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SPOTLIGHT: The Other Road Rules and FAQsThe goal of Wall Street Oasis' The Other Road forum is to give our users the best possible snapshot of life in other areas of finance (including entrepeneurship, start-ups, and corporate/F500 positions), from internships and recruiting to compensation and career progression. Working towards that goa...
04 years 6 months ago
Should I pursue a Masters degree in Entrepreneurship?Hello all, My long-term goal is to start a small, simple, automated (i.e. outsourced) internet business that generates an income of about 100k a year for me and requires a minimal amount of work hours (once it gets rolling, of course). I won't bore you with the details of the plan, but if you've ev...
321 day 11 hours ago
Morningstar Development Program 2015Had the final round on sight interview 2 weeks ago, got an email saying they want to talk via phone about the results next week. Anyone else have this experience? Don't know if the result will be bad or good. ...
33 days 12 hours ago
Best Things to Follow While Hiring Car shifting Company in DelhiCarbikemovers is must want to hire services of car movers in Delhi, if you do not want to drive your car all the way from one city to another while relocating home. There are many companies in Delhi which can help you in relocating your car. However, you need to make sure that the company you are ...
04 days 6 hours ago
Better Exit Opp ... Big 4 Audit or Advisory?I have been studying about this topic and I wanted to ask purely in terms of the exit opps available for big 4 audit/advisory. I majored accounting and I didn't think twice about getting into big 4 audit... until I read and came to realize how unpopular audit is. I am not completely bummed though, ...
336 days 1 hour ago
06 days 18 hours ago
Does Audit Get Better After Your First Year? Hello everyone! I interned in tax at a big 4 last summer and am doing a rotation into audit as a full time hire (started last month). I wanted to check out both audit and tax before making a decision. I enjoyed my time in tax and thought there was a lot of value added. However, I don't want to stay ...
46 days 18 hours ago
Gas Station, Car Wash, Fast Food - Owning Unsexy BusinessesMost entrepreneurs my age seem to be focused on creating the next amazing app or website, which frankly bores me because I'm not a tech geek. Anyone else give much thought to acquiring an unsexy business like a gas station, car wash, fast food restaurant, etc., and then building out an entire netwo...
2056 days 20 hours ago
Dispute AdvisoryDoes anyone know anything about Dispute Advisory? Prestige, exit opps, etc.? It seems Dispute Advisory is different than economic consulting? Any insight would be great. Thanks. ...
01 week 19 hours ago
questions about financial adviser I am wondering if financial adviser is a good career. Do you have to go to a target school (like I-banking) in order to become a financial adviser? If so, what are the schools and can you find a job straight out of undergrad? Is it hard to find a job? Do you make a lot of money? ...
01 week 2 days ago
Should I Quit After Only a Month? So I ended up settling on a job when my first choice fell through. I've been at this startup for almost a month and while I love my boss, I'm incredibly bored with my work (I.e. I'm not stimulated intellectually or challenged). It doesn't seem like this will really change either. My first choice end...
51 week 6 days ago
31 week 6 days ago
Is it necessary for a businessman to get higher education?In recent years, the masses to consolidate and develop rapidly became not a good position with regard to higher education - it is not so important for life in general. Many say only useless spent 5 years at the desk, after which the graduate finds a job at the very low-paying jobs and grows to the d...
01 week 6 days ago
BB Ops vs. Healthcare Rotation vs. MSF (pre-experience)Hi Monkeys, Right now I'm caught between a rock and a hard place. I apologize in advance for the lengthy post, but this is weighing heavy on my life. I'm a senior finance student at a non-target and will be graduating in the spring. At the moment I have 2 offers: BO operations at a BB, or a rotation...
02 weeks 18 hours ago
Fixed Assets Valuation: Necessary SkillsHello WSO, I am a target college junior, majoring in math and econ. Out of desperation I am searching for potential jobs this summer. I am currently looking at big 4 Fixed Assets Valuation summer job. The job description does not emphasize accounting skills but since it's Big 4 I assume that's what ...
02 weeks 20 hours ago
JPM Corporate Client Banking SA InterviewSo I recently received a first round interview for a CCB Summer analyst position. Just wondering what I should expect and prepare for in a first round, and if anyone had any insight/impressions on the group. Thanks ...
12 weeks 22 hours ago
5 Things I Wish I Knew About the ERP Program before Signing Up If you are anything like me, you know the direction you want your career to go, and you're trying to figure out the best way to get there. You may not have the direct work experience you need, so you're in search of a program that can bridge the gap that will lead to the job you want. In my case ...
62 weeks 1 day ago
PwC FSR / PwC Management Consulting?Have an offer in their FSR Group, but does anyone have any insight into the nature of the work as an intern or the type of hours to expect? I have searched every thread I could find regarding this group and cannot find any information. I was also curious about PwC Management Consulting and how that ...
02 weeks 1 day ago
VaR at extreme correlationHello, I was recently asked some questions on VaR which I could not generalize. Hoping for guidance from risk experts to shed some light. For a 2 stock portfolio, what will be be the portfolio VaR if the individual VaRs are $500 and $300. The context is one of the below situations: a) Correlation = ...
02 weeks 2 days ago


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