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Compliance Summer Internship vs. CAIA, thesis and beachHey! I have an offer for a summer internshipat a BB in Europe in compliance. I am in my first semester of a master in finance at a fairly reputable uni in continental Europe. I have no work experience so far because of my background (I studied humanities in my bachelor). I would love to end up in PE...
143 min 19 sec ago
Has anyone heard of Operis?Hi everyone. I'm just wondering if anyone knows anything about the financial modelling/project finance advisory firm called Operis, based in the UK. They seem like they have high-calibre people, a strong client base and great training, but it is still a pretty small firm (~50 people) so I can't find...
51 day 5 hours ago
Current Summer Analyst: IBD vs. Tech Next YearHey Guys, So I'm currently a summer analyst with a TMT boutique in NYC. I was lucky enough to get this position after my sophomore year and it has been an awesome 5 weeks so far. I find the work interesting and I'm applying to BB's and EB's for junior cycle (and considering returning if i get the o...
22 days 9 hours ago
Starting your own CPA firm Vs. Working at a jobBased on salary... is it better to work at the Big 4 with the CPA license or open up your own firm? ...
12 days 16 hours ago
Prime Brokerage - Middle Office to Cap Intro/SalesHi, Long time reader, first time poster. I was hoping someone could provide some advice on the transitioning from a Middle office role with Prime Brokerage over to the Capital Introduction / Sales Team. I currently have one and half years of back office/fund accounting experience but had to leave, ...
33 days 17 hours ago
Bloomberg interview questionsHey guys, I've been reading the forum for quite some time but this is my first post here. I have an upcoming interview with Bloomberg for a Global Data analyst position in London and, as someone from a non-finance/econ background, I am trying to prepare as much as possible for any technical question...
04 days 16 hours ago
Property ManagementIn many ways is so much more valuable interpreter site for student and businessmen they can actually learn from theories studied in the university. ...
05 days 8 hours ago
Ibankers vs Quants - Who's Generally Wealthier?Assuming everything was the same, same school, same age, same years of experience -- who would normally have the higher total compensation package? Ibankers or Quants? ...
415 days 11 hours ago
WSO Hall of Fame: Other Industries ForumThe Wall Street Oasis Other Industries Hall of Fame provides a comprehensive collection of some of WSO's best discussions on various other industries. Keep in mind this Hall of Fame does not include Q&A sessions by WSO veterans. To view a full list of Q&A’s & Interviews please naviga...
05 days 14 hours ago
What does it mean when Utilities linea hedge their portfolios?Can someone please explain what is meant, when people say utilities employ a linea hedge strat. on their portfolio of assets? please explain in simply terms. I have an interview coming for an internship at a utilities within the traders division, and I would like to understand how traders are also i...
Dallas Dingos
05 days 20 hours ago
How to View The World... or Which Way is the Right Way to ThinkBefore I begin, I want to acknowledge that I am more than certain I scare a number of people on this board. When I chime in on a serious topic, I swear I scare people. I scare a lot of people here from those who don't know how to respond to someone like me for whatever reason to those who don't know...
175 days 22 hours ago
Applying to Multiple Divisions - IB vs AMHello! I'm looking for advice/tips on my current scenario. I am an uprising soph at a target school and was flown to an assessment centre (similar to superday, but in EU) after two phone interviews last year for a BB. This was for IB. I felt okay with the interviews, but I was ultimately not offered...
06 days 12 hours ago
Return Offer in Non-banking Finance Internship at a Smaller FirmI am a rising junior about to head into recruiting season for IB SA positions. I intern at a small-to-medium sized firm that is related to finance but is not banking. I am curious how important it is to get a return offer at a place like this for banking interviews. Will I be asked? Is it easy for a...
06 days 13 hours ago
Commercial Banking Salary Progression?What is the salary progression like at BofA/JPM/Citi/WF? I received a few credit analyst/commercial banking program offers and the base salary seemed to be fairly similar among all BB's. $67-70K base in a low COL area (think Houston/ATL/Charlotte). What can I expect in terms of salary progression? ...
