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Guy Kawasaki Rocks Berkeley

I've been meaning to post this for the entrepreneur monkeys since I first saw it three weeks ago. This is a dynamite (and hilarious) presentation by Guy Kawasaki at the...

Gift for Boss?

Hi everyone,

In the next month I will be concluding my internship at a boutique AM . I worked closely with the CEO of the firm and developed a good relationship with...

How I got a 770 on the GMAT with minimal effort while working banking hours

Moderator note (Andy): this was originally posted on 5/17/12, Here is the link to his study guide

Background: I recently took the GMAT and scored a 770 on my first and only try. Long story short, I studied and took the exam under conditions that would not be considered ideal by most people. I work 80+ hours a week and pull all-nighters relatively frequently (which led to a lot of days off from studying). If you are interested in taking the exam, or simply in hearing about my experience, please read on.

Here is what you will need and the process of how to do it:

Manhattan GMAT book series (8 books total - 5 quant, 3 verbal)

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Apr 9, 2013 - What happened in the stock/bond markets last week?

From James Investment Research, Inc

Stock Market Analysis 4/1 to 4/5

Conclusions: The market fell last week. We haven't said that very much this year but it's...

How to not suck at phone interviews

I've conducted hundreds of phone interviews, more than i'd like to count. here's some advice i'd like to pass along, some of it (most of it) is pretty common sense, but i still...

Fed Policy Is Contractionary

You hear it all the time, maybe even every day: the Fed's never-ending quantitative easing program led by $85 billion per month in asset purchases, will eventually cause hyperinflation.

This will eventually lead to a devaluation of the dollar, skyrocketing prices for everyday goods, and death, destruction and doom of all kinds. Some very smart people subscribe to this, including many that WSO admires: Peter Schiff. Jim Rogers. Kyle Bass.

But here's what's probably driving them all nuts: despite no signs of letup from the Fed, inflation remains quite historically low, well within the 2% y/y benchmark sought by that institution.

New Stanford Startup, "Clinkle" Could Be a Game Changer...

In one of the largest exoduses from Stanford University's computer-science programs, more than a dozen students have left to launch a startup called Clinkle Corp. that aims to let other students--and eventually anyone--use their mobile devices to pay for goods and services.

Several professors also are funding and advising the company, in what may be the epitome of a Stanford-fueled startup.

Clinkle, which has been operating secretly for the past two years while many of the students, including founder Lucas Duplan, pursued degrees, is hiring quickly and now has about 30 employees. Mr. Duplan has raised money--he won't say how much--from early-stage-startup investors but declines to name all of them.

Advanced Accounting & Modeling Topics (April 9, 11 & 16, Boston, Evenings)

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Live Seminar Highlights:

April 9, 2013 - 5:30pm to 8:30pm
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NFL Cornerback Domonique Foxworth to be part of HBS '15 - with a 570 GMAT

So, Veritas Prep just blabbed about the 570 GMAT-er who got into HBS being a client of theirs. They also oh-so-helpfully posted a bunch of information about this client being an elite-level athlete with >20,000 Twitter followers, and now everyone knows that the gentleman in question is none other than former Bronco/Falcon/Raven Domonique Foxworth.

Dude's GMAT is obviously far from stellar, and his work experience has mostly involved smashing into other people. That said, his experience also included a lot of teamwork, leadership, and hard work, plus his college academic record was apparently pretty solid. Decent enough to prove that he's no bumbling fool.


What Is Legal Tender?

As many of you know, I'm working on a series about BitCoin and my research is fast approaching adequate to produce a book-length exposition on the subject. I'm doing my best to...

Losing weight - efficient and fast way to do it?

So I'm in a struggle right now. I've put on a lot of weight of late (easy 110kg) and I'm desperate to lose it for the summer. Obviously I will join a gym once I have sorted out...

JCP CEO Johnson is out

I beat myself up for not buying call options on this stock about a month and a half back when i started looking into JCP more

Recent news a few minutes ago show that ex-Apple retail guru Johnson has just been removed as CEO and ex-CEO Mike Ulman has returned


So what do you guys think (for those that have been following this attempted retail turn around)? Should Johnson have stayed longer? Retail is known to be notorious for how long it takes for a big turnaround and JCP was no exception. Should they have left him in for another 6-12 months?

Note- Ackman (also chairman of the board) hand selected this guy from Apple since his HF has like 16% i think ownership...

Are Hedge Funds Too Big to Outperform?

Given that hedge fund assets are 8-10% as large as mutual fund assets , is the asset class too big to outperform?


7 Indispensable Rules For Traders

As a trader, one of the things I like to do is take notes on trading observations, both trade specific and trader specific. I was flipping through some of my notes and wanted...

Can You Be Limitless?

Admittedly late to the game on this BUT, much has been written around the interwebs (including an old forum post on this site back from 2008) of mental stimulants and miracle drugs capable of turning your average state schooler with a middling GPA into the next techno-wunderkind but one I want to focus on today is a drug called Modafinil. This posting on Tech Crunch from a few years ago touches on the subject of this drug (under its prescription name Provigil) as being the Silicon Valley entrepreneur drug of choice. But is it all it's cracked up to be? And just how good/dangerous is this stuff?

The Week Ahead : April 8th to April 12th

Hello fellow monkeys !

After what has been called a disappointing week ending with poor jobs and payroll reports, some argue that the bull market is running out of...

Counting Pennies

Stock exchanges derive revenue from a variety of sources, one such source is transaction charges or the rebate system. This incentive based transaction model is an important...

The Most Bullish Article I've Read This Cycle

State-Wrecked: The Corruption of Capitalism in America was a nice lunch read today. Written by David Stockman, former congressman and Reagan's budget director from 1981 to 1985,...

Do Microfinance Opportunities Provide Anything Valuable?

Students are constantly working to distinguish themselves from their peers in order to land that coveted entry level position at an Investment Bank, conducting Equity Research...

A man trying to keep it together while his life falls apart...

Hey guys,

Apologies for the long post but I think it's worth a read or so I hope..

I'm trying to get a job in trading (ideally FX). I have two summer...

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