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SPOTLIGHT: Hedge Funhouse Rules and FAQsThe goal of Wall Street Oasis' Hedge Funhouse is to give our users the best possible snapshot of life at a hedge fund, from internships and recruiting to compensation and career progression. Working towards that goal, we've created a Frequently Asked Questions page for Wall Street in general, as wel...
04 years 6 months ago
What are the top long-short funds in London?If you can provide insight, I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks! ...
03 hours 59 min ago
Accounting at Private Equity Firms and Hedge FundsHey guys I have a few questions about accounting. As far as I can tell, accounting in Big 4 more or less doesn't begin to pay off until your mid-late thirties when you start making 300k and up. But I was wondering if the situation is any better at hedge funds or private equity funds that have ~1 bil...
15 hours 47 min ago
And the Quants Shall Inherit the EarthNo surprise here. This trend is only going to accelerate, as hedge funds and asset management firms hire brilliant computer scientists for research and investing roles. It will be interesting to see whether more fundamental funds (long-short equity, special situations, distressed debt) will start ...
1911 hours 13 min ago
Curious About Hedge Fund TrackHi Monkeys, I will be an Investment Banking Summer Analyst at BX/LAZ/HLHZ this summer in the Restructuring group. After my 2 years as an Analyst, I would pursue a career at a top distressed debt hedge fund and then move onto completing an MBA program at an M7 school. I was curious if any other banke...
411 hours 22 min ago
What makes Renaissance Tech so great?Everything about their performance over the last 20-30+ years is absolutely amazing. I've been wondering how it is that they can do all of this? They've beaten the hell out of everybody since they've started. ...
Human Capital
411 hours 39 min ago
Coatue Research Analyst Does anyone have familiarity on the Research Analyst Position at Coatue? Specifically the hours, culture, exposure to investment decisions, caliber of the people, progression opportunities? Thanks ...
415 hours 36 min ago
Launching a small hedge fundSuppose that i have a friend that will give me $8,000 to invest in the stock market and I want to start a hedge fund. What are the legal or startup cost of the most simplest legal structure? Is there any way that those cost could be less than $500? If you know a book or a website that can answer my...
115 hours 40 min ago
Ruane Cunniff & Goldfarb Increase VRX Position Ackman's hedge fund has also lost approximately 25% of its value, due to its large position in VRX. Opinions? ...
152 days 18 hours ago
Value investing in Mining Companies - Balance sheet analysis - Liquidation Scenario - LT Asset Value vs Book ValueI have a question for anyone with experience in analyzing mining companies (especially if you have analyzed copper miners). I am looking at a miner's balance sheet and trying to run a liquidation scenario i.e. how much major balance sheet items would be worth on the market less all financial debt. ...
113 days 10 hours ago
How common are "pump & dump" microcap stock schemes in Hedge Funds?Disappointing that pump & dumping microcap stocks is still very unregulated but I was curious how common it is for international hedge funds? I've heard stories of HF managers using it to their advantage when a client asks to be out of the fund and receives it all in securities. ...
Human Capital
03 days 13 hours ago
# of credit and multi-stray Hedge funds in US Can anyone provide me with information on the total number of credit and multi-strat hedge funds in the US? Further detail into the credit strategy would be very helpful. I need this for a presentation. Thanks in advance. ...
23 days 16 hours ago
Gramercy AdvisorsHas anyone every heard of Gramercy Advisors. They're located in Greenwich CT and invest only in emerging markets. Harry Markowitz works there as a senior advisor. What is their rep? ...
14 days 12 hours ago
Absolute return, long only hedge funds?I've noticed that a large number of hedge funds I come across describe their strategy as 'long only, absolute returns'. Is this not an oxymoron? Mathematically, unless they are heavily investing in some unorthodox companies that provide insurance against macro risk, this seems to be impossible. ...
54 days 17 hours ago
0 the war of Panem escalates to the destruction of other districts by the Capitol, Katniss Everdeen, the reluctant leader of the rebellion, must bring together an army against President Snow, while all she holds dear hangs in the balance.Watch The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2 Full Movie Online...
05 days 3 hours ago
Carlyle-owned fund refuses to refund near 2/3 of amount requested by investorsInteresting to see that one of the great companies is struggling right now. Anyone know anybody at Claren Road AM? From WSJ (link inside the post): A struggling hedge-fund firm owned by Carlyle Group LP won't immediately pay back about two-thirds of the nearly $2 billion that investors recently ask...
Human Capital
35 days 5 hours ago
Fund of Funds - let's hear the worst of the worstJust accepted a job and will be transitioning next week - comp is excellent and hours are incredibly reasonable (thoroughly vetted) . I know WSO has no love for the Fund of Funds life, so I'd like to hear what the potential land mines are. Note 1: Not using this to make a decision. Taking the job re...
The Stranger
225 days 11 hours ago
Post grad internshipHi all, I graduate this December but don't start working FT until this upcoming June / July. I'm interested in the possibility of working at a HF after a few years in IB and thought it might be interesting to intern at one for a few months to bridge this gap. Any ideas regarding a good way to go abo...
05 days 14 hours ago
Point72 Analyst Program - Thoughts?Would be interested to hear WSO's thoughts on Point72's undergrad summer and full-time program (they refer to it as the "Academy"). How does the street view working at Point72? Is this a strong opportunity or something worth passing on if accepted to comparable buy-side undergrad programs? ...
85 days 21 hours ago
Launches?What is the best way to find portfolio managers or analysts that are thinking about launching their own funds? ...
31 week 11 hours ago
What do you think about this new fund's strats (Three Stones)? Any insight into them?Found their strats interesting. Anyone have any insight into this company as well? Interested in getting to know them more. "Three Stones will initially employ three trading strategies rarely seen among Asian hedge funds, according to the people. Capital structure arbitrage will allow it to take adv...
51 week 2 days ago
Trading - IB or Phone Call?For you PMs/buy-side traders, do you usually trade over IB chats or calling your salespeople? Why? ...
jesus of nazareth
41 week 2 days ago


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