36 days 14 hours ago
Advice wanted for career pathHello, I need some advice on what path to choose... last year I was an assurance intern in Big 4 and now I'm considering joining another Big 4 in TAS department from EY with the option of exit to IB(not GS, JPM, etc. smaller banks from Europe considering I'm from Romania) or continuing with audit an...
16 days 23 hours ago
Mitsubishi fraud - Weighs on shareholders as aid contemplatedTOKYO -- Mitsubishi Motors Corp.'s fraudulent fuel-economy testing and the subsequent plunge in its stock price and sales could cost Mitsubishi Corp., its second-largest shareholder, about 335 billion yen ($3 billion), as the Japanese carmaker's disclosure reverberates. ...
01 week 12 hours ago
Quant MFE OpportunitiesHey guys. I am an Applied Math and Computer Science major from a large-medium state school in North Carolina with a minor in finance. I am almost done with my degrees and was wondering about a few things. GPA total: 3.675 GPA majors: 3.8 I also have a few personal projects of mine that deal with mat...
01 week 2 days ago
Corporate banking credit analyst opps, salary, hours, etcI struck out during the IBD summer analyst recruiting season, however I landed a respectable internship at a small Asset Management firm. There is a posting on my schools career site for a 2017 start for a corporate banking credit analyst role with a large international bank, not sure if it would be...
31 week 4 days ago
GE - Energy Financial Services: Any thoughts?Hi all, Does anyone have any thought about what goes on at GE EFS. Say for instance, how comparable is the experience to what obtains in IBs. In terms of compensation (relative to the banks), I am very certain the bonus is minute but am wondering, what about the base salary? Do u think it is in the ...
321 week 5 days ago
Financial Modeling in IB vs. Corporate FinanceA lot of us in investment banking know how to model using a variety of key assumptions (whether simple or in depth). Would any corporate finance users (preferably who have also been in IB) care to share any differences in models for FP&A or treasury? I've always been curious. For example, I thin...
01 week 5 days ago
Research report - TechnologyI am looking for any research reports on the tech industry that are fairly recent. Would really appreciate if someone could send me a report. ...
01 week 6 days ago
agricultural trade market insightHello everyone! I own small agri trading company in Eastern Europe. We sell corn, wheat, oilseeds, barley, soybeans to LDC, Kernel, Bunge e.t.c. We are looking forward of opportunity to start our own export in containers on low volumes. I don't have enough information about how world market of agri-...
01 week 6 days ago
BigLaw base to $180k for 1st yearsNew BigLaw associates in major cities across the country are now paid $180k base + bonus. How would this affect IB comp? ...
12 weeks 1 day ago
Why is a career in insurance looked down upon?I had a chat with a friend recently who's a banker at Wells Fargo and when he heard about my other friend selling insurance and securities, he just laughed and said it was "useless". I was wondering what do you guys think of insurance and why is it looked down upon? ...
342 weeks 2 days ago
Oil & Gas Royalties Model Does anyone have a solid royalties valuation model / template, or built a few for a deal and be open to discussing details via pm would be cool too. Willing to do some horse trading if so, thanks ...
Stringer Bell
02 weeks 2 days ago
Private Banking Analyst Vs. Equities/FI Trading Desk ComplianceHey fellow monkeys, First time poster here. I am in the fortunate position of having to decide between two offers. One as an analyst in Private Banking and the other sitting on the equities/Fi desks of an IB, supporting the traders with regulations and compliance related matters. I would appreciate...
02 weeks 5 days ago
App Idea but no Computer Science/Programming background/knowledgeWhat would be people's suggestions for someone who has a great app idea, but doesn't know anything about building an app, CS, programming, etc.? ...
112 weeks 5 days ago
PNC Capital Markets GroupHi All. I recently accepted an internship to work in the Capital Markets Group with PNC in their new Pittsburgh office. My goal is to obviously perform well and to be offered a full time offer upon graduation. Does anyone know what starting compensation is for first year analysts including bonuses (...
