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Bank of America Twitter Flop

Brands are supposed to use social media to show their human side, but apparently Bank of America - and the alleged humans that run its customer service Twitter feed - missed that memo.

Now it's not just the clueless activist events leading up to this that were hilarious, but the actual responses by Bank of America.

When New Jersey resident Mark Hamilton wrote an anti-foreclosure message in chalk on the sidewalk in front of a Manhattan Bank of America branch, he was told to leave by cops. So he took to Twitter: "Just got chased away by #NYPD 4 'obstructing sidewalk'." he tweeted under his handle @darthmarkh. (darthmarkh? really man?)

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How Ivies Brainwash HS Students Into College Zombies

Like Kyle Massey's cancer, it's a hoax to believe the ONLY ticket to WS or any great business success is an Ivy degree. It seems that some monkeys out there have been brainwashed & zombified into thinking this way, thanks in part to their glaring brands, ominous prestige, and flawed rankings. However, this post will show you why you're dead WRONG! Read on to find out the three secrets [and then some] on how you can achieve greatness and save some green without them...

What did you do for money in college?

I ran into a similar post on this website about a year ago but I'm sure it's dead and the search engine on this page isn't the best.

Anyways, as a current unpaid intern I have to start thinking about what I'm going to do for money while in school in a couple of months. What I'm more interested in though is what some of you guys did to afford your weekends in college, even those that had to pay their way through school.

Any input is appreciated. Thanks!

40 yo new MBA with non-financial work history

Can I break into IB? What would I have to do? What would you recommend? What are my other options in finance that might make sense (that also pay very well)?

Here's my full story:

Background is highly non-traditional. I want the real skinny, so I'll give you the real breakdown:
1. Prep School, near top of class, went to top West Coast university undergrad. (my prep school has a great network and lots of grads in all aspects of finance, so that's one potential asset).
2. Decided I wanted to pursue art and dropped out (oh no!!!).
3. Spent many years doing unrelated "day jobs" in various industries while pursuing art, which didn't turn lucrative.
4. Had a family, started getting serious about a "real" paycheck. Finished undergrad at non-target college.

Forex Crisis, QE, Bitcoin and a single global currency...... A history of money

I came across an interesting infographic recently that I wanted to share here. Starting with a history of currency crises over the last two decades and ending with an analysis of a global currency future....

The Encierro, Party Gravy, and Lost Youth

I can't believe I waited as long as I did to run with the bulls. It's something I've wanted to do for at least 20 years and just never got to it until now, and that's a mistake you should avoid. The Festival San Fermin is like no other I've taken part in, and it will be an annual pilgrimage for me henceforth. In fact, I might even hang a shingle as a bull-running tour guide. More on that later.

I had a ton of misconceptions going into my first encierro (the Spanish word for Running of the Bulls). You can't help it; you watch the YouTube videos, you hear stories from people who've done it before, you endure hundreds of friends, family, and even people you don't know telling you how crazy it is to even think about it, and when you finally do it you are completely disoriented, probably a little drunk, and you have no idea what to really expect.

A good CFO

There are a bunch of reports and surveys out there on what constitutes a good CFO, but they're usually too generals or cover large cap companies.

If we're talking about a $15m to $20m revenues company (slightly profitable, but could do a lot better), what would you say makes a great CFO? Basically, how do you become more than just the number guy without micro-managing?

Inherited 30k, advice needed.

As the title states, I was left 30k my Great Aunt Millie, and I'd like some advice on what to do with it investment-wise.

Some information:

No student loans
No car
No debts at all

I just started my first job, and make 80k/year. I live in a high COL city, and so anticipate being able to save about 20k/year as well.

Edit: Thanks everyone for your responses, I bought into two funds I appreciate the help.

Day in the Life of an Options Trader

5:45 - early rise, whichever desk you end up on you are most likely going to be waking up around this time. Adjust your sleeping habits accordingly or suffer for most of the day.

6:30 - Arrive on the desk, market opens in 90 minutes so its really a countdown from here. 20 minutes is spent just turning on all the systems, with 4 computers and basically each running 10-15 different applications this is quite time consuming. Its inevitable, but you will every morning forget to log in into one crucial system and realize at the worst absolute moment.

6:50 - Start reading various new sources, generally FT, Bloomberg, City AM, and then the internal research that comes out. Finish off with a couple broker chats.

7:15 - look at the largest positions on the book and try to come up with a rough game plan for the day. I generally like to make a list of risks I don't like, in order of priority, and then work down the list throughout the day. You want to make sure you know the biggest risks in every category (ie gamma, vega, delta, decay, skew, div).

WSO Weekly Wrap-Up 07/06 - 07/12

In case you missed them, here's some of last week's most popular topics:

Accounting vs IB Career Paths

In this 4 part series I'll be covering in depth the differences between a typical career in accounting starting in (Big 4) public accounting, and a typical career in finance starting in investment banking.

Algo/Derivs Trader, AMA

I've been lurking WSO since I was in college in order to figure out what I wanted to do, but didn't really participate that much in discussion until after I graduated. Now that my career is at a more stable point, I've decided to get more involved in WSO and help out the community in any way I can.


Don't you just love when you put a lot of work into something, and your superiors act like they were the brains and brawn behind the whole operation while you just idiotically pushed buttons?

Stand out as a Non-Target Part 3/4

What Career Advice Will You Give Your Kids?

On WSO, we're frequently presented with a given career situation. For example,

"I'm a senior in high school and I want to be a banker - which school is better?"

"I'm a rising sophomore at a nontarget - which internship should I try for?"

"I'm two years out of college and in a back office position - what should my exit strategy be?"

But what if you could start all the way back at the beginning, when your kids are starting high school and beginning to consider their career? What advice would you give them? Here's what I would say:

1) Start building your extracurriculars from day one of high school.