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Help Needed! Wealth Management

Hey Monkeys, I was just wondering if I could get some help from you guys. So I work for a real estate crowdfunding company called Sharestates. And in order to broaden our investor base, we are trying to contact any wealth management people. If you any of you guys work in wealth management or have connections with portfolio managers/VPs/managing directors, please comment your name and firm or send me a pm. Thanks!

VC in the Southeast

I am entering an SEC school as a finance major, and I would like to know if you have any advice as far as VC in the south east goes. Raleigh or Charlotte would be my preference, but I'm not sure much of what Atlanta might have to offer. Will it be difficult to break into VC in the south east? I mean it's not Sandhill Road or anything, but I'm sure it is still harder than I imagine. Any and all responses are appreciated. Many thanks and best regards,

Undergrad with FT Offer -- How Can I Start Networking with VCs?

Sorry if I'm messing up this formatting.

I am a senior about to graduate in May, I have a full time offer where I'll be doing restructuring for TMT companies. My long term goal is to work in VC.

My school and even to some extent my firm could be considered "tier two" so I'm not anticipating any recruiters or opportunities to come knocking. So I'm hoping to be as proactive as possible. I have cold e-mailed a few VC and tech PE guys just saying I'm a student hoping to talk and I'm interested in tech and the type of work their respective firm does.

Anyone have success with cold e-mailing the buyside? Any VCs or tech PE guys here and could let me know how I could position myself so you'd speak to me? What can I do to make the most of my time.

Thanks all.

Undergrad with FT Offer --- How Can I Start Networking with VCs?

I am a senior graduating in a few months and going to work in restructuring within TMT. My long term goal is to get into VC. I already have my offer and a light schedule so I've been studying for the GMAT as well as trying to begin networking with buyside firms.

VC courses?

Hi! Any of you current and former interns and full timers out there ever use a course (such as an investment banking modeling course) to get you up to snuff in cap table and waterfall modeling, term sheets, operating agreements, notes, etc.?

I've been asked a few times for resources by users interested in VC, but can't say I've ever seen one out there.

Loyalty of WUSTL Alumni?

After recently being admitted to WUSTL's MSF (which I didn't think I had a shot at due to below-average stats) I'm reconsidering my original intention to attend Nova's MSF. I like the Midwest much more than NYC/Philly and the name brand of WashU is hard to pass up. The way I look at it, you're a bigger fish in a smaller pond by going to WUSTL. At Nova you're competing with Columbia, NYU, Harvard, MIT, etc for top NYC jobs. In the Midwest it's only Chicago, Northwestern, etc.

Ellen Pao trial heating up

What's everyone's take on this situation?

I just started reading about it today and it sounds like Pao is a serial complainer/whiner in the workplace. In typical female fashion, she does not see anything wrong with her behavior or her decisions. No accountability whatsoever. Just blames everyone else except herself.

Complaining about not being invited to a dinner with Al Gore? "And I lived in the St. Regis, where the dinner was held!"

Real Estate Technology - Venture Capital

Commercial real estate investing/management and technology have historically operated in two different silos, with almost no overlap. A major reason for this, in my opinion, is the reluctance for change in a top-down industry. 60-year old portfolio managers aren't reading Hacker News looking for an edge.

The inverse is also true, a 22 year-old software engineer doesn't have any experience/interest with the business needs of a real estate professional. Interestingly enough, research on "real estate technology" and the associated conferences almost entirely revolve around residential real estate. This is decidedly not my field, but it's worth contrasting the rapid technology adoption in a bottom-up industry, fueled by buyers, sellers and residential brokers.

What finance should I know for Early Stage Venture capital/smaller PE firms (Currently in Consulting)

Hi Everyone,

I'm currently working as a consultant in strategy, risk, and operations and I am looking to switch over to Early stage venture capital hopefully.

I was wondering what type of finance background I should have at those firms, also for smaller MM (lower to upper middle) Private Equity firms?