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Ask Me Anything: I'm a Physical Energy Trader

I am currently a physical energy trader at a major firm. I studied business and economics and did various internships through college one was with my current firm in a...

Working in the Entertainment Industry

So I've been meaning to do a post about this for a while now but I've always found more "fun" things to write about instead. Then I came across this great reply by Alex Chu...

38 Studios & Rhode Island's VC Nightmare

Afternoon Monkeys,

Any Red Sox fans here on WSO? How about MMORPG fans? Maybe there's some fans of government sponsored VC failure? Well, if you inexplicably landed in...

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Day in the Life: Commercial Real Estate Head Research Analyst

Day in the Life: Commercial Real Estate Head Research Analyst

Since I will no longer be a senior analyst by the end of this month, I figured I'd do one of these for my...

Would You Wear a Shirt for 100 Days Without Washing It?

I have a confession to make. I am a Kickstarter addict . To me Kickstarter embodies everything that is simple and beautiful about the free market. If you have a good idea and...

For the Quants: Quantopian

Thought it's time to show some Quant love around here, I got forwarded this little resource here, and decided to present back over here in WSO.

Anyway, is a community algorithmic trading platform for your browser for all you in Quantitive finance to utilize, I quote from their site:

Backtest your algorithm, for free, against our 10-year history of minute-level stock data.

Compare your algorithm to a benchmark, and review the algorithm's results and risk metrics.

Plus, all those concerned about the security and confidentiality of the results and work pumped out Quantopian promises to protect any content you upload as your intellectual property. Your algorithms are kept private, if chosen to be so .

American Workers & Mathematics - How Much Do You Use?

Over at The Atlantic, Jordan Weissmann summarizes a study done by Northeastern University sociologist, Michael Handel, in an article titled Here's How Little Math Americans...

Lazard Analysts Given ENTIRE Weekend Off

This stunning footage was taken moments after Lazard brass announced an unprecedented entire weekend off for their analysts after a grueling 23-day back-to-back string of all-...

PE Insider List of PE Headhunters

Attached is an older (2009) list of PE Headhunters, it could be useful for those that wish to enter the industry.

HBS versus Stanford GSB, cant decide

Hello everybody! I have gotten into the lucky predicament of deciding between Stanford and HBS and have to decide this week. I honestly can't decide between the two.


Gold Miners - Value Traps in Waiting?

When searching for investment ideas, one thing that seems to work is the search for the weak hand. Relatively uninformed investors, or simply those who are making non-economic...

McDonald's Hamburger University - Higher Employment & More Exclusive than All Top MBA Programs

McDonald's Hamburger University - Higher Employment Stats & More Exclusive than All Top MBA Programs Except Stanford

The Economist released an article on Saturday...

Eurozone Unemployment Tops 12%

My kids are on spring break for the next couple weeks and I was walking them to the park yesterday afternoon when I was suddenly surrounded by riot cops and TV cameras....

Apr 30, 2013 - Here's what happened in the stock/bond markets last week

Stock Market Analysis 4/22 - 4/26

Conclusions: The market rose nicely with the Dow advancing 1.1 percent and the small cap Russell 2000 jumping 2.5 percent. The advance was confirmed with three times as many stocks rising as falling and about 500 more stocks hitting new highs as new lows. While new highs may show the market having been on extended run, market breadth is comforting.

Getting extra time on the GMAT

I imagine the GMAT is, by law, required to grant extended time to those who can prove they have some sort of learning disability.

Has anyone done this, and if so, how involved a process is it to apply for/qualify for extended time (I was diagnosed with ADHD in elementary school and have struggled with it my entire life).

Also, I have read that your score is denoted with an asterisk if you take extra time. Any idea how b-school admissions offices view that?

Winners of Pershing Square Challenge 2013 -Hertz (HTZ)

Columbia Business School held this year's 6th Pershing Square Challenge. The winning team got $100k.

This year's panel of judges included: Bill Ackman (Pershing Square), AJ Agarwal ( Blackstone Group), Craig Effron (Scoggin Capital), Mchael Gerstner (MSD Capital), Paul Hilal (Pershing Square), Philip Hilal ( Kingdon Capital ), Alex Klabin (Senator Investment Group), Dahlia Loeb (Kensai Asset Management), Mick McGuire (Marcato Capital), Billy Rahm (Centerbridge), Jonathan Schwartz (Seneca Capital Investment Partners), and Whitney Tilson (Kase Capital).

WSO Conference 2013 Annoucement - Josh Rosenbaum will be a speaker

We are pleased to announce that Josh Rosenbaum , MD at UBS and author of Investment Banking: Valuation, Leveraged Buyouts, and Mergers and Acquisitions , will be speaking again...

MD at top HF invited me to have dinner...should I go?

I started to do some kinda networking these days and went to few events. And at one event I met a guy who is a MD at one of top HFs and we talked for a while. I thought it went...

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