PIMCO Portfolio Analyst Intern Newport Beach or BB IBD NYC

Hey guys, I go to a target school on the east coast. Right now I am deciding between these two offers! Long term plan is to be on the buy-side although I am leaning towards PE at the moment. Which one would you recommend me to take in terms of learning experience? What would the exit opps be for PIMCO?

I could always do FT recruiting if needed. Thanks!

PIMCO SA Business Development support phone interview

Does anyone know have any experience working for PIMCO(SoCal office)?

What should I do to prepare for the phone interview in terms of technical and behavior questions? They said they would call me regarding this position. What should I be studying to prepare for this?

PIMCO Post Superday

How quickly should i hear back from PIMCO with regards to the superday (was told I would hear back within a week)?

PIMCO Product Analyst (Summer Internship) Interview

Hey Guys,

I am a junior studying Financial Engineering/Computational Finance/Quantitative Finance (whatever it is called at your school). I have an interview coming up with PIMCO for the Product Analyst position. I'm not really sure what the position itself entails. Can anyone shed some light on the position and what I might be doing over the summer? I'm pretty confused about this interview cause I have been interviewing for S&T throughout and I'm not sure what to expect. I know a bit about PIMCO but not much about this position.

I'd appreciate any help you guys can give me!


PIMCO Account Management Interview MBA

Does anyone have any insight to this?

What do CRE analysts/CMBS analysts really do at fixed income shops?

I have seen many postings for CRE analyst/CMBS analyst at buy-side fixed income shops recently (including top buy-side like PIMCO. The language in the postings sounds like they are hiring people who can underwrite mortgages at the property level. For example: "Assist in asset-level credit underwriting of CMBS loans", "Assist with deal execution, including drafting and negotiating acquisition and joint venture term sheets, and reviewing deal documentation", or "Research, analyze, underwrite and evaluate commercial real estate investment opportunities".

Pimco communication associate

Anyone ever interviewed for this position? What does the assessment test consist of and how much fixed income knowledge are you expected to know? How were the 2v1 interviews? Any info would be helpful! Thanks!!

Gross Out at PIMCO - $10bn in Withdrawals

Want to hear your thoughts on Bill Gross's exit at PIMCO. Seems sentiment around the office is pretty positive, as his behavior was increasingly erratic. It will be interesting to watch his performance at Janus. It would be great to hear personal stories on Gross if anyone has interacted with him.



But wasn't he supposed to leave earlier this year?

The story is that he'd leaving to attend to his daughter who composed a list of 22 milestones he missed. He quit PIMCO and started at Allianz part time. Things is I thought all of these moves were already in play. So what's with the announcements appearing in msm


Bill Gross Leaves PIMCO

This just in, Bill Gross announced this morning that he's departing PIMCO for Janus Capital. Is this the beginning of the end for the world's largest bond manager?