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Mod Note (Andy): To become a social chair email me Andy@wallstreetoasis.com or send me a pm (AndyLouis) and I'll get you more info. The cities we most need the help are: SF,...

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Faber: AAPL Could Go Bust

Just so you guys don't think I'm talking my book this week, I can disclose with a breath of relief that I am no longer long AAPL. It took me the better part of two years to...

Rule #1 From The Corner Office: Work Hard. Don't Give Up.

One of my favorite sections of the New York Times is a segment called Corner Office, which is a series of interviews of corporate executives (generally) conducted, abridged,...

Interview w/ Engineer turned 2nd Year PE Analyst

Mod note (Andy): Very happy to introduce to you this eve our newest blogger Singapore Sling. He worked in Australia for 3 years as an engineer before moving to finance in...

What Google's New TOS Means to You

(disclosure: I'm long GOOG)

If you're like most (read:all) people, then you spend about as much time reading Terms of Service agreements as you do flossing your...

Oct 15, 2013 - The Stock and Bond Market Analyses

Stock Market Analysis

Conclusions: Stocks enjoyed another stronger but volatile week in the wake of debt ceiling negotiations and healthcare wrangling. This probably didn't help American's perceptions of Congress as according to Gallup, Congress has the worst approval rating of any institution since 1973. The S&P 500 Index was higher on the week gaining 0.81% while the smaller companies of the Russell 2000 Index advanced 0.58%.

Do I need ____ math for finance?

I'm tired of seeing posts (especially in the trading forums) asking whether or not "I should study XYZ quantitative major" to have a shot in finance, and I'm guessing I'm not...

Patience is a Virtue, but it Might Cost You a Deal

When you are buying land, whether it be raw farmland or a busted development, you have to keep in mind that you are not buying the rolling terrain, the majestic views, or the...

WTF Detroit? Cadillac ELR vs. Tesla Model S

(disclosure: I'm long TSLA)

I don't think GM is even trying anymore. Just when you think a company can't get any more bloated or innovate any less, GM manages to lower...

Twitter IPO: Why a good trade be a bad investment (or vice versa)?

In my last post , I valued Twitter at about $10 billion. I made a ton of assumptions to get to that value and I argued that changing those assumptions could give you a different...

How to declare as a summer analyst candidate?

I networked my ass off this summer during my M&A internship in Atlanta, but it seems like I missed out on FT recruitment for the BBs and elite boutiques. I haven't officially been rejected, but as it is now the middle of October, I don't think my chances are too good. My backup plan has always been to pursue a MSF at one of the top programs as my candidate profile matches or exceeds most programs outside of MIT with its math requirements.

How should I go about declaring as a summer analyst applicant instead of FT? I plan on shooting out a round of emails to the guys that submitted my resume for FT to let them know my plan on Monday then after speaking with them, emailing a recruiter at each bank to ask how I should proceed.

Perfection on Superday

Would you say perfection is necessary to receive an offer? I know this can depend on a lot of things, but was hoping to hear some stories.

Why Being Fit in the Real World is Difficult

What's good, WSO? I have been traveling a good bit lately and incredibly busy at work, so I apologize for being a bit absentee. To those of you who PM'ed me, I'm going to get back to you soon. I also have some quality stuff lined up including how to better interact with CEOs as a broker and a discussion on the recent financing deals with CRE companies, but alas - the real world calls and things have to be pushed back a bit.

That's a decent enough transition into the following, which took a lot less prep time but is probably effecting a lot of you out there. Yes, it's a repost again, but things getting pushed back due to business and laziness is its main topic:

How Much is Enough? The Land of Milk and Honey, Angels and Money

A great new piece in The New Yorker (by Nathan Heller) came out a day or two ago, titled How San Francisco's New Entrepreneurial Culture is Changing the Country. While the...

1st Year HF Analyst taking questions

Just finished up a couple very long weeks at work and am feeling pretty generous at the moment. So, a little bit about me:

- Non-target former varsity athlete/captain...

Weird/Inappropriate Interview Questions

My buddy had an interview the other day and he was asked some weird interview questions about his ethnic background and his country of origination, his religion, several...

The Decline of Wharton

Looks like H, S >> W. You know things are bad when soft skillets are choosing Tuck and Anderson over Wharton.

Wharton says the decline, combined with a...

Beats Worth Over $1 Billion

Wow. Remember all the hate Beats by Dre got on WSO when they first came out? Only an idiot would pay that for headphones. There's no way they're going to sell any at that price...

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