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New TV Series Featuring Hedge Funds

I recall some monkeys asking why there are TV shows about law and medicine but nothing about finance/banking. Well, it's happening.

The 12-episode series "is a complex and contemporary drama about power politics in the New York world of high finance."

The show was co-written by Andrew Ross Sorkin. Damian Lewis, the lead of Homeland, will be playing the main character.

"Billions" - a new series about hedge funds is coming to Showtime in 2016

I just saw this article posted on Business Insider. Showtime will be airing a series written by Brian Koppelman, David Levien, and Andrew Ross Sorkin. The cast seems strong based on the mention of Giamatti, who likely won't be drinking any f%cking merlot, and Damian Lewis, the guy from Homeland that played Brody.

My favorite part of the short teaser article is where it mentions Lewis was studying up for the role when spotted with a copy of "Fooling Some of the People All of the Time." Nice choice but he might want to visit WSO for a few more reading recs as there are quite a few lists in the forums here.

What do you all think? Another show to hate the financial industry or is there a legitimate chance this will actually shed some light on an industry so few know much of anything about? I'm definitely bookmarking the pilot date once it's announced.

Starting my own hedge fund, funding question

Title says it all. I'm starting my own shop but having some trouble getting the initial funding necessary to get off the ground. A little about myself: I'm 26.5 years old with wealth management internship experience at a BB. I like the idea of investing and have decided I want to do it full time. In order to do that I need the money to start a hedge fund. I have about $10,000 US dollars of my own but am looking for outside investors. I think 12-18% returns will be what I aim for. I will most likely get my CFA in order to participate in the networking events associated with it so that I could attract funding. Any other thoughts on attracting funding?

Math PhD


I am a math phd trying to break into the hedge fund world. Glad to meet everybody!

Hedge Funds and "Prestige"

Hi All,

I'm curious about the role of prestige and pedigree in hedge fund recruiting: how much does it matter when you're going from one HF to another? In other words, when HF X is looking for a junior-level analyst, do they care most about (a) the reputation of that last fund ("super short term oriented" or "pretty quanty"), (b) the selectivity of that analyst's last fund (i.e. how hard was it to get that job), (c) the specific style of that last fund, (d) whether they know the analyst himself via networking, etc, (e) something else entirely?

ways to network in wall street

Without going to a ivy league, what are ways to get networking going, and professional organizations and besides alumni, Someone suggested I go to SCORE and ask them how to network into IB, HF and ect. I don't know if that's realistic. SO what are REALISTIC ways to network and meet people in the industry, high ranking, and meet with high net worth individuals? any clubs for students? organizations?

Degrees sutiable for Hedge funds

Im majoring in Accounting and Computer Science, are these appropriate majors to break into hedge funds? if not, what are majors to tailor made almost to break into hedge funds, and really have a place on wall street assuming not ivy league?

Getting into a Hedge Fund with or without 1st or 2nd Tier School

I've read in some topics that its not necessary to go to an Ivy to break into HF, but realistically, in America, you must have sheer, RAW ambition, and Connections/Networking. Going to an Ivy is necessary for that. But for those who cant get Into Ivy for whatever reason, how important is it to get into an ivy, to break into hedge funds?