Project Finance exit opps

Hi all, I was wondering what the general exit opportunities are (if any) from Project Finance? Thanks very much.

PE Portfolio Valuation Associate - Exit opps

Looking to see what types of exit opportunities there are for a Portfolio Valuation Associate at a large Private Equity Firm - Work within the portfolio management group providing valuations on public and private investments.

BB PWM internship exit opps

This summer I will be interning at a BB (think GS or JP Morgan) in PWM. I am not sure what exactly I want to do in Finance but figured having a BB name on my resume is better than working at a boutique as an analyst. So my question is, what are some suggested fields that I could pursue after interning in PWM? If I decided to stay in PWM for a few years, went to Graduate School, and decided to do something else, is it really that hard of a transition?

Looking for personal experiences! I have read pretty thoroughly about this subject on WSO but wanted to give it another round of discussion.

FT Accelerated Recruiting Advice

I accepted a SA offer at a well regarded firm, but not quite at the BB/EB level. I'm not sure yet if I want to go through full-time recruiting to try and trade up after the summer, but I definitely want to keep that option open. I know the most important thing is getting the return offer, but should I be trying to network with people at other banks now or wait until this summer to do so?

Fixed Income Associate Exit Opps

I'm a senior in college about to join a major asset manager (think AllianceBernstein, Wellington) as a fixed income associate. I've heard most associates stay for 3 years then go to business school. If I'm not interested in business school, what are the possible exit opportunities? Are there some hedge funds that would be interested? Is the switch to an equity-focused hedge fund out of the question because I'll be evaluating credit?


What kind of exit opps with MM PE firms can I expect after spending several years in DCM (analyst program and associate if opportunity is there) with a MM in the mid Atlantic region (Philly)? Dealing mostly with investment grade debt but also some high-yield. Would I need to go the MBA route to move into PE? For the record, I'm not interested in mega funds.

Stephens or SunTrust IBD?

Brand, experience, deal flow, exits?

Exit Opps - 2-3 years

All - I'm wondering what are some options after 2-3 years in IT consulting at a large firm (IBM/Accenture/Deloitte)

I recently got promoted and thinking about next steps.

Best Analyst Exit Opps--MF vs. HF

So traditionally there's been beaucoup rankings/tiers listed here based on attractiveness for incoming analysts of "exit opps" in general, but how do the top groups change with regards to MF/PE recruiting vs. HF recruiting?