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01 week 1 day ago
Do you have hobbies?The question is fairly straight forward. When I started in business school I noticed that most of the fund managers or PM's who would come talk repeated a similar refrain. It was a point of pride to spend every moment thinking about investing. They would all say something along the lines of, I don't...
114 min 47 sec ago
Hedge Fund Interview Guide BETA is LIVE!We are finally here! For those of you waiting on the WSO Hedge Fund Interview Guide, thank you for your patience -- it has been a long process to get to this stage. Unlike investment banking or private equity, the hedge fund universe is enormous, so we really had to spend a long time drafting the ...
52 hours 50 min ago
$650M AUM HFI'm looking at a hedge fund with a $650M AUM and 3 guys in the office. How would one view the size of this shop? Is it considered big because of it's AUM vs people in the office or is just a medium/small sized? Just interested. Thank you. ...
153 hours 30 min ago
Medical Background only - Interning for Hedge FundHow should I prep for an informal Hedge Fund internship opportunity, have like half a year to prep. I'm a recent graduate from medical program who will be working in emergency & hospital medicine. The fund managers have a law & medical background & run a new healthcare-focused hedge fund...
25 hours 8 min ago
AMA, I'm the head trader for a Multi-strat HFWent to a top 25 undergrad program, been at HF trading for past 10+ years, ask me anything. been at same HF the whole time so my experience may not be typical ...
367 hours 5 min ago
IB or HF - Junior InternshipBetween the two, which would you think I should aim for? Obviously there are many factors involved, but let's take the top BBs with equally recognized HFs for comparison's sake. I've definitely considered the 2-year IB track most on this site seem to preach, and some of the benefits such as the netw...
17 hours 22 min ago
Army Officer -> Hedge FundI'm an Infantry Officer in the US Army, about 1 year out from the end of my term of service. Looking to go to an M7 MBA program next year, and eventually make a move to the hedge fund industry. I like the fact that investing involves doing in-depth analytical research in order to make contrarian be...
47 hours 41 min ago
Execution Trader at Discretionary Macro Fund, Career killer or valid path to PM?Title pretty much says it all. I'm already running my own sell-side books/risk and have some PnL history, trying to move to buyside. I'm still a little hesitant to jump into a buy-side sink or swim PM role at this point, but have some opportunities to work closely with some prominent discretionary M...
248 hours 47 min ago
Better to work at a small HF or large AM?I am currently at a BB (not IBD though), and am looking to get into HFs. Given that it is unlikely I can move into a $1B+ HF right away, I will be more realistically looking to move to a small HF or an AM (like a State Street, etc.). Which would be a better option? Assuming I don't get into a Fidel...
01 day 11 hours ago
Getting to noComplacency is the root of all failures, yes men are negative for growth. So how do we get to Alpha? ...
Franco Financials
131 day 23 hours ago
Top Fund of Hedge Funds - Compensation, Lifestyle and Career Path? Any data points on 1st year associate compensation for top fund of hedge funds (GS HFS, KKR Prisma, BAAM, GCM Grosvenor?) Currently an analyst at a Top BB in AM. What type of backgrounds are these funds looking for? I'm thinking of lateraling after my 2nd year. Also, any idea of what compensation m...
32 days 18 hours ago
Should I ask an equity L/S PM at my firm if I can do work for him in my free time?I am currently in a middle office role at an asset manager with a broad alternatives footprint and am looking to move into an investment team. I have had a couple conversations with an equity long/short PM and was thinking of asking him if i could do some work for him in my free time. He's asked me ...
14 days 15 hours ago
List of HF's in BostonLooking for a list of hedge funds in Boston, and around that area... Anyone got? ...
165 days 9 hours ago
Are there any prerequisites for a Summer Analyst Intern position at a Big Bank? I know that if you want full time employment at big banks like Goldman Sachs, you need to do a summer internship/Analyst position first. But I am wondering if there is any prerequisites requirements to even get the summer internship at the big banks. Like a specific major or some specific finance co...
