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Learn about Microsoft's businesses, executives and directors, and corporate governance. Also, get our contact information, locate a sales office worldwide, see a company timeline, check out the Visitor Center, find out how to participate in the Microsoft Vendor Program, and how to do procurement.

Legal and Corporate Affairs
Investor Relations
Corporate Citizenship
For journalists
The Technical Recognition Awards
Global Diversity & Inclusion
Microsoft Research
Resources for Former Microsoft Employees

Corporate Citizenship
Every successful corporation has a responsibility to use its resources and influence to make a positive impact on the world and its people. Microsoft's Global Citizenship Initiative is focused on mobilizing our resources across the company and around the world, to create opportunities in the communities where we do business, and to fulfill our commitment to serving the public good through innovative technologies and partnerships.

Microsoft Community Affairs provides training and tools that create the social and economic opportunities that can transform communities and help people realize their potential. Through our programs and our partnerships, Microsoft supports numerous projects and organizations around the world working to expand opportunities, and help improve digital inclusion, through technology access and training.

Customer and Partner Experience
With 90,000 employees in over 190 countries supporting and developing varied products and services for our customers and partners, Microsoft is focused on ensuring a high level of satisfaction among our customers and partners. It is a core component of our business. Our vision is to provide experiences for our customers and partners, across all of their interactions with Microsoft, that they value and recognize, and enable them to realize their full potential.

Legal and Corporate Affairs
Microsoft's Legal and Corporate Affairs Group works on the cutting edge of business and regulatory issues around the world. Our diverse and multi-disciplinary team of legal, business and corporate affairs professionals operates from 57 locations in 40 countries worldwide.

Global Diversity & Inclusion
At Microsoft, we believe that diversity enriches our performance and products, the communities where we live and work, and the lives of our employees. As our workforce evolves to reflect the growing diversity of our communities and the global marketplace, our efforts to understand, value, and incorporate difference become increasingly important. Come explore diversity and inclusion at Microsoft!

Microsoft Research
Since Microsoft Research was established in 1991, it has become one of the largest, most respected computer science research organizations in the world. More than 850 Ph.D. researchers push the boundaries of computing in over 55 areas of study in thirteen locations around the globe, and help shape the computing experiences of millions of people worldwide through advances that enhance virtually every Microsoft product and service. Learn more about us, peruse our interactive timeline, and discover what we've delivered to Microsoft and to the world, such as contributions to Kinect for Xbox 360, work to develop an HIV vaccine, and advancing education techniques in rural communities.

Microsoft Alumni Network and Microsoft Alumni Foundation
The Microsoft Alumni Network (MSA) and Microsoft Alumni Foundation (MSAF) want to invite any and all former Microsoft employees to join their community by becoming members. There are two alumni organizations to best serve your needs. MSA provides you with professional, networking, and discount benefits. MSAF connects you to the philanthropic work of Microsoft and other nonprofits with alumni involvement so you can find organizations to support, or find alumni to help support your nonprofit work.



1288 Pear Avenue
Mountain View, CA 94043
United States

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2018Student / Prospective MonkeyLondonMarketingVery NegativeDifficult
2021Student / Prospective MonkeySeattleTechnology, Media and Telecom (TMT)NeutralAverage
2020InternRedmondTechnology, Media and Telecom (TMT)NeutralAverage
2021InternSeattleCorporate FinanceVery PositiveEasy



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