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What do you guys think of Shkreli?

To say the least Martin Shkreli has been an interesting character over the past few years. Showing up to his congressional hearing and trolling the faces off of congressman....

As my username suggests, not sure what to do...

First year PE associate...rolled into PE without much of a break once I got done with my third year in banking. As my username suggests, I am fully burned out, and was fully...

6/13/16 - Monday @Mentions

Happy Monday WSO!

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Thoughts From a Former Navy SEAL

I can't answer if PE is the best job in the world but I can offer a little outside perspective that some may be interested in. Having spent the better part of the last decade...

Should I work my ass off for Magna Cum Laude?

Hello everyone, I'm currently a senior expecting to graduate under-grad in Spring 2017, and I'm facing the biggest dilemma of my life:
1) Work my ass off, and end up...

EURO 2016

Who else is watching Euro 2016? I am stoked, to be honest. Will watch as many matches as I can.

Who do you *want* to win vs who do you *think* will win?

Who I...

The PE career path

I'm trying to get a better gauge of the careers in and out of IB. While the 2 year stint in PE out of IB seems very lucrative/prestigious blah blah, it seems like most shops kick you out after 2 years and you're expected to go to bschool. Some questions surrounding this path:

1. What kind of shops allow you to continue in PE beyond 2 years, and how does that career progression look?

2. For the 2 IB/2 PE/ 2 bschool kids, what percentage of kids who want to come back to PE actually successfully make it back? Obviously there much fewer principals than analysts at PE firms, but then again, many ex-PE analysts don't want to stay in PE after bschool.

AMA: Former McKinsey EM

All, It has been awhile. I did an AMA quite a long time ago ( "Ask me anything: Project Leader/Engagement Manager/Case Team Leader at MBB" ) and predictably, a lot has changed...

Investment Banking for females - What is it like ?

Hi everyone,

I recently got interested in this as a possible career path. I did research on females in IB, but a lot of what I found was just about how horrible it is....

The Truth Behind PE Compensation

Hello World!

Compensation in the PE world can be a bit of a black box. I sometimes get approached by folks who are perplexed by their compensation packages at a middle...

Boss asked me to get coffee...

Such an intern cliche... So i'm interning for the summer at a small boutique and my boss's boss (md) and an associate were headed to a meeting with a client and he asked me to...

How do people afford to live in Manhattan?

If you look at the housing prices in Manhattan, it costs more than a whole average mortgage payment to rent and millions of dollars to buy. How can a normal person with a...

AMA: Went from S&T to Cap Markets to M&A to MF PE

I'm a long time user of WSO, and as the title says, I've had a pretty convoluted career path so far. I started off in S&T out of undergrad, and was on a prop desk that was...

Protected Friday Nights in IBD?

Yet another interesting piece of news regarding Credit Suisse and its revised firm rules. According to Reuters, CS has informed its bankers to leave work at 7 p.m on Friday...

Do you have hobbies?

The question is fairly straight forward. When I started in business school I noticed that most of the fund managers or PM's who would come talk repeated a similar refrain. It...

How Tech Beat Wall Street

In last Friday's Bonus Bananas one article stood out: it was the piece written by Bryan Goldberg entitled, " Young people are screwed... Here's how to survive ". The WSO...

Rewind - Hedge fund investment pitch: Key business and valuation variables + Q&A

In case you missed our May 11th webinar entitled Hedge fund investment pitch: Key business and valuation variables , have no fear. The full recording of the webinar will be...

June 11, 2016 - 8:00am to June 12, 2016 - 8:00am
Event type: 
WSO Webinar

VP Base BB

I'm moving from London to NYC in trading at a BB . Based on spot my new base is lower than my current. I want to know if I'm getting screwed. What is market for VP base in S...

Is Brazil Screwed?

With Brazil constantly headlining business news with uncertainty, there are a lot of questions being raised for the future.

There have been several positives being...

How Do You Deal With People That Can't Stand Wall Street?

Just for some background: I come from a low-middle class city in New York and I have friends from all backgrounds ranging from wealth to poverty. Because of this, I have been...

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