16 days 6 hours ago
Doing a Masters in Mathematics to increase my chances to work in a quant HFHi all, I'm currently working as a software developer in a Fortune 500 company in the UK. I'm looking to change careers into finance, specifically in a quant HF - I've applied through a recruiting agency and I already had an interview with a London based fund (passed first round, not second one unfo...
16 days 6 hours ago
Exit Opps from L/S Credit HFI am considering joining a l/s credit hf after graduation; however, I am concerned if for some reason I don't like it or if I have just had enough after my analyst stint that I am not going to be able to leave the hedge fund space. Do people at hedge funds have the same type of exit opps as bankin...
26 days 11 hours ago
Night Shift Asian TradingWhat is everyone's view on night shifts? Potential opportunity to do 2 weeks of shifts on Asian hours; but how bad would that actually be? ...
36 days 12 hours ago
What color suit for an Interview ?Is a black suit and white/light blue shirt acceptable to wear to an interview? Or do you recommend a different color suit? ...
126 days 14 hours ago
Top MBA or go straight to HF from sell-side researchHi, Currently 28, just finished by 3rd year on the sell-side as a research analyst (non-BB but well known bank), covering non-bank financials (currently a writing analyst in Asia). My goal is to get into the buyside (ideally HF) and am currently interviewing with a couple funds. I am also contemplat...
51 week 1 hour ago
Summer Analyst at a Small FundSo I somehow got a summer analyst position at a small fund with 150m in AUM. I would like to share my experience in the job search with you and hopefully you will take my advice seriously even though I am probably much younger than you. I would also like to ask for your advice. My fascination...
121 week 1 day ago
path to portfolio manager16 years old and always wanted to work in wall street, i am going to attend columbia university in new york when im 18 and major in economics and get my bachelors. I currently work as a intern project manager in construction and i plan to work as one until im ready to graduate from college, if anyon...
41 week 3 days ago
Ray Dalio - why is he leading the poll for your favorite HF manager? I don't know much about him... for those who voted for him why he is your #1 choice? Curious to hear. ...
41 week 5 days ago
Market knowledge - special sits / credit interviewHey all, I have an interview with a credit/special sits HF coming up and was hoping you could guide me to some useful resources. I'm currently in FIG M&A at a BB but have a good grasp of EBITDA-based modelling and a decent understanding of credit analysis. However, I have very little industry kn...
01 week 5 days ago
Deepen accounting knowledge - CFA or alternativesHey - am on the buy-side and want to deepen my accounting knowledge. Ie purpose is to become a better investor and not to collect titles. Aware that the CFA takes a lot of preparation and covers other (less relevant) aspects. Does anyone have alternative ideas / experiences? Tx ...
51 week 6 days ago
Bridger Capital - Secret Society: What do you know?So Martin Shkreli showed up on the radio show "The Breakfast Club" with Charlemagne Tha God. Interviewed pharma-bro and they brought up the secret society "Bridger Capital", the Illuminati of Hedge Funds. Shkreli was shocked that Charlemagne Tha God knew of this group and that he had been invited to...
191 week 6 days ago
Quick Capital IQ FavorEdit 2: I've been helped. Thanks! Can someone do me a huge favor by logging into Capital IQ and going to any company's profile page (tearsheet) and right-click -> save page as -> Save As Type: Web Page, Complete (save it to a new empty folder) -> compress (zip) the file, and then send it ...
01 week 6 days ago
FoF interview HELP!!! (don't we all love interviews)Hi! I've got an interview with Forester Capital for Research Analyst (see job description below) in a few days, and I would really appreciate it if you can help me answer the following questions: 1) What do I need to know about HF/FoF/the market? (for someone who's never had a HF interview, that is....
91 week 6 days ago
Best Industry AM/Research -> HF AnalystSorry if this is too obscure a question - Just wondering if you had to pick an industry group at an ER shop or industry specific fund at an AM, which industry would offer the best path/open the most doors for a HF Analyst role in the future? I'm just wondering if a specific sector is viewed as more...
