Let's Analyze: Visa Inc. (V)

Overview: Visa Inc. (V) is the largest payment processor in the world. In fiscal 2020, it processed almost $9 trillion in purchase transactions. Visa operates in over 200 countries and processes transactions in over 160 currencies. Its systems are capable of processing over 65,000 transactions per second.

Bulls Say

  • Visa benefits from a rare and difficult-to-replicate network effect, whereby the more people who use Visa's payment network the more merchants want to use the network, and the more merchants who use the network the more convenient the platform is for customers
  • While cash transactions remain relatively low in the US at 28%, the runway for credit card adoption is high in high population developing countries, thus giving Visa a long runway for growth
  • Visa's business is highly scalable, meaning Visa could improve on its already...

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