CFA Level 1- Non Finance Background


I have registered for the December 2015 level 1 examination, with a non finance background taking the test in June would be disastrous. My print material arrived today however I am unsure of what book to actually begin reading. A colleague at work recommended ethics however since I have no finance background of any sorts.... can anyone recommend another starting point to help me with the foundations of finance?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


No finance degree but wanna write CFA I

I'm asian. And I just got accepted from MSc Finance in Scotland. I long to switch from engineering career and I know that I'm very new to this field.

So how can I improve my chance to distinguish myself as an elite one?

I think if I study hard to sit for CFA level I before starting the class in Sept, I may plan to sit for level II and ace it not so long after graduation and this will enhance my career prospect. What do you think?

CFA Level 1 Prep – Time Management

One of the most common questions that CFA Level 1 candidates ask is, “How long should I study for the exam?” Time management and leaving yourself enough time to cover each section of the exam are crucial to a passing grade, so knowing the recommended study time and how to effectively manage your study sessions is an essential part of CFA Level 1 prep.

Recommended Total Study Time

CFA: What's your take?

I'm a non-finance monkey, swallowing bananas (both sweet and sour) for about 2 months on CFA. Sounds crazy, right? Can't help it. I'm in love, Guys! Please help me.

How to Study for CFA Level 3?

So I am about to begin studying for CFA Level 3 and it just hit me that I'm not too familiar with the structure of the level 3 exam.

It doesn't seem to be a similar structure to that of 1 and 2 where each section can be studied in isolation of each other, level 3 seems to have a lot more interconnectedness among the various sections, and additionally there is the new aspect of the essay answers.

One does not simply walk into the CFA exam room without a strategy! Looking for tips and advice…

The CFA Level I exam is less than 30 days away. Like most first timers I am going through a difficult time in internalizing the topics and scope of applications. Keeping in mind the approaching deadline what do you think is the best possible strategy to ensure maximum preparedness for the exam. I have attempted to go over the content once and was wondering what would be the best source to tap to hone problem solving skills.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and recommendations!

Advice on pre-CFA exam prep

I am a first time writer on WSO and was hoping to get some feedback from individuals out there who have taken the CFA exam.

I am a junior in college and was wondering the following questions regarding the CFA exam.

1) Generally, when does the average person take their CFA exam? (first year out of school? First year on the job in the finance industry?, etc.)

2) What advice would you give to help prepare for the CFA exam while still in school, besides the obvious of taking finance courses etc.? Any books to read?

Thanks WSO community!


I am over thirty with no financial background is it dificult for me to get CFA?

CFA Level 1

I am about to signup for the upcoming CFA Level 1 exam in June 2015. I am going to be a senior at DePaul University and am enrolled full time in school. Can any of you who were in a similar position as I am now provide me with what did and did not work well for you in preparing for level 1? Thanks

Chem grad starting a MO analyst stint in a BB GS/JPM/CS- Should i do a CFA

Hi guys, Im from the UK, have very little finance knowledge (studied chemistry at a uk target), did a SA stint in BO, now I have a full time gig in a BB in MO role. My finance knowledge is basic at best, would doing the CFA or at least studying towards it be a good idea to level the playing field with regards to my colleagues who have finance degrees and backgrounds? or any other ideas ? MBA, Masters are too expensive for me. any help would be great thanks .