42 weeks 1 hour ago
Can an engineer break into an HF?Hi, thank you to the regulars who's willing to share their opinion. I'm a structural engineer with 6 years of experience wanting to lateral to an entry level HF position in San Francisco. As for work environment, the structural engineering field functions quite similarly in their firm structure to ...
92 weeks 4 hours ago
My guide on how to get a hedge fund job out of undergradMod Note (Andy) - We're reposting the top discussions from 2015, this one ranks #17 and was originally posted 2/15/2015. The topic of getting hired at a hedge fund directly out of undergraduate compels many students. The response to the question: "Is it possible to get hired at a hedge fund directly...
832 weeks 8 hours ago
Apollo Modeling Case StudyAnyone have any insight on Apollo's modeling case study? This is for a position with their credit opps team. ...
02 weeks 10 hours ago
Singapore Hedge Fundhi guys, looking for a bit of guidance. came in touch with a singapore based hedge fund that is expanding to the US. They are looking to hire a few analysts as part of the expansion. They have a website but with little information on it. I'm trying to see if there are any databases or ways to v...
42 weeks 1 day ago
Valeant Pharmaceuticals/Bill Ackman E-mailsReleased yesterday. Highlights: Halt the Stock Send out a Press Release Advice on Conference Call Don't speak with the media Rome is burning Crossposting, credits to humanafteralll from WSB. ...
112 weeks 1 day ago
Start Up Hedge Fund London Based I am looking to start up a hedge fund or a managed account structure based in London (management). I have a few friends and acquaintances that want to give me money to manage on their behalf. What are my costs? anyone know any methods or structures that wont cost a lot as the start up AUM wouldn't b...
52 weeks 1 day ago
Who is your favorite Hedge Fund manager? Vote in the new poll Who is your favorite? Ackman? Icahn? Soros? Einhorn? Discuss! Vote in the new poll here. ...
02 weeks 1 day ago
Realistic shots for HF internshipDear all, I am currently doing my Master's in quantitative finance at a respectable university in Continental Europe and this summer I will be doing an IBD summer internship in a top group at a tier 1 bank in London. From next year January on, I would like to combine my Master's thesis with an inter...
12 weeks 1 day ago
Columbia Value Investing Program PlacementI know this has been covered previously, just thought I would bring it back up since I'm considering this program. How is this program viewed from perspective employers? Without prior buy-side or equity research experience would this program be a good launching pad to the buy-side? ...
492 weeks 3 days ago
Hedge Fund Placement in HBS/GSBHi everyone, I am currently a first year analyst at a BB in London and recently received an offer for Citadel's Global Equities team. I am not sure what I want to do further down the line, but working with public equities at a hedge fund is much more appealing to me than a pre-MBA associate positio...
22 weeks 4 days ago
From real to fast money - Credit Portfolio ManagerHi there, I'm a junior portfolio manager (straight out of school) at a tier 2 life insurance company in Europe. I'm managing roughly 1 Bn mainly in high beta credit. My goal as always been to join the HF industry but the job they offered me was quite nice regarding my level of experience. The form...
22 weeks 4 days ago
Fundraising for Hedge FundHey guys, We are in the process of starting a holding company that will be allocating capitals in different asset classes. My boss (CEO) ran a successful hedge fund before and retired. He is looking to start a holding company now and he has his old investors ready to invest. Being part of the team, ...
12 weeks 4 days ago
HF Modeling Case StudiesI have an onsite modeling case study in two days for an event driven long / short fund - does anyone have any tips or courses I could take to ramp up my knowledge? I have zero clue what to expect. Any input would be greatly appreciated ...
122 weeks 6 days ago
Hedge Fund Case Study presentation - Guide or insight? I have to present a hedge fund case study on a stock to a long/short shop on Tuesday. The company is a fairly known retail company. Does anyone have any experience doing take home case studies and then presenting them for hedge funds? Would love to have some guidance and examples if possible. I know...
62 weeks 6 days ago
New To This: What does your average person do at a equity/fixed income hedge fund after graduating college?Let's say you graduate from college and get an offer to join a hedge fund. What will be your title? (I'm guessing analyst) What will you do on a daily basis? What would your resume look like? ...
