My #1 Way to Profit from the Infrastructure Boom

Infrastructure always reminds me of when I lived in New Orleans

For anyone who's ever visited the Crescent City, you probably noticed the infrastructure is terrible. In fact, there's even an Instagram account called @lookatthisf*ckingstreet that posts pictures of the city's infrastructure woes. And it isn't a function of Katrina or Ida; the city is built on a swamp.

This has led to all sorts of unique engineering issues that even some of the smartest minds-with their limited resources-can't tackle.

The same is true in just about every city, town, and borough in the country. According to the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), US infrastructure has an overall grade of "C-." In fact, the ASCE recommends the US needs to spend $2.6 trillion to upgrade our ailing roads, bridges, and dams.

New Orleans is...

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