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Boston for a week, the City for a day, what do you guys recommend?

Hey guys, school was let out down here in the SE, for the hurricane, I'm flying to Boston to see some of my buds that graduated and go to school there now.

Do you guys...

Ever feel like you’re stuck in PE?

Second worst feeling ever with the first being stuck in banking... so after a couple of years in banking, I managed to make the jump over to the buy-side. Currently at a MM PE...

Was Just Laid Off From My Buy-Side Position. What Now?

Hello, Today is my first day as being a member of Wall Street Oasis and this is my first post.

I was quite fortunate to enter the buy-side immediately after graduating...

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Do you still get paid while in flight? (Travel Time)

If a company requires you to travel...
1. Does the company pay for all the air expenses and hotels?
2. If you have a long flight on a plane, does the flight hours...

WSO Hedge Fund Resume Template for Professionals with Deal Experience is Released!

HF Resume Announcement: WSO has released a hedge fund resume template for Experienced Professionals with Deal Experience! :

Click here for the free investment banking...

Favorite sources for CRE news?

Hey, curious to see what news sources people like to use/read to stay up to date on happenings in CRE?


Is Deutsche Bank going under??

Seems like it. The company is trading at 24% of book value. Does anyone know what their loan portfolio looks like. Obviously the market isnt buying their value.

Wells Fargo 2017 SA

Anyone else have a first round today? Just wanted to create a thread for everyone that's going through the process

Wells Fargo, Morgan Stanley,... Who's Next?

John Stumpf being grilled by Congress for 4 hours is old news.

Now it's Morgan Stanley 's turn.

"Massachusetts officials have charged Morgan Stanley with...

2016 APD/ADC MBB Full Time Recruiting Updates

Hey guys,

Thought I'd start another thread for those of us APDs/ADCs (read: spent too many years in school) who are applying for full time positions either earlier this...

Senior Process Improvement & Strategic Auditor * 2 Years in Audit = Business Facing Role

Login to Start Application

Join a department created to be the talent pool for the finance and accounting organization. The company is #1 in the country in their space and a lot of growth ahead. The Chief Audit Executive is ONE of a kind and is known across the country for sustaining an A Player culture and being the key source of talent to the Finance & Accounting organization. No Career Auditors allowed per Chief Audit Exec. ** View the Infographic Attached to view the Client Culture **

This role does reside in Internal Audit, however, the work is less than 20% SOx AND most of the companies leaders will come from this department. Past Behavior Proves this to be True.

Role is in Chicago * Relocation Support *

Job Start Date: 
$80,000 -95,000 Base + 15% Bonus * Relocation
Support h1B Visas?: 
Job Type: 
Recruiter Posted

Easier Back Office Internships?

I'm trying to break into IBD for next summer. I heard that many people get BO internships at BB for their sophomore summer. Do you exactly get those positions? All the...

Real Estate Private Equity Technical Qs

So I have been offered an interview with a top real estate private equity firm but don't know much about the technical side of it.

How do you calculate FCF when looking...

Will Nintendo "One-Up" the markets?

Nintendo has had a year of ups and downs following the release of the internet sensation Pokemon Go app. While shares were initially up more than doubled after Pokemon Go's...

Travel Laptop for Work

I'm thinking of getting a travel laptop for work. About a year ago, I had purchased a lower-end and thinner Lenovo Thinkpad before thinking that it just needed enough computing...

New WSO Blogging Internship!

We are looking for several talented student writers / young professionals to contribute posts to WSO with the goal of raising the level of quality of content in our forums and...

Goldman Sachs Video Interview

Myself, and a few people I know of were invited to do the 15min video interviewers for Goldman Sach's IBD summer internship . However, I believe they are not interviews, but...

10/3/16 - Monday @Mentions

Happy Monday WSO!

Upcoming events:

The Cambridge Cyber Summit -- October 5, 2016 - MIT Kresge Auditorium , posted by .


Trust your GUT more than just a saying? At least that’s what the research implies…

Heard this interesting interview and thought I would share. Canadian neuroscientist and former Wall St trader John Coates' found that gut feeling is more than just a feeling...

Why would two identical properties sell for different prices?

Identical in the sense that they are located on the same block and have the same structure. Thanks for the help!

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