22 weeks 6 days ago
On-The-Job Behavior QuestionsI'm doing an internship for a hedge fund-backed merchant cash advance firm. I come from a political background. In legislative internships, it's encouraged that you ask for work, get to know people, and generally just always be willing to step up and volunteer for stuff. At this internship, however...
12 weeks 6 days ago
small HF start up internship??I have obtained a position with a L/S Hedge fund based in a large city (Dallas,Chicago,Charlotte), they are relatively new and only have about 10MM AUM. I just finished my freshman year at a Non-Target and am very happy to have this position. I am wondering if this position is something to be proud ...
23 weeks 7 hours ago
Hedge fund to less stressful role - long only? others?I've been in the L/S fundamental equity hedge fund world for the last 7 years. I'm a senior analyst with a small team under me at a large, well-known hedge fund. I am often recruited by other funds and/or headhunters to either run a book at a platform shop or lateral over as a senior analyst / secto...
143 weeks 20 hours ago
Sequoia Fund SuedFrom Reuters ( The investment firm that runs the Sequoia Fund, long known for its ties to Warren Buffett, was sued by shareholders who claim it recklessly took a huge stake in embattled drug company Valeant Pharmaceuticals International Inc (VRX...
153 weeks 1 day ago
Full time recruiting after junior summer internship at HF? Hello everyone, I am an incoming senior at a target university in Canada, after a hectic year of summer recruiting (11+ interviews), I landed an internship at a well-known hedge fund in toronto (1B aum). Originally, I intended to go into investment banking, but was unable to land an offer in that fi...
73 weeks 1 day ago
BB Ops to Hedge Funds OpsHi guys - Looking for opinions on whether a move from a BB Ops grad scheme at a satellite office to move to Hedge Fund Ops in a financial centre would be a good move. Ive currently got about 2 years experience - would like to move to the financial centre - but want to move to FO. Going to do an MBA...
23 weeks 2 days ago
13F AUM and ADV Aum DifferenceCan someone explain something to me? I am looking at certain hedge funds, and the amount that they report on their 13F for AUM is much lower than their actual AUM. Abrams Capital: Real AUM ~8Bn, Reported 13F AUM ~1.3Bn Why is this the case? Thanks for any help. ...
The Green Monkey
23 weeks 2 days ago
HF CarsInteresting question - Friend of mine just got a job at a hedge fund and asked me what kind of car he should get? Then we got to discussing American vs. Foreign, fancy vs. economy and how it would be viewed at a hedge fund. My Views - American vs. Foreign - If you're in the midwest, you might get ...
433 weeks 4 days ago
College junior with HF internship - Need advice regarding further prospects.Hi All, I have been reading WSO forums for a while and they seem to be extremely helpful. Would love your insights. Context: Junior at a top university near San Francisco. GPA ~ 3.5ish. Major: Economics, Statistics and have a lot of programming experience. Prior Exp: Software Engineering, Product M...
03 weeks 4 days ago
Banks , Hedge Funds , Prop Firms.Banks are letting go people as their financial books either are insufficient or their desks cannot make money. Hedge funds are not performing and clients are redeeming their investments. If the fund size is too big, we amazingly seeing many big names being hit. Prop Firm trade their own money (part...
13 weeks 4 days ago
Premiums on Senior Debt and Mezzanine DebtHi everyone, Anyone know where to find premiums paid for senior debt and mezzanine debt? Thanks! ...
13 weeks 4 days ago
Interview Question: What Do Your Parents Do?This question was asked during a hedge fund interview. It took me completely by surprise. Moreover, is this even legit to ask something private like this? Totally weirded me out. Did anyone ever experience this? ...
233 weeks 5 days ago
DSP Hedge Fund TestDoes anyone know what the Dynamics Search Partners (DSP) hedge fund test entails? Have to take it shortly and wondering if anyone here has taken it / knows anything about it. Thanks a lot ...
13 weeks 6 days ago
HF chancesHello all, I'm starting out at a regional BB in IB this summer. I am interested in working at a HF one day, however I am looking for an honest opinion with regard to the feasibility / chances of getting into a good fund from a regional office. I know this might sound quite premature as I haven't eve...