22 weeks 6 days ago
Big Four FDD/M&A QuestionHi guys, I've been given an internship opportunity for the NYC office in Deloitte and PwC in their M&A Advisory arm, which deals with metrics such as EBITDA, working cap, net debt, etc. For those that are familiar with this practice, I wanted to get some input on which firm you would choose and ...
13 weeks 17 hours ago
Deloitte Promotion Structure- Big 4If this needs to be moved to another section, I apologize, as this is for audit, not investment banking. I just don't see a specific section for audit. That being said, I accepted an offer from DT a few days ago and was just wondering if anyone knew the exact promotion structure in terms of years et...
93 weeks 2 days ago
Who hires Entrepreneurship Majors?I'm thinking about majoring in Entrepreneurship but I want to be able to land a job in case my business fails. Who hires Entrepreneurship majors? ...
423 weeks 3 days ago
Becoming an Associate at a Big Bank without any finance experience but only MBASome schools offer MBA programs that requires 0 years of work experience. So can one graduate from one of these programs and skip the financial analyst work experience and go straight to becoming an Associate at a big bank after graduation? ...
13 weeks 3 days ago
BB BO - VP Comp? Compliance, Risk, Etc.Does anyone have any numbers or metrics with regards to bb BO VP compensation? I'm trying to find out how much VPs in compliance, risk, etc., make. Anything would be helpful. ...
[email protected]
13 weeks 3 days ago
Sales position in Investment Banking? Not really sure what the difference is between the classic analyst role and a "Sales Associate" role... here's a Linkedin example of a job with this position ( (Also, sorry if it's against the rules to post something like this, just wanted to use...
03 weeks 3 days ago
Public Finance SA RecruitingHey everyone, I am a rising junior at an East Coast target majoring in economics. I am interested in working in BB Public Finance for SA 2017 and looking for answers to some questions: 1.) From talking to people at info sessions, I learned that PubFin falls under Investment Banking at JPM, but falls...
13 weeks 4 days ago
Currently at MM Energy IB (oil and gas) but interested in renewable energy long-termFinishing my 1st year as an analyst in MM Energy IB with really slow deal flow. Really interested in working on renewable energy M&A/Advisory long-term, trying to consider if it's worth making the switch to a boutique focused in the sector like Marathon Capital, Whitehall & Co or something s...
03 weeks 4 days ago
BIG 4 TAS - QuestionsHi guys, This topic has been discussed ad nauseam on the boards, but looking for some up to date info for an upcoming interview. The role is in Valuations/Modeling at one of the BIG4 in London, found some decent posts which I will quote below. The questions I have are - 1) What should I expect fro...
23 weeks 4 days ago
Corporate Banking (mid sized to bb)hi guys, i am in Asia (Singapore) looking to start (corp banking) at a mid-sized bank (think china state owned banks) in Singapore. Would like to seek your opinion on whether is it easy to transition from being an rm / credit analyst in the SOE banks to that of BBs expanding in China. I speak fluent...
03 weeks 5 days ago
How can you be in the top 1% without going to college?How can one make $400k+ without working in finance or being a high end surgeon? Share your advice. ...
253 weeks 5 days ago
Experience Working With European CompaniesAn associate at school has a brother in Switzerland looking to sell a portion of his company, so he came to me looking for help. I got in contact with the brother in Switzerland, and not only is language barrier an issue, but the financial records are all in German, and he doesn't have them in Engli...
03 weeks 6 days ago
Line Management/GM - Day in the LifeWould be great to get experiences from those who have worked in or alongside "line" managers or general managers in industry. Can those with experience willing to share provide some context regarding: what a day in the life is like, general responsibilities, compensation and progression, work/life b...
13 weeks 6 days ago
Non-Bank Commercial Lending - AMADoubt there's much interest in this, but might as well put it out there. I'm a credit analyst at a specialty finance company. We directly originate loans (mostly lower MM) and typically compete against commercial banks or other similar companies for those deals. Everything is transaction driven (no ...
133 weeks 6 days ago
Is there any room for entrepreneurship in post-Dodd–Frank financial world?Here's an eye-raising fact: only 3 new U.S. banks opened since 2010. If one asks the question of "why?" the first and simplest explanation will invariably be "government regulation". Source for that fact and more in-depth analysis: In a world w...
