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Black Friday Suit Deals

Hi all, have any of you heard of any good suit deals this black friday? Looking to expand the wardrobe.


$1mm isn't what it used to be

Saw this on :

Being a millionaire is overrated, according to Visual Capitalist's Jeff Desjardins. The term itself has quite a few connotations, including...

Networking Over Thanksgiving?

What are your thoughts on sending networking emails over thanksgiving? Some have said it's a bad idea, but there are potentially benefits to doing so as well. People are...

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11/25/16 - WSO Weekly Wrap Up

Have a great Thanksgiving weekend. In case you missed them, here're some of last week's most popular topics:

Successful Blackmail Achieved
Post By @Fear The...

2017 Boutique IB SA Comp

Received an offer from a MM boutique for summer 2017. Comp is 66.3k prorated. Already signed, but just wondering if this is below street. Seems kind of low to me

Be a WSO Social Chair & Help Host WSO Meetups in Your City

We've been getting more events posted lately (Paris/Atlanta/NYC) so let's keep the momentum going!

We are looking for 1-2 WSO members in major cities across the world...

Confessions of a former second year IB Analyst

See the latest update below!

For reference, I finished my second year as an analyst in May 2016. I did M&A at one of the top EBs and work in one of the roughest...

AMA- Big 4 Audit to MM IB

Hi all,

Recently moved from Big 4 Audit to a top MM IB (Blair, Jeff, Baird , HL ) after 1.5 years in Audit. Willing to answer any questions about the process I used to...

Use Thanksgiving to Set 2017 Goals

For about the past 25 years, Thanksgiving weekend has been the four most important days of my year. Not only do I love everything about Thanksgiving (the food, the family and...

How To Admit Your Great Job Isn't Your Dream Job

What's the difference between a good life and a good job?

It might seem like a silly question. To a lot of people, having a good job is a big part of having a good life...

AMA - Analyst at $1.5B Endowment Fund

I have been reading WSO for a few years now and would like to give back and help out all of the younger readers on here. When I was going through the interview process for my...

Do you own a supercar?

Hi there,

Coming from Singapore where cars are priced incredibly high, where even a Toyota Corolla costs about 130k+ . I was wondering what kind of rides you guys are...

Advice on dealing with mild depression/zoning out

My apologies for the rambling but any advice would be sincerely appreciated.

I recently moved from a mega city to a middle-of-nowhere city mainly for my new job in corp...

Join the WSO Resume Review Team

We are looking to add several Resume Reviewers to the WSO Resume Review team.

Requirements: At least 1 year of professional experience in finance Previous experience...

Bye Bye TPP

Hi Guys,

It's official, trump is gonna scrap the TPP on his very first day of office.

What do you guys think about this? I understand the fears behind the Trans...

The Intellectual Yet Idiot

Must read article by Nassim Nicholas Taleb (link below):

The Intellectual Yet Idiot

What we have been seeing worldwide, from India to the UK to the US, is the...

Non-Target to MM IB: My Advice

Although I'm not as interesting as the Tibetan monk who realized his true passion is staring at Excel 18 hours a day, hopefully I can help a few monkeys find the golden/Goldman...

Where are Europe's highest consulting salaries?

I will be attending a top European MBA program in September and am pursuing consulting post-graduation. In order to understand the benefits / disadvantages of different...

Smart women?

Obviously you don't want to be dating someone who isn't smart as it would be a lot harder for you to relate to (I'm taking the assumption all of are somewhat intelligent) and...

Tesla Solar Roof could cost less than a regular roof

Elon Musk has once again made another big announcement upon the acquisition of a company. He stated that he believed that the Tesla Solar Roof will cost less than a regular...

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