33 weeks 6 days ago
Are you good at shorting?Was asked this at a HF interview. What is your thought process when determining good shorts and what are key items you look for. Also, how do you determine what kind of position to take and how should you adjust/change your position if the market goes in your favor/against you favor (for example, cu...
243 weeks 6 days ago
Booth Weekend MBA vs UCLA Full Time MBA for Hedge Fund JobHi everyone, I got into the Booth Weekend MBA and UCLA Full Time MBA program and I am having trouble deciding between the two programs. I am a CA from Big 4 by background and have been working at a boutique Toronto based IB shop in M&A for the past 2.5 years. I would like to work at a HF or a mu...
14 weeks 12 hours ago
Reference Stage of Recruiting ProcessGuys, have been through several rounds with a fund and wanted to know what the likelihood of receiving an offer is once you've made it to the "we need a reference from your employer"? I know this has to be looked on a case by case basis and should generally be taken as a "positive sign" but would ap...
34 weeks 1 day ago
BB ER vs small HFHi guys, I've got an offer from a US$300-400m HF after spending 4 yrs in BB sellside research. They can match my pay. What's the general pros and cons working for a small HF? My long-term goal is to eventually become a PM (either in AMs or HFs), is it a better option to make the switch to buyside no...
44 weeks 1 day ago
$PVCT looks like a great short from here$PVCT looks like a great short from here ...
04 weeks 1 day ago
PE ---> Hedge Fund Internship AdviceHello everyone, I wanted to open up a discussion to see if I could get any advice on internship-seeking from professionals in the hedge fund industry. I just recently completed my second private equity internship and have another coming up for the summer. While I enjoy PE, I would ultimately like t...
01 month 8 hours ago
Would you go into a $40 mil long-only equity fund after college?If you had a choice between these 3 offers right out of college: Working for a $40million AUM hedge fund (3.5 years old) under 1 PM (very reputable and experienced guy--he knows what he's doing): Starting Salary: 65k - 90k (depends on bonus) or Working at Deloitte Business Valuation Starting Salary:...
711 month 11 hours ago
Part-time MBA from Stern or Baruch or UConnHi all, I am considering getting a part-time MBA in the tri-state area. I currently live and work (biotech industry) in Westchester. My employer only covers 40K in tuition. There are several options for me: NYU Stern Westchester - Tuition 120K. Great location. 20 mins commute, I will be 80K in debt....
41 month 11 hours ago
Zero hedge full storyBloomberg reported - And then Tyler spoke - I guess on a long enough time line everyone's secret identity gets revealed. ...
21 month 1 day ago
Can traders have their own personal portfolio too?Hi all, I was wondering can traders working at investment bank/'hedge funds have their own personal portfolio too which they can trade on outside of work? ...
Maths degree
11 month 2 days ago
What should one prepare to enter Renaissance Tech or D.E.Shaw?Hi everyone. I am a first-year student in a Top 20 Math PhD program in US without any internship experiences in finance industry. Besides maintain a good progress toward the PhD degree, I wonder what else I should do to increase the chance to enter a top-tier hedge fund (such as the two I mentioned ...
41 month 2 days ago
On the Job With Simple As… My Research ProcessWhen I did my AMA thread a while back I promised at least one person that I would share my general research process. So here you go... Every analyst has his/her own way of conducting due diligence. There certainly is no one correct way to come to an investment decision, however, I'd argue that ther...
Simple As...
1341 month 2 days ago
Working as a Prime BrokerHi, I originally posted this in the IB forum but I think its better fit for here since a lot of hedge fund guys seem to interact with prime brokers. Basically I've been researching different finance jobs, and I think prime brokerage might be a good fit for me. So I was wondering if anyone could give...
71 month 3 days ago
Dual-Class StocksHi, Can anyone provide a full list of dual-class companies who have 2 or more classes of stocks traded on north american exchanges? Thanks, ...