03 weeks 6 days ago
Statistics VS acturial math?which is better for analyst or quant?I am current a sophomore at UT at Austin. I really love math althrough I am not the best in classes. After talking to others and exploring myself, i have fingured out that analyist or quant is exactly the thing I want to do after I graduate. I am an Eco major now who minor in finance and CS. And thi...
Serena D
34 weeks 9 hours ago
Public Finance salaries PFM and underwritersA lot of the information I've come across on here is outdated (?). Does anyone have a gauge on what Public Financial Management pays their first year analysts? I saw a thread on here that said $50k no bonus working 45 hours a week but that was in 2007 and seems a bit low now. Also in terms of MM pub...
131 month 11 hours ago
How to Review Work Quickly and Efficiently?Just curious about how you guys systematically review your work before sending it off to superiors. Is there a specific system or process you use? Or maybe a general rule of thumb? When I do make mistakes, they tend to be smaller ones (not including the whole column in a formula, slight formatting, ...
101 month 1 day ago
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01 month 4 days ago
Aerospace & Defense Divison: Anyone willing to answer a couple questions regarding the industry?Here are some of the questions I have: I was wondering to what extent do you get to interact with aerospace & defense companies while working in the A & D division of banking. I love the industry, but I feel that I could excel greater in a financial environment. As a result of this, I chose ...
21 month 1 week ago
Two Opportunities - Need AdviceHi all, I've been working as a credit analyst in BB commercial banking for two years. I've been trying to get out for a while now as learning curve has leveled off in current group. I've been approached with two new career opps and i need some advice... 1. Mid-corporate banking within same company w...
71 month 1 week ago
Is the law school situation really THAT bad?Rather often, we see articles in papers and online saying how hard it is for law school grads to get jobs or avoid being laid off if they already have one. I've seen posts on this site to this effect. But then again, many people still do take the LSAT and go to law school, which I have trouble think...
111 month 1 week ago
Institutional FI Sales Associate or IBD AnalystHi All, Hope everyone is doing great! Recently I've had the ultimate luck of being interviewed for an Associate S&T (institutional sales specifically) and Analyst Investment Banking position. The S&T is at a top 20 (Canadian firm) while the Investment Banking is Bulge Bracket (think Citi, JP...
41 month 1 week ago
11 month 1 week ago
Advice Needed! Financial Service vs Retail vs TechHello! I've been fortunate enough to receive multiple offers but I can't decide which might be best for me. I'm a recent grad from a decent school (non target program with an average GPA) 1. Financial Services (i.e. American Express) - Project Management - High Starting Salary + Great Benefits + Gre...
41 month 1 week ago
Marketing in CPG to Corp Strategy or ConsultingBeen offered an internship opportunity working with the marketing dept in J&J, and mulling over whether I should take up the offer. My key concern is whether marketing can be used as a platform to leverage myself for corp strategy or even consulting roles in the future (i know consulting may be ...
01 month 1 week ago
GS Global Compliance - What is it!Hey all, preparing for a phone interview with GS Global Compliance but I'm rather ill-informed as to what global compliance entails. I know it's broken down into Compliance Surveillance Strategy Global Compliance Employee Services Global Compliance Testing, Regulatory Audits and Inquiries, Global ...
101 month 1 week ago
CFA Level 1 December registration timingHey guys, I have a question about the earliest time one can register for the CFA level 1. According to the CFA Institute, I need to be in the "final year of my bachelor degree" at the time of registration, which is kinda obscure. I am currently a senior graduating in May 2017. I want to take the CFA...
Him vg
01 month 2 weeks ago
My Story: The Sequel to the "Owning Unsexy Businesses" ThreadHey everyone, About six months ago I created a thread on WSO that ended up having a profound impact on my life. The thread was about owning and operating relatively "unsexy" businesses, and my goal was to pick the brain of other users to hear any thoughts or experiences they could offer (link: http:...
441 month 2 weeks ago
AMA: Dropout -> coding bootcamp -> 100K+Hi all, I'm currently working in silicon valley tech as a software engineer. I once considered working in finance because I wanted to make big money but clearly couldn't break in without a college degree. I ended up taking the plunge with a coding bootcamp a few years back and managed to pull in a g...
