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WSO Investment Banking Resume Template for College Students Released to the Public!

Big Announcement: WSO Resume Template is Out in the Wild! :

Mod Note (Andy): If you're looking for our resume for experienced IB professionals or a private equity...

Best UK Universities for FO Investment Banking

Soon-to-be uni student here with a view to study economics and then hoping to go into the investment banking industry (classic). I want to put myself in the best possible...

MAC or PC Laptop?

Real estate peeps,

I heading to grad school in a few months and can't decide between a PC or a Mac. What do you guys think? I had a Macbook Air since after undergrad...

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5/16/16 - Monday @Mentions

Happy Monday WSO!

Upcoming events:

WSO Happy Hour - London: Wed, 5/18, 7pm , posted by @Asatar .

Upcoming webinar rewinds on the WSO Frontpage (...

How Far Can Hard Work Take You In Life?

I wanted to start a slightly philosophical discussion with WSO.

How far can hard work take you in life?

Hopefully some of the more experienced guys on WSO can...

PE perks

Hi all - I'm trying to get a sense from those on this forum who work in PE about the types of perks / benefits that most PE funds offer. Is it typical for most funds to provide...

Strange Success Story: from Philosophy Major to the Buy Side in 4 years

Technically this story starts in 2011. I was a philosophy major, planning to go pursue a PHD after undergrad and spend the rest of my life debating the Big Questions with old...

What is so bad about UBS?

It seems like UBS is an ongoing joke on this forum for being known as "the worst" of the bulge bracket investment banks but I have always wondered why? I talked to a lawyer at...

Story time: My horrible BB Analyst interview experience

What's up folks-

I recently became a poster here from a lurker dating back a year ago. I really wanted to share this with you guys to get your thoughts. Forgive me for...

Summer 2016 Shopping Guide for a Business Wardrobe

Hi Monkeys,

The purpose of this post is to create an organized place where I've found nice deals for a business wardrobe. Again, the purpose is to find a good deal. I...

Senior Audit Manager

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Primary Responsibilities:

Our client a Global Financial Services company is seeking their Senior Audit Manager to join their Boston location. The Audit Division provides coverage to the various business units including Clearing and Custody, Family Office Services, Institutional Asset...

Job Start Date: 
120k -140k plus 25% Bonus
Job Type: 
Recruiter Posted

How much to include on linkedin to attract headhunter interest?

Hi ya'll

I'm still a youngin, so hoping to get some advice from the wiser ones on this site.

What do headhunters look for in Linkedin profiles? Does a good one/...

WSO needs your help! We're looking for users to do a site-test

( Site testers will receive $$$ compensation via paypal and one month free access to our job board or video library )

Hey all, we're looking for someone to help us test...

Car lease recommendations - First Year Analyst


Would like to get everyone's opinion on a particular situation. I am starting as a first year IB analyst very soon. Im going to be living home with my parents (...

Less BB IB Full-time offers given out this summer?

Interning in BB IB this summer from a non target in top 3 healthcare group. With sluggish deal flow this year and a looming recession, will there be less full time offers given...

Do You Think the Market Is Rigged?

I just started reading Flash Boys: A Wall Street Revolt and I'm not the least bit surprised that I love it so far. Michael Lewis is out promoting the book, naturally, and he...

Wall Street Oasis SEO Interns Needed NOW

Wall Street Oasis is looking for several hard working individuals to join our intern team to help with online-marketing tasks, specifically Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and...

New WSO Blogging Internship!

We are looking for several talented student writers / young professionals to contribute posts to WSO with the goal of raising the level of quality of content in our forums and...

Would you quit your job today to join a unicorn?

With all the hype around tech / startups / silicon valley, I thought it would be an interesting question to ask:

For those of you currently working in front office...

Why am I failing?

Ok, again I should not be on WSO, but looking for some legit feedback here.

I finally got to second round interview after nailing 80-90 percent of technicals during an...

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