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How to Financially Prepare for Business School in 2 Years

Hello WSO,

I have been accepted to a deferred MBA program, and I begin in 2 years. Besides saving a portion of my income, what actions should I take to afford B school...

Pricing Power of the TI-83 Plus

For many of us in United States, the TI-83 Plus is the quintessential (pre-college) calculator . It was required for many classes (e.g. AP Calculus) and the $100+ price tag 10...

New WSO Reply & Comment Structure / System

Ok, the next iteration in our attempt to improve the WSO UI is here.

We have now made it so when you are replying to a comment, the comment box appear immediately below the comment you are replying to. Additionally, after you post a reply to a comment, your comment will have a small tab in the upper left corner that says "In reply to [username]" so that people know what comment you are replying to.

Based on user feedback, we kept the chronological order of the comments and did not use any indentation. Another cool feature we will bring live soon is making that small reply tab actually slides up to reveal what you are replying to, instead of linking / jumping you back up the page.

In other words,

1. No new page when you are reply

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WSO Conference 2013: Reason #11 To Join Us

There are 11 days remaining until the conference (June 29th) and each day we'll be listing off another reason for why you should join us at the conference.

Reason #11...

Probably the Worst Idea in Human History

I thought I'd take a break from finance related stuff today to give you guys the heads up that you should get your affairs in order because the human race doesn't have much...

Time to get a job! - Daily Coldcall Log (and 7 month update from bad depression)

Hey again WSO,

I'm not sure many of you will remember me but I posted this thread ( ) back in November '12. I can't even begin to believe it's been over 6 months.

Anyway as an update, I'm still unemployed but have started receiving federal unemployment. I finally asked for some help from my dad at the beginning of the year because the living situation with my mom had pushed me to the brink (severely depressed living with a severely depressed, bad news). I have since moved into his girlfriends townhome.

Hall of Fame Con Men: Mark Morze – Part 2 of 2

( If you missed Part 1, you can find it here )

So, what about the CFO of ZZZZ Best? In part one I wrote about the headlines that many may have seen in any business or...

Should You Learn Mandarin? Probably Not.

Let me preface this by saying that I think learning multiple languages is one of the most important skills a person can develop in life. I myself know a few, and can get by in...

Part II: So You Want To Be A Derivatives Trader?

If you enjoyed last week's post's Part II! Straight from the Banking Blog about a 20-something derivatives trader who worked for a MM firm in a small European...

WSO Conference 2013: Reason #12 To Join Us

There are 12 days remaining until the conference (June 29th) and each day we'll be listing off another reason for why you should join us at the conference.

Reason #12...

How do people in IBD manage their stress? and a life balance?

Repeating Excel stuffs..
Trying to make a pitch book more beautiful..
Few days without working late nights..
Getting pressures from either a boss or VPs..

I'm wondering how do the people in IBD manage such a lot of stress.
There of course, is several compensations including a strong will for promotion, relatively high salary, respect from other people, and (maybe) interest for his/her job..
But considering the lack of time, it seems that IBD people are impossible to do other things for their own lives. I don't think the compensations listed above can help bankers get rid of their stress completely. Is their other way that IBD bankers relieve their stress?
And besides, how can they live without a balance on their lives?

How would you Invest £10million?


I have an upcoming interview and have been asked to prepare a presentation on the the above question.

Bearing in mind that the company has a long term...

Dubai Investment Banking - High school senior

Hello, I am new to this forum and this is my first post.
I am currently a high school senior and aspiring investment banker living in the middle east and hoping to work in Dubai.
I have a few questions:

1) How is the economy doing in Dubai and is it a good idea to go into IB there in the next 5 years because I heard a lot of BB firms are firing employees there.

2) What are the all-in compensations for the different positions from analyst to MD at BBs there?

3) Are there a lot of applicants for summer internships there and is it hard to land one?

4) How do the working hours / lifestyle compare to NYC's? Do you work as many hours?

Thanks in advance for any answers!

Is BC Carroll the real deal?

I'm attending BC 's Carroll School next year and am trying to understand the reputation of Carroll students in IBD , and other competitive positions, now as compared to the...

WSO Conference 2013: Reason #13 To Join Us

There are 13 days remaining until the conference (June 29th) and each day we'll be listing off another reason for why you should join us at the conference.

Reason #13...

Come On and Take a Free Ride

Mod Note: Blast from the Past - "Best of Eddie" - This one is from June 2011.

Freeriding : The illegal activity of buying a stock and selling it before paying for the...

Recommend a Phone? iPhone? Samsung Galaxy? Blackberry?

I'm thinking of replacing my phone "iPhone 4" now that the time limit is up and am thinking what phone to get. So far my list (not in any specific order):

1. Samsung...

WSO Weekly Wrap-Up 06/08-06/14

In case you missed them, here's some of last week's most popular topics:

How WSO Has Enhanced My IB/PE Career

I randomly discovered WSO...

Fun Things I Discovered While Perusing the Compensation Database

So, I've taken some time to peruse through WSO's 2013 Compensation Database , and it's honestly awesome. I've been on WSO for a while, from my time as a bright-eyed undergrad...

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