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Walmart Leadership Program or P&G ABM?Hey everyone, Which do you think is a better opportunity overall assuming I stay for about 3 years? If I want to get into a top MBA? If I'm interested in Management Consulting? Walmart's Leadership Program - Fortune 1 - Rotational (Marketing , Finance, etc.) - Leads directly to a Management position...
129 sec ago
A Career In Market RiskHello all, I am a less of a contributor on this site but think it makes sense to post my experience in the field of Market Risk and everything around it from a career point of view if it ends up helping few members. Happy to take questions, ask away... I spent about eight years in this function work...
452 days 1 hour ago
Big 4 valuation senior associate interviewHi all, I've searched the forums and the WSO database but haven't come across any interview tips for B4 valuation senior. Have an interview later this week and was hoping to know if anyone had any fresh input on the situation. What kids of technical questions should I prepare for? Also should I assu...
23 days 17 hours ago
Big 4 Audit to TAS Exit OppsI'll be starting at a big 4 in audit and I wanted to see what kind of options would be available to me if I were to move to the transaction advisory after a couple years. The clients in the office I'm going to are mostly manufacturing/retail with little financial services exposure. Making the move...
54 days 10 hours ago
Financial Due Diligence vs. ValuationHey Monkeys, I have an offer for two Big 4 Transaction Services jobs, one in Financial Due Diligence and one in Valuation & Business Modeling. I was wondering which would be better starting off if I am looking to eventually get into PE. The Valuation job also pays a good amount more than the F...
126 days 21 hours ago
Why is risk bad?So for my sophomore internship I am doing Risk Management at Prudential. I come from a semi-target with a 3.7 and financial connections out the wazooooo at multiple BB. Uncle is head of munis at Citi....etc I am curious as to why risk gets such a bad rep? To me a starting salary of around 90k all in...
91 week 2 hours ago
Can't decide if I want to go for an MBA. A question for those working in F500 industryHave you wished that you pursued a career in other fields like medical, dental or pharmacy because of the lifestyle that they provide? I am trying to decide whether getting an MBA is a right thing for me. I have been accepted into the MBA programs at Duke, but IB or consulting is definitely not wha...
51 week 1 day ago
Royal Bank of Canada Investor & Treasury Services department (RBC I&TS) Hello, I would like to know if someone have some information about RBC's I&TS department ? (a former intern/full time or a current one) This is for a summer internship in their I&TS department (in Europe). Also, if someone already had a phone interview this RBC, what kind of questions do the...
11 week 2 days ago
Big 4 Partner CompensationDoes anybody have an idea how partners at these firms are compensated. I honestly have no idea what salary and other comp is but I think it is more than I had originally imagined. I have a buddy's father whose whole career was spent at a Big 4 firm as an auditor and he was a partner for 20-25 years,...
141 week 2 days ago
ICAP - Post Trade Risk ServicesHello, Anyone know anything about ICAP - Post Trade Risk Services? This is for an entry-level position. I'm specifically interested in comp, hours, and what someone actually does day to day. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! ...
11 week 2 days ago
Prudential Capital Group -- Anyone have any interview advice, in depth information, perception?Hi all, Just received a first round interview with Prudential Capital Group for their Summer Analyst position. I know the basics of the firm/what the generally do, but does anyone have and advice on interview structure/what to prepare for, more in depth company info, and how people perceive them? An...
01 week 2 days ago
Two job Offers: different industriesHello everyone, appreciate any advice in advance. I am two years out of undergrad- finance major. My experience includes an investment advisory role at a family office and real estate work with a private investor. My first offer is to start a career as a wealth planning specialist, go the CFP route ...
01 week 3 days ago
Aswath Damodaran version of fixed incomeHi, I am looking for fixed income study materials similar to Aswath Damodaran's corporate finance or Valuation. I would really appreciate your feedback. Ultimately I just want to try fixed income research/trading. Thanks ...
21 week 3 days ago
Is this the beginning of the end for Silicon Valley's fairytale valuations?While I'm not expecting Uber to be valued at $100mm next week, there does seem to be a trend emerging in the convergence of price and value at these so-called "unicorn" start-ups, which is not a particularly good thing for the founders and early investors (among others). As CNBC reports: High-profil...
Nick Naylor
111 week 4 days ago
JPMorgan Treasury & Securities Services Analyst ProgramI recently accepted an offer to join the T&SS Analyst Program at JPMorgan; the program is comprised of four, six-month rotations with an eligibility to go abroad after the 2nd rotation (1 Year). I wanted to know if anyone is currently in this program and if so how is the pay compared to being i...
272 weeks 23 hours ago
This is the "hardest" finance history quiz everIt's more than just, "Hey, did you know Wall Street got its name from being next to a wall?" See how you do: ...
02 weeks 1 day ago
Non-Bank Commercial Lending - AMADoubt there's much interest in this, but might as well put it out there. I'm a credit analyst at a specialty finance company. We directly originate loans (mostly lower MM) and typically compete against commercial banks or other similar companies for those deals. Everything is transaction driven (no ...
92 weeks 3 days ago
Finance/Consulting and Pre-MedI'm a pre-med junior majoring in Math at a (lesser known) Seven Sisters College. Though I definitely know I want to pursue medicine as a career, I'm a little unsure of the financial prospects given the recent changes to healthcare. I want to keep finance/consulting as a backup, and while I've heard ...
12 weeks 4 days ago
Thoughts on FRM (Financial Risk Management) exam?'curious if anyone on here has taken the FRM (Financial Risk Management) exams (1 and/or 2). Do you think that designation carries any weight in interviews? How difficult is it from a prep point of view? What prep materials are out there for that exam? I s there an equivalent of CFA schwesar notes f...
72 weeks 5 days ago
External vs RIA advisor I have two opportunities. 1st year external wholesaler for a top 30 fund family (region unknown but most likely in the independent channel). The other is as an advisor with a 1.4 billion RIA, they did 88 million in new AUM last year with 4 advisors looking to expand for capacity. Would be given par...
03 weeks 18 hours ago
Big 4 Senior - CFA Level 1 or Financial Modeling course?Big 4 senior here, looking to make a move to Valuation service line in the summer (June/July time frame). As such, will have 3 months after the end of busy season to prepare for either CFA Level 1 or learn financial modeling course using BIWS or Wall Street Prep. In dilemma as to which will help me ...
23 weeks 1 day ago
BoAML WM for Spring??Hey guys, I accepted an offer in november to join JPM as a financial analyst for the summer. However, I just got an email from BoAML wealth management asking if I am still interested in the internship that I applied for in October '15. Do you guys think its possible that ML offers spring internships...
13 weeks 2 days ago
Applied Math vs Statistics (CS double major)I'm in my first year of undergrad and plan on being in school for the next 4-6 years to get my my masters, and I'm currently thinking about my future. 1.What is a better graduate degree for becoming a data scientist, quant, or actuary? Math or Statistics? 2. I'm also thinking about switching to engi...
23 weeks 4 days ago
Why is a career in insurance looked down upon?I had a chat with a friend recently who's a banker at Wells Fargo and when he heard about my other friend selling insurance and securities, he just laughed and said it was "useless". I was wondering what do you guys think of insurance and why is it looked down upon? ...
313 weeks 5 days ago
IB Analyst > Military Officer?currently, i'm an investment banking analyst in my second year. i just turned down my third year offer because 1) i didn't think banking was for me, so i wasn't going to become an associate, 2) i didn't think i could necessarily learn anything more, and 3) i wanted to move in another direction. that...
323 weeks 6 days ago


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