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December 2015 CFA result

Congratulations! We are very pleased to inform you that you passed the December 2015 Level I CFA exam. 43% of candidates passed the December 2015 Level I CFA exam. :)

> 70% all sections :)

Hope it's good news for everyone else...?

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"Kick backs" on acquisitions?

I realize this probably happens more than I think, while at the same time something people in the industry don't talk about out in the open.

A contact of mine in the business mentioned to me a few years back that he had completed an acquisition for his firm at the time, whereby his firm had supplied the 90% LP equity piece to a developer on a ground up development project. He told me that due to an existing relationship with the sponsor, he was given a piece of the acquisition fee from the development post closing, as well as a piece of the developers promote, in exchange for getting his firm to commit to the deal. However it was done, it certainly sounds to me like a definition of a "kick back".

WSO Weekly Wrap-Up (1/23-1/29)

In case you missed them, here're some of last week's most popular topics:

Brief Introduction to Banking Recruiting at the MBA Level
Post By @TechBanking2016

Most of recruiting discussion here are for SA/ANL, and I realized MBA level recruiting is very different after went through the entire process. Please keep in mind that every school is different. This guide only applies to CBS (probably also Stern/Wharton and other east coast schools) but I would imagine that all top schools have a similar process. I would break the recruiting process into four parts: public events, informational interviews, invite-only events and interviews.

What exactly is "pure" strategy?

As I'm reading through these forums, I see a lot of people arguing that firms like Deloitte, Accenture, etc. do not do "pure strategy work" and instead do ops and implementations. What exactly does "pure strategy work" entail?

Path to Becoming a Real Estate Developer

Hi guys,

I was wondering how to become a Commercial Real Estate Developer from my position. I am a residential real estate agent in SF (I know I'm looked down upon by CRE brokers... , but at least the median price for a home in SF is a million) with few years of experience and I'm staring down my future path with confusion. Should I ...

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We eat what we kill.

Mod Note (Andy): #TBT Throwback Thursday - this was originally posted on 4/30/10. To see all of our top content from the past, click here.

The following e-mail has been going around on the Street recently. I thought I might share it:

We are Wall Street. It's our job to make money. Whether it's a commodity, stock, bond, or some hypothetical piece of fake paper, it doesn't matter. We would trade baseball cards if it were profitable. I didn't hear America complaining when the market was roaring to 14,000 and everyone's 401k doubled every 3 years. Just like gambling, its not a problem until you lose. I've never heard of anyone going to Gamblers Anonymous because they won too much in Vegas.

Well now the market crapped out, & even though it has come back somewhat, the government and the average Joes are still looking for a scapegoat. God knows there has to be one for everything. Well, here we are.

Why Healthcare?

Hey guys,

I know I'm going to get heat for this, but why would someone choose to go into healthcare investment banking? I know it's one of those industries that will continue, but the volatility and unpredictability seems to be a deterrent.

Any info will help.

New breed of Finance and Capital Markets Professionals

Before I start to express my piece of mind I would like to set some hygiene points. The category of professionals I intend to generalise here are all those non-IT professionals involved in various pre/post-trade functions. We exclude the front office guys (trader, deal crackers, sales, BDs) here for the plain reason that there is a negligible scope if any for them to do anything different but generate money...

So we are referencing here all other professionals which includes everyone concerned with Research, Risk mgt, Performance mgt, Operations, Due-diligence, Compliance, Reporting, etc.

Enough of introduction & know by now if this piece relates to you or not...

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