What are the 'unicorn jobs' that M7 MBA students sometimes hold out for?

I read recently that HBS and GSB sometimes have lower placement rates upon graduation because the students hold out for 'unicorn jobs'.

What would be some specific examples of jobs like this? Is it referring to positions such as C-suite at start-ups, or are there specific firms which they target?

Community Service / Volunteer Experience for Business School (HBS)

Hi All,

Tried to find a recent discussion on this, but cannot seem to find one.

How important is community service / volunteer experience for a business school (HBS) application?

On some websites I see that business schools want a "well-rounded" applicant. On other websites I see that business schools want the next Jack Welch and someone who is going to a be an industry titan because at the end of the day it is the alumni base that makes the business school prestigious.

HBS Question- Undergrad Seeking Advice

Hi All,

Current college sophomore at target (Ivy) interning in IB this summer at BB (GS/MS/JPM).

I really want to go to HBS and am starting to prepare now; however, I have a couple questions. Please see below.

1. I understand that HBS wants to see unique experiences. What would be an example of these? Travel? Another degree?

2. Should I apply to 2 + 2? I know that a lot of finance guys do 2 years in IB, 2 years in PE and then attempt to go to business school. Do you think this is a better route then doing 2 years of IB then Business School? If so, why?

Apologies for the long post, but the help is greatly appreciated!

HBS and Consulting Inquiry

I was reviewing HBS' employment report and came across a curious statistic. This seems to be a recurring phenomena.

13-14% of internships are in consulting.
23-24% of full time jobs are in consulting.

First thought was that maybe 10% of the class was sponsored. However, HBS' recruiting report states that only 2% of the class of 2014 was company sponsored.

Any insights into this? Not sure if any other schools show a similar pattern..

Tell hiring company about HBS?

Hi fellow monkeys,

I'm apply to a new job (consulting industry), with the hopes of starting in the Fall (August). Should I tell my potential future employer that I have deferred admission to HBS?

1) 2013: Graduated College in & received deferred Admission to HBS (2+2 program)
2) 2013 - Present: Worked for top tech company
3) A few weeks ago: Deferred HBS for 2 more years (to get more experience under my belt)
4) Now: Applying to Consulting positions
5) Fall 2017: Would enroll at HBS

Dilemma/Question: In the application process, should I include in my application/resume that I've already been admitted to to HBS? Do the Pros of including HBS in my job application outweigh the Cons? Thoughts?


Post-Bacc Degree to offset low GPA?

I know the low GPA for b-school question comes up all the time, but I have a question that comes from a slightly different angle. I have a mediocre GPA from a top LAC and am trying to figure out how to shore that up before B school applications in a few years. I've heard the typical responses of 1. Just crush the GMAT and don't worry about GPA and 2. Take extra classes to try and show that you can handle the workload.

My question is what B School admissions will think of a 2-4 year post bacc degree in an engineering related major. I have become increasingly interested in computer engineering and am considering going back to get an online BS in Computer Science. I'm assuming that this can't hurt my application, but will schools really care about this or not?

You won't believe who HBS dinged this year

Straight from poets&quants. I mean we've always known that HBS is selective, but the profiles of the people who got dinged this year is just insane. HBS admissions used to be kind of straightforward, but as the best students from the top schools gravitate to MBA rather than MD or JD, competition has become brutal. I don't think there's any doubt that HBS is more selective than any other professional grad school in the world.

Prestigious Pete

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I would like to extend a warm welcome to myself, Prestigious Pete. I am a jealousy amalgam, created from combining all the conceited, self-assured finance super douches into one man called Prestigious Pete.

"Why Stanford Is Beating HBS Among Dual Admits"

This is consistent with what I've been hearing from inside sources for a number of years. That dual admits long used to split about 50/50 but that recently (for a few years now) it is heavily in Stanford's favor to the tune of 3:1.

"These choices are closely guarded secrets in the world of MBA admissions, but for the first time Bloomberg Businessweek today (Jan. 28) sorted through its most recent survey data to find answers to these often agonizing decisions...

"...When it comes to Harvard and Stanford, the results give the West Coast school a big edge—mainly due to the increasing popularity of both entrepreneurship and tech. Of the 63 applicants in BW’s sample who were admitted to both schools, 56% headed to the land of palm trees and warm weather, while only 22% chose Harvard Business School."

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