381 month 4 weeks ago
Why Don't More People Want to Become Executives??So I will soon begin to study for the GMAT and be trying to get into a top MBA program. My idea is to try and get into M&A as an associate. But the more I see what executives are getting paid, the more I wonder if I should try and pursue the executive path instead of I-Banking. Seriously, CEO's...
61 month 4 weeks ago
Citi Private Banking Analyst Salaries/Bonuses and Post PB-OpportunitiesTotal comp for Private Bank Analyst? How much do bonuses range? Also curious about post-PB opps ...
02 months 4 days ago
Credit Policy at a CRACan anyone tell me about what it's like to work in the credit policy group of a rating agency? ...
02 months 1 week ago
Playing it dumb to thrive -office politicsGreat tips in this article The higher up you go in any work organization, the more collaborative you must be. The way you speak has a tremendous impact on how others perceive your intelligence. Even if you are clearly an intelligent person, showing some physical weakness will help people thi...
12 months 1 week ago
Career Direction? Anyone - Coming out of a non target MBA program I'm coming out of a non target MBA program. I know it wasn't the best move, but it actually got me from manufacturing sales to having two current job offers. One is with a regulatory agency that oversees F/X and Derivatives....The other is with an Insurance Brokerage House as an entry level broker. ...
82 months 1 week ago
starting an investment bankHi. I know this would be a pretty broad question but I really need advices. I dropped out from college due to lack of money to pay for tuition. I know that it would be almost impossible to get a decent job for me but I started to dream in establishing a great investment bank company. (i know this so...
1092 months 1 week ago
Wall Street for College dropoutsDoes anyone believe one can still obtain a job in finance and work themselves up the ladder without college? What possible routes could one enter a career in High Finance without a degree? One famous example I read was Ryan Kavanaugh (Relativity Media) Dean Witter Reynolds hired him and he never gra...
112 months 1 week ago
Amazon vs. P&GSo I have an offer from Amazon (Operations) and P&G (Marketing) and have no idea which to choose. What would be the best long-term choice if I want to get into consulting afterwards? Would be great if someone who's worked in either to share their views! ...
32 months 1 week ago
OEM Volvo Group has a Hybrid OpeningPosition Description: Are you a finance professional with high technical aptitude? Do you get excited when cost targets are met? If this sounds like you, read on! We are searching for a key finance professional to join our cost controlling team in Greensboro, NC. The Product Cost Controller is re...
02 months 1 week ago
SBA Loans and Necessary QualificationsLooking for some experienced-based input regarding SBA loans and the necessary qualifications of the borrower. With a 7(a) loan, it is possible to put 10% of the purchase price down, have 15% seller financed and the rest will be financed by a bank (and guaranteed by the SBA). For a loan of this sort...
32 months 2 weeks ago
BIG4 -----> FP&A -----> Corporate Strategy / Financial ModelingI am looking to break into Senior FP&A role in a F500, specifically in the tech industry. I spent 4 years in Big4, reaching Senior Associate level, and have my CPA. Ideally, I am looking for FP&A roles that do not simply support the accounting division with monthly closes, reconciliations, e...
242 months 2 weeks ago
Mutual fund wholesaler qsDoes anyone here work as an external wholesaler for a mutual fund? Curious about career progression and common backgrounds people who hold these positions have. Also curious if working as an internal wholesaler is a stepping stone, and what the differences are in these positions. Thanks ...
Frosty Jack
52 months 2 weeks ago
Mezzanine Investing vs. Investment Banking out of UndergradFor this upcoming summer, I will be interning in mezzanine investing. I think that I ultimately want to end up at a long/short equity hedge fund, but I don't want to close the door to other options. I'm curious as to what kind of skill set I'll be able to develop at a mezz fund and whether or not 2 ...
12 months 2 weeks ago
Volkswagen and audiHi all, Quite confused about something, Volkswagen eg. own audi. So why is it that audi is listed separately to vw, If i was to invest in vw, doesn't that include the sales and revenues they make from audi too? or is it just specific to vw cars ? Any feedback will be much appreciated! ...
