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Basic Guide Ramping Up On A Company With Public Information Part Two

We published part one last week which can be seen here and we are using Facebook as an example as it is well known to almost everyone.

See Part 1 Here

Now that we know the story well, lets go ahead and build the financial model . To do this lets review the latest earnings print ( 8-k ) to see what information we are working with on a quarterly basis. Before we begin, this is a technology stock so you see they give both GAAP and Non-GAAP numbers, generally speaking for technology you use Non-GAAP numbers because tech stocks have quite a bit of stock based compensation (SBC) expense. The 8-K currently does not breakdown revenue by segment within the IS but does give a slight breakout in the comments.

Thought Consulting Was My Dream...Now I Hate it

Mod Note: GREAT comment inside by user Hugo Bentley

After fighting long and hard to secure a grad-level offer at a consulting firm, I've been there for a few months...

CNBC Knows Very Little About Beer

Few things make ITF's blood boil more than a shoddily-constructed, inconsistent, poorly-explained "best of" list. You should have heard my reaction to Rolling Stone's 100 Greatest Artists List, or 500 Greatest Songs list (or really, any list put out by them). You're honestly left wondering, "What were they thinking?"

Before going any further dear monkeys, I'm well aware that our media is not to be trusted with anything, let alone something as important as a Top 15 list of the World's Best Beer. But see it and weep, ladies and gentlemen:

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WSO Conference 2013: Reason #24 To Join Us

There are 24 days remaining until the conference (June 29th) and each day we'll be listing off another reason for why you purchase a ticket (if you haven't already).

Reason #24: The WSO Conference Afterparty (21+) - Join us at SideBAR (120 E 15th St) in their back event-room shortly after the conference. Last year's afterparty was an amazing time; the room was packed, the drinks were flowing, and a group of us stayed around late into the night They're also offering up the same $5 draft beer special from 7-8PM.

Fantastic Reactions to the Red Wedding

We have a lot of Game of Thrones fans on WSO (well, at least until last Sunday's episode), so I know you guys will appreciate some of the hilarious reactions to the Red Wedding...

Jun 4, 2013 - Here's what happened in the stock/bond markets last week

Stock Market Analysis

Last week stocks took a bad tumble toward the end of the week, when the last hour or two saw near-panic trading . Among common stocks, nearly five times as many stocks declined as advanced. Daily volume rose to the highest in the week. New lows outnumbered new highs by a 5 to 1 ratio. Declining prices near the close, on higher volume, is a strong warning feature which suggests that demand for stocks is at least temporarily filled. Almost every domestic index declined last week, with utility stocks leading the decline for a 3.4% weekly plunge. Telecommunication and consumer staple stocks were also hard hit--they had previously led advances and might have been considered to be over stretched.

$2,300 for rent for analyst?

What do you guys think of an apartment for an analyst that costs $2,300 / month? I don't know anyone in the city, so I can't have a roommate - and the idea of a random roommate...

Comprehensive style inquiry for Summer Associate

Hey everybody,

I've read plenty of posts regarding one or the other, but there are a lot of answers pertaining to analyst roles, and they tend to differ a little bit. I realize I'll be relying on analysts who know what they're doing this summer, and that I'll be annoying the sh!t out of them (since I'll be very fresh into the world of IB), so I'd be very hesitant to think an associate really can dress much differently from an analyst.. But in any case, I have some questions I'd like answered, please.

Is trading in fact "dead"?

Seeing these threads on WSO and the comments basically saying that the trading industry is contradicting, and will be pretty much "nowhere" in ten years time (compared to other industries) with these kind of regulations I am getting more and more unsure if I really want to pursue a career in trading .

Also several people advised me to get into programming, tho that's something I would really not keen on doing/learning, not to mention that I am about to start an Economics degree (no minors here in the UK).

So what do you guys think about the S&T industry, and also if you could elaborate on which desk would be appropriate for someone who got basically no knowledge/passion for programming that would be great.


How did the CFA exam go for you?

So how'd it go? Feel confident that you passed?

Any surprises? Any interesting stories (ie somebody fainting)?

Anything you wish you had studied up more on (or...

Juggling Multiple Interview Processes / Offers

Afternoon all, I am jumping the gun here, but I feel its necessary to think this through.

I'm currently in three lateral processes from a fund to potentially a bank and...

Horns, Hats and Whistles.

A long time ago I remember the senior VP talking about some mining guy who had made a fortune and was broke. In case you were wondering, this is a common occurrence in the...

WSO Conference 2013: Reason #25 To Join Us

There are 25 days remaining until the conference (June 29th) and each day we'll be listing off another reason for why you purchase a ticket (if you haven't already).

Reason #25: Jared Dillian will be the keynote speaker. He is the author of Street Freak (named the #1 business book by Bloomberg Newsweek in 2011), former head ETF trader at Lehman Brothers and current editor of investor newsletter, The Daily Dirtnap.

The Hindenburg Is Back - Play The VIX?

We might see some slop in the market today, because our old pal The Hindenburg Omen made another appearance before the close on Friday, sending the Dow down a healthy 208...

Difficulty of getting UNPAID IB internship

Hi, I am currently recent graduate from the university of (virginia,michigan,north carolina) caliber school. From networking I was able to secure an unpaid IB internship in LA...

Read 500 Pages Per Day

Investors are constantly looking for nuggets of wisdom from the Oracle of Omaha, Warren Buffett , so this tidbit on caught our eye.
It's just one quote...

The Buy Side: A Wall Street Trader's Tale of Spectacular Excess

Whats up monkeys, another frustrated CFA candidate here wasting time while cramming for judgment day. Not sure if this was already brought up but check out this new book about...

WSO Conference 2013: Reason #27 To Join Us

There are 27 days remaining until the conference (June 29th) and each day we're we'll be listing off another reason for why you purchase a ticket (if you haven't already).

Reason #27: As an attendee you'll receive 1 Free Year of Boost Pro from Wall Street Prep ($199 value)
Boost Pro is an all-in-one suite of time-saving tools designed for people who build financial models in Excel

Forbes: Finance Jobs Moving From Wall Street?

I came across this Forbes column this morning that obviously caught my attention: The Cities That Are Stealing Finance Jobs From Wall Street. The author claims that NY fell...

Q&A With a Buy Side Analyst at Real Estate Investment & Development Firm

Hi Everyone,

I read a lot of these forums a couple years back and they helped considerably in terms of realistic expectations about day to day life as an analyst. I was...

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