Goal: real estate analyst entry level pos, Paths: Go back to school for MSF or pass CFA I?

So my goal is to obtain an entry level position as a real estate finance analyst at either a bank, REIT, PE firm, or REIB. However, my degree is in Business Marketing (grad. 2011) and its from a non-target school in California.

CFA Level 1 study hours with finance background?

Hi Monkeys,

Since I'm in the last semester of b-school, and secured a ft ibd job, I have a lot of time on my hands and thus I'm thinking of studying for CFA 1.

CFA Level 1...anyone pull it off w/ just 2 weeks of study?

Anyone here manage to pass level 1 with only 2 weeks of studying?

One does not simply walk into the CFA exam room without a strategy! Looking for tips and advice…

The CFA Level I exam is less than 30 days away. Like most first timers I am going through a difficult time in internalizing the topics and scope of applications. Keeping in mind the approaching deadline what do you think is the best possible strategy to ensure maximum preparedness for the exam. I have attempted to go over the content once and was wondering what would be the best source to tap to hone problem solving skills.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and recommendations!

CFA Level 1 before final year of graduation?

Can I take the CFA Level 1 before the final year of graduation?

CFA Level 1 study timeframe

Can anyone that has done the CFA tell me if it's possible to get through the level 1 curriculum in 2 months? (I studied electrical engineering at undergrad level so have no background in finance.

CFA Level 1

I am about to signup for the upcoming CFA Level 1 exam in June 2015. I am going to be a senior at DePaul University and am enrolled full time in school. Can any of you who were in a similar position as I am now provide me with what did and did not work well for you in preparing for level 1? Thanks

CFA Level 1 question

About to sign up for CFA level 1 in December...Any tips? I'm most curious about any supplemental (in addition to the curriculum they provide upon registration) study materials I should know about. I've read about the Schweser notes + practice questions, which run around $600. Should this be sufficient enough if I studied finance in college? Any thoughts are appreciated, thanks

Anyone selling CFA Level 1 materials?

Congrats to those that just finished up the CFA exams (hopefully you passed). I am looking for someone selling additional study materials / access, preferably Schweser materials. Also, feel free to provide advice on what did/didn't work for materials. From my search on here, it looks unanimous that extra study materials save you considerable time on level 1.

CFA as an Undergrad?

I am a rising sophomore at a non-target and I am majoring in Finance.

I am planning on starting to study for the CFA level 1 this summer (summer in between freshman and sophomore) but I am not sure when to actually take the exam. I would rather take it as an undergrad but I have no idea if this is even feasible. If I start studying now, maybe one hour a day, will I be able to pass it in December of my junior year?

Or does everyone just take it after graduation? My fear with taking it after graduation is that if I am working as an analyst I will have little to no time to study for it. Also I have heard that some people choose between doing all three CFA levels or going to business school but isn't it ideal to just do CFA level 1 while still in school and then pursue an MBA later on?