111 month 3 days ago
Carlson Capital - Any Insight?Any recent insight into the usual questions for this shop? I've seen things a couple years old and it seems like a good place, only complaint being lower payout? I know the name is reputable but I'm hoping someone has more insight here. Also would be helpful if anyone had experience with the interv...
Street Smart
31 month 3 days ago
UT BHP -> Hedge funds?I'm considering apply to UT BHP next year, and wanted to know how difficult it is to get into top hedge funds on Wall Street (like JPM, GS, etc.) as compared to Ivies. ...
131 month 4 days ago
Hedge Fund from BerkeleyI'm pretty sure I'm worrying way too much, but I just committed to Berkeley for ugrad, but I also just looked through Linkedin mining the people who've graduated there working at top L/S funds, and I literally can't find a single person in an investment role. I really do want to work at a L/S fund l...
21 month 4 days ago
HF Networking as UndergraduateGuys, Looking for some insights as to the best way to begin networking/positioning myself to speak with hedge funds about full time opportunities in the fall. If might have some tips to shoehorn myself into the recruiting process, please post or PM. Thanks! ...
21 month 4 days ago
Anatomy of the 10-KStill jet-lagged by 8 hours from a day and a half in London, I haven't slept for a good 48 hours and remembered I owe WSO my process for dissecting a 10-k in the usual form. Before I get right into it, keep in mind every business is different and that will dictate the way you should read their spec...
1111 month 5 days ago
Details relating to SBLC, BG, MTN and other FINANCE related mattersDear Sir/Ma I am direct to a project Funder who is also known as private lender they specialized in bank instrument lease and sales their funds is purely earned from private and corporate investment portfolios without criminal origin.With the group capital fund which are specifically for lease/sale ...
01 month 1 week ago
HF/PE manager analyst exit opsWhat are the exit opportunities for a hedge fund and/or private equity manager analyst at a FoHF/Institutional Investor/RIA? Can you ever go to the equity buy side of a hedge fund? Or are you stuck in the alternative asset manager evaluation space? ...
31 month 1 week ago
how do people end up in Cap Intro under a bank's prime broker division?This question isn't for me, but something I've noticed recently when interacting with our Cap Intro team and learning about their backgrounds. Some of them actually went to great schools and majored in finance/econ (undergrad) and top 10 MBA schools - so I'm a little surprised they didn't end up at...
01 month 1 week ago
Transitioning into a Hedge FundHey guys, I currently work at a Fund Admin and do operations work for bank debt. I've been here for about a year and am currently trying to get into the Hedge Fund side. I've been talking with a few recruiters, and they keep telling me about opportunities they have open. I haven't heard back from th...
81 month 1 week ago
Turned my live $4000 account to $44,000+ in 4 weeks...What is next? hi guys, the boy is back in market after a long period of saving capital doing 9-5. It' feels good to be back. O the subject, yes. I turned my live $4000 account into $44K with over 5500 trades (ROI - 1000%). Yes all within 1 month. You think goldman boys can produce this "without algos" i think no...
921 month 1 week ago
Newb needs some helpHi there. I graduated with a degree in economics from a non target school. Worked a year as logistics associate at a brewery and now I am looking to get into investment/hedge fund after reading my boy Ray Dalio's book. However, a degree in economics didnt really teach me anything about investment at...
21 month 1 week ago
Better Choice: Economics or Finance? I am currently going to go to BU, and I want a major that gives me the best bet to go an work at a hedge fund. Is an economics degree or a finance degree more coveted? I tend to gravitate towards mathematics if that changes any of your inclinations. Also, I am strongly considering a double major wi...
11 month 1 week ago
L/S Credit HF Analyst - AMAI'm a long-term lurker, infrequent poster on another account. AMA. Have been reflecting a lot lately on "giving back" and WSO has been huge to me. More interested in talking credit / markets than "my path" or "recruiting" because I only got my jobs via recommendations. 2 years at BB trading floor...
771 month 1 week ago
hedge fund interview HelpHey guys, Having an interview in a couple of days, Can anybody give me some hints on how/what to prepare. what kinda questions they will ask. anybody who have related experience will be deeply appreciated. thank you very much. here is the job description, I am not allowed to post link. i will post t...
