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Forfeiting Self-Incrimination via iPhone 5s

Oh, America land of the Free. Our Fifth Amendment, which guarantees that "no person shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself," may not apply when...

Thank You: My Story & Tips

Disclaimer: Not my primary username. Created this one to protect my anonymity.


I wanted to take a brief moment to thank this remarkable community for all...

If you could do it all over again, would you still pursue a career in finance?

Would you still do finance or is there a field that you wish you would have pursued from the start? What field?

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How To Be A F%#king Man…

We've all seen and perhaps grown tired of guides and lists that are ripe with tedious cliches and full of humdrum regurgitated meme wisdom. For that very reason, in...

The Best of Braverman FAQ

Mod note: Blast from the Past - "Best of Eddie". This one is originally from July 2013. If you haven't already checked out Eddie's book, be sure to give it a look!


Start up offer - need advice

So, i've been MIA on here for awhile and I apologize to some of you that have pmed me about corp fin. I started a new job that has turned out to be very demanding and just kind of fizzled out spending so much time on here. But recently i've had a new possibility.

WSO Weekly Wrap-Up 09/07 - 09/13

In case you missed them, here's some of last week's most popular topics:

19 Hedge Fund Perks That Pity You

We already know working at a Hedge...

Small vs Large Firms: Is Bigger Always Better?

During my job search I was lucky enough to snag two offers from two very disparate firms. One was an established name brand company on the West Coast and the other was a small...

Going to work High

So the other day, I had the bright idea of listening to my friend and joining him for a wake & bake session before leaving for work.

After inhaling a dozen bong...

Twitter files for IPO

Well, here we go.

Valuation is over $ 10 Bn.
Revenue around 500 million.
Profits : Not sure. Twitter UK had profits of 16,500 pounds. (Yeah, that's all...

Bonus Bananas September 13, 2013

1) Where Is Dick Fuld Now? Finding Lehman Brothers' Last CEO ( Businessweek ) - This won't exactly evoke sympathy for Fuld, but it's at least an even-handed treatment of the...

Buying a business while working? Anyone ever done it?

Hey guys since buying a business is kind of like a job i thought i would ask here.

Has anyone tried to invest in an owner absentee type of business a few years out...

Dumbest thing you've seen an SA do?

As the title says, what was the downright dumbest thing you've ever seen a SA do?

19 Hedge Fund Perks That Pity You

From Julia La Roche at BI

If you're looking to start off your Friday morning with an ugly puffy sob, well hey, you came to the right place.

We already know working at a Hedge Fund, and hell, really anywhere on the buyside is the dreamland of Finance (discounting financial political positions of course). But here's 19 Hedge Fund perks to kick the sellside.

1) - These days you have Daniel Loeb, the founder of Third Point LLC, leading a team of his analysts and traders in half Ironman triathlons. Talk about real teamwork and bonding.

2) - According to JetNet, Perry Capital owns a private Gulfstream Aerospace G-IV jet that seats 22 people.

iPhone 5S

I am surprised, no thread about the introduction of the new iPhone 5S yet?

Did you guys see it? What's the verdict? Are you gonna buy it?

The heavily...

Why it’s not Samsung’s fault that it’s screwed

All companies see the world from their own belltowers, and the Apple tower is the tallest.
- paraphrased from an old Russian saying

Jobs and Cook and the...

On Primates and Economic Risk Tolerance

This won't come as a shock to readers of WSO, but it turns out primates (in this case rhesus macaques) can be taught economics , develop their own risk tolerances, and display...

WSJ: New Era for Skyscrapers, High Rise Condos

In NYC and elsewhere, high-end and high-rent high-rise condos are without question an emerging trend. My market specifically is abuzz with old class-c buildings being converted into expensive destinations for both young professionals who want the vibrancy of downtown and the newly retired who have money to burn and don't want to kill themselves mowing the lawn.

This particular tower is going to be both incredibly tall and incredibly skinny. Taller than the Empire State Building, it would alter the famous building scape of New York City.

On top of that, the developer is 34 years old. Yes you read that right. 34. I may have just found someone new to add to the "hero" list.

Class of 2016 MBA Applicants

Hey guys,

Going to switch it up a bit today and see if there are any monkeys out there that'll be going through the MBA cycle in the upcoming months (Harvard's R1 is due 9 weeks from Please, for the love of God, don't turn this into a debate of "Is an MBA worth it?" (answer: it depends) or which one of the M7 deserve to be ahead of the other.

I have compiled some good stuff on the forum from over the years:

To anyone considering MBA by Compbanker: A breakdown of why he chose to head to MBA this fall instead of staying at what many think is the end all be all of finance:

Q&A with Admission Consultants:
Alex Chu MBAApply:

It's not rocket science...

Mod Note (Andy): Very pleased to introduce our newest blogger, Grizzled Guru. He has a very interesting background and a lot to share with you guys, hope you enjoy.


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