Let's Analyze: NVIDIA Corp. (NVDA)

Overview: NVIDIA Corp. (NVDA) is a visual computing company with worldwide operations and markets. The company operates through two segments, Graphics and Compute & Networking. The company's four main markets are gaming; professional visualization; data center; and automotive.

Bulls Say

  • The rise of the artificial intelligence, metaverse, and deep learning applications that rely on NVDA's graphics chips presents the firm with a major long-term growth opportunity
  • The firm has a first-mover advantage in the autonomous driving market that could lead to widespread adoption of its Drive PX self-driving platform
  • The increasing complexity of graphics processors provides a barrier to entry for most potential rivals, as it would be difficult to match the company's 's large R&D budget

Bears Say

  • The artificial intelligence opportunity remains budding, and it is not a foregone conclusion for NVDA's GPUs...

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