01 month 1 week ago
Bridgewater Associates HF interview advice. I have Bridgewater Associates interview coming up shorty, im on the second round on site that includes - brain teasers Math test, which is timed and also group debate. I have read lots of example on the group discussion part, pretty solid with that. If anyone can shed light on type of brain teasers ...
11 month 1 week ago
Special Force Background & Employment Advantage in the IndustryHi, WSO I will keep this very short - I will be enlisted to ROK marine corps reconnoissance for two years starting this summer - currently top three special forces in our military branches aside from Seals & Rangers. As an employer, how would you view a college undergrad with such a background? ...
01 month 1 week ago
Quantitative Developer Intern - Hedge fundHi guys, I have managed to get my self an internship at a hedge fund in london as a quantitative developer. I am currently an MSc Finance student and was initially looking for a more quant researcher or trader role. 1. Will a quant developer role allow me to possibly move into a quant research or tr...
01 month 2 weeks ago
I've been at a fund for 2 months and hate it. please adviseso i recently took a job at a very well known l/s value hf as a junior analyst. the fund is long-term focused but BC of the pm i work under i find myself blowing through ideas so fast without doing any deep analysis on them. in 2 months ive already screened 14 ideas...aka almost 2 per week. and by s...
rinse and repeat
61 month 2 weeks ago
Developing a Macro PerspectiveSo this question is ideally directed to any professionals in the Global Macro world. What are the fundamental building blocks of economics/history/politics required to be able to construct and develop macro trading idea's? Or, in other words, if you were to construct a curriculum of concepts that ...
191 month 2 weeks ago
Muni Credit AM To HF?Was wondering how possible it'd be to transition to an equity/credit HF down the road from a muni-focused AM (also invests in corporate debt), particularly as it pertains to networking with HFs (I'm just under the impression it'll be easier to network with HFs when on the buyside in some form). ...
11 month 2 weeks ago
Analyst - use free time to think of strategiesHi Everyone, I need your opinion on this. I'm in a 500m to 1b HF. When I came over, the stated description of my role was the usual "to support PMs and may transition to strategy development." I'm aware that HFs use that pitch to tempt analysts over but actually don't intent to get them into invest...
81 month 2 weeks ago
Hedge Fund & Family Office - AMAHi everyone. Its been a while since I did an AMA. In the spirit of celebrating Easter, I'd love to answer all your questions on starting and running a hedge fund / family office. ...
121 month 2 weeks ago
PhD in Finance vs. public markets to HF?Hi, I majored in math at a top 60 school and a did a masters in operations research/financial engineering at a top 10 school. I did not like financial engineering and have been moving more into the macro world, currently working in the federal reserve system. I am now considering going back for a Ph...
11 month 2 weeks ago
Small quant HF manager looking for adviceLooking for some advice if you would be so willing. My story: I was a quant trader at a major IB for 5 years and decided to start my own firm. I bought the code I wrote from the bank, raised 25M in capital from a major bank and was off and running. Fast forward 15 months, despite solid performance, ...
31 month 2 weeks ago
Syndicate Trading - Building a book I am a younger, hard working, thirsty broker that has been in the business since 2003 with a MAJOR wire house and I currently focus the majority of my time in Syndicate offerings. My group takes part in Equity Syndicate (IPO's & Secondary's) as well as the Fixed Income Syndicate calendar. I am ...
41 month 2 weeks ago
Distressed Debt - MoyerDoes someone have a PDF copy of Distressed Debt Analysis by Moyer? Saw other threads from a couple years ago about this book and copies were passed along via PM - hoping to get this going again. ...
21 month 2 weeks ago
Are there any billionaire (or 9 figure millionaire) hedge fund managers from a non-traditional background?So for example. They didn't do the whole Ivy League to BB to HF and work their way up or lateraled. Like managers that worked in a completely unrelated field and then got into hedge funds and investing. I know it's not unheard of in the Venture Capital field but I'm not sure about the Hedge Fund wo...
231 month 2 weeks ago


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