been informed i will have 2 weeks (given Christmas and new years in between) to do it. Could you give me some guidance on what to focus on / expect to do on the CS. Would love to have a chat if possible.

Is the pod you're interviewing for based on Florida?

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