Undergrad Finance or Econ Degree with end goal of buy-side

Right now I am going into my sophomore year at a non-target for IB in NYC, semi-target for IB in Chicago. I know the whole Econ vs Finance degree has been done to death for IB, but I want to go into sell-side equity research, AM, or if I'm good/lucky HF. I have real passion for investing, not necessarily as much in the things that investment banking seems to involve. My school is public but is known well for academics like Math, CS, Econ and is probably about the same as UT-Austin in that respect.The business program, however, is not terrible but is definitely not known for being as good.

CFA prep: curriculum or kaplan?

as many equity researchers wannabes, I am beginning to study for becoming CFA as a way to enhance my chances to get called for interviews. but, I was wondering, where should i study? Kaplan or the official curriculum?

fact is the curriculum is awfully long and time consuming but I want to be sure that I won't be missing stuff with the condensed version.

New Credit Suisse CEO effects on equity research? (and IB as a whole)

Hi guys,

As many of you may know, Credit Suisse's CEO Brady Dougan is being replaced by Tidjane Thiam in June, and many analysts are speculating that Thiam will downsize the securities and investment banking arms by as much as 3,000 positions in 2015.

Do you guys think CS will go the same way as UBS at this point? Personally, I have an interest in equity research and actually find the day-to-day of a sell-side analyst quite interesting. CS supposedly has a strong reputation in ER, but will the change in management direction affect this franchise? Thanks.

MSF Student/ER Hopeful

Hi guys,

I'll be starting my MSF in the fall and looking to transition into ER. Any advise would be greatly appreciated!

BB FLDP vs Boutique IB or AM


-3.8 GPA
-Boutique PE and REPE internships


best role to jump from in order to break into ER?

as the title says, which one would be? I am based in EUROPE. here's my reasoning and why i ask:

given: virtually every opportunity (not straight from grad) demands 1-2y of previous Equity Research sell/buy side experience

1) as a salesman you are close to the markets but, even if you are doing plain equities, the skillset is not that transferrable
2) M&A: deal based, you get the general business sense but, unlike the US, it's not that magical door that gets to every magical place on earth
3) small private equity shops: basically same reasoning above (i am mentioning this because i might have some opportunities but are really small shops)

Good Narrative for transition from prop trading/equity research to IB

Hello everyone,

I'm currently in the process of exiting my firm by the end of the year to finish my grad work that I've been doing part-time next year. Right now, I'm working as a prop trader in a boutique prop shop in Manila also doing buy-side equity research generalist stuff for them as well. I'm looking into a jump towards IB when I finish my grad work (around Aug 2015) and I'm at loss with words on how to put up a narrative for a reason to go IB with my trading/ER background.

Any creative suggestions?

Can anyone assist with getting a few ER reports?

Doing research for a pitch on a railcar manuf, but my co doesn't have research on the name (only a few comps). Only a few firms cover it (Key, Stifel, Stern, and a few others), but willing to trade whatever resources for a few recent reports.