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Fired from prestigious consulting firm - been unemployed for 6 months - HELP

First a little about me.

I graduated with a liberal arts major and a high GPA from a 'target' school in 2011. Shortly thereafter I began working at a small strategy consulting firm in NY (V50 firm).

After 1 year at this job, I was told I had to leave due to 'poor performance' and was forced to resign, albeit in good standing.

This literally blindsided me, as I had great rapport with my colleagues and loved my job. I think part of my firing had to do with the fact that there was not a lot of work and a new crop of analysts coming in, but I'm not entirely sure.

Fast forward 6 months later and I still haven't been able to find a job.

I need help with the following:

Interview with the Head of Equity Derivatives Sales - (Part 1/2)

The following is an interview I did with the Head of Equity Derivatives Sales at a bank in the UK:

What is your job title?

I work in Flow Equity Derivatives.


Economic Growth Through Central Banks and Gold Investment

Quantitative easing and low interest rates have become fundamental practices of the Federal Reserve, yet for the common American these practices are destroying their capital....

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Managed futures, CTAs and trend-following

It is no secret that hedge funds have been all the rage in the past decade, epitomized perhaps by this 2005 article in nymag dubbed "Get Richest Quickest." From Dan Loeb's heated...

“This is what happens, Larry.”

They call Los Angeles the "City of Angels", I don't think Standard & Poor's is finding it to be that exactly. As you all probably know by now, the Department of Justice...

What Kind of Banker Should You Be

I searched the site to see if this has already been posted, didn't see anything.

Net effect, follow the link, answer the questions and GS will tell you where your...

Who Should Play the Next Halftime Show?

The halftime show is a grand Super Bowl pastime, notwithstanding a few complete flops over the years. Much like the commercials that some people make a sport out of viewing, the halftime has grown to the point where the spectacle sometimes overtakes the game itself in importance (in the minds of some).

For example, a lot of folks only remember the 2003 Super Bowl for Janet Jackson's infamous "wardrobe malfunction," but the game itself between the New England Patriots and the Carolina Panthers was one of the best-played Super Bowl games ever.

It's official: Dell going private

Michael Dell and Silverlake announce $24.4bn deal @ $13.65/share (25% premium to $10.88 close on 1/11/13). 45 day go-shop available.

MSFT to contribute $2bn loan....

Is VIX the Play for 2013?

I remember the summer of 1998 when crude oil was putting in new lows almost daily. At one point it went below $12 a barrel , which is roughly what it cost at the time to pull...

Netflix Cutting the Cord

I'm obsessed with Netflix. Not the stock, but the product itself. Frankly I find myself throwing it on even in the background sometimes while doing random work on weekends or something like that, just for noise that is different than music. Saw this gem in the FT today regarding Netflix.

There is one crucial difference between the series and other expensively produced TV shows featuring A-list film talent more familiar to audiences from their appearances on the big screen. House of Cards , a US political drama, will be aired only on Netflix, the subscription video service, and all 13 episodes will be made available simultaneously around the world Friday.

Make 30K or more as a SA

I made just under 35K this summer working as a SA. Here's the reason why, and why most SA's get paid less than they should.

1. Internship compensation laws vary by...

Is Facebook Use Declining in North America?

Before anyone gets their panties in a bunch, this post is meant mainly to ask the question: is Facebook still actually gaining new users? And if so, how many of those are...

For-Profit Company Seeks Social Change

When I was in college, there always seemed to be a select group of people who eschewed finance and tech positions to work for non-profits. In fact, any sort of "non-profit"...

Connect For A Cause Launches Nationally

You guys might remember a series I did a year ago about the Launchpad start-up accelerator in New Orleans and some of the companies that were coming out of their IGNITION...

Frustrated With Corporate Banking


I have been working at a regional corporate bank (as a corporate credit analyst) for almost 2 years now (first job out of UG).

Work on corporate...

Can The Big Game Predict Big Profits For Wall Street?

When it comes the Super Bowl, everybody has their traditions. Whether it's making a favorite homemade dip, a gathering of friends at a particular sport's bar, or just simply...

Bad bonus season at BB - move to elite / MM?

Hey guys,

Sr associate in strong group at CS /Barc/ BAML / Citi (with focus on M&A) and hearing bonus season won't be so hot so debating leaving for elite boutique like EVR/GHL or MM shop like Lincoln/Harris.

Question: how often is this move made from BB to elite / MM? And how do you go about doing this without getting caught and bent over by your MD? I like the job, the group (great culture, analysts), and the hours aren't bad. Knowing that I could make more elsewhere assuming all else is the same is making me seriously consider a move.

Appreciate the insight. And please don't ask me what bank or group I'm in or about comp at BB 's (variable, but regrettably lower than previous years).

What I Would Do At Davos

Ah, Davos.

The ultra-exclusive gathering of the world's great movers, shakers, and decision makers, where the world's problems are discussed and solutions proposed. The CEOs and heads of international bodies are bundled up in their winter gear, and the security is top-notch--like a real-life "For Your Eyes Only."

Cynics and detractors will say that Davos is irrelevant, an empty show of largesse and a whole bunch of talk and little to no action taken. I'm sure the masked protestors ringing the place would agree on some level. "You can't have a democracy without dialogue," one attendee offers.

It got me to thinking, "If I was there, what would I want to talk about?"

Financial and Valuation Modeling Boot Camp (Boston - Evening)

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What are the best Excel practices?

From Quora, the OP asked the following question:

What are the best practices when modelling in Excel ?
I have purposefully left the question open but feel free to leave advice for specific types of modelling

Arnav Guleria, Trader Gone Rogue, had this top voted answer:

I draw from Excel experience in M&A modelling, debt modelling, PE modelling, venture equity/convertible/debt modelling, portfolio engineering, and equity valuation modelling. These best practices apply mostly in finance (banking, PE/VC, and trading ).
WallStreet Prep Master Financial Modeling