Let's Analyze: Airbnb Inc. (ABNB)

Overview: Airbnb Inc. (ABNB) is an online marketplace which connects hosts and guests online or through mobile devices to book travel services and accommodation facilities worldwide. The company provides apartments, villas, bungalows, private homestays, and tourism services.

Bulls Say

  • ABNB has reached scale and now accounts for 20% of the $87 billion vacation rental industry thanks to its leading booking platform
  • The company's emphasis on mobile search is paying off, as 80%-90% of its global traffic now comes from organic search on its platform
  • Online travel booking is a long-term secular growth trend, and considering this is a low penetration trend ABNB is positioned to benefit for the next decade

Bears Say

  • Competition from Booking.com, Expedia, and dark horse Google are expected to ramp in coming years, with the latter placing paid ads above ABNB...

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