Maths degree
32 months 3 weeks ago
WSO equivalent for marketing/advertising/PR?Hey guys, Are there forums similar to WSO (or M&I) for the marketing/advertising world? A ton of different blogs come up when I google ____ blog, just wondering if there's a go-to place that people in those circles go to. Thanks! ...
02 months 3 weeks ago
Advertising Agencies?Sup y'all. This is a question not for me, but for a friend. And since I don't know anything about this industry, I was hoping one of you might be able to shed some light on this. Advertising Agencies. Does anyone know of any good recruiting agencies/recruiting companies that can help someone get a g...
12 months 3 weeks ago
Panama PapersWhat do you guys think about panama papers leak? ...
52 months 3 weeks ago
Consulting Interview Prep Pack vs Prep Pack PlusFellow monkeys, I am still unsure of which consulting interview pack to go for (Prep Pack vs Prep Pack Plus). Any comments on the need to go for WSO's company and finance database that is included in the PLUS pack? I might be missing something as I can access the company database without paying for ...
02 months 3 weeks ago
CVS/Caremark Strategic Product Development groupAnyone know anything about CVS/Caremark's Strategic Product Development group? Exits, how it compares to consulting, etc.? It isn't pure corporate strategy as far as I can tell, but will something like this place well into business schools? ...
82 months 3 weeks ago
Any Economic research vacancy in Asia? NYU GradIf this is in the wrong forum, please help me transfer this. Thanks Mod I am a NYU Economics grad looking for Economic research vacancies in Asia (preferably HK, Singapore, but anywhere really is fine). If you or anyone you know is hiring in this field, please do contact me!! Thank you in advance! ...
02 months 3 weeks ago
Express Car Wash Development I work for a small REPE firm in Texas. We recently got into the car wash business (about 3 years ago) and are developing several express car washes in major texas markets. Anyone else on this forum in car wash development? I am interested to hear how labor and construction material increases have af...
22 months 3 weeks ago
What's entry-level work like in finance at an F500?I'm looking to get some input from those of you who work or know people who work in Finance for a Fortune 500...I want to get an idea of how the skills and experience I'm gaining are stacking up. Right now, I work for an F100 and hate my job. I'm getting paid decent money (just over 65k all in and ...
112 months 3 weeks ago
Anyone ever buy a business from anyone here ever bought a business from a website like bizbuysell or bizquest? If so, can you share your experience? How did you do your due diligence, how much did you finance, how is your business doing today, any regrets, etc.? ...
12 months 4 weeks ago
Does anyone know about Exelon's Credit Risk Associate role?Was wondering if anyone knows anything about Exelon's Associate Analyst [Credit Risk] position, I'm familiar with Counterparty Risk, Mark-to-Market calculations, basic forward contracts and stuff like that, but any details on the company/culture or expected day to day activities and the like would b...
02 months 4 weeks ago
Big Four Accounting: Audit vs TaxI wanted to gather opinions on the ideal industry path within "Big Four" CPA firms. To me, tax requires a lot of knowledge regarding law and a bit more quantitative skills than audit (this is my impression so far - as an undergraduate business student). Audit on the other hand has much more exposure...
102 months 4 weeks ago
Firms for Financial Due Diligence?Besides, Big-4 firms, I was wondering what other firms have good reputations for FDD. I was guessing may be valuations shops like Duff & Phelps? I know Bain has a reputable due diligence group. Just trying to get a list of FDD firms in terms of reputations and career growth opportunities. Thanks...
32 months 4 weeks ago
Stay in Technology or move to Front Office?Hello everyone, need your advice on my future career. I am studying Computer Science in top UK uni, I finished 2 years already out of 3 and now doing a year placement at the top investment bank as a Technology Analyst in London, afterwards going back to uni for the last year. I'm doing well at wor...
73 months 4 days ago
Goal: Generate $2k/monthMonkeys, This isn't necessarily directly connected to finance, but it may still lead to a fruitful discussion nonetheless. If you're goal was to make $2k/month what would you do? Let's say you only have 4-5 hours per day to work on this idea and you have a minimal amount of capital (<10k). Loo...
93 months 5 days ago
What is a typical Big 4 entry-level accountant's salary?What is a typical Big 4 entry-level accountant's salary? ...
203 months 6 days ago
Silicon Valley Bank Junior Internship Exit OpportunitiesWSO Community, I need some career advice and would love any kind of feedback I can get. I'm a junior Biology major at a target school, yet I only started applying to IB jobs and networking last Fall. I know I want to go into IB after I graduate, yet I wasn't able to secure an offer in the industry f...
13 months 1 week ago
Bank of America Global Banking & Markets Risk Credit Analyst Program - Any insight?Hi all, Anyone have any insight/experience on the Bank of America Credit Analyst program through their GBAM division? Any info Hours, exit opportunities, and pay would be great but looking more on whether it is a position worth pursuing Any feedback appreciated! ...
43 months 1 week ago
Part 1: Insurance 101This is part of a mini-series I hope to continue about breaking down how insurance works. If there are any topics people would like to see covered, please let me know. I hope to cover a lot of different topics, as insurance is a major contributor to the U.S. economy. About 1% of the U.S. population ...
143 months 1 week ago
Royal Bank of Canada Investor & Treasury Services department (RBC I&TS) Hello, I would like to know if someone have some information about RBC's I&TS department ? (a former intern/full time or a current one) This is for a summer internship in their I&TS department (in Europe). Also, if someone already had a phone interview this RBC, what kind of questions do the...
23 months 1 week ago
Bank of America Merrill Lynch - Wholesale Credit Analyst - Advice on specific roles? does anyone have advice on the specific roles of this position? ...
03 months 1 week ago
Biz Development at FamilyOwned Reinsurance vs Sales at Maerskdaddadaddadaddadaddadaddadaddadaddadaddadaddadaddadaddadaddadaddadaddadaddadaddadaddadaddadaddadadda ...
03 months 2 weeks ago
Do you need a MBA to climb the ladder in Commercial/Corporate Banking?Simple Question: Is it a necessity to get a MBA at some point while climbing the commercial/corporate banking ladder (RM side) or can you get by without one. ...
13 months 2 weeks ago
Brand Management at P&G or Marketing at Google? Hi everyone, I'm a student in my final year at university and I have a 10 week internship offer for Brand Management at Procter and Gamble, and a 10 week internship at Google. I desperately need help choosing. I am planning on applying to strategy consulting firms after the internship, as I want t...
43 months 2 weeks ago
[Advice] Interested in risk management. CFA helps?Folks, I'm in need of some advice from people currently in the industry. I'm really interested in financial risk management and I'm currently pursuing a masters in regulation and risk management. We have some hours allocated to CFA and FRM (both level I) as part of our program. We can choose both b...
13 months 2 weeks ago
TME Big 4 Valuation Technical InterviewFirst forum topic here. I recently started in Big 4 Audit in Canada. I have always been more interested in finance but didn't go to a University that would give me a realistic chance at a good finance job. I went the big 4 route instead with a plan to transfer into FAS later on. Recently, there wa...
83 months 2 weeks ago
Banking Technology a lucrative career path?I've been out of college for 2 years and have been working for the past 2 years within Banking Technology. First worked for a boutique technology firm that built CRM Software for Wealth Management Firms and now work with a non-prestigious global Technology Services company as a Business Systems Ana...
23 months 2 weeks ago
Internal Audit Vs. Finance InternHi all, I am a sophomore majoring in Accounting and Finance from a private school in the Midwest. Since I can't look to do any IB internships this summer, I was able to secure a couple offers in other areas. I am looking for any guidance in regards to which position I should accept for this summer a...
23 months 2 weeks ago
Breaking into economic consultingI had always been interested in going into finance because it seemed to be a good fit for me. I didn't even know of the economic consulting industry until a recent class and have really fallen in love with it. I have no prior experience, but I am majoring in economics with 3.9 GPA from a top 20 scho...
13 months 2 weeks ago


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